The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, August 20, 1909, Image 5

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lone Proclaimer
IMC, OtifosV Aug. 30, 1909.
.brie ton Officer.
... Pdbrt
Tief irr v J. A- Wjwori
. MaraMU ....f,....J...,if...JW. C.rlt
- - ... .' ; ! tl r!ttn
Ceneua-.. M, Hrvor
. ' ' "' " .Wcmak Knftiaa
orncsss or seaoqi manner
ClmtU..... tf T- rrttftu
, U,J.Pinlniae
" omciuiTlti mum xm omci
' Reiiur . i. W. 11jt
lUiTr..n..................l-4-H. ArnMK
.....v. f. rvnniaftoB
Wtes NMt m FeNswat
MMontwadDMdar !))( Q at-rmaAUl
'ik. hill moon ol each month.
Odd Fallow ary muniM mifrnt.
. CKCll. IADUS W. 0. W., !Cq. 7SI Iftt
ttnd third SlurdT evening ol "Mtnth.
, MORGAN LODUK LO. O. F. Kn. Ill, HMtl
vn JlmaraliM
4aaj.h tnnntli
"All communication', as fur as
possible, should reach us not laterl
thart Tuesday nigot. . Flense war
'this in mind, and have communica
tiont In on time." Editor.,
Mr Jamison who ownes and re
sides -on tbeold Wileo place north
'of town 1ms been qnite ill for the
past week. It seems to bo an scute
attack of either Lumbago or rheu-.
matisin.. JtrsS AAgce came in
Tuesday far the doctor ior him.
Mr Pad berg Sr was in from Will's
ranch Monday with a load of 4ie
apples and vegetabetv - v';,.,v!.
, The "Dummy" Frank K verso n,
was o;oing some last Sunday. He
has broken his Ana Itorse to drive
ihtcrle and he borrowed a'bosirv
'and every flirt in town badlrrich
Them will U pullie aria ci ttvertosk
at the O. P. Bowman rancb on Butter
.Creek, Tuesday, Aofnat tlst,at tbe boar
ot 10 A. W. Blooded Jersey end llot
stein cows and calves, end also some
. .. Rood horses will be sold on eight month
time at elf lit pet eentioucest sUUesv-f
proved tecirlty.
C. U. Johnson wife and; diBij-li-ler,
oI.Tama, Ioflra are here for a
visit with" Mr and Mrs Bortst'r-
Mrs Johnson and Mrs Bortzer are
sisters. , ' ; :-
, J. B. Jones, that sporty yomg
'man who has been around here
- for the ptisi eight tnonths and who
left some time back' was here for
a few days visit last week. v lr
Jones likes this place and the peo
ple very much Uui all wiM be sur
prised to learn UhU hie name was
not Jones. An article another
place in this paper will explain
why ho did' not earry his own
t name. .
aioney to . loan on - Morrow
' County Farm land at 7 per cent
; From thre to ten yeyrs.
; W h Smith "
Pvst Ofliee, lone, Oregon ',
r . . i ... t L.
of the Third Eastern Orcfeon District AfiHcVi Aural Society at
SEPTEMBER 27, 28, 29, 30, OGTOBEQ tv 2
Exhibits ofJJ)e Producrs of" MofroW and UmatfiYa Counties
'All. Kinds ot fun ani
" f i i , n
HorftM. Cattle. SneD. VVi we rurt, ;
: 9
flG4 aVPnemium
i list.
lim Barnett has taken dvr the
proprietoriiltip ol bite barber shop.
No introduction is ijecessary with
the lone people in the case ol Jfm
and all wBl6n is tht his health
will mimiii guod enUigli for hhn
to eoiiUiiue in busineesv , 7 r... .
Our.Atloinev Ruhiiieon isspori
ng tt Jiew .Fedotu- aud lu oouse-
eiueuce tiiemof stepn so 1gM'y he
nearly skim the ground.
Chickuti dinner with sll the
"flxin" ftt the Hotel jjuuday.
Q. F. Marvel formerly of Mor
gan but who now. lives in A r It u fe
lon huhtu tim proprietor of a liv
ery stable there, droveto lone Sun-
dy to hiitt" s ome parties aud
in'iilte a itleasjint call at the Pro
claimer ofiioe. while here, -'
U:illi Uyuier, who has beenonr
b:irWr lietc.for the pant eight
m.iiiibK,. left iir roi Msnd Monday
Where lien'il go into business.
- Anyone hi newt I lime, cement i
aiuJ flljinlt-B (-all am) see 0 F Jr
ker before going eUL-where. .,
Tim iitrc-ts tire a sight with
WKKIlS and us tli hot days are
brin gin k trHliestirfaceaoineenakes
it woul'l be well if somepublle spir
ited citixen would lukeujt- con
tribution tind see tli.allhe WKKD6
are removed buforc nofwe child Is
bitten. Mr Slmnks drservfs a
nit-tlal for evenings after a hard
day's work lie been- workiugln
front of bid hotrse et Second-street
and hftu'eleantid the weeds away
from tlw whole rmuiwajt Why't the rest-of t'ie peonlo have
the Kanie'entiTr'pi'i.Hu? It is too bad
to toll the mihlio outside of Jont
that the streets urn in such ft fix
ami we wULatiU Mmt Isst summer
4R,,8r wm,,e . HP 1,1 rms
aboUt the 6nmlilioti f the rtieets.
