The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, April 18, 1912, Image 3

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Olilce In Palace Hotel Heppner, Oregon
Sam E. VanVactor,
Office on weit end ol May Street
Heppner Oregon.
S. E. Notson
Offlceln Court House, Heppner, Oregon.
lone, -" - Oregon
lone. - " - " - Oregon.
Only complete get of abstract booki
in Morrow oounty.
Justice of the Peace.
Oflice with S. E. Van Vactor
Permanently located in Heppner. Offic
in the new Fair building. Gas ad
Dr. Martha S. Arledge, D. 0.
Dr. J. P- Conder, itt-T. D-
Trent merit of all diseases
5)9 per cent, of cbhob successfully treated
without operation
N. E. WINNARD, M. D. .
I'HVMUAK & 81 KtifcON
Graduate of :
Lenox C-'llege, 1885.
Chicago Homeopathic Med Collect
Ruak Medical College, 1S92.
F. E. Boyden, M. D.
Physician & Sikgkon
Oflice in rear of Patterson & Son's
Drug Store.
Three Doors South of Pcstoffice.
Sbaving 2oc Haircuttlng 35
Bathroom in Connection.
A. E. Patterson
2 Dorrs North
Palace Hotel
Fine Baths Shaving 25c
Merchant Tailor
lone, Oregon.
Real Estate
Farms and City Property for Sale. Farms
to rent. Correspondence solicited.
Wbr He Was I-aie.
"What made you so late?"
"I met Smitheon."
."Well that w no reason why you
should be an hour late getting home
to supper." - "
"I know, but I asked him how he
was feeling and be iosisetd on telling
ma about hit stomach trouble."
"Did you teU him to take Cham
berlain's Tablets T"
- "Sure, that it what ba needa."
Said by Patterson & So.
A News Budget From Writers From
all Over the County.
Perry Hopkins returned from Port
land last Wednesday. He was ac
companied by John Harbke.. ,
Lum Rhea came in from Cnrt'fl
place last Tuesday morning and took
the train for Portland.
Mrs. Alice Keller left Monday
morning for Mosier where she will
visit with her son Edward for some
01 Forbes, who has spent the
winter in old Missouri, returned to
lone last week. 01 just couldn't
stay away.
Miss Julia Forbes of Eight Mile
spent Thursday and Friday of last
week in lone returning to Heppner
Friday evening.
Mrs. Tarner, of Eugene, is visit
ing with her son. Art Rice ami
family. Grandma likes to come and
see her grandchildren.
John Harbke spent several days in
lone last week visiting with Perry
Hopkins and wife. He left last
Friday for Portland.
Bert Mason and wife went out to
the home of Bert's mother and spent
the day last Sunday. There is no"
place like home.
Miss Hurt who has been visiting
with her sister Mrs. Harvey Heal for
the past two weeks returned to her
home at Olex last Sunday.
Loren Hale and his wife left for
White Salmon, Wash. , Monday morn
ing of last week. We wish them
success in their new field of labor.
Clyde Speiry and his wife, who
have been helping the Holt Company
run the big plow for the past two
months, returned to lone last Satur
day. Pasty Akers is busy these days
slinging the paste ad hanging paper
to beat the band. I tell you he makes
the rooms have a spring-like aopear
ance when he gets through with them.
"What's the matter with your
wife' She's all broken up lately,
she got a terrible jar. What .has
happened?" "Why. she was assist
ing at a rummage sale, took off her
new li at and somebody sold it for 35
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Warren, of
Portland, cama np to lone .last Friday
evening to have a visit with their
son, Harry Warren, who is oar Mando
lin and stringed instrument instructor.
We hope they fall in love with tbe
The 0. T. Walker Estate had the
best egg day of the season op to date,
last Saturday. They received 22 cases
of eggs which means 6G0 doz at 17J
cents a dozen, making $115.50 worth
of eggs. Nice bundle of eggs fur one
day ed?
Don't forget the shadow social next
Friday niht in the Wilmot building.
The ladies and girls will all be there
with their baksets filled with the
best the land affords. Everybody
come out and have a good time. The
band will be there with its doleful
music to help everyone make a noise
like a shadow social and a well filled
We understand that Prof. Kaufman
has been appointed superintendent of
the schools at Blaine, Wash. The
population of Blaine is 2500, and the
school population 5(iO. Blaine has
three schools, the high school having
120 scholars, and they employ M
teachers. We hope Professor will
like his new field and while we hate
to lose him we are glad that he has
found such a good position.
Some of our citizens were out view
ing the wheat fields last week and
report some of" the best wheat that
thoyjhave ever seen. They said that
rhev were out through Paul Riet-
man's wheat and that he had 100C
acres of as fine grain as they ever
saw. It beeins to have the appear
ance of old times once more, and we
are all looking forward to a bumper
crop this year. And that glorious
rain, what do you know about that?
The ball game pUyed at lone last
Saturday betweej lone and. Heppner
was a red hot game while it lasted
the score being one and one. Owing
to the late start the boy got, there
were only seven innings played. We
hope the boys will get together attain
in the near future. Those kind of
games'make the rubber necks hold
their breath end one can enjoy them
without getting a Dew set of ear
drums at the beginning of every in
ning. Negro Logic.
