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. sVieatlne Apple Outturn Wilt Be Ay
. plied Marina Dismay. - .
. Salem The Salem Fmit Growers'
- 'Unn i promoting a plan of develep-
,'iag a. model orchard of 100 mm pear
" 33aJem. The orchard ia to be devoted
-., . ta apple ud the tree are to bo
. reared under Bottom scientific meth-
oae. tm company WU- laveet to sort-"-
-able land Bad her it put ia to high
' state ef cultivation by early spring,
- -whoa it will be planted la the beat
varieties of apple nnder the wpw
. vision of one of the ablest bortUol
' "tnriaU obteiaable.
Since tkia DroiMt has been anitatod
, It itt aJeo become' knows that a largo
eastern syndicate ia quietly taking op-
uh on M'oru wnaiM acres u juaa
" within 10 Bailee of Baleaa. If the
'. try Quantity can. be secured and- this
, foot w aow practically ecrtaia, these
. Hands w411 all be aimilarlj treated. Too
. trait, however, will aot be confined to
. -apples, but the land will be planted to
whatever frait it ia beet adapt to.
Tkia navamani la ana tit tha Bast
- important ia the history of the frait
; . -development ia alarum county, and
will so muca tewars - eavaacuig im
: rfreit Interests ia tat. Willamette al-4
ley. - The method of tain syndicate ia
-to eeS the orchards la aaull traete to
ooox roads rom mabion. -
'.BSg Maes Meeting Win
. Batons fat This Puxsoe.- ;,
. Salem Merlon county is ' to hav
good roada. A moventent has been
-started to iatereet the people of the
-entire eooaty ta a eaaipaiga ror better
- highwnTa. To seeure the widest e-op-e
ration, a mass meeting has been sailed
- for December S, 9 and 10, when farm-
. -era and bueiaeee mea will seriously eon-
-aider the adTaaeesneat of the eouaty,
, tha building -np of the rural eommuai
- tiee and the gataeriac of foads to fur
' taer the work.
Already eight road dlstrieU are aaak-
lag special lOTies of taxes for road
buuding. They are seatterea well otot
the eoanty, showing eometking of tk
laterest ia ta KkoveaMnt. -
- . Tt tm hlfaMl that Miataa
will see an unparalleled development of
good road building ia Marioa eoaatyiport of the free public schools of the
For this reason a good start is desired,
-and tha o -operation oi every maa la
the county is earnestly sought.
h x no principal vuunrai m inv m trying
. funds for the promotion of parBuaont
i mu mi. xoim b mm mpuiwrn
an it f probable that there will bo
idoa aAvannml whleh nrill ho it won
' derfol vain ta every one.
There are W road districts In th
. oounty. Each of those districts has a
supervisor, aad it Is probable aearly air
of the supervisor will be here. The
meeting 1s for every maa ao matter
whajt his occupation or his Standing la
4k MBBill an -iiatm mm ha la La aw-
. acted in mad bailding.
"j Maw OetveraaleBBV 'w'. '
td ia sao ottee of the secretary of
, state as follows:
AStone ijoage, rra..iau, Bevoie
aad Protective Order of Elks;, uteef--potatora,
K. J. Pilkiagtoa, J. 0. Clintoir
W. C. Laws, .9. J, Carney aad F. a
o. -
Bijou eompaay; prrnerpa! eAee Port-;
: laad; capital stock, 9A000; neorparat
ra, Q, A. Metnger, X I Cohen aad
: Helena F. Adamsea. -' ;
r- Portland 0tat4onery Woodenware
ebmoaBV: Driociaal ofllee.' Pertlandi
nitl V at!U)nnn- iaxnimUia
. C. D. "Bruua, T.
Charles C. Da ocas .
Walweo Buiat aad;fi9fn if per ton; eastern Oregon, fl8
' - ' . '. , .
hTatai-isi fjoanaxnnnlaa. ' ' '
8.1cm -Notarial eommMoa bavejg??; f g1,"" '
been ierhed to Bea M . Pattonoa. Cornu
copia; Joe kt. Flaherty, Lebaaoa; T. J.
nfcClarv, Ootoe: A. C, Morgan, Morgan;
John W: Oliver, O. .U Webb, laaas
Sweet, M. A. M. Ashley aad Alice Af
ter, PorUandi M. Laagley, . Forest
Grove; T. T. Bennett, Marshfteldf J. U
Campbell, Olendalo; Bartlett Colo, H,
Y. Conner and D. J. Forbes, Portland;
Walter J. Logos, Nebalaai; Sum eel O.
