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Meredith NiehoUon
Ctntran MM
Tans ImmNhmu Comfamt
GHAPTKR IV. (Continued.)
They apent the day in tbe saddle rid lm
ever the range. The ridiculous charac
ter of tb 1'uindextar undertaking could
not spoil the ml value of the land.
There was, Ms it on could see, the making
hers of a treat farming property; he tell
hia old interest In outdoor life quickening
aa ht rode back to tha bouaa ia tba aven
Ing. Mnyder cooked supper for both of them,
while Barton repaired a decrepit wind-
' mill which had been designed to supply
the house with water. He had formed u
poor opinion of the car taker, who bad
no well-defined duties. There waa noth
ing for any one lo d., unless the ran,
were again stocked and cattle railing un-
"dertaken aa a serious buints. Halt on
waa uaed to rough men aud their wsya.
.He had a happy faculty of adapting blm
M'f tit tbe conversational capacities ot
Illiterate men, and enjoyed drawing them
out and getting their point of riew ; bu
Bnyders waa not a visage that insplrec
connneuce. lie bad a great abock o
black hair and a arrant beard. Ha la
d an eye, and ha bad a habit of drawing
ma oeaa around in order to accommodate
nia remaining orb to any necessity. He
did thla with an Inelnuating kind of de
nigration that wcama tiresome Id a lou
"Thla plan la too fancy to ba of orach
tbe man vouchsafed. "Ton may
unu some ouae that wanta to plant money
wnere enomer dude baa dng tba firsl
oi out i reckon youU hare a bard
lima catching him. A real cattleman
wouidn tears for all thla bouaa. It might
be made Into a stable, but a horaa would
look ridiculona In here. Ton might have
a corn crib made out of It ; or It would
do for a bote! If yon eoald get dudea to
pena ma rammer her; but I reckon
ns a utile hot out km for
itie only ml value la In tba land.
aid nexton. -I'm told ttaera'a no better
ea IM river. Tba room la a hanrflrsn
r would ba ao regarded by the kind a,
msn wbe make money out of cattle. Have
yon ever tried rounding up tba cattle
Mat at rayed through tba fences T Tin
roindexter crowd muat have branded
their laat calvea about two years ago.
Assuming that only a part of tnem wa
old or run off, there ought to bo aome
two-year-old still loose la thla counm
j u m wunq unuing. '
iar jokin- I guess. These' feller,
around nere ar good fellers, and all that
but I (imm they don't giv any thins bach
I guesa wt ain't, got any cattle omit
so un.
"Wbo'vs yog bass reporting to, 8ny
darT "How's thatf"
"V'bo have you been considering your
Self responsible tor
"Well, Jim Wheatoa at to Clarfcaon
National hired dm. and I reckoa I'd re
port to bim If I reported to anybody.
nut it you re going to run this shehana
and want to be reported to, I guess 1 can
report is you."
I want yon to report to me." eM
John, quietly. "Is tbe Aral place I warn
the bouse and tbe other buildings cleaned
out. After than tbe fences must be pen
In- shape. And then we'll aee if we can't
find some of our cows. Yos can't tell i
wt ami open up a reslTtnch hers and
go Into business."
"We(l, if you'rs lbs boss IH so It
your way. 1 got alouf all right with
Baxton determined to tears for Clark
son the following morning, nnd formulat
ed 1 his mind tbe result of bla Journey
sod plana for tha future of tbe htcon
r nous combination of properties (hat sad
b -i entrusted to bim. lis est for ao
boiir Iseu4g out over tbe moos-1 It val
ley. Ha followed th long Sweep ef tbe
lain, through which be couM see foi
miles the bright ribbon of tbs rivsr. A
train of cars rumbled far away, am lb
Iron trail between tbs two oceans, latee
alfylaf tbs kmrliaeai sf tbs strsnge
bouse, .
"1 mm to Bod so If tbs musty place,'
bs as Id aloud.
In tbs morning bs ats tbs brsskfaai
of coffee, hardtack and bacon which Boy
ds prepared. Hnyder rods with aim to
the railway station.
-Give my regards to Mr. Wheaton, be
nM. ma Baxion iwubi himself into tbe
train, "you'll Bad me ben at tbs aid
stand when 'you mas hack.'
, "A queer customer and undoubtedly a
bad lot," waa Pax teas reflection.
