The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, June 25, 1909, Image 4

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eaves 1 ienniiur - -
":lo a. m.
- 8:.VJ a. ni.
- lOil'.Vn. .
- - - 1 ;l.3. m.
. - :; p. in.
- - 4 :! p. m.
' rri.TC' ;it Junction - -
; itnvi'.j Junction
HI'S I:" -------
.1 i'.t iJei'F'uer -
iVcst -1joiiihI kiivett Jinx-lion Hi a.
'.:.t Hill le.iven Juin:li"H i"l" "
i',. J. Pennington, Aai-iit-
ol Morrow County, Oregon
.-. . II. J. Ti- Hit
, 'i J. !!
(' . 'I - -I. i'
r.uuri S 4i I !
) f.;. n
. , . . i
I. I.. V""--
lir-l ( hi- M l:
i" . n. iut
ll.y iti Uy nun
V 111 N'V-I. i In
ill if tin- the Pi;ri.nmi.
Exposition is ivi'
l :.i wide attention :tnd
'roiu Si-.i 1 1 If diow tli:il this
tly f'-i-vin; the :if
li-i ; i r tori tin. lie ci i cu ' I
1 iti:it -d r.-ii! i l?--s? i i
ri'l-s iif 1 he cuiiiil i "that
i i' will i' is i iii'-U mabh
lio run tin, should attend.
I )
i M
I !- nca i ly here, a i
; th prcpiinitg In ph r I I
' on that will au.ikt n put-
lin- in tin: heads of ill
Uili tolic, w hi le I hose who
.1 wilh loval idenc, will
'lytbinj; lo their liking over
lone has rteieved a bearl
ti to )oaiid be one of, them
- no doubt eertain that
II accept the invitation.
i' eastern atatort are now lillei
li." horrors of ft "vellow .an
;ii I'
!:.!!' mesalliance. The termina
:.oi of ! his association bad been i
' Pita! murder, Ilia bowing of a
!:ot ht i ami father to the dust '
! mi illation and sadness, and the
mm,; of mikkion schools in New
Nork. When will the churchei
.iMikii to the truth of necessary
ini-i-'Ti work among our own
nation and lop meddling with n
race who do not want to be chr
W'o have ferioun double ns to
wtietlier t'hrit wished bin religion
proiunhjatcd lo these yellow and
hi"wn i.ieef, ns they no doubi
lit- ti (Mi al.d tor a purpese ;u il
lli ir en v iron men w ndjiiFtrtl to
cury imii liiat purpose, lilhis is
ii'l f o 1 1 V 1 1 id not. or lines not
1 '!ni -t a it, i nj;i' a supernatural plan
f-M their hai.j;e, as he did tin
tone I'rociaimer
. !!. VVAKU, Editor and Proprietor.
-.'ubli-hed every Friday at lone,
M-jrrow County, Oregon.
' th't 1'rofliiinicr Publishing Cu.
'Knt red at the lone postoftVc aw
..x class matter.
hite-.' In the mean time, mother'
a "i (at In is would show umidsen-t
ii (bey would retain their ehildren
within the confines of (heir - -mvn
Hurrim Eir Eisicn
It is the unirersa! opinion ol
very old timer in Cotidon that
the weajher for the past wttk has
been the beat lor crop tm rem
em be red since the first bladea ol
'wheat forced llieir way thro Gil.
liani County toil. On Monday
and Tuesday H sprtukled and all
Wedneeday and night the rain
Hst poured down. Kot only farm
ira hut tveiy man hi CodQ!, had
a smiL on his faco a yard - long
and no wonder (or it rained twenty
dollar gold pieces, ko to spenk, for
iieiirly 2i hourc. It linn been an
unxiot; year for i beat raisers.
Lant March 1 1 to prooclH were
good and a line stand o( wheat was
m be seen evory where Then
unmo n Jong dry spell with cold
winds mid no growing weather for
over six week nud prospects began
to look blue. Just in tbc nick of
time came a rain two weeks age
which hoiked, .materially and this
last rain has made n miraculous
change for the better and nil farm
ers we have seen nre jubilant.
