The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 24, 1896, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor
We might as veil be plnin. The
forces of the Hanna ring are now
at work in our very midst. Active
but secret work is being done.
The weak-kneed republicans are
being encouraged in every possible
way. Influence is being brought
to bear upon democrats and popu
lists to coax or to frighten them
to vote for MoEinley. The Hanna
crowd is well organized. The cen
tral head supplies all the rural
Tirecincts with braiuB as well as
-money. A Bhrewd, active and
persistent campaign is being
waged, with plenty of money for
hall hire, badges, emblems and ex
cursions. The money for all these
things is not contributed at home,
because the participants can't af
ford it. The money is being dis
bursed from Portland to different
clubs. The money, corner from
outside parties, trusts, corporations
and the like. This distributes
considerable ready money among
the people. Thus far it is all right.
But there is food for serious
thought in this matter. The free
will of the voter is thus influenced
by fear or by reward. The money
of the trusts, wrung from the
people at first, is being used to in
fluence the peoples' vote. All of
this pernicious activity has its
effect. But few men can be reach
ed bv actual bribery. A large
number are influenced by party
organization backed by a full
treasury. In this way, it is hoped
to elect McKinley. Bryan men
cannot hope to offset this work by
similar effort. They have no
money. The centers of money are
locked tight against him while
they open freely to McKinley.
But there is a way to circumvent
Hanna and his shrewd and un
scrupulous healers. Let every
man who favors -the people rather
than the corporations, be himself
active and ceaseless in his efforts
from now till election night. Do
not be coaxed or bullied into vot
ing for any man who is the recog
nized champion of monopolies and
who is groomed by such an arch
enemy of the people as Marcus
Aurelius Hanna.
Th New York World, opposed
to Bryan, publishes the following
letter by its great correspondent
"Bryan may be defeated,. but the
influence of money and of Mark
Hanna's methods upon the voters
of Wisconsin, in common with the
voters of other states, will not die
appear after election day.
' Let me give one example. I
speak of a matter I know and
understand: The Reliance ma
chine works, owned by the Edward
P. Allis Company, are situated in
Milwaukee. There are employed
in this establishment something
like 1800 men. Here the Bryan
sentiment is very strong.
It is an absolute fact that 18
working men in this establishment
are at thin moment on the pay-roll
of the republican state committee
as secret political agitators.
Their companions are ignorant of
this fact and do not suspect it.
The result is that these men
have an influence which they
could not possibly wield were the
truth known.
- The republican committee has
also, I am informed, upon its pay
rolls a large number of men in
another establishment, which em
ploys about 2000 workingmen. In
several of the factories here gold
standard arguments are pinned
each week to the envelopes con
taining wages."
Will the time ever come when
the common people will know the
truth, that their bitterest enemy
iB the republican party now bossed
by Hanna and Quay.
McKinley's idea of protection
and of money, if put into practice
ttltf toMfUM, nsourigs strike
The great corporations of the
country have contributed several
millions to Hanna's campaign
fund, as is generally believed, cor
porations have no souls, therefore
these financial gifts were not from
the goodness of their souls. It wiib
a business investment. Corpora
tions don't place their money
without good security. There is
but one security that could be
given. Hanna has mortgaged the
republican party to these corpora
tions. These millions will find
their way back into the coffers of
these corporations by legislation
and executive favors. The people
will have to pay the mortgage by
increased burdens, and the trusts
will tighten their grip on the in
dustry, energy and labor of tiie
masses. Such is republicanism.
Possibly unwillingly, but never
theless tightly bound to trusts and
corporations, Wm. McKinley is
the leader of the enemies of the
people. Left to his own better
judgment, he might favor the
peoples' interest. Bound as he is,
he cau only do the bidding of the
men who are giving their gold that
he may be president. McKinley
is a good man, but his umbition
and the counsel of his friends,
have forced him forever in the
ranks of the oppressors of the
people. Cleveland, during his
first term, was a sturdy champion
of the people. He has changed
under the burden 'of bis great
honors. Hence today, his name is
dear, not to the masses, but
to the trusts. He and McKinley
differ only in name. They are
conspiring to the same end. Let
the one go and the other remain
forever in retirement. The name
of neither can ever bring hope to
suffering mankind. The one has
betrayed his trust, the other would
do it if the chance is ever given
him. Old party lines should have
yery little bearing in this election.
The people should combine their
forces, regardless of politics, and
vote for the man whose life proves
him their friend, William J. Bryan.
The people would like to know
something more about Mr. Mc
Kinley. They would like to hear
him talk about the issues of the
day. These little delegation
speeches that he makes from his
door step to excursion parties, hat
too much of the secretiveness of
Hanna. . Let him get out among
the people and talk. A joint de
bate in New York City, for in
stance, between McKinley and
Bryan would greatly enlighten
the people. Neither would lose
his dignity, and neither would be
thought less of for mingling with
the people. If Bryan is the rattle
brain fellow that Hanna says he
is, why then McKinley ought to be
glad of the chance to prove it,
May be the gallant Major does not
want to monkey with the buzz-
saw. He might get laid up for
Senator Mitchell thinks more of
his seat than he does of his head-
More of his return to the senate
than of the success of free silver,
the conviction of his life.
Senator Mitchell's political
somersault into the gold camp was
graceful indeed, but the many
converts to silver made by hie eln
quent and logical speeches hereto
fore, will not so easily change.
The American people. still love a
circus. Several hundred went to
Albany Monday to see a United
States Senator turn a political
Politicians are said to have
their price". Senator Mitchell's
price was rather steep a seat in
the U. S. senate.
Mitchell republicans defeated
Dolph for the senate two years ag'
Dolph Culd have then been elect
ed, if be had been political acro
bat like Mitchell.
The trusts are for McKinley be
cause McKinley is for the trusts.
The Mode are . for Brvan. lie-
Intimidation of workmen is still
being done by Hanna and bis
The laborer and farmer hnv
nothing to hope for in Hunna'fi
Doluh is a cold, selfish man, but
he is not of easy political virtue
like Mitchell.
If Bryan is elected prosperity
will return.
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Aug. 22, 18UU. (
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