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Newsy Items Gathered from All
Farts of the World.
teas Important but Not Lass Irrter
sting Happenings from Point
Outslds tho Stat.
King Manuel, of Portugal, is to via
It King Edward, in England.
A strsctcar turned tort) at Denver,
ariounlv iniuriiiB- iivh Dsrsona.
It la said no operation li intandod on
Harriman until after a rait euro.
A bug sawmill burnod near Clair
Tille, Cal. Tb loss-is placed at 8100,
000. Prince Men! Ik, of Abyssinia, baa
aiked that hii country b aavod from
Great Britain will turn over the Ea
quimalt naval atation to tb Canadian
Tha International tup for aviation
haa bean awarded to Glenn H. Curtiss,
an American.
Coant Bonl de Castellans li circulat
ing a rumor that be will marry Mar
' joria Gould, niece of nil former wife
A aeandal baa juat been uncovered
at Montreal, Can., whereby the eity
baa been losing $500,000 a year to
gr after on public works.
Two persons are dead and a score In
jured aa tb reaultof a head-on collie ion
between a pasaenger train and a freight
trainon the Wabaab road near Glen
wood. Mo.
Cholera baa been taken to Holland
front Kusai&n porta,
Daniel T, Amear tha greateat hand
writing expert, ie dead.
The American Bar association haa de
clared for reform in atate court.
Harriman la mating at hit home at
Arden, N. J., but chafe under restraint
of inaction.
Graft ia charged in connection with
the cement and paint eupplie for the
Panama canal.
Latham haa beaten Pantham' record
for time, epeed and distance in the air
ahip trial at Bheima.
It la rumored that David B. Thomp
aon, Amerieaa ambaaaador to Mexico,
baa bought the Panama railroad,
Thomaa F. Walsh, millionaire mine
owner of Colorado, he given $5000 to
encourage tha aearch for radium on in
that stats.
The French bark Gael, bound for
Portland, waa wrecked off the Austra
lian coaat, end only one boatload of her
crew ha been beard from.
Moorish deserters declare that Span
ish prisoners are horribly tortured and
mutilated and then heheaded and their
bodies flung into a hole on Mount Gu
ruga, Bfngrr Hermann may not be prose
cuted, aa Heney ia too busy.
Bt Petersburg reports 80 aew ease
and 12 death from cholera in 24 hour
A negro ran amtfek at Monroe, La.,
and woundfd 80 peraona, three fatally.
He waa Anally shot.
Five deatba have occurred in Ala
bama from fating stale green corn. Tha
disnaa ia known aa pellagra,
Harriman haareaehed home, still etek
and in need of further treatment, but
the Oregon Trunk haa prior right in
Deshutes canyon, oaaea on original aw
Toy maps. --
Woman tuffrage waa discussed at a
meeting at O. H. P. Belmont' aummer
home at Newport B. I., known aa
"marble house."
With a delegation of 8,000 men and
women the Supreme Lodge of Negro
Knights of Pythias opened a fonr day'
cession ia Kanea City.
A ateamer eoMeieal at Montevideo
ot over ISO Uvea.
Spaniard are preparing for del
aiv batUe with the moors as Mel 01 a,
A ateamer arrived at Antwerp from,
Btga, Kuseia, with flv dead ef aholsre
pa board.
Governor Johnson, of Minnesota, will
andergo a fourth operation ia Septem
ber for appeadieitia. -.
The bodv af Lieutenant Button will
be exhumed for examiuation and then
buried la soaeeereted ground.
A Federal court baa overruled the
Missouri Bailread eoramlseione rate cr
eed greatly ertailed its pawer.
ht robbers got about 8000
tb of Jewelry fronV a Portland reei
m which bad been left aloe mm
k.M iniuei AtlanUe
W. J. wiH aeek t compel the pe-
iudge t receive eompleiaia of w
Mm vmmvmf .
M ef Lea Angela, say, Mr. Long-
, bad example ror oya aae girw
haa a deswrenaiag anrecs apmi
Twelve Hundred at Leaat Crowned in
Mexican Flood.
Monterey, Max., Ang. 81. Twelve
hundred and perhaps more people per
ished Friday nigbt and Saturday in tb
flood which swept a largejwrtion of
tbia eity. Conservative estimates
place the property loaa at $20,000,000.
Fifteen thousand people are borne leas.
Mora than 600 bodies bva bean recov
ered. - .
