The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, November 12, 1909, Image 3

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Coughs ,
Dangerous coughs. Extremely
perilous coughs. Coughs that
rasp and tear the throat and
lungs. Coughs that shake the
whole body. You need a regu
lar medicine, doctor's medi
cine, for such a cough: Ask
your doctor about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. .
Wa pub tub our formal
W. but Ik llHkDl
Ores our dlelnea
Wa arc Ja te
duo tor
Any rood doctor will tell you thatamedi
cine Tike, Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral cannot
rte- ks best work It tbe bowel ire con
stipated. Ask your doctor if be knows
anything better than Ayer's Pitla for cor
recting this sluggishness of the liver.
e tea J. 0. Ar Oat. IwU. HkHr-
Wltri the Wark Cam law1'
Un Bacon I understand your hue
Band ia Si work on a new poem? lira.
Egbert He la. Hee trylni to fat
Mint ma (a lint to accept 1U Tonka r
To fet rid of daughters, Beat Indiana
marry them te nowere.- When the flow
ers are dead tbe rlrla are widows, and
widows ou bo aold eheap.
A s Stare.
"Can you recommend me a young
Van of good staying- power?"
"Oh, yea. air. My damhter's young
S3 aa." Baltimore American.
Thousands of country people know
that in time of sudden miahap or acci
dent Hamlins Wisard Oil is tbe best
substitute for the family doctor. Tbat
is why it ia so often found upon the
shelf. '
Sns Mm PrtbMteiaSr.
' As tbe young man careened tbe
sfceek of his lady lor she draw away
"I think." she said Indignantly, "yon
had better see father flrat"
"Why. what do yon meanT" asked
the perplexed lover.
"Father." she replied, as aha nursed
her cheek, "is a barber." Buoceea
"J . ' it
Wear your tight shoes for fashion's
" anke;
Besides, tts lots of fun
two eoma with but a alngle ache
. Two toes that throb aa one. ,-
Ae a Man ef Jsstlss.
"Sir,"' one of your reporters referred
to me la your paper tbla morning aa a
treaty, drunken loafer.' I want
that corrected. It'a an Infamous elan
ter!" V
"1 see H la ' Tou are gaunt -and thin.
We'll eorrect It to-morrow. Good
Tswa with s-ejtare.
"Parte Is a wonderful center nf so
cial gayety and popular excitement."
Tea,"- answered Nr. Cumros
thoughtfully, ft should not be sur
prised If Parts anlabt one day otalsi
recognltton ne the Pittsburg of
Franoe." Waahlnaton Star.
. ' feaUTs tye Safes 10 Years OM.
relieves tired eyes, kfuickly cores tfn
aches, interned, sore, watery or ulcer
ated eyes. All druggists, or Howard
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
f Dlsttastlsau
-Col who? I don't think I ever beard
ef the man. What la there ae reaaark
able about Mint
"By George, sir. be a get the longest
beard la the State of Oklahoma, and
shaft saying heap, tet me tall yonl"
la assamtasT Dmlmr. -"DM
you ever try gmrdenlngr aeked
Mr. Croaalota.
"Once,' answered the aaan who al
ways has a discouraged look. "By tbe
time I bad read all the publication!
aeeeeeary te Inform me oa the sub
ject, the season for flower and vege
tables was ever." Washington Star.
Ptweewe ae "rami.
Under the figure of Proteus; the etd
sian who In many forme wae always
the eatne unpleasant euslomer. the sa
lients probably typlRed the aharga foe
bislcabs. New York Poet.
alee rrleeia.
Nan How e poor dear LO this
Fan She loehe dreadfully. -
' Nan O. t know thst; I'm ashing
yon bow ahe feels. .
Btew 1H pounds of prunes, pit them
and sweeten wltb a cupful of sugar.
Una a well-buttered padding dish with
strips of bread and butter or buttered
toast Pour in the prunes and flavor
with teaapoojiful at vanilla. Cover
with bread and butter strips and bake
In a moderate oven until lightly
browned. When done turn out. sift
sugar over It and serve wltb cream.
' Pleitleej Oaiosa. : '.- ' i
After peeling the onions throw them
at once Into boiling vinegar, of which
a quart Is to be allowed to a quart
of onions. In this vinegar there should
previously- have been boiled two tea
spoonfuls ot salt and an ounce of pep
per in the kernel. Boil the onions
about five minutes, put Into glass Jars,
and when cold cover or heal till wanted
.for use.
rile stepawea.
