The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, May 02, 1912, Image 5

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Local and Personal
House for Rale or rent with one acre
ground. Inquire 1st National Bank, tf
Mason atid Bricklaver. Only one
in town. Good work. H. H.
Mrs D. V. S. Reid and Mra. Clyde
Brock returned home from Salem oo
Monday evening.
Highest cash prices paid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
Milling Co.
The' neatest thing in the ref rigeatur
line is the "White Frost." Sold by
the Case Furniture Company.
Cream Puffs at the Bakery every
Saturday. All kinds of cookies and
pastry, at the Bakery.
Dr. Winqard has taken a peoial
course on eve iiaeasnsand is prepared
to fit glasses properly.
W. Q. Scott, of Lexington, accom
panied by his little daughter, was a
-visitor to Heppner on Saturday.
Born At Heppnre Sauitorium,
Wednesday, May 1, lata, ta the wife
of Aolnozo Wright a daughter.
Palace Dinner
Sunday Chicken
It may be to your interest to get
my prices before buying watches,
clocks or jewelery."" C. K. " Johnson,
R. F. Hynd came up f rum Portland
on Thursday and is spending some
time at Heppner looking after busi
ness interests.
John Her has contracted to sell his
farm northwest of town and when the
same it disposed of he will remov
to Heppner with his family to re.
Wra. Beymer was over from Mon
ument where he runs a big sheeo
.ranch on Monday. Lots of rain, good
hay prospects is the report Billy
brings In.
D. E. Oilman departed Tuesday
morning for outside points to continne
his work of interesting settlers in
Morrow oonnty. He wlil be gone
some time.
The Matteson shearing crew finished
ud their work down on the sand the
first of the week and will now go to
Grant county for the remainder of
the season.
The little baby daughter of Johnnie
Hiatt, that was reoorted to be very
seriously ill with typhoid pneumonia
in our last issue. Is now improving
and well on the road to recovery.
Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner?
Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs wak
ing op. Doan's Regulets cure bilious
attacks. 25 cents at any drug store.
Noah Olark was in town on Mon
day. His crop outlook is fine, has in
1000 aores and expects at Iea3t 20
bushels to the acre. This will keep
him busy getting the crop to market
next fall.
Dan Rice was down from the Hrd
man section on Monday. It ia still
very wet out his wav but crops are
coming along well just the same with
the brightest prospects for abundant
harvest in 23 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Thompson, of
Echo, visited Heppner Friday, return
ing to their home on Saturday. They
came over by auto and were enter
tained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.
W. Spencer while in the citv.
Karl L. Beach is this week fininh
ing op an excellent piece of work on
the jron and wire fence sround the
property of Dr. Oondur. The fence is
pet in concreta and should be a sub
stantial oiene of work a hundred years
from now.
On tomorrow (Friday) evening, the
ladies of the Christian church are to
serve another of their fatuous teas at
the home of Mrs. E. Minor. Your
presence is earnestly requested, and
you will be well fed for the email sum
of 35 cents.
At Lexington, on the 21th -of May,
the ladies of the Congregational church
will give a Calico Carnival atArtissn
Hill. This will be under the aus
pices of the Ladies' Aid of that
church, and further announcements
will appear later.
Martin Johnson has the contract of
erecting a bungalow for the Minsea
Hager on the lot atij )inir.g the M. E.
church South. The house that has
utood ou this lot for years is being
torn down and the new structure
which is to be modern in every re
spect, wilil take its place.
Banker Mahoney received word
from A. L. Mills of Portland, on
Tuesday announcing the dath, on
Monday at his home in Schenectady,
N. Y., of Mr. Hinsdill Parsons. Mr
Parsons will be rememboied by a
number of Heppner peoole as the
Eastern attorney who was here for
some time last summer in company
with M. C Gtiswold, and is theowmr
with Mr. Griswold of a large acreage
of Morrow county timber lands. Mr.
Parsons was out driving in bis auto
mobile on Monday, when a tile ex
ploded and overturned the machine,
killing him instantly. He was gen
eral counsel for the General Electric
Co. of Schenectadr, and largely in
erested with other Eastern capitalists
in Oregon timber lands and mills.
Clean-up day in Heppner has been
going on apace during the entire week
and from the amount of rubbish piled
out on the streets it would seem that
the order to clean np had not gone out
any too soon. Ihere ia oertainly a
very noticeable improvement in the
streets, alleys and back yards, and
the clean-up has added much to the
appearance of the little city. To
gether with the painting and repairing
of premises, putting up of new fences,
beautifying of lawns and gardens,
Heppner is patting on a delightful
air of beauty Just at this time.