When Hasten bad written sat the)
ton ol his trip bs took It ts Wheatoa, to
get his auggeetloae before forwarding M
s Boetea. lis looked Upon tbs cashier a
bla nwdcessir. sod wished ts avail hia
self ol Wbeatons a sow Mas sf tbs Isca)
esAdltwna affecting tbs several prspsr
Ilea that bad now nsased as bis ears.
Wbestoa nadoubtsdly wlsbed ts bs sf as
aanssjcs, and k ibe4r dhiaal st tbe
report, tbs cashls nwds ssany anggaa
mm s4 vatns, si wbkb auss) was gad
svsJI Uasssol
as Hat NndMbst
Ssxssa ffftsOy, Tss sssb sOvsttlafoc H
for Bala In tbs bops of fading a buyer,
bat without results. Tbs poop Is at bead
quarters can't bother about tbs detail
of these thing, bat I esnt sat why we
should maintain a sarstaksr. There'
nothing to lake ears of. That house Is
worse than useless. I'm going back In a
few days ta ass If -1 can't coax boms
soma of tbs cattle we're ea titled ts, and
then I suppose ws may aa well diapause
With Snyder. "
"I don't ass that there's anything else
ta do," Wheaton answered. "I ts been
to tbs ranch, and thsrs'a Httls personal
property there forth caring. for. That
man Snyder cams along one day and
asked for a Job and I sent bim out thsrr
thinking bs'd keep things In order aarli
tbs Truat Company sent Its own tsprs-
seiiUtlvs here."
There were times when Whsaton's
black eyes contracted curiously, and Ibis
was one of tbs tiroes.
"I don't like discharging a man that
you'rs employed," Baxton replisi.
"Oh, that'a all right. Ton can't kn
him If bs nsrforms ao service. Don't
troubls about him on my account, How
soon are you going back there?"
"Next week aouos time."
8s x ton was not surprised when ba re
turned to the ranch to find that Snydei
bad mads no effort to obey hia Inetnic
tiona. He made bla visit' unexpectedly.
Hs reached tbs house In the middls af
tbs morning and found the front dooi
bolted and barred on tbe Inaids. Aftr
much poundlngths auceceded In brfugtnj
Hnyder to the door, evidently both aur
priaed and diapleased ar bis Interruption.
"Howdy, boss," waa tbs salutation ol
tbs froway cuatodian; "I wasn't feeling
Just right to-day and waa takia' a little
The great ball ahowsd signs of a ca
rousal. Tbs dirt had Increased sines &m
ton's first appearance. Empty bottle
that had been doing service as candle
stick! stood in their greaay shrouds on
tha tabls. Ssxtoa sat down on a kdg.
which had evidently been recently emp
tied, lis resolved to make ouick work
of Snyder.
"How many cattle have you roandfd
up alncs 1 was here 7" he demanded '
"WcH, to tell the truth," began Snyder
"there ain't been much time for doing
that alncs yon waa bars."
"No : I suppose you were busy mend
ing fences and cleaning bouse. Now you
havs been drawing forty dollars a month
for doing nothing. I'll treat too battel
than you dsssrvs and give yon tan dot-
Ian bonus to get out. I believe tbs pony
1b tbs corral belongs so you. We'll 1st It
go at that. Here's your money.'
"Well. I guess as He Wheaton hired
ma, bs'd better Are ass.'
"Yes, 1 spoks to Mr. Wheaton about
yon. lis understands that you'rs to go.'
"Hs does, does be?" Snyder replied
with a sneer. "Hs most bav forgot thai
I had an arrangement with bim by tba
year. c -t
"Well, It's alf off," aald flaxtoa, rising
Ha began throwing open tba wlndors and
doors to 1st in fresh air.
-WelL 1 guess I'll have ts see Mr.
Wheaton," Snyder retorted, finding thai
Saxton waa paying no further attention
to bim. Hs collected bla few bolongi'igs,
watching In aotonlahmcnt tbs violenoe
with wblcb Buxton waa gathering up and
disposing of rubbish.
"Hs seems to bs mors Interested tr
Wheaton than Wheaton la In bin," ob
served Sexton to himself.
Baxton apent a week at Great River.
