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Meredith Nicholson
Cornion 103
Tn IoiuMuiiu Com vast
There u much to do, and John Set
ton bad bean back and forth twice bV
. twera ths ranch, bouM and th village
befor the win had crept high Into the
BMrtni, Tbe little village had been ilow
to grasp tbi fact of the tragedy at id
doors which had already carried it name
far. Then waa much to do 'and Jet,
was ao phi fully little after all t Warty
Raridan was dead, and eager men
, scouring- the country for bla murderer;
but John Baxton aat In the room where
Warry bad died. It eeemed to John that
the nd bad come of all the world. He
sharpened hia grief with aelf-reproacb
Chat he bad been a party to an exploit ao
foolhardy: tbey ahould never hara at
tempted a midnight descent upon an on
known foe ; and yet It waa Oaridan'a own
'Haxton bad ministered to tha boy Oram
with characterlatlc kindness. Urant knew
bmw of Warry'a death, and this, with hia
own aharp experience, had nnnorred him.
lie clung to Haxton, and JoBn soothed
him until he slept. In one of the upper
Wheaton atood auddenly In the door,
nnd beckoned to Sin ton, who went out to
bim. They had exchanged, no wprds sine
that moment when the old bishop's prayer
bad at tiled the room where Warry Bari
fcv died. Through the errata of the
morning hours. Wheat on bad bean merely
apeciator of what waa done Barton
had hardly noticed blot, and glancing tit
Wheaton now, he waa abocked at tha look
f freat ace that had come upon his.
"1 want to apeak to yon a mlnuto-,
you and Biahop Del a 11 Id," aald Wheaton.-.
The biahop waa paoing up aod down In
-the outer ball, which had. ahietlj
deane dand put In order by men from the
rlllag e. Wbeatoa led the Way to the room
nee used aa the ranch office.
"Will you alt down, gentlemenl" lie
apofce with ao much ealmneaa'that -the
Otbera looked at him curioualy., The blah- L
op and Sexton remained etanUng, and
Wheaton repeated, sharply, "WW -yon ail
Sow of The two men aat down stda by
Ida oo tha leather-covered bench that
no around tha room, and Whoa ton atood
ap before then. (
I have something to nay to yon, be
fora you before we id," be aald.' Their
aileoce oaamad to confuse him for a ato
nent, but he regained hia eampoeura. H
looked from Baxtoa to the bishop, who
ajoddod, and he wont on :
"The man who killed Warry Raridan
Waa my brother." bo aald. and waited.
Barton started slightly; bla numbed
nwnees quickened under Wheat on 'a words,
and In a Bash bs taw the ssplanatlo ot
many things,
"He was my brother,' Wheaton want
a quietly. "He had wanted money from
roe, 1 had refused te help him. He -carried
away Urant Porter thinking to In
jure me In that way. It waa that, I think,
as mui'h aa the bone sf getting a large
sum for the boy'a return,'
A great quiet lay upon lbs bouse; the
two men remained titling, and Wheat so
stood before-linn with his arms Jtmeid.
the bishop and Halloa wa tea lag bim, and
Wheaton looking Tram so to the otb-r
of hie pom pan Ions. Contempt and anger
were rising In John Saltan's heart; bst
tbe old bishop wslted calmly; tbli wae
not tbe first time that ft troubled goal
bad opened Ita door to bim.
-o on," bo said, kindly.
"My brother and I ran sway fro-a .he
little Ohio town where we wars bjorn.
tiur father waa a harness Beaker. 1 haied
the place. I think I bated my father
nnd root her." He paused, so w do
so met I met when we have suddenly spoken
a thought which we bare bang serried tn
our heart but hare nerer mtemL Tbe
words had elements of snrptiss for James
Wheaton, and he waited, weighing hie
words and wishing to deal Justly with
himself. "My b rot hot waa a bed boy;
be had sever gnns to srbsal, as I bad;'
be had several times besa guilty el petty
stealing. I Joined him sore hi ft tMt :
we were arreted, bat ho took tbe but me
and waa punished, and 1 wast free, J
am not re that I waa any better, or
that I am sow any bettor than be Is.
Hot that at lbs only tuns 1 vr stole."
