The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, November 10, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Unit he lias In-en proin-
A. Huud went down to 1'urtland on
Tuesday tu take In the atock ihuw.
Seed rye fur mile at the Scott ft Mc
Millan Warehouse, Lexington. Adv.
Furnished housekeeping rooms for
rent Inquire thla oltke. Advertiso
nient tf.
Thoroughbred brome turkeys for
ale Inquire of Mrs. F. Hurrougha,
lone. Ore. Advertisement n3U.
FOR BAI.K Binder sewing machine,
In good condition. A bargain. Inquire
this ottlce. Advertisement.
WAMTKI) Three or four men board
era for dinner and aupuer. Inquire at
this office. Advertisement. tf
Send your hemstitching;. Price 10c
and 12V4C per yard. MA1IKL. V. W1L
COX, Estacada, Ore. Advertsement
HAMKD-u second-hand windmill
that la In good running order. Adver
tisement. O. E. ADK1NS, Heppner.
HEKD HVK VUH S A I.K Cleveland
ranch, phone 48K11, or leave orders for
delivery at Minor & Co. Advertlsem'nt
Seed rye for aale at the Scott & Mc
Mlllan Warehouse, Lexington. Adv.
KOK SALB Ho acrea farm land near
Sweden, Mo. Will sell or trade for
Heppner property. Mrs. T. W. Rlppee,
Heppner. Adv. Oll-lm
Mrs. E. M. Shutt and son Lawrence
departed for Portland on Thursday of
last week to spend a couple of weeks
or so visiting with friends In the city
Seed rye for sale at the Scott it Mc
Millan Warehouse, Lexington. Adv.
KTHAVKII Two-year-old mare mule
brown with bay points, brand DM on
left Jaw. Reward for Information lead
lux tu recovery. DWKIHT M1BNKR,
June, Oregon. tf.
Owing to practically a cash demand
by thet wholesale houses, from this
dale, Nov. 8, 1S21, without any excep
tlons, our business will be conducted on
a cash basis. WM. HAYLOR
Commissioner IJurratt returned home
from Tortland on Saturday after at
lutmllng the meetings of the Highway
Commission In Portland during the
past week. He came In by way of Pen
dleton and Pilot Rock.
Sunday, Nov. 6th, was aday of splon
did results at the Federated Sunday
School. More than 1 00 were present.
The Queen Esther class number was
real treat. A cordial Invitation to alt
9:46 each Sunday morning.
Mrs. John H. Wilt was suddenly
stricken with heart trouble last Satur
day and for a lime was In a very ser
lous condition. At present she Is much
better and It Is hoped the crisis has
been passed. lone Independent.
Lawrence Palmer, who farms quite
extensively near Lexington, was In the
city on Monday. He reports that h
has his tall Beedlng practically done
and the summerfallow Is In line shape.
He was accompanied to Heppner by E
8. Duran.
Rev. Dultols, Kplscopal Missionary
for Eastern Oregon, was In Heppner
fur several daya this week, looking af
ter the Interesta of his church In this
city. He held services at the Episco
pal church both morning and evening
on Sunday.
Jas. Carty, extensive land owner of
the Tub Springs country, and one of
the many resident of the north end
that are Interested In the outcome of
the John Day contest now before the
court at Heppner, was In the city the
first of the week.
S. E. Notson went down to Lexing
ton on Tuesday evening, where he de
livered an address before the Parent
Teachers Association. Some sixty or
more were In attendance and the meet
ing was a very profitable one. The
Association at Lexington has a mem
bership of over forty and Is doing a
good work for the school there.
Dan P. Hmythe, an attorney of Pen
tiatnn and aim interested In the sheep
rnlslng Industry as a part of the firm
of Smythe Bros., lias oeen in nonpn.r
during the week. He Is also one of the
attorneys representing the land own
,. in ii.. .nit sirnlnst the John Day
Irrigation directors. Smyths Bros, own
quite a body of land wunin me douh
darles of the John Day Irrigation Dla
trlct In Qllllam county.
Undor auspices of lone Post of the
American Legion the Elllson-Whlte
Chautauqua Association will put on
flv evAninirn of sunerb entertainment
at lone beginning on the evening of
NnvAmhar 21st From the annunce-
mant a-nnna rl n ir In the last ISSUe of
the lone Independent we are sure that
the people who take advantage of this
in,.,. (annua will lie well entertained
and amply repaid for the small price of
their season ticket, wnicn is ai.uv.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Whoelhouse
rnmo up from their Arlington home oi.