Tliev exiicct nil the wav from 20
mi :H) btibclg to tbc acre and in
sonic case?-more. If w heat opens
ii i, h.!i:ii , as expected, f-onie pco-
1 ( will biiv more money than,
they know what to do with. Con
it in '1'inirs.
i splendid strawberry
A tnmi'i ! of localities are be
gining ti f- "l I In-"drops" in straw
lerry m.-irki't, bul it doesn't affect
hh a parlicle. and it never will, for
wJjjuii llie market breaks ours are
all gone at the top price too. Ir-
rigon Irrifiahir.
Mttn -.vhii are in the mercantile
iii-ii.r-ss make jutt complaint of
the wide extent to which people
indul'.'e in lheum:iil orih-r habit".
It is cliai'i:,.,; that Indies lire esp
ecial I v prone in become victims of
ni - en Mm' j. The woi d "victim"
s a ;:uril one to use in this eon
uecttoti li'Ciuie the niail i.rdcr
it ihit is no(t:i:i; m ie or lets than
a ii"is of gambling. -
People u lio patronize mail order
houses do so in hopes of fretting
Homelhiny; at lefotban the regula
tion price. They nre willinR to
"take n chance" at netting a bur
gdn. As in otticr gnmeH ol eliauce
the plnyern lose more often than
they win, yet they nre sofneinnted
iv the Kamo tlint they forget their
ninny disappoiiftmewt H now
hen they win something.
Hut the fterimis thing about this
matter is the fact that those who
patronize the mail order establish
ment ire not the only people who
suffer. Local bueinesshouseHthal
are rightfully entitled to the trade
that goes away are losers. Indirect
ly the entire community is injured
wben peopleindulge to aliy extent
in the mail order habit.
The ladies of this city and of the
county as welt have a well earned
reputation for being public spirit
ed. They have done much in the
way of advancement for the city
and county. They can work work
very effectively for the welfare of
the community it they will but
down thjs tendency lo putronite
outside biisinesn concern rather
than lov'al stores. The mail older
ii ibit i- a lea! evil. Help stop it.
lias I Oreyonian.
Portland, Oregon, Juue 22.
Reprsenting large sums of Dut
ch capital and collecting informa
tion that will lead to the establish
ment of direct trade relations be
tween Holland and lh PiR
Coast upon completion ol the Pan-
ama Canal, iGScholrick, presM-i
ant of Whwman'a hank. AmiUr. I
dam and G J M Simona. editor ol i
the "TtUgraar. the great Holland
newepaper, wara visitors to Part
land during tb week. In an in
terview, Mr Simmon laid that
the trip irai to get in touch with
inveetaaent eportonitite In Uk
elaw whan mean Holland capital
ooiuea at preteiil Cluti ngcucim in
theKast. ileaUuwdd Hint us
soon us the l'aiuuiia Canal is built
a line of Dutch btemnships will he
establidieil (ruin Hoind to ibis
Const ports that is isp' ttcd to br
ing this section in de . toucl
wrth that country and Iiur pQp!e
Orirnn tu nintrinL' SO fast til at
the land marks lire lulling one by
ono an Lbnv annul in the WAV f
progress. The lateii't illustration
is the fejling of a historic old oak
treo at fit llvlcns (luting the past
week that sheltered the Lewis and
Clark RxnMlilinn oil its faiUOUS
exploration, over lOtf" years ago
The location of a big new nawmill
oil-the river bank nunie it necess
ary to remove the old tree. The
tijunk wb 61 inclira in dinmetcr
a(id a count the riiifis indicated the
age of the tree was 1 lit yeais.