Hs hired a man ta repair fences and put
tbs house In order. Hs visited several ot
tba large ranch owners and asked them
for aid In picking out ths scattered rem
nants af tbe Poiadestsr bard. Nsarly all
of tbs m volunteered to help, with tha re
sult that b collected about one hundred
cattle and sold them at Great River tor
cash. He expected to sss or boar of Sny
der In tha town but tbs fallow bad dis
James Wheaton waa SB years aid, and
was reckoned amlng tbs solid business
men of Clarkson. Hs bad succeeded fai
beyond his expectations and was fairly
content with tba round of tba (adder that
he had reached. He never talked about
alawett aad as bruad nu lailmaieTriends
It bad never bees necsssary for bim Id
givs confldsBcsa, Hia rather bad been a
barnewt-maker In a Httls Ohio towa; be
and his older brother wars expected to
follow tbs sates business ; but tbs brother
grew restless andsr tba threat af enforc
ed apprenticeship and prsvsiled on Jamas
ts rua away wltb bias. They became
tramps and snjoyed themselves roaming
through tbs country, until finally - they
wars caught steal lag hi a Httls llUnols
village and bath wars arrested.
James waa discharged through tbs gen
erosity af bla brother in taking aH tbe
blame an himself ; tbs older bay waa seat
to a reformatory alone, James then weaT
to Chicago, where hs sold papers and
blacked hoots for a year until bs found
employ meat aa a train boa with a com-
pa ay operating on vartouo llnea running
out of Chicago. Thla gava aim a wide
soon sin fairs with Western towns, and
lavMlSBtally with railroads nnd tallnad
Hs grew tired af tbe road, and ob
tained at Ctarhson a position ta the of -
Acs af Timothy Margrave, the gsweiul
maaagsr of ts Tinnsronttnsntal, which,
hs bad beard, waa a grant primary seem I
far ambitions boye. , k .
Ha attended sight senses, waa assMs-
s In his duties, and attained In doe
suras tba dfaulty of a desk aa which bs
took tba cards af Hargravs'a sailers, m
dtted tbs kttsr bosks and espied figures
ndes tbs divert I af tba chief dsn
After a year, bearing that sue sf ia
Oarawu National Saab's misssngira was
about as resign, ba anpllsd far this peace.
Margtust tsmmmiadia bim: tba Meal
maaagsr af tbs news agauey saathid far
bla tatsgvtty, and ba da course ba wead
tba at rests af Ctartaaa wttb n Issw
bm-bsat. tba enjrwurd aad vWMe ahrs at
hat nssJtloa aa asssasaajnr. Ba was ataad-
past rinaftng rjtrtssr sad farfbnr banana
bim. - .
Wbss, at an tntpsrtant boar af his Hfs,
Wheatoa was promoted to ns paying tsU-
or, bs waa In tba motiving teller's sags.
Re had knows that the mora desirable
position waa vacant sad bad hearu bla
fellow clerks spsculatlng as .to tbs posst
billty of a promotion from among their
number. Thompson, ths cashier, bad a
nephew lo tba bank: and among tbe
clsrfca ha waa tbouxht to havs ths best
chance. Thsy nil knew that ths directors
were in session, god several whose taska
for tbs day wars floiabed, lingered later
than waa their wont to ats what would
happen. Wheaton kept quietly at bla
.work: but ha bad an eye on tha dons oft
tha directors room, and an sar that in
sensibly turned toward ths snnnncistot
by which maaasngera wars called to tbe
board room. It rang at last, and woea
ton wiped bla nan with a Httls mors than
bla usual ears as be waited for the re
sult of ths summons. This waa on his
twenty.fifth birthday.
"Mr. Wheaton!" Tbs other clerks
looked at one another. The question
that had basn nmwrmot with nil Ol
them for a week past was answered
Thompson's' nsnhew flammed his book
abut and carried It Into the vault What
ton put saide the balance sheet over
which ba had been lingering and went
into ths directors' room. Then had been
no note 'of Joy amour his associates. Hs
knew that ha waa not popular with
them; be waa not, la their sense, a good
fellow. Whan tbey ruabed off aftsr
hours to ths ball games or horse races,
hs never Jolnsd them. When their books
did not ba lanes be never volunteered to
help them. Aa for himself, hs alwaya
balanced, and did not need their help:
and tbey hated him for IL This was his
hour of triumph, but he went to his vic
tory without the cheer of his comrades.
