The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, December 10, 1909, Image 1

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Morrow Gounty Is thfe Rfchett Gounty Per GapiU m Oregon.
toh U thft Best City In Morrow Gountyr
'fvVoLXUi No. -4?.
ionEv okkqOn. Friday, deokmber n, 1909.
Whole No. 668. f
Car Lbad
wta civer tenser a
' Honed
25 cents
- ' .... mM.Pt itvtfKRh i Peas'. -J t
I an cartainly than with thn funsy Hair tutting sad srnootli Shaving.
Us Jri toskcl 4 Bam-Tub la conacclloa.
The Best of AH
We have just received
of the well known Preferred Stock goods,
and ask you ed'give thtn; a trial, the.;
quality is guaranteedantl your money
will be refunded for any goocfs
' that donot prove satisfactory." ,
, Ca,ll at our store Saturday after- .
noon, andtest the goods, we
, - are willing to furnish free 7 C
samples, let you te jucgc. v '
BAlVCaSEN & wi
Portland Oregon ta a beautifully
. illustrated Monthly biagniine, It
Ore interested in dairying ,1 roll
if, poultry raising or want to
know about irrigated lands, timber
flandsor free goVeVnmeni .
jopen to homestead entry, The Pa
.eifie Monthly wtH give ybfffull in
' i formation. The prka. h SlQ a j.
. Offer No 1 Me Ctwre'i Mag-atine,
, s Woman'e Hoq Companion and
The Paeifte MeMnly OMting S4-)
' will be tent at a necial raU of &
Offer Ka 2 Mt Clara'e Magmaina,
.Reriew at tiawt arid -(he Pacific
'.Monthly coWIng. wiU be atm
'fatM.60 ' . V
.Offer Ko Srtorftan tile. Ideal
. Bona artd The Pacifta Monthly
.HI be aaat fat fl.
Order by aainber and rend yovr
yaadar.aocorhfianM by poeUl mon
, ey order for the aaMwnt to The P-
eifk Monthly ParUand Oragoia,
Sirtgle Cord
"25 cents
Canned Goods
a Well selected ;4in
"Well Irrigation for Small
frantu" is a publication jatt iasaed
by Hi General Passenger Depart
ment, of tlie Oregon Railroad and
5aTigtfon Co.,Bmd,Sonthertr Pa-
oifie Unn in Omvon.
TMi booklet Mtaforth In ft pract-
liaal oonciae way, 4ba pjuln1fitifl
for ptofltoinnpentireirrigaUon,
and ihontd be in the haadenl ery
farmer bi Oregon. . -
Conn4 may b nOtnied Tree an
apuiea'tion o Vm UoyMarray,
0inyralPeeabgor Agent,O lt.M.
and a.Pvtlneei Orgon Ponlmid
Oregnn. j. - v
. - 'L ' " " tn
subscfitci fpr Ihi
ay tar,
:' r- "
Tho city eleotton on Ttwl::y
pawed off at quietly at wuiatly
as oaoal, the foltoning cflicen be
ing elected; Clmi Sperrr, Paul
Balsigei and Afa4 Ric cmiu-il-men;Joe
U'uietr trenEirer,-C )J.
Pennington recorder and X J.
Carle niarshall '
There it a doubt lo Arcli'e
Rice betng able to qualify as lie
hue not been d reiident of the city
for two yenra. In caao hi electlrn
it declared roid the council will
elect aroanj&a&rc fur tho tetm.
Mr. jtlUnRor has ftiunlted tlie
Mill, tiwagjjirt hmice which he
naa been building on the Jordan
ranch near town; Which t'wy eo
lately purchased. .This bouse not
only reflect great credit upon the
ability of Mr, A I linger to do the
best of construction work but alio
uyon the modern and correct bear
ing of Messrs Mills nud Swaggart
in that of owning A modern farm
boose. Tlifi iiouqo la in' bungalow
style, ol 12 rooms, finely finished
throughout and modern n every
respect. Mr Allinger is perfected
in the doiitil trade of,oarpen(er
and plumbing ind has persoually
oven-en every mch of the, work,
doing the finer portions of it him
self. The result Is well weTth go
ing to see and W every f aVmeriin
Blonflw cottijty would so this flue
home the result pmiU be many
more of like nature. v.
Quaint tatlan TU ef the Temlita ef
tlw fthrew.
Tn Pema a wealthy man will often
bare a Mend of. whose society be Is
fond Irrtac la the boose with bbn. Ab
dullab was each -a frfctad to Aljr Kbaa.
a Tory wealthy and Influential soer
caant of lapahaa, wb6 wss delighted
witb bis ebann and'clevarness and so
pleased with bis serrkes tbst be
tboosTbt be- wooJd saeke a very good
son-in-law and wogBested bin as soeb
to bis beautiful daughter. Bhe was
eery everbearing and bad teaspered;
bat, tbinklnv that Abdullah was rather
good .looains. sbe agreed to H. Tbey
were married. Boon ale frtonds eaaw
h congratulate him, 1 among . them
Hoosssyn, wbo was knfirn Is haTe'
very Orerbearing and bad tempetvd
wife,' He eaML "I congratulate you en
your marriage,4 and then be asked the
bridegroom, "Are yon realty nappy
wtth a woman -who is known to fturve
such: a bad temperT 1 aesant yew
that she Is perfectly -eaarmlng and
(bat I am perfectly nappy 'May I
ask bow yen manage HT", .