The river baa fallen eonaidcrably,
nH while still hia-h. the danger ia
over. Seventeen and a half incite of
rain fell during Friday, Saturday and
Tba greatest loaa of life occurred
Saturday morning between 9 and 11
o'clock, when the large building on
the south aide of the river commenced
to crumble. Many of the house bad
from 100 to 200 neraonB on their roofs
and all diaaopsared In the flood.
In one scnooi nuiiaing vv woman
children were drowned. Tbey bad
hurried to the acbool for aafety, but
the water drove tbem from room to
mom until thev were all clustered in
on room. While two priests were
performing aoine religloua rites, we
walla fell and all were awallowed up
in the eeething water.'
Tksuiaarwta nf mmmu War Stand int?
ott the north bank of tb river, unable
to render aid to tb unfortunate on
the building on tb tooth aide, for
nAthinsr amid have lived in the current
of the Santa Catalina, which waa half
a mil wide and flowing swiftly.
French Striker Combine to Compete
With Government.
Paris, Aug. 81. In a few day tha
French poetofflc ia to have an active
competitor in the shape of a new co
operative postal association, formed by
some 160 dismissed poatal acrvanta.
The, under the directum of MM.
Barbut and Simon net, tb poatal offi
cial who took a prominent part in tb
recent strike, are organising, a aervioe
in all tboee branch of tb poatal bus
ineaa not claimed aa a monopoly by tb
poetofflc. Thia includes the distribu
tion of newspapers, circular, aamplea,
catalogue, etc., also the collection of
account and debt collecting.
Tb new association, which will
start operation on Monday, ia known
a tb "LaborieUM." It ia understood
already to have bean promlaed tb cus
tom of some 90,000 Anne, trade men
and privato Individ oale, who at the
present utilise tb French poetofflc
for distribution of their trad circu
lars, aamplea, account collecting, etc
Each of the 160 membera of the "Le
borieuaa" baa subscribed a $20 share.
Besides tola, the association baa at it
disposal a working capital of $4,000.
Members of tb oc-operation will be
employed in tarn in different depart
ment, . , s
Cunningham Dnlt Fraud In Alaska
Coal Land G rente.
Seattle, Aug. 81. C d Cunning
bam, who represented tb 88 elaimanta
In tba ao-called Cunningham soal land
claim tn Alaska, which are being in
vestigated by the government, and who
waa aboard the ateamer Ohio when It
waa wrecked, returned to Seattle to
day with the other survivors and de
clared that the charges the claims have
been Illegally filed upon, and that Sec
retary of the Interior Bellinger bad at
tempted to compel Special Agent
Glive of tb land office, who filed a
complaint with President Taft recently
to permit the issuance of patent on the
claims, la absurd.
Enemiea ofSeetaryBalngerare
involved In any scheme to turn over
the coal Ian da to partia represented
by me," said Mr. Cunningham.
"We court to fullest investigation.
I feel certain It will be found tha land
have been legally filed upon. Shook)
it b fonnd there has been any irrego
laritier in filing, It will be found tb
entries have been mad In good faith.
and the error are due to technicalities
in the praasnt law."
Mr. Cunningham denied the Ouggsa
helm and Morgan intereeta are becking
him ia hia claim.
Greece Grant Reform
Athena, Aug. Il.-Tbe crisis to po
litical affaire, which reached Its height
in the mutiny of tb Meal garrison ana
tb formation of a new cabinet, baa
subsided. A decree waa publiehed to
day granting amnesty to tb troop
mniwixH in tb enntin. Anton' the
reforms demanded by tb troops were
that command of tb army aoouM o
antmeawl en three officers of th rank
of general, acting ander to sapreen
authority of a royal prince, am outer
of the mil familv In the
army to be treated aa ordinary ameers.
Suftwaarav Make Reewr.
Piuilnaatawn. Ma.. Aug. St. A
world's record for speed on th arface
by sabmexine was mod oft bar yes
terday by tb meaner la Narwhal dar
ing her contract trial. Daring 86
boon ever aa even MO miles, the Nar
whal averages it taote an a with
Oxygen Tanks, Cot and Doctor
Arrive at Ardeo.
Though Family Seems Optimistic and
Danlaa It, Indications Point to '
Approaching Operation.
Arden. N. T.. Aug. 28. Whatever be
F. H. Harriman 's ailment, whatever hi
true condition, the public i not to kuow
until he ani his family dcnie that such
tn announcement is opportune. All
avenues of Information were carefully
guarded today, but minors wore spread
I'Toadcast that Mr. Harriman waa about
to be operated upon. This supposition
vu strengthened by the arrival here
of two oxygen tank- and a collapsible
cot anch as is used in hospital.
