The gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1912-1925, March 21, 1912, Image 5

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Local and Personal
Happenings. -
J. 0. Owen was In from UarrJman,
Mrs. Ellenor R.dfie'd, of LaGiande;.
spent the week end with her mother,
Mrj. Camreon, in this city. She whs
accompanied by Mrs. John P. Bunk,
who expected to meet her husbaid,
Hon. "Jerry" Rusk at this pluce on
Saturday evening, but he did not
arrive at Heopner oning to the fact
that a plaoa coold uot be arranged for
him to speak on that date.
Go to the Bakery for
26 loaves for il.OO.
yoor bread.
You need not pay so much for in
surance. Talk to M. E. Suiead.
The latest in large rugs, 9 x 12 at
only $4. 25 each. Case Furniture Co.
Highest cash prices paid for hides,
pelts and furs. Morrow Warehouse
Milling Co.
Cream Puffs at the Bakery every
Saturday. Ail kinds of cookies and
pantry at the Bakery.
Chinese and Japan. A nice assort
meat of mattings 25 cents to 40 cents
at the Case Furniture Co.
Our Go-cart tale lasts this month
only. 2f per cent cut in price.
Case Furniture Co.
Sherman Shaw is recovering from
a very severe attack of pleurisy which
has kept him confined to his bed at the
Palace lintel for the past two weeks.
Rev. E. P. Warren returned the
lost of the week from a visit to
Spokane where he found the people
still in the embrace of winter weather.
W. B. Potter and R. J. - Carsner,
Spray stockmen, got in from Portland
on Tuesday evening wheru they had
been with shipments of stock the past
Andrew Carlson, a substantial farm
er of the Eighet Milo section, was
in Heppner over Tuesday. Mr. Carl
son is well pleased with the outlook
for bumper crops -in his section.
Tindal Robison wax down from his
mountain rauch on Saturday. He has
experienced a fairly good winter and
his stock ate in good shapn. An
abundance nf now most of the time
has necess tated much feeding but
grnss is now coming on fine as the
snow disappears.
S.P. Wilson now of Woodlawn, near
Fortlaud was in Heppner over last
evening. While he likes his home
down that way very well he still lias
longings for Morrow county and as he nd then our supply
has not disposed of all his uioperty ! haustible.
Rev. J. F. Vernon, of Milton, Ore. ,
preached here Sunday. He has made
a half-way promise to be with us
again on Easter, both morning and
In enumerating all the chicken
fanciers of Irrigon in one of our cor
respondence we inadver-atitly ovrelook-
ed W. G.. Corey who mikea a speoial- j
ty of the Rhode Island Reds.
Messrs Weston and Boardman, off
OasMe Rock scraped up all the old
wash tubs and kettles they could find,
rilled thorn with eggs and came nn to
Irriuon to sel them to Egbert SVads-
m ,vVi
the Columbia is very low now and
this causes quite a hardship on our
watfr supply in the whIIs. All of our
wells should be from 4 to 5 feet deeper
would be inex-
H. H. Weston of Catle Rock, was in
Henpner over Tuesday night as a
witness on the final proof of Mike
Marshall. Mr. Weston is a firm be
liever in the ultimate outcome of his
section ot Morrow county, but is a
little impatient over the long delay
or setting Water on the lands down
there. Whan this is done that section
will certainly be made to blossom as
a rose.
A. M. .ink, ot Lexington, was
operated on for appendicitis at the
hospital in Heppner on Tuesday
morning. Mr. Zink is certainly gat-
tine his share of this world's troubes.
He is doing well since the operation
M. A. Bates was down from Hard
man on Tuesday in the interest of his
candidacy for commissioner. He
states that they enjoyed a genuine
snowstorm in their vicinity oo Mnn
day, the snow falling to the depth
of three inches.
A lively snowstorm at Heppner on
Monday forenoon was calculated to
leave the impression that winter was
not yet over. However, it was all
over by noon and the warm sunshine
following soon dissipated all the snow
and we should look for more soring
like weather.
Mrs. Ella Craven Wheeler, of
Cottage Grove an entertainer of rare
ability . will be in Heppner for two
nights next wees. Definite announ
cement will appear lster. The editor
of the G-T has heard Mrs. Wheeler
and can vouch for her ability as a first
class elocutionist.
Albert Bawker arrived from Port
land the first of the week with his
new 1912 Cadillac. The car is a
beauty and one of the very best me
dium priced autos on the market.
