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    Oregon HiHtorteal Hocle t
city uM y
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VOL. 20. NO. 19.
Pure Bred Lincolns, Cotswold and Shrop Rams from the best
flocks in the country. All orders promptly filled and delivered
at Heppner. If you have anything to sell in the Sheep line
send your list to me; I will find a buyer.
T. F. BOYIXN, Pendleton, Or.
pifcaj ....
8 Are You Boosting R2or- 8
row County ?
Are You Patronizing
Wome industry ?
lift superior to any imported article. If you m
yy are not using our products call at, our
office on Main Street and get a testing sample.
Our flour is made exclusively from selected
Morrow County Bluestem Wheat.
Seed Grain, Rolled Feed;
Alfalfa Seed.
We Solicit the Storage of your Wool
;; Liberty Meat Market
B. F. MATLOCK, Prop.
!! The Best Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
Sausage and Home Cured Meats.
A rural conference that will deal
with all phases of farm life will be
held at the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege this fall. Dates have not been
set vet, due to desire to avoid noSBible
conflicts with other state gatherings.
. The farm home will bo studied at
the coming conference. It is expected
to have excursions run from various
parts of the state, bringing represen
tative farmers in large numbers.
Experts on jural problems will tain
and teachers and clergymen will give
sngaestions as to how country life
may be made more pleaBant and profit
able. The gathering is being arranged by
Prof. Ralph D. Hetzel, director of
extension at the colleee and he hopes
to make it comprehensive in soope
and expects the results will be help
ful. Oregon has contributed the tallest
flaa pole in the world to the Panama
Paoific Exposition. The stick meas
ures 25 feet in height and was sent to
the Astoria Centenial last Snmmer.
The pole was stowed iu a log raft and
taken to San rrancisco. Portland
people have promised a flaa, 50 x 100
feet in size to fly from this big staff.
Picking of the Rogue River Valley
fruit cron is now under wav and it is
the bigeest in the history of this fam
ous section. It is estimated . there
will be from 125 to 150 cars of pears
shipped this season and from 500 to
600 cars of apples, all of fine quality.
Investigations without end have
been directed at rural life and the end
is not yet, but now comes the Govern
ment with its announced intention of
muckraking the cities, and they need
it more than the country ever did. A
survey is to be mad of urban life
with a view of solving come of toe
problems that are found in every
municipality. A government official
who passed through Portland the past
week told of the plan and savi a great
municipal exhibit will probabjy be
gathered for the Panama-Pacific Ex
position. A small forest of fruit trees has
been donated by members of the Nur
serymen's Association of the Pacific
Coast as special prizes to be given at
the Pacific North west Land Products
show. The trees will be kept in good
condition bv the nurserymen and de
livered upon the order of the manage
ment of the land show at planting
time next Spring.
Flax will make quite a showing
this year in Oregon, according to re
ports from those sections where the
crop has been planted. Plantings
made in the Willamette Valley last
spring are looking exceptionally well
and experts say it is as good flax as
ia usually seen. It is believed there
is a great future in the Pacific North
west for the flax industry. About
5,000 acres have been planted to this
orop this year.
Cant' look well, eat well, or feel
well with impure blood. Keep the
blood pure with Burdock Blood Bit
ters. Eat aimply take exercise ceep
clean and, good health is pretty sme
to follow. $1.00 a bottle. .
Exposition of Eugenics.
The Slate Fair Board has appropri
ated t500.00 this year to cover pre
miums and expenses of a department
to be called the "Exposition of Eu
genics," to be held at the State Fair,
Salem, week of September 2nd-7tb.
This will be a showing of ohildren
under fonr years ot age, at which
physical perfection rather than doll
like beauty will be the standard.
Certain medical standards of weigths
and measurements will be use 3, and
every child compared with these
standards and anoroaoh to perfection
will be figured on a percentage basis.
A corps of well known women physi
cians will make the test, at the same
time pointing out to the mother the
strong and weax points in the child's
A "Child's Welfare Exhibif'under
the auspices of the Oregon Mothers'
Congress and the Oregon State Grange
will be made a part of the Exposition
of Eugenics, at which all the approved
methods of handling babies, their food,
clothing, and other features will be
demonstrated daily bv trained nurses.
Children will be shown in the fol
lowing classes:
BOY Over 6 months and under 2
years. 1st $25 cud: 2nd SlQ cup;
3rd 85 cup. Over 2 years and un
der 3 years, 1st $25 cup: 2nd $10
cun,;3rd$5 cup. Over 3 years
and under 4 years, 1st $25 cup, 2nd
210 cup, 3rd $5 cup.