1 he. first rni i-oud ram ever
equipped with wirelc-s t-b-jriaphy
apparatus passing thin the stittt
was brought to Portland dining
thepaitweek In- t'alifomiu
Promotion Committee, carrying
an excursion of H-0 prominent
business men of California. Tin
visitors were eiilwUHird by tin
Commercial Chin Willi a rule ale
out the city and'uinucr and the
Ulub. Speeches were made by the
Californiaus ar.d the friend I v hent-
imenls exprcBFcd wtre responded
lo by Portland business men.
t he visits of tlie excnrsioinsls re
suited in crentim a closer common
interest between t he two notions
f the 1'nciiic Co:n-l.
The Oregon criMineiy men met
with Slate Dutry and Food Com
uMssioiter lltiiley lust aluidny al
I'orlliUid where they nut the ntw
inspectors njipointul by MrPiaih-y
Plans of co-operatitMi to improve
the state's dairy product were dis
cussed and agreed upon. The
meeting was held nt the Commer
cial Club.
UtrC E Carlson of (looseberry
and Mies Mnry Harrison of (iervois
Oregon were united in marriage at
home ot t he bridn? parents. Mr and
"Mrs ITarrifon in Cierrois, Oregon.
A number of friemlsand relatives
were present and, in Ljit evening
about twenty of tJieh; young friends
bid them adieu with their differ
ent, made-to-order, musical instru
ments. They tbea started for
their home in Gooseberry where
they were met with the same spirit
Mr and Mrs (far ton are-now at
home and we wish them much suc
cess and happiness in their future
On last Momhy afternoon there
was a fair attendance at school
election at the school house, and
loe Wait is aid K I. Pad berg were
iecled tn lake I be oflice of direc
tors made vacant bf the . expira
tion of a term of oflice by Wallet1
V aon and tin rignation of S 1
f ration, u the later Is moving to
; train-. ras to , on. a homesiend
Mr Perkins 4nccdi himself as
clerk' .
The people here are again sun
of a firxt class school when such
e flic ient and progressiva men are
in charge. , ,
W ' w,,h to U,tt,,-HL lritnda.
neighbors who vara so kind
' us during Iha rtcanl ill-
;M ,nd d"ln oI "Wthar, Mrs
Julia Baker.
Tie Children.
Mr IntkeepechiloVen are having
the maenpa. ' I . .
Pern Moraan called wn Etta
Brown Friday. .
.... Proprietor.
Clarence M. White
Heppner Oregon
P. G. Balsiger
Mowers & Headers
Ulcers CkaspIeB
Case steel Plows
Mitchell Vehicles
fitKril WHsrkni3
lone - Oregon
P. M. Christenson
Dealer In
Wheat Lands and Town
Property. I also handle
Thoroughbred Poultry
P. H. Christenson, Propri
etor Swede Canyon Poul
try Raneh, Lexington, Or.
l'hyslcian and Sorjeon
TENDED Office in the lone Pharmacy,
lone, Oregon.
The Proolairner for $1.60 a year.
THE b. P. D.
Where Every one gos to
have a good time.
lone - Oregon
Look Here!
A nice fresh line of all the
leading brands of tobaccos both
smoking and chewing; aIsojL
fine line of LUNCH goods
just arrived. Any thing from
Sardines to Limberger cheese.
HOT g, COLD son Drlnhs i Spcclalte.
Ward & Ward
awaaw, OregtB.
The Portland Journal
3 Commacul Trade Especially Sofidtied $
Rates $U00 and"
$2.00 the Day
Special Rates for Room and Board by Week
A W...I
"'uuuui Batchelos.
Voice Culture. Singing
.Sight Reading
R "We Hickok -
Grain Buying a Specialty.
Lands Bought and Sold
Life Insurance
Collections made. ,
x k - -
Will buy in any amount Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks
Veals and Hides.
"m Kwsfers Ml WaiM
at. the
Will all pei-oiii who artrenddbt-
e(i to the .1 ( KiiicitiinMate please
settle with out dtday us wo are
auxin-,!:; -) wind up tho whole
matter a ?oni .i ios.ib!i.
E I. I'adberg,
L. t. WARD.
and Proclaimcr Jaoo