On a cotton plantation down south
there was a characteristic old
"mammy" who never could be found
without her pipe. One day her
employer asged her if she expected
to go to heaven "Deed I does 'deed
I does," she answered "But mammy
you know you smoke a great deal,
and the angels surely will not like
that." -"But I won't smoke up dar,
sah." "No still they will smell
tobaoco on your breath. Deed
dev won't, sah. . I reckon I done
leave my bref here. ",
The show criven under the able
management of 'Professor Kaufman,
at Walker's hall last Saturday night
by the High sohool was No. 1 in
every respect, everyone enjoying the
first act the best. : The Alabama
warblers were certainly there with
the goods, and everybody present had
a good hearty laugh. They even
remembered some of the Heppner
visitors with some of thoir jokes. The
bouse was crowded to its luuesi
capacity, and we are most sure that
everyone went home well pleased
with the. night's performance. Beat
it Bob! Beat it.
Yon will look a good while before
you find a better medicine for coughs
and colds than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It not only gives relief
it cures. Try it when you have a
cough or cold and you are certain to
be pleased with the prompt cure which
it will effect. For sale by Patterson
& Son.
Mrs. Pickett was a Heppner visitor
Wednesday, night.
MrsT Oarmichael was a Heppner
visitor Friday night.
Mrs. McAllister went to Heppner
to visit her son Ray, and wife.
Mr. Chas. Schatz, the Tum-A-Lura
man, visited in Beppner on Sunday.
A few of our Lexington people
attended the ball game at lone on
Mrs. Albert Crlbbins and children
are visiting Juliius Saubert's family
at Heppner. ;
Those people that are going to run
that incubator; I wonder what they
know about machinery.
Miss Ethel Pickett came home
Tuesday from The Dalles where she
has been attending school.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright and Mrs.
Breshenrs and daughter attended
church in Heppner on Sunday.
Mr. Earnest Smith left Monday
morning fur Walla Walla where he
expects to remain for some time.
Miss Vesta Cutsforth left Wednes
day morning to viit her parents in
Cai:ada. We hope Miss Vesta will
decide to come bjck and teach next
season. '
Ihe Ladies of the Congregational
church wish to thank the people for
their kind patronage at their ice
cream social on Saturday afternoon
aud night.
Mrs Anna Pickett has moved in on
Main streitand is prepared to do
vcur weaving at very reasonable
figures. We believe the price of
weaving is 15o per yard. Mrs.
Pickett kindly solicits your work and
guarantees satisfaction.
We wish to announce that the Lex
ington creamery, in all probability,
will not go out of business when the
present manager leaves, as arrange
ments have almost been completed
whereby Mr. Townsend will take
charge of the creamery.
It Look. I.Ike A Crime
to seperate a boy from a box of Buck
len's Arnica .Salve His pimples,
boils, scratches, knocks, sprains and
bruises demand it, andits quick re
lief for boms, scalds, or cuts is his
right. Keep it handy for boys, also
girls. Heals everything healable and
does it quick. Umqualed for piles.
Only 25 otnts at Slocum Droog Co.
Harley, Elmer and Loren Matteson
are building some fence for Paul
That big land slide as they call it
hasn't killed anyone vet, and I guess
nobody is scared very bad about it.
The snow in the foot hills was
about 7 inches deep recently. That
is going some for the spring of the
Enoch Cave and Willalm Ridge
way will be through cutting wood
soon. They are cutting for Geo.
S perry.
Reid's mill it running now. They
have a full crew with the exception
of one, and be wat afraid to get his
feet wet. they say.
Carl Waterborry had a new suit of
clothes stolon recently. Carl is out
of luck, but I guess tho one that got
the clothes is well pleased.
The people are talking about get
ting a stump puller. They think
there will be some more parsnips
raised on Board crtek soon. They
grow very large over there.
, There is a man In this neighboi
hood that walked and talked when he
was only eight months old. . and he
has a small baby that talks real plain
That is going some for a small chap
like him.
They say Paul Webb has a very
bad horse. Some one said that the
Eastern Oregon boys were- not game
to rido this vicious animal but Paul
is training him so all the girls can
take a ride, and some day when the
horse gets right fat lie will land him
In the middle of the road; this will
bo easily done.
Puts i:id To II a Habit.
Things never look bright to one
with "the blues. " Ten to one the
trouble is a sluggish liver, filling the
system with bilious poison, that Dr.
King's New Life Fills would expel.
Try them. Let the joy of better feel
ing end "the blues.'.' Best for stom
ach, liver and kidneys. 25 cents at
Slocum Drug Co.
Noah Clark and family returned to
Eight Mile last week. y
Rev. Tea cue preaches at Liberty,
Aptil 21, at 11 a. m.
Miss Julia Forbes visited in Hepp
ner with friends last week.
John Beilenbrock was up to Eight
Mile on a horse trade last Sunday.
