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,A Strictly Horn Paper For Morrow "
. County Residents . .
Published Every Wednesday By
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Entered at tKe Postofftce lone, Oregon,
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Patriotism and Prepared
; . ness. '
We read much In the papers on
the subject of national prepared
ness and for our country's sake
U la well that it is so. No important-
country ever stood in
Tester nssd-of it than we stand
today. - -
i' But while taking up the sufc
ject of building warships .and
raising army reserves, let us not
overlook the matter of patriotism
. In local communities, for it Is
upon these people the nation
must Jean to a great extent in
lieity and the imminence of our
being plunged into war la doing
much to convert the adult mind
to the necessity of an adequate
preparation for defense against
invasion, but we should go farth
r than the adult mind.
1 We should begin today to in
Jaet a feeling of patriotism into
the hsarta of the youth of our
local communities, a reverence
- of and devotion to the flag of
our country and a determination
Co uphold the dignity and pre
serve the integrity of the nation
at all times and under all condi
- Since the days of '61 and '66
the patriotism of the American
people has been declining day by
day, until 1915 finds ua a nation
of adults with but alight concep
tion of , what the flag ahould
mean1 to us. and with ""lest
thought aa to the future security
of our country. Patriotism has
been left to shift for itself and
has gone down in the waters ol
. commercialism.
It is time for a change and tht
change should bevin today. In
very school and in every horn
of the country little childrer
ahould be taught to lovo and res
pact the stars and stripes, to took
upon them aa the symbol of lib
erty and the champion of right
and of the weak and of the op-
. Bieessd.
Tney should be Uught that
toraof country ' ranks next to
then love of God. even to the
giving of life Itself in it defense.
' If the same policy had btei.
pursued is our homes and in our
nkmll m.A Aku nnklla ).
m mm mm an. w fnawaw fisn
v during the post fifty years the
-nation would not be in its pre
sent preoarious condition. , pat
riotism alone would have de
manded and aseorsd action by
the go eminent and the congress
would have sees la a state ol
cWmaa sufficient to guarantee
it against aggressive action by
any forign country, -
It is useless now to weep over
the errors of the past, but we
can at least take action to pre
vent our children from facing
the same condition of affairs af
ter we have passed away. If
you want a forceful illustration
of the lack of patriotism in this
oountry and of the .ignorance of
the symbolism of the flag, just
watch the" little children at the
close of some parade. You will
most likely see them sitting on
curbstones wiping the dust from
Uheir shoes with mi nature flags
of their country. ,
And when you have seen this,
oe -sv patriot yourself and, go
home and begin the imparting of
patriotic impulses to your own
offspring, and insist that the
teachers In our schools do their
duty to their country as well as
to the community, by living the!
school fleg during the school
hours on all school buildings in
Morrow County. . r-sr;
Protect the adults of tomor
row from the fats that menaces
those of today.
Putting It Up To You
who are building up the great
centers of population by strangl
ing the rural business Interests
all over the country. They are
the people who produce hard
times in the country towns and
farm sections of every state, be
cause they are millions in num
ber. ;; v ;
Let ns bring it right home to
you. Suppose every person in
this town and the farming sec
tion around here should buy all
their goods from business houses
located in other sections of the
country or state. How long
would our stores keep their doors
open and how long would you be
able to buy even a pin or s hail
in this town? ; ' i-. w .
, And if everybody kept on send
ing their money, all out of town
and the community, how long
would it be before - we had no
money to .send and when we
found the community pauperiz
ed where would ws turn for re
lief? v v. -
The profits of local industries
both town and farm represent
the money that la kept in circu
lation at home. If thess profits
Notice to Creditors
In the Couaty Court of tbe State ol
Oregon, lor Morrow Count.
Is tt matter jf the estate of,
Edward T. Perkins, deceased.
-JTbe-Mnderalffoed baring been ap
pointed by the County Court of the
Stats of Oregon, for Morrow Couo
ty,-sOmlBlstrstrtx of the estate o
Edward T- Perkins, deceased, notice
Is hereby gireu to the creditors of,
and all - persons baring .claims
against said deceased, to present
them verified as required by law,
within six months after the first
publication of this notice to said
administratrix at the office of her at
torneys, Knapprnnerg Johnson In
lone, Morrow County, Oregon.
- - Dalles Perkins ' 'm
- Administratrix of the estate, of
Edward 1 Perkiiisrdeceased.
Bated Not. loth 1MB.
First publication Not. IT 1915. 95-28
sadden distension In the left flank.
We would not weary our Nad
ve by being too Insistent upon
any one tub ject, but the welfare
of our community ahould be up-
aermoatfn the minds of every
loyal citiien- and that .welfare
calls for s few -very pertinent
remarka at thia time of year.
Between now and the 25th of
December many thouaanda of
dollar! will be spent by the peo
ple in the purchase of holiday
articles. The manufacturing
coat of then srticiee must of
necessity go tA the factories
scattered broadcast over the
country. That can not be help-
en. But there to another east
which should be ssrioualy eon
sidered by every person who has
any regard whatever for the
future welfare of thia town
and community. That coat la
the retailer, e profits on the sales.
