Heppner herald. (Heppner, Or.) 1914-1924, December 14, 1920, Page Four, Image 4

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Tuesdav. December 14. 1020
S. A. PATTISON, Kditor and Publisher
church xotict:s
Entered at the Heppner, Oregon, Postotfiee as second-class Matter
Terms of Subscription
One Year $.?.oo
Six Months $1.00
Three Months S0.50
Careful iiiv ;;tigations made by the
Sherman Conn I. v Farm Bureau, based
"n ligures -:')( by cooperating fartn
T, reveals Ilic fact that: the average
Oi t of producing a bushel of wheat
la.st year wv $1.85. H.ill of the
tnrm a produced their, crop at a figure
above this, .some running as high as
$2.40. Whal will happen to wheal
fanners foife lo fell on the present
marki't is only loo well known by
those familiar with conditions.
The county farm bureau, which has
TO per conl of Die fanners in its
membership, and which has been very
active along these lines, is in a posi
tion to speak for the section. At the
last sesion of the executive committee
a draft of the available figures was
made and sent to the representatives
and senators from Oregon as well as
the American. Farm Jiureau Federation.
twenty guesls at bridge last Wednes
day afternoon at the Spencer home
on Chase street. Handsome prizes
were awarded to Miss Mary Farns
wort.h, Mrs. V7. II. Irwin and Mrs.
Sam E. VanVactor. Those present
declare the afternoon was a most en
joyable one.
Horses Lost
On" bay gelding branded 1! under
qunilir circle; weight about 1100;
one blaelt gelding branded It under
quarter circle, weight about 1400;
one hay gelding branded bar over in
verted V, while stripe in fare, weigh!
about 1 400. All three have had
manes roached and are work horses.
Any informal bin will be paid for.
Address Powell & Fellows, Vale, Ore gon.
Informal llriilgc Parly
Mrs. A. W. Ayers and Mrs. S. W.
Spencer informally enlertaiued ahoul
Student body of Heppner high
school will give the popular
play, "Fanny and the Servant Profi
le,,!," at the Star theater next Friday
Regular' school notes were received
too late for publication this week.
The Backward Bird.
The lanilngo performs a number of
Its dally ri;:tles In n backward or up
side d'jwn manner. When tin: flamin
go dines, It rests Its head In the mud
oil the bottom of a shallow stream,
and irhlle It strains the Insects out of
the Rater It takes both u backward
and un upside-down view of the world
abo jt It
Point for the Dog.
fo nnbnals think? asks a scientist
Well, a dog turns armnd three or foui
fillies before lying down to go to sleep
while n man, without giving the mattei
any thought, lies down, goes to sleep
and then turns over several times
waking himself each time. Louisville
The Wise Wife.
A smart wife won't let her
band get up and give one of the clill
dren n drink after he goes to bed, be
cause f she does, be will go around
all the next day complaining that he
was up all night anil never got a wink
of sleep. Arknnsiiw Ttmmns Cut.
Mr. Pete Wing, of Hawk Point,
Mo., made a lot of money out of his
hogs. He says: "I fed them Dr.
LeCear's Hog Prescriptoin. It has
given wonderful 'esults in putting
gains on tbeiu with less feed. They
were on hoc'.' feed for only a month;
averaged a gain of 2 Mi pounds dai'y,
and were only 7 months, IP 'days oltl
when sold."
Mr. Wing profited by the advice of
Dr. LeGear,. Graduate Veterinarian
and F.xpert Poultry Breeder of 28
years' standing.
Dr. LeGear's Hog Prescription will
put weight on your hogs also, be
cause it expels worms, purifies the
blood and conditions them so that
they gain flesh on less feed.
It makes no difference what ail
ment is prevalent among your stock
or poultry, it is money in your pock
et to get the propeiDr. LeGear Rem
edy from your dealer, on a satisfac
tion or money back offer.
Will Celebrate the Holiday
2 Dancing P
Season with
For Members of the
Order, and Their
Ladies, ONLY
(5 :&Va?
Held in the Big Ball
Room, New Elks'
Christmas, December 25
An Old Time, Yule tide Party and the
Social Event of the Season
Unrivaled Music Furnished by Portland Orchestra
New Year's Eve, Dec. 3ist.
An Informal Party of Good Fellows and Fair Ladies
Adieu to the Old Year-Welcome to the New
Snell's Superb Orchestra, of Arliugton
All Elks Within Reach Cordially Invited
Tickets - - - - $2.00
H. A. Duncan, B. P. Stone, Gay Anderson, Com.
The first Christian Church.
The usual services of the Church
: will be held on Sunday, consisting
of the Bible School at ten o'clock, fol
lowed by Communion Service and
Preaching at eleven o'clock.
The evening Services will consist
of the Christian Endeavor Service at
seven o'clock and song Service and
Preaching at eight o'clock. Everey
one is cordially invited to attend
these services.
V. O. Livingstone, Minister.
Christian Science
Christian Science services are held
every Sunday morning at 11:00
o'clock in I. O. O. F. hall. Sunday
Sshool at 9:45 a. m. Testimony
meetings are held every Wednesday
evening at 8:00 o'clock at the home
of Mrs. Eugene Siocum. All inter
ested are cordially invited to attend
these meetings.
Established 1887
Largest Exclusive Retail Hardware & Implement House in Oregon
Christmas Gifts That Count
Buy something useful this time and make Christmas joy last all
year. We are offering substantial reductions on many lines of de
sirable presents, including China and Glass Ware, Parker Foun
tain Pens, Pocket, Table and Kitchen Cutlery, the Famous Gillette
Safety Razors, Aluminum Ware, Flashlights, Electric Lamps, and
many other useful and beautiful articles.
COMMUNITY SILVERWARE at 25 per cent Reduction
Wholesale Supply House
Heppner, Oregon
Owned and Controlled by Farmers
WE PAY CASH for Chickens, Tur
keys, Geese, Ducks, all kinds of
Poultry both live and dressed, based
on Portland markets and grades,
less transportation. We can furnish
you coops.
Make this place your headquarters
when in Heppner. We are glad to
serve you in any way possible
Tri-State Terminal Co.