The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 29, 1897, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
Door Mats,
Oil Cloth,
Curtain Net,
Lnce Curtains,
Sash Curtain Materixl,
Window Shades.
S. E. Young & Son,
Albany, Or.
Agents for Butterick's Patterns.
Send for Metropolitan
W. F. Read, of Albany, is in the city.
The ExfRLSS does all kinds of job
Cut lii i. -ui ds printed a! the Kx
Pl.KSS flirt .
Kt. O'Neill 1 ft last nU;hl ft.r Pwrl
lamt on iuiiiess.
Kd. Umpbrey has pure 3sed a new
Craw lord's bicy cle.
l)r. W. H. Booth wasl'i SaU-m last
Milid: o t u-im .
Umveriea itia.iiy exit'llei.t pi ices
Tiw t Bitch A Buhl's-
Hon Jiiiiti .Vi Stutters K'ft tin.- u n. k
fi Prin- vi tie on business
3N. W. Smith ld three new "97
Columbia biccbs this iek.-
We fcieghad ion port E.'M. Dini'aea
in. proving and Is how able to U- up
Yuo rfll make nice soft soap with
Soap Fam. Irirecihms on each pack
Be suie and see the bargains
mandolins. or $3, at Will
Hie t'afce -o;.p w niM" r are worth a
eeid apieve in valu-.nle pPfiH-'Ml. tsave
I hem.
License w as i sm d yesterday for llu
oiariage of T. J. Co ie and Mrs. Eva
Mtrristm. '
Call at the St- Charles hotel, in this
cit. and see the grand display of
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, is the way
they are selling at Read, Peacock A.
CoTs big sale.
Jack Ralston, of Portland, was visit
ing for a couple of days iu Lt-Uanon
this week.
Roht. Montague, of Albany, and J.
W. Furras, of Salem, spent Sunday in
Kx-ci.unty Treasurer B. Walbtee
speii' Sunday and Saturday in Lena
non with relatives.
A. Umphrey, G. W. Crustm, G. M.
Westfall and K. Klrkendtll ail visited
Cor vail is on Tuesday.
No preaching at the M. E. eliunh.
South, next Sunday Epwortli League
aud Suuday schuol at usual hoars.
Are you looking for an engagement
or wedd ng ring? French the jeweler,
Albany, has wmie handsome ones.
Atty. C. H. Watson, of Albany,
spent last Friday night in Lebanon,
the guest of Atty. Garland and family.
Boyd's photo tent at Sodaville will
m .! . E-X. -i i nr.
Reopen l'r nusmraa j
day f each week,
One-half wsd tlress gtwls reuueva io
10 cts., and
tdeached, all linen tame;
cloth for 35 ct. a yard.
The -R intlecrs' held .lieir regular j
me-, ting WetineMlay i vin ug iiistuc
iug a stranger into thei mystic ie
treat. v
The R Ih en team of the AH'a,ty
1 .dg.- H1 ill ;.kv Ihe Rte.-ca IimU- f
t os city a fruleinal VIS.t t- iii.M Tort
When you want iui iler, either
ro iKb or dresse.l, call it J- J. Sawyer,
proprietor of the Lch:
High grade se ing mac lines tr $25
at E- U. Will's music score, APmiiy.
Semi for descriptive cicuiai-. OIl
machines repaired.
A hou-e d or ke was found in ihe
depot thi-week; the owner can have
the same by cabin t th s affice and
payiug lor this uoLice
Pianos hiid organs sold on closer
maruius than ty
ulter ornate
house in the Mate, l
K. U. Will.
Call or w rite 'for pi ecu
Money to loan. A bunted amount
ot money to loau ou gmnl farm occur-;
hy. Call upon or write to S. N. 1
Steele & Co., Albany, Oregon.
Rev. J. H. Cornwall uid wife, -f
godaville, were visiting in Let.auon
this week. Kev. Cornwall says he ;
thinks his health is improving. !
It will pay you to lake the entire ,
family to town and get them a new
outfit w bile the big sale is going on at
Read, Peacock & Co's Lebanon nur
We understand a geinleiua-: of Al
bany is talking of op uiofi a in
Lebanon and keeping bicycle- to rent.
We ielieve such an e-siai.lUhment in
this city would pay well.
The choir of the M. E. church will
give a Lilao social at the residence of
of Mrs. F. M.Miller on Friday even
ing, May 7. A goid programme will
be rendered and refreshments served.
The Ht vec months old son of E. E.
