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    C. E. WOODSON.
(Olflce In Palace Hotel Heppner, oreaon
Sam E. VanVactor.
Office on went end of May Street
Boppner Oregon.
S. E. Notson
OIBoeln Court Hotwe, Heppner, Oregon,
lone, -' - - Oregon
lone. - - "- Oregon.
Only complete set of abstract booki
in Morrow county.
Hbppneb, Obboom
Justice of the Peace.
Office with S. E. Van Vactor
Permanently loosted In Heppner. Office
in the new Fair building. Gas ad
ministered. OSTEOPATHY AND
Dr. Martha S. Arledge. D. 0.
Dr. J. P- Conder, M-T. D.
Treatment of all diseases
99 per cent, of cases successfully treated
without operation
Graduate of:
Lenox College, 1885.
Chicago Homeopathic Med Colleg
Rusk Medical College, 1892.
F. E. Boyden, M. D.
Physician & Surgkom '
Office in rear of Patterson & Son's
Drug Store.
Three Doors South of Postoffice.
Shaving 26c Haircutting 36i
Bathroom In Connection.
A. E. Patterson
i Doers North
PalHce Hotel
Fine Baths Shaving 25c
Merchant Tailor
lone, Oregon.
Real Estate
Farms and City Property forSle. Farms
to rent. Correspondence solicited.
Why He Wuu I. ate.
"What made you so late?"
'I met Smithson."
' f"Well that was no reason why tou
should be an hour late getting home
to supper. ' '
"I know, but I asked Mm how he
was feeling and he insisetd on telling
ma about his stomach trouble. "
"Did you tell him to take Cham
berlain's Tablets?"
"Sure, that Is what he needs."
Sold by Patterson & Son.
j: A News Budget From Writers From
all Over the County. -
10 NE.
Prof: Kaufman left last Saturday
for Washington, where he went on a
business trio.
Mr. Olden, Sr. , Llew in on Monday
night's train to visit with his child
ren for some time.
We understand thut the lone school
will put on another play in the near
future. Let it be soon.
Wes McNabb and Milt Morgan were
Heppner visitors last week, driving
up and returning the same day.
Mr. H. C. Woods and wife, of Al
bany are here visiting with his bro
ther, Bert Woods and family.
Jim Stnrgill who has been working
for Jacob fiortzer for the past year,
went down to Portland last Wednes
day. The lone Band gave a conceit last
Sunday afternoon, the day being per
feot. Quite a large crowd were pres
ent. L. P.' Davidson and wife returned
Monday evening after having spent
a pleasant week with friends at over
about Vale.
S. E. Moore and family and Ike
Howard and family went down to the
Shutt ranch Sunday and report a very
enjoyable day.
Mr. Cronan, onr genial banker,
went down to Portland last Wednes
day to spend a short vacation with his
wife and famiy.
Anyone in need of Shang Hi roos
ter eggs apply at B. P. Aacrs' chick
en farm. B. F. has the makings of
a young ostrich farm.
L. P. Davidson went down to Port
land one day last week to be gone for
some little time. Lou is full of
business these days.
Ed Rood came up from Portland the
other night. He went out and spent
the night with J. Bortzer going up to
Heppner the following evening.
The Baptist Sunday School will
serve ioe cream next Saturday after
noon in the Wilmot building from 2 p.
m. till every body has had their fill.
Mrs. Howard Lane, of Lexington,
was an lone visitor last Wednesday.
She was accompanied by another young
lady but we did not learn her name.
John Cochran, while roaming over
the hills one day last week, ran across
a coyote den. John found seven of
the little rascals in the bottom of the
We are glad to see Mr. Holt's boy
who has been down with the typhoid
fever around once more. A good
many of us do not get off as easy as
he did.
The Latest About Mary.
Mary had a litle lamb, growing
thin and thinner; She wrapped it in a
paper bag, and cooked that lamb for
S B. Notson of Heppner spent
Thursday niRht in lone. He was
roaming about with Mr. Steiwer, who
we believe is a candidate for district
Geo. Miller came in to town last
Tuesday with 135 dozen cackle berries.
