The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, May 16, 1912, Image 3

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    C. E. WOODSON,
Office In Palace Hotel Heppner, Oregon
Sam E. VanVacior.
Office ou west eud of May Street
Heppuer Oregon.
S. E. Notson
Offlceln Court House, Heppner, Oregon.
L A W Y E R ,
lone, - - - Oregon-
lone, - - Oregon.
Ouly complete set of abstract booki
in Morrow county.
Justice of the Peace.
Ollice with S. K. Van Vactor
Permanently looated io Heppner. Office
in the new Fair building. Gas ad
Dr. Martha S. Arledge, D. 0.
Dr. J. P Condcr, M -T. D-
Treatment of nil diseases
99 per cent, of cHxea siiccepefully treated
without operation
Graduate of :
Lenox C 'liege. 1S85.
Chicago Homeopathic Med Collegt
Ruk Medical College, 1b!)2.
F. E. Boyden, M. D.
Office in rear of Patterson & Son's
Drug Stoie.
Three Doors South of Postoffice.
gbaving 25c Haircatting 35t
Bathroom in Connection.
A. E. Patterson
2 Dots North
Paface ilotel
Fink Baths Ska vino 25c
Merchant Tailor
lone, Oregon.
Real Estate
Frm and City Property for Sale. Farms
to rent. Correspondence solicited.
'Registered and graduate Vet
erinarian. Of Ice at the Evans
Mc'Rcbcris Livery Stable.
Dr. Murray will locate here per
manently. I have for sale at mv plare on Eight
Mile. Brown Leghorn eggs for hatch
ii g at $1.00 per setting of 15. A good
strain of splendid egg producers.
mlC. Alfred E Anderson.
(WW www wwww-w-r-w
A News Budget From Writers From !
all Over the County. $
Mrs. Reade and daughter spent Sat
urday in lone.
Don't forcet the Calico Carnival at
Artisan hall May 24.
Another enjoyble party was held at
Robert Wilcox's on Saturday nigth.
Mr. W. G. Scott, the Lexington
banker, made a brief visit to Pendle
ton on Saturday morning.
Mrs Wright who lias been visitine
her daughter, Mrs. Breshears, left
for her home at Walla Walla, Wn. en
Mr. Ernest and his stepdaughter
are visitors at the George Allen
home. Mr. Ernest is a former pio
neei of Lexington.
The gentlemen need not stay away
because lliey bave no tie. There will
be calico ties for sale at the door.
Come and ht the men show you how
to sew carpet rags.
Don't send yonr cream to Portland
and other places and thereby incur
great expense. Patronize the.Lexiug
ton creamery and save expense and
thereby help Lexington, and home in
dustry. Miss Edith Reaney accompanied her
sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs, Shelly Baldwin on a trip into
Washington, Miss Edith on her va
cation and Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin
hunting for a looation.
A party was given at Mrs. George
Allen's on Saturday night in honor of
Ruth Burrows and Muriel Read.
Both of these young ladies will soon
leave Lexington. Miss Ruth to go to
her home at Helix and Miss Muriel to
be gone for the summer.
The village was quite shooked when
they learned that Charlie Lee had
sustained euch injuries from a frac
tious horse which necessitated his im
mediate removal to the Heppner San
atorium. We are sorry that Charlie
will be laid up for some time.
School will be out on Friday, May
17th, and the children and teachers
are looking forward to a much needed
vacation. Both teachers and scholars
have worked hard during all the
school year and we are glad to have
them enjoy these beautiful summer
Wlittt Iriiuia Admire
is hearlv. vigorous life, according to
Hugh Tallman. of San Antonio. " Wt
find," he writes, "that Dr. Kings
New Life Pills aurelv put new life
and energy into a person. Wife and
believe thev are the best made."
Excellent for stomach, liver
ney troubles. 25 cents at
Drug Co.
or kid
Sloe um
Mr. Joe Knnppenberg departed Fri
day for Valley points to be gone for
a short time.
Sam Ganger, who has beets out
shooting them for some time, returned
to lone last Friday evening.
Several of the young people attend
ed the circus at Heppner last week.
They all report a pleasant true. -
Mrs. Ralph Kaiser, who has been
visiting with friends for the past
week, returned to her home at Dufur,
Tuesday of last week.
Mrs. Bill McMillan came down
from Lexington last week and spent a
counle of days visiting with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Wiltnot.
The Y. P. B. spent a nice pleasant
evening together last Tuesday. They
had a jolly good time, with plenty of
ice cream and cake to top off with.
Mat Halvorsen shipped a oarload of
cattle Tuesday of last week. We
did not learn whete he shipped to,
but the cattle were in fine cor.d.tlon.
W. J. Blake shipped two carloads
of shep to Pot (land last Saturday
morning. It begins to lork like old
times to see the stock beginning to
move oaoe more.
Bill Ganger and Dot Ganger ac-
I companied ly Miss Southwell, throve
over to lone from I'tnaieton lasiween
aid have been visiting with Mrs.
Ganger for a few days.