Montague died of spinal meningitis
Wednesday morning, in Albany, after
a brief Illness. The funeral will oc-
cur ftotn the family residence at 2:30
J- J. Sawyer, proprietor of the. Lela
uon Strain Plnm?r. carrits a cniiinM
line of all kitnls ot luiuU r, both riu-l.
and dressed. All binds oi planing doiio
on short notice. Moulding aspeei My
1. K. Solomon, representing "The
Wonder Millinery Hoiiet,? of Port
land, is at the St. C'bai lii hotel In this
city with a gruud display of millinery
guodn, which he is Bulling at agu-ut
bargain. Luiits call and see hint.
The Cumltei lund Pit-sb teiiau Bab
hath school art-all going to tSuduville
rtaiurduy on a May-day picnic. Kvery
bidy is invited to aiteiid. Bring your
baskets well tilled with eatables. The
crowd U to gether at 9 o'clock on the
JLast Thursday the farm residnet
of T. W. Tilliuau near Kock Hill,
known as the old R. V Miller resi
dence, was destroyetl by (he with most j
f the contents, 'the house was In
sured in the -Euia Insurance Co. for
800 ami the Contents for $200.
Dr. Hill aud Mr.jXeil, of the Lawler
mines went to Sodaville yesterday,
where Mr. Neil clearly traced a well
demitd ledge in the Haupert hole. He
declares i be re to be iluh looking, but
cannot speak with confidence until i
some reliable assays arc matte. Demo-i
erat .
Malarial prolines we Uuess, general
dibllitx, titlitiu.-nes, loss of nppt lite,
iudigestioti aud tn tipaiion. Grove's:
.a-teless Chill Tonic removes the j
e use which pmdut-es these troultles. j
Try it and you ill le delighted. 50
cent?. To get the genuine ask for
Grove's. For sale by N- W. Smith,
Lebanon, Or.
The tiiird quarterly meeting for
Leian ii, M E.i'hun-h, i"Mmh, w ill
mlira-e XI Sa urdiiy aod Sunday,
I Spn-t l'. BusitMv me. ling !" ltli fel-
itc at 2:30 p m. Saiuidiij. PreaehinK i
Fridav nighi, Satm-iiuy .md Sun
momittg and evening. Communion
ftillow ing sermon at 11 a. m Suminj.
H S Shan le, P E J V Craiu,
pastor. j
When shfpping in Ah any be sure I
and call at the Ladies' huzaar, t In y
have tl- targ-st antl flues! line of late 1
Mj le got-ds for ladies and children ever j
sli ti here. They carry ready made ;
dress skirts from $1 75 t- $9. and a !
grand line ot the newest in t-hirt wuists j
from 60 cents ti , and all the up-to-date
sador hats and hed wear fir children.
Call aud set us. No trouhle to -show
gIMlds. .
The farm residence of A Settle neir,
four miles south f Albany, ..-aught
fire esterday about noon from a de
fective flue and was destroyed, together
with marly all the emtents. The loss
was about $10iM An insurance policy
of $500 in the jEtna on the house ex
pired at noon, very close to the time
the fire occurred, which m.-ty raise an
interesting question as to the payment
of ihe Insurance. Herald.
C . E I u h W: i its your w l aud
will pa yu the highest market price
Special Notice.
P. v req net I Ii a ve
telegraphed to
Portlana fr wine new
trimmed hat:
and sailors, whic will he here in LeS.n-
mm Thursday (today ) afternoon Call .
and see them THK Wom.ErMiLLIM j
eky House, of port bind.
B ;
C. P Church.
Sunday school at 10 ol,lik a. m.
At 11 o'clock there will be preaching.
The V. P. S C E will hold its Uleet
intr at 6:30 oVl.wk p. m Everyl.ody
welc 'iue. J. H. LoGnT(JM, Pastor.
Ladies' Take Notice.
lht. 22od of he Wonder Mi-miery ti use or
uniil the z-uu mPor!laIuns Uerv uitn a rttlld Hlte of
: nilli:eiy at hnrd time prices. Call and
s their gMnls on display to-duy, at
St. t liarler- notel, in i.c-o.toon.