Beaton rsoMmhors that Warry bH
snce said of Jaam Wheaton tkat be
Would sot ores I.
"I wasted to bs assist i I trttt wry
beat to do right 1 never eanaetod W dr
an well aa I bars I mean la nasi nasi
and things ITko that Thea after all the
rears Is which 1 had sot seoa aa?1bg
at my brother bo rams Into the bank ne
say ss ft trams, begging, and remtsnhMd
Mk At tret I bolped him. I seat aim
hers: ran will nasi s her the.toan Unidw
joe foaad bars wbsn yoa cease," tusataa
a fJhxtoa, "I know yoa would aat bran
bim. There waa nothing saw thai 2
saM do tor Urn. I bad sow ambition,"
his asks fall sod broke, "that two
- chars wet athar things that asooat a
rsat anal to ma I asatd aat has him
about. It was as whs sssasltsd sjs ana
Bight at Mr. Portor'n boas tarn rosea
ago, whan yea," bs turned an has Msbsa,
that I gats him money to tear tha eatav
try end be promised to stay away j bo
ho began blackmailing ms again, and I
thought than that I bad dons eaoagh (or
him and refused to help bim any more.
When Grant Porter disappeared I knew
at ones what bad happened. He b4
rbreateoed -but there Is something !
so me to rug wrong wits at I
Those last words broke from him. -like
ft cry, and bs staggered suddenly and
would bar fallen If Haxton bad not
aprung up and ought him. Ho recovered
quickly and sat down on the bones.
"Lt us drop this now," said Haxton,
standing over Urn; "if a no time :
"There's something wrong with toe,
said Wheaton, huaklly, without ho ling,
and Sexton drew back from him. ' I was
a rain, cowardly fool. But I did tbe beat
I could," bo psaaed bis band over bla
fact, and bis Angers crept nervously to
his collar, "but H wasn't any nasi It
wasn't any uee-l He turned again to
the bishop. "I beard yoa preach a ser
mon ones, It waa about onr opportuni
ties. Ym aald wt must lire In. tbs-opan.
I had never thought or that before,- and
be looked at tha bishop with a foolish
grin on hia fan. He atood up suddenly
snd extended his arma. "Now I want
yon to tell mo what to do, I want to be
punished! This man's blood la on my
bands. .1 wapt to bo punished ! And be
sank to the floor In a heap, repeating,
aa If to himself, "I want to bs punish
ed! There are twa groat crises hi the Ufr
of s man. One ia mat moment of JIs-
clssare when for the Ant time bs rec
ognises some vital weakness In hia own
character. The other comes when, under
stress, ho submits this defect to the eye
of another. James Wheaton hardly know
when., he bad realised the first, but be
waa conscious now that be had passed
tha second. . It bad carried bim Ilk) a
high tide to a point of rest ; but It wrs
point of helplessness, too.
"It Isn't for ua to punish yon,4 tha
biahop began, "snd I do not ass that yos
hare transgressed any law."
That la H! that to it I It wouM be
easier 1" moaned Wbeatoa. John turned
away. Jamas Whoa ton's face was not
good to sea.
Yea, If would be sealer," tb biahop
continued. "I can sea that la going back
to Clsrksos many things will bs hard
for job
"I can't! Ob. I can't!" Hs still
crouched; on tbe floor, with his arms se
conded along tb beach.
"Jtnt that la the manly thing far yoa.
If you bar acted a cowardly part, now
is the time tog yoa to change, and yoa
must hasg oa the Bold of battle. I can
imagine th discomfort of facing your
old friends : that yoa will safer bean ba
rn ilia t ion : that yoo may hare to begin
again ; but yoa mast do It, my friend. If
you wiah to rlss sbov yovmelf, and you
msv dpsn4 upon sty help."
Tha old man .had apobea with empha
sis, but with great gentleness. H tamed
to Baxton, "wlgblng bha to apeak.
"'lb biahop la right. Ton umet go
bark with us, Wheaton.'' Bat be did not
say that be would help bias. John 81
toa neither forgot nor fotaar easily. He
did not go to this dark boor what be
had to do with James Wbestoe's affair.
But th Biahop of Clarkson went avar
to Jams Wheaton snd lifted him sp: h
waa as though be woo Id mas tb physt
on set carry a spiritual aid with St.
