The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 10, 1896, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
THUB8DAY, DEO. 10, 1808.
The Shoe Department
has a remnant counter full of bargains.
You might find It out Accidentally. '
The object of this to oall your at
tention to It as a special feature. Odd
and emlti of our shoe stock and shoes
tliut are not the latent, and old style
shoes, but the price more than balances
Unity Shoos, J1.00 kind, for .80
Misses' " HUM " " 1.2fi
Hovs' " 2.215 " " 1.60
Ladles' " 4.00 " " 2.00
S. 13. Young's,
Good produce, good ai cash.
Call and see Miller's new Block.
Hiraui Baker buys all kinds of bides
und funi.
Born to the wife of Adolp Aycr, IJeo.
8, a bod.
Burn, to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Ciherfy,
Deo. 8, a Hon.
The Weber Dramatic Co., at opera
lionso to-ulght.
r -I.... ,.i .,,, nftniiu
low at Baoh A. Buhl's.
Bud Thompson returned to his home
ut Hubbard yesterday.
When you want Xmas candles,
fruits or toys, go to Davis'.
Mrs. L. Foley and Winnie are
visiting relative in Albany.
Mr. J, C. Bllycu was attending to
holiness In Albany, Tuesday.
New BUbsnrlptiouB for the Weekly
Oregoniau taken at this office,
Mrs. Frank Parrlsh ha been denger
iiusly 111, but is now Improving.
We still iiave bargains In shoes.
Bead, Fkaoock & Co.
DlptbeiJa has been raging In Port
land, but it now under control.
Mrs. Eaton and family are thinking
r.f returning to Lebanon to reside.
A little money will go a long ways
If you trade with Read, Peacock & Co.
When in Waterloo rail on the City
Drug Htore for line per turnery, drugs,
ftuuie one Is going to get an elegant
dressing case free, of feiulth, the drug
gist. About every day, a wagon load of
dressed bugs comes to the butcher
The finest liiw of dress patterns In
Hie ufty Is to lie found at the Racket
Then Is to be a masquerade ball in
Union hall, in this city, Christmas
Think of It! When Boyd gives you
picture you don't huve to have auy
w l) your white' clothing with
' . , '-ni, and they will never turn
Snap t
yellow. ,
Mr. jal'w artthuJ".1"
Albany, last Dec, 8, wltu'
Dr. Parsons deli Ted an Interest'0?
lecture in Hie Melirodlst church, last
Mouduy evening.
You can buy a nice,, large arm, hand
carved rocker of the i"Uuauy Furniture
Company for $2. Bo.
. ' E. M. Bonier and w ife left last week
for Kansas, where they expect to re
side In the future.
Remember Fronob, the Jeweler,
Albany, when you want something
uloe for Christmas.
' Oo to Davis1 store when you
want toys for Xmas. He Inn the best
selection Hi the city.
Norman Hmith is becoming an ex
pert photo-urtlat and has many beau
tiful pictures to show.
A large proportion of the potatoes
left in the ground after the last cold
snap have been damaged.
Don't let the cat lick the dislies, but
make nice soft snap with Heap Foam.
- Dilutions on each package.
The Infant son of W. W. Well rjer
died last Monday, and was burled in
the Masonic cemetery Tuesday.
See the elegant crayon at the foot of
the stairs, given away Willi each
dozen piutures without extra charge.
N. W. Smith, the druggist, Informs
us he will have the finest lot of holi
day goods ever brought to Lebanon.
Mrs. R. H. Curl, who has been visit
lug Mis. J.'C. Bllveu for several days,
left yesterday lor her home lu Albauy.
From now until January 1, 1897,
Boyd will give you a crayon or It)
cabinets all for the price of one down.
Dr. J. A. Lamliersoii was called to
: Albany to asBisl lu the burial of Mr.
Jos, Myers, who is to be bulled today
by the Maccabees.
