The Ione journal. (Ione, Or.) 1914-1916, November 03, 1915, Image 4

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    ' - r Quartett Owning
The California Jubilee Quartett
is scheduled to appear next Moo
day evening at the Walker Kink
with one of the beat colored or-
and to hear theft is to enjoy
every minute of the program,
Prices 25c and 50c, They give
a free concert at the school
. house Monday as Boon, as the
train arrives, ' .
The Halloween Frolic at the
Christian Church was well at
tended last ' Friday evening.
Everyone had a fine time. N
A well was finished at the
Claude Huston place at Eight-
( mile Tuesday by Nichoson and
Buffi ngton at 381 ft and secured
.ji fine flow of water. They will
move to Milt Morgan's place
"Two hundred country weekly
editors are closer to the people
of the state than three big city
editors can ever hope to get"
it r t ' i :. r , ?i.
That is right brother Chapman
f-and your many years of ex per
V ience ' in the advertising game
really has taught you some thi rift
after all. When you first decided
to quit a $7500 job to run a small
newspaper we envied you your
former job, butnow we know you
were simply yearning to get close
to the people, by -publishing a
small weekly. Let us hope you
succeed. '
i- i
A band of negroes represent
ing the Buckner Southern jubi
lee Singers gave a performance
at the Baptist church Tuesday
evening to quite an audience.
They were not up to the usual
class of Buckner's people. Ilia
own personal troup are artists of
abilty and draw s crowd when
ever it is known that they are
going to appear. They were
here last year at. the rink under
the auspices of joe Waters.
CI ir Ap I have something of interest for
OUVJAIA an, am doing a Mail Order Busi
ness equal to Rice & Phelan or Jones Cash
Store. Bring your order or write it. I have
the goods. 1 Give Cash or Trade for. Chickens
The Egg City
Joe Mason, Prop.
: E. E. Miller " ,
A I'irrioN kick
Public or private aalu. (live im a list of auy old thing yoo want to
ell and I will advert few It." U yim want twttl', horses, farm Imple
ment, household tfootlrnr JiifiK-t, unytliliiK, see me.
Main Street
7ilermlstonrNovember 5 and 6
Best Show Ever Held In Eastern Oregon
Friday, November 5, 10:00 ft. m.
Opon to teams from nil Hlirh Schools In Euttn Oregon
West Umatilla County School Fair
Friday and Saturday Nov. 5 and 6
V $250.00 IN PREMIUMS : ...
Write County Super In 'etuli-iit Vomuc. IVndkion. or Superintendent Pars,
- liariulatou. lor full Information, entry blauks and premium I lata
Saturday November 6, 11:00 a. mi
pe to aeboola up to aud including the i-hta trade
Registered Hogs
ThgraiMttpporiuidtrTr offered la Easter Orejroa for boTtng; rrg
lsMtancJwiw7mndtniitudrub;ioae a'tjuar owe flgnro. Oct
tart aow n Rood hug.
RPFflAl RFntrin D
rorprMlJWt-,tiTf Mnop'othr loin-mMl.m writ H U. Straw.
Secretare Hue aud Dairy Show AaaoclaUoa, Uvrmlatoa, Orefoa.
David N. Rooerg. State Regis
ter was in the past week and
visited Dr. Chick. He commis
sioned Dr. Chick as the Local
Register of Vital Statistics of
District No; 134. County of Mor
row, comprising the precinct of
North and South lone; Goose
berry Cecil. Alphine,- . Castle
Rock and Irrigon. All' deaths
and births must be reported so-cording-to
the State Law to the
State Board of Iealth.-
W. H. Cronk and wife, and
Bert Johnson were passengers
to Heppner on business this
Chas. Sperry and wife accom
panied by Mrs. John Cochran
were visitors at Olex -last Thurs
day to attend the Sperry family
re-union held at the W. W.
Weatherford home. Five sisters
and three brothers were present
and they represented all of that
braneh of the family. It . has
been 23 years since they held the
last re-union. 'Those present
were J. Bt" Sperry, Penrose,
Wyo., Geo. W. Sperry, Heppner,
Oregon, I. YW Sperry, Center
ville' Wash., Mrs. Phoebe Col
lins, Oakland, Calif., Mrs. M.
C. Cochran, Condon, Oregon,
Mrs. Mary Hale, lone, Oregon,
Mrs. Eddy Woods, r Arling
ton, Oregon, Alice Weather
ford, Olex, Oregon, Chas. Sperry
and wife, and Mrs. John Coch
ran of lone, Oregon." .
James M. Lawler bf Cecil was
in town today on business. ' '
Walt Smith returned
business trip Tuesday. 1
.... SHUTTLER : :
Mrs. Richard Kinsley and son
Roy, are home after spending
the summer at Newport, Wash.
What came near being a ser
ious fire occured at the Shuttlers
sheep camp last week by fire
falling from an old stove.
Cash Store
lone, Oregon
lone, Oregon'
4TITC nw n . u d m
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruther
ford were over on Monday.
, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Webster
left last Thursday for McMinne-
rille where they expect to spend
the, winter. ' -
Mrs. Piper had a weasel visit
her hen house Tuesday night and
kill seven chickens. "
Mr. and Mrs. Aivin Jones gave
a Halloween party last Saturday
- OLEX ,
W. Wildrick is in Olex this week.
Chas. Plumber was s visitor in
The Dalles Monday, . L
Chas. Brown of Gwendolyn,
was in town Monday. ' " -. -
A. B. Robertson passed thru
Olex this week
Edgar Irby spent a part of last
week at the Mobley home.
Ci F. Wade and W. Wildrick
motored to Condon on Tuesday.
Babe Montague
in Olex
Cf. B. Robertson passed thru
Olex last week. .
I). E. Gradey and family have
moved to the" Joe Budd ranch.
Fred Weatherprd has a new
Dodge car. -""
Pearl Schott returned from
The Dalles last week.
v , - '
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Mobley
motored to Condon 'Jast Friday.
' Mrs. T. G. " Johnson left for
her home in Condon last Friday
Mrs. Edgar Schott is spending
the week at the Mobley home.
Mrs. Martin has had very good
news from her son, Ray. He Is
rapidly improving. '
Mrs. Chas. Martin and Mrs
Bell Wade spent a few days of
last week in The Dalles.
Douglas Hurt was s guest at
his brother's horns here last
Robert McKinuey and family
spent last Sunday at the Hurt
home. They came in their new
Mr. and Mrs W. W. -Weather-
ford returned last Saturday,
rtr spendi mr a week with re
latives at ay ton.
- (Continued from last week)""
Fifth. They wanted to secure
the Columbia Highway by hav
ing the Willow Creek road pre
pared. .It's impossible to show
how the farmers would benefit
by this. And the farmers here
are not willing to pay for bene
fits to tourists. .
Sixth. It was urged that the
farmers might work the roads
initead of paying Ihe money.
Do you think fanners work for
pleasure and that the farmer's
time is of no ralueT Should .the
farmerjieglect his farm to work
a road that will not benefit him
proportionately T A business
man may pleasantly suggest that
the farmer work the roads, but
not one business man would neg
lect his business to work on the
roads. If time is money, then
time given is money given.
Where is the difference?
Seventh. According to the
admissions of one of the boosters
they were working for their own
interests. Evidently then the
booster's interests are the reason
for the demand for a Willow
Creek road. That they brought
man all the way from Portland
to talk for them proves It '- -
Eighth. , Not oven all the
reads within the district went to
be improved. Only the "trunk"
road as they called- it - The
"spurs" would be improved lat-
Tbey wanted their slice of
the pie first, the farmers were to
come later. ' He who eomes List
tm 111 I J . . T
sb ilk vi uov tv nsjow M UlUf J
Tenth. A simple raise to
prices brings back to the busi
ness man the money he pays out
for'such an enterprise. - But the
farmers can not fix his own
prices. Therefore he pays his
own road taxes and those of the
business roan also, for the latter
are shifted to him. Add to these
the fact that the business men of
Heppner pay nothing even ap
parently and you have the farm
er handing his money over be
cause some one else says so.
The business men will not be'
levied on for this special tax,
am informed. . Farmers what do ,
you think of that 7 Should npt
town property pav part of tljis
tax, when it gets almost all f
the benefit? . - .
i iours respectfully
- Jj' Glenn Burroughs.
With Wld Array to CKoom Prim Olfl
SalMtfon la Kaay.
la 'noraltlM ttaviw utt WbAtnts
In Jade, quarts, mslachlt and lapis.
Tboosb to b bid In Um real atonas at
great coat, tfaeaa manafaetarad semi
pradoua atooea call for an xperfs aUU
to be distinguished from the real.
Other prattf noveWea are tbe rhlna
too drops won on ecceedlngly thla
gold chains; likewise tbe delicate flow
era. such ss psnslaa. Ttoleta, et&, deU.
cately enameled on silver. Some of
these are made so the csn be worn
either as brooches or pendants.
OarneSi and Jets are among tbe old
fashioned atones one again popular.
Garnets make pretty color pins wnen
est In tbe long thin bars. In brooches
the are set ss foor leaf clover and
The jet pins are also worn with the
large pieces fat oval and oblong; or est
In dowers and many geometrical d
eigne, such as stars, crosses, etc. -
Stockings were never so exquisite
before. Pro in tbe display
shops It would seem as though spiders
lnteed"W becvy- looms bad woven
some of the delicate and beautiful ho
siery. Tbe' must fashlooable colors are
the loodoo sawke. Copenhagen and oth
er Muse and areena.
Tbe mere mentioning of dettcati
stockings MOKireats dainty slipper bock
lea. And. though some of these back
lea are beautiful and .wonderfully
artistic decidedly pretty rblneatone
bncklaa and att-rllng ellVMC sbos buck
les are dlsplsysd as low as fl.
Beth Dell end Penwiper.