"Wa can tsJh of this to better purpose
whoa we get bonw," h said. "To are
broken now and set yoar future darkly :
but I say t you that yoa raa be re
stored ; there's light and bop ahead for
yoa. If there m say Meaning hi my
mlnlatry k that with tb help sf God
msn may corns aat of darknsas lato
th light again."
There waa s moment's alien. Wbea
toa sat brat forward oa tb beach, with
his elbows on hi knees and bis faos t
hia band.
They ars waiting for as," said Baa
ton. A special train was sent to Great Riv
er, and th littl party -waited tor It oa
tb station platform, samanded by
awed .villagers, who stood almnt la th
pressor of death and a mystery which
they but dimly comprehended. O meets
of tb law rrom Clarkson cams with tbe
train and surroonded Bishop DeUfleld,
Wheaton and Haxton aa tbey atood with
Orant Porter by tha rude bier at Warry
Rarldaa. Th mm answered many ques
tions and th sberlf of th souoty took
tb detective away with bim.- Margrave
and seat his nrlvsts oar, and th mum
lag party were huddled la an and of it.
aar John Havtoa, who est aton w'ta
tba body ot Warry Raridan Tb tram
was to go back Immediately, bnt It wait
ed tor th wat-buo4 express which foi
low4 :t snd nasssd tba special br.
Tbt was a moment's confusion aa the
netislr-wlth Us dirk burden was switch:
A 'alfj a -))'n to almw tb ragnWr
.ttolntb pasaTThea th special returned
to th mala track and bqran lta home
ward Journey.'
John as wftb bta arms fclaVa, sank
Into hi ersat-coat, and watched tha gray
landscape throws, tb anew that was tail
ing fast. Th vnts of th night sailed
lylb a hldooas dream. It was aa Incaar
cslvaM thing that wllhla a fear bona a
sir h eaiamit! rooM bar fallen. Tb
very nalrneai at ah cKv to which -tbey
wars bound added to th warsaltty of aM
that bad bay. Bat thofa-lh data
harden Jay; had the snow fell span fhs
gray earth and whitened H, as If to
eleanes and remab It -awl blot ant Hs
eowr and dread. The others left Baxtoa'
aton; he waa Bearer than they ; bnt Ian
In th afternoon, aa they approaches tbi
ft Oftstabi Whitman gams to and.
touched him aa aw bbaadaarr Bmhon
IMahoM wUbed to am) hist. Jeha rosa,
giwuat Whiaiiah bto-nhsat, and went
bach to wher tha sM ama sat atartng
atataW anew. M to rhiail Magnaa
sit sWa by him. . T Ji . ;
"Wnate's Was mar tb slibip ashed.
Jeha laatas at bim awl at tb athev
msn waa eat hi Miens 'anas the ar.
H want a at them sad rgad th
Wbsatoa was net aa tb train. H had
baaa at tb statins and had com aboard
tb ear with tb rant; but be moat bare
re turned to tb station and besa left.
John rsmsnUnrad h nasalng of th
wsaMwund um .ni want back and
told the bishop that Wheaton bad not
coma with thorn. Th. eld man shook bat
head and tarn! again to tb window
sad tb flying aanorana of th snow
Undsespe, John sat by him, and nltb(
poke until the train's speed diminished
at a crossing on tb outskirts of Uiaak-
ass. Than suddenly, hot. at heart sno
wHh tsars of sorrow snd rage la bla ay,
Baxton said, a thai only th bssbof
could hear:-
"H' a coward PT !
Tb Bishop of Clarkeon stored stsaall)
oat upoa tb snow wKh troubled sys. .
Porter Insisted that Margrav shonki
not bar th Traction Company at any
price, though tb gnral manager af tb
TnnHallnnKl twnlstent la hi
offers. ' As hUrgrave did not ear to dal
wkb Porter, who was net, he complain
ed, "an easy trader," he negotiated with
Fenton and Sexton! After several weak
Of IneSectnal effort he concluded that
Wanton and eUitan were almost SS dinV
n nIM naTtan a "stubborn
brats" te Baxtoa 'a face; but offend to
continue him ia a responsible poaltloa
with th company If hs would help him
with th parch. He still wntd to
control th company for political reasons,
but tber was also tbe fact of-bJs having
Invested th money of everal 01 his
friend tn tba Transcontinental director
ate, prior to tha iaat annual meeting.
