The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 13, 1896, Image 1

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    VOL. X.
NO. 23.
Ine y iar ...12 on
tlf paid In advance., SI ou per year.)
4tx mouths ,. H I on
r' r rurtH! months.,....,, ,. , 5li
Single million , J
John H. Mitchell.! ......Senator.
Dinner Hermann congressman
William l i.ord, ... ..Governor
" H. It. Kim-aid, Secretary of Stale
Phil Mntsclian Treasurer
H. M. Irwin, Supt. Public Instruction
H. W Leeds State Printer
R.BIIeaii, I
V. A. Moore, I- Supreme Judges.
0. E. Woolverton.l
luiljie,. G. D. Barron
Recorder,,. I). F.'Hardnian
Clerk C. B, Montague
Hlierilf, M. C. Gaines
School Superintendent, Kk-limo .d Wheeler
Treasurer , p. 0. Morris
V j Assessor, 1). A. Stafford
Surveyor, E. T. T. Kinder
Coroner C.F. Wright
Commissioners, j il. L Cur!
MUtHHAL i). W. TAYLolt
' 8. 0. WALLACE,
.'(IHNCI1 MifK u- BAKKIt,
tll.M 1LSII1R A MpHKsy
'j. It, SMITH,
VK. It. 11EAMAN.
City Council imietseu 'lie first ami third
Tuesday evenings of each mouth.
Saoret Societies.
I.INN TEST. X,i. 1. K. 0. T, M.-Meet In U. A.
H. Hall uu Tlntr-day ei-eiilns of each week.
Transient Sir Knnrlits are cordially Invited to
visit Che Tent meeting.
C. W. Riuin, Ooni,
Olo. W. liir.e.R. K.
HONCIlt LODOE, No. !W. A. 0. 1). W.-Ucetn
avury Tuesday evening-at Q. A. &. Hall.
H. Y. KlItRTATBlCK., M. W.
J. F. Hvjik, Rec.
LlCDANON LOIXfK, NO. 47. I. O. 0. F.-MerU
every Saturday evening at Odd Fellows Hall, at
o'clock p. ni.
A. E. DAVIB, N. G.
W. C. PETERSON, Beefy. .,
PEARLRKIIECCA L0D08, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. F.
Moots at I. 0. 0. F Hall Arst and third Wednes
day evenings of eaoh month.
LEIIANON I.ODGK No, U A. F. 4 A. M.-Meets
Saturday evening, on or before the full mono In
each month, at Masonic Hall, Cor. Main and
Grant sts. Sojourning bretberu corufally Invited
o attend.
J. Wassos, W. H,
E. E. Hamhack, Sec.
JOHN F. MILLER AV. K. C. No. 15,
meets 1st and 3rd Fridays of em-h month it
2:90 p. m. A.vme B, Keeh,
Soc'ty. .
' UEN'L MEIGOB CAMP, No. 1H.. Division of Ore
gon, Sons of Veteruans Meet In G. A. R. Hall,
every Saturday evening, except tho third
Saturday of caeh month, meeting the third Fri
day Instead. All brothers of the Sous of Vet
erans and comrades of the G. A. R. are cordially
Invlicd to meot with the Camp.
A. Bosun, Capt.
it, 0. STt'KM, First Segt.
BINA M. WEST HIVE, NO. 1, L. 0. T, M.
Meets on the 2d, 4tb and fith Friday ovening of
each month at 7;M r. u. at 0. A. R. Hall. Tran
sient Lady Maccabeus are cordially invited to
Huldah 8. MILI.KB, Lady Com.
Dolue 8AT.THA1WK, Lady R. K.
Sam'l, M. Garland.
... Weather-ford ft Wyatt,
Th Cheapest, PiirBHt
and Buit Family Med
icine in the World!
for all diseases of
the Llvor, Stomach
and Spleen.
Herniate the Liver
and prevent CHll.14
gun Fkveks, bowel
Complaihts. Rest.