Coincident with ihe arrival of these
requisites to an operation came two
men from New York, one of tbem car
rying what appeared to be black bag
of a surgeon. Une of the men, It was
said, waa Dr. George W. Crille, of Cleve
land, an eminent specialist in abdominal
surgery. According to report, he was
summoned to assist Dr. W. G. Lylc of
New York, whe baa been Mr. Hem
man' physician throughout his illness.
Mr. Gerry denied the operation re
port and said Dr. Lylc waa the only
physician In attendance.
A. C rot, superintendent oi tno es
tate, confirmed Mr. Gerry's statement.
' ' The stories that Mr. Harriman is ib
a critical condition are not founded on
faet," said Mr. Ford. "He ha a firm
grip when be shake bands and he
appear brighter."
Th impression grow that an opera
tion of some character is to be per
formed en Mr. Harriman, but details
are well-nigh impossible to obtain. .
Unpretentious Englishman Wins Aero-
- plane Grand Prize.
Bethany Aviation Field, Bheima, Ang.
28. Henry Fannan, the English avi
ator, a hitherto unknown quantity in
the aviation contest, in a biplane of his
own design, broke the world' records
lor au ration oi nigut mat owence in
heavier-than air machine today and won
the grand priz dc la Champagne th
endurance test by a remarkable flight
officially recorded as 180 kilometer
(111.78 mile) in t hoar 4 minute
5a 2ft seconds. He actually covered aa
extra tea kilometers and remained in
the air 10 minute after 7 :30 this even
ing, the hour that tbs timekeepers,
under the rules, ceased to keep a rec
ord of the flight. '
Farman's victory was a complete anr
prisev Ho had been preparing hi ma
chine secretly and had not appeared
upon the field until today, except for a
few practice flights, and had been al
most forgotten. Indeed, after he start
ed, keeping eloss to tbs ground, while
Latham and tha others were soaring
high ia the air, Farman attracted no at
tention intil be had flown 80 kilo
meters. Then, suddenly, the watcher
wok np only t discover that he had
gone out carrying petrol enough for five
hours' flight and equipped with a acol
mg revolving motor.
Forest Fire M YoMtnit Rapidly Ap
proaching Merced Grove.
Tosemtte. Cel.. Aug. 89. The for
est fire wiirh started yesterday in th
Yoeemit National park ia completely
beyond control tonight and ia eweep
ing np the eaavoa toward the famous
Mereed grove of big tree. Th names
are within two oa three- miles of th
grove and are being serried ia that di
reetion. The hotel at El Porta, which
waa threatened during tha day, ia eat
of danger.
The fire haa taken a direction at
northerly right angle to the Toeemite
valley, toward th Hereea ana m
olumne big trees and the ketch Hetchy
valley,' whence San Francisco ' new
water supply is to some. The fire start
ed a few feet from El Portal station
within a atoae'e throw of the hotel.
The long gram waa ignited from sparks
from a loenmAttvs fire-box and bad
gained aaeoatrollabl headway before
th danger was realised.
Lmt. m Vounsr Tatar.
Taaeoaver, B. O, Aag. . For boa
iaa a stream into Ueeaeibilitr. the
rabbins kin i bavin aim without
aid. Clay Been, II years aid, was today
aeateneed bv Jndm Melaaca to
years penal servitude and 10 lasbce
withia the first U days of his cafin
ment. - The crime was committed re-
Mallv m Ht.l D.fc mmA ike !
is the first of Its hied imposed ia thia
eitv for Mhh with violence. Thia is
" a -mZ. kt tu faiM stated
that each a rrim had a4 a augle n-
aeemiag lecture, .
uwnmt Oram to Oswada
Taaeaaver. BV (L, Aag. M. Sydney
Fifth tr. eeniiileei minister ef rieul-
ture, estimates fiaaade'e yield f wheat
for thia year ervativly aft 1V
000,000 bnshehv and stated today spoa
hia arrival here that he believe there
i everv far a hichlv
M aaaaaa for farmers Uveeghewt tb
Raging Water Claim a Toll of BOO
Uvea 16.000 Homeless.