Whale, Cove; B. D. Whitiag, La Oraado
XoBoy Park, The Dalles; . W. Haiace,
.Forest Orov; C W. Corby, Newberg,
and Lot L. Paaxoa, Salem.- . . y .
sfev Tiliphnaa Um 4m$t. 1
' Ontarie-Th aow independent Ma
connecting Ontario with Borne, Drewoey
and Harney, a distance ef 150 miles, is
now completed, and Manager E. A.
Frasor, of the ML M. eompaay, area the
first maa at this aad of the line to talk
aver the long diseaaci Una. This sew
aow line aow givea direct. om ma ni fa
tten between atari, Vale, Westfall
Beulah, Drewseyi Hnmey aad Baraa. -
SalenOearaor Bensaa amd Dr. tt,
E. L. ftteiaer, snpenatonaewt of the i
state sy lorn for tha laaaaa, at Balam,
arrived at tha eapitol from tha aauth,
where both went early but week to oa
y a short daah oboothag trip am ta
const at Winchester bay. at the anrata
af tao Varpmm river, to.Deagjaaawaaty.
Bear Factory at
Klamath FaXs W. P,
Boraes to ea-
tablishing a box saetory
tka deae.
wbero bo eainoea to ass the eatewt af
tha Meaaaw Luke milL TVe panat wml
tow VBMW faat ed
bsarch rom on xbbps tjf.
Milhaeg Oouaty Kay
. - - neti la
Wee. ; . ,
'; rr.i t at vniu.. ji.
Uatim Katioaal bank, of Union, stated
that be ia ooit uertaia that ell will ba
diseovered la paying aaaatitiee ia Mai-, th traffle.
hear county, whre h bae Just beaa to 7twt tk, kamilU " !?
jjekiato the o.l roepoeting going mj" Seattle,
'8.VB .at of laeerporated oil d l-iiS
Mi; rnimn.nU.' in U.ll.. .). . WOSUra lTlSOa BOIBU ST
atsted Mr. 5Vilbur, "ar drilling stead
ily day and- night at dapths varying
from 600 to 1700 feet. After a reseat
thorough examination by Cheater Wash
burn, United State oil seoloffisW he
atsted positively that, ia bis estimation,
Malheur oouaty weald ia -time ba the
largest oil-producing leld ia the West.'
If oil is found la the quantities ex
pected by Mr. Wilbur, he. thlak it will
be piped to Portland, aadwill thus aid
in developing this part of the state, as
well as the plaee where rt ia diHoverod.
The discovery of ad, Mr. Wilbar de
elarss, will aid ia th reclamation of
mueh arid laad ia Eastern Oregon and
Idaho, as cheap fuel for pumping the
seeesaary water wui taea bo available.
Taller f Onaaxoav r ,,
The Bogae river valley now has seme
of the largest orchards la Ore iron.
Thousand of aorco are givea to aoples
aud peara, the latter having beea very
proltable ia recent years. Oa ef the
largest orchards w tha valley, U aot
the largest ia the state, is that of the
Western Orchards eompaay. aousistina
of 1060 acres, all set to yoeng trees.
The farm onanists of 1700 seres, all af
which wiU ba set to trees within the
next few yean. Next spring 300 acres
will be set to apples aal pears, the laad
having received epoojnj eultivatioa thii
year. The orchard aow represents
240,000, and is owned by men ia Chi
cago, who became interested ia. Oregon
fruitgrowing a few -ears ago. J. A.
Westerlund, aa old railroad mas, if
manager of the property. . -
Schools Oat Mora Moaey. :
Ashland Taxpayers of Ashland, at a
special School meeting, voted to raise
over 20,000 by special tax for th sap-
city for the ensuing year. Tkia is in
addition to nearly 1 10,000 estimated re
eetpt from the state aad county fond,
and includes a provision for the inita.
latwn of deportments af manual train
ing aad domestic science in toe echo to
for the coming year. The total taxable
property of the district is aearly $3,
000,000. One addition! grade and one
more high school teacher ar provided
ror ia the estimates tor aext year.
