The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, August 01, 1912, Image 6

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Revolver The RtmlrtfonU-M-C Cubist the Revolra Match.
nnrl Pistol Cartridges
The red ball brand ia chosen by the majority of revolver and
pistol experts because they know that
the ignition is prompt, uniform and sure,
the accuracy is guaranteed by records
World's Indoor Fitry-Stiot Pistol Record held by Gre Armstrong;, score 482 500
World Indoor Twenty-Five Shot Pi.tol Record held by Georje Armstrong, score
WorWfeventy-Five Shot Fire Record held by A. P. Lane, score 605 es 750
t . -t i i i n I . D.Mnl I iH K A.
Vtorld s umooor rwiin vvw.. -'
Lane, score 211 250
World's Grsnd Areste Individusl Record held by A. r.
Lane, score 1236.
World's Miliury Record held by Samuel Peterson, score
215 ei 250,
all made with Remington-UMC ammunition
Rmington-UMC the perfect shooting combination
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
299 Broadway 3 " Yorl G"
mi a anamiiTSl
M. S. CORRIGALL, President J. H. McMALtY. i . J- "!r' ,.,
J. B. NATTER, Vice Pres. Vice Pres. CLYDE BROCK., Asst. Cashier
l&L-LT U I "Mi
We offer to the Public the services
of a strong and well equipped Bank,
with the experience of twenty-five
years in this community.
Accommodations extended to cus
tomers consistent with safety, and
balances carried with us.
For chapped hands, face, sunburn, tan, etc.,
Guaranteed by
Hot Lake Sanatorium
Hot Lake Sanatorium oflers much to health and rest Keekers. The
preat boiling mineral spring provides naturally medicated water and mud
containing medicinal properties of great value. The three hundred room
Hotel Sanatorium affords ample accommodation. Use of the water is
prescribed according to the needs of the patient, determined by skillful
diajrnonis. The result is. the Hot Lake Sanatorium is really a cure place.
Thousands who have suffered from rheumatism, blood, skin, stomach and
kidnev disorders have found relief and permanent cure there. The rates
are made to conform to the requirements of all classes. Open the year
Hot Lake Sanatorium is located in Union County, Eastern Oregon, in
the heart of the Blue Mountains, directly on the main line of the Oregon
Washington Railroad CD. Navigation Co., and can be conveniently
reached from anv railroad point in the Northwest. Social reduced round
Trip fares are made from all points on the O.-W. II. & N. Write for free
booklet to
WALTER M. PIERCE. Pre, and Mar.
Mr. Oronan went down to Portland
Monday of last week to have a visit
with his- family.
The telephone ting been moved from
the drug store OD to the post office.
Uncle Sam )'a the faello girl theie days.
Mrs. Rufua Cochran went down
to Brownsville last week to vleit with
friends and relatives for a short time.
Opal Cochran and Muriel Cason
were Heppner visitors last week, going
op Tuesday and returning the same
Miss Kittie Wilniot, of Portland
came np to lone Wednesday of last
week to visit friends and relatives for
some time.
Walt Puyear and Billie Bergerwent
down to Portland last Wednesday
morning on a business as well as a
pleasurs trip.
Cassie Wade, of Wallla Walla.
who has been visiting with friends at
lone for some time returned to her
home last week.
Jack Knieriem went up to Heppner
one day last week where he had a
few wants attended to. Jack is help
ing E. M. Shutt put up his seoond
crop of hay.
Harvest, harvest .harvest is our only
excuse for shcrtage of news this week.
somebody get htsy and do something
oat of common so that we will have
something to talk about.
Mae and Dot Ganger returned to
lone Monday from the harvest field
where they have been cookinz for Art
Pierce. The girls had a good time
and a jolly good crew to cook for.
3 he Walker Esttte installed a new
gasoline pumping outfit, anJ are now
preparted to fill np automobiles on
short notice and as c ieap as el e
where. Come iu and sse the machine
Indian Hilled on Track
Near Rochelle III. , an Indian went
to sleep on a railroad track and was
killed by the fast express. He paid
for his carleesness with his life. Often
is that th ewav when people neelect
coughs and colds. Don't risk your
life when prompt use of Dr. King's
New Discovery will cure them aud so
prevent a dangerous throat and lung
trouble. "It comuletely curSd mo,
in a short time, of a terrible cough
that followed a severe attack of Grip,
writes J. R, Watts, Floydada, Texas.
"and I regained 15 Dounds in weight
that I had lost" Quick, safe, reliable
and guaanteed. 50o and $1.00. Trial
bottle fiee at Slocnm Drug Co.