Thess ganttoman' bad begun to Inquire
In a inrpectful way when Margrav wa
going to ffct the coup which; ta had
been assuring them, be had planned.
They had, they were a war, not rlghM as
against- tbs bondboldsn; and as Har
grac understood this perfectly well, b
was very anxlons to buy in the property
at receiver's sal far aa amount that
would satisfy Portos and bla allies, and
giv him a obsac to "square himself, as
be put It Thai required additional mon
ey, bat bs was abls to command It from
hi 'peopls," for tb receirer had dem
onstrated bnt the property could be
mad to pa. Wbil these negotiation
wars pending, Baxtoa and fenton were
abl to aatlafy their curiosity as to th
relation which bad existed bctwsm
Wbeatoa and Mergrare. Margrav bad
a sham in confessing Juat what bad
imased between nhm : hs viewed it all aa
a Job, aad explained, without eompune
tien. nactl tbs manner in which be bad
com by tbe shares wch bad belonged to
Bvelyn Portsr and James ueatoa,
Wbea Baxtoa came back from Colo
rado, Porter was 111 again, and ronton
was seriously disponed to accept 8 pric
which Margrave's gyodkat bad offered.
Urgrav's position bad grown an com
fortable; bs bad to get ki merit and "bis
ni.H" oat af a ecrans at any cost. Hia
plight pleased Fentonwbo tried to make
Porter so th Irony of it ; and Au view
of it, a much as tb high offer, finally
pravniled npoo hrm. He saw at met th
fatuity -af securing and managing she
property for himself; 'lib health had' be
coms a matter af osncarn, and Fenton
Insisted abet a street sal I way company
would prev n aaaler ta akuag. than a
Porter waa, at John bad said, "m pe
cs liar brick," aad after tb final orders
of the mart bad been made, and Baxton'
fees allow. Porter sent htm a check for
Av thousand dollars, without conwnsnt.
rentoa awd bim kera H; Porter bad
don well la Traction and be awed mocb
ta Job , bnt Jobs pretested mat he pre
toned being thanked to being tipped ; but
the lawyer persuaded him at last that the
Idiosyncrasies of tba rich ought to b
respected. '
Porter felt his burdens slipping from
bim with unexpected Htlsfactlon. Hs
grew yauty In hi M way as bs chid
has eontemporerfea and friend for bald
ing on; as for bimssif, b told them, hs
Islanded "to die restod." and bs sdjuetod
hi affairs as that they would giv bim
Urtl trouble In the future. Th cot tag
which be bad bought aa tb North Bhor
was s phtc they bad all adrntras tbe
previous so miser. Partsr bag lined tt os
caues tber waa enoagb ground to afford
lawn and flower beds which bs ealtlvuMd
with a much mtisfaetien at bom. Tbe
plac was called "Bed Gables, " aod Por
tsr had bought it with Its furniture, so
that there was tittle to do In taking pos
sesslea bnt to mora m. ' The Whlppl
were their first gnarto, gaJag to them la
mid-July, whea tbey wars fully Installed.
The eider BostosJan who Portor bad
met tbs prsvioai samassr wrecsptly renew
ed thalr acnualntana with bim. Ha bad
artalaad, la their ayaa, a new algnltr la
becoming a cottager. Th prayious own
er of "Red Gables" had lately tolled In
bust a and they found In tb advent of
th Porters a sign f th replenishing
of tb Rsst from th West, which hvam
eeted them xUweaaloH. Parte inch
ed tbstr wa rewoea, bnt mr uad te
bear him talk. Ha was amusing and ln
terssatng, aad they bad alsnady found hia
pmphsclea concern lag the market trust
worthy. Th Ufies Sf thelf famlllea
beard with horror bla view an tb In
dian auesBoa. wbtoft wta net roamntis.
ar touched with a nwlrh) af Baaaoa
ehlnwtoteay ; bat ass snagblas was love
ly, y mod. anf, bar aaail ama whlj
InoBsnsiv. - m t
Sa tb PeMera wat waB ratal v4 and
Bvetya was glad to aad hot hthar a
reptlag his new Wear a complacently.