Nothing In an unpleasant, nothing so common
en had breath, und in nearly every esse it cornea
from theittomftch, and can be socasiiy corrected
if voll will o,f kiuktaB l.vt-n uuun .-..
Do not neplect to aecure a remedy for this re
pulsive disorder, It will also Improve your
appetite, complexion and general health.
How many suffer torture day after day, mat.
lag life a burden and robbing existence of all
pleasure, owing to the aeoret auflering from
Piles. Yet relief is ready to the hand of almost
any one who will line systematically the remedy
that haa permanently cured thousands. Sim
mons Livkk Kkoolatok 1 no drastic, violent
purge, but a gentle assistant to nature.
SHOULD not be regarded as a
trilling ailment in facL nature
demands the utmost regularity of
the bowels, and any deviation
from this demand paves the way
often to serious danger. It it
quite as necessary to remove
impure accumulations from the
bowels as il is to eat or sleep, and
110 health can be expected where
a costive habit of body prevails,
This distressing affliction occurs most fre
quently. The disturbance of the stomach, aris
ing from the imperfectly digested contents,
causes a severe pain In the head, accompanied
with disagreeable nausea, and this constitutes
what Is popularly known hs Sick Headache; for
the relief of which Take blMUUNa LIVE
manufactured only bv
i. H. ZEILIN 4 CO., Philadelphia, Pa
Albany Steam Laundry
-A-lbniiy, Orogron
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
. . Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
J. F. HYDE, Agent,
lbanoii, - Oreiron.
East and South
Southern Pacific Co.
Expreas trains leave Portland daily :
Tfftu p. i. , l,v... Portland Ar. 8:10 a. m
12:10 A. t. Lv...Allmiiy.. ,.Ar. 4:60 a.
10:45 A. M. Ar.Kun FrnneiscoLv I 7:00 p. M
Ths above Irul'ie stop at East Port
laud, Oregon City, Woodburu, Baleio,
Turner, 1arioii, Jell'ersou, Albany,
Albany Junction, Tangent, Sheda,
Hulsey, Harrieburg, Junction City,
Irving, Eugene, Crtwell, Drains and
all stations from H.oseburg south to
and including Ash land.
RoselmrR mail daily :
8:80 a. M. I LvrFbrtiand ...Ar. 4:40p7m.
12:25 p. . Lv... Albany Ar. 1:16 p. at.
6:60 P. M. Ar...ltosnburg..Lv. 8:00 a.m.
passenger trains duily (except
8:20 a. m.
0:10 A. M,
4:110 P. at.
6:20 r. M.
Lv... Albany. Ar.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar... Lebanon ...Lv.
10:40 A.M.
9:40 a.m.
6:46 p.m.
6:60 P. m.
Dining Cars on Ogden Route.
Pullman Bupfst Sleepers
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
Went Side IMvisloil.
Between Portland and
Mail train daily (except Sunday):
7:H0 A. M.'TLv.T.PoriTa'nd .Tr. f fi:20 A. M.
12:16 p. m. I Ar...("orvullis. .Lv. I 1:SS p. m.
At Albanv and Corvnllts connect with
trains of 0. C. & E. railroad.
Express train dally (except Sunday):
4:40 p. m.
Lv...Portlnnd ...Ar. j 8:25 A. M.
Ar.McMinnville Lv I 6:60 a.m.
THROUGH TICKETS Toal1 "oi"t8 in the
. Eastern States. Can
ada and Europo can be obtained at lowest
rates from F. U. Hickok, agent, Lebanon.
R. KOEHLER, Manager.
X. f. jmKWL . . VM. All
Clipped from our Exchanges
Throughout the West.
A kiln of 150,000 brick Is ready to be
burned In La Orande.
Ground squirrels are becoming so
numerous in Curty county that in
several places the gardens are being
baly damaged.
