The Ione journal. (Ione, Or.) 1914-1916, April 28, 1915, Image 2

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A Strictly Home Paper Fur Morrow
' County Itealuenta
F. Wallace Mean, Publdber
f'uttHflieil Evwry Friday tit lour
Knteml at tbe Potoftia-Bt loue,
Oregon, u Kecond-elaw mutter.
HtllMCIttlTION Hatk
One Yeiir
Kit Month
Thru- Moil Urn
I. (HI
Ail vert ilii(f itflh-N Upon AppliiMlloii
Even peace has its advantages.
Let's hang on to it.
The government maintains an
army of cats in the Chicago
postoffice. Rats! "
. Second Chapter: .England is
not to become "dry." The glass
will only be half filled.
Life will be sweeter if you do
most of your courting after mar
riage. '
So many men have been killed
in Europe we wonder there are
any left to censor the reports.
Ambition is a good thing, but
it needs pluck and energy to boost
It along.
To be right up in style you
should serve eggs scrambled a
La Europe.
A loud cackling hen does not
always lay the largest egg, and
a big talker seldom has anything
in his bag but wind.
European powers have accord
ed Japan a free hand in China.
A meal of stuffed turkey is good
but yum yum!
Men are queer animals. They
lie before election in forecasting
the result, and they lie after
.ward in explaining reverses.
Having lost his pugilistic belt.
Jack Johnson may now retire
from beneath his plug hat with
out provoking international com
ment -
Evangelist Billy Sunday is to
purKy Chicago. Probably by
that time wireless communica
tion will be in operation with the
hereafter, and we will all be as
sured of uncensored reports of
hit victory.
Twisting 1 he Tall Of The
Golden Rule.
The Golden Rule is a good rule,
but we often twist its tail to a
It was laid down as a guiding
star to the faltering and way
ward footsteps of humanity. But
there are many feet in this town
that neglect to tread the goldtn
pathway of life.
It has been taught us at the
mother knee, 'preached to us
from the pulpit, fed to us in the
schools, declaimed from the lec
ture platform, and advocated
from a thousand other resources.
But there are local ears that
hear not and eyes that refuse to
see. - ' .
The tail of the Golden Rule is
receiving some vigorous twists
In this town.
Often we are asked ' by some
iuimur w yrracn inc uocinne
of buy home goods. We preach
it and it helps to enrich the
man who made the request
. That is good, for we believe in
patronising all ''local people
we like to see them grow we
want the money kept at home.
But when the same man whose
pockets we have helped to fill
end out of town for his job
printing we cannot help but pity
the isolation of the poor old
Golden Rule.
Some people make their money
In this community, enjoy life in
the community; educate their
children at the expense ox tbe
commtmity, and then buy their
goods from merchants who ..are
not in or of the community.
, It is some tug at the Golden
Rule, . , -
There are some people who
want the earth for what they sell
and then expect to receive some
of their own purchases for less
than cost And the Golden Rule
is helpless forgotten kicked in
to discard. :
A few people make a practice
of parading their own virtues
and sneering at the frailties of
their neighbors. -
Some want to hog everything
in sight, tho the less fortunate
experience the gnawing pangs of
hunger. ,
Ofton we see a sanctimoni
ous countenance in church while
the mind within is devising
means of skinning others out of
their hard earned dollars.
The Golden Rule?
Why, the poor, decreet old
rule is strangling three hundred
and sixty- five days in the year.
Its coat of gold has. turned to
rust, and the once sparkling wa
ters of its purity are stagnant
from disguise.
The Golden Rule?
Can you point to a- bouI in all
this wide world who in all things
does unto others as he would
have them do unto him!"
Possibly we, too, are twisting
the tail of tho Golden Rule when
we publish this article, for we
are telling others of their faults
when we have many of our own
which we too often forget
And yet1 we repeat, the Golden
ule ia a Good ruler
We may not walk steadfastly
in -accordance with its teaching,
but we may at least practice a
portion of that which we preach.
