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    The Great
Aalliar J "BnU Bwida." "BuJ U Vb."
CHAPTKIt XXII. (Continued.)
Ilemmingby was right hi tlii prediction
about the nurse. She kept her fat- an
ttnioh an poaaihle turned own; from him.
and addreascd herself to (logwood in tow,
BMiuwl tone, whii'li ntruck 111" manager
as having bwn deliberately adopted, lie
waa disappointed, fur In- hid nK-hoimd
upon her vou-e to riull thU woman to
hli memory. An yet it liuil tM him noth
ing, and hi- felt pretty iure Unit nhe
would allow Ii J in to In-nr an little of II an
might be. 'Jcarly, if nmtiie, lie must
fori' her l t h I k .
"No," dIihitvih! tlu mimaeer ; "the old
cr'ttur ilmi't recollect me H lil : ami yt,
pour old i-h ip, he u nil I h:ivi Ihhmi friendly
Iir lie In m( twi-nly yi-iirn; lint I supi)",
uw'nii, there n n- riLiny nf his old friends
b don't rei-ogiiiz-'f"
"lli rpi'iigiNzcH very fi'w uf them now,
air," rejoined ili- uiiih.', in c hi imiiii- low,
Biei'lifiiiii-al lone.
"lie kli'ivvn Mr. I'fgra ru, of courv,"
ill ill I l-iiiiiiiiil.v inrelenly,
"Who Mil hi anything il In -lit Mr. IVg-
raw V" ()inil i In' oi'ini-.'iiiiiiiiii, from I lie
deplll Of lllH 'IIMllillllH. "Eli- III'M-r l-UIHe
War iim- imw ; wily shuuM lie 7 Wlnit due
fc wint Willi a worn o;ii ) fellow like
Bie? Hut IM like to nee him, I'd like lo
aee liiiii.''
A gleuiii of HiirpiW DiisIiimI for a mo
Blent acruNM llie uuimijpT.i fiuv; hill, tran
sient ax It win, die woiniiii, who from
Under her dou iicHt lids whs Nlciidily
wuli'liiiiK him, hiiw il, uikI fidgeted nerv
ously with her spron in i-iui-iiieuei'.
"It strikes me," iviiit iiiuml llt'uuniiighy,
"Mint my nht friend I here In not ipiite
so d.-af ai you nuike him out to be, .Mm.
Mr-..- "
"('lurk. sir," hIh replied. "Kxcuxe me;
I told yuti jtinl now that, though lie
really is very deaf, lis exaggerates bis
deafness a good deal when out of humor.
The nnme of I'egrnni would, of iuur, at'
Irart his attention."
"IVprraiii .'" unnvcred tin- Invalid again ;
"I want to see him about that right of
foreshore In front if Ityilland Terrain. If
be don't liuy It, smiielioilj else will, and
build on It, likely ai mil. It will send
fa la rents down In the Terraeo If h tela
Kny one builil bclwii'ii him anil the twn."
'I'lieri wua a I winkle In tlemmliiRliy'a
ye, whii-h did uol etii'H Mra. (.'lark, an
he riilled ;
, "Why, your ln'inl i na climr for huni
Besji, Mr. Ki iiIiIh-, an evitr it wai ; if yon
would only taki- to an car-trunnw't, I h
IIcvp, wlu'ii you have got throiiKh the win
cr, you mi(lit nun mi1 your old olace In
rbe iiiHi-o. J on't yon iliink, nia'ani, hp
will itime round with the Miring a hit?"
'Hie ntiriu nhook Ix'r hend, hut uiade no
further renly.
"Wi'll. KiiikwimxI," iiaid the tnatiaenr,
rialng, you were nenl down lnw to iee
Hr. Kruhlie. mid ho pill an end to a fool
tah rumor : 1 miiiinw you are atiiitii-l
Bow, atnl ijiiite reaily lo vou. h lhal he In
alive, and ill tol'Tatily good cae, for his
llf wan. aiiimintiiil ly Uingwoml.
bout ti Ii-bvm th room when, to llie in
ter! so antoniirtiiiienl of I lie latter, he turn
d nwiflly round, oromeil to the deaf ninn'a
rhalr, ml hU hand tiehrly on hi nhouliW,
and whin-wr-il Inio hi ear. Ituigwood
aaw the invalid atart a if the mnnager
kad hit him : hut In-fore he .-ould olmerve
lore. Ileinmlngliv hurried him into tht
tune, and lil the w av rHjiidly Iwrk til
"Well."" aald Itlngwood. n th'-y turnml
Into the high mini, "what do you mnk4
of it all? a ml whjt. In heaven'a name.