-OsHatoiy enswwnd AbdntUa. tln
the mgbt ef the marriage I wens sate
ner apartments la full uniform with
my sword en. She did SM tike any
notice e me, bt pot on a anpercUlswe
ah and mads a parade at stroking smr
est 1 awletly pteked up her cat end
rat oa? his head with nry sword, ess
the hand la one Band, the body la the
ether and threw these oat ef the win
dow, hty wife was bwt dM
not show n Afmv a hbnn ok
broke nM aniUe aad has neaa a
H ismiya maC atfelgat basse (had
pad em his nuform and.weat satethe
ha fees. The dssaeetk pet earn to
srwt ham. He tfttad st wkh to hand
that was sterantamsd as caraas Jt,
sob ewevd.snd wtth a
caaitad ft At the
ssaals Mow da-
p ireerfve
Lttby hte
raerfved a' hww at
Jvon -bat red sas toe mtw Jl
Uo the amt gay am yen eeuM tola
aosne aWrrerad
arsBt and beforo he
..J ,,)..?; y
ii i -ii jLfcM'ji.gii
riMint RmI a. p..mi. 4: )
- .....
eently pabucly snubbMl hy Oeerge . ' HelOihday ol Nov. 10u n at, at this
tiould In the lobby at the West Sud Uw teHnwim-traet of land, to witi
hotel, la London. ' v :i NWtfNWK ae T.iN. R.23K.W.M.
Asa a rietd of BrattlHwra, Vt, .Any mAma claiming sdrarsely the
one of femDr of Ave ehlldreq whose fatovie-drscrlhwl lauds are advised to nle
sno agxregam eao years ' Tney are
eeattered from Vermont t. Oallforala,
3. W. Beers of West View, Pa., b
said to have one ef tee moat valoabU
ahortband libraries hi the world. ,i
Includes practically all the systems In
vented since tne year 17TO. . t
The new eommander of the national
goard ef PennsylTSUla, Major Oenersl
John A. Wiley, la a veteran ef the civil
war and commanded a brigade , af
Pennsylvania trooea fen the war wit
Probably no' maa fa central Maine
naa played the cornet at mere dasces
man George W. Banfnra. He In
horses boor and edge tool maker by
trade and has Ured In Grillterd sines
1880. , . . ... V
Lleuteaant Oraeta of the Prussian
army has started from Qsrman Bast
Africa tn aa attempt sa eress taat
Country tn no automobile. He ca trios
a maeainsrt, a eeek and a aattve
servant . .
Harlan 1. wuHth Is making a prelim
bury archaeological reconneMwanee -sf
Wyoming tor ue American wnsenm
ef Natural History. This state M the
center of an extensive geld unknown
arcbssologtcatty. V
Oovenor Vteat ytf Hawaii was m-
angarated recounr. Hott Imith has
enallftod as secretary 'of the territory,
a. HartweU as enmf yostice of tbe
snpreme cenrt and Judge Valine as
weaoclate ioetlce,
Jnoaa Oeorge A. QsrpeotBr Of ne
VJUsngo ysvenlie court deelated Sst'tne
mmch the otber day that tf the halr-
bruah were need mere een-iand net
on the hoad many of tbo oaaM -vfhiek
now occupy eo much of Ms nme would
never get Into court
The number of people fa Wtafbrop,
nV who barb lived to be more than
ninety years cannot be beaten by any
otber town of Its slse la New JCnglaod.
HUas Millar, aged ninety-seven; Oeorge
8. Fairbanks, ninety-two, and Abiel
BoMnson, eighty-six, recently celehrst
ad by taking ah antonmbUe ride. - ;
tt 0. Barrett proprietor of tbo Daily
Becord of tbe City of Mexico, has re
tamed to hie home from London and
baa decided to establish In tbe Brltlak
metropolis a dally newapaper along
the lines of tbe up to date American
dallies. He says be will Import rs
portera trained la American Journal
ism and will use American piwsaes.
tn a Quandary.
MoinWHe Is wagging Ida tall very
rxteaaly, bat he Is grewllng so i dou'l
know which end is beUae.-aUeB
Weakly. . . - ;
) : Met Hie AHHnde.
at eras duVolt to him eoinpewnt or
von sneesn patent help to Bdea Oenter.
and ho eemmaters la that htyllle spa!
had 1 1 iss 1 1 eeslgaatloa
-yasaasvH aald Hre. Crawford, 1
haveot saen emythliai of that man
who waa to mew -our town, Wbere
atoswasnpoesehetsr Taere, 1 betkjv
thafs he stow ever to kaawrt csvharuf
-la he sttadasayr to sab id ato
haaifaed- .
