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The Range of Economy
At The
Case Furniture Store
i Colonist Fares
March 1 to April 15, 1912
From the Middle and Eastern portions of the United States
to all points in the NORTHWEST on the
Oregen-Wsshington Railroad & Navigation
From Chicago - - $33.00
" St. Louis - - $32.00
' Omaha - - $25.00
" Kansas City - $25.00
" St. Paul - - $25.00
Prportiorately low fares from all other points. Direct con
nections from Chicneo, St. Paul , Omaha, and Kansas Oitv
ever the C. CEL N. W., Union Pacific, Oreg'on
Short Line and O. W. Pv. (EL N.
Lines Protected by automatic Block Signal.
While these rates auplv Westbound only, fares may be
prepaid by depositing value of the ticket with vour heal
aennt, and an order will be telearaphed to any address eiven.
fc3 Aid in telling of onr vast resources and wonderful opuorto
U nities for HOME BUILDING.
0 Illcstrated and reliable printed matter will be mailed any-
V"j one to whom you wish it sent, by addressing ,
8 WILLIAM McMURRAY, General Passenger
1 Agent, Portland, Oregon. t
fi iks- rSuti
!!-. ;ms f,. i- ;7. This is t!ie S,i.t Cash price.
..! :-'al(j is 810 down aud $5 a month.
The RfcorJs
V. u i; . yi -ui- si 1. '-U"n of any 12
IJ. i-!-. . f v.',i'-li t!. re an- ver '().
W'v , i the Xmv Ki-ninl- every
):- a:.', t'ylindcr. ('nine in and
i 'iat; .n.
NKEL it CO. Prop?.
Everything neat and clean at popular prices.
....:: ri
If ,' i
tfe at L i w t, s.. m
A!! tl:e tGiiQ quzUly ct
Ihe $209 instruments
in K.ese two nsscEi-Kes
The Co!n:b:a Crafor.oln "Favorite"
(lioruk-hs Machine)
and 12 (! ul mc disc l'ecords (24
selections) fur Tijis is the Cash jii'ice. Our Sjiccial
Hale is 10 duu n and Qr a month.
The Rccorils
Ynu can make j-niu- dwii sekc
tiun of any two rj-im-h, f?1.2o
I!cc. irds and ten 10-iucIi, (Joe
Ttie f di.ioii "Hci ie" Fh jno:-aEh
and 12 AiiiKrulo (1 minute)
month, llh
let us i,'.vu yi
Th Heppner Gazette, Established March 30, 188.1
The Heppner Timet, Eslnblished Nov. 18, 1897
Consolidated February 15, 112.
VAWTER CRAWFORD, . Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Thursday morning, and entered at
the Postottice at Heppner, Oregon, as second
class matter.
One Year $1.00
Sin Months, 5
Three Months 50
Single Copies 05
Display, transient, running lest than one month,
hrst insertion, per inch, 25c; subsequent in
sertions, 12 l-2c; display, regular, 12 l-2c;
locals, hrst insertion, per line, 10c; subsequent
insertions, per line, Sc.; lodge resolutions, per
line, 5c; church socials and all advertising of
entertainment! conducted for pay, regular rates.
Thursday, February 29 1912
Selling evidently took every letter
he received as an urgent request that
hn get in the race for Senator. We
know of several that he received from
this Bection that could not be so con
President Taft's plea to congress on
Tuesday for the proposed new law in
the interest of the employes of inter
state railways ought to convince labor
that he is as much its friend as capi
tal's and that the rights of tnt n aie
dearer to him than those of property.
In order to get the various factions
together. Gov. West has appointed a
commission to act in shaping up the
good roads legislation, and is being
commended for taking such a course.
This problem may yet be worked out
and the ' right kind of a measure
framed op so that the various counties
will be put on an equal basis.
Many friends of Supt. S. E. Notson
are urging him to set into the field
for re-el- ction Sam has made the
best superintendent this conntv has
ever had. He has been faithful in the
performance of the duties of bis office,
and it is only necessary for him to
ronsent to run qgain : the peonla of
the county will see that he is elected,
and that by an almost unanimous vote.