Mr. Bagen, liveryman from Stan-
field, made a flying trio to Itrigon
Friday last week.
Mrs. Carl Doering has the honor of
raising the first ripe watermelon this
season, namelv, July 23.
The third crop of alfalfa is being
cut now and every body concerned is
rolling up his shirt sleeves to make
quiok business of it.
reter Susbauer says he would just
as soon sleep out in the melon natch
at night as in the house if it were not
for the mosquitoes.
Grandma Doble was very ill one day
last week, bat feels greatly improved
at present. Ihe heat no doubt aggra
vated the situation greatly.
Mr. Doble has started his hay baler
and is now busy in getting his alfalfa
ready for the market. He estimates
that he will have somewhere aronnd
200 tona of hay this summer.'
Ditch riding atfer dark now is not
a very pleasant job to cay the least,
but it ia Also extremely dangftroos:
especially where one has to pass near
a turkey roost or watermelon patch.
Ask Charley Johnson, he might ven
ture an explanation.
2 A vast amount of ill health is due
to impaired digestion. When the
stomach fails to preform its functions
properly the whole system becomes
deranged. A few dose.s of Chamber
lain's Tablets is all you need. They
will strenghten your digestion, invig
orate your liver, and regulate your
bowels, entirely doing away with
that miserable feeling due to faulty
digestion. Try it. Many others have
been permanently cured why not
you? For sale by Patterson & Son
At M. E. Parsonage in Shedd, Ore
gon, July 24, 1912. by Rev. Hocking,
the pastor, Mr. Charles Edwin Leezer
and Mrs. Phoebe N. Wills, both of
Linn oonnty. Mrs. Leezer is well
known here where she resided for a
number of years before going to the
Willamette Valley. The G.-T. ex
tends congratulations and best wishes
to the newly weds.
"Were all merlin! nea a meritnrinna
as Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoe Remedy the world would be
much better off and the percentage of
suffering creatlv reduced." writes
, Lindsay Scott, of Temple, Ind. For
.sale by Patterson & Son.
. Oregon I The . Plce,
Health, hustle and prosperity are
to be found In- Oregon according ; to
Thomas W.' Lawson,' the Boston finan
cier. ' In answer to the question of
the New York World,' "What Should
the Young College1 4 Graduate ' Do ? ,"
Mt. Lawaon'says:
1 After careful study of the problem
set forth in your telegram, were I
graduating to-day from college East,
West or South, I would head straight
for the great, undeveloped Northwest.
I wonld bnv my tirket for Portland,
Ore. I would spend my first week in
that splendid prototype of our old,
conservative and intellectual but with
al courageous and hustling'New Eng
land capital of a half century ago.
While in Portland I would haunt the
renortorial departments of the daily
newspapers, the ever-welcoming rooms
of the numerous business clubs and the
booming departments of the great
railroads and navigation ilnes center
ing in that supreb Pacific metropolis.
Then 1 would light out and into the
modern paradise of happiness - and
dollars, the virgin interior of that
wonderful State, a world in itself,
confining to spare and theu lots more
everything that makes for healih,
hustle, prosperity and contentment for
man, woman and child. If I were
possessed of $20,000 to $50,000 capital
in a twelvemonth I' would telegraph
back to Bradstreet and Dun to mark
my rating $150,000, and then three
twelveuiontlis lattr I would wire them
to make it from half to throequarters
of a million.
If I only had mv carfare. J3ibl,
dictionary a:id fountain pn. I woul l
send word to the old folks to watch
out for the Christmas coming nf the
old home mortgage lifter, and I would
bet iry pal dog, for of coi rse I'd have
liim along, aeainst a pouch of tjbacco
that whon Christmas came I wouldn't
be making excuses fi r cot coming East.
Details? Bush ! ' '
When vou wake dd in Golconda
you should not wasto time looking for
a Dusinesi guide ah you need is n
rake and a biig.
Oar saleB plan enables your truck
to nay for itslef.
Remember vou buv direct from the
manufact orer. No commissions or
bonuses to pay.
There are no jokers in this proposi
tion, just practical good business Per
ception on our part, which accomo
dates a . long felt, need among -many
presont and would-be truck nsers.
A simple note of inquiry, which
will be treated as stricly confidential,
will rtcfive our prompt response.
688 Washintgon St.
Portland, Oregon.
Local agents in evarv county in Ore
gon to handle a popular-iriod line of
automobiles; good name and reputa
tion for integrity counts more with us
than money or experience': if you have
1475 and can furnish bond, yon can
procure the agp.ucy for our high-grade
car and we will furnish you with
demonstrator. For full particulars
addiess E. E. Gerlinger, Sales Mana
ger, 688 Washingtou St., Portland,
State of Oregon for the County of
Morrow ,. , : . , . , . ' .