Mr. Bawker is agent for the machine
and will also establish an automobile
service between Heppner and outside
pon its, makioa bis headquarters at
this place.
The St. Patriok's ball at the Palace
hotel on Monday night was largely
attended and greatly enjoyend by the
participants. The music was good,
the suoner excellent and order perfect.
The management apparently left noth
ing undone that would add to the
pleasure of the ocoasiun and t lie ball
was pronounced a complete success
by all.
Andrew Carlson has the well drill
at his place on Eisht Milf. They
are down 350 feet at the prem nt and
have no water but will continue as
Mr. Carlson is confident of getting a
gocd flow if he goes deep enough.
The people of that section are vetting
good wells and more are in contempla
tion. Quite a change in what condi
tions were a few years ego when all
the farmers about there had to haul
their water supply.
Hon Jerry Rusk will be in Horc
ner over Friday night and will address
the citizens of Heppner on political
issues of the day, and in particular
those bearing upon his candidacy for
the nomination of congressman. Mr.
Rusk is making an active campaign
over the district, is a vigoroust talker,
and should meet with a good hearing
at Heppner. Hear him at the Club
building on to-morrow evening.
here, it is not at all unlikely that he
will return here to lve.
A little daughter of George Moore
fell off the bed on Sunday morning
and as a result thereof her left arm
was broken. Dr. Winnard was called
to wait on the little one and found
both bones to be fractured. The arm
was properly dressed and the tot is
doing fine.
A. E. Wattenburger. one' of the
prosperous ranchers of Butter creek,
is in the city today He is feeing
mighty good over the crop prospects
and says fruit is not injured at all in
his locality. He looks for a good
peach crop.
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds:
All utility stock sold. Eggs from
special matings only. Price per
setting $2.00. $3.50 and S3. 00. A few
more choice cockerels for sale.
Brilliant Poultry Yards, Heppner,
Oregon. tf.
A license to marry was issued on
'luesday morning by County Clerk
Hill to Richard Wells and Sylvia D.
Shipley, both young people of Hepp
ner. The young couple? left for Port
land where they were duly married.
Sam and S. J. Di vine were in town
Saturday. We acknowledge a pleas
ant call from these gentlemen; they
are expecting good times in their
section this season regardless of the
way election goes.
Juilua Saubert and family have
returned to Heppner from Acme Ore
gon, where they have been residing
for some time. Julius will be asso
ciated with E. L. Berry in the paint
ing and paper hanging busiuess.
Hon. W. R. Ellis is over from Pen
dleton in the interests of his campaign.
He speaks to the people of Heppner
tonight at the Club building. . Come
out and her him.
E. L. Berry is home again after an
absence of several months. He is now
ready to look after anything in the
line of paintiug, paperbanging or sign
Mrs. Jennie Wells was up from
Portland for several days the past
week, looking after interests here.
She returned home on Saturduy.
Judge Phelps held a short session of
oocrt Tuesday evening and Wednesday
getting the docket cleaned un. He
departed for home this mornng.
Mrs. Eugene Gerr of Minor & Co.,
was cail id east this week by the very
severe illness' of her father who re
sides in Iowa.
R. F. Hynd returned to his
land home on Saturday after a
spent In Heppner looking after
ncss interests.
Arthur Daly has gone to Portland
to live for a few montns. believing that
a change of climate will prove benefi
cial to him.
Dennis McNamee and wife returned
home on Saturday from a visit of
several weeks in Portland.
Rev. Father O'Rourke returned on
Saturday from a visit to his former
parish at Condon.
Mr. Seamean rriada a shipment of
5,000 post cards to Indiana a few
days ago. Tne post card business
seems to be thriving. Lovelier Laster
cards than he has now in . stock can
not be imagined.
The social gathering last Saturday
evening at the E. & W. hall was a
very pleasant affair. Every body had
a good time at cards and general
merry making. Mr. Harry Walpole
was declared the best plavcr on the
men's side while Mrs. Friend carried
away the trophy for the ladies.
Mrs. Castle, of Echo, clerk of the
local W. O. W. lodse. came dewn to
attend a meeting of that fraternity
on Saturday of last week. She has
property here on river front which is
indeed a fine location. From what
we learned the Castles think of com
ing back to Irr gon. Good news, we
surely would like to have them back.