BOHnemed you lo whiaiH-r into a -leaf
bmii'i Mr?"
"I mti't explain matters more hrietlly."
rejoined Hetiimitighj, laughing, "than by
letting you what I aaid. Il war merely
(hia 'A leetlw ovenlone, lloh ; hut you eari
have twenty jioutiil a week at the 'Vlvae
llj' whenrvtT you like tu Join I be prof
ion." "
"Whj, you din't mean lo uy "
rlainied It lug wood.
"Yea. I do," liitarrupted the manager.
"Boh I'egrani playa old Krablte, and well
fea doe It. Aa for rtia nuraa, I atlll ran't
pat a name to her: hat would bark ber
lao to be theatrical,"
Aa the fnntnteia of the vlnitora died
ay I -oh IVgram apraug from hla chair,
and. dirowing hU rug nnd wranpera ujion
Ihe gro I, exhIWted the onii.1 pleture of
a young man n tally uiaile up to repre
arnt an old one.
"It ail up, Kitty." he exclaimed. "1
told the rivrnw tt waa niadneaa to con
tinue ihe deration ; but Kr waa oontlnate
dud refuaed lo admit that he waa beaten.
VH ouurae. neither ke nor I ever reekoned
Vnin lleinmlngliy turning un In thla war;
I wiah I had taken your adTW. Yoa aald
ffce mlnote ymi aaw your old manager that
II waa heat to aay old Mr. Krabho waa too
III to receive vlattura, that If w once
played our IllUa comedy hefor kin ko
waa certain to dotart no. If not both of
but I had batahooaled ao aany, that
1 waa aaa anoug to think I rould deeolTa
klnv What do yon think ho whlaporad la.
fc aay aar hofbr loarlag, Kitty?"
-I 4't hwr," nho rapltad: "hot ft
m not aaork aaattor. I on that ha hnal
reoacnlaW yo mm link bafor that:
aaian aaa aat nia 1 aaaiat
ay; tmt that, I auppoM, la not of much
con nag u en ce now."
Lo you know vrtiat all Una mehna,
girl? lh you know that thia aieana penal
wrvitud for me? Why Ilemmlngby
ahould turn against ua In thia faahion I
oau not I mag hie; h could not have come
here wlri that barrister fellow by acci
dt-nt. At all event a. It la too rinky foi
me. and I mean to be out of HydJaud to
Hub 1'egram, aa, having reaumed hli
own clothes, he walked quickly bait to
Midland, rapidly turned over In hia mind
all the detail of hla projected flight.
There was but one difficulty that he aaw
in the way of hla stealthy retreat, and
that waa hia father. To draw a good big
aum from the bank, and alip unlet ly away
from Ityilland, waa easy enough ; but the
bidding good-bye to hta father was a dif-
fcrwK matter. Influenced entirely by hla
own ael(tnh fears, he determined toHpare
hit oiu lawyer mat ceremony.
He kept carefully out of hla father'
way, but employed a part of hla time at
"Tito Crown" In writing a short note to
him. In which, after explaining hla own
flight and hia tenuous for it, he ntrongly
m-o in mc tided the old to follow hia
n ample. Ho further remlndml him that
he had already oblained I wo ili t-idenda
from the "Tontine." tiy the Iramtulent
representation that old Kmlihe waa alive,
and, coime-iiienily. plai-ed hi nice If at the
rnircy of Iird Iikltigtun, or anybody
I'lne who i to denounce him.
Kurd an old regram wnx, he a little
broke down under IiIh hoii'h iucc. dt hn
hi'i-ii ni id that every hutniiu being nnmt
have miini-ihiiiK to love, I hut it in a hp v of our exinieiici', anil such love aa
1hhv"T l'ii;raui wan i-npiihle of (jiviiiR he
Imd ivtiti'icil on hi Hon.
However. I he old hnvrer iiii-k ly recov
ered hinm-lf. mill after tlie lirn half-hour,
fiici'il Mie hitinitiou fiH undauntedly an
In I tie course of the afternoon there
uiin n rumor ntlofli in the town lhat old
Kin I die was tic-id, and iniiiirent at Mr.
f 'I'tTiiiii'M otlice were tutil It wan true that
tin- old umii had din) very auddi-uly and
It jaa iiiite open to i-uiwtiiHt whether
lord Ijikinicton wan not km much diamav-
nt ihe i-iioKiou of the greiit legram
fratiil un the olil lawyer himxelf. He was
graleful lo bin nephew, no doubt, for p re
nting hi fatting a prey to a iiioh! ati-
dflcloiiK linHltiun ; mill the fact remain
ed, that he. Viscount I.ikinglon, waa left
in just an precarious a poult ion regarding
Ir.iiiine an ever.
