The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 13, 1896, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor
wsrt wett vrmr
The organs of Wall street opin
ions and interests are still loud in
their praises of Mr. Fierpont Mor
gan and his associates fur "coming
to the relief of the treasury" in re
storing and agreeing to protect the
gold reserve.
This action is praisworthy,
The World has said, although
prudent and selfish as any "patri
otic" deed that haB been performed
since the war. Mr. Morgan and
the money magnates that bow
when he nods and shut- their eyes
when he winks know perfectly well
that another issue of bonds thit-
summer to protect the gold reserve
would render the election of Bryan
so certain that no amount
"hustling and howling" thougl
backed by the biggest campaigt
fund ever raised, could prevent
It is therefore very enlightened
selfishness, not interested patriot
ism, that leads the bankers syndi
cate to render a bond issue unnec
essary and to stop the export
But their ability to do this raise
the auestion. which thus far hai
1 '
had no answer: Why did not M
Morgan and biB associates go to
the rescue nnd relief of the treasury
in the same way in 1895, and again
Jrtst winter? They had or could
easily have commanded as much
then as now. They had then -no
more use for gold (aside from fore
ine a premium or bond issue,) thai
they now have. The World urged
them to do then what they have
done now. It would have beei
far less risky then than it is now
for the country was not then con
fronted with the serious menace ot
descent to the silver basis.
But the great financiers would
not heed. Instead of organizing
syndicate to fill up the'grdd reserve
, from their vaults in exchange foi
greenbacks, they frightened Mr.
Cleveland and Mr. Carlisle into the
belief that a panic was imminent
and that the only way to prevent
it and to protect the treasury wat
to sell them bonds for greatly Jlenf
than the market price. And ihui
by taking the government by the
throat they made a profit of-mil
lions within a few days, at no risk
and at little trouble.
No incident or circumstances
the past ten years has done
much to invite the popular upris
ing which has overwhelmed one
party and which menaces the other
as did the secret bond sale of 1895
and the grudging and partial re
sponse to The World's demand for
a popular loan last winter. They
were as sparks to .a fuse. The
present guardianship of the treas
ury by the power that once "held
it up" in a very different way is
perfect vindication of the WorlJ's
position. N. Y. World.
Perhaps no discovery of late
yearB has created so wide an in
terest and commands so quick and
practicable an application as has the
X ray business. Says the Elec
trical Engineer: ' So thoroughly
practical are Ronton rays con
sidered by the medical department
of the English war-office that two
seta of Rontgen-ray apparatus, it
is reported have been sent up the
Nile to be used by the army
surgeons in locating bullets and in
determining the extent of bone
The railroads leading into New
York City have refused to give re
duced rates to parties desiring to
attend the Bryan ratification meet
ing. This is unusual. . Railroadf
are always anxious to have excurs
ions on their lines. This action is
in keeping with the general policy
of boycotting Bryan, inaugurated
by the trusts -and combines of
which Hanna is the acknowledged
champion. The people will treas
ure up all such things and will vote
against McRinley, knowing that
they will thus vote against the
corporations and trusts.
Who are the "calamity howlers"
now? The populist used to have
first mortgage on the business, but
the republicans are now out-howl
ing the pops. The populists
howled because of hard times and
they had Bome excuse. Now the
republicans are howling in antici
pation of absolute ruin upon Bryan's
election. Hanna has "howled1'
several hundred thousand dollars
mit of Wall street for a corruption
fund. Never again call the pop'
"calamity howlers." The republi
cans have proven a better claim t
lilies, J J.
The Albany Democrat says the
following is one of the current fi
nancial jokes now going the rouiule
of; the press: "Some of our ex
changes are telling about a fellow
who h so radical on the silver
question that he digs up all the
golden rod and marigold, raises
white corn, and won't speak to his
wife because she has golded hair,
is forever denouncing the gold
cure, won't keep the golden rule
nnd does not want to enter the
gulden gates.
If Pennoyer is turning the office
and powers of mayor into a political
boycott, he is unfit to be mayor,
We don't believe in such politics-
Honest citizens will recoil from
such doings. But Pennoyer is
doing for Bryan only what the
ireat corporations are doing for
McKinley. He is fighting the
devil with fire and the devil is
rebuking sin. A pretty mess.
The. county court has refused to
grant further time to the assessor
in which to complete tax roll for
1896. If further time is really
needed to allow the assessor to do
his work properly, then the time
should have been allowed. The
tjiving of a little more time is pre
ferable to a faulty tax roll gotten
up in a hurry. We should make
haste slewlv.
The McKinleyites have already
acknowledged that Oregon is lost
to the cold cause. No part of
Mark Banna's bar'l will find its
way to this section of the country.
Judge Northrup's vote, last June,
-tettled the financial dispute so far
as this state figures. Bryan will
have at least 8 of every 10 votes in
Oregon. Mercury.
Ai.BANrSilver Imprint, job print-
ng $80, allowed. Albany Demo
crat. .
