The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 01, 1897, Image 4

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Sole slaum tn the worli at dreams,
Whose voice, outran w oleax tod tar
Into the empty itarknoM. seems
An echo Iram a dUunt star,
Thoh eomeet, as God's aafrals vrtU.
Wheu day anil ell Its noisier mirth.
Clone put us like a iod. ere etllll
The aura in Heaven aad thou Oh earth.
Thou alnjrest yet In all the yean,
lo alltue years the stars arise.
When sleep has dulled our heedless earl
And weighs Use death upou our eves.
And ah! outworn with sordid cares,
We drowse In other glooms supine,
' mind oven to greater light than thelri,
Aud deal to lottier songs than thine.
i'.ut allll they shine though none should SMI
And slngeet thou, unheard, forgot,
Save in lone nlght-tioes. It may be,
When they and thou shall know U aok
Thotr shining mskes some pathway bright;
One hears thee as he tolls along.
And passes onward through the night,
Glad In thetr splendor and thy song.
A. St. J. Adcock, In Chambers' Journal.
An Incident of Sherman's March
to the Beav
Nobody expected Gen. Sherman to
come into Atlanta, from the south.
Oh, no, in the natural course of
nrenta he must hare certainly shoul--.1
red his nay right straight on from
. -e north, and accordingly the grim
,. id grimy, frayed out fragments of
:.',.mI's confederate army wallowed in
f stilling trenches all along the
. t semi-circular line of outworks
i faced the valley of the Cliatta
fi'chec and commanded the ap-
- uches from the AUatoona hills be
ad. i'.iit he of the eagle eye was a strate
, -i. He wanted to cut off and coop
. t ! he gray jackets in the city, and for
reason he quietly marched the
:..i.r part of his army up the west-
banlt of the river eight or ten
.,!, flung them across the river, and
.. i. mighty swing of that ponder-
- ti ip-hammerof warhestruck them
jx the south, thus cutting off their
'. :' .-s of supplies by the Georgia rail
; i i. Then followed those terrible
a.v s which wound up with the fierce
or rluught of July S8, when the hope-
- . i. half-starred southern men, the
.', i. limit men of the west, met in a
" ,.-hty gladiatorial contest which re
s' : : ,d in the fall of Atlanta.
' nese are matters for the historian,
'"tit what I am going to recount is one
' those wild, weird romances with this terrible conflict was so
".iii ,ht. and here is the strange story:
" ii to the sua," was the watchword
" nerman'a armies, and the sullen
dogged retreat of the confederates
i uoneuboro was the first movement
r, the defeated and despairing conied
rules. Jonesboro wac a little inland town,
iK-stled amid field and forest, inter
spersed with beautiful undulating'
liills and grasBy valleys green with the
i nne of the harvest, but little suited
. u .'tensive pomt lor the Drawn
11 '-tuia-a lupous who wore recoil
: ' iowiy towsrd the southern sea.
llreastworkshad been hastily thrown
up flanking the line of the Central
railroad, and in the ditches behind
..Hero the straggling remnants of obsti
nale confederates were entrenched.
it was a gloriously beautiful sum
mer day when the skirmish line of the
northern hosts debouched from the
"-jricB and took up position in front of breastworks..
laen by surprise after relying in
on the ability of the southern
u-'.mps to check the onflow of the le
of the conquering hosts, the
inea and children, led by the lame
. Jie halt and the aged men of the
'.jimtry, were fleeing for life, panie
.'u'.ci.'Q and utterly demoralized.
As the snn rose over the swelling
.'. Ives the eyes of the soldiersof either
u.iiiv caught the gleam of a little
v .iiiie tent, half hidden in a wood just
:i utile to the left of the line of attack,
uu'i uiKire it fluttered atiny white flag,
no bigger than a man's hand.
it wni a woman's handkerchief, and
all the chivalrous feelings of the
American soldier were aroused as the
.mm veterans caught sight of that lit-
e appealing bit of cambric floating
iero through the uprising mists of
ar. The order was passed to respect
uat flag, and when the great guns be-
:n their work and shot and shell
ore hurled blazing and crashing
j jroMS field and wood from either di
t. it ion, never a gunner trained his
i ce toward a point near that little
-viiite honse.