Somewhere in the pages- of hot
pleasant "Book' of Joys' Mra. Lucj
Pitch Perkins tells a delightful" atory
oijaer New ' England, clerical great
grandfather, who asm man of lagan
Ity and resources. She aaya:
He employed more than one devte
to secure wakefulness on the part of
his weary eongregitlon. Standing dur
ing the prayer was but one. of many
My grandmother used to tell us w4tb
pride of an la stance which occurred
at a time .when a new chnreh edlflet
had been proposed, and was nndet
warm discussion. Oreat-grandfatbei
thought this a worldly and unneces
sary sxpense, and emphaslxed his opin
ion by pausing in the midst of his ear
mon en a Sunday, saying impressively
as he Cied the somnolent members el
his congregation with a stern look:
- Tou are talking about building
new church: It eeema to me quite un
necessary, since the sleepers in the old
one are a!' -"
' Csssss Cers am J Tots a toss.
Cut the corn from four dozen fresh
ly 'boiled ears and add to them three
dosen peeled, ripe tomatoes, chopped.
Add shit to taste and put Into a porcelain-lined
kettle. Bring to a hard
boll, cook for a minute, then fill Jars
standing tn boiling water with the
scalding mixture, and, while these are
still overflowing, fasten down alr-tlght
eft Cars stela. -
For one pound of brown sugar allow
one cupful of milk, a tableepoonful and
a half of butter and half a cake grated
chocolate. Cook nine -minutes, take
from tbe Are and stir steadily At
minutes, bntot until too stiff to pour.
An absurdly worded statement of a
tact which was not in Itself remark
able recently tried the gravity of the
llatentra. It was oa the occasion, of
the- funeral of an elderly woman In a
New England town. She had left an
old mother, nearly 90 years of age, and
an only son who waa well on toward
The services were conducted by a
timid young clergyman, recently set
tled over the parish. Aftsr praying
tor many and varloua things, he said:
"And two, we especially pray that
the Lord will comfort and sustain la
their loan and sorrow. One la the or
phan, who, although no longer young,
la an orphan still, and must so con
tinue; the other le the mother, far ad
vanced la years, who has survived her
daughter, although considerably her
asnlorJ! 1
, Ejtrssd the Utah.
City 'Friend (spending the day In
latent an hiirM .Didn't It aver atrtka
Turn Into a buttered pea and mark In you that your servant is lmpsrtlnsnt
equares. This candy will be crumbly ly inquisitive
and rich.
Bubberbe My dear fellow, tfs only
the way of a privileged old family re
tainer, . Why, would you believe It,
Crass. sol Ra With Cassss.
Velt one and one-half tablespoon Ot tbat girl has been with us peer nve
weeks 1 Harper's Weekly.
butter, blend In an equal quantity of
flour, add slowly one and one-half eupa
of milk, stir until smooth, season with
a dash of cayenne, add one cup of
Duly chopped, cooked ham and tour
tablespoons of grated cheese. Stir un
til the cheess melts, spread on slloea
of toasted bread and serve at one.
Ohm Jades.
Stem twelve quarts of grapes and
put them into a large preserving ket
tle. Add two qusrts of water, bring
slowly to the bell and strain, pressing
out all the Jules. Return the Juice
to the are, bring to a hard boll and
pour, scalding hot, into bottles set la
hot water. Seal Immediately.
' -V wtsk Bbus- Caka.
Beat three qgga without separating;
the whites and yolks;, beat In one cap
i Wans Yes Walk.
Allen! Poot-Kaee U a certain tun roe fen.
fweatiiiK.'callui, and molten, aching feet. Bold
by all UrUMliu, Prlc 2Bc.
tuhatttute. Trial psckaae fBU.
UlanS. Ounsted, Laltoj, U. T.
won't Meept any
Seal la the Flat are.
Mllllcent What made yon refuse
Ifr. Wilder Invitation to go walking
with hlmT Don't you Ilk him?
Mildred Oh, yea. l like htm well
enough, but his red whisker don'l
look well with my new pi ah hat.-
Summervllle Journal.
Don't Cough! Use
VI 3 U.N
"I have) suffered with riles for thirty-
she year. One year ago last April I- be-J
and a half drsngar and halt n cap of takuni Caecareto tor eoo-t.p-tio.. m
nib - ... . . Eke course of a week I noticed the piles
began to disappear end at the end of six
weeks they did not trouble me at an
milk, alternately, with two eupa ot
sifted flour, sifted again with half a
teaspoooful of salt and two level ta
spoonfuls of baking powder. . -
- c . '
Select young okre, wash well, ana
cut Into half-Inch lengths. Put over
tho Are In slightly salted water and
atew until Under, drain, stir la a
great spoonful of butter, season with
pepper mnd salt and serve.
Caacsrets have done wonders for an. I
am entirely cured and feel like a new
sasa." Gsorgs Kfyder, Kapoaaen, O.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potsnt. Taala Oood.
Do Good. Marer Sleheo.Waakas or Grin.
10c. Uc, SSa. Narar old ia bulk. Tb raa-
aloe tabtot atampad CCU
Onto ot rest saoar bark.
- Karl Ihm, '
.Into a cupful of fine powdered saga
work" two Ublespoonfula of soft butter.
