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Mmrmdith NichoUon
Coevaion? MaJ
Tn IoimMmiill Comfajtt
Wheaton sat In kit room' the Mit
veiling, clutching a copy of Gaeett
extra In which a few .sentences under
long headline gave th latMt rumor
about the mysterious disappearance of
dlrant Porter. Within a tort eight fa had
received aeveral warning from hla broth
er marking hit Itinerary eastward. Sny
der waa evidently moving with Died
Rurpoae; and. aa W he ton had received
rief note from him couched In phrase
-of amiable irony, poet marked Denver,, and
then, within a few days, K annas City be
aurmlurd that bi brother waa traveling
n bat traina and therefore with money
In hi purse.
lie had that morning received a postal
card, signed "W, W.," which bore a few
taunting sentence In a handwriting
which Wheaton readily recognised. He
did not for an Instant qucation that Will
iam Wheaton, alias Snyder, bad abduct
ed Urant Purter, nor did ha belittle the
situation thua created a it affected him.
He faced it coldly, a wa hi way. He
ugbt not to have refused Snyder's ap
peal, be rot).'Med to himself; the debt
a owed his brother for bearing the whole
burden of their common youthful crime
had never been discharged. Tba bribe
and subterfuges which Wheaton had euv
Eloyed to keep blm away from Clarkaon
id never been prompted by brotherly
fratltmle or generosity, but always by
is fear of haviug ao odious a connection
tnade public. 11 waa ffcc to face with
the cruris moment where concealment
Involved complicity In a crime. HI duty
lay clear before blm hi duty to bi
friend, the Porters to the woman whom
be knew he loved Waa be equal to It?
If Snyder were caught he would be sure
to take revenge oa him; aud Wheaton
knew that no mutter how guiltless he
night show himself In the eye of the
world, his career would be at an end; he
could not live in t'larkson; Evelyn Por
ter would never sea blm again.
The (iaietle stated that a district tele
graph messenger had left at Mr. Porter'
door note "which named the terms on
which Orant con Id be ransomed. The
amount was large 01 ore money than
Jama Wheaton possessed; It waa not a
great deal for William Porter to pay.
It had already occurred to Wheaton that
h might pay the ranaom himself and
clrry tat boy home, thus aatabliahing
forever a claim upon the Patter. He
-quickly dismissed this; the risks of x
pom re were too great. Re tamed all
these matter ever la hla mind. Clearly
the beat tblng to do wa to let the climax
com. His brother waa a criminal with
a record, who would not And It easy to
drag blm Into (be mire. Hla awn ca
reer and position In Clark eon were unas
sailable. Very likely tbe boy would be
found quickly and tbe Incident would
Close with Harder1 a sentence to a long
Imprisonment. He would face It out no
natter what happened; and tha more be
thought of It the likelier it seemed that
Snyder had overleaped himself and would
aoon be where he could no longer be a
He went down to dinner lata. In tbe
clothes that be bad worn at tbe hank
all day and thua brought upon himself
the banter of Caldwell, the Transconti
nental agent, who sang out as he entered
the dining-room door:
"What's the matter, Wheaton? Hold
v pawned your other clot be? Come nn
now and give ua the real truth about the
kid oap plug," said Caldwell with cheerful
Interest. "You'll better watch lb bank
a the same gang may carry It off nest."
"1 guess tbe bank's aafa enough,"
Wheaton answered. "And I don't know
anything except what 1 read in tbe pa
pers.' He hoped tbe others woo Id not
think him Indifferent; but they were
busy discussing various rumors and theo
ries aa to the route taken by the kid nap
em and tha amount of ran. He threw
la am ra comment and -speculations
from time to time.
"Haridau'a aat chasing thank' (aid
Caldwell. "1 pa seed hiai aad Baitoa
driving like mad oat kWriam stree at
noon." The meat too of Itarldan and
fUiloa did not comfort Wheaton. He re
flected that ( bey had undoubtedly been t
tha Porter bouse looe the alarm had
ka sounded, aad be wandered whether
kla awa re issues la this regard had
fee reamrked at the Hill. HI lagers
war cold aa he atlrrsd hta coffee ; and
when be bad Intakes be kurrtedly left
the fees.