To make thia community pros
perous and keep it so it ie necee-
eary that those profits be kept at
home, and that can only be dons
by patron rtinjr merchants who
live hers and conduct their own
business here and spend their
own money here.. - .J
No cttiien hat the right to feel
that it ie all right for him to send
hie money away from thia eotn-
munitr because "he la only sue
person and hia money will sot be
aliased." It la just such neonls
With the advent of. ths season when
eatti are changed bum dry feed to
, pasture, to arold ssrloos loss It Is nso-
essary for the fanner to watch care
fully for bloat, -according to the reter
I Inary deoaruuent of the College of
Aarlcultnra of ths DnlTendtr of Wis
am sent away we can not expect cousin.
lonir to have anv manev in ' Bloat Is s form of Indigestion doe to
i iiA-. toe sxcesslre formation and aecumu
. . u xuw wnw Utk(n Tarioug fgllKm m u,. p,unch
people in Other places will baveV rumen. The attack -to espedalfj
it; and we will be getting podrer to occar wbw ' ddeniy
nrf rwtfo .11 -KA . ( changed from a hay dlst to green
t " """' our clorer or alfalfa. It Is most Often seen
wmuiunivy win De getung Oead- during warm, wet weather or when
er and deader all the time, until beary dew w ram moiatens the foliage.
(n ...... u - J The chief srmotom of bloating Is
. ... vwu w rrai maOA
tollvshere. ' ' --4
Certainly;ho sane person wouldT
mint iniik auJ:i1. M nr . ' Sf
to exist here. But what ia the
remedy, you aay? It is both eane!
and simple. . 1
Quit doing your shopping out
of town and buv sronHa mm
home dealers. That ie. buy
everything you can here,
Don't be carried away with the
falsa, idea that -you can .buy
cheaper somewhere else, for you
can not If you want shoddy
and worthless goods you can find
plenty of city stores and;firms
who thrive on selling country
people just such rotten stuff at
a few centa less than you' would
pay your home dealer for a good
at tide that he is willing to guar
antee. But you can not buy a
reliable article elsewere. any
cheaper than yon can buy the
same article right here at home.
We are pushing ths "buy it at
noma" slogan in thia community
and we want you to Join us. We
are not doing thia In order to en
rich ths local merchants, but we
are doing thia to protect the fu
ture of thia town and our farm
ing community and ths people
among whom ws live.
Ws want to "'keep prosperity
at home4 and ws want you to
help ua in our Work by doing
your share and you can do that
by buying at horns and keeping
' we pronca as nome, u )a a
erioue problem that confronts
ua In ths near future and ws
ahould grappls with it as be
oomes men of brains and deter
mination. Shall ws trade at
home and teep prosperity in thia
townr Or shall ws continue to
make city millionaires who
wouldn't a five cent piece
if ws were hungry for bread?
Remember, brother and sister.
wis applies not only to your
neighbors, but to you aa well, if
you happen to be one who has
been shopping in other places.
Will you join us, "for ths fu
ture of our townT'V ,
The HoIaUln oMr for dairy pur- .
poaae la my choioa every time, Mya
an Idaho datrynum is to Am arioso
AsrlouiturUt. This trd to quirt
and Mnalbl and requires only ordi
nary art and treatment It la
Urge and roomy end handles coarse
feed to better advantage than email
dairy breeda. Holateln ealvea are
aa acceptable foe Teal aa any bread :
and will welch aa much or mora,
while the males of smaller breeds
are practice) I y waste. At present
prices of beef pays fairly well to
raise Holateln steera to two or three
years old. 1 have found that thia
type gives S M per cent more
milk than other dairy breeda and
more butter fat, although the per
cent of butter fat may run amaller.
Thaeow Illustrated to atypical pure
bred Hetotelav .
which swells no and appears sa tight
as a drenthead when thumped" with.
toe Anger. Ucllef must be Immediate.
If luffocatton is to be avoided, sod
eooslats la prortdlng an artificial out
let for the gas by "tapptns" the ani
mal. Tula ts best aeeompusbed by In
serting a trocar and eanula Into the
oat prominent portion of the swell.
Ing. To prevent farther gas forma tkm
administer a drench of two ounces of
turpentine ta a plot of raw Hnseed eel
or a quart of new milk.
Am a preventive avoid tarsi ng lbs
cattle oat until the dew or rain has
dried off. la addition, alTta a fall
feed of dry roughage socb as the aaa
sMls are accustomed to Jest before
fuming thorn out will be found help-'
hu la preventing this trouble.
"Pa. wee yes aay you're laytas fee
a eereea tt lemaej yeej have a griaass
agateet Mam, Soasa't nr
"Oeissrally, say ess.'
"Weil, ass the bea a arodm Mtasft
ttas.rarsBer. par -Boston Tiaeeertpl
ayee ever
'Naturally the Hagatape arthJl btM
em caurges.