Monterey, Max., Aug. 80. Eight
hundred neraona drowned. 16.000 home
less and property damage to the extent
of 118,000,000 is tba result of a flood
that struck tha city between 11 and 12
o'clock Saturday morning. . ,
. Floods bavs turned tb imal! and
peaceful Santa Catalina river into -a
dozen Niagaras.
Hundreda of parsons were swept
away in house lb the midst of the cur
rent which caught them in th night.
Then is on chance in a thousand that
thay escaped. On by one the hooe
ee. built of adobe and atone, are col
lapsing and carrying tenants to death.
': No train ha com into Monterey for
24 hour. Railway and telegraph Unas
are down and many miles of track are
waabsd sway. The fate of trains and
passenger is not known, but It is fear
ed many peraona are drowned.
It ia Mtimatflri that 20 inches of rain
fell In 24 hour. Tba water work and
electric light plants are out of commis
sion and the streetcar wires nave mien
Into toe street. The smelters and
steel plant are damaged.
It is fnu4 a neetilanee will follow
tb flood. Th poorer classes are hud
dled by tba thousand In tb cburcbes,
boapitala, public places and eity build
in ga, waiting for the rain to stop.
Stirring Scene -Mark Close of Con
servation Congress.
Seattle, Ang. 80. Tbs first national
conservation oongresa closed her Sat
urday afternoon with a complete vic
tory for Gifford Pinehot and bis follow
ers In the support of the Roosevelt pol
icies of tbs conservation of natural re
sources. It was a harmonious meeting
until Saturday, when United States
District Judge Hanford, of Seattle,
brought In a minority report in which
be opposed tb contention of tb Pincb-
ot men "That th water rights of the
country belong to all tba people and
should not be granted In perpetuity to
any Individual or corporation."
Hanford contended that "private en
terprise" had been tb greatest power
In this country for ths development of
resource and pointed out that through
private enterprise tb resources of
tb East had been put Into practical
uee, resulting in tb general prosperity
of th country. He argued against
any change hi tb present policy of the
government, asserting that tha West
ern states bad entered tb union under
a compact that they should have toe
same rights as tb Eastern state.
Former Governor Pardee replied to
Hanford in a spirited address In which
he said that "private greed" instead
of "private enterprise" was gobbling
up tb public domain. When the vote
was taken it waa shown that tha Han
ford re eolation had bean lost and the
Pine hot resolution was adopted.
Reclamation Work to Be Exhibited on
Circus Una.
Chicago, Aug. 80. Amazing, thrill
ing, stapeodoual Unci Sam's $50,-
000 production, the greateat Far West
show in tb world, la coming. - xou
can't afford to miss it.
Heralded by some such modest an-
aouncement at a dosen state and coun
ty fairs, and equipped with a black
tent, glittering posters, fluttering ban
ners, a corps of "barkers," a tent dis
play of American agricultural great
ness in anclaimed lands will tour th
Th toot fa) black ao tb etereoptkon
views may be given. Moving picture
of animal and rang Ufa on the former
arid plains will be offered hourly for
the education of tn tending West bound
emigrant. Specimens of fruit, cereals
and other prodocai that ahow tba mar
vel of irrigation ara to form a feature
of tb exhibition.
Th M'sbow" emanate from tb Chi
cago reclamation pfflce. Its purpose Is
to direct attention to the richness of
th reclaimed region. A railroad
coach will transport the ahow. it will
exhibit at the following places:
Iowa state fair, Dee Moines, Septem
ber Hamlin. Minn., September 6
toll; Wisconsin state fair, Milwau
kee, September 18 to 17; Illinois stats
fair, SprtagnekL October 1 to ft.
Japan to Take Part. '
Tokto, Ang. SO. It haa been official
ly announced that tb armored cruiser
Ideas will sail September lb far San
Francieco to take part to the naval
pageant during th celebration of Por-
tola'a discovery ef tn ftolden Gate,
which will be bold October 19 to 23,
The vassal Is ander command of Cap
tola Tskeeyma, and be en board aa
one ef its miner enVenPrinc Shiamd
sm. Th dale ef arrival at Sea Fran-
ctos to set for October 14. After th
celhratioa th era mar will viait Pacific
Ljaui Town Oaatiuisd.
Mw Ortasa, Aug. The town ef
New Iberia, L with T.9Q0 tobaM
toato. Is reported aa befog deaUajed
by fir today. He saaawiaalMiiim with
th town hi avamwle ami details are
lag. It ia i saw ted that a fetali-
French Aviator Remains In Air
Nearly Three Hours.
