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Volume S
mPRIL 12. 1818 -
Ncttn 46
11 Vi IN ULf r v :e -li Via V iN n. .
lone Journal Suspends
With This Issue
Brief Statement
With this issue of the lone
Journal we lay down the editor
ial mm for a time. About two
yean ago in April we landed in
lone one Sunday afternoon to
take active management of the
Bulletin owned by L. K. Harlan,
of Heppner. After running the
Bulletin for several weeks we
learned that Mr. Harlan was fig
uring on removing his plant to a
more DroSDerouB fteld the busi-
at that time waa not bringing ui
enough cash to pay expenses.
A few d'ayi afterwards several
of the local business men spoke
to us about starting a new paper
provided Mr. Harlan was still in.'
the notion of leaving lone with-.
out any paper. As aeon as it be-
came known for a fact that the
Bulletin was going to withers,
W. H. Cronk -came to us with an;ever torun agajn
nrr Kt h wanted WIto ,act from his distressing dis-
mt jinother Dlant and stort a'eriPtion J doubted my ability to
new paper.. -We told him at thst.P1" cleanly printed paper
time that we were not able to;wnW near " food as theHt
buy a new plant because unfor- tle Ione Bulleti'n. At that time
seen expenses had exhausted , 1 netood that an offer of $100
what surplus funds we had en
hand. That' all .right. Sears '
-nti't nMH tahnv new out-'
fit if we can make the deal we
have in mind.
He stated that he and Bert Ma
son would see about it and let
- me know. This was about the
first part of May' 1914.
In a few days Mr. Cronk came
. to see me and stated that they
(meaning himself and Mason)
- had been to Heppner and made
the deal for what was known as
.'the old Times plant '
My understanding was th,at
the plant would be shipped at
once to roe at lone. Matters
. hung this way for about a week
when one morning 1 was Intro-
Do Yon Know the
Multiplication .
Table? -
jam knew
IS what that?
tbar - abacwa
. MKa MOTtha
am mt a HEW
da oca Ifa atav
plj anoUMT aint
for tfc MOLT1-
PrUMioraa wh a Oraaft DSt
iMopBcr (bora abool KB B. ti
wbo tawcM ttaa neorelUoa af
tfat Mawrtcal an autbaaaattcai
rvtattooa ml tftlass.
Too bar aaca aa abaeM, a
Httl MdH fraaw travataetf
bf wttK wire, aa wUck ma
woadM kaada, aaai for wnt
Ins. yrlwipaUr by tba CHumm
. ararati twUuttba PrUwaoraaa
abawj wttfe ratadoa tat
BBNHriT jmm ecrlva Croaa ear
lis mwwwr t aS.
TM'd 4 raw brnTiam HIT ar
pamw jmm fmM siaacaS at tba mom.
okcb in a oasAT whilb.
itrrnxuQcrm.1. sat yaa'd
Multiply rmmr raaaeaa of SAT
INO MONBT swi aattfeaa BBT
TBB GOODS by awfetaiK B roar
w a roixow thb adsv
Of The Cause
aucea w a mue amaii sizea per- maenmery to run even pasaw
son with sharp shifty eyes who dically. Ha again evaded the
Mr. Cronk said was Mr. Craw-matter afidpfiraited to com
ford. I shook his hand and got down fn a ahorwhiW and ftx p
down to business by inquiring
ir the plant had been shipped a
Cronk had to! me ir wouM. b
He said thalit had not. as he
wanted to hve a talk with thef sale, this he promised to do
ione ousiness Men and see it
they really meant to suppocUmo'
in starting a new paper. . A little
later in the day Mr. Crawford
(and I talked about the printing
PlMt that he had and from his
conversation i understood that it
d,d not mount to T mh as
praetially worn out and
discarded years ago.
He at the large press had
outaoora xoraiong
t,mr and W
would have been grabbed, up
aageny oy mm noneat little man
his good will thrown in. He
aia ra time to set
lection of historic junk. During
the conversation he conveyed the
impression to me that his main
idea was to help me all he could
.to get started in lone.