Will Cowan, the only son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Cowan, died at ;he home of
his parents in Portland Sunday morn
ing. April 2Y 1897. of rtrihts disease,
:! Mt- ..tre - f 25 er- Th de. :. - i
W;1?- b n. hi I.tlulM I-, Ma:. Ii 1872 .
with bis parents !ivd in this cpj the
itH'Ni ot the time um il he was 14 years
of g", wheti tllev -'ii ive l to h:iuyt
it whi- ii - ii ii- Ii etl unit! ill ut f.-nr
J : S lit: w b II he W ell I t PolM hind
Up I" the a-p mill.' i.i of T. J I'
Mi- co let-tor of 4-osl. in- :t P it'atll,
W ill was cb-sen a- - t f ' b c v in
rh IH hi h I- s t ' i. b b ''1 I Hie
tiieeofhisd Hth Tib d t a- d w :.s a
a unir mat ii r pleasing iddn ss and
ver generous, . d his death isjs'etl
ivgn t'ed by a t;!g- cireb -f ftieuds.
His leinaiiis wcie bn ugh to Aliity
on Tuesday where they ere laid t
re-t in the family lot in the Albany
-eneiery Mr and Mrs. Cowan have
the s in pat hy of all of thei Id friends
of this city in thU, the r sad bereave
ment. Ladies if von want a gra id bargain
i. i sumni' r millinery. caH at the St.
Charles hotel. In Lebanon. Thursday
or Friday, Apitl 29 and 80, and get
votir summer hat at one In If price.
The Wotcpek Mij.linkiv Houe,
of Portland.
Are heic,
want new .
Y.:U Will
Wearinfr Apparel
Such as x
Shirt Waists, Belts, Shoes,
Hosierv, Corsets, Vests, Kib -
bons, Laces, Etc
You will find the Viest
and prices the lowest at
T. Wandell's Cast Store,
First Door East ol Cutsick's Bunk
ALgy. .
A Very Interesting and Profitable Meet
ing Held in Lebanon. it
The District Ep worth League ('otl
vvnllnu Tor the Hfclem District con
vened in Lebuiion, at the M. E. church
on Thursday evening, April 22nd, at
7:30 o'clock. The church was artistically
und beautifully decorated for the oc
casion with hunting, eyergreens and
flowers, and presented a very pleasing
On Thursday afternoon, the opening
day of tne convention, the members of
Bi.'Ulah Chapter, of this place, and a
large numb r of our citizens assembled
at the dVpf.t to meet the expected dele
gates, thus giving them n hearty wel
come and extended to them the hospi
tality of our city. In due time the
tnil.i arrived, having on hoard ngondly
nu liber of delegates; led by the recep
tion comittee and others, they nro
cceded to the church, wherv they were
assigned places of entertainment.
On Thursday evening a large
audience leathered at the church, ex
pecting to be entertained, and they
were not disappointed, but uprn the
other hand were highly entertained
an edified by a song service of 13
iiiinut'9 duration, followed by an ai.l
address on, V ;ic -ti on ami its Oppor
iui it !," U livered by R-v. Irtaac
Pea n , of H a Ise y . This add ress for
Iteautiful language, depth of thought,
and eloquence could hardly be but
pased. The speaker showed the
necessity of every min rich or poor,
whether he le a laboring man, busi
ness man, or a professional man, tak
a vucattou every year, aud the adv nt
ages to In dTve'l from the same. In
oneliMon Rev. P-att, in ver U rcll'le
language insisted llint eveiy pfrsti
who tabes the advantage if a vacation
sllUld take their religion with, them.
whet her at the sea hie or in the mount
ains At the dose of t hU able addrew.
Mi-s Geisendorfer, the president, made
a f well clniseu remarks, after
which the congregation wasdi-mied
The busines session if the cmiven-
veiition assembled at 8:30 Friday!
morning, with Miss Gieiidorfer pre-
Mding. After a sho:t devotional meei-'
itig. let! by Dallas chapter, the routine j
business of the con ventinn was taken j
up. After bearing the reports ot the!
officers, an 1 f the vari us chapters,
an ailjournnient was taken until 1:45
P m. i
The convention opened at 1:45 with
a devoti 'iiaL meeting led ty Turner :
chapter. 'During the afternoon many S
suhj-cts -oiinected w ith the League
work were ahly discus.-ed by the dele-
gates. Cue r the pleasant Features of
the afternoon session was a "business
meeting fpr illustration" by the Leba
non League, w hich ws very much ap
preciated by the audience.
In the evening several papers were
read on ''Fathers of Methodism'
which were very instructive aud
entertaining. Rev. Ahhet, of Eugene,
also delivered a stirring ad'lres on
missions. After a song, the audience
was uismissed with the benediction by
Rev. Harmon.