Geo. says the chickens aro doing fine
and he is not chasing them up hill
The baseball game played at Hepp-
nei last Friday between lone and
Heppner high school teams resulted
in a victory for Heopner the score
being seven to twelve.
J. H. Bryson went out to Goose
berry one dsy last week on a business
triD. He was accompanied by W. H.
Cronk. Both report a pleasant drive
and say the crops look fine and dandy
every where you look.
The Masonic lodge had a nice little
gathering last Wednesday afternoon
and evenirg, C. O. Burrows and Jeau
Gentry takina the third degree. A
nice supper was sciTed atT. J. Carle's
nt 6 o.cloik p. m., after which the
nienibeis went back to the hall to
finish up their routine work.
Hats In Politics
Mr. Wilson wanted to Knork Mr.
Bryan into a cocked hat. Mr. Roose
velt's hat is in the ring. Not his
pnnama one, however. Mr. Bryan's
hat is lying innocently in the road to
Baltimore, filled fwith bricks. Mr.
Clark's hat is being speken of by
admirers of the picturesque. Mr
Tuft's hat is being spoken through, It
seems to os. Mr. LaFollette will eat
his hat if he has withdrawn. Mr.
Harmon has a bee in his bonnet.
A surprise party was tendered Mrs.
Eben Andrews Iat Thursday when the
Ladies Aid went out to her place on
Rhea creek, in one and two horse
ahayi, each member taking something
in the eatable line out. Here is a
list of those who wont out to see her:
Mesdames Cronk, Blake, O. Cochran,
J. Cochran, Moore, Hale, Wilmot,
Corson, King. Bryson, Padberg, How
ard, and Lindsay. Now these ladies,
asjvou are all aware, are very early
risers and they made this suprise party
at 9 a. ni. and they say they had the
best dinner ever was. To say they
had a goodt ime would be putting it
mild. These are the kind of gather
ings that make us all young. Let's
have more of them.
Harry McCormlck is the new section
hand at Lexington.
Mrs. Minnie Sutherland Is at Lex
ington again, visiting her relatives.
A number of Lexington people are
complaining of colds and sore throat.
Dad Wright has quit the section and
is assisting the drayman with his
Will Fnrzer'of Hynd Bros, ranch
was a Lexington business visitor
Mrs. Burrows and daughters Ruth
and Wilma were Heppner visitors
over Sunday.
Mies Ruth Borrows is rather lame
in her foot these days.fthe resutlt of
stepping on a tack.
Uncle John Moyer is sufferng a
great deal with a sore mouth and
neuralgia in his head.
Mr. and Mrs. Epb Eskelson left
Saturday for a two months visit with
Mr. Eskelson's relatives in Utah.
, Mr. Reed 'and daughter Merrial
were lone visitors Saturday. Mr.
Reed will preach there on Sunday.
Mr. Jones oame baok to Lexington
after a few days in Cecil. Mr. Jones
did some pruning of orchards there.
Mr.C. O. Burrows left for his new
borne at Adams, Ore., on Thursday.
Mrs. Burrows will move and join Mr.
Burrows next week.
The Ladies Aid at their meeting at
Mrs. W. P. McMillan's last Wednes
day, elected Mrs. Elsie Beach to suc
ceed Mrs. 0. O. Burrows as president.
Mrs. Picket who went up to the saw
mill to visit her daughter Is back in
Lexington. Mrs. Picket intends buy
ing Mis. Morey'i loo-n and if she does
she kindly solicits your work.
Mrs. Zink received the sad news
that her brother, Mr. MoKinley had
died near Salem. Mr. McKinley was
well acquainted in Lexington, as he
made his home here last summer.
Mose Ashbaugh is busy plowing
Chas. Stanton suffered the loss of a
valuable brood mare one day last week.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gay,
Saturday, March80, 1912, a daughter.
Mother and child doing well.
An apptopriate program of songs and
recitations in oommemoration of Easter
will be given at the Liberty school
bouse on Saturday evening.
The Baptists of 'this section have
perfected an organization here with
Rev. Teague as pastor. They hold
services the 3rd Sunday in each month
at Liberty.
