The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, June 27, 1912, Image 5

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Local and Personal
All kinds of good ice cold sodas at
The Palm.
Delicious sodas and ice cream sodas
BtThe l'elm.
Red lemonade for the kids on July
3rd and 4tli. H, & G.
G.) to the Bakery for
26 loaves for 1.00.
Yon need not pay bo much for in
surance. Talk .to M. E. Suiead.
Highest cash prices Raid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
Milling Co.
T. H. Williams was In from Eight
Mile on TuHedav getting shaped np
for his l)i a harvest
Dr. Winnard has taken a oeoial
course on eve jiseanes and is prepare rl
to fit classes properly.
R. F. Hvnd was np from Portalnd
a few days (his week. He will re
turn home on SaturdHy.
The neatest thing in the refrieeatur
Jine is the "White Frost." Sold by
the Case Furniture Company.
It my ba to your interest to get
my prices before buying watches,
clonks or jewelery. C. R. Johnson,
The Pastime will open Ice cream
parotrs for the ladies on the 3id and
4th. Don't forget we keep the best.
H. & O. '
A good pano to sell , or trade for
horses. This is a good instrument,
in first class condition. Inquire at
this office. tf.
Impure blood runs you down
makes yon an easv victim for disease.
For pare blood and sound digestion
Burdock Blood Fitters. At all drua
tores. Price, 81.00.
Indians from every tribe are carried
with the Kit Cnrson's Buffalo Ranch
Wild West. This will be a good
chance to see the red man as he exists
on Uncle Sam's reservation.
Chicken and Ice cream
will make anyone smile
on a hot Sunday.
Teacher s examination was com
pleted at the court house on Saturday
evening, under the direction of Supt
Notsnn. Eleven applicant were
present, writing for different classes
of papers. Those writing weie:
Winoifred Osten for five year paper:
Mabel Fuller for life certifictte :
Beulah Barker for lifo certificate:
Nettie V Davis, one year Dupr : Mrs
Blnnehe Gay, one year: Maraaret
Osten, one year; Edun P. McNabb
one year; Nellie G. Clasliman, one
year; Opal D. BrigRS, one year and
Mrs. Carrie W. Burnhsm, one year
for credit on ilfe certificate.
Jerseys to oell I have some
choice voutiK Jersey milch cows for
sale at ranch one mile below Rhea
Siding. Address O. L Lundell,
Arlington, Oro. , for further particu
lars, tf,
J. R. Nunamaker name ud by auto
from Hood River on Saturday, beating
the train into Heppner. He has a
reputation for aoing some when he is
at the wheel of his machine and only
hits the hijh places as he flies along.
Mrs. W. R. Irwin and two sons,
accomoaaied by Mrs. E. Minor, de
parted on Tuesday morning for Port
land. After a week spent in the city,
they will go on to Tillamook where
they will spend the summer at the sea
B. R. Patterson and wife returned
on Friday evening from a trip by auto
to Portland. The weather was very
pleasant fur the trip but thev found
the roads nretty badiv cut up, espec
ially coming up Willow creek in this
Jew Hicks, formerly of this office,
is now located at Kalama Wash. ,
where, he has accepter! a position on
the Bulletin of thit city. It is the
intontion of A. J. Hicks to remove to
that section of Washington as soon as
he closes cut his mercantile business
at Cohurg.
It is now well known that not more
than one case of rheumatim in ten
requires any iuternal treatment what
ever. AH that is needed is a free ap
plication of Chamberlain's Liniment
and maasaaring the parts at each Doli
cation. Try it and see how quickly it
will relieve the pain and soreness.
Sold by Patterson & Son.
Jude Patterson desires to call the
attention of the visitors to Ileppner
on tb3 erd and 4th to the beautiful
grove at the couit house, and to ex
tend an invitation to the people to
come and enjoy the shade thereof al
thier leisure. It is a good place to
spread your dinners. There will be
plenty of good water handv, also seats
provided so that all may be accomoda
ted. jT
A wtter spout struck with a heavy
downpour at the ftrm of M. J. Devin
in Sand Hollow yesterday afternoon.