By doing this he could drive
Mr. Harlan whom he seemed to
hate) from the Ione field. L
Before he left Te assured me
that the plant would be shipped
at once and I could use it as long
as I wanted it and in case I de
sired to purchase, a reasonable
price would be fixed and small
payments accepted until the out
fit was paid for. or in eaae I
wanted to lease it, a reasonable
rental would be fixed. In case
I found that a sew plant could
be secured his outfit wss to be
returned. This agreement was
verbal and was understood both
by Mr. Crawford and myself as
well as Mr. Cronk who later on.
(after talking with Mr. Craw-
ford) eorreeted himself by saying
that a time limit of six months
had been fixed. We don't blatr.e
Bill for he has mdoubt made
mistakes before.
In a few days the printing out
fit ? arrived and as soon as it
came to my view I realized that
friend Crawford was a gxd and
true man like unto our friend
George of historic times, who
never told a lie. He had indeed
told the truth but not all of it as
I was to find out later.
With the assistance of Mr. V.
Crawford and his son Spencer.
and several other husky men then
collection of relics flnallv reaehwl
I the present Journal office. -At
this time it will be well to ment-j
mn tne whole hearted kindness
of Mr. L. K. Harlan who came
in and offered the use of hie new 1 we kenned that Brother Craw
plant to print my paper on until ford wanted his $675 or good
the oM machinery eould be set
up-and get rwwniiig. -His pteat
wss ia use for about a month be-
fore my courage was sufficiently
strong enough to cut loose and
trust to my newly acquired box
of trouble. For the next six
months H was a, life and death
struggle to get outs weekly p4-
per and bat for a liberal swnpf
of mw printing material bougit
from the type -foundery by mi-
aelf there would sot have beep
much of a paper printed.
Along about the first of Janu
ary, 1915 I again tried to t
Mr. Crawford to set a price
tuff and make out a con
time there had been over $MD
spent by myself getting the eW I
the papers. Matter mt 4hu
until sometime 9 ay whep
was again asked to aei a price
his stuf and makewutaaontr
a lew days. Yvneo asKeo a
the matter a iho't time later
i commenced to hedge and qui
and after mun- explapttory
sometimes tailed. "buH.M stpoig
ordinary people bia BusUy qo6ted
a orice af 1650. js .
Think of H friends, (a few"
ths before he would hare
glad to takeJlOO and eoaei
the purchaser cheated at than,
but now after my labor had put
the old machinery in motion and
given it a new lease of life h
rants to cash w on my labor, -'i
Then, I realised what kind of
scheme I was into and then wai
the time it came to me 'that seme
one must bavs gives Bill CronkV
a "bum steer" for Bill told m0
that Crawford was the "squaresf
man in Morrow County1 why
sen Bill getting eloouent and
ever Crawford tells you he will
do. you can depend upon' He
then went on and told me about
Mr. Crawford's being; such a
godly man, why says Bill "He
praetially runs the church and I
know he'll do you good" and af
ter thinking the matter over we
realise that . Bill must have had
inside information. -About
June we received a very
stem letter from our devout and
godly friend, Mr. Crawford and
in It be stated that he must have
his $660 by July 10. After bust
lisg around we secured $76 and
left for Heppner and paid it to
Mr. Crawford receiving in return
his receipt showing a balance of
$676. but no contract yet. .
Matters, ran along evenly un
til Mr. Crawford moved to Ione,
at that time the matter of a con
tract was again mentioned to him
by ma and he told me to make
up Sr list of the stuff and to in
clude' everything there was in
the office and he would have the
contract made out at ones and
sea if the Bank af Ione wouldn't
loan him the money on it He
impressed upon me the import
ance of including everything I
had, aa be explained he wanted
to make a good showing to the
Bank Directors when be soplied
for a loan. However, when the
list was made out my stuff was
not Included and the contract
was made out without II.
This contract is still in the
hands of Brother Crawford aa
far aa I know.