Harney rounly la said to have in
vested $26,000 In bicycles this year
$5000 In cash and the balance on the
Installment plan,
The four fingers and thumb of Peler
Anderson's right hand were cut off by
a saw iu Watson & Luhr's planing
mill in Pendleton, Tuesday.
1 he run of 24 tons of ore from the
Tom Paine mine in the Rachael mill,
in Baber City, was finished yesterday,
and a clean-up resulted in a yield of
JW14.49, .
The Marshfield Bun says that Re
ceivor Hutltheson has received orders
from the court to sell the five stamp
mill at the Divllblixs mine, and will
Boon post notices of the sale,
Joseph Dufl'ron, who was slabbed by
a Chinaman at. The Dulles the other
day, is having a serious time and is re
covering slowly. His physician
recently discovered an internal wound
after the wound had healed outwardly.
George Riddle, of linker City, went
flshinc and tied ills buggy horse ou a
sidehill. When he came back the
horse hud slipjied and rolled down the
hill in such a way that the holler
around his neck had choaked him to
Judte Halms' overruled nil demurers
in the Hanmiemly lien cases, and set
Iht in for trinl at the Heptcmher term
of oourl in Josephine county. Jm es &
Otieo huve. settled some of the pre
ferred liens, and can continue to work
the mine. ......
The Lafayette Journal has succumed
to the stress of the times and suspended
pulilieallnu Editor Derby , has de-.
rfded that there Is uiore honor than
cavli In running a paper. He will con
tinue to operate his job printing office
at that place.
The Itosehurg Daily Plaindealer sus
pended publication last Saturday, after
an existence of oue year, one month
and fifteen days. There was not
enough money In the veuture to
justify its continuance. The publish
ers will, however, continue to issue the
twice-a-week Plaindealer.
Jerry Collins came near sharing the
fate of Absalom last week, while out
horseback-riding over the hills after
sheep in Curry coutity. He was riding
along at dusk, and In passing through
a clump of brush in a hurry, a forked
limb caught him just under the chin.
He was unbolted Mid left hanging by
the neck, from which predicament he
was rescued by A. Roberts, who was
along with him.
Judge Burt died at Toledo last Mon
day, and already there is a scramble
for the position thus made vacant. Six
months ago a petition was presented
Governor Lord for the appointment of
a successor before Judge Burt's death,
and be was appointed before it was
known Judge Burt was alive. This
was all the result of a joke on J. O.
Htearns, the applicant. Now, several
others want the job.
Archie Mason, a 6alem contractor,
finds that men who desire work are
scarce. Tuesday he made an offer of
$1 25 per day to a fellow who has
several times during the current sea
son approached him for a Job, but it
was declined with that "It was not
enough wages." Mr. Mason wanted
additional help is making the extended
improvements to the Salem Con
solidated street railway track.
The Dalles Fishing Company will
ship a lot of salmon from the lower
river, where they cannot be cared for,
to its caunery at The Dalles.
The malinger says that, if the
Ash won't swim up to The Dalles, he
will send them up by express. A lot
of fish were shipped from the Lower
Cascades down the river a short time
ago. Now , the canneries at the
Cascades are nearly idle, and could
lake hack as many as they sent down.
Last week the 6 year-old daughter of
William Oshorn, who lives two miles
east of Hcio, was severely scalded. She
Is practically a cripple, aud was at
tempting to crawl up some steps upon
which had beeu placed a bucket of
scalding water. 8he grasped hold of
the bucket to assist her in mounting
the steps and the bucket was over
turned, badly scalding her ueck and
In 1872 the Albany College was pre.
hated with m Mft? ef.laod It tUt
foot of Mary's peak by the wagon road
company having the grant of a strip to
me Day. No attention had been paid
toil until Wednesday when Vice-President
Howland and Director J. P. Gal
liraith paid It a visit. They found the
land there, also a man on 180 acres of II,
having homesleaded It several Jears
ago. The land It tint of any great
The dead bady of a man was found
on Wolf creek, near the railroad statlou
last week, The coronor found that the
deceased was a stranger and had evi
dently fallen oft a moving train the
night before. The skull was badly
fractured by the fall. The man was
alaiut medium built, about 35 years of
age, and from a letter in his possession
addressed to "Stephen Kitchen" it was
thought that was bis name. No valu
ables whstever were found on his per
son. He was buried near by at the et
pense of the county.