Although the Viscount might argue to
hiinnclf tlial It waa Iiih npphew'H liounden
duty to marry money, wherewith to prop
up ihe coronet that would eventually fall
to him, yet he hail an Inward conviction
that Jack I 'hi Hi mora would please him
self nliont choosing a bride; and though
he might talk of apeaking la) hi dauglKer
concerning the palpable love-affair going
on bet ween bnraelf and her coualii. yet
he knew that he had trii-d Item rice'ii obe
dience to its uttermost limit w hen she
ivnaetited to marry Hubert 1'egrHm. Hia
lordship wan now thinking Tor himself;
mid now ni-ciirreil to him lhat Idea which
had flashed acro"i Kotmld ItingwiKMl on
Ihe diwovery of t'innigan.
"Why." he exi Ininied, "I can marry
Miss tiiirhciter and netile ihe "Ureal Ton
line' lhat way. 1 wilt do It, ami wifh as
little delav as iHiwible. 1 had better, per-
hnpa. take flealrice into my confidence at
once; it would Ih' aa well to liave her on
my side, and she can. If ah chooses., aid
me materially, liirls uhje't at times to
youthful stepmothers, but ahe and Mlas
I'tiicHrsier appear lo get an well togeth
er. Itesldes. If she means realising her
present love-dream, wlio the second Ijidr
jtkiiurtliu is cau be uf little conaetiuenca
to her "
Alum! two or three daya afterwards
the Vtscoiiitt, rather lo hia amanement,
was Informed by his daughter that Miss
( 'hlchenter was grateful to him, ami all
of them, for their kindness: she thorough
ly appreciated and thanked lord liking
ton for the honor he had done her. and
she was willing lo meet his vit ws about
the "Tontine" In any way, but thai ar
r mine merit could never Is? ; and the Vis
count cimse-(tiently had to once more pon
der In hi Study over that, to him. stu
liendoiis problem of "What la to become
of me?"
It speedily occurred to him lhal the
neit thing to try was lo effect j com pro
mine. Mlsa t'hlcheater had stated her
readineaa to fleet his views In any way
bat matrimony, and he would therefore
write to Carbuckle, and pmpoae a division
of the big lottery, stipulating further, as
part of the arrangement, that there should
ha no proaecutioa of Ihe Ffraasa. aa Mian
I'hlllltiKire'e name would he almost aure to
be m I xed up In auch a trial.
When the servant one day an Bounced
Mr. Hi r.g wood, there waa no little flutter
In the drawing-room in the Victoria Road.
Mary felt that from that in l err lew she
should be able lo decide as to whether
Itingwood really cared for her or not.
"I have come. Miss t'hlcheater, I regret
to any, to break had news to you." said
Itlngm nod : "and it Mrs, Lyme W regis will
excii-e na, I should prefer that yon alone
heard my evil tiding In the first place.
Terence Finn Iran la dead."
"Poor Terence!" replied the girl, 1 am
orry for him ; though when eitatence- baa
heconie so merely mechanical aa hla waa,
one cannot but feel that death la deprived
of all lis terrors."
"Hy hla death yonr share In the T on
line" becoaiea raid: and I am sorry to In
form you and It- la thia aaora eaperially
that Mr. rarbtickU wished aw to polat
oat to you that the agreement between
yoa ana? lrd laiktngtoa b4af slill na
si gned. It la not wotth- tha pa par It la writ
ten aa,"
"I onderatand." replied Mary, qnfetty.
"Ton naeaa to any that Lord Laklagtaa
takaa kha whota Toatlna,' anal That my
aroapar. at haUaf aa hairaaa aaa aaWtasl
lata thla atr."
"Taat, I Ngrat ta aaj, tt aaaat atava J
of the case ; and very, very h.iH luck for
yon It la,"
"Well, Mr." Itlnswood. I am not going
to pretend to yo:i tint 1 a n wholly Indif
ferent to the lor uf fun tliu.isaiid a
ytar; but after nil. r"nieiiilr, I only
stand In the sani" j-"n i In t I did
three or four wi-.-k us": and never hav
ing had the, Nf m-1 1 ! i n d Mich an income,
I very partially n-iilif i tie 1i" of it. I
shall always feel that I " never be auf
ficiently grateful to .vo.i lur ml the tima
and trouble yon hue' wa-rtnl. tirst on my
aunt'a bjdialf, and ili.-n mi my own."