Monday and spent a day or two in this
city, tho guesta of Mr. and Mra. Chas.
W. Rhurte. Mr. Whoolhouse, who was
last winter elected as one of the di
rectors of the John Day Irrigation Dis
trict was called to the city to appear
at the trial now being heard before
Judge Phelps, as a wltneBB on the part
of the land owners or me uisinci. mm.
Wheelhoiise la a sister of Mra. Shurte.
The Heavorton Feed & Produce Co.,
capital $10,000, was this week organ
ised at lone. The business of the com
pany will be to deal In produce, hay,
feed and grain and to manufacture cer
oalB for the market. The principal
olllce and place of buslnesa will be at
lone and tho Incorporators are: H. M.
Olden, R. A. Fnrrenn, H. R. Smith, J. R.
Olden, H. V. Smouso, M. K. Cotter. Hen
ry Stendcr and Claude C. Chick. Judge
F. A. Robinson la secretary. "one in
dependent. Ralph Crego, commander of the
American Legion Post of Heppner, this
week received his Victory Modal which
contains two battle clasps Yproa-Lye,
and Defensive Sector, and he Is quite
proud of the decoration. The medal
alan nnntflln Oil more ClESP,
that of the Meuse-Argonne, In which
engagement Mr. Crego took part, and
he will have this added. Any ex-service
mnn desiring to get his modal, can
get the proper blankB by applying to
the Post, the officers of which are glnd
to render any assistance possible In
these matters.
Dwlght Mlsnor, lone farmer, was In
the city on Monday, somewhat Interest
ed In the John Day case now being
heard before Judge rhelps. Mr. MIs
ner did quite well at the wheat raising
game the past season, disposed of his
crop quickly, spent his money and Is In
the game up to his eyea for another
good crop. It la Juet a little dry out
his way and a good rain would help the
grain In the ground to come forth us It
should, yet Mr. Mlsner has no kick
It of i-lothc
sing himself.
Mr. and Mrs. Jav Kine arrival K.I. Mrs. H. J. Streeter was visiting in
newlay morning frm liutte. Montana, to on Friday, accompanied by Mrs.
be present at the funeral of Mrs. K Inn's Hardesty or Morgan.
ister. Mr, Irene Miller. Mr. King Mr Gscar ..j and am.
tales that conditions In Hutte at pres- . . Hlinnav ., ,h. hom, of Mr
nt are very bad. owing to the entire . ,, . v T,r Rhea siding.
le Institutions of the city very heavily
to care for them. Strong organizations
have been formed, however, and the
situation Is well In hand, Mr. King
states. And they hope to get through
the coming winter months with all
properly cared for. The Butte com
munity Is dependent very largely on
HiK and fee-is the futui
ri(;ht prospects W
enr he will he ab
losing down of the mines there. Many
iimllies are in a destitute and starving; T. W. May of Lone Star ranch ac-
ondition and It Is taxing the rharlta-' companled by his brother L D. May of
Moro, were calling In Cecil on Sunday.
H. J. Streeter was running a delivery
wagon between Morgan and Cecil on
Saturday and looked well at his new
Galen Faulkner made a short stay In
Cecil during the week before leaving
the copper mines, and when these are for Condon where he will work during
not being operated It leaves thousands the winter.
of families In destitute circumstances.
Mr. King states that the prospects for
the opening of the mines In the early
spring are now bright, and when this
lakes place the situation in that city
will Improve rapidly.
Mra. Jaa. Gentry waa hostess to more
than 100 of the residents of the city
Sunday afternoon who visited the
newly-opened hospital at her residence.
She has converted her residence Into
a splendid hospital with accomodations
for a large number of patients. An en
tirely new eurgery has been Installed,
which Is under the care of Dr. McMur-
do, and the elegant home Is an Ideal
location for the care of the sick and
afflicted. Mlsa Clowry, who la a trained
nurse of years of experience, will have
harge of the nursing and will be fur
nished competent assistants at all
times when needed. The building It
self contains all the necessary mod
ern conveniences, the rooms are light
and airy and spotlessly clean and the
little hospital is Indeed a credit to any
community. We feel sure that no one
could possibly be disappointed with the
anrroiindlnes. and much praise was
showered on Mra. Gentry by the visit
ors touching the splendid appointment!
of the hospital. Light refreshments
were served to the visitors.
