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Tuesday, August 22, 1922
S. A. PATTiSOX. Editor and Publisher
l.!ll.cl.-;l t tin- H..,
iiirv as necon'l-cla.ss .Viiiltc-i
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lonins . .
,e Mom lis
Mayor P,corge J,, baker's exhibition of temper at Kla
math hall- the other day while a guest of that city on his
i'j-5 J;air-Hoost ing-Cara van trip, would indicate that the
mayor must have acquired a man-sized peeve and that his
nerves bad become so raw by the time he reached Klamath
Kalis that the remarks of Mr. Era! Elect, a local speaker
who has some reputation as a humorist, were more Uian
bizoner could stand and as a last resort he simply lost his
temper, saw red and ''blew up."
'1 be mayor's peeve probably started in Ileppner where
a o.upk- of speakers were honest enough to tell the Port
land visitors the exact truth about public sentiment in this
county regarding the proposed 19..-5 exposition.
in his reply Mayor baker showed quite plainly that he
nd not like the truth about his pet project but would have
pp. lei-red soil soap, platitudes and mis-statements from the
h'ral speakers, rather than an honest expression of condi
tions as iney are. 1 te described the Ileppner idea as the first
discordant note heard 011 the trip and was glad to hear it be
cause it afforded the first, opportunity he had had to make
an argument for the exposition.
In all candor it must' be said that the
ments were not very convincing. His first argument was
:i S I 1'i.linni'in, I. i ............. r. .. 1 ... i- ,
-1" """"" "MT1"-1 1,11 naviiig an opinion o.t her
own about the propriety of holding an exposition in 1925,
indicating among oilier things that because the people of
this section of the slate do not agree with his views absolu
u'h -'had we are not progressive citizens; that we are
breeders of sectional hatred and bad feeling, that we '"have
it in for Portland," and, that 'we probably drew our inspira
lion lor opposition to the exposition from reading the Ore
gon Voter which amounted to tellingus we have not brains
enough to reason out. .a proposition for ourselves.
Air. I.aker is a big man physically and, there was a
I ime when many eastern Oregon people looked upon him as
considerable of a citizen in more ways than one and it is
only a matter of regret that he should have permitted his
lemper to get so much the better of him while 011 Ins exposi
tion tour as to reveal this heretofore unsuspected pettiness
and pettishncss-of his nature.
His second argument was a rather bitter attack on C
C Chapman, of the Oregon Voter. Mr. Chapman was not
l'r!-'",' l"dr!end hinis, li'btit had he been present the
ma or s characterization of Chapman as a "parasite" and a
"lly-b night" would have sounded heller to eastern Ore
gon ear... A pari o the buncbgrass code is "Say it to his
lace;" w sounds more manly and then it often means a light
and we bunchgrassers are still close enough to primeval
man to dearly enjoy a light whether verbal, fistic or gun.
M'MTnw county people have no disposition to "light"
I '"r I land 011 1 he' e. posit ion matter or on an vt hing else un
less a light is forced upon thmii. Messrs Woodson and
Mahoney, who frankly told Mayor baker and his partv
that sentiment here is not favorable to the fair, were cour
teous in their remarks, extended a warm welcome to the
isitors and wire willing to be "shown." They explained,
however, that this section is up against a financial condi
tion that is serious. Many prominent stockmen and far
mers who enjoyed a high financial rating three vears ago.
are lod.n unable to pay their taxes and have been in that
condition lor two ears and these people reserve the right
to bob! an opinion of their own regarding anv proposal that
even remotely threatens any increase in taxation.
Mr, Piker does not seem willing to concede anv such
1 ght to eastern Oregon. He wants the fair, he savs Port
laud wants I he fair, I herelore all ( Iregon must wantthe fair,
;il b as! must pretend they want the fair in order to re
ream in rood standing with the mayor of Portland. Can
on beat it ':
W hat people of eastern ( hvgon need just now more
ihau thev need expositions and "rah, 'rah bovs iroin- arou ml
the .
the 1
1 he L nited .States Government is the supreme power in
the United1 States or it is not.
There is no middle course
If the L nited States Government is the supreme power
m the United States, it must show that supreniacv bv mak
ing impossible the dictation of anv man, anv bod'v of men,
any corporation, company, labor 'union, or organization of
any kind. ;
ihc spectacle of one hundred and ten million people :
being subjected to discomfort, possible danger, and loss of
money and busiiress in order tint tr.v, f!,. ;,n7.t ,-,,... i
m the hundred and ten millions mav settle their differences !
by legalized combat, is one at ivh.Vh ih, l,,,,-,,i,-tl .,,-,,1 1
. . ' '-'lI.v.llLHJJUl.lV-ilV-Vl CIIIVJ. I n :
millions are looking more and more with disgust. j
Ji John works for James and doesn't like the iob. lie 1
quits, f hat is John's business. If James thinks John is a !
poor worker, he fires him; that is James business. But if j
John blows up Tames shot), or Tn moQ limine TrJin n '
i-j -1 iimi.ji Willi Cl
club, that is the State's business. And if lolin and Tames
engage in a yun fmht. which end
that is everyone's business, and both of them soon find them
sun es in jau.
For John and Tames, read uni lnl,- 1
- ' t....v.ii idl'lVIS ttHU tOtll
mines and railroads. If they can fight without injuring the
bystander, no one cares ; let them fi P'ht Hilt tile niinci- f
not cease to produce coal, or the railroad cease to move cars
without freezing the bystander, starving the bvstander
robbmg the bystander of business, everybody's "business'
the Government's business.
