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VOL. 29. NO. 1.
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for Easter
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Ready-Tailored Clothes
There's no disputing the fact that
at present time there are more men
wearing ready-tailored clothes than
ever before. In
the great improvement in style, fit
and finish is particularly marked
and there are comparatively few
men who can afford to disdain the
price-difference between COLLEGIAN
CLOTHES and equivalent qualities
in made to measure garments.
Our Spring and Summer showing
far exceeds our best efforts of all
past seasons.
Prices range from
$15.00 10 $30.00
Thomson Bros.
3 O CZ
! 3 fAulK
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Pathc's Weekly
The greatest educational pictures produced.
Remember tonight is your last chance to
see JEANECE and LEON in high
class vaudeville acts.
For Friday and Saturday. Hunting Big
Game in Africa.
The most exciting picture
ever shown in the city.
The Star THeater
Orecon will ghow from 150,000 to
200.000 nponlfl a his? dip'ulay of her
produts at the Northwegtern Products
ExpoBiton to be held in Minneapolis
November 12 to 2a.
Governor West has received word
from the officers of the Northwest
Devplonment League that the Civic
and Commerce Association of Minneap
olis has agreed to a deal whereby this
state will be furnished exhibit space
for its official display without cost at
the Frodncts Exposition. The busi
ness interests of Minuenpolis are also
erecting a great exposition building as
a home for this exhibition of north
west products. The show will be
given under the auspices of the Leagoe
as tha Land Show was in St Fatal last
yiar and it will bo the oulv exoosl
tion of the kind famishing space for
the official state exhibits free.
At a cost of 15.000 the business
interests of Minneapolis and St. Paul
have bought from tin League the
snaco necessary for the states and
each of the seven will have a booth
built foi their exhibits fifty feet
lopg and ten feet wide with a back
will twelve by fifty feet.
The governor has been asked to
confer with officers of the lnigue in
this state and secure the interest of
those who are carable of collecting
and installing an exhibit whi:h will
be a -redit to the state. Thegoveinor
will probably spcoint a commission
to assist state officers in the worfe.
Under this plan no county or com
munity will have an advantage over
o'hers in the state. Any city, county
or reputable Iscd company desiring
too make an independent exhibit v. ill
be able to secure a limited amount of
BDace adjoining the state exhibit on
reasonable terms.
The seven states which are to be
thus represented are: Minnesota,
North Dakota. South Dakota, Montana,
Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
On Poisoning Squirrels.
People talk about poisoning squir
rels, and instead of poison' tho
squirrels, they put the noisou on the
top of the ground and bill the birds.
Men get wise: try putting the pois
on in the holes. It will get the
fqairrels just ns quick.
Where the poison is put upon the
ground it kills all the birds around,
and if people keep on in tnis way in a
few more years there will be no
I think this is one point of view
that ti e law should be strict on, and
protect the birds.
These poor little innocent birds do
more eood in one year than all the
squirrels do harm. If you can't find
some way of putting out coison so
that the birds will not set it let the
qu nU live.
Yesterday when I was plowing
saw a bunch of blackbirds followng
the plow. I watched them for i
while and found that they were pick
ina ud wire worms and ohter irsects
that the plow had turned up.
When you realize that wire worms
are worse on the wheat and other crops
thon the squirrels you will try putting
the noison in the holes just a few
years. Von will find that the squir
rels will be killed off just as fast and
the birds will rapidly increase.
NEEL & CO. Trops.
Everything neat and clean at popular prices.
Corner Chase and May Streets, Heppker, Oregon
Repels Attack Of Death.
"Five years ago two doctors told
me I had only two years to live."
1 hia shutting statement was made by
Stillman Gieen, Malachite, Col. "They
told me 1 would die with consump
tion. It was op to me then to try the
bet lene medicine and I began to
use Dr. Kinu's New disccovev. It was
well I did, for today I am woiking
and believe I owe my iifo to this great
throst and lung cure that has cheated
the grave of another victim." Its
folly to sutler with coughs, colds or
other threat and Ion troubles now.
lake the cure that's safest. Price
50 cents and f 1 00. Trial bottle free
at Sloccm Drug Co.
Where Poultry Raising Pays.
Under the above heading appears
the following communication to the
Portland Journal. The Gazette-Times
made editorial comment on the facts
touching poultry raising in Morrow
county as presented here in our last
Issue, but as Mr. Mason in this com
munication presents some other good
poins, we desire to give it our readers
also, and to commend bim for the
forcible manner in which he has stat
ed the case. Too much emphasis can
not be brought to bear upon the argu
ments presented to induce the outside
land owners to put their lands in
this county to use instead of holding
for speculative purposes and allow
ing it l.o decrease in value because of
its noii use. Here is what Mr. Mason
has to my :
Owing to the fact that Morrow
county has not had sufficient moisture
to produce larce wheat crops during
the pist year, many people have
formed the opinion that our lands are
not a good investment.