-," sasd ato wtfe, -tors II i
no of the beg trass htoktog to
Thau uasft he the maa," said Ur..UAj. .,u
-M be sMttog-a touajT
htfS. Hsnji in to her "Many steaee-
tos at aasBur Peopaa- seve of Arrst-
Ssswp Wkatoly: He wss wt
awaisss ef apa)aarasse. U be
and awssiisd
' (hwlated Tract (Kertel No lsjM8) -
v Public Land Sale.
U 8 Land Officii. Oallae, Oregon.
bpt. S2ndl009. :
notice ii hnhy siren I hat, aa dirt
W hv the CommiMloii-tr ol the GesenU
Land Office, nmler prortslons of Act qf
Consraw anpnivml Jnne S7, 1900, Public
No SOS.wa winoffwrat pnblie salSi ifi
nigne owaer, at iu K o'clock a m..
ihelrvlaimt, ot objection! , on or betore
M4aabov dmlftiatad for aa)
- ,-, ' ' . 0 Moore, Rogiiter. v
' ' W AKHIKtiTON, D.C, - : -
K10OK714W. A.M. - . .. ,
; JulrSO.101 .'. ,
pubuCglamm to settle-
hem and entry, :'......
Nmica is liei'eV "giVen Uiat the Acting I ;
eiieiaty of ilte Ijiinpor )a vacated do- (
lrtiaiUalor1tr af wilndrswal fa loflf
as lue tame JoVoia withdrawal tar
irrhtaiion fmrfmesnnder the aetof June -
17, 1102 (Sa Ktit., H8) for e in connee
ilnn wfth tho Umatilla Prf.Joct, Oregon. ''
A tlie foltna!fig described lands' In tlie
Htate of Orrgori, and by hie aathority
snch of stfiri iraeis have not been her' -
Utfoae Anally rtum-d awl are not othee
wise widiilrawii, reserved oiapprcpriat- ,
cd, wM be sulijet V sertleuient under
tbe pabHe4eid laws of iho United Slatis
onsndaMarOtfteiiarda, 1U09, but shal , ;
not be Bohjaet toantrv, aiingor selection
nntll NoTwbfT 15. the United '
States lend olHoe at T4te dnMca, Orvpon, -warning
bamgrwp'mely igiven vlat ne
person will be permitted lo nlnorosar. f
cite any rlslitwtiatevornn(ler.enyt?ttle .
mentoroceusanionlppgua after Jory aj; "
100B, and prior l Uclober 0, ISSW, wit
such. Hltk'Rnentcroctnpnlion being lur
biikJea. v
- , Willrtniotio Prlitcljiol llerldfan. v
T.VN., R. to K., kll ikt-s. 1 to 18, 31 to ,
oft ..,,1 u an . ' x W
T. 3 S..-B. V K ,.all Sees, i to ISfS '4
27Ml SMoftOlitd..
T.SK.f i, H all thit po tion te
Orctftitt- .. .
T.2NC30K.. all. : . ' ' .-..'
T. S Ji- SO t 0 1 li'at poiL'o Hi .
Orcsst -
T..IK., E.,all. - . -v
T. 3X..R. 51 K , elf Umt porlloa tp
t, S., n. S3., sll Sots, 4 to 0, 10 lo 21
and 8 to ft iut. y ; ,
T. 1 K , K. W K. ah Hues. 4, A, fl sn.1 T
aotfUi of UolnmUu Hlver and all Sees -
ft, M k, at aitil M tu l incl.
tf.V.iTiwodat, Avd'ig Oontiloncr ef i
the Gmierel Jjimi O'Hce, -
Frank, Pierce, First Auiitant 8 cert to y
of itfetutiriof.
6 acrdf ,nb(iut 7 miles from cent
er of Portland, i niilo from electric
cAr Uuo slntioir, ail well feiicvd,
ami In fiuq.feeariiig orclmnl, slo
all kiiitls Of berjicsand vcgetatiles,
8 room house yi'th Idilct, bntli, hot
and epiti wjtter, duo wen, tower
iaftk antl wind niHI. .100 high
frwds chickens, horse- end wngofit.
nisntr dteier Itnpleimmts, price
7600.00, will tamo 160 acres 6 1
good wheat land, fa emuJutiige (r
. . flare AO acres ol timber land, a
law lot "In best coast town in Ore
gon, and Vllraiteil amount of cakh
for this we srsut a small wheat
farm, ...v1' ' ' ' ; '
9 rootn well britK nonse "in -good'
mK of Rortland, 5wal00 lot. one
. . . ' ' Z.
irrery vjeoem, vni can ' ue maoe so
witb smaU'CKpettoa, price lAOOo-BO
will bike rn-c-tclisiige, good whsst
J land up to40p0.o WOOO.00
AnV onewjiTiliifl hitormatioiL
erwwrditig by of the ibcvt
-. h