There seems to be a lack of timber
for the various county offues in Mor
row countv. So far thre are three
candidates in the field for sheriff, one
for county clerk, and all the rest are
going bfgsina. Tieasurer Gilliam
will doubtless be a candidate to suc
ceed himself, and will have no oppo
sition. Aside from Judge Patterson,
there seems to be no aspirants for the
Coiintv Judge's office, and he is not
really very enthusiartic. There should
bo some aspirants also for commi8ion
er. There is a chance for many good
men to cet into the fray and the field
is tpan.
Ben Selling is now an announced
candidate for the office of United
States senator to succeed Jonathan
Bcurne, Jr. , and he enters the race
fully confident that he will win. This
naper is willing to support almost any
man in onDosition to Bnurne, but out
s-rnng ureference is for Judg Stephen
A. Lowell, of Pennloton. Jud8 Low
ell is entitled to the eu Dort of East-
em Oregon people and he should get it.
He is the character of man that
should represent this stata and Eist
ern Oregon is entitled to this recogni
tion. He Ehould aho be able to win
over Rourne, and when he is elected.
OrfL'onwill have a reals nator in con
gress l et every republican in Morrow
county line up for udge Lowell.
A Social Gathering.
Lst Thursday night, at tlia home
of Mr. and Mtp. Lori-n Hale, uf Iuno,
,b. ut one hundrtd ai:J twerly-fivo
:un, wome i and d.-ildeu of the Bap
tist c!n;r h end Sunday fc'ncol fartor.l
. f a riin-.DtU! m harqi-A-t n p:;:-tii .y the
Ld-ei of thy cliur.i. Tna roll of
Titahes was calk; I and sr-rivture
q-.rl.t.itia j?;vcn in re-'p ane. An
ef:li r.t p.o.-gm if n-fit-ulciiii ami
...orj,3 was d iiU rifi rd t!:e C ure! i'x-.'.:-y s l.ool o Hirers wtte e.kct
vi a ; f,,li-js: Crunh r Micers: Kcc-
lMfii v. Mrs. Wi'l rri Dlafco; rfarunr
and i:i'.r:.brr icu.niittee, Mrs.
Li.r. n l ps-t. Mrs S. E. Moore;
Trr.UfH. I. L. HuWBrd, Ilallick
.-'. S. I). Mcore : di-Bc.r.r.?, Ebi'ii
.'. n ; c : ." k . lie v. J. A. .Mrii-, I. L. orasr.i.t, Mies Dotij Wilt; ii: : ci inn i.t e. Mis. .! i n LrFi,n,
Mrs S. E. r.Ijore, Mrs. Jj.,;i O'cl;
Purday schiml ofiicetE : Superintend
ent, Frank .Nash: asst. A. E Kinjr
spcretnrv. Miss Elvira - Iiavi.fson ;
p.?-t. M s- KOna lIo.M:i;i: treasurer,
Mrs. Jol.!i Cicliran; .ruanist, Mis
Dori3 V,:it: B?-,t Mis L ina Howard.
Attn- iKctiou cf ( fTic ;s the meet
ing was doted v. i.h sfiig and prayer.
A Real Jolly Time.
The members of the Ilcbc-kah lodge
of Hrppner enjuyed a novel entertain
ment on Saturday evening in Odd Fel
lows hal 1. A ragamuffin party l ad
been provided and man- of the coi
tomes were funny in the extreme and
developed much ingeunity in their
make up. Prizes were awarded and
Linnie Perry received first prize for
moat comical character, Mrs. Frank
Brown for the rainiest ladies cos
tome, while Lou Zeislcr carried off
the lionois for wearing more lags
limn anv other man in the crowd.
The whole evening's entertainment
was one continual round of merri
ment and it was enjoyed immei.soly.