A penwiper Is made by taking any
Itttle doll with a pretty race and d
log K m black. Hake tbe skirt long
rind of heavy black material, so heavy
that the doll will stnnd stone, and
across her shoulders pin a tiny white
nandkercblet Next pot a little white
apron on her, and then pnste a Utile
white cap on her bead and yon will
nave it neat Utile nurse. If yoo have
sleeves In tbe doll drees K Is e good
idea to sew a Red Cross badge on.
Make-tbe skirts salts bis for the pen
wiper. ' THE INNER LIFE.
TWknei sfetkstki lived-the
life of BandM thoeght, purpose. -aapntioB
and prsycf dominates
Mid deterasnes the outer life and
creates it And when one feels
helplessly drifting at the mercy of
events his ooJy safety lies in a more
positive and aboundbf aoergy, in
deeper, purpose and a firmer grasp
on his MteHediial We, a bignei and
drrtner freod as ha tkoughoi and a
clout dinging to the drvuw prom
iaes. Msonce Mscttrsnck. "
Thet Ae Held esi Sunday and Haesly
Finish sdila One Day.
n franc electlena are betd on Sun
day. Universal manhood suffrage Is
tne role. Every Praacbman off twea-tj-ene
years of age. on proof of aU
moBths rsaWanco. Is a legal voter at
the alscttona to tne chamber, saving
only soldiers on active service and ota
era dteqnaUOed for bankruptcy and
criminal reasons. Because of tbe num
ber ef candidates tbe flret day's poll
ing bj many dtetrtcts 'is ant SnaJL
Whore no candidate-receives an abso
tato majority, a second election Is
held. It often L.jrm that from one-
tblrd to one-rourtb of th electloos for
depoUen sre not Snally decided antll
th eeoood poU. wben not tafnonontly
or mors caodldatae hi a district
av withdrawn.
The poUlag begins nt S ht th Bsora-
tac and lasts an til S la th ovenlns
lastaod of regularly appointed clerk
and alsctlsa esMaak thro votanteers
ink charge of the -mm" la which the
ballots are deposit and conduct the
prsroedlngs. One of th penalties of
betas Srst to appear Si too IlkeOhooi
ef -belac Impreaead Into service an one
of Us aaaeaaora, ad whom two. hoc
todapeodsnt voters, most asrvt with
the -president ef the eeltoc" tb
eoootlng of tbe beltota Is ales doao by
la tbe at i ants of the part ajstsss
ft Is dlAcott strictly as etaoelfv tbe
candMataa, la a gisiral waj they
rango tbsatsslvea hi creops aroaod
Mow lack WMoV
THey Said
"Ybu ; Cant Raise Corn"-
in the Northwest. But corn is grown here good corn,
small cobs, deep Lrernals, solid ears, and plenty bushels
per acre. . - ' ,lL.- '
Every farmer--every live- stock owner-r "
every dairymat ;knows what corn means
Whether or not you know that , corn is a successful crop
in this country, go and see the'rults of a campaign for
more pork and better porfc, more cattle, more dairies nd
silos, and better times at
OREGON WASIIINGTON"RaHroad & Navigation Co.
i , Union Pacific System ' 7
Information and Premium lJi Free
upon application to
G. J. Pennington, Agent, lone
Low Fares For The Round Trip
Designed by i
" .. .k - Engineering Department "
- I l - vnr:. t , , l
seen is tbwt r I ,u.9LUn '' I "
Here we show a large aohd wood roller reTolvlns; In a trough filled with
crude dll. The ttonst ruction of th s Is sound and heavy, thu roller pins be
ing carried in pipe sockets and the whole thing Is very sutmtaDctal. This
Is recommended by scores of authorities as the most practical way of keep
tng the hogs free from life. It is much better than a dipping vat or a rub
bing post, and U on duty all tbe tUne. The pigs rub against the roller
continual!; and the oil sills tbe lice. Price complete, ready for oil $&55l
Tum-a-Lum Lumber Co
See Cronk or Rood about it at their offices at
lone and Lexington, Oregon.: '!,
I have been to the Expositions and I want to tell you
-that every man. woman and child who can, by
any means, SHOULD GO. Children of today may
again enjoy such an opportunity, but you and I
. in the prime of life never.
-Ask any Exposition visitor.
World conditions are such as will prohibit simi
lar gatherings during our generation. That is -
"why I say to you-GOT " The San Francisco Ex- .
' position closes December 4th. There is plenty
of time yet to see it, but not more than enough.
Now is the best time of the year in California,
and of the Exposition season. Therefore-Go Now!
We'H take rare of jour travel needs. That
la our business. Ask
C J. Pennington, Agent
Oregon -Washington Railroad
& .Navigation Co.
Prtm A HVIt-Mw too Cttfori
K EawMWuss sssltrQH am
Every Sack la Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
Per sack $1.54, Per barrel $5.60, Per five barrel
at $5.5w, Per ten barrel at $5.4t j
B. Sperry, Agent V i ' lone, Oregon
the -
M Si
The finest of
High Patent
Flour oa the
Market at the
Sperry Ware
boose at lone. "
4 1
- rT- '