Bill Cronk, the Tum-a-Lum Co's.
man, lias just finished putting in a
new scale in front cf bis office, which
will be a good deal more handy than
where it was formerly located.
Mr. Chas. Allinger has been busy
putting a new coat of paint on the
bank, which helps the of
it a gocd deal. Charlie is there
when it comes to slinging the paint
Mr. A. C. Pettoys, one of our old
timers, was in town one day last
week. Ho, like a great many others,
is feeling good over the outlook of the
coming crop. A. C. got him a new
Easter lid while he .was in town.
Guesa he is going to make liny while
the sun shines.
Willard Blake shipped a mixed car
of cattle to Portland last Monday morn
ing, and they were in prime shape
Mra. Wilson, who has been visit
ing with Walt bmitn ana nis motner
for soma time departed for Pendleton
last Monday morning.
Mrs. John Coohran anl Archie loft
lone last Thursday for Yaknua.
They were acoompanied by Dulles
Perkins, who will no doubt have a
pleasant visit with Opal while she is
up there.
Louis Padberg sold his spotted team
of ponies to Barnes, the circus man,
when he" was in Heppner the other
day. I guess the next time he comes
up here with his show, they will be
playing the band.
U. E. Baker, one of our North side
farmers, returned from Missouri last
Friday evening. His sister, who has
been back there all winter returned
with him. U. 12. seemed very gald
to get back again. He said tilings
did not seem right to him back there.
E. M. Shutt blew into lone one
uight last week with a car load of
cattle. They were Holesteins and
jerseys. E. M. grabbed them duwn
in Washington county, near Portland.
If any of you good readers get right
hungty for a glass of the pure quill,
don't forget where E.'M. lives.
. lone and Olex crossea bats on the
lone diamond last Sunday. The first
three innings were very even, no
one scoring, but after that the Olex
boys kept gainng a little, the soore
being 11 to 1 in Olex favor at the end
of the game. We think Olex has a
little the best team, but had Ione'a
pitcher not heon suffering with a very
bum hand we think that the game
would have bean very close. The
hot 8 will prohably play in the near
future again and I think it will not
be quite so one sided next time.
Alex Lindsay was in town last Mon
day getting a few of the neceei-.ities
of life. Alex say that he has just
returned from a trip over on Butter
ireek. He says we Willow creek
people will have to whip od a little,
as they are a little ahead of us over
on the other creek. He says the
crops look a little better over there
than they do here and that improve
ments are somewhat better than ours.
but they will all have to take off
their hat to Alex when it comes to
raiisng Iambs. Alex sold a January
lamb a few days ago that made the
scale bump at 120 pounds. Can you
beat it?
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders,
laborers rely on Dr. Thomas' Electic
Oil. Takes the sting out of cuts,
burns or bruises at once. Pain can
not stay where it is used.
B. E. Miller lost two fine horses
few days ago.
O. E. lindstronn made a flying trip
to Rhea Siding on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs I. E. Holt made a
(rip to Alrington one day last week.
Mr. Cronan, of Miclrigan is here
visiting his sister. Mrs. W. O'Sulli-
W. A. Laidlaw was up from Port
land on Thursday looking after his
interests here.
Paul Balaiger and family, of lone,
were don and spent Sunday with the
family of I. E. Holt.
Albert Yedd went to the river hunt
ing coyotes Friday returning Sunday
but we failed to see any scalps.
The Morgan and lone boys crossed
bats at the Morgan diamond last Sat
urdav afternoon. Result. 18 to 4 in
favor of lone.
Mi-s Ruby Maxwell closed her
school in District No. 28, Friday May
10. and departed for her home in
Portland on Monday.
Stockmen and farmers if jou want
to see a fine horse you mugt come to
Morgan. Mr. Samuels surely lias the
best horse in the county.
John Miller, while running horses
on the range, got his horse badly cut
on a lot of loose wire. People take
care of your wire, and do not let it
get scattered on the range, fr horses
are worth money.
Vrtd by Writers and Ifluminators In
the Early Ages.
Movable characters were known to
flie niifleiils. They were used Id teach
ing children, to rend. The ancients
hud also stencil letters, which they
used to secure a renuliir style of pen
manship. They even made use of
plules, thus open cut, containing un
entire page. IT was placed on the
papyrus to guide the pens of children,
"an excellent uieans," salib Qulntll
lan, "to learn them not to exceed the
'desired proportions." The Emperor
Mistiiilau (A. I). SISi could neit her read
oor write, an unexampled thing In
)ne ot such high rank. When it was
jecessary for him to sign his name
he bad a sheet of gold through which
were cut the letters of bis name.
"Then," said Procoplus, "placing this
tablet on the paper, one conducted the
hand of the prince, holding the stylus
dipped in purple on the type of the
different letters, and took away the
writing furnished with his signature."
The same thing is reported of. King
Theodorie and of Charlemagne.