We may accord to others a slight
degree of that, which we demand
for ourselves.
We may even trail along in the
shadow of the Golden Rule,
though.our steps be faltering and
our limns are weary. 1
Far we are but human, and no
human being of today is perfect
Yes, the tail of the Golden
Rule receives many twists, yet it
is the tail that never knows dis
join tment
The defeat of Jack Johnson re
moves a dark cloud from the pug
ilistic horizan.
The State of North Dakota has
begun to put into operation a
plan which should bring thous
ands of new settlers within the
next year. The legislature has
appropriated $60,000 for the pro
motion of immigration in the
next two years. R. F. Flint
commissioner of agriculture, haa
given an impetus to the plan by
asking the cooperation of all the
country newspapers in the state
to induce their readers to write
personal tetters to old friends
"back home." Those farmers
who are well situated and who
have prospered are urged to
write their friends and relatives
in the older states, in the cities
of Europe, too, telling them of
their success, of the resources of
the state how they raise corn,
clover, alfalfa, cattle and hogs
and in fact, 40 try and induce
those friends to brfak away from
the cities and the older commun
ities and settle in North Dakota.
The plan seems to be a good
one and doubtless will result in a
greaWgain in the population of
North Dakota. But the plan
need not be confirmed to tht
state atone. Any prosperous
rural community can .benefit
itself if its energetic men ami
women will help to spread tha
ffosoel of country life. Almost
every one of our readers
think of some friend or relative
now struggling along to some
town or city who, if transplanted
to a modern, f arm, . would be
hearth ier, happier and mora pros
perous than they are at present
Let our readers, try tha North
Dakota plan. Writ to your
friends, tell there what yo are
doing and what you mean to do
The Avenue of Commonwealths at ths
Wonderful Panama-Pacific ;
; Exposition
If tb iranDi of Commonwealths at the Panama-Paclnc International
Bxpoaldoii. Crowds paaalng
balldlnc. which Is om of the
EipoaittoQ si Baa ftmaeteo.
point out to them that farming
today is not what fit was 40, 80
or even ten years ago. Write to
your old home town newspapers
and let your old friends and
neighbors know how well you
are getting on. Pass a good
thing along. You wiM be doing
your friends a favor and you will
be helping tht community, or
better still send the -lone Journal
for the coming year.
lgislat to aStand Still
That has been the condition of
the United States for the past
three years.
In Ave years 62,000 new laws
and 65,000 high court decisions
were enacted and rendered. '
There has got to be less legis-terminjl 8tation here on way j
lating and more, fleliberttton - from Penacoia( FllL( toChristian
aboutpassmglaws before busburgi VlL( where her fatner
ness can possibly revive. - Hawaited her. She weighed just
Presidents Roosevelt and Taft
when In office both declared Sen-
ator Root was the ablest man
American public life.
Senator Root told the New
York Merchants Association the
other day that making of laws
by Congress and State Legiala-
tures had grown to be a gigantie.tion, and a hand-full of dislike.
excess and danger.
Over a long period we have
been making the mistake of
measuring th capacity of a con
gressman or a member of the
legislature by the
number of i
bills he could put through the
two houses and cap with execu
tive approval.
A member returning after the
session without several new laws
to his credit haa been looked up
on as uninfluential and a failure.
In the future the legislator
who helps repeal laws, who votes
to kill new bills, snd who gets
no new laws will be most highly
' Senator Root intimated that
the public is largely responsible
foe this appalling multiplication
of laws, and his indictment w
For Sals Rolled Barley at tht
Interior Warehouse Com Dan
at lone, Oregon, J E. Swanson
gent i If
AtUeboro, Mass. The services
at tha Christian Church last Sun
day were unique in that the pul
pit was occupied by the twin sons
of the regular castor. The boys
art studying for tha ministry.!
' ' " 'i i -
Mount Morrison, Colorado.
John Brisbane Walker, former
magazine publisher, now retired
to. a Colorado aetata, haa offered
a aite of 40 acres here for a home
for aowsfMpennen. ?