Public ownership of coal mines and railroads is abhor
cnt to American business ideals; but better paternalism in
1J"tui mnu "'an nictation to Government by private in-
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miles from railroad, tlireo-nnuv, c, o dv,n.. ...
H".'-.o L ou, ,n uecu sunflav.
iviis. Lena Snoll Shurte nnH am,
Carol visited with Mr .and Mrs. Geo.'
lar Grove while Mr. Hicks will work
for Minor & 'krebs at Cecil.
It. E. Duncan made a trip to Hepp
ner Wednesday with a loud of honey
from his famous apiary at Cecil.
Mrs. E. L. Vinton, of Coquille, Ore
gon accompanied by her sister, Miss
mile from school, on county road.
Good well of; water. For particulars
and full information address:
Oregon. 17-20
"-v.,., tn. uic iiisi unmp on Tuesday.
Mrs. Miller, of Boardman, has been
Visiting with her dnnsrlupv M,-a n
Duncan at Busy Bee ranch.
Mr. and .Mrs. Zcunith Logan ac
companied by their nephews' Hurley
and Bill ie Logan left on Friday for
a trip to the mountains.
Clil'i'or.l Henricksen and W.
Chandler left. Peril wno,j,. m.
Messrs Herbert Hynd and Elmer flve car loads of fine cattle belonging
Schafl'ner accompanied by Misses A. to A. Henricksen of Cecil who war
0. Hynd and Mildred Henricksen took ; shipping the cattle to the Portland
in the harvest dance in Ileppner Sat-! markets.
""'"y ni;;llt Georse W. Wilson, of Butterby
Ml' rt Farley and family, of T ie ; Flats, who worked hinneli' nearly to
Willows', spent Sunday with Mr. and a sitadow, left for Heppner where he
Mrs. J. C. McEntiie at Kilhirnev. wri vi,;it his parents for a few days
Mrs. Iluseick and son from Hepp- before returning to Sunnv Oecii nnH
ner were caning on menus in me hard work-
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ness to sell only the best.
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner we can supply your wants, no
matter how elaborate or how conservative. We have arrang
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1 Market
Cecil vicinity Sunday
The mayor and his wife who are
, "ittjui emu ma wire
Jackie Hynd and Bob Lowe were n()ki.ng worn QUt and
I: m i y , and mure people "to de el op the state," is for
o; i,- who are now here to vt their i et en the ground
m.-:e. and ml thities adinsieil ilmt 1 1 1 . il.-,,.i,,...
i sheep and rattle for les than thev have to sell
lor. I hey need to ;et in shape to be able to pay their
! o. e eeessi e 1 k-na 1 1 and interest eh:irov m,, ,,.
1 - S' """inn
'" -i 1 1 l'vr rent of the prineipal ,md mabe an occasional
pail pa ment on t heir interest now m tner d.ue. K
positions are alright when we can a ford them and so are
modern new bouses and -rood barns and main- other things
necessary to rii-ht and comfortable li iii-. M'orrow count v
iatmet s ami stockmen are not ettm;; much of anv of these
things just now and they are not bl-.cly to start iii by buv
inr an exposition first.
Mr. I'.aker. in his speech here, said all he was asking
Irom the people of (lie slate was for state wide endorse
ment of a measure that will enable Multnomah county to
bond herself for .ixu.uhi for the fair but be later said that
he would not promise that Portland would not ask the ne
legislature for a state appropriat ion mr the Portland show
And rii'ht there's the rub and i is.'l" there is the reason Mor
tow count v peoplo are not in f:
Juds;inr from the sie of Mav
Mr. Fleet joked him a bit at Kl,ie
heard more of the Heppner idea at
an . v
ill 1-dls
1 ' " " m i o -peeve
be must ha
.' -'II ( 1f,M v,n.
busy boys in Lexington Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ltir.dell and
family spent Sunday visiting friends
in lone.
Mrs. and Mrs'. H. V. Tyler and
family of Rhea were visiting with
Mr. anil Mrs. Everett Logan on Sun
day. .1. E. Crabtree and son and ah'o
Arthur Turner were doing business in
Cecil on Sunday. Harvest is (inisli
i'd in their s'ection of the country,
but the yield is very light.
Misses A. C. and M. H. Lowe and
Doris Logan autocd to lone Sunday
anil visited friends for a short time. ,
Mr. and .Mrs. W. Chandler win !
have had a delightful vacation spent
with their friends Mr. and Mrs. A.
Ilenncli.s.'n of Willow Creek ranch.,
left Sunday t'i r their home in Leb- 1
anon Oregon. ,
rest from their labors left Thursday
tor a well earned rest which they will
spend among their friends at Hepp
ner. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Van. Schioack
arrived in Cecil from Heppner and
will v;sit with Mr. and George Krebs
before leaving for The Dalles.
Congratulations are extended to
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mankin on the
arrival of a fine baby girl born Aug.
22 at their ranch r.ear Cecil.
Mr. Mc.Millian, one of Lexington, s
leading citizens honored Cecil with a
visit on Sunday.
"Co.-.stable John" left somo time
ago for a trip to the mountains. The
Constable being alone aii.l no word
being heard from him since his de
parture. The lonely young bdiea of
Cecil are thinkiiiir of niTnri',.,.
.mi. aim jus. mens ami eitikin n ward lor anyo-ie finding John dead
of Arlington are now residing at Pop- or alive ami returning him to Cecil.
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