C. A. Minor and Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Thompson of Heppner were gueata of
Mr. and Mra. Geo. Kreba at the Last
Camp on Monday.
Miss Grace Pelmlter, teacher of Four
Mile, arrived In Cecil from conaon
Thursday where she had been taking In
the teachers Institute.
Ed Martin, herder for many years for
Hynd Broa., left on the local lor I-en-dleton
where he will apend hia vaca
tion before returning to work for the
Ed Brlatow. one of Ione'i leading
merchant princes, his wife and family,
and Judge Robinson, Ione'i great au
thority on law, were calling on their
friends In Cecil on Sunday.
Cecil waa well repreaented at Rhea
Siding school at an evening's entertain
ment on Satutrday evening given oy
mi.. Edith Rwick and her pupils. Ev
eryone had an enjoyable evening.
Mlsa Annie Hynd of Rose Lawn, Sand
Hollow, who has been vlaltlng In Port
land for a week or two, vlalted her
friends In Cecil for a few daya before
leaving Sunday on the local for Hepp
Armistice Day Protrram at Lrxlngtos
There will be ah Armistice Day pro
gram on Friday evening at the Leach
Hall in Lexington, consisting of musi
cal numbers and two reels or nima
This entertainment is to be free. A
chicken supper and hot doughnuts,
served cafeteria style, will be given by
the Ladies Aid of the Congregational
Lost on highway between Hoppner
and the Willows, a grip containing
samples of leather, puttees and knives.
no 00 reward for return to R. A,
SAMPSON, lone. Ore. it.
S,"!ii"r!io-i-ii ia:,'h uai th h T,e of a
large BUrpri put)' on l"ri'i.iy eve
ning. It ticii.K Mm li'.y Stend.'r's liirth
.lay. fliirui'i s oiihcstia nupnlieil th
music and a merry time was spent by
all present.
J. M. Mellon of the Lookout was vis
iting at Wlr.ti nook, the. borne of W. G.
i'ulniateer on Wednesday. Mr. Melton
left Ocll on Thursday for I'llot Rock
where he will vifit friends before leav
ing for Missouri
A. Henriknen of Willow Creek ranch!
the busiest man in Morrow county
entertaining his old-time friends Mr.
W. :. Chandler and son Oscar from Ne
braska, and buying sheep between
times and considering if he can really
spare one dollar to renew hia Red Cross
Bill Thomson and his Essex roadster
ade a short stay in Cecil on Sunday.
Hill wore a weary face and was full of
trouble. First and the greatest afflic
tion of all was, his latest lady love re
fused to ride in tbe roadster to the
county seat. Next, Bill's nerves were
so shaken that he couldn't drive. W
heard it took him three days and nights
without any rent to push hia roadster
to Cecil, where he waa soon resuscitat
ed and sent on his way rejoicing to his
home In Heppner.
li: i if or" tMHIL
Notice hereby g.VH
to the laws of the S'i,l.
umlerflifrrrie-i! han t:ti-:e
ing ih-jo rihe-d union! f
runnii.K at latwe up-.o
the County of Morrow,
and that I will, on s a i
day of November, l.'-l,
- f.,i:u
:.),. f'l!
I" I
of ' i
urddl. the J.-.r-i
at the hour af
1 am offering for sale at my farm,
7V4 miles north of Lexington, the fol
lowing: Bed, springs and mattress
child's bed. kitchen cabinet, cupboard,
rocking chairs, library table, carpets,
one of them practically new. oil stove
and oil heater, some bed comforts, cur
tans and towels, one Columbia grapha
phone and records, dishes and cooking
utensils, some wash tubs, buckets, etc.,
1 pump Jack, 1 John Deere 14-nch, 2-
bottom plow. This sale will take place
on Saturday, November 6, 1921, at the
hour of 2:00 p. m. Terms of sale will
be cash. J. A. At'SBURN. St
Mrs. W. (J. McCarty is visiting at the
home of her son, Willis McCarty and hia
family In The Dalles.
2 o'clock In the afternoon of said day,
at my residence at Impon. Oregon, sell
to the hllrhest bidder for In hand,
the following de.ii rihed animal, to-wit:
One black yearling geldini:, branded
with spreading M on left shoulder.
Dated this 10th da;' of November,
Seeded Wheat Land For Sale.