W.J. Uliy inieiins u open a cigar
1 ...I.. In II, u t.,,U,H,..r
vliii'iiierly occupied by the Gem salooli,
lu tbwrfuwr,
John Morgan arrived In Lebanon
from Eastern (Dilegon. He crossed the
the snow on snow shoes, and walxed
the rest of the way. .
J. C. Mayer and Ed. Kollenbergor
expect to leave the that of the week
for Southern California, where they
expect to go into business '
Blankets, . Blaukets, Biankels,
Vv here? do you ask. At Read.
Peacock A Co.'s. Are sold for 753, 8Co,
$1.00 up to 110.00 per pair.
Jim Arnett left this city last Friday
night on the train and has not been
seen since. It Is supposed he is in
Portland visiting his sister. .
' Money to loan. A limited amount
of money to loan on good farm secur
ity. Call upon or write to 8. N.
Steele i, Co., Albany, Oregon.
Mr. H, 1. Booth, the life insurance
agent, who has been worki.ig in Leba
non for the past three weeks, expects
to leave tonight for Brownsville.
F. M. French, the Jeweler, Albany,
has a very large stock of Rogers Bro.'s
silverware for the Ihristinae trade,
and cash will buy them very cheap.
Messrs. Goo. Rice and Ed. Umphrey
returned home Monday from Albany,
where they have been for several
weeks, working on. the assessment
' Mrs. Lucia H. Addliou, of Portland,
will deliver a tempeiance lecture in
the M. E. church, lie). I Friday even
ing. A cordial invitation Is extended
to all.
Mr. O. C. McFarlanil, who recently
went, to California, has located nt
Hauford, where he ha rented a build
ing and will open a general merchan
dise store.
Read, Peacock & Co. will sell for
the next 30 days, capes, jackets and
coats, at prices unheard of before.
Now is the time to save your money.
Call and look over the stock.
Mr. J. K. Charlton returned to Leb
anou Tuesday from Salem, where he
has been visiting his sou. His son
and three children have been quite
sick, but are now Improving.
Do you want a first-class watch and
chalu for Christmas. French, the
jeweler, Albany, has some bargains.
Borne gold filled ones as low as $10.00
drove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a
perfect Malarial Liver Tonic and Blood
purifier. Removes biliousness without
purging. As pleasant es Lemon Syrup.
It is as large as any dillar tonic and
retailB for 50c, To get the genuine ask
or Grove's.
Rev. Llndsey, who was to have com
menced a meeting here this week, is
still at Independence and the Interest
is so great that he has decided to re
main there over Sunday, but writes
that he will be here for next Tuesday
night, Bure.
Mi's. Dr. J. M. Powell, who IniR been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Cbeadleaud old frlent'e In Lebanou,
for several weeks, left yesterday for
Monmouth, where she will visit a
week or two liefore re liming to her
home In Bpokans, Was a.
Laxative Bromo Uuluine Tablets
move the bowelB gently, relieves the
oough, cures the feverish condition
mid headache, making it the best and
quickest remedy for Coughs, Coles and
LaOrlppe, Cures In '.ne day, "No
cure, no pay." Price, 25 cents. For
sale by N. W. Bmlth.
W'a received a copy of the Sunday
Gazetteer, puli8l,ed Ht I)t'nllteo'
Texas. In wbfcU it announces the
dt. Mtl of Chas. H. Tinkle, a pioneer
. of that Plane. Ho I" the father
of F. B. i"Huk1' l,M I "08raPuelr 'h0
-in sevdfrel niP'iths. Mr.
was in Lebnu
(, the time pf hi"
Tinkle was there
father's death.
At il,u ru.r,,lur nu.ol,,. '
of the De-
.,.f W,.,?,,, Irt. I,.'.. "'KM tlie
following officers were eteoted ' "l
eiiBUiug term: Mrs Annie Eol.
lady chief; Mrs Hattie Cruson, lady o,
honor; Mrs Bellroie Garland, chief of
ceremonies; G W Crus m, usher; Mrs
Alice Hyde, recorder; J F Hyde,
financier; Mrs Nellie Pbler, reoeiver;
Mrs Rltter, Inside w .tchnian; Wm
Robins, outside watchman.