GIRL Ovei 6 months and under 2
years, 1st $25 cup: 2nd $10 cup:
3rd $5 cup. Over 2 years and un
der 3 years, Is $25 cup. 2nd $10 cup;
3rd $5 cuo. Over 3 years and un
der 4 veara, 1st $25 cup; 2nd $10
cup; 3rd $5 cup.
Grand Champion Boy, $50 00 Oup.
Grand Champion Girl, $50 00 Cup.
Your Commercial Club or Grange is
requested to interest itself in a pre
liminary Show along these lines and
after selecting the best boy and best
girl in its community the babies and
mothers are to be sent to Salem as
representatives of your town or sec
tion, with their expenses paid by your
organization. The sending of a boy
or girl to the State Fair who was
afterwards determined by corps of
noted thysioiana ,to be tbe beat in the
State of Orpcon. would attract more
attention to that locality than thou
sands of dollars spent in advertising.
Many towns in various parts of Ore-
con have signified their intention of
entering this Contest put yours on
the map by holding a preliminary
Show. Any ehild may re brought to
Salem direct without having been en
tered in a preliminary show.
For full particulars and score cards
Supt Exposition of Eugenics,
North Portland , Oregon.
0 VaMF ri"ti'n
Lightening struct in several places
on the ranch of George Sperry out at
Sanford during the recent storm and
he suffered the loss of a fine cow tbat
attracted the foroe of a heavy .bolt.
His range was hit at various points by
hail but the loss was inconsiderate.
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum
sets you crazy. Can't bear the touch
of your clothing. Doan's Ointment is
fine foi skin itching. All druggists
sell it, 50c a box.
Cecil 1. Humphreys departed lor
the Willamette Valley this morning
to join bis family who have been vis
iting with relatives down mat way
for the past three weeks. He will
be absent a couple of weeks.
"My child was burned terribly
about the face, neck and chest. I ap
plied Dr. Thomas' Electic Oil. The
pain ceased, and the child sank into a
restful sleep." Mrs. Nancy M. Han
son, Hamburg, N. Y. .
Carpenter Hill has this week com
pleted a new walk around the Palace
Hotel on Main and May atreeU, and
has also built in new steps to tbe var
ions entrances of the building, all of
which adds much to the appearance of
tbe building.
Mrs. J. H. Cox and daughter Vivian
left for Portland on Monday morning
Mrs. Cox will te absent but a
short time while Miss Cox expects to
remain away for the balance of the
month on her vacation.
Mens Oxfords in Black and
Tan; $4.50 and $5 shoes at $2.50
Ladies' Oxfords, lace and but-
ton shoes, $3, $3.50 and $4
for - $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50
Very remarkable reductions
on Ladies' Waists
$1.00 Waists for $ .60
$1.00 Waists for - $1.00
$2.00 Waists for - $1.25
$2.50 Waists for - $1.50
$3.00 Waists for - $2.00
$3.50 Waists for - $2.50
Agents for
Standard-Patterns -
Thomson Bros.
The Trial. ! a Traveler.
"I am a traveling salesman, "writes
E. E. Young, E. Berkshire. Vt. , "and
was often troubled with constipation
and indieestlon till I began to use Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which I found
an excellent remedy." For all atom
nh liver or kldnev troubles there is
nothing better. Only 25 cents at
Slocum Drug Co.
M. E. Church South.
The services for next Sunday will
be as follows: Sunday School at 10
a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8
p. m. by Bev. H S. shangle, Presid
ing Elder, of Oreogn District. A
meeting of all members of the church
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock." These
are the last services of the Conference
year, and everbyody is cordially invit
ed to come. We have been with you
for the past three years. Our purpose
has been to help everybody, and if we
have offended any one, it has been of
the head, not of the heart. We could
not subscribe to everything that people
do, bat every man has a soul. God
hates sin, but loves the sinner. We
leave next Monday or Tuesday for
Troy Idaho, the seat of our conference.
If we should not return we say good
bye to all, but friends shall we. in
dulge the hope tbat we may meet you
in heaven's pure world where sorrow
and death can never come. We can
truly say we love you all, and we are
loath to leave you. Let us all come
together Sunday and have a good day.
E. P. Warren, Pastor.
Ar. Krer at U ar.
There are two things everlastingly
at war. joy and piles. But Budcklin's
Arinca Salve will banish piles. It
oon subdues the Itching, irritation,
inflamation or swelling. It gives com
fort, invites joy. Greatest healer of
burns, boils, uloers, cuts, bruises,
eczema, acalds pimples, skin eruptions.
Only 25 ets at Slocum Drug Co.
Dr. Winnard has taken a special
course on eye diseaios and is prepare!
to fit glasses properly.
s still doing business