lie felt easier whea he gat aat lata
the seal tight air. Hla dag at tha hank
aad been aae k kerror; aat tee ctaag
tao car tba ugktt hi tha streets, gave
kla contact with UN again. He mast
kastea ta eeVr hla services la tke Porters,
though he knew that every mean ef aa
aiataara had been employed, and that
there waa nothing re ds but re make h
-sjelrlee. H grew neeeay a am ear aeae
ad the boasa, aad he dlmaed the elope af
the kill lib one waa beers a harden. He
aad t rare reed tfcle walk awa llama la
tha past rear, la tka varying ends af 1
law. who aa day walk ta heights aad
li tka anal alaagw seethii gad
latterly, stace his affair with Margrave,
he bad known moods of cenaei tao,
and thee returned upon him an .'ore
boding bow. If Porter bad sot keen 111,
there would never have beta that lataa
rlew with Margrave at tha bank; and
Grant would aot have been at borne to be
kidnaped. It eeemed to him that tba trou
ble of other people rather than bin own
error were bearing down tba balance
against bis happiness,
Evelyn came into tha parlor- with eye
red from weeping. "On, have yoa no
news?" she cried to him. He had kept
00 hla overcoat and bold his hat la his
band. Her grief stung him ; a groat wave
of teaderaesa. swept over Una, but U waa
followed try a wave of terror. Evelyn
wept as aba tried ta tall bar tory.
"It la dreadful, horrible 1H be forced
himself to any. "Bat certainly ao harm
can com ta tbe boy. No doubt la few
"But be Isn't 'strong and father li still
weak "
Bbe threw herself la a chair and bar
tenia broke forth afresh. Wheaton stood
Impotent watching bar anguish. It la a
new aid strange sensation which a man
experiences, when for the first time be
see tear In the eyes of tba woman be
lorea. Evelyn sprang up suddenly.
"Have you'eeea Warry? aba askedV
"ha ha come back yet?"
"Nothing bad bean heard from them
when I cam up town." He at ill stood,
watching her pityingly. "I hop yon ua
del stand bow sorry I am how dreadful
1 foal about It." Ha walhed over to her
and she thought he meant to go. She had
not heard what he said, but abt thought
be had been offering help.
"Oh, thank you 1 Everything la being
done, I know. They will find him to
night, won't tbey? Tbey rarely must,"
aha pleaded. Her father called ber In hla
cahened voice to know who waa there
apd she hurried away to him.
Wheaton'a eyea followed ber she
went weeping from the room, and ha
w niched ber, feeling that ho might never
see bei again. He felt tbe poignancy of
this hour's history of bis having
brought upon this boua a hideous wrong.
Tbe French clock on tbe mantel struck
seven and then tinkled the three quar
ter llngerlngiy. There were rosea In a
rase on- tha mantel ; he bad aent them
to bar the day before. He stood aa one
daaed for a minute after ah bad van
ished."" He could hear Porter back In
tbe bouse somewhere, and. Evelyn's voice
reassuring' him. The musical stroke of
tbe bell, the scent of the roses, the fa
miliar surrounding of the room, wrought
upon him like a pain. He stared- stupid
ly about, aa If amid a ruin that be had
brought upon tbe place ; and then he went
out of the boua and down the slope Into
the street, like a man In a dream.
While Wheaton Swayed between fear
and hope, tbe community was athriH with
excitement. Hewerda for tbe boy's return
were telegraphed In every direction. The
only clue was the alight testimony of
Mrs. Whipple. She bad told and re-told
her atory to detective and reporter.
There was only too little to tell, - Grant
bad walked with her to the car. She bad
seen only one of the men that had driven
up to the curb the one that had" la
quired about tbe entrance to Mr. Por
ter' grounds. She remembered that he
had moved bis bead curiously to one aid
aa be apoke, and then waa something on
usual about hia eyea which aba could not
describe. Perhaps he bad only aat eye ;
aha did not know.
Rartden and Baitoa, acting Independ
ently of the autborltlea la the confusion
and excitement, followed a alight cln
that led them far country ward. Tbey
loot tbe trail completely at a village Al
teon miles away, and after alarming tbe
country drove back to town. Meanwhile
another meeaagn bad been ant to tbe
father of tba boy stating that tka ran
aom money could be taken by a tingle
messenger to a certain spot In the coun
try, at midnight, and tbnt within forty
eight honra thereafter tha boy would be
returned. He waa safe from, pursuit,
the not slated, and an eoaJnoua hint waa
dropped that It would be wlee ta aban
don the Idea af procuring tba captive'
return unbanned without paying the nam
asked. Mr, Porter told tka detective
that be would pay the money; but tbe
proponed meeting waa aat for tbe third
night after tba abduction: the oaptora
wer In ao hurry, tbey wrote. Tka crime
waa clearly tbe work of daring men, and
had been carefully planned with a view
to quickening the anxiety of tka family
of the stolen boy. And so twenty-roar
hours passed,
"This la a queer gam,' aald Rarldan,
oa tbe second evening, aa he aad John
d I ecu seed tbe subject again In John's
room at the dun. "I don't just make It
out. If the money waa all these fellows
wanted, they could make a quick toaek
of it. Mr, Porter' craxy as pay any
nnw- Rut tbey aeesi ta want ta prolong
the agony."