Things are beginning to liven up a
little here now. Several visitors
from Idaho and other points in Wash-
and Oregon were here last week to
look over the situation. We were
not informed whether they bought
land or not. Others who have land I
here are making inquiries with the
view of having theirs imroved. , We
are bound to forge ahead some time
and we think that the time is at
hand when our fondest hopes will be
Garment has been design
ed for YOU
weea busi-
? i
You'll find these new garments to your
liking in every way. They can be re
lied upon for Better Service, the work
manship, materials and linings being
the very best to be had. For all this
extra quality, style and service, you'll
have to pay no more than has been
a custom with you
$1 7.50 to $25.00
The greater part of this line is now in
stock and we are receiving a few new
garments every few days by express.
Look here before you buy.
For County Judge.
At the solicitation of friends I
di sire to announce myself as a can
didate for the office of County Judge,
on the republican ticket, subject to the
will of the voters at the primaries to
be held April I9th.l9l2. I have been
n resident or. tnis county since eariy
days and think I know the needs and
desires of the people.
If elected I will do my best to give
a fair, honest and economical admin
istration, and handle the finances to
the best interests of the taxpayers of
the county.
For County Judge.
To the voters of Morrow county:
I hereby announce my candidacy
for re-nomination to the office of
County Judge, on the democratic tick
et. I have been your servant in this
office for the past term; I have en
deavored to do mv duty fairly and
impartially; I shall stand on the
Republican Progressive
Candidate for Congress
N. J. Sinnott, who will be re
publican congressional candidate
at the coming primaries, was
born at The Dalles, Oregon. For
the past twelve years he has been
the law partner of Judge A. S.
Bennett under the firm name of
Bennett & Sinnott, at The Dalles,
Advocates the trial in this Con
gressional District of civil and
criminal cases arising therein and
triable in the Federal Courts.
Prevention of gambling in farm
products. Income tax. Direct
election of U. S. Senators. Presi
dential primaries. Maintenance
of the Oregon system. More liber
al homestead laws in line with the
Borah homestead bill. Parcels
post. Freest use of forest reserves
and natural resources consistent
with liberal conservation ideas.
A tariff based on the difference
in the cost of products at home
and abroad. Free canal for
American ships. Restoration to
Oregon of its just share of the
reclamation fund.
( ,
For Clerk.
To the Voters of Morrow County:
I will be a candidate for Nomina
tion to the office oi County Clerk on
the Republican Primary Nominating
Election Ballot at the Primaries to be
held on April 19. 1912. I promise if
nominated and elected to the office of
County Clem the same Bervlce you
have had the past six years.
Very respectfully,
For Sheriff.
I am a candidate for the nomination
for the office of Sheriff on the Repub
Mean ticket, subject to the will of the
voters at the primaries on April 19,
My record as a citizen of Morrow
county for the past 25 years should
be a suffioient guarantee that I will
muse good if nominated and elected to
this important olTica.
For Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself a a can
didate for the nomination to the office
of Couty Commisioner of Morrow
county, subject to the will of the
Republicans of the county expressed
at the primaries on April 19 1912. It
nominated and elected I promise to
record that I have made promising, if i perform the duties of the office in a
nominated and elected to deal by
entire people the county in the
tore as I have in the past.
business like manner, with strict
economy and for the best intreest of
the taxpayers.
For Sheriff.
I desire to announce to the voters
of Morrow couuty that I am a candi
date for the nomination of Sheriff
on the Democratic ticket at the forth
coming primaries. If I am nominated
and elected I will, during the term of
my office conduct the affairs of the
office in the iuture as I have tried to
do in the past viz: to the interests
of the taxpayers.
For Superintendent.
I am a candidate for the nomination
for County School Suerinrendent at
the Republican Primary Election to
be held April 19, 1912. If nominated
and elected, I shall continue to work
for the advancement of the educa
tional interests of the county.
For Treasurer.
To the Voters of Morrow County:
I have served as your county treas
urer during the past term, and will
be a candidate for re-election. To
this end I ask yoor suffrage at the
Primarv Nominating Election to be
held on the 19th day of April, 1912.
Thanking you for past support, and
promising a faithful preformance of
row County ?
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tome Dntiustry ?
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superior to any imported article. If you
are not usinff our products call at our
office on Main Street and get a testing sample.
Our flour is made exclusively from selected
Morrow County Bluestem Wheat.
Seed Grain, Rolled Feed,
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