Early in March, 1916, Brother
Crawford called at the Journal
office and asked ua to come over
to thai bank and onoa our arrival
bankable security and must have
see war by Monday, it
then near Friday noon, otherwise
be wanted possession of bis stmt
aa he had received an offer from
local parties who wanted to buy
ft. however fab thought that they
would eonsent to boy what saat-
erisi I had and pay bm 1175; My
two years work and business was
not considered worth anything.
- That evening while talking
the matter over with a friend he
made an offer to give his note at
the bank for two roars or for me
to get another signer, the both
to give a one year note. Satur
day afternoon both of the good
sound business men and myself
met Brother Crawford at -the
Bank of lone ready to meet his
terms. Ptrttrnr the matter to
him direct m very short order 1
asked him to complete the busi
ness He turned a sickly white
and his lips commenced to work
and tor a moment it looked aa if
he was going' to refuse point
blank, finally he managed to say
that .-there was no hurry, as he
mast see these other parties be
fore ho would go thru with the
business, and for us all to some
back Monday morning and the
papers would be ready to sign.
As we left the bank together one
of my sureities remarked to the
other that he was going to staj
with me and the other answered
"you bet. and ff Sears fails we'll
take the plant and run it oursel
ves. . Saturday evening and
again Sunday, Brother Crawford
was seen talking to one of the
sureties with the result that b
failed to .make his word good on
Monday morning. There- beinv
no one else to take his placs we
at onoa made readv to leave low
That 'morning Brother Crawford
aaw fit to remind us that we came
to Ione with nothing and going
away the aame way would not
nuke matters a worse for us.
matter it really looks as if Broth
er Crawford for some unknown
reason did not want us here and
took this unfair method of get
ting us out of his field. Many
times has. he said that the field
was only, largo enough for one
management- and that directed
and controled by himself. We
leave this city for somewhere,
without any definite plans other
thsn to get sway from tho place
where such things can be done.
At first we felt somewhat angr
but that has passed. During our
brief stay we have met many
fine people and during the past
few weeks their kindly words of
cheer has glsddened our hearU
Hnflitno Ih k.... An.w,m
.j .
press our sincere thanks for th
support they have given us. T
our subscribers we extend a full
measure of our thanks for their
patronage; The Ione Journol
with this issue suspends for a
short period of time until we can
find a new location or proc
ure another plant. If we decide
to return we assure our subscri
bers that it will be as a free and
independent man and not bearing
the yoke of any political boss.
Bsptist Church Services
Sunday School: every
Sunday 10 s, m.
Preaching service every second
and fourth Sunday of each
month, at 11:00 A. M. and 7:30
P.M. '
Christian Endeavor at :30 P. M.
The Union Aid meets every Thur
sday afternoon at the homes
of the members at 2:00 P. M
Choir practice every other Satur
day night
The atrasigee is assured a hearty
. Bar.' K. T. Starker
"Doherty Bros have moved their
sheep to McDonald Canyon.
Political Candidates
- f
People Ta Have
- -. ,ir
Dick 'Turpin requested that
we remove his -ad -from four col
umns but the form had. already
went to press. "
Ike Howard has prepared to put
a SO inch Iron pipe under the K.
R. track below Alex Lindsays
and extending ditch down to his
ranch on the north side of road.
Mr. Bufflngton is 1
man, he is working on
ranch getting it in shai
4ry busy
is erotic
Mr. and Mrs. frank
family of Heppner wei
all and
in lone, Sunday. Mr. Hall is tho
enterprising Heppner Jfoteher.
80 ACRE8partl fruit and part
ly rich bottom land, cheap near
Oakland, DouglasXoT. Or. Ad
dress Mrs. H. L. James, 1330
Third East, Salt Lake City,
Utah. , fcr. . 41-eO
. s b , - -
Marry for sure Siiceffs ,-try si
old Responsible Club tistablu
hed many Years Guarantee
satisfaction over 60,000, mem
bers many Wealthy. Testimor
.la La, and Descriptions Fret
tox.26 Oakland CeWr- J -CS
If, as a St, Louis clergyman
says, the secret of longevity i
the loose collar, may not a bait
gown be looked upon as a ticket
to great age? - t v '
In this great land of onrs a't
men are equal, but many are net
wjlling to admit it.