"Waat aa
Maasea, asUtoseis tmeiksu, f
' Career of 0 A '
lam valrert aaaee ef eeaaea a aeaee
eftea esaa aenr taaa be Bast yemmv
Tba good read wttb aweS erainege earn
S estfarsj to a )ey is tears saaaea.
atewtaea fatssp and fure)Bthrss
se rwe t" none
Some eue left the oat Ua deor opes,
the aorsaa were loose, and we an knew
the rest The thing to4e U the sect-
dent to detected aa hour er so after the
grain has been eaten la to gets vetsr
Inarlea as seoa aa possible and pump
aa much oat of the stomeca by the aid
of a sssBMch tube as poemble. Then
administer a purgative and anttter
menta. It eowaartaies aappens that ex
pert help ts not available, and If sue
to tba ease then the awtared boras
abouM receive frosa one and ana half
to two quarts of raw Unseed oil and
two ounces of turpentine, afaay aea
tojet a bone that has wvereatan until
the symptoms of eolle appear, and
than ceil a veterinarian, who may bare
difficulty ta sarins the bone.
The aanso preeaattoa abouM be tab
eat when a sow has accidentally eaten
part ef a sack of oats, wheat er
corn, from one t three pounds of
epaeai eaibi gtten Is a cow Immediate
ly aftsr eaeb a large feed may save
the ooWa are and aleo prrveat bar be
ing foundered. The thing te reeaimbev
to ts o sunatthlaf lor the cow hav
BMdlatoly after the accident baa bees
dhcovored.-C. U fhimaa, Ootarede Am
zteottanl CWIege.
, ( .. ' ; ' i : "v-y . '
r- Quicken " the feather shedding periods ; Dr.
Hees Poultry pan-a-ce-a shortens the - moulting.
period.; MAKES HENS LAY.
; This is the season when-your hens . shouitf be
encouraged to get' into laying condition : anil Dr.
Hess Pan-a-ce-a is the remedy to condition them, 1
I have sold Dr. Hess Remedies for majuy years
and once a ser you will always bera user,! V :
Why pay the peddler $3.50 for. a pail of stock
food, when I sell a strictly guaranteed! article
for $2.25, Every package guaranteed and your
money will be refunded for any package that you
are not satisfied with. -; - ' ; ' " -
All Kinds of Fresh"and Cured Meats
Fat Stock Wanted at all times -
Main St.
S. H. Holgate
lone, Oregon
Dealer in Myers Pumps, Stover Engines, Star j
and Wonder Windmills, Parry Buggies, Winona
Wagons, Empire Jr. Drills, Champion Harvest
ing Machinery. ''t
The Finest of
Htich Patent
Plour oa tba
Market at the
8 perry Ware
hntuw inM- -
Every Sack Is Guaranteed or Money Refunded;
rr.ri1-50; e,H Per five barrel
at $5.50, Per ten barrel at $5.40 ,
C B. Sperry, Agent r - lone, Oregon
Tere aa ass tatting, H ImimamV
bst te saH that theatrical sMoeerr.
Impoerndbte, my bey. Netblag to tkbi
erorM to impossible
"Tea," there to. me waste mo to
wrlbe a tnardy wttb a bappy eaeHag-
ustrest rroe rreaa.
O. A. C.
Jaanary j to 8, i9id
Mm leJarwatioa, Wectfcat nnp tat tke T in
Cewfattosa ef OrvtMs Orrstcel ladaetrtea
Cealersstoea so Orqae'e Mom VHal rraaleesa
ltaiemelpfseSeatttaSeaiaai year, nki
- ares' ptsrc te n.kt ftwuds-ilK gee
laosghu, toil
wetteia. mMt awl werk:
aXfH-sJ Cesm. la in
IpylW Kc ts actus I Week
me Pana aad - ilill .
soils, stock aaisiNo Drwow
SMS10- "tAa-tOLO iomi
oaoMUATiONs, ataaMTiiio.
Ian I'liiliM Osersss TsMam
Notice to Creditors -
ta the County Court of the State, of
Oregon, for Uofxow Coanty.
f the matter ef the aetata of
Euiil britsbefirs, deoraaed. ,
Tbe audentg;ned baring bevn ap
pointed by the Connt Court of tbe
State of Orewoo, for Morrow Coun
ty, adnifctotrator of the estate of
Buntoe Braabeara. deeeneed. notice
to hereby girvm to the creditors of.
and all. persune hAvls dalnra
against said deceaat-d, to nweant
them TertflPd na reqalred by law.
wltwa six mcatha siter the A ret
publication of tfala notion to aaM
admlal-trator at the office o! his A
wrreat short coursb "
t Peawnary 4. taid
aewmcei crk4tsnl Casus, as a ansLsssi Uimn lt m.
- - -wpinsuni mJ ess M
laa alorruw Oonnty, Orrgot,
John A. Williams
Admhvletrator of the estate
Kaalee Braabaare. deceased. ,
Dated Nor. 1Mb IMS.
FlretpobllratlonNoT.MlSld; JS
SesMs (sUreeS tatea.
Yearly subscriptions for tfaa
Joiirnal ara $1.5a How about It!