Chicken houses, pig pens and a portion
of the barn was washed away and con
siderable damage done to grain. The
spoat had the effect of raising Hinton
creek and a large quantity nf water
passed by Heppner as a result. Daro
ag to roads is reported bat no serious
loss cao ba chronicled at this time.
It is reported that the water was at
least 13 feet deep in the gully where
it passed tha Devin place.
Bv aocidontly getting hull of a bot
tle of raibolic acid on Friday and
swallowing its contents, James Carty
came near passing to the bevond.
The prompt application of the right,
antidote in the shape of an abundance
of raw eegs administered immediately
by Mrs. Oary no doubt snved the life
of her husband. Dr. Bovden was
immediately called from town and
brouaht Mr. Cartv to the hospital
where he was treated for a few days
and returned home on Monday. It
was a close tnlPand Mr. Cartv has
no desire to repeat tha experience.
All those who will participate in
the exercises on the Fourth in connec
tion with the Libertv Car are request
ed to be at the Commercial Club j
building promptly at 9 o'clock the j
morning of the 4th to prepare for the j
narade. It is necessary that you be j
niompt so that there will be no delay
in getting ready for the parade that
starts at 9 :30. .
Each acre of our lives has its joys. !
Old peoule should be happy, and they j
will be if Camberlain's Tablets are
taken to strengthen the digestion and
keep the bowels regular. These tab-1
lets are mild and gentle in their net- j
on and especially suitable for people
of middle age and older. For sale by
Patterson & Son.
The gionnds for the celebration aro
being nut in shape on Chase street. A
big platform has been constructed
under the trees where the exercises
of the 4th will be held, snd other
featrnes taken care of. For the 3rd
ami 4th this platform will be need for
dancing in the afternoon nd evening.
The sum of f 150 in pursoB is hung
for the ranes on tho 3rd and 4th at
Heponet. There is to be horse and
oonv races) root races ana cucKing i
contests: plenty of good sport alone
this line. Bring in vcur runninc;
stock and join in with the merry
Dr. Vaugfyn, editor of tha Paoific
Christian Advocate of San Francisco,
addressed the union services at the
Christian church on Sunday evening.
It was a splendid sermon delivered
in a masterly manner, the editor fully
demonstrating his ability as a puipt
Tnesday was a very bnsr day for
the Hetpner merchants: in fact every
day of the week is getiine to be a
vast improvement over past seasons
and it looks like the good old times
were returning bond crop prospects
make a big dnTeronce.
Prettv warm the pist week and har
vest is coming on rapidly, lhe most
of onr farmers will be cutting thier
grain shrrtly after the 4th; in faot,
heading is on in many localities at
present and will be genersl by the 15th
of Jnly.
J, P. Stockard was in town on Sat
urday. Ho has returned to Morrow
county from liermiston where he
snnet the past few months at work
on the irrigation project, to prepare
to harvest his big crop of wheat.
Mrs. Jennie McCaitor and two sons
denarted on Friday for Portland on
thi-r return to thiir homo in Oakland
Calif., after n visit of several weeks
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Noble in Heppner.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Brosnan, of Butter creek, was brought
to town last hridny with a broken
M. . . Hi. t t J II
arm. lhe li'tie iohow naa iauen
off the fence with sufficient force to
cause the fracture.
Mrs. F. D. Cox departed on
day for a visit of two or three weeks
with relatives at Indepenrtense, New
berg and other valley points.
Why does evrevbody want our ice
cream? Because it is made f'om pn I. I
Jersev cream, always fresh and sweete
H. & G.
Attorney C. E. Woodson is in Pert
land this week on legal business.
The Big Show.
On Jnlv 1 Kit Carson's Buffalo
Ranch Wild West Shows will exhibit
at Heppner afternoon and night. This
is the largest amusement of its char
acter in the world. Solid trains of
their own, doublo length cars are re
quired for the transportation of this
colossal attiaction. Nfver before
have so many features been corubined
under one management. The Aero
ulane for instance is bat one of the
strange sights to be seen with this
exhibition. Not a model hut a Cur-tis-Farnum
Aeroplane furnished by
the Chiosgo Areoplane Manufacturing
Co., and eunranteed to give flights
daily. It will circle the city and
alight at show grounds for the pub
lic's inspaotion.