' Chleagsy IlLTha yaaroat
closed has aeaa leas railway eon
stroction than any year sines
189ft whan tha whole country
was) "broke. " Uet year saw
only 1500 miles of new railroad
built - , i
. .
before tb beautiful. New York Stat
laott ot to Mat SuUdlncs tbe bug
Prescott, Ariz. The ostrich
farmers in the Southwest have
been offering 150 of the birdi at
$5 each. -with few takers. The
feather and plume market has
disappeared. It is likely that
the birdB will be turned loose.
Denver, Colo. Buffalo Bill has
relinquished the title of Colonel,
and henceforth will known as
General William F. Cody. He
has been appointed Judge Advo-
jcatcGenerfll of the military
forces of Wyoming by Governor
Sayannah, Jar Wearing a pla
card on which was her name, 1
destination and 15 cents in par
cel post stamps,- six-year-old
Hrlna Nnff nnflHpH thrntich t.ha
under the fifty pound limit.
Sure Cure for Love,
Take an ounce of sense, hulf
a grain of prudence, a dragm
of understanding, one ounce of
patience, a . pound of resotu-
Intermix them -all
fold them up in the alembic of
your brafii'for twenty-four
hours. Set them on the slow
Are of hatred, then strain them
clean from the dregs of melan
choly, sweeten them with for
getfumess, put them in the bot-
them down with the cork of
sound judgment and: there let
them stand,, fourteen days in
the water, of cold affection.
This reoeipt, rightly made and
properly applied, is the most
effective remedy in the uni
verse,' and was never known
to fail. Von may procure the
ingredients at the house of nn-
derstanding,in Constant street,
, i - i j I
nial, in the town of Forgetful
ness, in the county of Love-no-more.
A Nation's Game.
The Nation's gam Is aow fa tway,
Tie baseball on the diamond;
and dot or uv t)s will lar.
The teat rH and eat almond. j
The mall fma alt npoa tha fenea, '
Or pee ta through the knot hole.
Aad IX they're aked- to pay the peace j
i dt vmu tne Bimvera taapoiea.
The ataea are draaaad ta dlffareat
Their eolor wMety waTerhit.
Aad whea lh people get the aw - -Their
hearta ar almply ravins.
They eaanot wait to hear the aoora
That maNMri are aettlaa
Oa bleyele from wire to Mora
When and boya are betttew.
Tbe clrl alt la the aw grand ataod
Aad yU far their awa how lan.
Aad peaaat wavo ta time ta band
With lip apart and epaa tat
The game I doaa, oar team ha woaw
Tho boya reeelvlBg araat aDolaads:
Bat aooa they bo aad have ptor fan.
By wlaala otbor gam and laada.
Notica For Publication -
bJrepvtaaMi of Um Interior. U. 8.
Land Ow at Tb UaUoa, Oreoay
We have just re-1
ceived a large .
line of -
andean supply your
needs in the latest
styles . of the ' well
-known : Gotzian ,
" Shoes.
Bert Mason
AH kin a of light and heavy hauling done at very reiMhaile prices
Independent Dray Line 1
, P. J. Linn, Proprietor
K. E. Forbes, Prop r'lT
" ' ' lone, Oregon - ' '- V ff.
Now is the time to
'get jdar akln and boxe, and hack itulM. Hotm Hhnelne vt
la oue of my Hpeclaltiei. BluckMiiltlilnu; and st-ueral repair ,
work ban tMt my hobby and every job la given Hiiict at-
tentfon. Tire aettlog and, automobile repair work don . -
John H. Wilt,
Marcb St, 1915. tJ , '-
Notice 1m hereby given that Thomas
ttt anxhatt, of Cecil, Oregon who.
on April 98. 2U12, made Home
Htead Entry. No. 10227, for Lot -
whip 1-North, Baotn 23-Eat. WH1-
nmeHe Mert llao , ha filed notice of
Intention to mate Final Three Tear
Proof, to establlah claim to tbe land
ubare deecrlbet 1. before Beglater &.