Saturday whs spent In transacting
mis'"eII:oet,us business uch a re-
po.-ts of committees, elect bus ofotttcers,
eu. jM tl(. uf!ernHtii a Cabinet
M ( b , h Illin,sters waB helt,
... 1 l . .
which w as instructive tc the delegates
land amusing to the sjiectators. The
i subj-ct for the evening session was
f l-At Hhers of Methodism." Several
) well prepared papers were presented
i by some of the ladv delegates, eulo
gistic of 1 lie fmi"Us women, that have,
'-. in former day, been so promineut in
' Mithtnlism
Sunday was the Ust day of all At
G o'clock a sunrise prayer meeting was
. held which was well attended and
r much ei Joyed by those present. At
; 91) a. m. a love feast was held at the
j M K chtireh, which was well attended
!:iim1 all present had a joyful time. At
II a. in. Dr. Parson i reached an able
sermon, which v. as listened to with
intense interest by the vast audience
D tint llis . reached a i excellent
ntr-riiHx. in the .M E church. South,
and ttc Oould filled toe pulpl. in the
C. P. church in a very acceptable man-;
tier. i
In the afb moon a consecration
e t vice was -held. This was a j y u
meeting m Iritu- llv, and all seemed I"
i.alize thi.t ii -s o d i. be there.
iittd:t t-vt nil Lh M- .ln.tli-t church
v. .s tilieO H IIS U CHpa b Al'lel '.
u S'ng service, an aole address was
de ivcr- d by Picsitleid W. C. Haw ley,
of the Willamette University, ou "The
i oil- ge an-1 toe Epworth League."
Addresses were also delivered by W. J.
Gardner and McDanit I, president of
the Portland District League.
Resolution! were passed thanking
the citizens of Iebatiou for their kind
ness aud hospitality shown the con
vent ion while assembled here.
The following officers were elected
for the nsuicg year: President, 8.
Margrct Gciseiidorfer, of Albany; First
Vice-Pres., Rev. Isaac Peart, of Halsey;
Second Vice-Prrs., Miss L. L. Culver,
if SaJeut; Corresponding Secretary, E.
J. Maples, of Cregou City; Recording
Set rclar, Aggie G. GoUld, of Dallas;
Treasuri r, Aduie Simpson, of Lebanon.
McMiuuviile was chose u as the
place for holding the next convention.
Laxative iimmo Quinine Tablet do
t ati'-et the head t.r priKtuce nervous
hb t(t Kn(iiioti ff O.uhiiue.
Mr N vv ymitll is authorized to re
fund money in every case where it
; fails to cure Coughs, Colds and
LaGrippe. Prii-e, 25 cents.
Wash your white c'othing with
So;.p Fimiu, and they will never turn
ye 1 lo w.
IE. & li. are the iudials of Bach
Bulu but i heir groceries are A. 1.
llipani Tabules.
" Waterloo Public School.
The Waterloo public school which
has been so well taught by Prf. J. C.
Booth with Miss Annie Morgan as
assistant will close Friday, April 30.
There will be eight graduates this year
w hich will be the first that Waterloo
school has ever turned out. Following
is the programme. Exercises will com
mence at 8 p. ru:
M usic.
Claud Klum Oration
J. B. Gross Oration
The First Century of American Republic.
C. Ayers - .Oration
American Industries.
John H. Turpin, Jr., Oration
Influence ot the United States upon Other
Nelson Bailey Oration
American Anthers.
Alice Randolph Class Poe;n
Owen J. Foley Oration
Modern Inventions.
Leila Butler Valedictory
Presentation of Diplomas.
The graduates are: Alice Rudolph.
Owen J. Foley, Claud Klum, John II
Turpin, Jr., Leila But lea, Sessie C
Ayers, Nelson Basley, J. B. Gross.
A Linn County Girl.
Miss Etta Levis of Harrlsburg is the
deserving subject of a pen picture from
the Salem correspondent lu the Eug
ene Journal of last week: Mfew Etta
Levis, a young lady who Is now one of
the teachers lu the Salem public
schools, is one of the best Latin
frcholars in Oregon. When In college
she ranked with Mr F. S. Dunn, now
professor of Latin in Willamette unl
versify, and either of them eould read
Latin almost as easily a English.
Misa Levis Is also one of the licat
matliemeliciaiis in the a ate. Higher
a I ire bra and calculus were quite simple
to her and when finishing her cntlege
course she won highest honors in com
pssitioti, and elocution and oratory.