Kowaort laort of PaeL
. Newport With wood all aranod us
dry wood cannot be had ia the local
market. Dealers asy thoyeanaot act
saeagh eat-ia the summer to last during
the winter, yet then ar people who
complain that - there w ao work, to be
had. Dealers offer good wages to wood
cotters, but few there arc who tare to
labor, r .
- " .-oaa-aaaBana--- - f "
Wheat Track prices: Blacstetn
l.l$t slab, tl.03; red Bassisa. fl.OlU;
vIJey, Turkey red, 01,04 1 forty-
fold, gl.04.
Baj-Uy Feed, $S6Mt brewing S.i
dot tea.
Com Whore, 088.50; craeael
per ton.
OstsNo. 1 white, $3131JW rr
Hay Tlmetfcy, ' Willamette valley.
xi; alfalfa, lfla 19.50; clover. glSlS;
jeneat, graia bay, 18)16. .
1 Fresh Fruits Apples, Ml6v per box;
QM par box; eras barrios, $(S,9M
per Darret.
PetateeoOregon, oOffiiTOe per aaek;
sweet potatoes, Je per pound.
- Vegetables--Artiehokea. 78 nor den.:
beans, 10 per pound; cabbage, (n t
per 4oanl; celery, gJ.75 por arato;
horaeradisb, 910a per dosaai pump
kins, l(R)l4ej apronts, So per poamd;
squasa,; tosutoos, 75ei
Sack Vegetables Turnips, 7&efrfl
por sack; carrots, 1; beets, $i M; sota
began, 1.10 por sack; parsnips, ft 1.26
. Onion OragoB, 1.50 par Back.
. Butter City creamery, extras. 86e:
fancy oatoido ereamery, ndiHAt .per
pauad; atero, t2pZU. (Butter fat
prices pvorago 1H per pound eader
regular batter pricea.) -4 '
. Eggs. Freeh Oregna, extras, 45c per
ooxen; eaatera, ssfcrnnc per oaxea.
Poultry Hens, llWffilSHei eprlaga.
isficiaei roosters, 9:a ioe; Mks, laya)
ll fMM. 112l tarkeya, live, 80s:
areneed, la. 7
Perk Fancy, 10c per poandV '
Teal Extras, 12&12H per pound.
Oattlo Beet stears, H-XXaHM; fai
to good, 44J5; mediam ami feeders,
4W61,71; beet cows, 3Jo.T:
AS.75; eammoa to mod turn.
X.90WI.79; balls, HHtVtJHT: . sia
fS.904$3.BO; calves, light, &15SJH);
heavy, aW4.78. '
Hega Bess, feVott.l mja llsm TJ0
&TM; Stoeken, 44.T5.
Sheep Beat wethers, 4.9k4.78;
fair to goad, a.7S4; beat owe, tx.75
cA; fair to geod, 3JOS.78i lamba,
HMM. , -
Hope lavs) tram, lftdMSe; IMS arap,
aamiaalj 1S0T trap. Its; 10 arop, Jo.
Weal Usstsv Orogua, 1VJ per
poaaeV ataamtraiee, fdhj peaad.
Order PraocpUr Obeyed kg 800 MB
' Ttooon Northwest. -
St. Paul, Dee. L After IS days of
eegotiatioa between the Switchmen's
union ef North America aaa the 4)iut
) committee of railroad managers, repre
aenting II milroada of the aorthweat,
. a etrik Involving 8,300 switchmen be
f M iHVgen on aToti t e'eloek last night.
i ar eatntared bar railroads
'raaaiag wat aad aorth
of St. Paul
mmif .peodily settled, the
strike will meaa a aerioaa iaterruptbw
I Paaaeager trains srifer aeeessary are
being mad ap by- terminal saperia
teadeats and their aaaJsUats.
.The railroad manage ra charge that
the strike order is a violatioa of the
spirit of conference pending to obtain
arbitration under the Kidman law.
The switchmen declare the railroads
foreed-the issue.
Tha demaada af tha swirchmea are
for double pay for Buadaya, holidays
aad overtime; an advaace af 60 seats
a day of tea boars ia the wages of
switchmen, switch teaders, tourermea,
engine herder and assistant ye re
masters! a modilestlon of the rule Pro
vidian; for tha payment oi peaalty la
ease of falrnr to permit swiUhmea to
secure their meals la tha middle af
their shift at a stated period, which
eoatemplatos double pay la eases where
it became aceeaaary to work a portion
of the meal hour, aad tha elimination
of the physical examination and th
ago limit placed ape switchmea ea
ts ring the asrviea.