The battle was fiercely fought, but
sit combat was of short duration, and
.a tue shadows lengthened eastward
..m southern troops were seen in full
v.reat, leaving the field to the tri
umphant viator.
As thoy swept forward a drummer
Otto Barden, of a Pennsylvania
auout, passed by the little white
it in the wood.
Guards in blue uniform surrounded
iind while the smoke of battle
tried above and around there was a
..intive cry from the tent, and the
lalwart snrgeon lifted the flap of the
.ittlc tent and emerged followed bj an
ild Depress, bearing in her arms a
liny, white bundle.
"Please God, maris, is you gwinter
take us off ter de norf ?" wailed she,
with the big tears coursing down her
withered face. "It'll sho' kill Miss
Annie ef yo' does."
"Not a bit of it. old lady, not a bit
of it," replied the good-natured sur
geou, with a smile.
"Ilello. Otto, yon're the very boy I
want. This h your prize, as you are
nearest her age, and we are going to
detail you to take charge of this wee
prisoner and see that the little reb
. don't escape."
The rough soldiers came crowding
around for a peep at the prisoner, and
many eyes filled with tears of tender
ness as they gazed on the baby that
had first seen the light lh auch grew
aome surroundings.
, "Ain't it a wonder that she and the
mother were sot blows to piaees?"
Mid Mm MrfMnfc
"It is. Indeed," replied the corporal,
"for look there where a stray shell cut I
Its way through the bushes as clean as
a knife."
"Well, boys, she is our prlss. Let us
christen her, for time is up, and the
Johnnies are waiting for us behind
some bush heap down the road. Come,
Otto, speak up Yon shall have the
honor of naming the little miss," sail,
the surgeon.
"Call her Shell Annie," said the boy,
as his mind reverted to his own or
phaned days, "because she was saved
from that shell."
"Good!" cried the surgeon.
"Shell Annie," chorused the sergeant
and the corporal in a breath,
"Here, give mo- your canteen, Otto,"
aaid the surgeon. "Uuhl her head up
auntie," and, sprinkling a few drop
on the tiny head, he continued: "Sholl
Annie, I baptize thee in the name o
the Father, Hon and the Holy Ghost,
and may Thoy cverprot'jot thee as ho',
the God of battle to-day. Now, Otto,
the sergeant will remain with a file o
men until morning, and you may re
main with them, for you look tired and
worn out, my boy."
At the word of command the other
soldiers took up the line of march, and
faint and fainter grew the roar and
rumble of departing legions, rolling
on irresistibly to match their blue bil
lows with the blue waves of the dis
tant sea.
Twenty years after the furling of the
flags the battlefield of Jonesboro was
a corn field, and the rustling rows of
the crested corn hid from view the al
most obliterated traces of strife. Peace
and plenty reigned, and the one-armed
veteran of the north was hobnobbing
with the peg-legged veteran of the
south as they laughingly recounted
the experiences of the war.
Ashevilie has become a great resort
for summer visitors from all sections
on account of its quietude, its health
ful air and water and its splendid
scenic surroundings
As the train slowed up at the little
station a man, apparently blessed with
all the activity of youth, but bearing
about him that unmistakable air of
maturity that indicates intimate
knowledge of and rough experience
with life, stepped on the platform and
atrolledup the hill towar 1 the hotel.
The dusky twilight of the dying
summer day softened the rugged out
lines of the gloomy mountains, and
the tinkle of a crystal stream made
music in the thickets below.
Suddenly the stranger was startled
by a wild cry, and around a turn of
the road came a horse at full speed,
and in the buggy, swaying to and fro
at his heels, there wu a flutter of
Springing forward and dropping his
belongings, the stranger clutched the
reins of the frightened animal and ar
rested his mad career, but the shock
was so suideu that the occupant of
the buggy was tossed Into the bushes
by the roadside.