A liew specialty company has been
organizing in Eugene, for some time,
and Is soon to be launched upon the
theatrical world, says the Guard, The
troupe consists of the Cotton children
and .their mother, who have been
spending the summer in Eugene,
strengthened by A Dillard, who will
accompany them as musieiau; Fred
Mummy, who will have comedy and
basso profundo, and Ralph Brumley,
who will also have comedy. Georae
Gill will join the troupe laler as mana
ger. The company makes its first ap
yearance at Riseburg,
Bobert Linebarger has told the Mal
heur Gazette of a monster rattlesnake
that was killed by his wife a,t their
rueh near Vale last month. One of the
children discovered it in the sagebrush
near the house, aud, their being no
men folks on the plaee.MisLinebaifrer
very courageously made the . attack
single-handed. Bommonitig all her
courage and a little pitchfork, she
nmde an onslaught upon the formid
able reptile, breaking the pitchfork
handle the first blow she dealt him.
Then, with the remaining portion of
the handle, she completed the killing.
The suake was as largaarnund and as
long as a fence post, and had a large
number of rattles.
Killed a Black Bear.
For a Jong time past the sheep own
ere residing in King's Valley have
been grately troubled from a black
bear. Every known trick was resorted
to in order tbat bruin might be de
stroyed, but all attempts at capture
availed nothing until last Thursday.
George Neithamer, a son-in-law of
Woods Jackson, concluded be would
try his haud aud see if he could locate
bis bearehip, so, armed with a rifle and
followed by a couple of terrier dogs,
Mr. Neithamer took to the woods. Ere
long the dogs were ou the track of the
bear, aud after a season of running,
followed by a little more nipping of
heels than the bear could stand, bruin
took to a tree. The bear was shot and
proved to be a very large one, weigh
ing 400 pounds. The neighbors of Mr.
Neithamer were so elated over the
destruction of the bear that they each
and all presented the hunter with a
sheep apiece, and he is now possessed
of about 14 head. Sometimes it pays
to kill bear.Corvallis Times.
A Very Economical County,
It is Benton aud hereafter all of
ficials must pay their own deputy hire.
The county court at its recent session
determined not to make at) allowance
for regular deputy hire.but to allow the
clerk two dollars a day for one deputy
for each day that the circuit and com
missioners court be in session, and to
also allow said clerk two dollars per
day for each deputy in making up the
tax and delinquent rolls, and to allow
the sheriff $250 per day for two deputies
while the jury is in attendance on the
circuit court. This will be hard on the
sheriff and clerk as they cannot do the
work alone. The Times has Investi
gated the matter of deputies forsheriffs
In the different counties Willi the
following result: Baker aud Union
each one at $12(10 and one at $900;
Wasco and Grant each one nt $1200;
Douglas, Malheur and Morrow each
one at $1000; Clatsop oue at $1260, sue
at $000; Jackson one at $1500; Harney
one at $060; Linn, Polk, Sherman,
Tillamook, Yamhill, each one at $750
and one at $6(10; Marlon two for $.1500;
Washington oue at $500, Multnomah
33 at $74 to $160. Nearly nil of them
extra deputies as required. Corvallls
Measure your rooms accurately and
bring size in feet and inches with you.
It costs you nothing to have your car
pets sewed by haud by the Albany
Furniture Co., Albany, Oregnu.
Bead, Peacock & Co. has sleevelets
ar vstmfor iidjN (tun to if M.
