The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, July 11, 1912, Image 4

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ISbbody , Spared.
'viiney Troubles Attack Heppner
iUen and Women, Old and Young
Kidnry ills seize young and old.
Often come with little warning.
L'hfldren uflVr in tneir early years
Oin't control kidney secretions.
Ditlt are languid, nervous, 8 offer
I tin.
'Women worry, can't do daily work.
.Yen have lame aud aching backs.
If you have any form of Kidney ills
Tou must reach tlio cause the kid
v '.-ry s. Doan's Kidney fills are for
-. ivsak kidneys
Save brouht relief to Heppner poe-a-
.lepDner testimony craves it.
Zirg. M. E. Barton, HepDiier, Ore
. a says : "1 do not Know of a bet-
fcidney medicine than Doan's Kid
.irrr Fills. '.Ye have ued this remedy
vie our family for the past two years
zaaA ct has proven so effective in re-
'i:-ius kidney complaint that I con-
.sntJ-er it tnv duty to give this public
rft ttcoient. "
.For sale by all dealres. Price 50
-eecta. FosterM-ilburn Co, Bnafflo,
"S.s York, sole agents for the United
. O MtOS.
;:3 emember the name Doan's and
tai.e no other.
.iXed Front Livery &
Feed Stables
. "Willis Stewart, Prop
TTcpt constantly on hand
j1;:' ; irA can he furnished on
', -.--short- notice to parties
vrishing to drive into the
interior. Firt class : :
Hacks and Buggies
..-Ki: U.S. WE CATER
"JO THE : : : : :
I A? Grea!
'ijcissbbing Offer
3f Weekly oreeon Jour
nal, one year
Jf, iietle-Times, one year SI. SO
tlstm S3.oo
''l&ath Papers One
Tear - - $2.00
MZur Oregon Journa,
-'t'ulislies the latest anl most complete
l Xtyrepliic news of the world ; gives ruli
J market eports, hs It is published it
.'frtUii'l, where the maik.jt news can be
T5 is eorreeK-'l to date tor enr-h issue. It
rl-A? .jis a page of ppeH tl me Iter for the
i'.7-j aud home, an Fiitertitir.iiij story pae
j&C h pagf or mjre of comk' each week,
tfit? it f'K-s to t tie subscriber tuce every
f i times a year.
TST2 Gazette-Tames
S' '.-.$ eil the local news a d
- i Lioultf be iu every home 111
The two I xt. mate a sVeri'lM rom'i.i-
1 yoo -ive fl hy S'-n-iintr your
... R..rj. ration to tf.e ;AZETTE-TIME.
V-.' . au lo gt'. e -our subscribers a good
-.:ib;ni? offer for the Daily and Sundny,
. j v :;-j.idey ,'uu ( ui.I. in conn c'iou with the
I n 1 1 ft a-J
H You cannot buv a reaov-
n .... ' ,
. ie suit one that was
-;s ia: for a model" man and
-'rro reproduced by the dozen
t' tit ill look right on you.
riave your garments made
..t measure to ft and of
-- 'jsb material that will give
i 1
( !
t; - material handled bv the
', &f -st merchant tailors for over
'o years, are mace in a
a ide range of styles for your
, n
Orderyour next suit here
The Cst Tailor
rrrw- m.m i :,wrnrra
Kn Interesting Study From Historio
and Pictorial Viewpoint!.
Quite apart from their use 1q vari
ous games, playing cards are an Inter
esting study from historic and pic
:orlal points of view. Take first their
numerical arrangement--52 cards, 305
pips or dots and 13 tricks, representing
:he weeks and days in, the year and the
lunar months.
There are four suits, representing
bur classes of people as they were di
vided at the time the pack of cards
ive now use was devised by the French.
The "spades" stood tor pikemen or sol
diers, the clubs for clover, typifying
dinners; the diamonds for building
lies, representing artisans, and the
hearts for choirmcn or ecclesiastics.
The "kings" aud "queens" at that
time were more or less correct likeness
3f certain royal and noble personages.
Even in our modern packs it Is said
:hat one of the queens is n convention
alized portrait of Elizabeth of York,
who was engaged to the dauphin of
Trance. i
The "knaves" were then the klnc's
jesters, and even these cards may be
portraits. All the court cards, in fact.
retain their sixteenth century charac
teristics. Cards are among the few
things that have not changed with the
centuries. Brooklyn Eagle.
Summed Up In Four Mottoes Eona
parte Learned at School.
In 17S4 Bonaparte, then fifteen years
old. arrived at the military school of
Paris from Brienne. being one of four
under the conduct of a minim priest.