' Later, when nerd arose for creating
tbs position of assittant cashier. It waa
natural that tne new desk thonld bs as
signed to Wheaton. Ho was faithful and
competent ; neither Porter nor Thompson
had a son to lasts!) In tbe bank ; and. aa
tbey said to sach other and to thsir fel
low directors, Wheaton bad two distln
guishlng qualifications hs did his work
and hs kept his mouth shut
In the course of time Thompson's
health b robs down and tbe doctors order
ed bun away to New Mexico, and again
there seemed nothing to do but to pro
mots Wheatoa, Thompson wished to sell
his atocfc and resign, but Porter would not
havs it so; but when, after two yearn, it
was dear that the cashier would nevti
again bs fit for conthiuoua service la tbe
bank, Wheatoa was duly sleeted cashier
and Thompson was mads vies president.
The relations between Portsr and
Wheaton were strictly of a business char
acter. Thla waa not by tntantlon an Por
ttr's part Ha assumed that at some
time be or Thompson had known all
about Wheaton 'e antecedents : and after
aa anamy seem s akttsfaetenr service,
during tbs greater part of which tbe
bank bad been protected against Whea
ton, aa against all the rest of tbs em
ployes, by a bonding aompsny, bs accept
ed the cashier without any question. Ba
rb rs Evalyn'a return bs bad ana day ax-
pressed to Wheaton bis satisfaction that
Bs would soon have a home again, and
v neat on remarked with civil sympathy
that Mlaa Porter must now aa "quite a
-young lady." J
"Ob, yes; you must corns ap to tha
bouaa when ws get going again,' Porter
Wheatoa bad teen tba Inside of few
booses in Clarkson. Hs had a reosllec
tloa of having been sent to Portsr'a sev
eral times, while bs waa still an errand
boy in the bank, to fetch Portsr'a bag on
occaaloiia when the president had been
caiicu away unexneetedir. He rem
be red Evelyn Porter aa aba used to soma
aa a child and sit in tba carriage outside
tbe bank to wait far her fatbsr; tba
Porters stood to bim tbe at, and now, toe
wealth and power.
Raridan bad a contempt forvWhsatona
Intellectual dVnciendea ; and praise of
Whsaton's steadiness- and success vexed
bim as having some Sting for himself;
but his own amiable Impulses got tbs bet
ter af bat prejudices, and bs showed
Wheaton many kindness a. When ths
tttbrrl ! Tha llaihsUis' nagged When
ton. It was Karidsn -was threw himself
Into the controversy to take Whsaton's
part Us took him ta call at boom of
tbs bouses bs knew beat and though thla
waa a matter of preplnqalty he knew
nevertheless that he prafemd Wheaton
to tbe others la tbe bouaa. Wheaton
waa not notsy nor pretentious and tbs
others were somMimee both. '
Wheatoa soon found It easy to do
things that bs bad nevsr thought of do
ing before. He In i east known to tbs
sorlat and haberdasher: there was a lit
tle Hambletouiaa st a certain U very rasa's
which Warry Raridea drove a good deal,
and be bad learned from Warry bow
peasant It was to drive out to the new
country Hub ia a runabout Instead of
aalng ths street car. which left a nwrmin
af plebeian walking at tbe end af tbe
line. But while he acoulred the superfi
cial graces, be did not Hwe bla Instinc
tive thrift: be had never st tempted ta
plsnura. wee en what hie associates at
The Bacbebirs called "sure things;' nnd
bs was squally lacanahle af perusal ex
tra vsga are. If be bought Bowers bs seat
tbesa where they wow,l toll SB Ms favor.
If be bad five dollars tb give to ths le
Bund fog tbe poor, he considered that
when tbe aswspamw printed hie naass hi
1st list ef achjKtwIedx eases ts, batwsoM
Tlmatby Msrgra. was auw fifty dol
lar, and William Patten who gave twenty-five,
ba bad reeelvsd mm a di sua to re
torn SB bis Ibtss stent.
' (Ta bs eeattBawu.) ' " .
Where did yon a tool that
frosar fiBBnasdad tbs pall mi is an
aatoad tbe tramp.