Following this part of the prouram.
was an elegant, luncheon. The'sow'
u-aa uiven as an evening's amusement
lor the members of the order, and not
to raise money, so the b'iibII teo charg
ed was simply to defray come necess
ary expenses. Fr'tm the standpoint
of lots of fun and a general good
time, it waa a success.
A Sermon to Men.
On last Sundnv afternoon, Evangel
ist Owen preached a sermon to men
only at the M. E Church south. He
had a good congregation of attentive
listeners, and his discourse on the
manhood of Jesus Christ was indeed a
masterful effort, full of eood thought
and logic. The speaker grew elo
quent at times, and was filled to the
brim with his sujbect. The appeal
to the men to accept Christ waa earn
est, an there was response on the
part of several. These union meet
ings have been running for the past
three weeks, and will continue over
Sunday. A large number have been
converted and the interest increases
as the meetings go on. The evangel
ist has greatly impressed the people of
Heppner by bis earnestness and good
will result to the religious side of the
community because of the messages h
has delivered.
Annual Ball a Success.
The annual ball given on last Thurs
day evening by Heppner lodge of Elks,
was a complete success. There was a
large attendance and the capacity of
the club building was fully taxed to
accommodate the crowd. The hall
was beautifully decorated in the col
ors of the order and the committee
in charge of this work certainly did
themselves proud. Music was fur
nished by Prof. Otto's orchestra cf
five pieces and was showered wiih
many compliments. Supper was ser
ved in the hall under the direction of
J. L. Wilkins, of the Palace hotel.
and prepared by his chef, Mr. Kidd.
und was par excellence. The occa
sion waa greatly enjoyed by all pres
ent, and the ball is pronounced one of
the very best the Elks ever have yet
Church Announcements.
At Iona on Sunday, services at the
Oorgregational church in charge of
the pastor. Rev. Otho G. Reade. In
the morning, sermon and communion.
In the evening the subject will be,
"The Place of the Different Churches
in the Development of the Kingdom
of Christ."
At Heppner, the union meetingH
will clnso on Sunday evenire in the
M. E. Church south. Subject for the
evening's discourse, "The Bpd Too
Short, The Covering Too Narrow."
The local pastors will have services
in their churches Sunday morning and
unite in the evening at the M. E.
Chnrch south. Comn and take pait
iu the last night of the revival.
john McAllister.
There will be preaching both morn
ing and evening at the Christian
church by Rev. Robinson, of Helix.
The public is cordially invited to
these services.
Rev. Father O'Routte, recently
Btpoionted pastor cf tie Heppner
uarislt, took ud his new duties on
Feb. 13. He was heartily welcomed
at the church where a laige congre
gation BSsemlled to hear his initial
sermon. Since his remind to Hepp
ner, the Rev. Father has beco'.Le
a.auainted with a lire part of his
ncrmrgiitu.P, i:d he finds nmeng'st
them an earnest lesire to co-operate
-,'.iih iu all undertakings v.hich
make fur the gocd cf thn parish.
Durhittr the Lenten treason, services
will be held e verv Friday evening ut
7 ::jf : the Fcrvicts consisting of ata
liur.s of the crops, sermon oud bene
dictiun The Sunday services will he
held at 10:30 a. m. and 3 p. m.
The sermons at these services will
embrscn the djjmatic aid moral
principles of the Catholic cnurch. At
the mns-s en next Sum'av. March 3rd,
the subject of the se.-rmcn will be
"Tl.ei Tv-o Standards" and in the
aftarcnm the eutijert will he "The
Necessity of Professing a Religion."
Horses For Sale.
One crav mare sge 8, weight 1100.
price ill.'; cte bay nare.nt-e .
wcigth 12(0, price 140: erne hi
"ldirg eee fi, weight 1400. price
Jlnd: two sortel neldirjrs age !i, weight
2,'JOO, price J200. All well broke and
a nop if taken m the nest thirty
Lexington, Ore.
You need not pay so roach for in
surance. Talk to M. E. Sniead.