He mounted 173 steps, carrying his
small valise, and reached, in the attic,
the barrack chamber he was to occupy.
This chamber had two beds and a
small window opening on the great
yard of the school. The young prede
cessors of Bonaparte had bescrawled
the whitewashed walls with charcoal,
and the newcomer could read in this
little cell these four inscriptions, which
we ourselves read there years ago:
An epaulet is very long to win.
De Montgivray.
The finest day in life is that of a bat
tle. Vicomte de Tinteniac.
Life is but a prolonged lie. Le Che
valier Adolphe Delmas.
The end of all is sis feet of earth.
Le Comte de la Villette.
With the trifling substitution of the
word "empire" for "epaulet" these four
sentences contain the whole destiny of
Bonaparte and formed a kind of
"Mene, Tekel, TJpbnrsin," written iu
advance upon that wall. Victor Hugo.
Dangers In Paint.
"Turpentine and benzine," says a de
partment of agriculture bulletin, "are
very iuflammable, and special precau
tions should be taken not to bring
paint containing these substances near
any light or open fire. Many pig
ments are poisonous, and the work
man should be particularly careful to
remove all paint stains from the sklu
and not under any circumstances al
low any of it to get Into his mouth.
A man should not eat in the same
clothes in which he has been painting
and before eating should not only
change his clothes, but wash all paint
stains from his skin. It is not advis
able to use turpentine or benzine in
removing paint stains from the hands,
but by oiling thoroughly with linseed
oil or in fact with any fatty oil aud
then thoroughly washing with soap
the paint may be removed, provided
it has not been allowed to dry too
thoroughly on the hands."
Handicapping the burglar.
I Burglaries in private houses la VI
i enna are rare, because the doors are
locked from 10 o'clock at uight to G In
; the morning by order of the police. Ad
j mission aud exit between those hours
: are given by the house porter, who re
I ceives a fee for unlocking the door
and is bound to report to the police
! the doings and mode of life of all the
Inhabitants of the house. This system
of lock money is tiresome, but in VI
; enna, as at Naples, where it also ex
; ists. it obliges burglars and other crim
! inals to operate during the daylight
; and diminishes their chances of sue
! cess. The landlords tried a few years
j ago the system of giving the key of
the house dour to tenants, but the ma
I Jority of the keys have been with
; drawn.
Wonders of Modern Drama.
The heroine of the play had just re
ceived the telegram from her fnithlesa
lover. Then she fainted, and the cur-'
tain went dowu.
Loud applause followed, particularly
ia the gallery.
Instantly the curtain went up.
The heroine, having miraculously re
covered, was on her feet, bowing and
More wonderful still, the faithless
lover Btood by her side, also bowing
and smiling, having traveled a distance
of -S7 miles In tea seconds ia order to
jle on h:ind to acknowledge the ap-
lause. Chicago Tribune.
A Gocd Goer.
"That's a Cue watch you're go there.
Calhoun," said a friend. "Is it a good
"A good goer?" said Calhoun Clay.
"Well, you bet your life it's a good
socr. Why, It can do un hour in half
the timel" Exchange.
I H Can't.
' "Before you were married you Bald i
tLat you couldn't do enough for toe."
j "Well. I guess that time has proved
that I was right" Detroit Free PreS.
The motto of chivalry Is also the
n.otto of wisdom to serve ail, but lov
only cue. Uaizac,
Jail Life In Montenegro a Cheerful
Sort of Existence.
Cettinje, the capital of Montenegro,
possesses the most remarkable prison
system in the world. The Jail pre
sents little to indicate that it is a
place of coniinemeiit. There are no
outer prison walls, and In the cells the
men about ten In each are as con
tentedly and comfortably housed as
their own personal domestic belong
ings can make them. Moreover, they
are generously fed. and cigarettes
without stint, wine occasionally and
no work at all combine to cheek any
desire to escape more effectually than
would strong walls, iron bars and au
army of warders. When V. J. Still
man was in that country in the seven
ties all the free men were away fight
ing, and he observed how when a mes
senger was wanted the olllclal took a
man out of the prison and sent him
off. having no fear that he would not
return. One such messenger was sent
to Caftaro, in Austrian territory, with
3,000 florins for the bank and duly
I came back. Another asked n Russian
at Caftaro to intercede with Prince
Nicholas for his release from prison.
"Dut you are not in prison," said the
"Oh." said the man. "I have only
come down for a load of skins for So-acd-so.
but I must go into prison
again when I get back to Cettinje."
One guard watched all the prisoners
when they sunned themselves out of
doors, and if he were called away a
prisoner would take his rifle and do
duty for the time. London Mail.