"I have ometliiiiK nire ' "y lo vfu
of little mo men i. ii im to you, but
a very great matn-r to tin-. I have loved
you sincerely, ami liuiu'd lo uiake'you my
wife, almost from the beuinuiug of our
acquaintance. If 1 have never ventured
to tell you so b-fore, the Tontine' must
b my eicuao. I nlwaya in powieit
aion of rhe factH of tin1 caw, while you
were not; and 1 dreaded not so much
what the world niijlit nay what you
might think, when, supposing I had the
good fortune to win you. jou should dis
cover that I had known of the possibility
your being an heiress all along. 1
tould not face t Im r : and I worc to keep
aloof from you until tlii lottery was de
cided one way or ilie oilier. I tould have
even dared to put my -fate to the test had
you won the whole mid become a great
heir lie. There undid, at all evemts,
hove hern nothing underhand about my
wooing then. Wli.ili-ver answer you may
give me now, you iini-i. iit-iill events, ac
ouit me of mercenary motive, and feel
sure that 1 love i--n fur v"ifHl''f- 1 'ove
you very dearly, ; do pm iliink you
I'oiild love me
iinuxh lo be my
"Vou havo tnk"ii
aic so by Mirprlse
' I'.illered the girl;
one inn more thor
delicncy of your
id it is which
le. Your wife, Mr.
a woman who not
but can enter fully
that I hardly kin,'
"but, believe me, tin
oihly appreciate iln
conduct that 1 do. "
mokes me now lirn;i
Itingwood, ought io )
inly loves you dc:ir'
into the career which 1 nm sure is before
you: and unless I t -I nitain 1 could lie
all this to you, I wn-ild -ny you 'nay,'
whatever my own fe-'im- uiii;lit lie. Will
you give me a little time to think over it?
I'ome and see im1 to-morrow, nod 1 will
honestly answer juir .ju-'si ion."
"It is more than I ilinvd Id hope for,"
replied Itingwood. .i he raisiil her hand
to hia lipa; "pleiw miike my adieu up-
slaii-s, and (ill to-uinrrnw. gixHl-bye.''
That the finish in if of ihe "llreat Ton,
tine" resulled In a double wedding it is
almost superfluous to mid : but that Ixird
Ijikington, uniht- ihe .ireiinoua pressure
of his nephew and ilniij:li:er, was Induced
to settle ten thousand j-.nnd ujion Mary
Chichester as a we.lding gift is a fact
that deserves to lie reinrded, the Viscount,-,
after Ihe somewhile inauiier of those who
hava been spendthrift in (heir youth, de
veloping a laudable ambition for the ao
cumulation of rich's in hi mature age.
(thk emi. I
Meerschaum .alal lo llnie a Rival
Im m nlh African lioard.
Since flic dt'inrtuieiit of Agriculture.
through It bureau of foreign plant In
veatlK'ilb'ot. broil gilt to I lie notice of
the stiiiikcis uf this mimtry ihe fact
that ptH- i.nild lie grown that would
wear well and smoke sweet ninl cool,
grent Interest has teeti in mi I tested In
the enterprise L.. ... . "
Thla aonderful plant, known as tht'"' T ? " V" MmPar"tlTe ,.,r,. v. ,l,e Dallas. Tex., .w.thB f nnlDOCulated
P.rm i.n-1 H h. I. a native of South ! ,'ft 'l'" ,b",le,i,n Just
Africa, nnd pr.nU.cet, In the form of " , t''e
fruit. ..ihnal...a which are being made tt. fl09 at . price
ilf 2fl rents fnr eseh hntriA mniinin.
in to til
hihe-t quality of pipe bowls. I
Annually ninny thousands of pipe
ginjnls are exerted, hoth In the rough
ntirt In the flushed pipe.