"That teoka- qeevr," aald Sexton.
"There amy be something back af It; bat
Porter hasn't any anemias wba would try
thla kind af thing. There are bueinean
men here who would like to da him np
In a trade, ant this ta a little oat af the
usual channel,' Saltan got as and
walked the none "
- HI.ook here, WarT?, did you ever know
n an eyed as a? It an yeot occurred to
see that I have anna each a ansa nince I
came ta thai part at the eaantry ; but
tbe elrcumetsoceo wore peculiar. Tkka
thing la 1 nearer tkaa over an I think af
-It waa bach at tka Petidextor ntacn
when 1 I rat went there. A fellow named
Snyder waa ta charge, lie bad nmde a
rata' neat of tka kouaa, aad raaaated tke
idea af doing any work. Ha seemed W
think a wa there ta atay. Whea ton
had riven him tka Job aelnre I earn.' 1
remember that I naked Wheaton If It
at do any difference ta him what I ild
wttk tke follow. Ha didn't seem u car
aad I boasted Mn That waa two junta
an tad 1 be veal heard af Urn etnen"
.-."Whet at tka retnsnsiae piaea newT
"Nobody 1 I haven't been there urysslf
but m year or mora.
"Is H likely that fellow m at tke kattai
af tbk, aad that be has made a break for
tka ranch bouse? That must be a m
lonesome place oat there."
"Well, it won't take long to find ant.
Tka thing to do la ta go ourselves with
out saying a word to any ana. Let's
make a atill kunt of it The detective
are busy on what may be real etnas and
this la only a gaeaa,"
"I can't imagine that fallow Snyder
doing anything no dashing aa carrying
off a millionaire' son. He didn't look
t m a if ha had the nerve.' 1
"If only a chance, but It's worth try
ing' ,
In tka lower ball they met Wheaton,
who waa pacing up and down. Ha was
afraid of John Sexton; Saxtoa, he fait,
probably knew he part h had played In
the street railway matter. It seemed to
him that Sexton must hav told others;
probably Saxtoa bad Evelyn's certificate
put away for not when William Porter
should be restored to health. This wont
through hla mind aa John anil Warry
stood talking to blm. ,
"Wheaton," aald Sexton, "do yoa re
member that fellow Snyder who waa la
charge of tba Poindexter place when I
cams beret'
"What ok yea V HI band root quick
ly to hla carefully tied four-la-hand and
be lingered It nervously.
"You may not remember It, but be had
only one eye."
"Tag, that's so." aald Wheaton, a If re
calling the fact with difficulty.
"And Mrs. Whipple saya there waa
something wrong, about on of tbe eyes of
the man who accosted her and Grant at
Mr. Porter's gate. What became of that
fellow after bo left tbe ranch have you
any Ideer Rarldan bad walked away to
talk ta n group of man In tbe reeding
room, leaving Sexton and Wheaton alone.
"He went 'West the last I knew of
klm," Wheaton answered, steadily.
"It baa at rock me that he might be la
this thing. It's only a goes, but Rarldan
and I thought we'd run out to tb Poin
dexter ranch and see If It could possibly
be tb rendesvona of tke kidnapers. It'a
probably n fool's errand, but It won't
take long, and we'll do It unofficially
without saying anything to tbe authori
ties." Hla mind waa on the plan and be
looked at his watch and called to Rarldan
to come.
"I believe III go along," aald Wheaton,
suddenly. HW can be back by noon to
morrow," be added, conscientiously, re
membering bin duties at tb bank.
"All -right." aald Warry. "We'rt tak
ing bags along In case of emergencies.'
A boy came down carrying Buxton's -suitcase.
W bee ton and Raridan hurried out
together to The Bachelors' to get thefr
own things. It waa a relief to Wheaton
to hero something to do; It was hardly
possible that Snyder had fled to tb ranch
house; but In any event he wa glad to
get away from Clerkeon for a few bourn
(To be eonrinued.)