. In the matter of the Estate of E.
M, Woolery, Deceased. , , .
To Ernest Oolvln, Frank Golvin,
Birdie McNabb, Mlra Hale, Emma
Howard, Theodore Wober, Kate -Har-rah,
Minta Valentine, Henry Howard,
Jesse Warfield. May Weber, Wilber
Harrah, Waverly Oolvin, Oliver II
Colvin, Jessie Oolvin, GREETING:
of Oregon :
xou ana eacn ana ail ot you are
hereby cited and required to appear
in the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Morrow, at
the Court room thereof, at Heppner
in the County of Morrow on Tuesday,
the 8d day of September. A. D. 1912,
at 9 o clock in the forenoon of that
day, then and there to show cause, if
any there be, why the petition of Ad
mlnistrator, for an order of sale of
the real estate of the said estate,
to-wit: Lot. numbered Two (2) of
Block numbered Three (3) of Cluff's
Eighth (8th) Additio-i to the City of
lone, in said county and state, shoo Id
not be granted as prayed for; the
said property sold at private sale, not
less than fifty per cent, cf the" pur
phase price to be paid in cash, bal
ance in not exceeding one "year, de
ferred payments to be secured bv note
and mortgoge of usual commercial
form, bearing interest at 8 per cent,
per annum, all as provided by law,
and subject to confirmation by the
WITNESS, The Honorable C. C.
Pattprson, Jndgo of tho County Court
of the State of Oregon, for the County
of Morrow, wi h the eal of said
Court affixed this 10th day of July,
A. D. 1912.
Attest: W. O. HILL,'
(Seal) Clerk.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at La Grande, Oiegon,
Julyl'Oth, 1 9 12. Notice ib hereby giv
en thai William O. Smith of Ilepuner,
Oregon, who. r.n Mav 12th, 1906,
made Homestead Entrv No. 15003,
Serial, No. 04804, for NEi SWi, Ni
SEJ. and SEi SE1, Section 23, Town
ship 4 Souh. Kango 27 East. Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to iiiiike Final five-year Proof
to establish claim to the land above
described, before C. C. Patterson,
United States Commissioner, at his
office, at Heppner Oregon, on the 14th
day of September, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Edward B Hunt, Arthur Dykstra
George W. Dykestra, and Jerm
O'Conner, all of Heopner, Oregon.
J 25-A 29. Register.
Registration of Land Title.
In the Clroult Court of the Estate cf
Oregon, for the County of Morrow.
In the matter of the application of
I. W. Shultz to register the titli to
the West half (1) of the .
Southeast quarter (i) and '
the Northeast quarter of
the Southeast quarter (1)
of Seotion Fourteen (14) Application
and the Northwest quar- No. 9.
ter of th Southwest quar-
(i) ot Seotion Thirteen
(13), Township One (l)
North, Range Twenty
six (26) E W. M.
Olive P. Brown, Hattie
A. Henderson, A.G.Hen
derson,- A. H. Pracht,
aud Jesse Brooks and
all whom it may con
cern : Defendants.
To all whom it may concern:
Take notice that on the 22nd day of
May A. D. 1912 on application was
filed by said I. W. Shultz in the Cir
cuit Court of Morrow County for in
itial registration of the title to the
land above described. Now unless
you appear on or before the 9th day
of August A. D. 1912 and show cause
why such application shall not be
granted, the same will be taken as
confessed and a decree will be entered
according to the pravnr of the appli
cation and you will be forever barred
from disputing the same.
W. O. HILL, Clerk.
Bv A. M. MALLORY. Deputy.
(Seal) S. E. Notson and O. E.
Woodson, Applicant's Attorneys.
Notice to Creditors.
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New Fall Suit
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Heppner, Oregon
n the County Court of the State
Oregon, for Morrow Countv.
Iu the matter of the Estate of Laura
Anna Gilliam, Deceased.
The undersinged having been ap
pointed by the Countv Court of the
State cf Oregon, for Morrow County,
Andministrator of the estate of Laura
Anna Gilliam deceased, notice Is here
by given to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against said
decease, to present them verilied as
required by law, within six months
after the first publication of this not
ice to said Administrator at his office
in Heppner, Oregon.
Administrator of the Estate of
Laura Anna Oilliam deceased.
Dated July 4, 1912. J 25-A 22.