Bbeand Mrs. Whipple agreed that he and
ta general war as bands and totar-
astlag as any i
wandar what prnaaoaa fbal OrnJ
ngavaairat abani tb a
tb st nervy iwi iwaiam
daabtnikf warn ae ' -..
i . . (Te a tbmnd ) ,
t nannnn-wnssai ft, 8" r.
" Crawford Ba your win
sunk mlnoe pins may morT . .
Crab haw No. She uss "All tba
adds and ends around tha house as
trimmings for hsr hL Puck,
"I waa tolmlekitig Pro fees or Bor
resterdsy and bs caught aa,"- :
. "What did hs sayr
"Told no to atop making n tool
myssif. The Wasp.
Haw Oalw Cnaaee,
"Ton must not Interrupt" me" nha J
am speaaing; tnt
"Why, that's 4b only time I can
interrupt -xou - aaxnina." Tonkra
BUtea man.
1 -'Has
Mad'. ajBaalwTrf '
bfrs. Church Toil say ahswag s
war oorrpondnt oncef
lira. Ootbaxa Tes. shs was"' cr
tary af. a wotoatfs elub-Tonhsm
Statesman. .
t,SI r
Congress refused United .. State
PCommlsslonsr of Bduoatlon Brown's
request for tS.OOO to study a 'certain
pbas of child Uf.. but granUd f il.DO
for a sclsntlflo study af clam. ,
Wen Ha Ov
Hia with aaed to tts atrongiy p
poaed to bla playing poker aod now aba
likes to bar him play.
Tea, be play better, thaa'n bsad1
to.1 Houston Poht- t j
T)r Wh fee Haerr. 1 r?
Tho Africans who named' Mr.
Rooesvslt Bwana fumba- resJJy ought
to sea Mr. Tart, who Is a grant deal
bwmnter and has 'a tumbo twlc .as
large, Unci .Herdus Magaalna
ffla xsMWteaa Vaeiwl;
Th prodigal son. repentant, or, at
any rat, weary, of th diet of husks
forced upon hi kind by a vigilant po.
He system, had experienced qhange
of heart end joined lb church. ' The
good sisters were discussing bis desir
"But." rapostolsted Mr. Btrntghtlao,
with a-fin and virtuous display af
righteousness, "h . waa a csmmos
gambjsr what 4bp call a bunko steer-
or." " '. . :'.' j-
"Isn't It lovely!" wclslmed Mm Up-
tcdsta "What a help h win be tn
getting op our church fair." Pa lis -dolphin
Record :
Ttotertena atvew liala Oeatfc, .
As most of ns know, P. T. Baroum
died but a few mouth after his com
pet I tor Id tha "show" business, Adam
When Barn urn arrived at tb pearly
gate b waa welcomed by Porepaush.
who exclaimed exulting!, "Well. Pete.
I got ahead of yoo tbls time!"
P. T. did not answer, but amllrd aa
b pointed to k large bill posted Bear
the mala entrance. H read:
"Walt for Barnnm Coming Boon."
Success Magaaln.
Vase Certain Miesnitsssai '
"la tt true, doctor," asked tb aam-
Mt girl, "that eating cucumbara will
rvtnov freckle r"
'"Of anraa," replied Dr. Klddr, "to
oertaln etraumstances."
Rsallr! What clrcumaUncr '
"Wsll. provided tb freckles ut an
tba) encumbers." Answers, '
I Allsl Dareev atayaaav
TJaysey Mayme Apple Urn waa read
ing a newspaper tost night whea sud
denly shs gave a scream and fell to
the Boor In a dead faint. Now, ao
oording to the look and tradition
Dayasy Mayme fainted becauee shs
read the announcement of an old
swestheart'a marriage or death (and
It would turn out afterward, accord
ing te the baofcs snd tradition, that hs
waa a cousin of hsr old awethart by
th ssnts asms). But real llfs Is ao
unlike th book and tradition. Upon
being rv1vd Dyey Mayme related
that she saw hosiery advertised for IT
aanto thai she had paid M cent for
the day before. Atchison Oloba,
Pardon are. Dr. Neatly, bat ft) to
awntpiy pmposlrus for you to want ta
snerry my dsughtsr. Ton are aaors
than twlc as eld as ah la," '
"I know that. Mr. Sykce, bat whan
he has been a preacher's wife ten or
fifteen yearn eh will look fully as old
aa t do Chicago Tribune
Tit U9t iunK fM (au a !,
i eflndrrn, Goaf
hjM J.iJrmxtk.