The Eight Mile base ball enthusiasts
will meet at R. W. Robison's on Sat
urday afternoon to organize for the
season. (Jome and get lfr.ed up as
we expect to take a iall out of some of
the other clubs this season.
Bern At Dallas, Polk county, Ore
gon, on Sunday. March 31, 1912 to Mr.
and Mrs. Claud Huston a son. The
child died in a few hours after birth,
and Mr. Huston left on Monday morn
ing for Dalll&s to attend the funreal.
Waldo Vincent has his orchard
I. O. Cox went to Echo Saturday,
on business.
.Tames Ayers has been spraying his
orchard lately.
Making garden is the order of the
dav now in this part.
Miss Goodal spent the week end at
R. F. Wigglesworth's.
The correspondent was so busy he
forgot his items last week.
Casper Payne and his father vsited
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cox, Sunday.
Mrs. O. W. Vincent was a Heppner
visitor Tuesdav, returning Wednesday.
The Misses Ivy and Ada Matthews
visited at Mrs. G. W. Vincent's, Sunday.
Lambing is piefcty well through in
lhisJoolity and every one reports a
good per cent.
Mrs. Chas. Barthoeloniew enter
tained her sister'Mrs. Allan, for a few
days recently.
Misa Cora Vincent is home for her
vacation. She has been teaching near
lone the past winter.
There will be preaching next Sun
day, April the 7tli. at Pine City by
theRev. Dr. ReeBe.
The fruit trees aro beginning to
bloom and it looks as though we
would have an of fruit
this year.
I. 0. Cox went to Heppner, Tues
day, to meet his step-fat lire, Mr.
Paine, who arrived from Virginia for
his health and if his health improves
he intends to looate here.
Mrs. Marshall was in town Monday
Fred Davis caught a boat Thursday
Mr. Westou returned on Wednesday
from Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons drove to
Coyote Sunday.
, L. M. Davis got off the local Sat
urday from Irrigon.
- The two Davis boys were riding for
Mr. Deos tbis week.
Earl Cramer is vsiting his sister.
Mrs. Gibbons, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Weston spent
Saturday on their ranch loosing after
Messrs Marona Berry, andMcKenny
left orders for groceries and grain
Sunday last.
Miss Postom took the train Tuesday
for Pendleton to resume her school
ftei a two-day layoff.
Mrs. Bently and son Raymond, took
the train for Hermiston, Thursday
last, returning Sunday.
The telephone men stopped over
night with Davis & Co. They were
on their way to Umatilla.
Mr. Cramer ,of Hardman, came in
Tuesday. He has rented the River
side, farm , so we are informed.
Robert Crooks was intown Thurs
day night and Friday morning he and
Jest Davis rode to Irrigon, looking
for horses.
Mr. John Marshall took the train
for Canada, Monday last, returning
Saturday. He was looking after
property there. '
John Peterson, with bis daughters,
the Misses jMinnie and Norah, took
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Dav
is, Sunday last.
A bunch of cattle, belonging to
Stanfield Brotbres were brought to the
river this week. There were absut
200 head in the bunch.
Mr. and Mrs Davis spent a very
enjoyable hour with Mr. and Mrs.
Carley, Saturday afternoon. Every
thing looks fine on that side of the
Mr. J. A. Gibbons moved to the
Riverside farm, Sunday last, and with
Mr. Cramer's help intends showng the
old residents what he can do in the
line of farming.
L. M. Davis received from the Gard
ner nurseries 100 Giant strawberry
plants which he intends to experiment
with at this plaoe. Many good points
are claimed for them.
Mr. John Muprhy, the president of
the West-Irrigation project was in
town the 21st and we soon learnxd
that he pinned his faith on the gov
ernment for irrigation.
Hon. C. Murphy came in on No. 1
Sunday and after lunch was driven
over the country by L. M. Davis. He
as very erthusiastic over the land and
future piospects of this part of Mor
row county.
J. A. Gibbons had four sacks of
spuds come the other day which we
understand he intends to plant and
expects to need a car next fall to ship
them to market. Here's wishing him
success as a farmer.
The Indians are on their spring
roundup and have a good sized bunch
of horses corralled here at this time.
L. M. Davis started the spring buying
at this place, startinsg in with two.