The farm residence fG. Williams,
situated 4 miles west of this city, was
consumed by fire about (I o'clock
Wednesday morning. The lire org!
nated from a defective flue in the
kitcbeu and the entire roof was In
Humes before the fire was discovered.
But little of the contents were saved.
Among oilier valuables that were lost
was a flue piano and a trunk contain
ing several silk dressos and $125 In
in cash. There was some Insurance on
the house and contents.
Little Joe West died last Monday
i light, at the home of. his grandfather,
; r. Jos. Elkius, after -a lingering 111
vi ess of about two ye irs. He was 5
years and H months old. His mother, Annie west, wno nas ueeu in
Montana, reached be e lust Friday
unnrii.'.ng and was with her child con
stantly until death came. Little Joe
was a u unusually brigl t child aud will
be greatly missed by his loved ones
and associates. Rev. C. G. Harmou
r.,,i,rlil etna l ie UlueilM wmu'o u, -
residen ce, after which his remains
were la id to rest in the Masonic ceine-,..r,-
"i'Iih bereaved family have the
lynapaftby of t halt of friends,
Theatrical Entertainment.
The Weber Dramatic Co. will enter
tain the people of Lebanon, at the
opera house, to-night and to-morrow
night and perhaps a night or two
more, -
It will be remembered that Ibis com.
pany was here about a year ago, and
their audiences were very well pleased
with the entertainments.
The play for to-night is entitled,
"Trodden Down, or Under Two
Flags." "The Little Detective'1 will
be played the following night. ' -
The very name, "Weber Dramatic
Company," is a synonym for excel
lence, as their reputation for ability is
well known. We advise our readers
to take advantage of their appearance
here, for it will probably be a long
time before as good a company comes
to this city.
Popular prices. '
A Message.
As I beheld a procession of twenty
or thirty men en route for the saloon,
after voting for and sustaining It, this
day lu Lebanon, I write:
'Wherefore hear ye the word of the
Lord, ye scornful men that rule this
people which is in this city.
Because ye have said, 'We have
made a covenant with Death, and with
Hell are we at agreement; when the
overflowing scourge shall pass through,
it shall not come unto us; for we have
made lies our refuge, and under false
hood have we hid ourselves.' " A pro
vision Is made. "Therefore thuBsayelh
the Lord God: 'Behold I lay in
Zion for a foundation, a stone, a tried
stone, a precious corner stone, a sure
foundation. He that belleveth shall
not make haste. Judgement also will
I lay to the line, and righteousness
to the plummet: and the bail shall
sweep away the refuge of lies, and the
waters shall overflow the hiding place,
and your covenant with Death shall
be disannulled, and your agreement
with Hell shall not stand, when the
overflowing scourge shall pass through
then ye shall be trodden down by it;
from the time that it goeth forth ti
shall take you; for morning by morn
ing It shall pass over, by day and by
night. For the bed (refuge) is shorter
than that a man can stretch himself
on it, and the covering (safety) nar
rower than that he can wrap himself
In it. For the Lord shall rse upas
in Mount Perazim, He shall be wroth
as in the Valley of Gibeon, that He
may do His work, His strange work,
and bring to pass His act, His strange
act. Now therefore be ye not mock
ers lest your bands be made strong, for
I have heard from the Lord God of
Hosts, a consumption even determined
upon the whole earth.'' This was the
Judgment threatened upon the city of
Epbruim, for ber pride and drunken
ness. So beware to-day and repent, for the
hand of the Lord is not shortened that
be may not punish the wicked for
their oppression, even Jn this cily of
Lebanon. Read Isaiah 28th.
Social at Sodaville.
On next Saturday evening an enter
tainment and Weight Social will be
given by the Sodaville Concert Band,
In their new hall at Sodaville. An
interesting program will be rendered.