The Royal Arch Masons of Hepo
uer held initiatory ceremonies on
Thursday and Friday of last week,
administering the degrees to a team
consisting of S. E. Van Vaotor and
H. B. Rnkln, of Heppner, and R. W.
Cook, of Condon. At the conclusion
of the ceremonies on Friday evening
a bountiful repast was served in the
banquet hall under the charge of
Stwarts H. A. Emerson and J. A.
Patterson and was greatly enjoyed by
the large number of Royal Arch Mas
ons present.
REDS; the most profitable chiokens
known. My first prize pullet pro
nounced by Judge Gimlin, an esteem
judge, 'to. be the' most perfect Rhode
Island Red that he had ever handled.
Only the best selected birds in onr
pens. Have added new blood from
the best to be had. First pen headed
by cock scoring 93, at Spokane.
Nothing better In the northwest.
Csll and inspect our stock and pre
mium ribbons. Eggs from $2.00 to
$3.00 per 15. S10.00 per 100.
Brilliant Poultry Yrds,
Heppner Oregon.
Rev. John McAllister and wife
were the victims of a very pleasant
TnaeHee evenintr. It was
the occasion of their third wedding
anniversary, and this fact bad become
known to the members of his congre
gation, who swooped down upon them
with a bountiful supply of pies, cakes
and other good things to eat, and
snant a very enjoyable evening at the
parsonage, the pastor and his wfe, of
course, being made the center ol at
traction. Conductor Fink Is credited
with being the prime mover in the
affair, and the surprise was worked in
god style.
Mr. R. A. Smith is presenting to
the public a very serious expression
of countenance just at this time, he
having rubbed up against Mr. Light,
real estate man, on Tuesday evening
down at the Palace Hotel. The argu
ment did not last long, at Smith is
reported to have lost his wind at the
end of the first round. No very last
ing damaaa wis done either party,
and the great question involved is no
doubt settled for all time to come.
Bert Burroughs who has been work
ing at the Reid saw mill, met with
an accident at the mill last Monday
which caused him a broken leg.
While at work on a pile of lumber bo
tonnnd upon a two-by-foor which
turned with him and threw him to the
ground, the fcroe of the fall being
sufficient to break his leg just apove
the ankle. Dr. Winnard was called
from Heppner to wait on the young
man, and reports he is getting along
The eitv is having a well dug at
the south side of town, near the Bell-
enbrock place, which will bt used to
furnish water for street sprinkling
purposes. There is promise of a
neffiient flow for this purpese, and
along felt want is going to be suo
plied However the daily snowers
e have been nutting is the best kind
of street sprinkling but we cannot be
assured that these will continue dur-
ng all the summer months.
Prank. Charls and Bert Ward de
parted on Friday morning for Oorval
lis in response to a telrgram announc
ing the very serious illness or t&eir
father. Wm. Waid, who resides in
that city. Mr. Ward was a resident
of Motrow county lor a long time
and is well known here. lie is gat
ing well along la years and his pres
ent illness may prove fatal.
Mr. J. O. Adams and Miss Mary A.
Hill were married at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs Geo. Aiken, in Hepp
ner. Ktv. Jonn wc-Mtisier, j'aoiui w
the Baptist church, officiating. The
G -T. extends congratulations to the
young people.
You need not pay so much for in-
... w v - r .1
surance. lain to m. l. oiueu.
Mysterious Currents, tha Seorsta ' ef
Whioh No On Has Solved.
There are us many vagaries in the
waters as In the winds. Why, for In- ,
stance, should great ocean currents
send their warm waters across the
wide Pacific and Atlantic? Other and
equally mysterious currents exist In j
well nigh tilt parts of the world. i
It Is on record that the sea lias run
for weeks out of the Java sea. through
the strait of Runda and thence buck
again for a like period without any
perceptible rise and fall durinx those
Then there Is the equatorial current
that flows into the Caribbean sea. the
ever flowing current to the eastward
around Cape Horn, the cold stream
flowing from the Icy regions of the
north past Newfoundland and Nova
Scotia and along the American coast
to the extreme end of Florida, the
continual current running with a ve
locity of from four to five knots on
hour through the strait of Gibraltar
Into the Mediterranean sea. the swift
current running acroa the rocks and
shoals off the end of Bllllton Island,
which apparently starts from nowhere
and ends somewhere In the vicinity of
the same place, and the current which,
starting halfway up the China sea.
rims from two to three knots an hour
to the northeast and finally ends ab
ruptly off the north end of Luzon.