A Favorita In Norway and In Parts of
"What is gristle bread? Why. that,"
said a baker, "is a kind of bread that
is peculiar to Norway and to some
parts of Germany. In Norway it has
been made for many years, and hero
there are bakeries in which it is made
for Norwegian patrons who still pre
fer it wherever they may be.
"In making gristle bread the loaves
when first formed up from the dough
are laid ou boards and put through an
extra heated oven in which there is
baked on them au outer crust or skin,
the gristle. Then the loaves are turn
ed over and put through the oven
again, so that the gristle may be- baked
all over them. This quick oven, makes
only that outer crust ou the loaves,
which are then placed in another oven
for their final complete baking.
"Originally in Norway gristle1 bread
was made of rye flour only. Ia this
country there was a demand for a
handsomer and larger loaf, and wheat
Cour was mixed with the rye. as has
now to some; extent come to bo the cus
tom in Norway also. Here the pro
portions now used are about half and
half,, the result being a bigger loaf of
the same weight as one of all rye.
Gristle oreau costs more than or-
(Unary bread because or trie- greater
time and labor required in making it-
New York Sun.
K:3 Equivocal Ancwer.
The blushing girl buttonholed
flushed fiance.
"Weil, Egbert," she murmured,
papa give his consent?"
Egbert drew himself up stiHy.
"lie did not commit himself either
way," he responded.
"Then are wo or areut wo engaged
"I do not know," answered Egby,
still sfiOly.
"But what happened?"
"This," said Egby more stiffly than
ever. ' I went in and said: 'Sir. I wish
to mrrry your daughter. Have I your
consent?' lie turned and looked at rue
a minute, then he grew red in the
face, then he grabbed me, then he lift
ed me up, tlxii he threw cie over the
banisters. But whether he is iu favor
of our engagement or uot, Etlielbrite.
lie did uot say."
Beginning of the Drama.
The theater in the only sense that
i.s worth considering was born in
Athens. Both tragedy and comedy
spring from feasts iu honor of Bac
chus, Mid as the Jests and frolics were
found to be out of place when intro
duced into graver scenes a separate
province the true drama was fo:njoil
and comedy arose. The father of the
Greek comedy was Aristophanes, who
had lots of fun lampooning tic public
men of Athens. The creator of Greek
tragedy was Aecbylus. burn B. C.
Z'Z7. In sublimity Aeschylus ha. nev
r been surpassed. He is to t lie drama
whnt Phld'as and Micheh tu'oio are
so art. Nov,' York American.
Tha Irony cf Fs..
"What Is your understanding cf the
irony of fate?" asked the bashful
r -.:u:ig nan.
"Well." the beautiful girl replied, "if
two fellows should fight over and
I shouldn't get into the papers I should
thii.k that was about it." Chicago
r.e -or-.l IIer;:!d.
The Similarity.
The dor for toM little Mary shf was
anaemic berar-e she was so -. hite. A
few d ivs after she c::cl::i:ned:
"Oh. mamma, come here and look at
this anaemic horse: He's just as white
a-i he can he."' Judge.
Polly I never knew such rx quarrel
some girl as Molly. Dolly That's
right. Half the time she isn't on
speaking terras with her own con
science. Philadelphia LedcT.
Fa:r Supposition.
The I.ady-And is your father work
lag. my little man? Tha Little Man
I s'p'we bo. mum. The judge said 'ard
lu'or.-London Telegraph.
Ono Way to Dross It and a Royal Way
to Crow It,
If ever an anthology of the foods of
the earth comes to be written quite au
entertaining chapter could be made out
of the cucumber. And some of the ex
tracts would provide material for much
mental exercise to decide whether they
are humorous or serious. For exam
ple, what did the Greek poet mean
when he said of a certain woman:
She was to mo
More tender than a cucumber?
Only one meaning would have been
taken from that equivocal statement
by that famous doctor who used to de
clare that the only way to dress a. cu
cumber is to cut it into very thin
slices, sprinkle it with the finest of oil,
pepper It plentifully, cover It with vin-
ar and then throw it out of the
window! On the other hand, Thack
eray tells how he "had delicate cucum
bers stuffed with forcemeat," while
Dickens refers to "salmon, lamb, peas,
innocent young potatoes, a cool salad,
sliced cucumber, a tender duckling
ail therel" Both novelists were evi
dently men after the heart of the Em
peror Tiberius, who was never with
out cucumbers and had frames made
upon wheels, by means of which the
growing cucumbers could be moved
about and exposed to the full heat of
the sun. while iu winter they were
withdrawn and placed under the pro
tection of frames glazed with mirror
Yet two or three centuries ago the
vegetable was looked at suspiciously
as cold and treacherous. Loudon
Is Hardly Justifiid by the Number
of Deaths It Causes.