Crockery and Glasware at your
own price at Gilliam & liibsee's. j
The place to fiud that rretty wall
paper is at Case'a Furniture Storv. I
College Lads Live up to Ex
pectations of Local People.
Greeted bv one of the largest houses
of their entire tour, the Glee and
Mandolin Club of the. Oregon Agri
cultural College entertained in a
superb manner at the Club building
last Friday evening. Notw thstand
ing the fact that the club had had a
strenuous trip, every man was on the
job and acquitted himself in a credit
able manner. From the opening num
ber by tho Mandoliu Club until the
Collegiaua there was not a dull
moment and cveiy number reflected
t-plendid training and careful develop
ment of the young musicians.
The Mandolin Club, under the
direction of Mr. Biewster, displayed
mnch skill in handling the instruments
and furnished their full share in
making the evening one of delight
musically. This feature of the pro
gram was exceptionally interesting
to the local mandolin enthusiasts
and many good points were secured
Under the guidance of Prof. Gaskins.
the Glee Club has attained a very high
stan lard. Their program numbers
were all of a very high order anl
were repeatedly encored. The Club at
no time resorted to vaudeville or cheap
stunts of any kind, but responded to
the numerous enccres with humorous
selections which never failed to
please. "Comrades in Arms" was
an excellent number and put the Club
right with the Heppner audience so
far as their ability to sing was con
cerned. In all, the concert waa a grand
success and reflects credit upon the
Institution which the Club represents.
That the college lads find time to
develop their musical talent along
with their studies is worth while,
as was evidenced by the splendid
program given last Friday evening.
The Hepimer audience was especial
ly favored by the singing of Prof.
Gaskins. His appearance here was
the only one on the tour, and it was
only in response to urgent request of
alumni and others that he finally
agreed to pirg. It is the rare good
luck of Hepncer poeple to hear such
talent and the kindness of the singer
was rewarded in the generous ap
Following the concert, the students
of the Heppner High School held a
reception at I. O. O. F. hall in hon
or of the O. A. C. people and a very
large crowd was present. A very
enjoyable hour was spent in gettirg
acquainted and making "impress
ions," iu which the Heppner young
people proved to be veiy well school
ed. It has been noted before that the
Heppner young people take second
place to none when it comes to enter
taining outsiders and the affair last
Friday evening places more laurels to
their credit.
OR 3 A
For Infanta aud Children.
Ths Kind You Hava Always Sought
Bears the
Signature f
Contest Now On.
The poulhy contest offered by the
Tri-county Development Lengue begins
March 1. There will be a record
book fnrnished each contestant. Anv
one desiring to compete for prizes
will please notify Mr. Orren fieaty.
Moro, Oregon, so that they may re
ceive tho record book before March 1.
Tlure will L-e no enLr&nce fee
ch:irgerl for either the crop, poultry
or heg contents, all that, is required
U fur you to funiii-h seed, hogs or
uocltry f',r competing. fl5-f2'J
Those felted Cottoi Mattresses are
ii ?i,lo at Case's Store.
For Sale.
S ;me choice young sows at $!o
pach. See Wilkins, 1'alrco Hotel.
Notlc-.i for Publication.
Department cf the Interior
U. S. I.tiii Ofii-o at The Dalles,
Oregon, .lanuary 27' h l?12.
Xolue is hertbv fiver tlmt llinl.ard
F. C'riwdson , cf I'stiser'a Mill, Ore
pen, who, on Mfu'ih Kith, 1:05. nmde
IIcmcsti Bil , ' No. 11270 Serial No.
0::f07, fcr SWi SWt. Sec. 13 and H
SL'i, Si-, J SWUt Section 11, Town
ship 5 South, Karge 2i Fast, Willaui
elie Mr din, has filed notice of
inteniiun to male Firnl five-year
Trcof, to rstablit-h f liim to tho land
above described, before C. C. Patter
son, U. S. Commissi ner at his ofiice,
at Ilcpiner, Oregon, on the 5th day
cf March, 191 J.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Richard Hogeland, of Parker's
Mill, Oiegnn, Aithur Ried, of Hepp
ner, Oregon, Adrian Matte.soo, of
Hfipner, Oregon end L'ugene Matte
son, of Heppner, Oregon.
fl-f29 C. W. MOORE, He g later.