Releasing the horse, which stood
r.mbling with fear and exoitement,
' ite. ntrangor lifted the prostrate form,
(ti-ernwd from the hotel came
rushing to the spot sue opened her
eyes in a dazed and startled way.
"Are yon hurt much?" asked the
"No, thank you; I was only fright
ened. I had just gotten into the buggy
and was going for a ride when he be
came frightened and ran away. Oh,
how can I ever thank you?"
"Best by not mentioning it again,"
said the stranger, brusquely, handing
her his card as he resigned her to her
friends and walked away.
On -the following . morning the
stranger arose late after his fatiguing
journey, and when he went down to
breakfast beside hiB plate wai a little
perfumed note, and he opened it and
read it, half amused and half in won
der. "Otto Babdex: Permit me to thank
yon and to convey to you the grateful
feelings of my friends for your brave
action in rescuing me from my peril
ous position yesterday. As a partial
recognition of your kindness, I wish
to extend to you an invitation to en
joy a picnic excursion with us tc-day.
It is my birthday. Please do not fail
to come. Gratefully,
"Ankii Foktaij."
On a blank leaf from his notebook
Barden wrote a line accepting the in
vitation, and then leisurely finished
his breakfast
The day was perfect, and, as the
special guest of the heroine of the
day, he thought he had never felt
quite so near at peace with himself
j and all mankind as he did while loung
ing on the green grass beneath the
shadow of the tall hemlocks at the foot
: of the mountain with pretty Annie
f Fontaine.
I Chatting in a desultory way, Barden
j suddenly recalled the day and the
j drama of twenty years ago.
j "Dajjou know." said he, "that I was
; one of those Yanks that marched with
; Sherman to the sea?"
I "Indeed? Why, you must have been
a very youthful soldier."
"I was a drummer boy, and this day
twenty years ago I was In the battle
of Jonesboro."
"And so was I," said she with a
saucy smile, "for that was my birth
day and the place of my nativity."
"What!" he cried, springing to his
feet oxcitedly. "Then you are, you
must be"
"Shell Annie," she replied.
There are some stories that ought to
be concluded before they are begun,
but this, which is as true yes, truer
than most history reached its nat
ural conclusion then and there, and
the Pennsylvania drummer boy now
owns one of the finest fruit farms
around Jonesboro, and the mistress of
that southern home is "Shell Annie."
Atlanta Journal.
he Was a Uidlcalom Old
A o-nnftn with rprnnrlrrLlifa malAmnl
instinct has been found near Berry, in
Harrison county, Ky. Iler brood wax
recently drowned and an old sow, with
n litter of twelve pigs, died about the
name time. The old mother goose hai
adopted the little orphan pigs and pe-si-its
in her attention toward Umu
tW&aUey k deb Wtii
A. Favorite Sport of the People c
Ohlncotoaguo Island.
Bow Baadreds ef the Little Anunsala A
Booaaed TJp and Oaptursxl by the
SUa and Boys a Data
Chincoteague and Assnteagne have
had their hundredth annual pony pen
uing. Chincntengue is a small islund
in the Atlantic close to the shore of Ac-
lomnck county, Va. Assatencue Is a
long, narrow peninsula lying outside of
Chincotcaiiue and protecting it from
he assaults of the Atlantic. Chln-
wteague Is a glittering llttlo island,
brilliant with sand and suit water,
densely peopled, well wooded and
haunted by mocking birds. There is
wither poverty nor crime there, drunk
nness is almost unknown, and doors
:re always unlocked. It Is the boast
if Chincoteague that no slave ever lived
ipon ita soil, and that tho island re
tained true to the union throughout
.ie war. There are no better sailors
ny where than the people of Chin
otcague, and there are. no stoncher
ittle boats than the Chincoteague ca
noe with double leg-of-mutton sails.