I at safe aa t k
m antetd to contam no rsjiatoa.
I awfaanbapia
- ,reaa,a,pento
toasb Oraet, CXastost, nasiskis. PWaa. flesan, nna -Tvaaaaaaw, TsreoTi isiksss,
It OiinaaaaMosslsaajiesavaalaassn, fananto tnZwsawd. m 1 fn fill nan
Fin '2 Care
Fine Hair
It's fine cire that makes 'Joe
hair I UKAyer'aHalr Vigor,
new Improved formal, sys
tematically, conscientiously,
and you will set fesulta. We
know H stops falling hair ewe
dandruff, and is a most elegsm
dressing. Entirely new. New
bottle. New contents.
Yeast aJa witkesah seSUs
aasw it t ya
Aver Hair Vigor, aa now made from onr
new Improved formula, ia tbe latest, most
scientific, and In every way the very best
hair preparation ever placed apoa the
market. For railing hair and dandruff g)
Is tba ma crest medicine.
Het ( 'Taitasni -"How
does your husband manage tn
tb winter when tb aUtoPaobllsjsaaon
to overl" . i
' : "Ftaa Hd takes up nowllhg na4 "
jfcftas ta klU the pinboya" Puck.
,, .. All tea CaevewleMaV'.'
Mr. Ctoplal had'ahovrod Miss Tr
sleep his Imitation of famous net- -era
end she had mad a blue at, ap-, '
plaudlng. Then h asked. "Do yoa
think I ought to go on th stacsT"
"Oh, you don't havs to o on a slaaa
tf you'rs thinking of going," ah -answered.
"Ws are Inside th' city Irm- -.
lta. snd an owl oar go vsry ball
hour." . t
Shortly after that, ba went. Ctov.
land Xeader, ,'
v A wae rillwr. '
Tbs els vet or In the department eteea
waa. about to start on Ita upward trip.
whn fleshy customer came waddling
toward It.
: . "Room for' ttrr wtor." said tbs ele -.
vntor starter. "Step Inside, madam.
That will be all."
' "Clip I Clipt Cllpt" want his Casta
net. '. : '-
. King Edward, when Prince sf Walee,
never votd on any political question;
but be always voted for th"tosssd
Wife' Blstsr BUI, which waa a aooiai,
and not n political, matter.
"Before I began naing; Caatnrata X bad
bad complexion, pimple on my face,
and my food waa not digested ss it should
have been. Now I am entirely well, snd
tba pimples bare nO daaassxanxrad frona my
face. I can troth fully nay that Cnacsret
ar Just a sdvertisad; I bav tafcan only
two bona of tbem."
Clarenc Vu Griffin, Sheridan; bd.
tosssnt Palatafala, Xsot. Teats Good.
DoOood. Never Slckso.Wesksa or Orlps.
Uo.ISc.90e. Never sold tn balk. Theso
tos aOttst stsmpsd C C C. Qnara Sssd IP '
Msa an aannbox wstsr swpplr. It
mssns that yoa aritl havs ta moat prsrtl
cl Pisa sal If walsr auuplr arstaas now la
as. No alsvatad tank, no frosen pipaa ks
wlatsr, no Maamant walsr In aonaaar.
watar optty tnnMas at mnj aort. Tank
plscad tn hsaaniant. out of alskt and war.
faada of pnaaad aessL wtB ae rast asal
Will lasts lltatiia.
You will bs pleased wnh Um UUDBat
sf forniahlns Uomsau wstsr
Supply. Ask tor our ntsJoa-ue aad frae
bouikat, MSi ! aw WUW "aWPV
PortlfMid, Ore.
asd aaabs tt. saw. Wa
I - I
1 . ' t '
r-'l '
a ami dree bim awn.
aataa, U ita ha bat