Miss Julia Forbes says she is going
to move to Heppner to live in the near
Bub Clark is making Sunday calls
at Walt Becket's place. What is the
attraction, Mr. Clark?
Miss Pifer returned to Hood River
last week atfer teaching a very suc
cessful term of school in Diet. No. 29.
Mr. N. Clark says he will have 20,
000 bushels of wheat this, season.
Mr. Clark has 1000 acres in grain,'
and we dont' thing he is ovoi estima
ting it very much. .
The Eight Mile ball team- was
oragnized with Ed Huston as manager
and Walt Gay as captain. Eight
Mile will have the strongest team in
the oounty with a little practice.
Fred Rieks took a day off and went
to Pendleton on business last Friday.
Irrigation is on- in full blast.
Alfalfa is kuee high now and grow
ing less than a "mile a minute."
M. F. Wadsworth spent several
days at the Boardmari ranch near
Castle Rock, repairing machinery on
the pumping plant.
Geo. Susbauer's new house which
he built near Cornelius a few months
ago burned down recepuy. ueo. is
going back some time this week to
Mr. and Mrs. Rand were visiting at
Prof. Kicker's last Sunday and inci
dentally took in the ball game which
took place between "pick ops" in
Irrigon. The fats will play the
leans next Sunday.
An accidental drowning was nar
rowly averted last Saturday by Ralph
Walpole who rescued Eleanor Corey
who had fallen out of a row boat
into the river. The children were
plaving in the boat while in some
manner Eleanor lost her balance and
fell in. This should serve as a warn
ing to others, who might be tempted
by the alluring charms of the Colum
bia, not to venture too much, lest
fatal consequences be the result.
O. S. Hodsrlon was a Heppner
visitor last week.
Roy Neil and wife were in our
community Sunday.
Several are thinking of drilling
wells; some before hnvest.
R. B. Rice sold two mules and a
horse to Claud and Lee White.
Smith Towne is going to plant
kaffir coin on his summerfallow.
Sunday school is now going again.
Everoyne invited to come and help.
Mr.Cross was with us as usual
Sunday but preached only iu the
Ted McMillan attended church at
Hodsdon school house and toog dinner
at the Rice ranch.
Fine rains lait week and the
farmers are smiling. Some have
selected their autos.
Mrs. James Ayers went to Echo
R.. F. Wlglesworth was a Heppner
visitor Thursday.
i In with
ting (lie Siomacbs andUowelsaf
Promofes DigeslionJChmfil
ncss and RestXontains neither
Opium.Morphtnc nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
Plimfiin Seed
jthcSeum JbMltMs
jtiiisrSnd . tpufrmoif
hilurioiuiksom ttrm Seri
Clanfied ' Suyar .
Vutuftw Fkme.
Anerfect Remedv for ConsflM
Hon . Sour Stomadi.Dlarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions jevensn
Facsimile Signature of
Exaet Copy of Wrapper.
mm.. '-' yaiBfcVy. Wf. h r H
ledundefK h jjl ll
KrUhu: Hl.'S' lit I a m mm I
i:ti rrrj; ini i i u ii i
-Wo Mo Ayers
Builder of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
All work Reasonable and Guaranteed to give
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bartholomew
were tieponer visitors inesuen.
Mrs. T. V. Mathews is visiting in
Pendleton this weeg.
The farmers are wearing a pleasant
smile over the fiue rains we have
had lately.
R-y Neil purchased forty acres of
land from Clms. Bartholomew and is
seeding it to alfalfa.
TheEfarmers on Big Butter creek
are vety busy irrigating now and
all have an abundance of water.
Several of the young men of the
neighborhood went to Heppner to
attend the Maccabee lodge Monday
From some cause or other the
oerple of this vicinity failed to get
their Heppner paper last week.
Wonder whose fault it was?
. i - J
John P. (Jerky) Ri sk.
Progressive Republican Candidate
for Congress.
"For Roosevelt and Progressive
Policy; against Taft and Stand-
Always a true friend of the
Oreeon System. The only
candidate for Congress who
dares oppose the Taft Admin-
istration ana tne om ume
political machine.
(Paid Adv.)
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
For Over
Thirty Years
Fred sieiwer
Of Pendleton.
Candidate before the Republican
Party of. Morrow and Umatilla
Counties for the oflice of
My Platform:
"A strict and impartial enforce
ment of the laws of Oregon."
(Paid Adv.)
Why not select that carpet from the
new lines at Case's Furniture Store.
The First Pick of The
Woolen Mills.
Friedrich the Tailor has the exclus
ive agency in Morrow county for the
Detmer Woolen Co. '6 stores in this
land. Look for the guarantee stamp
on every yarj.
Eggs for Setting.
Prize winning Anconas. Setting
of 15 eggs 12.50. My chickens were
prize winners at the recent Pendleton
chicken show. MACK SMITH.
f.22. tf.
For Sale.
A thoroughbred Jersey bull, one
year of age and dehorned. Will sell
this animal cheap.
Lexington, Orrgoo.
3 the Arb
ature O
f w