Both aides to the dispute Issued
statement tonight That of th mil-
road managers declares that an Is
crease of I ccnte aa hour, or SO cants
a day, was offered by tha railroads ia
tarritorv weat of Billings aad Havre,
Moat- but declined. Farther increases
were refused, the statement says, be
ef switehmoa had beea is
previously and now avenges
mora than (M00 a asoatk. The rail
roads say tha etrik order was Issued
while a conference with TJaited State
Commerce Commissioner Koapp end
United States Commissloaor f Labor
Neill, looking to arbitration under the
Krtman act, was pending. Baa faith
in.anlliBf th etrik in charged.
Oil King Oaaraod to Poll Assssrrai ar
Cleveland,' O., Dee. 1 Anting upon
information given by a man who ssid
ha-wverheard a conversation ia which
Slana to assassinate Joha D. Bockc
cller were discussed, the police guard
ed Forest Hill. Rockefeller' home, all
night. The lnfonnation was given by
Sawyer Smith, of Miaervu. O., who
aaid ba board the plot discussid by two
mea at Allmnoa, O.
Smith, who is a lumbar dealer, said
that while visiting ia Alliance Sunday
night he accidentally came near t
mea near a railway track. He heard
the men- plotting against Rockefeller,
and said they declared they wore to
bo well paid for either killing or kid
aaoiaa kim. ; '
It was agreed "by them that tt would
be easier to kill, and th reward woald
be Us sama, Smith any. It is believed
that ia eoBsaqnenc' of this waralag
Mr. Boekefeller decided net to attend
church banquet last light, at which
be was to have spoken. Mr. Boekef!
ler left today for New York.
Mug's Agwato Are Witboat Aataortty
to Oolloct Taxan.
London, Deo, L The house of lords
tonight, for tha frst Uses in 800 years,
refused ita formal asseat to the bun
get, thereby nuking it illegal for the
king's agents to collect taxes with
which to carry oa the government.
This action of tha neon- eras token
in direct disregard of tko advice of
each Imc numbers as Koesbory, Mar
ley, Lord James af .Hereford, Lord
Cromer, Lord Balfour of Burleigh, the
Earl of Lyttoa, Lord Courtaey aad the
Archbishops af UaaUraury aad of
York. . . o
Tha budget will new gar before tao
eoantry for its approval or rejestles;
that is, the crown, through the mints-
try, will dissolve the hoses ef com
mons and order general election.
Whether she s. racial Hbural bowoe and
ministry shall ba sustained ib iasistiag
oa tha budget will bo the iasae tat th
eeatoet at th polla. . .
Babels Dafsss Big P
Colon A wiralees dispatch received
from Btaeeeid says: After tva houre
of lahthur rosterdny tOO aavwlawoa
irta ander Oeaarnl Metaty defeated
100 fevornaMM treopt under Pea era!
Zaaaaaa la the meaataias abeva Bajanr.
Several standards aad a aantfty ef
arms and ammunition fell into the
beaee ef Geaerel Matuty wbaa the
govern mi at treops witadrow. The
Zelayea troops loot W men hilled aad
many weaadod, while the fevorattoa
ista, who fought behind boulders aad
ether pretoctioae, wot 80 ams hilled. -
Maw Terb A nrk-jrlthln i 1,000 ef
the retard was aaid Tbdnr far a anal
oa the New York Steer . It
beeagat f4,000 ns agaJnet the fseerd
agure ef gNjOOS said for a seat sev
eral yuan earn. The lata B. H. Harrt
ii seat am geld to Robert H. Lodb
far SMdw emry turn weekssms. Since
: - Mooaay, Deeambor .
Washington, Dee. . When the sen
ate was called to order 81 members
rssponded. Practically no business weal
transact by aithar haaso, aad as a
mark af raspoat to the late Seaator
Martla Johnson, of North Dakota, the
upper, house adjourned after being ia
aessioa only 13 minutes.
Brief as was the ssneto's 18 minute
aessioa, it was enlivened by bb unsuc
cessful attempt on the part of Mr.