Beat until eoft and whit, then add
the Juice of a lemon and a little nut
meg, or any flavoring preferred. Set
a the ice chest to harden until needed
r. svnmxY
M OolumMa ' ' Portlnnd, Or.
Ks-Bsrer Cls
On csp molasses, two tablespoon
ugar, two good tablespoons lard or
batter, one teaspoon soda. Beat well
a little ginger, cinnamon, salt end ta
blsspoon vinegar, on cup cold watea
Tlour to thicken.
sUlass the aVrnga
Hse with,
sll pwrs lood U
rtaj mil Saw CsJMk
Oral a largo boot apple that ha.
seen pssied; add to It a pound of
chopped Oga and a small cup of sugar.
Boll all together te a pasta and keep
la Jelly glassis for ass.- -
walla MsvhssJa Oaks,
Three cops of sugar, ens cup of ban
tar, one-halt cup ot sweet milk, whites
of tea eggs, one teaspoon rul of baking
powder sifted with the flow.
PsMit Batter.
8 bell freshly-roasted peanut ana
grind these to a Ana pswdsr. into (hi
powder stir half as much butter and
rob to a smooth paste. -
When broiling halibut cover the natt
with minced green pepper. The easy
aoalng will bo bmnd to be delicious.
After washing the lamp chimney
polish H with dry salt U Shakes the)
glass bright and will pi si sen H bran
aakers of afAPUDOl
vurrtriwre. 1 Tfff MOST
cftMMst In thfl
, ndbcaus t
.Twwcs) Co. esMs. six
(arrto SpiftLam
' I Ttaw OmmimI!
15 Sl tSI
(aiguK SuawasdBoiAaf
The Kind Ycu Have
Always Bought
ness and (wstjConlaiBS tcahr
OpnmitapBjM nrtmcnL
aot narcotic
. r r
lownwayAamaT rT?BJ
Hon , Sour Stoma. IJtarrtw
and Loss of Slier
tbcaasai Skfttsmt ef
Bears tho A X
Signature yAjl
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrsppar.
ainless Dentistry
sna.fcwti.ri aiae
iw innwiua
ahin their pil
butilaafik 6"
lbd U oa aj
Oat of towa.SMp''
t mmnrt.
waiti i'm n a r
22k ftli ar (orcdiii
are. tar 3.5(
awUr Onasi B.Qf
SjMFUIIan 1. Ml
CaMMl FWaai 10
ahWrriUUn .6
labs FTIDase 2-6
Flat. 8.011
BMl . j,
PtMlMt Eitr-ike .60
PJ stoat JUtnation rraawhaa aUtaa or briJaa nt
ulnloai wort ana. uMtn.AH workjullr jtum
KatMl. MoaWm at.. trto aqplnMBi. bMm.ncak.
Wise Dental Co.
?sTB"Z PO ItTLAN 13 ,"oR E SON
amos aovasi a a. m. t a . at. SuaaA u .
C Gee Wo
Thi Cfalim Doctor
TWa wenojaM nan baa
aaada a I Ue atudr of tba
propartlaa of Roots,
Harba aad Barka, and
I rivtnm taa worM the
baaeatf ale
Net Msm'e Pwblvwv
OnarantMB to nif bjtsnn. AaMnaa, Lsav.
Stomach and Rtdnav tiviiblas, sad all Fihrsts
Pi of U BaadWoaMa.
laatiscahradfrasi Pakln, Cama-aaM, SMS
sadnUabls. Ufaillne la Its works.
If ran eanaM tall, writ foraympusi Mask
aa. ckeslar. Inctoaa 4 tsnU la taaasa,
The C Gee Wo Medicine Co.
tJH nrst L. car. MirrWaB. faHlasg. Or.
STaana an anfalHna watar awtr
saana taat ou will haT Ike
moat ormett-
oal Domaatle watar u ply yaUro now Is -
uaa. NotTBtad laak. no frown plpaa M
winter, no atasnani water In aummar, no
watar aupplr truublaa of tnj aort. Tank
plarad In haannMit. oat of stent Mid way,
made of pre ed atasL will net rual aad
will laat a llfetima.
You will be planes wiD3 ma LBADCR
y.tera of furnlehlns Domaatl Water
Supply. Ak for our raUkwua and free
booklet, "How t Balvwi Hr Water "apply
- Portlewsd, Ore.
Spokane, Wash.
Boiac, klaho.
ritlna to saWeetiaefa nlsase I
Hsthl paper.
Garsraatsss! nndse
all rnre PsW
Jaeuee Msj. Co,
' Purity
AHJcei4 Inprovfding the fiwiriiyeaJit, don't
be wtished with nmythfng but the -
best K C is guaranteed pence
Hon at moderato price. It
makes everytWrigf bettefi
TrYeriad tee. XPwrtect
Moaej bck.