For several years she has been devot
lug her time and energy to public
school work and has been seeu very
little in public outside of the school
room. She ranks high in that group
ot clever, educated women of Oregon
who are quietly yet surely buildiug up
the state.
A Refutation.
En. Express: Sin Twister In a
recent issue tif the Express, declared
emphatically, that the Tennessee
literary is dead. We desire it known
that the Temie&seans do not allow any
enterprise for the public good to die.
We are grieved to know we bave such
a traitor in our camp, but gaiu con
solation from the fact that every new
effort for good has opponents. Our
great republic, in its infancy, had such
an enemy In the person of Benedict
Arnold, who was willing to sacrifice
his country for personal gain aud de-
desire of revenge, but who gained, as
Sin Twister bus done, the contempt of
everyone who had a spark of patriot
ism in his make up. You are,evidenily,
too giMid to reside longer within our
enterprising assembly, Sin Twister.
Call around, and we will convey you
hence on a eonveyence befitting your
dignity a Tennessee fence rail.
Laxative Biomo Quinine Tablets
move the IkiwcIs ifetitly, relieves th
couuh, cures the feverish condition
and headache, making It the best aud
quickest remedy forCot.gbs, Coles and
LaGrippe. Cures in one day. "No
cure, no pay." Price, 25 cents. For
sale by N, W. Smith.
Use Hoe Cake soap.
Good clothing at a low price at
Bach & Huh IV
Hoe Cuke soup is pure, and will m t
destroy clothing.
I he Iiest dressed men in Linn county
those who buy their clothing
from Bueh & Buhl. Good suits for
low prices.
The finest line of dress patterns in
the citv is to be found at the Racket
fall ami see Miller's new stock.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Absolutely Pure,
Celebrated for Its great leavening
strength and healthfulness. Assures
the food against alum aud all forms of
auulteratiou common to the cheap
You run no risk. All druggists guar
antee Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic to
do ill that Is claimed for it. War
ranted no cure, no pay. There are
njuby imitations. To get the genuine
ask for Grove's. For sale by N. W
feniUH XffUfrUoj Or.
Edited by the Lebanon W. C. T- V.
Mrs. W. A. Banders
1st Vice Pres
Mrs. Kennover
2nd Vice Pres ,
..Miss Alice Gatchell
3rd Vice Pres
4th Vice Pres
. . .Mrs. Mossholder
.Mrs. J. N. Crandall
...Miss Alice Ambler
Mrs. Hattle Walters
Miss Liza Booth
Recording Sec't'y.,
Cor. Sec
The next repular meeting of the W.
C. T. U. will be held at the home of
Mrs. Ambler, Tuesday, May 4, at 2 p.
The ladles of the W. C. T. IT. will
give a Gospel Temperance Meeting on
next Sunday evening, May 2nd, at
7.30 in the M. E. church. There will
tie a colectioii taken for the temperance
work. Everybody Invited.
The class of men called "commercial
travelers" are su posed to be anything
hut proliihs, yet, it is a fact, that there
is an order among them which in-
culucates total abstinence. We have
been told by many that "commercial
men have to treat, it is a part of their
business." I personally interviewed
tie on the subject and he assures me
that not only is it not necessary, but
that the total altstlnence men are hold
ing positions, while the one who treats
and takes treat is being discharged.
The same man was recently in a roup
f men and was offered a cigar, "no
thank you, I don't smoke." Well, let
us go and get a glass of wine or beer?
"Thank you, I don't drink." What, a
commercial traveler and don't smoke
r drink? "Yes, a commercial traveler
that neither smokes or drinks, and one
that says his prayers every night and
cm u get up and sells more goods than
any of you who smoke and drink"
Who says such a temperance sermon
as that is not leading on to victory?
On with the work of anti-treat.
L. Hi A.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that the under-
Mf-tied has been duly appointed, by the
county court of Linn county,' Oregon, and
is now the duly qualified ard acting ad
ministrator of the estate of Peter B.
Calkins, deceased, late of said county. All
parties having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present the same
to the undersigned a'iniinistrator at his
home near Foster, in said county, or to
Sam'l M. Garland, at Lebanon, said coun
ty, with proper voucners, within six months
from the 29th day of April 1897, the same
being the date of the first publication of
this notice.
Dated at Ixibanon, Linn county. Oregon,
this 29Ui day ol April, lttTT.
Wm. A. Calk i ss,
Sm'l M. Garlaxd. Administrator.
Atty. for Administrator.