At $27.50 per acre. In renter of finest
wheat land belt in Morrow county, only I
few miles from railroad; 4S0 acres1
mowed to wheat and 80 acres to rye; I
ranch consist of a little over 1000 acres
of rich, deep-soil plow land, a tractor ;
proposition with only ten acres waste t
land; worlds of water and good Im
provements. Just as It stands and im
mediate possession given at only 127.50 !
per acre, $7,500 cash down, balance one- j
third crop payments. ThM offer holds!
for only 20 days. 8ickness compels
owner to move. No better bargain ever
offered. See me quick. E. M. BHUTT.
Advertisement tf. 027
ttfk :3Sfer7irf IIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!
fLUCItlnM! , Afw all the way
W. Jf t ( SISm The high reputation of Red
ACIGARETTE 43 KvV Crown gasoline is based on the
w" mlV performance of "Red Crown" jj
) IIkI 1 past and present Its absolute f"'
v-T It v ff dependability has made it gen-
- e- ii j i rTiWr eraiiy recognized as me uaso-
I I 'MW line of Quality.
.i1asa1a J aiJtK Crown gasoline is al-
j TljflSTcD IrWxs!& ways dependable because it
Notice thU deliaou V Am w power irom me oi
, ,i.Tyatfs2L the tnp to the end. Ready start-
flavor when you XSkSSr ing, a rapid pick-up and greater
imnlr I jirkv Strike Vkv Afl - rvTV7esF :i .1 i
I wmv - j SMSiZ' M mileage inese are me restuus
it'i sealed in by jS A you get when you use "Red
the toasting proceaa 1 1 Crown." EE
v H I You wi" find ' Red Crown" S
y "T""4 ' (3 U 1 throughout the Pacific Coast, EE
Aii f.e J I atyourneighborhoodandother
Z ' B Standard Oil Service Stations, EE
f p at earaees and at other dealers.
" )l I Y W Look for the Red Crown sign
I fa
si a Steffi ugmMir
Have that damaged
tread fixed before it
causes a lot of blow outs
and punctures
and costs you five or
six times the price of
having it repaired.
Bring It Here!
We will vulcanize it
making it as good as
Have any tire trouble? Bring it here
Tri-State Terminal Building.
Big Bargain in Small j
Creek Ranch j
16 acres, all under ditch, partly in cultivation, alfalfa,
strawberries, raspberries; good five room house, good
barn and out buildings; stock and machinery; good
spring and well. Price $2250.00 if taken at once. 7 s
miles from town. EE
Real Estate and Insurance, Heppner.
I Central Market I
Fish In- Season
Take home a bucket of our lard. It g
is a Heppner product and is as . g
good as the best. 1
Shoes for Service
And back them up with the manufacturer's
for service. Solid leather through
out and built for comfort with every
needed reinforcement to prolong the
shoes' life and usefulness. Easy on
the feet hard to beat. No matter
what your work there's a WEYEN
BERG SHOE for you.
David A. Wilson
Everything in Men's Furnishings.
The Cash Variety Store
1 Kiddy Knrs, $2.00 and $2.50.. Stamped Night Gowns,
Pillow Cases and Towels, Doilies and Lays.
I Big Values For Little Money j
Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimiiiimmi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiig
Thoae who havo Wheat Farma, Alfalfa and Stock Ranchea for aale
Hhoulil call at my olllce and list the aame at once, ao as to get in on the
fall anil whiter demand. I have Bold a couple of bl wheat ranchea Just
lately, and 1 have prospects who are looking for othere. Wheat ranches
especially are going to lie In demand this fall and next spring.
you must ha prepared to ask considerably less for your land than It was
held at during ami Immediately following the war, when wheat and
other farm products brought high prices. Regret this as we may. these
changed conditions exist, and the farms that change hands the next
year or ao are the ones In which the buyer can see a bargain, or at least
good value. My exclusive time will be devoted to the real estate busi
ness, and business Intrusted to me will receive prompt and efficient at
tention, e . M. SHUTT
Seeding Time Is Here
Gilliam & Bisbee will
sell you
Drills and Harrows
at prices that are right.
Gilliam & Bisbee
Thanksgiving Day
and clothes
Both father and the boys are going to have new
clothes this fall. Can there be a more opportune day
for the donning of such apparel than on Thanksgiv
ing Day? We think not.
Our offerings in suits and overcoats are not only
new, but priced surprisingly low from $30 to $50.
Lloyd Hutchinson
Marble and Granite
Fine Monument and Cemetery Work
All parties interested in getting work in my line
should get my prices and estimates before
placing their orders
All Work Guaranteed