Highest of all in Levening
II IV1I JBr f t"'J 911 CTtt. '(' i?,ill-ai,nWW;
Kill of Nellie McDonald for keeninir
J H Lowis dissalowed, also bill of D C
Swan, roads, $20. " 1
Petition of R W Hutchins for county
roaa granted ou payment of damages.
H C Chance resigned as J P of dis
trict 7, accepted. Petition for appoint
ment of J H Glass continued.
Matter of aid to John Foult lett to
county judge.
Commissioners to extirpate Canada
thistles, J W Compton for dlst 6, L
Pomeroy for dist 6, J W Richardson
for dist 7, Henry Propst for dist 9. ,, i
' Supervision of district 26 was ordered
to opeu road full width.
Bill of C H Dalryntple $5 as dist otty
In case of Carl Zimmerman disallowed.
A 8 Hart was appointed constable of
district 1.
In application of ON Bass et, al for
county road the following viewers
were appointed: J WBurkhart, Frank
Blodget and Elbert Keebler, to meet
Application of W F Deakins for ex
tention of time to complete tax roll of
1806 was disavowed. ,.,
The following bills were allowed:
CB Montague ; .iofi 56
M O Oaiues., 166 66
DFHardraaii., .WOO!)
Judge Barton 100 00
PG Morris 3335
K "ecler .50 no
R B Montague 50
Asa Lewelltng jq qq
G C Cooley aid Mrs Clark 5 00
W K Savage, aid Cox family 7 on
Jl White, aid Ken worth family.,.,.;;. '8 00
V L Coon, aid. Alberts..... 0 qo
0 T Lubker ,m
fttnin v an... g 00
Sarah Hines g sell. . g oO
MrsGFJmikey.aid goo
P M Smith, aid Watson 5 no
Geo Wertz, aid Powers family 10 00
Henry Meyers, aid 4 00
JasLarew, aid " 4 00
L Piper, aid j 00
Mrs Christeneen, house rent 6 00
Phoebe Hendricson.aid . 5 00
Mrs Adams, aid g qq
John Usher, janitor.-, jg yo
8 E Becker, sect poor 2 00
J C Hardin, ' " q ,
N 8 Wasnburn, sect poor 6 00
8 W Moore, deputy, sheriff, bill
j, 13 95
G Granty, lumber 54 55
T J Stites, postage 10 00
Oregon vs Samuel Thomas 45 30
" "JKPearl 10 00
Clara M Davidson, ex insana 5 00
G P Stlres, bridges 5 00
A FGooch, roads n 25
Jos Crabb, roads..., 2 00
It J Hendricks, miscellaneous 94)
A H Unison, roads 3 so
C G Wtisliburn, roads 26
H J Jones, stationary 1 50
C F Wright, cornor 20 40
Thos Brink, acct C H 50
Mrs B Goan, acct poor, bill $10 6 00
Pugh at Muncey, acct poor 5 (10
L E Blain Co, acct poor 4 76
C B Montague, fees filing petition
JT McAllister 10 00
H C Watson, acct poor g 00
Drs Beers, aid Lizzie Edelman 37 60
Oregon vs Jessie Winkle 43 80
" " Samuel Thomas 82 70
F L nolmes, acct poor 5 06
Fred Dawson 10 15
P 3 Smiley, printing 7 eo
Mary E Davis, acct poor 8 00
S E Becker, " " 1 on
T F Aliingham, C 11 2 60
P W Spinks lumber 41 01
F L Lamed acct poor 2 00
E T Fisher acct poor. 8 00
" surveying. 7 00
11 From roads 14 00
StoperiV Lofton roads
2111 49
2 49
2 fO
33 09
4 75
4 30
4 60
2 60
93 06
8 00
9 50
1 O
6 00
20 00
315 IX)
20 10
15 00
6 40
0 SO
4 00
84 25
336 60
Win Cliristenson rnndq
O P Posliow acct elections
W w Walters roads
Irwin Hodson Co books, bill $40
Hopkins Bros roads
(Jeo Lowry roads
Kd Jackson roads
(jilison A Meyers roads
Oregon vs I'.d Cree
Tangent Grange election
C h Daliymple district atty
Or Tel Co (.' h
It Clement roads
M J W ltichardsonremovingCanada
Indigent soldier fund
W K Deakins, assessor
M F Taylor acct poor
Electric Light Co bill $23
J A Coimniiig acct poor
L F Patterson A Co 0 H
W H Davis acct poor
Peter Hiley wood C u
E T T Fsher stirvevor
Silver Imprint job nrintiua
80 00
uarrisbiirg Lumber Company bill