To the victor belong the spoils.
The populist believe in this good
ild democratic-republican idea.
The Imprint boys deserve recogni
tion, for they did good work for the
populist ticket.
An editor wrote a ball room puff,
saying: "Jier dainty feet were en
cased in shoes that might have
been taken for fairy boots," but the
blundering compositor mode it
i: "Her dirty feet were encased
shoes that might have been
taken for ferry bouts." Ex.
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Hon. W. J. Bryan writes the
ecretary of the Washington state
commute that he will visit the
Pacific coast during the compaign
nd apeak at Portland, Taconie,
Spokane aA other Northwest
cities. He proposes to address the
voters in every state in the union.
Oregon by the 15th of the present
month, and it is said, will do all in
iis power to keep Oregon in the
republican column.
The bicycle craze has caused the
horses to be slaughtered, and now
all the buggy factories are failing.
Going to Newport.
The final preparations for the militia
encampment at Newport, have been
made, a camp flleepy Hollow, n.ear
the Ocean House selected. And the
hoys will go over next Saturday, Aug.
and return on Monday Aug. 24.
here will be 25 from Albany, 26
from Eugene, 27 from Salem and 10
from Wooduuru, and the camp will be
under the command of Col. Yoran, of
Eugene. The Salem and Woodburn
boya will go as members of F Co. The
services of Hr. Moore, who runs the
lormit'iry of tbe Agricultural college,
lave been secured to look after tbe com
lteary department. The boya will
tidoubtedly hava a pWaseut time.
Land Office at Oregon Citv, Or.,1
August 4. 18B6. I
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his Inten
n'on to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be nude
before the county clerk of Linn county, Ore
gon, at Albany, Oregon, on Oct. 12, 1896,
John K. Carlton, H. E. No. 10741, (or
the W, H 8. E. ii, 8. W. y, tt. E A 4 8 E
N. W. H ot Bee. 21, Tp. 10, 8. U. 6 E. He
names the following witnesses to prove
his contiauoiis residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Wm. Kriesel, R.
C. Krienl, Thomas Kiley, Simpson Fear
son, all of Detroit, Marion Co., Oregon.
Kobibi A. MlLlM,
Land Office at Oregon City, Or.,1
Aug. 4. 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his inter.
tiou to make final proof in support ot his
claim, and that said proof will be made
before the county Clerk of Linn county, Ore
gon, at Albany, Oregon, on Oct. 12, 1890
rii: Thomas Kiley, H. E. No. 10740, for tin
W. H 8. W. , bee. 23 and W. H,N Wj,8ec.
W, Top. 10, 8. It. 6 E., W. M. He names tin
following witnesses to prove his continuout-
residence upon and cultivation of, sau.
land, viz: J E Carlton, K O Kriesel, Wn,
Kriesel, 8 Pearson, allof Detroit, Marion Co.:
Oregon, Hobskt A. Mums,
Rich Red
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000 s
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Vai'V-:- t , Mritorv.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Oreiron City, Or.,1
July 16th. 1N i
Notice is hereby aiven that the followinir-
named settler lias Hied notice of his in
tention to make tinal proof in tuimwrt of
hiscluim, and that said proof will lie made
before the countv clerk of l.inn county, at
Albany. Or., on Beptembcr 7th, 18H0, viz:
W. H. Vail, H. E. 8141 for the 8. W. W of
oec. 23, i p. iz h., k, i r,. lie names tne
following witneases to prove his continu
ous resiuence upon ana cultivation 01, said
land, viz: N. J. Hiulnlson, Wm. Todd. 8
A. Hudelson and 11. M. Hurrell, of Water
loo, Or. Kobrbt A. J( lima.
Featherbone Corset Co..
Sol Uaauiaoiume,
ton Awc at
The Leading Dealer in
The Cbampion Mills,
. DO A...
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed administrator of the estate of A. V
Garoutte, deceased, has filed with the clerl
of Linn county, Oregon, his tinal account it
the above named estate,and that the count)
court of said county lias fixed the 11th dai
of September. 1896, at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. K. of said day at the court bouse thereof
for hearing objections, if any there be, U
said accaunt and for the settlement of sail,
estate. All persons haying any objection,
to said Anal account are hereby notified u
Hie the same on or before the 11th day o
September, 1890.
Dated, this 8th day of August, 1886.
Phil Kir,
W. M.Baowa, Adminissralor.
Atty. for Admr.
Notice of Appointment of Administrate
Notice is herehv aiven that the under
signed has been duly appointed admini
trator of the estate of J. T. MeCallisier
deceased, late of Linn county. Oregon. Al
persons having claims against the sai
estate are hereby notified to present them
with the proper vouchers, within six month,
from the dale of this-notice, to the under
signed, at Albany, Oregon.
Dated, this 1st day of August, 1896.
v . rYs,
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Huston nnd all
rolnts Knal and Huuth
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