Wa new newoanaay tree TLIunl K
ejalrosnonta af the Oramalena.
It would be Idle to deny tbnt the
drinking habit baa rnaehed almoet tha
proportion of a peetline among ua.
We mo loo gar drink only when wn are
thirsty. Wa drink when urroundad
by oar fetlown tn promote goad fa
lowahlp Just aa we drtnk whan alone
tn escape from hondoa; wa drink
when wa ere marry and wt drink
whan we are depraved. In abort, wa
drink muck and often.
Bach ban hla ferorite tipple. Tan,
that mild dlatlllatloo of the Orient, la
tbe beverage of goaalp and literature,
an gg eating placid rumination and a
quiet sotting. Sodn, ginger beer and
the thousand nnd one ooocoetiona of
tha corn or node, fountain tempt tha
abetemiouB, above nil In hot weather.
WInaa and mora ardent aplrttg admin
ister n fillip to the nerves of thoaa
who are addicted to the nan of etoo
holte stimulants. Bach after hla fash
ion Indulge in acme kind of exeeea,
The secret of thla Indulgence hi
liquid refreshment of varteua aorta la
to ha found largely In the feet that
each season aaea . tauHl plication of
tha beveragee that are agreeable to
tha taste. We drink not becauaa wa
are thlrely, but because tha flavor la
pleasing to the palate, and In doing;
tkia noma physicians contend we are
exceeding the liquid reonlrementH of
the organism. In considering tata
matter editorially tha. Lancet re
marks: . "Tha thirsty person wke ennnet sat
isfy his thirst nnleaa the aeeeraan
contains what It In reality a drug has
really acquired an unhealthy habit
or, ta put H plainly, a d Insane. Tot
what else Is the alcohol of the rarioon
alcohol le bereinjtes, the caffeine of tan
nnd coffee, tba glncoelda or quinine of
hitters, or oven the ginger af ginger
bear or at ginger ale, the aroaaatle ell
of tha liqueur, the carbonic aetd gee
hi soda water, the eitrki nctd at the
lemon nnd so on but a drug All
these clear I r oonvey something Into
the organism over and above water It
self tbey cannot qnench tktmt la the
at that water does.'
The medical Journal goes on to ne
at be the great growth of thai kabit
of drinking llnnldn ether tkaa water
en tha fear that water near aoevtaia
dlnaaa eaUttee, It ends with n wnrw
kag tkal persistence in tha habit fro
e neatly aaaatfeata Its in aaweta tn a
disturbance of funcUoa wbiea snaff
reaalt hi harm ta tha entire r gnu lean
li rHrata It la eeenaderad
' nteat trtMsf. ,
The ucrampenyliuLJlUietrktloa shows
the plan' of refrigerator with meat
chamber attached, tba accompanying
Illustration Is given. Pro vial on mast
4 ' , ,
l.rr v.- k 1
Sill -! mU L-RliU
ntrmotnATon with meat chambes.
be made for tha circulation of air so
that It will not become stagnant at
any point and by coming In frequent
touch with the lea will be kept cool.
Tba relative Ices and positions of
the. lea chamber and refrigerator are
shown and theee can be made larger
or smaller la proportion to mast tha
Keeping tee Wneat Pure.
One of the most Important factors
m growing Improved wheat for seed
Is to keep tha wheat pure Many
farmers are careless on this point.
often planting new seed on old wheat
wooffchucks, hot after sararal morn
ings ef patient waiting, oaptare by
trap proved unsnoeessfnL Bat, baring
beard that tbey were vary fond af
salt, ha mixed n liberal quantity f
pari green In -about a Quart of salt
nnd placed a handful near each bar "
row. He was not troubled again that
Sanson, and this has been hi remedy
erar aloea. ..
. TTno'Oe an a resinine.