Nobody knows positively the origin of
:he Chincotca,Tue ponies. It Is only
"mown that they havo roamed tin
marshy pastures of the Islands for at
jast a century, and there is a tradition
.hat the ancestors of the ponies cairn
ishore from a wrecked ship in the
ighteonth century. Xheso: doubtless,
.vero full grown horses, uud the Chin
oteoguo pony of to-day is a degcuer
ilc, through droughts in summer and
xposure in the open paaiureB through
ong winters. But degenerate as
le is, the Chincoteague pony is
i fine, hnrdy, and ofton beantl
ul animal, with strenUi out of
rnportiou to his size, and, when well
rokon, has strength, agility and
:iced. He is from ten to twelve hands
ighand iim six to eight hundred
lounds in weight From two hundred
nd fiftv to four hundred of these little
rcatures rram the island pastures.
.'here are, perhaps, half a many on the
owor end of Assnteagne.
A stallion leads upon the pastures a
-roup of from ten to twenty-five marcs
nd colts. The leader is on the con-
tant lookout for danger, and at his
nort his whole polygamous family take
o their heels. The ponies are really
ar from wild, and one may easily rip
roach within fifty or twenty yards of
i group at pasture. The older stallions
income fierce and quarrelsome, and
tave to be removed from the pastures
i'rom time to time, lest they should de
stroy one another or the younger stal-
.ions. Theyareall excellent swimmers,
and when the pastures become bare on
Chincoteague they frequently swim to
the neighboring islets, where the salt
grass is still green. It is not uneom
men to see from the top of Ausateugui'
tight a group of horses bathing m the
surf. The colts are born and nurtured
in the open pastures, and the aunuul
pony penning is for the double purpose
of branding these colts and selling
some of the older horses.
Pony-penning day is still a fete day
on Chincoteague. The pen for the
horses is built near the center of the
village, and on the morning of the
pony penning men and boys mounted
on swift and well-broken ponies ride
out to the pastures to drive in the wild
creatures. The groups of ponies are
slowly driven together on the pasture
and then started townward. As the
pen is ncarcd the guards thicken, m
Uiat the whole band is easily driver
mo the iuclosnre. Branding irons ar.
ie:ited; men with rope nooses on tin
. nd of long poles leap into the pen&.
Tho colls are thrown to the ground am1
ncld there while the iron is applied.
The branding done, the auction fol
lows. Unbroken horses fetch from
Lweuty-uVe to forty dollars each. Oth
jrs, broken to harness, fetch as hfl.
js sixty dollars. Well-matched pain
omctinicn fetch one hundred and nu,
(ollars. The ponies havo long beci
ho pets of children of well-to-do fan?
lies on the mainland, and of late year
avo been sold over a largo part of tin.
Iniled Kiatcs. They are larger thun
hctlund ponies and more beautiful.
.-(. Y. Press.
TnEiiE is n doctor liv tho nm" of Mi,
icr in nearly every town in .ouri. .
The county (Chi.) juil is said
to be invaded liy f poikfi, tvlio keep up
no end of d row ar.d repp.iif" nt ui;,iit.
Jeiiry Wallace, a farmer of I'.ivcr
dale, Ga., was carrying a sael: u apples
from his waon to u store, when the
sack overbalanced and broke his neck,
killing him instan'Iy.
Tnp, bnya bird of Indin ingeniously
Ilium instcn its nest. ltcatchc:i tire-Hies
and, without killin:.' thera, with moist
clay sticks them to it3 nest. On a dark
nieW the baya's nest is like a bright
In the reform school at Jaraesburg,
N. J., there is a phenomenon, in the
person of a six-year-old boy named
Herman Hofl'er, who has a heavy mus
tache, and is so strong that he can lift
two hundred pounds.
A whole bottle of wine was drink,
just before un important race, at Kemi
ion Par!,-, Tinr;., by Grcywell, : 'mrse
which theretofore had not iV .yed
iiiiK-h endurance of apeed. It tv m the
r;n;e, badly beating several crack
ncrs. '
iwr-KTv-pouB postmen, mounu-d on
bicycles, daily collect the mails in
Washington, I). C. They arc on duty
from ft a. m., to 0 p. m,, in phalanxes of
twelve, so that no man has to work
more than eight hours a day.