He extpects to buy ten or fifteen
Friday evening the 22nd, found a
number of friends enjoying the hos
pitality of Mr. and Mrs. Bently. Mr.
Marona brought the violin and with
Mrs. Bently accompanying him on the
piano. Mrs. J. S. Crooks also gsve
n couple of selections that were great
ly enjoyed by all.
Messrs Valena and Yokrson, two
real estate men of Bellingbam, Wn. ,
were in town thr 20th. J. B. Davis
drove them out to look at some land,
7 miles from here. They were well
pleased with the land, and we dis
cussed the artician well proposition
til we have some hopes that we may
get enough interested to try for a
well. They seemed taken up with
the fact that borses running oat all
winter should look as wsll as the team
similatinStlttFoodandRfiiuia fing (lie Siomadis andJtowelsof.
Promotes DigcstionJCheprfur
ness and RestJontains nciiiter
Opiuni.Morphine nor Mineral.
Pimpkm Sttdm
jbmtttti fimrmiit- ,
hi imimaltSm
Anerfect Remedy for Consflpa
linn . Sour StDmarJi.Diarrtwea
Worms ,CortvulsKras.revensn
Facsimile Signature of
Exast Copy of Wrapper.
Wo M. Ayers
Builder of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
All work Reasonable
he drove, as they had been in off the
grass but ten days. They made in
quiries of prices of horses as well as
land. We have the land, ahd if we
can get the settlersfit won't take long
to get water for the land.
John P. (Jerry) Risk.
Progressive RcpuMiean Candidate
for Congress.
"For Roosevelt and Progressive
Policy; against Taft ami Stand-
Alwavs a true friend of the
Orecon System The only
candidate 'for Congress who
dares oppose the Taft Admin
istration and the old time
political machine.
(Paid Adv.)
A ladies plain gold band rirg.
Finder please leave at this ofiice and
get reward. ot.
Eggs for Setting.
Pilza winning Anconas. Setting
of 15 epgs t2.50. My chickens were
prize winners at the recent Pendleton
chicken show. MACK SMITH.
f.22. tf.
For Sale.
A thoroughbred Jersey bull, one
year of age and debotned. Will sell
this animal cheap.
Lexington, Oregon.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Alvays Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
i Era
and Guaranteed to give
School Entertainment
The Hodsdon schoolhouse in District
50 was the scene of a very interesting;
amusement participated in by the
natural-born teacher, Miss Kate E.
Boblit, the pupils and some outsiders.
While all the pupils and the persons
that assisted in the carrying outof the
well -selected program, played their
respective parts well. Much credit is
due to Miss Boblit, a practical ideal
teacher of rare pedagogical attain
ments and a heart-and-soul co-educator
of Morrow county, who labored
assiduously to make this entertainment
a brilliant success.
A supper consisting of savory cakes
and luscious pies, prepared by the of
the district, appeased the appetite of
the "inner man" of every one pesent.
The following program was ren
dered :
Words of Welcome.
I'm Glad I'm not a Girl.
Little Violets.
A Spelling match, creditably per
formed by C. Miller, Edgar Copen
haver and L. Ashinhust.
Kate's Kitchen.
A Terrible Tragedy.
Song; "Last Rose of Summer"
with organ accompaniment, w hich was
well rendered, with rich, full melodi
ous voices, by Miss Winnifred Smith,
the most beautiful young lady within
Cupids domain of this district, Mrs.
White and two other persons.
Song; "Oregon Grapes." rendered
with the same skill ly the same sing
ers. The Oirish Stulcnt.
Negro Sermon, given by Mr. J.
Moory, who by the way, would make
a star performer ou the vaudeville
Dialogue by Miss Boblit and Mrs.
A. Finley. Both ladies pel formed
their respective roles well and botli
could, by proper training, become
rising stars in t lie theatrical world.
Grover B. Swnggsit delighted the
attentive audience with his skill snd
ingenuity in the art of elocution.
J. A. Milkr gave a brief discussion
on the Public School and the English
Fresh buttermilk every dav from
the Lexington Creamery for 15c per
gallon at the Palm.
Dr. Winnard has taken a special
course on eye jiseasesand is prepare!
to fit glasses properly.