The plant trow very fast, one plant
producing from 100 to 200 bowls. It Scientists hare discovered that the
la aJmuj rive month from the time the , 'oweat sol temperature at which the
seed Is planted until the fruit can be process of growth begins in moat cul
gathere.1 tlvated cro Is 45 to 48 degrees Fah-
fonftant nitcntlon must be giren to,r"lt. hut theuiaxlmum reaults are
the plant '.en nnder eultlTBtlon. ao sttaim-d only after the soil has resch
ns lo iriMire n crop of suitable shapes , temperature of t!8 to 70 degrees,
for pipes. Many fartnera of South Af- Tb-e germlnntlon of wheat, rye. oats
rlcs make a special study of growing "ax go forward most rapidly at
the correct "hHjiea. I 7" 87.8, and corn and pumpkins ger-
The gonnU require a hot, dry soil, initiate best at 92 to 101. Corn will
with ruin at the proper sesson to bring grow st a temperature of 51, requiring
them to perfection. The curved at em 1 eleven days to come through, while it
of the catiitwitth forma a light and ap
propriate shape. Thla la tba gourd of
(.'urlmisly enough these gourda bear
a reeemhlanc to tba caps dons bowled
meerschaum ao popular In Oannaaj.
The cnlaltaah pip act only ylelda ft
very sweet ami coal smoke, but It col
ors lieanttfuilv. It life la about aa
long na that of n brier pipe. It makea
a vcrv high n .llak. These plpea are
usually Unci! Itsr rommerctal meer-
NcliHiim. iiltli-mirh toe ctieaper gradea
are lined with tin. In Snath Africa
they m4t for io $00, according to the
finish and stvle.
I he present market prlea of thee
ple la rather htRh. awing to tba fart
that no two of tnesn are of toe seas
alie and ahe. tw sanitating the mak
ing of the mount Imm by band. The in
dustry In South Africa la anrn that
there are shipped amnaally froas
IMXnO to StHl.U'O ntfaaa, f
The' esse with which tbaae gosjrda
can he grv.wn is m that N hi tbtsagtet
. . 7 '
l i.l "
ai lai a ans W IabW Jmt lanaaaal M anaat
A Snaw alarm.
"Wan It a bad pMTT
-It anat hav bean had. Meats f ths
dehntantea wonld Mt
ao.aUrnUaWai A4-maa.
Inoenlattoa oC iC 1otp.
Oorers do not ulwaya grow as read
Ily or as vlgoroualy as might be ex
pected from the richness of the soil. In
recent years It litis been discovered
by scientists that the growth of plants
of this class (clovers, teas and beans)
la deM?iulent to some extent on the
presence of sum II nodules or bunches
jii the roots. These nodules contain
bacteria which In some mysterious way
issist the roots In taking up food from
the will. If these bucterta are not
present In the sdl the clovers will be
likely lo make poor .growth Indeed,
alfalfa may not make tiny growth. If
the proper kind of bacteria are sup
plies) ami the Inoculation nf soil and
root Is stim'ssful the plants will show
eitru vitality.
Cultures containing these bacteria
have been sent out to farmers from
the Ontario Agricultural College for
the past four years, with directions
for" applying -to the fields that are be
ing seeded with clover. Last season
JOU fanners" reported that their alfalfa
?ropa had been benefited by tha appli
cation while 140 reported that there
was do gain. With alalka clover tba
reports were equally favorable over
(W per cent of the experiments finding
that the culture hid Improved the
rriip. With red clover the results were
not so favorable, only 05 per rent bar
ing noted a gain. Pchs and beans
ibowed still leas benefit from the ap
plication. As the work Is still In Its
Infancy It 1s probable that better re
mits will be obtained Aa the methods
tf n iint 1,4 1 Inn km lull.. .,n,iut i
tnough for 00 pounds of aeed. Mon
treal 8 tar.
all Teaaralare aad Oar lat
win germinate In three days at 8B.3
degraea. Oats require seven days to
germinate at 41, whereas they will ger
minate In two daya at 06 degreea.
These facts em phasic tha Import
ance of ao cultivating tba sol as to
develop beat at tba earliest poaalbls
period. Our aeep soils where trrlga
Uon baa played bob can not warm up
became they moat first evaporate the
water. Sandy aolla warm more quick
ly than adobe for reasons which every
body understands. The depth of plant-
"v ' aa a great deal to do with
tb termination, od we are hoping
,M IBW "pring will not linger long In
tba lap of winter aa was the case with
the last two or three seaaona.DniTvr
Field and Farm.
aHs Far. rt.
There haa baao racentlmade an In
teraatlnit report of Inraatlntlona ear
rfctd on cMparativaly batweaa tha De
partment at Aartenitnra and farmers
In Swltaerland m ta th ... .
r4nrB, otad
ameer a i iterant sraaasaa
hi liva, tha Mm, WiM
i ...
pared with than saonisd caring tha
Ptee-iaf ten ynar. . The avaraam
arnflta aa aaeertausad freaa ia hold
anmi wnrnt On ramaa w ta u acraa
hi atan. ttt par aarsu fraan itu ta aa
MlJdt trnm H ha tTU
tflh an It
HU and
from farms of mora than 75 acres.