Daecenda Only When fuel Tank' la Ix
hauated Hailed aa Greatest
of Aviators.
Bethency Aviation Tiejd, ' Bheinuv
Aug. 26. Another sensational exploit
waa added to th marvels of aviation,
week today when Paul ham, the plucky
French aviator, broke the world 'a rec
ord in a wonderful night of S hours oft-
minute 24 second for tha Prix d la.
Champagne in a Voiain biplane, Dur-
ing 20 Minutes of ths time Paul ham
had a heavy rain and wind atom ta
contend with. .
in the air waa made by Wilbur Wright
at Lemans, December 81, S hours 20-
minute 23 1-5 seconds. The unofficial
record was 2 hours 27 minutes 25 aec
onds, made by Sommer at Marmcllona.
i'auiham '' new record for distance was- -about
134 kilometers, or 83 miles. He
made IS circuits of th course and the-
wind squall passed aa he was coming
down the home stretch for ths but
Simutanouslv, the dirigible Colonel
rtsnsco. eppearea o ine westward, plow
ing ita way majestically through the
smoke of the eity of Jtheimn. When
Paul ham finally eame down, it was be
cause the 56 litre of essence which ho
carried ia hi tank was exhausted. He
said the machine and eelf-eooling motor
had stood up perfectly and that it could
have continued indefinitely if the tank.
nsa oeca replenished.
Ao one who witnessed the flight now
entertains the slightest doubt that
aerial navigation with beaviar-taan-air-machinea
haa a glorious future.
starting in a 12-knot breeze hortly
before 4 o'clock with the avowed inten
tion of completing the 50 kilometer be
fore 6 o'clock to bar hia leas venture
some rivals, who desired to await
calmer air, Paulham not only accom
plished hi original purpose, bnt eoa-
tank was empty.
Civil War ConrJmiM at McKeea Rock
Urged on by Dabs,
Pittsburg, Aug. 26. Th town o
Schosnville, where the Prevaed Steel,
Oar company strike ia in progress, ha
aaaufed a civil war appearance instead
of a town riot-gripped. Sharpshooter
are in the woods on the height above '
the worka Troopers, heavily armed,
parade all the street.
A great searchlight, mounted on top
of the plant, with tha operator pro
tected by a sheet of steel, is constantly
revolving tonight to discover any effort
to break inside the vteekade and to spot
sharpshooters. The state trooper have
laid aaidc their maces and ride out of
tue stocked with rines across tbs pom -meis
of their saddles.
The entire community bear a grins
aspect. Both side are waiting for some
move that will bring oa conflict. Eu
gene Debs, the socialist leader, today
urged the men to fiirht to a finish, and
they are determined that they will not
leave the community or give ia. Anna
arc being purchased at gun stores and
mere ia xearthe near future will bring
about a conllict that will startle the
During the early' hours this morning
several shots hit the metal shield erect
ed by the deputies for protection against
fusillade ont of the dark. The marks
men were onnjMsrh hill about a quarter
the poor ability of the marksmen pre
vented tb loaa of several Uvea today.
The atate troopers will not permit
any eae to stop and talk. The foreign
ers must remain at a distance or In
doors, but they are stubborn and re
Further adding to the warlike ap
pearance of the stockade, Lieutenant
Charles P. Smith and 29 troopers today
went to a large tenement house ia
Preston. Th place waa surrounded
and aooada were detailed to seareh
the apartments of 20 families. Three
riflee, tea revolver, tea knives and a
machete ware seaf ieeated.
Movgan'a Yacht Dhwbted.
New Torn, Aug. . Tb fact that 3.
P. Morgan, tb financier, was nearly
shipwrecked ia Long Island Bound while
returning from New Have to tbia city
Tuesday oa hia yateh Corsair became
known today, when the yateh waa put
ia a drydoak for repair. The accident
happened near City Inland la the west
erly ead ef Long Inland Bound. The
Corsair waa making fast time when she
track a submerged ledge. BevereiBg
her propellers, the yateh backed off, but
began to leak. The Corsair proceeded te
New York aader redaeed spaed wit her
pamps going. .
" 1 ' m
Oaga Pan I.6O0 Fast
Mexie City, Ang. M. A special Ch
Pth from Mateahaala any that 10
miaera were killed ami 80 entombed by
tb dropping f a cage iato ths La Pan
mine there laatight.
Tb sable Darted awA the meat
dropped 100 feet. Saw parties at
to teach the lew
es atom.
OS tats t