In the middle ages the Illuminators
and decorators made much of such tab
lets for tracing involved initial letters
and even In a way composed enure
n-nrksi. such as conies of the plain
songs, etc. A chartered abbey near
Mnvence Dossessed some sixty or tne
alniinhets cut in leaves of latonu, a
copper alloy. Later these patterns
were replaced by stamps wnose lm
nrint Is nroved by the evidences on
the reverse of the page as early as
the thirteenth century. Jn lzss tne
monks of Fribourir published a treatise
relating to money In this way, and It
seems, according to a passage in Pliny'
nnil another in Petronius, that these
stencils were used to publish figures
and designs as well.-Charles Vt . Hull
In National Magazine.
They Are Made of the Finest Silk and
Are Quite Costly.
It Is said that the cut. and style of
the gowns worn by the justices of the
supreme court of the United States are
so peculiar that it is not always possi
ble to have one correctly made.
The wife of a former justice used to
enjoy telling of her trying experiences
when she wished to have made in rar-
is the gown her husband was to use.
The gowns worn there by scientists,
scholars and students differ altogether
from those our justices wear.
In London any clerical tailor would
have understood the kind of gown de
sired, but not so in Taris. Wherefore,
after many failures, the justice's wife
gave Instructions to tne iusuiunuuie
modiste who made her gowns, lhra
modiste was entirely successful lu
toruing out a gown for the Justice.
The justice's gowns, which are al
ways of the best quality of silk, cost
upward of $100. When the supreme
court was first organized the justices
wore quite gaudy gowns.
A portrait in oil of the first chief jus
tice. John Jay. now hangs in the rob
ing room opposite the supreme court
chamber, and in this portrait tne cnier
justice is represented as wearing a
black gown with a broad bright red
border around the neck and down the
front It is edged with gray, and the
sleeves show n red border at the top
and bottom, also edged with gray.
Uarper's Weekly.
A Curious Windstorm.
A peculiar freak of weather is tne
storm called the "williwau." This
form of storm is confined to that far
off Island Tierra del Fuego. The coast
(s indented with deep fiords crowned
with high mountains. Down from
their gorges drops the williwau. A
low, hoarse muttering is heard in the
distance. Suddenly, without the least
preliminary puff, a tearful blast of
wind drops upon the sea. The water
is not raised into waves, but driven
into fine dust. Fortunately the shock
lasts but ten or twelve seconds, and
cnlm follows at once, for no vessel
could stand such a wind for even half
a minute. During the coming and go
ing of a williwau the barometer may
tie watched to drop a tenth of an inch
or more and rise again at once.
She Wet a Skeptic.
In pioneer days a settler near the
present town of Albany. Mo., bought
for his wife the first cook stove ever
seen in that part of the state. It was
an object of great curiosity, and the
woman's next door neighbor, who
lived ten miles away, came to se how
It woufd work. Without comment she
saw the dinner cooked. She ate the
meal with Judgment held In reserve
and then remarked, with a shake of
the bead:
"Well. Sarah, it cooks nil right, and
the victuals taste good, but I don't be
lleve It will ever be a success."
To make mrstakes Is human. Every
body makes mistakes, the best of us
included. To acknow ledge mistakes Is
commendable. It Is evidence that one
Is learning by experience, and It shows
that he has the courage to acknowledge
a blunder. Courage Is a rare quality
lu these days. Ieslie's.
Badly Expressed.
"Yes. Aunt Mary went out without
her rubbers, and now she Is In benv
eu." "My. my! What dreadful things
result from a little carelessness!' Ex
change. The Wrong Man.
Just a minute, old chap. You're
Just the ruan I want to see."
"No. Pro not. I can't spare a cent."
nmburgb Pest
If yonr eyes are always enst down,
robwebs will gather on tt celling.
Children Cry
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been.
In uso for over 30 yours, has borne the signature of
and has been inado under per
sitJ-f-J- sonal supervision since its infancy. 1
wSc?!Mcu4( Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ' " are but
ISxperiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine- nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys AVornii
and allays Fcverishness. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Dowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural elccp.
llio Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Heppner's Leading Confection- $
ery and Ice Cream Parlors
l KUDiK 1 Vl. tlVK I ,
Can serve you now with
f better to be had in the citv.
LeadinA Brands GiSars and Tobacco
V 't' 'l' 'l' 'V 'V 'V 't' 'I' 'I' 'l' 'i' '1' 'I1
Funeral Work a Specialty
500 Clay St.
Long Distance
Black 2721
T3I. JLb. C5-SIE2
Pigs tt el
Thoroughbred Puree Jerseys
I now have for sale a few head of boar pigs,
at mv ranch 1 miles west of Lexington.
Call or write me for terms.
f Seasonable Soft Drinks,
Fruits, Delicious Ice Cream
We m.Ke our own Ice Crenm. It is a Morrow County
V.UIU.V.11VJII.I j viuijj
Contracting and Building,
Painting and Paperhanging
Am prepared to do all lines of
shop in old Gazette Building on
for anv kind of work in these
for Fletcher's
Sisrnature of
. - - rivur rviju, i wrv
nice, fresh Ice Cream. None
Fine line of fresh Candies.
The Dalles, Oregon
L. J. Padberg
Domestic and Tropical
TrUarro. PiDes. Notions
- - - ,
repairing and job work at my
Main street. Heppner. See me