$10.25 per acre. Nearly 80 per cent
of the products raised on' Swiss farms
consisted of animal, dairy and poultry
products, an enormous quantity of
buci products being annually export
ed. This shows tha result of culti
vating a small amount of land -Well
arlr Plevrlagt.
The value of early plowing as a
-mesas af dostsoying weed, especially
rag weed, wild oats, artichokes, etc., Is
not appreciated fully by farmers, sim
ilar weeds grow In a most discouraging
manner, especially on low, moist laud,
during the suiunler. and In many "in
stances take jiosseaalon of the fields.
They will appear on the scene next
year, in multiplied numbers. If an ef
fort ts, not made to destroy them this
aummer, which can best be done bjt
early plowing. -
The plow should be started In these
weedy jwtches Just as soon as the fields
are cleared. Itag weeds are rank
growing soil robbers which should not
be permitted to ripen seed on any
farm, but are now seen in corn fields,
pastures and small grains In many sec
tions. They are a special pest on soma
farms where careless methods of han
dling the soil have been employed. If
auch fields are plowed as enrly as pos
sible the plants will be prevented from
going to need. Ktngbeads are now In
possession of some very product! va
flelda, and we believe this is due to
spring plowing or no plowing, as such
fields are often disked Instead, of
Tfw Metha of Keealwsj Potato.
A German publication, the Practical
Adviser In Fruit Raising and Garden
ing, states that a new method for keep
ing potatoes and preventing sprouting
consists In placing them on a layer of
coke. Dr. Schiller, of Brunswick, who
has published the method, la of tha
opinion that the Improved ventilation
by means of coke Is not alone responsi
ble for the result, but believes that II
Is due to the oxidation of the coke,
which, however. Is a very slow fine.
Coke always contains sulphur, and It
U very possible that the minute quan
tities of oxide of carbon and sulphur,
which result from the oxidation, mix
ing with the air nnd penetrating among
the potatoes are sufficient to greatly
retard sprouting. Potatoes so treated
are said to keep in good condition an'H
the following July.
When one has corn, corn fodder, en
silage and clover bay. It Is considered
the best practice for one to procure s
food rich In protein, such as bran, cotton-seed
meal or linseed meal, with
which to balance the ration. If ons
mixes bran, corn and cotton-seed meal
In th proportion of 5 parts bran, 9
parts com meal, 2 parts cotton-seed
meal, and feeds 10 pounds or the mix
tore each day, with 80 ponnda of en
silage and TTJ fjounda of clover bay, be
will get very good result a Molasses It
ordinarily fed by sprinkling over ths
hay or ensilage. Country Gentleman
Oaaaral Aaje ( Traaa.
Inquiry as to the general age of
trees being put to an authority at
Washington, tt was found that the
pine treea attained 700 years na a max
imum length of life; 428 yea ra waa tba
allotted span of the sliver fir; tha larch
lived 273 years, the red beech 345, the
aspen 210, the birch 200, tba ash 170,
the elder 146, tba elm 180. Tha heart
of the oak begins to rot at a boat the
age of 800. yearn. Of tba holly, tt Is
said that there la a specimen 410 years
old near Aacbaffanbnrg, Germany.
Wawama 1st OsjUs.
For Intestinal worms) In eolts tha
following mist ore la saved by soma
veUrlaarlaM! Mia toavther aa a bnaa
1 pound each of salt nnd granalated
mgar; In thla nix H poaad at wane
on dust ef Una cut tobacco, a- aamaaa
of ralphate of Iron bow dor, aameaa
of powdered worm Band, Give a heap
ing teaspoon ful In tha feed at Irat
once a day, than twlea a day and
keep up for three weeks. .
OwtBM a-ewla.
The flash of gain aaa la fafMrally
dark colored, lead sr. fa key and ta fl
vor equal to Ua ring-Deck Engl tab
pheasant. Many think It nara aalntar
bis, for tha flavor la not aa jrosiBunein,
and there la considerably snare of K.
Tha flash of the white guinea ta light
la ealor. nnd If they are eroasii with
U pearl variety the meat af tha nUef
wlU saner nanrty aa Ugh.
It la anil that
aado thatr is i ana
eerrtos; and
Btsahat with a
hens snmnlty ansa
sateen thaw are tea
aid fa
whan am afarr ta
gated gmda af
an a rase, ha aw