After the program supper will be
served at the Chesblr hotel, which will
be conducted as a Weight social. Each
gentleman will weigh bis partner, and
one-half of her weight, minus fifteen,
will equal the amount to be paid in
cents for the couple's supper. Those
not wishing to take part In the Weight
social can have supper for 25 cts. each.
'Ibis event is to be the dedication of
the new Band hall.
Everybody is cordially Invited to at
tend aud haye a good, social time for a
few hours.
Admissiou to entertainment, 10 cts.
v, M. Smith has purchased a new
'iho. do clay, flour, starch or
other worthT'"'"5 H"
and nofreealka.:,louurulue uuuu' Mgl'"
are contemplating b.,,J',uf 8 "ew
Bonrf tl.o fvcscu t imr fi 111
tUa TT.Hut. far th npYt four mo.. lu0'
only 25 cents.
A. E. Davis has received a fine as-
sortment of candies and fruits for the
holidays. Call and see them.
A grand opportunity. Sixteen oab
inetsfor adozen, from now until Jan
1st, at the Lebanou Art Gallery.
The bestdressed men in Linn county
are those who buy their clothing
from Bach & Buhl. Good suits for
low prices.
The World on canvas, produced by a
powerful instrument, was presented at
the Baud hall last Tuesday evening.
This was the brat show of the kind
ever produced in Lebanon.
Mrs. A. E. Davis received a letter
from her husband this week, ill whieli
he said that their crowd is now at Los
Angeles, where they will probably
locate. He wrote that Rufi'Hiatt bad
been quite sick, and Tom Parker has
also been sick, but both are able to be
up aud around.
. City Election.
Pursuant to a largely signed call
from all parties for a mass meeting of
citzenB for the purpose of agreeing
upon a ticket to be voted upon at the
coming election, about one hundred
and forty citizens assembled in Uuion
hall Friday night. S. O. Wallace was
elected chairman and W. ft Peterson
secretary the following tioket was
For mayor L. Foley.
For councllmen J. G. Boyle, 8. O.
Long, N. R. Beaman, C. O. Peterson,
A, Umphrey, John Morris.
For recorder G. W. Rice.
For treasurer J. F. Hyde.
For marshal John Carroll.
Upon motion of J. A. Lamberson,
the convention agreed to support the
ticket as nominated. The meeting
wb largely attended and harmony
preavlled. The contests were spirited
and the vote for mayor was very close.
There was no other ticket printed,
but the regular ticket, after being
generally scratched, was peddled Out
aud received the vote given below.
L Foley 122
C E Pugh '. .' 81
Councilmen :
J G Boyle 130
8 O Long 131
N R Beaman 193
. C O Peterson 130
J, A TJmplirer. ; 121
John Morris ......198
J R Smith ,. 75
J Wassom 75
W B Donaca. 73
J Hickman ; 74
O W Rice 134
W C Peterson 70
J F Hyde 201
John Carroll 27
R Thorn 75
Dr. Foley, the mayor-elect, has
served lu that capacity before aud will
doubtless give great satisfaction. The
councilmen are all worthy men and
will give good account of themselves.
The recorder, Geo, Rice, has served
before and his record is inferior to
noue. Treasurer Hyde has held his
office for several years and can't be
beaten. Marshal Carroll is a new man.
He will make a good marshal. The
new officers take their places in
January. The retiring officials have
seved the city in a most worthy man
Member of the De Moss Family Dead.
The friends of the De Moss family
through America and Europe will be
grieved to learn of the untimely death
of Minnie De Moss-Cochran, at
Wheatland, Cal., December 1. She
was born in the state of Wellington,
December 5, 1869. She was the
second daughter of Rev. and Mrs.