A Menagerie of trained wild ani-
muls h also an innovation with a wild
west show. Elephants Camels, Buff
alo and on down to the smaller soecies
of bipeds and quadrupeds. A two
mile street pageant glutoring with
gold and silver, will delight the eye
and exquistie music of the three big
bauds will please the lovers of har
mony. Corning as we do from the largest
ranch in the world, we carry nothing
but the very best of riders and ropers
and guarantee to ride any horse or
mule frte of charge if brought to the
show grounds and off?r a reward if
we fail. The Cossacks with the show
were selected from the Czar's caval
ary in Russia and are without donbt
the fluent horseman in the world.
Then there are the Rough Riders from
the plains of Siuth America, Vauqures
from Old Mexico, champion lady
riders of the world, imported Euro
pean Novelty acts of every descripton,
bands of Sioux, Cheyenne and Com
anche Indians with their picturesque
squaws and papooses. A dozen comic
clowns in fun and foolishness. . In
fact two hours will be required to
present the prorgam and you will
lave the show grounds a true friend
and earnest advocate of Kit Carson's
Buffalo Rauch Wild West. But don't
forget the date. Two performances
only on July 1 at Heppner.
inor & Go.
Special Sale
For Infants and Children.
Th3 Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature ef
We will be next to the dance plat
form where you can get all kinds of
cool drinks and the best of ice cream
in town. Heudricson & Gurdane.
Your CKoice
JULY 3rd.
W. P. Scrivner has on exhibi
tion at his shop one of the Rumley
Oil Turn engines. Those engines
are designed lor all purposes, .
stationary and portable in sizes :
from 3-horse to 15-hors3 power,
lie has the agency for this class
of engines as well as the Oil Pull
tractor. Any one interested in!
small engines should call and see j
this sample. He is agent also
for the Rumley line of Separa-1
tors. Any one having the Gar;
Scott machinery or the Advance
machinery should see Mr. Scriv
ner for repairs and all extras.
He can sell you any of these lines
of machinery.
a. m. Exercises at Stadium, consisting of music by
band, address of welcome by Mayor Van Vactor,
singing by Glee Club.
Foot Races on Main Street.
Horse Races at Depot.
Ball Game, Schoolhouse Grounds. lone vs. Her-
6:30 Band Concert at Stadium.
1st Race. Mile for horses that have never run for public money
$15 00
2nd Race. Mile mule race. $10.00
:ird Race, Mile ponv race, 14 bands, 1 inch or under, $10.00
4th Race, ft Mile free'for all, $20. IK)
1st Knee. yK Mile free for nil, $50.90
2nd Race Mile Dash, $10.00
:Srd Race Mile for ponies, winner of first day barred, $10 00
4th Race Mile free for nil. winner of $50.00 race barred, f 25 t0
No entrance fees will be charged for any of these races.
100 yd Dash free for all. $7.50
(iirls Race 50 yd Dash. $5.uO
Roys Race 100 yd, $5.00
Rarrel Knee 100 yd, not less than 4 to start, $5.00
Fat inau's race 100 yds, $5.00
Iudin race. 1st mid 2nd money 1st. $rt.00. 2nd $4.00.
Hose Race, 1st money f 25 00, Second money $15.10
50 yds
a. m. Parade to Start from Commercial Club
Exercises at Stadium as follows:
America by Band and Chorus
Invocation by Rev. E. P. Warren
Male Quartet "Your Flag and Mine."
Band "Hail Columbia"
Reading of Declaration of Independence
Song "On to Victory" bv Chorus
Male Quartet "Flag of the Free"
Oration by Roscoe R. Johnson
"Star Spangled Banner" by Band and Chorus
Ball Game, Schoolhouse flat, Hermiston vs. Heppner
Horse Races at Depot
Bucking Contest
Ball Game, Schoolhouse grounds, Hermiston vs.
Hose Races on Main Street
Foot Races on Main Street
T.est Rider $20. Second Best Rider, $10.H)
A prize of $10.(K) will 1m Riven to the owner of the hardest biicUny;
hrtrse. r.riiijr on your bucking horses and have them rode free.
For information about races and bucking con test seel'uve Me.Uee
and Orve Kasmus.