Then we bare those tidal vagaries
known the world over as bores. Those
that run up' the Huglt and Irnwadl
rivers, from side to side, till they reach
their limit often tearing the ship"
from their anchorage, originate nobody
knows where or why.
At Singapore It has been observed
for days at a time that there has been
but one rise and fall in the twenty
four hours. Boston Globe.
The Seoksl Pear.
The Seckel pear Is one of the sweet
est and daintiest fruits that grow. As
another describes It, "The flesh Is melt
ing. Juicy and most exquisitely and del
icately flavored." That Is Just what It
is. And the tree on which this pear
grows la beautiful and vigorous, which
Indicates that nature bns a great fond
ness 'for It . The pear ls named after
a Mr. Seckel of Philadelphia, on whose
estate In 1817 the Seckel pear started
on Its happy career. Some one writ
ing In 1847 said, "The parent tree still
lives about three miles from Philadel
phia." Pittsburgh Press.
Weather Is simply ideal. Fruit
noakingi splendid progress and it looks
as if we are sure to have a good crop
We had a fine ball game here Sun
dav. Some good playing exhibited
la to 3 in favor of the
. Snritiina fm tha rinHlin moth will
be on in full in a few days. Arsen
ate of lead is what is being princi
pally used.
Our three delegates to the State
Sunday School convention have all
returned and reported a very pleasant
rime. Earl Rand and Frank Doble
made a full report of what they saw
there and heard. The Sunday school
fully appreciated this.
If the rate of immigration keeps
np as it has for the past two weeks
we'll soon have a population of sev
eral hundred. Three families moved
in daring the past week. Messrs Dav
is and Abbott from Canada, and Mr.
Iverson and family from Idaho.
A handsome dinner set will be given
free with every range sold by us in
the next sixty days. Call and see
both. Case Furniture Co.
E. O. Maddock departed yesterday
morning for Castle Rock. Wn. where
he goes on important business, it is
rumored here that when be, returns,
there will be two of him. Further
announcements later.
Mr n. Cameron repiesenting
Blake, McFall Company, of Portland,
dealers in everything in paper visited
Heppner today to take orders for his
comnsny. He take the place of Mr.
Nisbit, who has been on the road so
lona fir these people, but who has re
signed bis position to engage in the
grocery business in Portland.
. rwK : a 1Mna and 12 VfMlt. ThC
brat remedy for Kidneys, Liver and Bowels.
Eradicates Pimples, Eruptions and Disorders
of the Skin. Purines the Blood and Rives
Tone, Strength and Vigor to the entire system.
Goods MINOR & CO. Goods
ale of Shirtwaists
They're good value at the marked
price, but we have an overdose and
want to cleanup.
The $1.00 Waists
1.25 Waists
1.50 Waists
1.75 Waists
2.00 Waists
now 50c
now 65c
now 75c
now 90c
now $1.00
See Window
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature ef
Destroys Sage Rats, Squirrels, Gophers and
mine 1 H. Kcquirc oniunKui K't"1 -
tlon Alwavs ready for use. Deadliest of alL
Your money back if not as claimed.
Clakkb, Woodwasld Prco Co., Portland, Ore.
For the Kitchen
Yonll find every kind and description
c( kitchen utensils in ourlanre stock
all caretuUy selected for Rood valus.
We make a specialty of household
ware:, buy In lartfo lots and can.
afford to sell close.
Yoa will be interested In our new
line of
1001D.. c Al :
lost, i uic tjpuu muiumiuu
Cooking Utensils
A new nrA better ware which Insures
healthful food, as it cannot chip off,
crack, tarnish, cor spoil food flavors.
The llchest, brightest, lonsrest-lastlnir
ware on the market-guaranteed far
15 years.
Onr line of paints and varnishes Is
the largest in town. Before you do
any painting, talk it over with ua.
We can save you money.
Liberty Meat Marker
B. F. MATLOCK, Prop.
The Best Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal,
n 1 U C J IVAfe 1
oausage ana nomc vuicuiucaw.
T . '''I
Arsenate of Lead
A general insecticide for leaf -biting insects. Gives
the greatest possible poisoning efficiency without
foliage injury. An effective spray for the Codling
Moth, Slugs, Beetles and the Plum and Apple
Curculio. Twenty-five cents per bottle.
2 Are You Boosting Mor
row County I
Are You Patronizing
Home Industry I
superior to any imported article. If you
are not using our products call at our
office on Main Street and get a testing sample.
Our flour is made exclusively from selected
Morrow Countv Bluestem Wheat.
Seed Grain, Rolled Feed,
Alfalfa Seed.
We Solicit the Storage of your Wool
Mil i iMr. m o
s iviilliivj v.v.