Why are so many people, brave un
der all other circumstances, so deathly
afraid of thunder and lightning?
It is not because lightning is so dan
gerous,, for it isu t half so dangerous
as going out of the house ou an icy
morning, walking dowu the cellar
stairs or a hundred other things we
do every day without a thought of
personal harm. More people are killed
each year by falling building material,
more die from fright, than are killed
by lightning. The census bureau shows
only 109 people killed by lightning in
this entire country during a given
year, and only thirty of these people
were killed in the cities. Heat and
the sun killed 7(53 during the same i
year, 203 died from cold and freezing
and 4,303 were drowned.
Hut you will find it quite a waste of
time during a thunderstorm to try to
ease the fears of a person who is
afraid by telling him or her that the
chances of being killed by lightning
are less than two iu a million; they
will remain just as frightened for all
this mortuary knowledge. And after
the storm hrrs passed and nerves ore
steadied the woman who was so
frightened a few minutes before will
start getting supper on the gas stove,
smiling through her tears, that the
danger has all passed and wily laugh
ing if you venture the remark that
twice as many people are tilled by gas
stoves as by lightning. Country Life
In America.
Learned His Own Value.
A husband and wife combination in
vaudeville, with the husband as the
feeder aud the wife as the real at
traction, worked for Lew Fields in
one of his summer shows. The two
were very popular and got much news
paper space; also they had $1,000 a
week. Cue day the husband, puffed
up by what the newspapers said about
the singing of his wife, went in to see
"Mr. Fields." he said, "it is $1,200 a
week from now on for us or wo quit
right here."
"Twelve hundred, eh?" Fields asked,
with interest.
"Yes. sir. SI, 200 a week or we quit
and go out cn the big time in the
Morris circuit."
"Well, sonny," said Field, "I thins
an awful lot of your wife's work, but
I don't think she is worth $1,175 n
week to me." Saturday Evening Post.
Theory on-! Practice.
Here 13 a good story from the collec
tion of n German school Inspector.
The pupils were being examined on the
subject of personal hygiene. A boy
was asked. "What have you to do In
order to keep your teeth sound and
white?" "Clean them," was the prompt
reply. hen ought you to clean
them?" "Morning, noon and night."
What are they to he cleaned with?"
With a toothbrush." "Very good.
Have vou a toothbrush?" "No, sir,"
Has your father a toothbrush?" "No.
sir. "lias your mother a toothbrush?"
"No, sir." 'T,ut lew do you know
ibout the use of toojhbrushes?" "We
sell them, sir."
Character In Handwriting.
I showed a professor of cali;.raphy a
letter I had received. He took a very
unfavorable view of the handwriting.
It was the handwriting, he told mo, of
a man without learning, without gen
ius, without feeling. "And, now, nir,"
I said, "will you look at the signa
ture?" The letter was written by Lord
Macaulay. Arnold's "Three Cornered
A Canine Reason.
She (on the beach at Atlantic City)
1 wonder why that dog tried to bite
me just now. He The Intelligent ani
mal heard me ail you a little witch,
and he probably thought you were a
sandwich. Baltimore American.
The mnn who can be nothing but se
rious or nothing but merry Li but half
a man. lluut.
ill I " 11b
Hie Siomaclis andHowdsof
ncss and Itest.Contains neistr
Opiitm.Mtirphiue nor feral.
Not Narcotic.
Pjmiiia Seed'
jtlx.Scmiit y-JhMteSuUs-jtr.isc
Ji;i;vrriiinf -JJitMpisi'Sida
Worm Seed -Clwtfcd
hm'Trem t'tann
It '
c.fc.-i ,
Anerrccl Remedy forCtmsfljia-
lion . Sour StoiuacIi.Diarrlioca
ncss aiulLoss of Sleep.
J.90 H
Facsimile Signature of
far i-
.'(Vi-. i
Exaivt Copy of Wrapper.
i i
fiS I 3
Tise Standard Machinery the WcrEd Over
fl (
VAt'GlSN & sons, saepjsner
Rock Springs Coal, Pine,' Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
and they will receive prompt attention.
MIKEIIEALY, Proprietor
Livery Stable
Fresh Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sugar cured Ham
and Bacon and Home-rendered Lard.
Top Prices Paid for Hides and Pelts.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
For Over
Thirty Years
the , .
a vtmm,