Trade Marks
Snrnnft sprtdlnfl skf rh and dMcrtptlon mar
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention ts prnhnhly patentable. Oomtniinl',a
tlontrtctlrcon(li1entlal. HANDBOOK on Patents
ieut free. Oldest aaenry for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. recelr
tptriai notics, without chane, In tb
Sciemmc inKncatt.
A nandsom!? lllnatraf 4 wkly.
J.nrt rfr-
1 erm, f 3
fir: four monioa, . eoianxsui rewnraiern.
MUNN & Co.36,B"- New York
Branch Oftlee. at T St. Waahlnglon, 1). C.
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Morrow.County.
In the matter of the Estate of Wil
lam Gililam. Deceased.
The undersigned having been ap
pointed by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Morrow County,
Administrator of tbe estate of William
Gilliam deceased, notice is- hereby
given to the creditors of, and all per
sons having claims aeainst said de
ceased, to present them verified as
required by law within six months
after the first publication of this
notice to said Administrator at bis
office in Heppner Oreeron.
Administrator of the estate of
William Gilliam deceased.
Dated July 24 1912.
J 25-A 23.
Seed Wheat For Sale.
I have for sale at my ranch near
Lexington, for seed, a quantity of the
wheat known as No. 128, a cross of
Turkey Red and red chaff elub. Will
book orders for thii wheat at 80c per
bushel. Wheat is not threshed yet
and can be seen growing on my plaoe
at this time. I also have red chaff
club, shipped from Adams, Oregon.
Call on or address
F. E. MASON, Lexington, Oregon.
FOR SALE Two mares, an organ
and carpet. For further particulars,
call or address this office.
Sale of Bonds.
Notice is hereby avien that I will
rPceive sealed bids in my office ir
Heppner, Oregon up to 10 o'clock A. '
M. on Friday the 2nd day of August,
A. D. , 1912, for the nurchaas of $1 ,80O
school site bonds and $38,200 school
buildiner bonds for School District No.
1 of Morrow County, Oregon. Said
bonds will be dated Julv 1, 1912, due
in 20 years and redeemable at the
nloasure oMhe District in 10 years.
Bonds to bear interest not exceeding:
6 per cent per annum, .interest payable
semi-annuallv. Said bonds will be
sold ai the best price obtainable, and
said bonds or no part thereof will be
sold for le'ss than par. Bidders will
he required to deposit an uncondition
al certified check upon a . national
bank, amounting to teu per cent of
the face value of the bouds, with,
each bid. and no conditional b!ds will
be considered. Bidders, required to
take up and pay for tho bonds within
ten davs from date of sale or check'
will be forfeited.
Kighc to reject anv-and an bids ts
hereby reserved.
County Treasurer.
Notice, of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned ICxecutor of the Estate of
Eliza Beaman, deceased, has riled hia
final account as such executor, and
thnt the County Court of the State of
Oreeon for Morrow Countv has fixer
Monday, the 5th day of August, l'.)12.
at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, as the time and the
County Court Room in the Court
House at Hepnner, as tne place, for
the bearing and settlement of sid
final account. Objections to said final
account should be filed on or before
said date.
E. E. BEAMAN. Executor.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office The Dalles, Oregon, Jul
5th 1912. Notice is hereby giver
Robert E. Green, of Lexington, Ore
son, who, on July 6th, 1906, made
Homestead, No. 15254 Serial, No.
02954, for Eh NEJ, and EJ SEJ, Sec
tion 21 , township 2 South, Range 2$
East, Willamette Meridian, has filed,
notion of intention to make five year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before O. O. Patter
son, U. S. Commissioner at his office,
at Heppner, Oregon, on the 24th day
of Aueust, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses :
Nathanial L. Shaw, William II.
Padbnrg, Lewis E. Fridley, Clifford
E. Fridley, all of Lexington, Oiegon.
O. W. MOORE, Register,
j 11-a 15.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Intericr, U. S.
Land Office at LaGrande.Oregon, June
21st 1912. Notice is hereby given
that Joseph Doherty , of Heppner, Ore
gon, who, on April 1st, 1908 made
Homestead Entry, No. 15909, Serial,
No. 05344 for WJ NWJ, WJ SWJ Sec
tion 8, Township 2 South, Range 29
East. Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention to make final com
mutation Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before O.O.
Patterson , United States Commissioner
at his office at Heppner, Oregon, on
tbe 10th day of AtHtust, 1912.
Clalment names as witnesses:
Phil Hirl, Arthur P. Hughes, Frank
McCabe, and Charles A. Hinton, all
of Heppner Oregon.
J 27-a 1. F. C. BRAMWELL,
Designated Act February 19, 190!.