You Can save money by subscrib
ing four your magazines thr
ough us. Write to-day for oui
latest free catalogue of special
low offers. The Jackson Msgs
sine Agency. 642 Hyde St.,
San Francisco. CsL 41-0
black m. bu orm
and B, I. Red cockerels; eggs
tor naicnina;.
- , , ,
Mrs..R. A.
Holdridge, Box 282, Dixon, Csl.
fCongregstionst Ohurch Services
at lone, Oregon
Sunday school, 10:00 a. m.
Preaching services, every first
and third Sunday of each mon
th at 11.00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
Christian Endeavor 6:80 p. m.
Ladies missionary meeting on
the first Tuesday in each mon
th at 2:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting and Bible study
Wednesdsy, 7:80 p. m.
Dorcas Society meeting over the
Holgate Butcher shop, Thurs
day 2:00 p. m.
Choir practice every other Satur
day night . ' -
Lexington. "
Preach services every second end
fourth Sundays of each month
at 11:00 a. m. and evening.
Sunday school atfe&O p. m, '
Christian Endeavorat 7:00 p. m.
Ladies Aid Society meets every
Wednesday at 2:00p, m.
Strangers are cordially Invited
to attend services. ,
Eev. J. L. Jones
A Good Choice ,
A key-note may be as long at
a diplomatic note, . . .
- - i
"To Tell Of Economies". Sayd
a headline. The Diwil by to pra
ctice 'era. ,
.nam a presidential canaidate) ".y -1
meets an Ohio law there's noth- -V' '
111 iJ..iS. 1 ... .
ing left but to burn -his plankbe : y
hind him. 'i , S.j.
It's a wise trench that know ' ' '
which side its fighting. ... .. . . . '.
seeker for public office who dob-
visitprsisesses the wisdom neoessarv to
Qualify him for the position .
alive to the fact that the voter of
today has to be shown, that
deeds count for more than empty
words and cheap cigars.; A few
years ago the candidate circulat
ed around passing out rag weed.
in ths guise of cigars and de
claiming upon the glories of the'
republic in general and the voter
In particular. He promised every
thing and delivered little or no
thing. Today he geek to the editor
of the local paper contracts for'
a liberal amount of legitimate
display advertising apace, and
he reached only a few of the
voters, whereas by the present
method he talks thru the medi
um of his advertisement to every
voter in the community. What
he says is on record in cold type
snd carrjes conviction. It Is the
method that produces tangible
results, that gets the votes, that
appeals to the intelligence of an
honest people. Keep your eye on
the advertising columns of this
paper, and see what your candi
dates have to say.
Play Safe!
Keep Out of
The Quicksanda.
By MOSS. ; .:X
A saaaat te
ereaa SOM1-
tbi no. it asm
jom BOMB-
Thar tret taut
brtdfos t wooS,
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of boats acroaa tba HoUaapat
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tooa aridgaa tba anay sallea a
tba praarat 4my.
Trajaa'a mmgtMfmt ,ataaa
brMga acrow tba Oaaaba, 4.T10
faat Mns. aa bollt A. D. US.
tba Brooklya brids. SXM foot
lonf and 180 foot Us, was
started tn less, and sow Ibore
aro two otbar auapoaoloa brldsaa
of ora sroatar wondar aaar ay
acroaa tba mom rlvor.
A brtrtse la Mut Si arses
BACH AD. to tale paper Is a
BUI dob, bum sv s sMwaaat
a bp roe cross tfea QDlcav
yon oa tbe BANKS ef CBB-TAINTV-'
ron'U SAVB TIMS) and fLAt
Tho aaarebaat wbo ADVBSV
UP TO. . -