S-JKl vn. ill owed
85 67
J M Waters aect-roads
10 00
In Watsn Ss oowmissionajr
V sow fs wnnuttAMi
Power - Latet U. S. Gov't Report
The 8alem-Mchama Motor. -Linn
county people will watch with
Interest the effort of toe laboring men
of Salem to build a motor line to the
Santiam country at a time when it is
adlffl cult thing to inaugurate extenaive
movements. The Journal says! The
work of soliciting subscriptions for the
motor railway, the Construction of
which is contemplated by the Salem
Labor Exchange, is moving along
nicely, with most satisfactory results
to those at the bead of the movement.'
IMoetinga have been held throughout
!the valley the past weeki and liberal
lOontrlbuiions have been received from
ithc difterert valley towns. The Ex
Change has been assured pledges of
llabor and material sufficient to com
Iplete the road to Mehama- within-
ninety days, after work commence.'
Work begins when arrangements can
be made whereby iron material neces
sary for the construction of the road,
teau be provided for. Salem people will
oe expected to subscribe for this part
of the material, for the road, and we
should do all we can to promote such a
(valuable enterprise. With Salem the
ceutral market for all products of the
waldo hills and the Sautiam country.
times will lie improved not a little. At
ptaylon last evening nearly $1000 iu'
'labor, material, cattle, etc, was sub
scribed, besides grain and other horse
A Clubbing Oder.
A great many of our readers in Liu 11
county like to take the Weekly Oregon
ian. Wo have made arrangements
whereby we can furnish It at a reduc
tion from the regular price to those
who want both the Express and the
Oregonian. The regular price of the
Oregonian is $1.50 per year, and of the
Expbess $1) when iu advance. We
will famish both for $2. per year in
advance, a saving of oue dollar to the
subscriber. The Oregonian . gives all
the general news of the country once a
week, and the Express gives all the
local news once a week, which will
iuake a most excellent news service
for the moderate sum of $2. per year.
Those who are at present subscribers
of the Express must pay in all arrear
ages and one year in advance to obtain
pis special price.
The Game Law.
Here Is Oregon's game law in a out
Shell. Past It in your hat: Game and
flab can be killed during the following
seasons: Grouse, Mongolian pheasant
and quail, September 1 to December I.
Prarle chickens, July 1 to Oetober 1.
Wild duoka and water fowls from
September 1 to March 15. Deer,
mountain sheep, etc., August 1 to Deo
ember 1. Killing for hides or part of
carcass only is prohibited. Killing
spotted fawn is prohibited. East of
Cascades it is unlawful to kill at any
time, Chinese pheasants, quail or Bob
White. Trout, April 1 to November 1.
Salmon, December 15 to November 1.
explosives to kill fish, nets, seines,
obstructions to free passage of flsh.cte.,
Overalls witli aprons or without, 50o
a pair at the Racket Store. Also have
just received a largo amount of uew
Calico. Don't fail to see them,
During our closing out sale no goods
will be sold except for spot oash. 1
Rbad, Puacock&Co.
Full-size cabinet photographs $1.50
to $2 per t'ozeii for 30 davs otily at
Boyd's Gullery.
? Up-To-Date
j niious S
7 J ust arrived in points for Misses ;l I
V and children, both tap and black, J
I New York Cash Store,
? Albany, Oregon, f
We can save you