the .men rose an one inan and grad
nrSecoiTsueot from end
to jend
mill put down new cross walks
Kuiu Cncinitn isdriringas Itite
a little team of mules these dav,rwJ,l,ey lielong Uh
Lew DavUlKn and AJrCuehran is
brenktiiK tlifhT." Titer are bey in
oJftr, weigh 1490ind are full bro-
ier and siiter. ", ' - j
Mr Jusper eAtnc to town Thurs
day with Ralph Mc Col loch who
was. struck on Hie liosd by the
breaking of the friction clutch of
the Biirlo tit rcshing m ft chine
which was working s't the Gist
ranch. '. l)r Chiuk put in several
stitcher and Mr Mc Col loch will re
turn to work 'm a few days. .
Curt It hen was In for sacks last
Wednesday. The Barlow machine
will three It bis grain, also for Dor
mas) and Smouse next week., "
. EdBritow has moved ito -tWJ
S M Akers home, recently vacated
by Mr Brysorr. Perry Hopkins
who ownes the house when Bris-
tow livedo cm Main street, b) return
lug to Ion to -live, . '
rri TZEFrTS Aftemoo and bvenvngs
nsjissi i i nm I
EH Escuewhola carrying uu
the hooting gallery litre is taking
a vacation nd is down on tbal
Simmons ranch workihg tu tim
Alfalfa. - - -
j T Knappenlwrg is buMV bant
ing in bis wheat from the Woolery
rancbv He seems well pleaMf
with tb trtitput-and the fine grade
of wheat produced shows that in
this Country even in yeareof small
rainfall tiieohuw of icf sin will b
the best:'-:'. '. .;
The Prwlaimer for m ayr
Notice-Beh Buschke of tone wish-
sto notify partiesontheNorthkide
who have stock running at larg:
that if they don't keep them out;
of his groin he will tn,k tlicm up:
and buirtg ttMjm to lone to the Ij v-i
epy stable where the owner will'
have to pay charges
Mr. Thorp Is busy these days
bulling Hbvriff bhuti's wheat to
Lexington. .. ' ; . '
Herald, Nettie, MaWI ar.d Ina
Mason will start Saturday morn
ing tor the mountains to get some
huckleberries, .
Over at the house
the other day a jsrge jnake ran
along the fence Jost where the
baby had been a lew moments pre
vious.' AVeM there oertsinly wat
n exciting tiuiA Uiere for a few
minutes. The" wife ran for Mr King
while Audrey dajicett around in
the vafd. , About Ibis tiine Mrs
Race happened along and seeing
the snake she tohl Audrey to get
the hoe for Iter end she would kill
iL And rev ran nut in the back
yard and picked ur mop ji-k
but hr this time Mr Kins: was
thrre and killed 1. - We aknl
Audrey why she didn't get the hoe
and she said sjiu thoucht she was
Kettiua- It but was seam) loo bad
ti see good. ;' j
Monday T L Djrnmu and Cico
Peek besMi heading on the Tib-
bet t place. . .
- ; Mr ilindlft, stent' to Tarllsud
having had a long dislavice ,phone
Sunday that Mr Illiullr, who is in
the hospital, whs not so well,
Mflss Elliot, escaped lunatic f i om
Salem, was captured here by Depu
ty Sheriff, Frank Nash. Aftci tTie
capture KHtot drenk some jtoiftm
he had in his pockrt and -but for
the nromitt work of l)r Chick be
would have died. An attendant
(mm the asylum cams and took
Mm back to Salem. V T
John Cochran, K f. Pad berg and
family, Johnny Brysnn'and fiftiily
Mrs Walter Puyearaud Mrs Frank
Akers and eh i birr it left together
for the mountains Saturday'. Tliey
will 1 absent about ten dx
CB Shaver, -Shorty", has re
turned from a triple Walla Walla
While there visiting old frjsuds be
attended Rtugliug llrnlhers circus
and said it was Qne. x
the peorJe Ybr
Vft i trShOWv. 1
stir:. -t
A Complete Stock ot ;
Garpets and Window Shfe,
New 1909 Wall Paper. AH Kinds of Furniture
Rcpiati u4 Rcnsaci mi ftcis Rciiiaicicr.
Any t hint not carried In stock will ba ordered at a Reduction
& E. M00RC, -
lone Proclaimer
'- ."(SM M VMUN) ;
veicrd r: u:i
fmiert by the I9otnrtiitciit of
the Intdrittr, fiovcrnmf lit of
Cnnatl4 Ottawn, ttmlvr the
Volunteer Bounty Act. (Nfrt,
(jocnI Nr?20 ex ret of any
Dominhfn In ml open for
entry in Allwrtn, Saskatche
wan or M5'r)H'vJr(- Any pemh'
ovet tri tfp otXn ywirw; vjk
r WiM. rnn inMire
thta Ioh?I with this rrtiuVatA
wk) fartliercnarKb, For
Write or irirtx U VHUh.
& Oregonian $2.
. . . . . . -
' 'J
rosrTLAiss Oswnnsi
1 LsJLasaisMe iwit I
I md JmA U.W VWM MA I ,
H 1 1 i islssjlli Ni ii si ii lis
VM.Sr. AM slsi sh sssosfc M
- C. K.
ICftnayit. r "