Bids Wanted.
The undersigned, reserving the right to re
ject any and all bids, will receive bids un
til 6 o'clock on Friday, April the 30th. 1897,
for furnishing th undersigned thirty cords
of old, dry, firm body red fir wood, and
ten cords of old, dry. firm body oak wood,
-iixteen inches long, split in sizes ready for
rdinary stove, all of which must be piled
neatly and compactly in tiers in the base
ment of the public school building or in
any other place in Lebanon. Linn county,
Oregon, that may be selected by the un
dersigned . not later than the 18th day of
September, 1S97, separate bids for each
kind, at the office of the undersigned. By
order of the Board of Directors, School
District No. 10. Sam l M. Gabi.asd,
Dist, Clerk.
Save your Hoe Cake soap wrappers,
they are worth a cent apiece.
Overalls with aprons or without, 50c
a pair at the Racket Store. Also have
just received a large amount of new
calico. Don't fail to see them.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Caetorla.
"Hov can Schillings Best
tea cost so little and be so
good ?"
Easy. It is roasted every
day in San Franciscolike
fresh coffee and peanuts.
Other tea is roasted once
a year in Japan, etc like
stale coffee and stale pea
Attorney at Law,
Will practice in all the
Courts of the State. . .
Sam'l M.. Garland.
Weatfcerford & Wyatt,
Read, Peacock k Co.,
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiii iiiiii.i.i.ii.ji iiilllllll'IMllfnlll''111'1''
HHP TDtTATQAT C "as commenced.
UUK IjKCA 1 OilLCWill only last a short ti
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Pants,
Jackets and Capes, Groceries, .' . .
Men's GloYes and Furnishing Goods,
Are the Items we Include.
Oar prices on these goods will surprise you. We
havj cut them far under Manufacturer's cost so
that they may go at once in order to close
these lines '
Read, Peacock. & Co.,
? Oliver c ? Superior c
V Chilled ? V stes.
I Plows. I Ranges.
y These Plows are A 1. v ) Superior in every way. C
Hopkins Bros.
Clothing ...
. Excellent in quality and at low prices. All
sizes men's, j-ouths' and boys'.' We manu
facture these goods, and know that 3-ou cannot
find better bargains anywhere
Dress Goods.
A fine line. We have made the quality "A 1"
and the prices "Zi 1" that means the quality
is the best and the prices are the lowest. The
patterns are the latest
Blankets ...
Any weight, size or color you want. The
quality is all right and the prices are all
right. They will please you, and that will
please us, for we want your patronage
Any of these goods you need.
On sale at the office of the
Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given, that the under
signed administratrix of the estate of Alonzo
Ames, deceased, has liled her final account
in said estate with the county clerk of Linn
county, Oregon, and the County Court of
said county lias set the 8th day of May,
1897. at the bonr of ten o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, as the time, and the
County Court room of said Court, at Alba
ny, in Linn county, Oregon, as the place
for the heariue of objections to said tinal
account and the settlement thereof. All
parties are notified to make their objections
known, if any, to said final account and
settlement at said time and place.
Dated April the 8th, 1807.
Hester Ahs Ames,
8am' i, M. Oakland, ' Admrs.
Atty. for Admrx.
Feed Sheds.
I have erected in Albany (on
Baker street, between First arid
Second) new feed sheds. My
prices are: Team, 10 cts.; single
rig, 10 t'ts.; saddle horse, 5 cts.
Horses kept nights at a rea
sonable rate, also by the week
or nr.onth. Feed always on
hand. This was built especially
for farmers, but all are invited
to patronize me
gLa1ie&' toilet and waiting
roomn iu connection
D. Bussard, Albany, Or.
JVhen Babj was rick, v gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When abe became MJsa, she clung to Castoria.
When aba bad Children, she gave them Castoria.
Waterloo Woolen Mills,
Waterloo, Oregon . . .
The Champion Mills,
ro a..
General Exchanee
and Mill Business.
Flour 21 in I 1 1 ol
Xill Feed Fop Sale
at the
Lowest Prices.
We are prepared at all times
to pay Albany prices for
wheat to those who store with
us. Call and get sacks and
learn further particulars.
Very Truly,
G. W. Aldrich & Son.
Xaston Block A-lbany. Or
Mot ey to loan on farm security, also
ai; all loaim made on erson&J security.
dry, comity and school warrants bought.
Collections made on favorable terms.
Fire insurance written in three of tb
largest companies la thm worI4 to1r