A i.:;cti.-i;i'.ii upon the English lan
guriffc has predicted that before long
Englfeh grand opera will be pe rm ncnt
ly established in this country-, says
that the Cnglish language cm l.t-, sung
witJ--i:! in any way clhsturuiii;; liv.; sus
tainc! h-rrato flow of voice and the
ktuuty of tonei
Bar Majesty's Af Hons on tiring Yfotlnel ol
the King. Uelnlsv.
William IV was dead. The arch
bishop of Canterbury and Lord Conyng
bsm were dispatched to inform the
Princess Victoria of the tact. It was a
warm nighl In Jmio, The princess wsi
Bleeping In her mother's room, her cus
tom from childhood, and bad to be sum
moned out of bar Bleep. The meeBitu
pore awaited her in the long, anlofty
(noni, separated only by folding doors
from that which was inhabited by tin
Duchess of Kent and bor daughter. The
Joniift girl entered alone, in her night
dress, with some loose wrap thrown
hastily about her. The moment she wu
ddressed aa "Your majesty" she put
out her hand, intimating that the lords
who addressed her were to kiss it and
thereby do homage. Her schooling and
bar instincts were admirable from the
first. Sell possession combined with
perfect modesty eame naturally to her.
A few hours later, at 11 o clock in
the morning, the child queen met her
council. In the corridor at Windsor
there is a picture which oommein orates
the event. Never, it has been said by
au eyewitness, was anything like the
first impression she produoed or the
chorus of praise and atliuiration which
was raised about her manner and be
havior, certainly not without justice.
Iler extreme youth and inexperience
and the ignorance of the world concern
ing her for alio had lived in complete
seclusion exulted interest and curios
Asked whether she would enter the
room accompanied by the great officers, j
of Btate, she said she would come in
lone. Accordingly when all the lords
of the privy couucil were assembled tbs
folding doors were thrown open, and
the queen entered, quite plainly dressed
and in mourning, out! took her seat for j
tbe first time, a young girl among a
crowd of men, including al the most !
famous and powerful of her subjects. !
She bowed mnl read her speech, handed :
to her by tho prime minister, Lord Mel
bourne, in a clear and firm voice and
then took the oath for tbe security of
the Church of Scotland,
Immediately tho privy councilors
were sworn, the royal Dukes of Cum
berland and Sussex first by themselves.
It was observed that as these two old
men, her uncles, knelt before her, swear
ing allegiance, she blushed up to the
eyes, as if she felt the contrast between
their civil and natural relations, tier
manner was very graceful and engag
ing, and she kissed them both, and ris
ing from her chair moved toward the
Duke of Sussex, who was too infirm to
reach her. Fortnightly Review.
regon Central
& Eastern,
n. it. co.
Yaquina Bay Route.
(YitinectEiiu at Ysnuina Bav with the Han
trancisro and Yuquiua Bay Steamship
SteaMip "Farallon"
Sails from Yaquina Hay every eight days
tor ban r runeineo, loos imy, run uriuru,
Trinidad uud Humboldt Hay,
Passenger Accommoda
tions Unsurpassed.
Hhortest ltottte Between the Willamette
valley and talilnrmo.
Fare ironi Albany and Points West to Han
Cabin f 6 Oil
Hu-erage 4 00
To Coos Bay and Port Orford :
Cabin 6 00
To Humboldt Bay:
Cabin 8 00
Uound Trip Good for 80 Days Special.
Meamer ALBANY, eloimntlv furn.H.iwI,
mcliHlinu new niano. will run between
Cirvllis 'and Portland on tho following
Down river: . Tuesdays, Thursdayi and
Sundays, Iuve Corvallis fi a. m. and
Albany, 7 a. in. Arrive fori land, 5 (. m.