Bailey to defeat the passage of the
usual resolution that the daily cession
begin at noon, that the
senate should convene n.atead . at 8
o 'clock. Mr. Bailey said ho would
like to see the so note bold night set
ions that senators might devote the
lay to individual Imiinisa
The house aessioa continued 40 min
utes, ia which W. W. MeCredie, aow
representative from the Second Wash
ingtoa district, who aaeeeeds the late
r'rancie W. Lush man, was sworn in.
Although only 841 members responded
to their names, almost a full member.
ship appeared oa the house Boor,
The followian: bills were introduced:
Corner, Pa., to investigate entire cus
toms service, particularly ia regard to
the sugar frauds; Hitchcock, Nebras
ka, for the oatablishmeat af postal
avian banks; Man a, Illinois, for fed
era! regulation ef, the "white slave
tiade," aaother by Mr. Mann for free
admianioa of wood palp; Hamilton,
Michigan, to grant statehood to New
Mexico aad Ansoaa,
Resolutions of retaeet for the mem
ory of Senator Joaasea, of North Da
kota, and of Representative lie Ar-
mond.and Lasaiter, who-died ia the
recess, were adopted, aad as a further
mark af respect th two houses aa
joareed until noon tomorrow.
Says Oroos aad Oannon OosxaUtted If a
- Washington, Dee. i. Secretary Kaon
called oa the PresJdeBt today aad dis
cussed with him tit increasing import
ance of the struggle with Nicaragua
Neither ho nor the President naade any
comment for publieatioB oa the devel
opments up to date,
The gist af the controversy Is that
neither Oroeo nor Cannon committed
any grave crime cognisable by the laws
of warfare, aad therefor they were x
ecu ted illegally and savagely.
Thomas Jefferson, whea secretary af
state, mid dowa thw prinntplei
"No aMisea has a right to go to war
oa ms own authority; aad for what
he does without right ho ought to be
This, too, is considered good law by
the stats department, but how he is
to be punished is provided for as above.
That is to say, that there must be
execution without the eommissloa of a
grave crime.
If Greco aad Cannon, as prisoners of
war, conspired to escape, or If they
were spies, they could have beea shot
summarily ana) the United States sould
not interfere. Tha present ease is, I n
all the legal points of view, ana Jus
tifying the iatorventlon oa which the
United States goveramsBt is now en
gaged bjr President Tail and Secretary
Washington, Dec. 8. It Is naderstood
that the house committee that has beea
investigating the construction work aa
the Panama canal will prossat to soa-
green several deinito projects. Among
the most important, probably, will be
a proposal to abolish the present cans)
commission and substitute a chief engi
neer, director .and civil governor to
direct the -work nader the existing or
gsnisakioa. The member of the com
mittee are convinced, H is reported, that
the construction work- en the canal
would be expedited should Chief Engi
neer Ooetbala be permitted to proceed
with hm work fee - from hindrance by
the governmental red top with which
ha Is low surrounded.
SUy af Oossperg MandaU.
Waehingtoa, Dee, l-ladclnhe stsyfP1
of mandate to the eases of President
Goaipora, Bc-ond Viee-Presideat Mitch
ell aad Secretary Morrison, ef the Amer
ican red erst ion ef Leber, was treated
yesterday by the District of Colambia
court of tppeals oa account of aa ap
plication for a writ of certiorari. The
labor teaders are iader jail sentences
for eoatempt of court la violating aa
lajuactioa, Their ease bae beea ap
pealed to th supreme court af the
United States. , . -
Baton Must Ba Pail.
Wasblagtoi, Dee, 1 Tha right of
the I ate rata to tommereo commission to
fix railroad term i sal barge was de
nied by the United State supreme court
today la a doc Mow by Justice Brewer
in the- cane brought by the eemmiaelea
sgaiBst tha Chicago Greet Western aad
ether railroad with terminal ia (Jhi-
-. .. . .... , ...
Weehlnrtea, Dee. d.-Jokn B. Berly. 1
s eaeoldier, alleged by eeare aothor-1
ities to be a leper, appeared ta ae-!f
ingtoa last sight aaef today si resisted
freely abeat the tity. Taw afternoon i
tLSS T"'1 Tl
; iw . - -
- T Tf Jlf f- .
eeamagusB, uae. ao whm tee mcy-1
Paa for aba raovaaalaatma f the
navy hsaams euTostlve today, mny ef
the eheagen wiU not be made for several
weeks. The treasitiea wiU k gradual.