Th oow pea la, a large beanlike
plant ibet-producea a large amount of
forage. It la valuable aa a green food
or for plowing under for green ma- 1
aura. It has bean need euecesafully
for Improving wornrat soila, especially
thorn that are light and sandy In tea- y
tare. Its greatest advantage for this
purpose la Its ability to gntner nitro
gen from the air and mtosml elements
from subsolL When tbe crop Is plow
ed nndar, theee are left near the sur
face, where they will be nvailnble to
aballow-rooted crops and those which
cannot get nitrogen from the nlr. It
has been little need for hay In the
North, because It cannot be readily
dried lav thla ellmita. It makes a good
ernnn feed for milch own between
August 16 and September 16, or It may
be preserved In tha silo by mixing
with corn foddsr. For green mnnnr
lug, tba seed should he sown broad
cast tn late June or sariy Juiy, us
the rata of one and a half bushels par
ere. It Is especially valuable for
rowlna tn young orchards. Whan
wanted for foddsr It aboald be sown
In early June, In drills i feet apart,
at the rata ef one bushel seed par
acre. . v
Ilr Heswllev
Vh nrnnnaa AsTlcnltural College una
experimented with the various chem
ical formulas to repel flies from live
stock and recommends the following
as .fairly satisfactory: Resin, 1H
rwinnda: laundry soaD. two eakee; nan
oil. one-half plot: enough water to
make three gallons. Dissolve resin
In n solution of soao and water by
heating, add the flab oil and the rest
of th water. - Apply with t brush.
If tn be used as a BDray. add one-half
pint of kerosene. Thla mixture will
coat T to 6 cents a gallon and one-half '
tilnt Is considered enough for one ap-'
plication for a cow. At first K will bo
necessary to net two or three appll-
Fig. i.
The form ef a horse's toot deter
mines the peculiarities jgg, the shoe
tbnt Is best adapted to It Viewing
the foot from the side the regular posi
tion la that shown tn flgurd 4, In
which the weight will be borne to beat
advantage. Looking from the front
tha regular form Is that shown In
figure 1, tha wide toe being Indicated
by figure t, and the narrow toe by
figure I With tha regular or normal
shape the weight falls near the cen
ter of tha hoof, and It evenly die
ttibttted over the whole- bottom of
the hoof. The tee points straight for
ward and when tbe horse Is moving
forward In a straight Una the hoofs
era picked up and carried forward
la n Una parallel to the middle Una
of tba body. A pair of hoofs of the
form ahown la figure t allows tha
Ft,, j. -
weight to fall largely Into the Inner
halt of the hoof. In motion tba hoot
is moved in a circle. Horses that am
toe-wide' are likely to Interfere whom
Fig. a.
In motion. In the third form (figure
S) the weight of the body la directed
on tke outer half of tha hoof. Tba
Irregularity ef form causae a paddling
motion and freqaantly Interfering,
Fig. 4. Regular Form Is Shewn In B.
at eaagtk .
wrannd. thus allowing It to become
mixed witp volunteer wheat the first
year. Tbla mixing of varieties cause
wheat to do triers to In yield and qual
ity. When wheat In grown far seed
It should be on elena lano. wbkb
teas, from volunteer wheat and from
other volunteer grain, rye being espe-
Hally eMectloriable. Cnra manr. aa
.n in harvestlnn and threshing the
ered wheat to keep It from becoming
mixed wltk other varieties of waeat.
Again. In order to maintain tbe awal
Ity and yield ef wheat It la necessary
to mnlntala the fertility of the soil
and to give the land good eultnre.
Tarinere' Mall and Breeaa. -
& Pennsylvania farmer gives this
npetieftce with wwadenwehs groan
toga): HO bee sat neve mi awnejrea
oariv cabbage, nnd In going tk rough
bta aateb early com morning no found
MToral planta minting. He reawn tee
nogehweks bale under tbe wall tn
met. awveral holes wear his oahbaga
need. He armed himself wttk several
atent trans and need all kin enanlag
to aatUng tnean ta tka narrows at Ike
cations per week anttt tha outer ends
of tha hair become coated with tha
resin. After that retouch those part
where the mala to mbbed off.
reeeontiner Meewae.
It Is mom easy to prevent disease
In animals than It tn to cure. Hog
cholera prevails mere or toes hi all
sections of tbe country, hot In tba ana
tority of eases R Is doe ta the aoa
dltlon af the herd and mismanage
ssent ta feeding than to any other
canes. Hogs mast ham green or balky
food, also salt aad charcoal. These
mbetunees am not ta a direct way
preventive of cholera, butt tbey knap
the animals tn a mem thrifty oow
dftioaj and reader them lass liable a
Heree-redieh may be harveatai hi
tka fall, before the greuaa freenae,
ef In tba tartag. before rank tew
growth nwglna. Ran plow dwwaty alsng
slew a row as losaom earth, lift eat
aad trim main met; tfcaiwagkiy was
and brush and riaee tn tdena