An attractive line
of the above
watches carried in
Our Specialty is Fitting
Of the First National Bank, at Hepp
ner, In the State of Oregon, at the
close of business, Feb. 20, 1912
Loins and discounts 1371, 51!). (58
Overdrafts, seemed aud
unsecured 1,517.79
U. S. Bonds to secure circula
tion 25,000X0
U. S. Bo-ads to stcure U. S De
posits ; 1.0C0 00
Premiums on U. S, Bonds 231. H3
Honda, securities, etc 29,1)21.09
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 14,8fiU8
Other real estate owned 19,35.88
Due from National banks (not
reserve agents) 8,54ti 41
Due from state and Private
P.aiiKS ami Bankers, Trust
Companies, aud Savings
B.uks 5,340.58
Due from approved reset ve
a?ts .- 11.079.10
Checks and other cup h items... . 785 5i
Notes of other Naiii nal B.uiks. 35.00
Fractional paper currency, nick
els and cents 134.01
Specie 32,827 25
Legal tender notes.. 10 00 32.837 25
Ue.innption fund w th U. S.
Treasurer (5 ier cent of circu
lation 1,250.00
Total 523,4D. 5(i
Capital stock paidiu 100.000.00
Surplus fund 8,000 00
Undivided profits, less expenses
ami Taxes paid 12,389.92
National Dank notes outstand
ing 24,400.01
Due to other National Banks. . . 257.34
Individual deposit subject to
check 210,747.12
Demand certificates of deposit. 4 35 13
Time Certificiies ol Depu-it, . .47.000 t;5
Cashier's chei ks outstanding... 1,201 40
Bills payable, including; ccr
tiliciitort of deposit for
nioiiev borrowed 85.000.00
Total sf523.441.5ti
Statk of OlUXiON,
I, T. J. Malionry, Cashier of the above
named hack, do s -jlemnly swear that the
above stf.temeut is tn e to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
T. J. Maiionf.y, Cashier.
Subscribed snd sworn to before me
thi" 21th day of February, 1912
Not uy Public
Cokhkct AttM : M. S. ' Corr-gall,
Fiuuk GilliHin, J. B. Natter, Directors.
Notice for Publication
Denartmnet of the Interior
IT. S. Lund OfficB nt The DbIIcs.
Oreogn, Februaty 6th, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that Michael
C. Marshall, cf Willows. Orepon.
who, on March 18th 1905, made Ilonie
teai). No. 14293 Serial No. 03519, for
SWi SWJ4, Sec 24. utiil E.'o NKU .
V,i NEJ4, Section 23, Town.-hip 4
Morth, Range 23 Eat, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final fivo year Proof, o
establish claim to (he land above
described, before C. O. Ptitterson, U.
S. CointniHsicner at his office at
Heppner, Ongon, on the 19th day of
March, 1912.
Claimant names u witnesses:
F. D. Deos, Jess Deos, Patrick
Farley, of Willows Oregon, sr.d H.
II. SVentun of Coyote Ore.
fl5-t:,14 C. W. MOORE. R(gi-ter
Notice to Mule Raisers.
We have for sale at cur rarch at
Crni!on three well bred Jail. tihini'fd
out from Missouri last November.
For prices and terms apply to Turn
For Sale.
A graded Belgian stallion, coming
five-year-old, weight between 1600)
and 1700. Inquire of (). A. Deyins,
Heppner, Oregon.
Eggs for Setting.
Prize winning Anconas. Setting
of 15 eggs 12.50. My chickens were
prize winners at the recent Pendleton
chicken show. MACK SMITH.
f.22. tf.