KecelTer U. S. Land Office, at The
Dalles, Oregon on the 6tb day -of
May, 1915. Cltiiniant names a wit
newea: M. V. Logan, Henry streeter,
H. Franl W'Aodcoc. Begiiter.
- 44-48
NotLce For Publication
Department uf the Interior, tJ. 8.
Land office at Tbe Dalle. Oregon t
March n, llfi. Notice hi hervfy
glTn that Janw M. Lawler; of 1270
Corbett St., Portland, Orson, who.
on Mar h 1ft. ISIS, made Homntead
No. oioowjor hwt, Section
4, Tot nin4p -North. Rnre 21 Eaat
WlllasiOtte llerldlan, haa filed notice
of late) itloa to make Final Three
Tear I Tool, to cetabllah claim to Uw
land e hove deacrlbed, before Reg-uter
and R eceiver U. 8. Land Office, at
Tha I Mllea, Oregon, oo. the fitb day
ofMii 1SI5. Claimant name a
wttOMoea: Frank L. Peareo, of Cecil.
Oveajoa, T.J. AoBbnts. "COectL Ore
Rna. Boyd Lofcan, of Cecil, Oregon.
Uo " Hopra, of Hargap. Ofegoa.
dS-O H. Frmak Woodcock, Regiater
U be Coanty Court of the State of
' Oregon for Morrow Coanty
Tl i the matter of the ) "
r ate of Mr KM.) Citation
woolrry, Decejwed. )
T o Frank Col via, QreeUor
1 4 the name of the fttata of Oregon.
Toj are hereby cited and required to
PI war la the Coaary Cowrt of the
H teof Oregxia roe tb Coaaty of
Mc rrow, la tbe court roota of aald
ort. hi the Croat? Court Home ta
H -ppaeaOwma, a Maytbe3th
o'-cloek p. M. of aald day, the aad
Ut ere to ahow ewoaa tf aay ,Uwr be
wl jy the petittoa ot tb admtatrmtor
a r aa otder ot U of the follow) oa;
eh crlbed real eatat beeaagtep; to
dd aatate. to wM: Lot On 1 of
B lock Thro i of Oar Klchth )
. Orkoon
lone, Ore.
Addition to the City of lone. In mid
County anu State, together with the
tenement hereditaments And a
Iiurteiiancrs Phoulil not' be granted
ai pnijed for, aald property eold at
private eale fnrcnuh all In tbe man
ner provided by law and subject to
the confirmation of the conrt.
WiTNicm, Tbe Hon. CvC..lattraont
Jude of the said county court with
thmfH A mfcld ort-attnchefl this "
15tb day ol April A. D. IMS.
' 8ltAI, ' .- '-
4751 J. A. Waters, clerj. v
Barred Plymouth Roch
eggs for Hatching. Pedigreed
Belgian Hares and Pigeons.
send( fbr our prices and dis
criptions. Oregon Cameau Co.
Bqc 279. Portland, Oregon.
H. J. Hamlet, Manager. :
C. B. Spcrry
Fire lnkuranca and Notary Public
I, O. 0 F. Building- lone. Ore
Ion Lodtfe No 135 IOOF
Meets every Monday night in
their hall, lone, Ore.. C. B.
Sperry, N. G. W. Reitman V, G.
E.T. Perkins, secretary. Visit
in brothers cordially invited.
Dr, C C ChicK
rhyMlcian and Surneoa
Dku Ktor - ' loavOasooM
, k 'DaaUM - ; ;
It. lona-JfoUL, loaet Orogoa
Kna p pombers; QX J ohnson
Attrneya and Cownaellor '
at Uw , ' ',
f Mam IN. ; XWrt&TmM&K"
F. H. rXoblneon
Attoraey at Law
Prtetke ta all StateOoorta
and D. 8. Fednal Departsaeata,
MAiatrranr ' ioB,Oaaaoa 1
1 1 y-