James De Moss., early Baptist mission
aries to this part of the country. The
family has alwayB claimed Oregon as
their home, begiuuing their career as
sacred singers in Oregon, in a log
school house, 25 years ago. Minnie
was called by the family their sweet
singer, having a contralto voice of
great compass and power, yet of rare
sweetness. She had sung with the
family In all their tours throughout
the United Slates, Canada aud
Europe, for the past quarter of a
century, having made her first public
appearance at the age of two years.
Her death seemed the more peculiar
ly sad in that she was a bride of but
three months, having been wedded to
Martin Cochran on September 10, 1806.
They had been engaged four years.
While on a recent visit to her moth
er's grave, Mrs. Cochran was very
badly poisoned with poison oak, aud
this no doubt was the primary cause
of her death.
This event breaks up the quartette
and ends, perhaps, the public work of
the lie Moss family,
Academy Notes.
Finnegan's Fortune, a comic drama,
by academy students, on Dec. 23, 1896.
Several new pupils have been added
to the art department during the last
two weeks.
The normal class took their first
filial examination of the year, Tues-
(ja' It was iu book-keeping.
Miss Purcuased a new, organ
for the niu',1! department, of Joseph
Muiller, agen ft" Wiley B- Alle"
Music Co.
Saturday evening, Dec- 19i ' the
date of the recital to be ,lveu by the
pupils of the musio department. Pro
gramme will appear next week.
At the regular meeting of the Pla
touiau Literary Society last Friday
evenlug, the society decided to post
pone meetings until after holidays, lu
order to give the students more time to
prepare the drama.
Bead Baker's new ad.
Subscribe for the ExPRtss.
Baker pays, the highest market
price for lurs and hides.
During our closing out sale no goods
will U told Moept for spot oajta,
Some people
can sell such good
such little prices.
why we do so,
why matter little, so the tact re
mains. We'll say this, however,
this business has
ent proportions by doing just one
thing,selling good articles at low
prices. We are still doing this. If
you are not now our customer
come and see us and be convinced.
Read, Peacock & Co.
Lebanon, -' - -"
? Oliver c Superior c
Chilled 7 V Stoves
I Plows I Ranges I
These Plows are A 1. i Superior in every way.
Hopkins Bros.
Holiday Goods
Prices Down Low
Don't Forget
That Hoe Cake soap wrappers are
worth a cent apiece in valuable pres
Necessity demands that we Insist on
nil those indebted to us on subscrip
tion, or otherwise, to call and settle ul
once. We will take wheat, oats or hay
at the highest market piices,
Dr. Cbeadie is glad to see tho
children and examine their teeth.
He extracts temporary teeth for
children free.
Wanted !
Your tea trade from now
Schilling's Best wants it
your money back if you
don't like it.
IS! 11:
wonder how we
merchandise for
Others wonder
The how and the
grown to its pres
- - - Oregon.
in Toys
Laud Office at Oregon Cilv, Or.,!
Nov. 24, lsiHJ. 1'
Notice is hereby given that the following
limned aettler bus (Heel notice oi his iiittMi
lion to make final .root' in support of his
cluim, and that saiil proof will be niaiie
before the county clerk of Linn county,
at Albany, Oregon, 011 January U, 1807. viz t
H. E. WJ, for the N. V. M ot Sec. 12, To.
13 8., K. 1K. "
He naiues the following witnesses to
prove bis continuous residence upon and
cultivation of, said land, viz: .1. I). Kolf, J,
A. Stilt, J. ltienhart ami James lwis, all
oi Foster, Oregon.
Land Otlice at Oregon City, Or. ,1
Nov. 2i, lBUu. )
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has liled notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that suiii proof will uu made be
fore the County Clerk of Linn County at
Albany, Or., on January 11, IX'JJ, viz:
11 111 AM 1. I'll KENS;
H. E. 8177, (or the S. a of 8. IS. i and E, W
of s. w. of sec. a, To. 13 a, it. 1 is.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous resilience upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: J. 1). Kolf, J.
A. Stilt, J. Kionuart ami James Lewis, ail
of Fuster, Oregon,
Koskih A, Miuas, bttiiteti