I have been makirg an investiga
tion of the egg shipments, and find
that Ioue ships more eggs than any
other station on the O.-W. R. & N.
Our shipments for the year 1911
were 40.000 dozens of euga and 20.000
pi unds of poultry. The average price
P'id to the farmers was 25 cents per
de?en, 40 cents being the highest and
Yili cents the lowest price for the
yttir. Tha Dalles. Hood River, Pen
dietrn, Baker and Walla Walla are
lated in counties which are claimed
tt he the best in the northwest, but
v. e ship eggs to them every month of
t!:e y ar, gnl then have a large sur
p!ns for Portland and Seattle markets.
H e have no regjlsr chicken farms,
and these egs are the surplus from
O'dinary b.irr.yard flocks.
We have thousands of acres of idle
lands belonging to Portland and other
ncnivsiilent owners, which could be
trrcei into profitable poultry farms,
arid Morrow county could supply Port
laud with her eggs and there would
be no ns-e to send to the eastern states
for 205 cars of egg', as was done last
Portland business men are making
an effort to get Sherman, Gilliam and
Morrow counties more productive, bat
they could do beUer by getting after
some of their owners and urge upon
them the idea of drilling wells and
getting small farmers onto the land,
instead of holding for speculation and
allowing the buildings to go to rack
and the lands to p-odnce weeds to
scatter over the adjoining farms.
lone has room for thousands of
poultry ranches, and if the matter is
given proper attention it will not be
nany years till the cackle of the
bnsy hen will pat loin on thfl map as
a great poultry cen'er.
Have you seen the new machine?
It is a dandy. Albert Bawker is
agent for this car at Heppnsr. Any
body interested in a car can have a
demonstration. Will also have a
car for hire at reasonable rates. Leave
orders at Palace hotel and get prompt
Our State Officers.
To the Editor of the Gazette-limes :
Will you please inform me, aa a
reader of the Gazette-Times who are
the Senators and congressmen from
Oregon, also name the other Btate
officers. J. H. PEARSON.
The senators are Jonathan Bourne.
Jr. and Geo. E. Chamberlain; the
representatives, W. C. Hawley, first
district and A. W. Lafferty, second
Our state officers are Oswald West,
governor; Ben W. Olcott secretary of
state; Thomas B. Kay, treasurer: L.
R. Alderman, superintendent of public
instruction; A.M. Crawford, attorney
School Notes.
The announcement concerning the
industrial education contests in last
week's Gazette-Times seems to have
nrouseu considerable nterest throug
out the countv. If the teachers have
not called attention to these contests ,
1 hope that the pupils will inquire
ahout the matter further.
The prize for the best article cn
"Back too the Farm' will be only
flO.OO instead of the amount stated in
last week's isae. However, that is
worth trying for.
Mrs. Missildine, the teacher of the
Balckhorse school , reports the greatest
enthusiasm among her pupils since
they have received the bulletins. We
hope for similar reports from every
school. Let us not lose sight of the
The Inland Empire Teachers' Asso
ciation will meet at Spocane, April
3-6. Teachers desiring information
concerning the meeting or who desire
membership cardu may write to the
S. E. NOTSON. Co. Supt.
J. F. Barlow waa in from Rhea
creek on Tuesday. Frank states that
vegetation is booming out his way
these warm days.
i He Howsasg Seasa
And VAUGHN & SONS have on a
new supply of
Canton and Syracuse Plows 2
Gangs, Sulkeys, and Walking. Call
before buying and look at the new
Two 'Way Sul&ey
with all the good features the other
makes have, and some special features
that no others have.
VAUGHN & SONS, Heppnsr
f Wo
Bidder of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
All work Reasonable and Guaranteed to give
Faiel Dealer
Rock Springs Coal, Pine, Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
nd they will receive prompt attention.
Our Hat Is Also In
the Ring
This time it is for the
kO V w e
Squirrel Poison
Last year we were the only store handling it in
lleppner, and you all know the sensation a two
bit poison caused.
It is sold under a money back guarantee, if not
We have yet the first complaint to hear from.
Now is the time to do effective work
in ridding the farm of these little
pests, the squirrels.
25c - Tiie Can - 25c
The Grocer