I'l- river: Monday. Wediielttyn and
Fridays, Ifive i'urtlflnd. 6 a. m. and
Albany, 9:20 p. m. Arrive Corvallis, U:'20
p. in. .i . v . 3i ayo,
Kdwih Ktonk, Hup't Ki'ver Uivhion.
ManuKor. H. B. Bachy.
H, L. WaIjJkn , Ag't. Op llevere House
a win, ucpoi AJuany,
IB! Wm
1 l4
rMiMlndsstfrsllnillnrinfr wtTsKla-simlasas
BAlak vouusu setlavWraiuls, UUMtSiilitk sad
J"', "'", Burrrom Rllibls luiwfwtgn-n
Jtaat lmejrtliiiiU reputation by honi..i.taii.l
Man., Tiler. lannoniR tbe world Miat rin mual
I mecnanlaal wmrtructloii, durability of trains
p.rta.fln.nt.a of ( beauty In r.niHiarnrji.or bai
aa too NEW HOME.
Tie lew Home Sewing Machine Co,
U-'TW If i
. r,.,., . WVII lieia Ml if, WBW
sfcaaifllalafes fgtmmMB
ft c-irr
A'cgcbblcPeparalionror As
similating tlx! toodatulRcgula
ting the Siomaris and Bowels of
nessand Rest Contains neither
Simin.Morphtne nor Mineral.
flpwTsiisfir .
ApcrfectHenvidy frit-Constipation,
Sour SK-mach.Diarrhoca,
Worms .ConvulsionsTewnsh
ncss and Loss OF SLEEP.
TacSimils) Signature of
Ma lis Top Buoot
iprini(Of bel quality. Body UMH iu. wide by Mlu. lunv. tn'Uie of uet miummcu Imu" er.
Mh (rtnio una iioplur peneU, tliorouurlity Kled, screwed and uud. I'outiH re null irtitit-d
full laartrrtll All .Mr ntfn Clllii. IrOltH. KlO.. IliUlp Of llBrlt NOfVUV IfOlt I'fl I tit til f ft till fllitub
flrHt-olftSH'.hroiiahoirr, limlteM-abited: a rich btnolt. iienrt lln Writcrc-crti. liluck ui (mimHio,
hnndriome.jr n-ritml. Kcb btiuuy oumpleto wltli aimlts, leather dnnb, bootniorni aprnn.
oarpet, cull-raUlen, its. A written warranty with each liufctij.
MA.UO In our HPKiJIAL WHOIAHAI.I PRI ! for tllld tint hliaUV.
Oonpoo Kit S91H
GOOD jon
U nnt wlto Order
Nt). 120 top Bum
No. S45 flmi Wag.
paonea ruu urumti
ROAD W VOftNB V e ba all styles, but
this one if tin most popular. Any doalor
Will ana you V.(V H c h- uur wuuif ic
price in KW.uo. Bend us W.oo and ooupon
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drop axles, piteut hathor daub, painting
bodv blk Krt Breiv titer Bwen oroamilno
nicely striped, and tn sly tinlHhed tlirouh
out. A writtfii warn nty with eaob wiwon
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Order at onoe. Prlcei. will be higher next
teaaon, Aditrcti (in full,)
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Headquarters U''B3331W3'B'
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Twomiorfui Crimson Rambler Rose Piyia, W.
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BALTIMORE BLOCK, Albany, Oregon.
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, malting, etc.
, Pictures and Picture molding. ..
Undertaking a Specialty.
Oaitorla is put up la m1js sotiks ssly, It
U ul.1 in hnlb. Ttnr1 .llnSf SAVABS to Salt
&' 1 vau anvtfahur alas SB tha nlaa af DrOmlSS that it
li "Jaii as food" and "will smwst srtrr pur.
pasi," sTBes that jm jtrl O-i-B-T-O-E-l-i.
HUKUEVH VtlllULtu oi Ar, 'U -
animNri to inyont it WHOLESALE PRICE'
PlANOOrCOHrnNO BODT. EN! or IlKlCn'RTKK prhi 'f .
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