-I dldnl steal ft, saM Ism tivaaax'beaa tbey ngrue that thai umawtog af
"A tody up ths street furs tt W BBS nsis bw aasters, (ha aalaiba aissm bp
asat tont bm to baa tL"1 rsatsai tovthtva sal aaihlinakli ' -
Un .tiMi ! mTgiinv
Thla tuacblDa, which can cat 140,000 wooden blocks In ten hours, con
sists of a series of circular saws fad with wooden battens. . Thsss are kept
in tna rignt direction oj ma tram a, woiea in too picture ta rataaa m oraer
to show tba sawing apparatus. Tbe battana move up an Inclined plana to
wards the saws and the finished blocks are delivered down a similar plan
at tha other and. Tha motive power la electricity.
Throne, an official act of the Church
of the Brethren In Pennsylvania, mem
bers of the sect who wear cold rim
med spectacles and eyeglassee are vir
tually called heretics. .
' The Brethren, or Dunkarda, aa they
are commonly called, have alwaya been
PPaed to all forma of oetentatloua
apiay. in ue rural diBtricts tbs
members of the church adhere faith
fully to the old-time regulations, ss
chewing ail ornate features of dress or
Those who go to the cltlse and es
tablish church ss there havs discon
tinued many ot these euatoma. The
men wear .neckties and watch chains,
which the older rural members re-
garded as abominations. The city
eburchea have organs and stained glaaa
windows, which are not tolerated In
the rural churches.
Ia matters touching the conduct of
the members the Dunkarda are not
IDTereed by set rules, but merely by
the general sentiment of the ehurch
sipraaaed from time to time la Its oon
fereocsa. The only authorised ereed
of the church la the Bible, and upon
the literal interpretation ot various
passages of Scripture are based tbs ts
rtoua euatoma of the church, such aa
tha baptism of adults, la a running
Btrsam, the opposition to warfare aad
litigation, the wearing of tha plain
tun u Mad aw tmm aiinuana.
art tbe tore feasts, tba taet-waahlng
erssasny and tha kiaa af ehnrtty ax
;baaad h masnbtra at ehnroh ssrr-
nnBMtltaea tha dlatrtct eonfamosa
attssipt to euroroa atrtngant rules ef
asndnut under pata ef exnossmuimv
tMsa. Tba Oble aiafsraBaa baa decided
that afl aseanbesu Bhail h aanmiMai
wearing of jewelry, fold and nnnsoss
ssry ornamentation ba discontinued
and that the sisters wear the prayer
cap during religious services." '
Tbe question of a paid ministry hag.
been a source of much perplexity to
the ehurch. Originally ministers were
ehoeen from the membership ot ths
congregation and asrved without pay,
continuing their previous employment.
The city churches found such methods
Impracticable and to maintain their
work were forced to pay their pastors.
Officially thla Is termed a supported
wasHTife tn,nn.
ministry and under that dealgnatloo
haj bsien taeltly -permitted.
Asssiese Ceweet Oeatasisttoa.
The Imports ot ends cocoa Into tba
United States In the calendar year
1901 amounted to 7,4 19.700 pounda.
alued at Slz,9,ft3t. The imports the
ysar previous were 112,147 ponnda
leas, but thd total valae was W.IW,
T4S greater. In other words the mar
ket value of the cocoa Imports dropper
from 17H cents per pound In 190? to
IS cents In 1908. The United
States la tbs faxrgeet censumef of eo
eoa, the world output of which to
about a4d.000.0ofi pounda. The leading
countries supplying the American mar
kets are ths British West Indies,
which sent I7.M6.871 pounds ta 1908.
while 1T.01MU pounds oama front
elsewhere la ths West Indies and Bar
Biuda; Brasll furnished ltJfil,Ud
pounds, while lfi.77S.fiM pounds cam
front elsewhere fat 8outB America.
Crude cocoa ranks aa twsuty-drtk In
Importance of msrdsandtos Into tbe
United BUtoa.
v i
bawls) Be Carried Men.
T wlah you wouldn't ba cross to
that dear little dog of mlaa.- said tha
wife. Tha little fellow to Just filled
with good Inteutiona."
"WeH." replied the hasten, grabbtag
tba pup, -I rest Ilka to earry eat good
totantioBaTTecAers nXaaasonn. -
-masng m eem eoenmoa trait Which
dmtlngulshss nil Uvlng thiagn. All
btods sf aatmato bavw thetr ways ef
Mtaaatv. A aaahw ts alau-taetha mtmM.
waagpeitpto and old snsw Iflka
araexsa, but fit njwnya tolas to tax end
wwauan to