OcanaJeto OeautBsian awrvlee at OvaV
, Thirty-Two Years. , ,
; Washington, Dae, 4. Th United
States army last aa ef Hs bravest aad,
meat soaspleuoaa officers today whea
Major Andrew & Bowaa, who lately
has baea en duty at Pert Douglas,
Utah, we pieced oer tha retired list
alter more than Bra years' service.
Major Bowaa ie knows popularly all
over the laad as the "man who took
th mecsaae to Garcia." Her was a
Irst lieutenaat ia the Nineteenth in
fantry when his groat opportunity
cam during th war with Spate, Ne
cessity arising for the dispatching ef
a trustworthy messenger to General
Callxto Garcia to ascertain whether
the Cuban army sould co-operate with
the army of the United States, Lieu- -tenant
Bowaa was selected by Gcn
u mijv. uirai wan semewnosw im
the interior of Cuba, surrounded en nil
sides by the Spanish forces, aad aha
trip conseaaenUy was eaa fraught with
great daager.
Bowaa made hie way to Kingston,
Jamaica, thence overland to the north
coast of that Islaad, whr he slipped
awaV in a sail boat for she south shore
of Cuba, tan ding betweaa Oaaatannma
and Santiago. He made his way to tha
interior of th Islaad and found Gen
eral Garcia ia tha neighborhood of
Mansanille, Part of the time Bowaa
had passed as a Spaniard and part ef
the time as a Cuban. Delivering his
message, ho started to return, wall
aware that if ho aad beea captured ho
would have beea banged Ilk Nathan
Hale and Major Andre.
1.000,000 AOKXS FOB BJTTBT. ' .
awotary BnlUngar Boston Talaabls-
. Lead to Momtaaa.
Washington. De!"l-Aa esoeciaDv-
importaat ruling was made today by
Secretary Bellinger, of the iaterior de-
partmeat, whea ho restored to settle
meat and entry approximately 1,000,000
acres of land ia eaatera-Montana, which
was withdrawa soma time ago far the '
purpose of staking allotment ta the
Koeky Boy band of Chippewa Indians.1
There are about 150 members of tkia
Indian band, aad ia times past tbey
nave proven very irouoioeome. Tbi
fact eauaed the officials of the iaterior
department to awko arrasgemoata for
foot reservation. They are aow being. -
ivuaum uu ia atvatau, wmwtw tmmj Will
be cored for during the winter.
DKIIIBn am tva Mil piviif
notice of the time when the lands will -become
subject to settlement, which will .
not be prior to March 1. 1910. will ba
aiven in dna Unto. . a
Washington, Dae, t. Minister Can- .
trillo, diplomatic representative of tha
provisional government of Nicaragua,
today received a cable massage from
Provisional President Estrada, saying
ho had received proposals af surrender ,
srom wenor uaiocroa, representing res
ident Zeleya, The proposal was re
jected by Estrada. The message states
that Zemya's army aaa beea encircled
by the Estrada fore, aad leaves the
inference that nothing bat aa uneon
oHtoaal surrender would be sossMered. .
"' Laser POn AnmanL
Weshiagtoa, Dee. 1- In behalf of
President Samnel Oompera, Viee-Prest '
dent Mitchell aad Secretary Morrison.
or tne American reaerstion Of Jbor,
Judge Alton B. Parker today died a
final appeal to th supreme court of
the IT sited State from tha decision of
the supreme court of the District ef
Columbia or do rice- tha labor laadara
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Washington, Dae, 7. Robert F. Ca-
Ja resigned hlc posit a. pria ta
secretary to Senator Chamberlain.
James W. Beller, formerly secretory to
Senator MeCreary, of Kentochy, and
lately employed la the office of Socre
Ury Bennett, of the seastd, baa beea
appelated to succeed Capias, aad as
sumed bis duties today. Caplea will
leave sooa for Portland to ester the
real estate basiaess. -r V-,
isrstary at" Wee Sahauss maert
Washingtaa, Dee. 4. Bsiwtary af
War Diehiaoaa ia his annual report
made public yesterday reeommeads a
complete readjustment af United States
troops aad a comprehensive raorgaal
nation ef the army astablishmeat. He
any there is also a shortage of militia
organiastiea, aad a radical change ia
the system af shelUriag; the) army hi
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Secretary Ormsby McHarg, Vboec ree
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