The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 30, 1896, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor
The hopes of the common people
ot the conutry are fast centering
. upon Bryan. They see no light
heed in following the lead of
Cleveland democrats or McKinley
, republican. Both tend toward
monopolies, trusts aud combines,
in which the people have no inter
est except to crush. It is squarely
a fight between grinding monopolies
'and down-trodden masses. Cleve
land democrats would force' the
gold, standard upon an unwilling
people, and McKinley republicans
would do all of this and then add
to it all the misery of a high tariff.
There is no hope for the people
between these two evils. They are
between the Egyptians and the Red
Sea. ' Bryan is the leader that a
merciful providence has raised up
todeliver the people from the hands
of their oppressors. The people
believe in him and they will em
phasize their belief with the ballot.
They tee' in -him their only safety.
The gold-bug press are frantic with
fear. To stem the tide and turn it
toward McKinley, the press is try
ing to spread the belief that Bryan
is a mere socialist, an anarchist,
who would revolutionise the gov-!
eminent and confiscate the wealth I
of the rich. This is a base and
wilful slander. They do not be-
' lieve it nor will the people for one j
moment listen to such nonsense.!
Bryan has a stainless life, private
and public. His poverty indicates
bit honesty. He has no sympathy :
with the money power of the land. j
He is the people's friend and their
champion. Vail street, the hot
bed of trusts, is denouncing him.
This proves his friendship for the!
masses. Wall street is hurrahing
- for McKinley. They never hurrah
for a man who is opposed to their
interests, They nominated Mc
: Kinley long before the St Louis
convention and their ill-gotten
wealth is now flowing into his cam
paign fund. These trusts have
always robbed the people, and this
tame money is being lavishly used
to fasten McKinkyism upon' the
people. These plutocrats of Wall
street are yelling ithat Bryan is full
. of populistic principles, in order to
turn the sober thinking element
against him. This is untrue, in
the tense in which it is meant.
But even if Bryan has populistii
ideas, there, are worse things than
the ideas of populists. We do not
endorse many things that the rad
ical element of the party supports,
but we fail to see wherein their
worst ideas are any moredangerous
than Mark Hanna and his unscrup
ulous corporations, trusts and com'
bines. The very existence of the
populist party was brought about
by the over-reaching dishonesty and
beartless oppression maintained by
Hunna's friends and McKinley 's
supporters. The republican ticket
has no hope for the masses. Their
only salvation is in Bryan.
after November first, but then
Then the same power that stopped
it can again start it, and the bond
sale, with its splendid profits to the
conspirators, will come. Corvallis
' The Sacramento Bee, a republi
can paper of forty yerra standing
writes its valedictory to the modern
republican party. Among other
good things, it says: Standing
thus as a republican paper proud
of its past and conscientious of its
present The Bee declares that it
will not fallow the republican party
into its house of bondage, into its
land of captivity, into its slavery
to the kings of Wall Btreet It will
not sacrifice its manhood and de
grade its honor it will not bastard
ise its republicanism by bowing
(he knee to Mammon and accepting
as an article of faith a declaration
of princiciple antagonistic to every
interest of the people, destructive
of the welfare and corroding to the
progress of the nation, and bene
ficial only to those who fatten and
thrive upon the very life blood of
the masses. It will not it cannot
remain silent during the coming
campaign, and not point out the
base use to which the glorious
republican party has been put an
organisation at whose birth liberty
herself smiled, transformed into a
mere capper, for the money j ugglers
and the gold gamblers.
the growers, who, with hardly an
exception, lost money last year,
will insist on a lower price for pick
ing. Guard.
So the loss of the treasury gold
reserve is to be stopped, and the
New York bankers are to do it.
Thirteen million dollars of reserve
went Englandward in ten short
days, tad it came to the pass
where it was either a bond sale,
or aid from the New England and
New York banks. A bond sale now
the bankers reasoned, would bring
the attention of the country to
defect in the single gold standard
system, and show the people how
the perpetuation of that standard
was fastening an ever-increasing
bonded debt upon the country. It
wonld be poison to the chances of a
gold standard victory at the polls
in November, and it had to be
-averted. So the. bankers held a
meeting, and J. P. Morgan presided.
Mr. Morgan was a member of that
Anglo-American syndicate that
made ten million dollars ont of a
.sixty million dollar bond sale a few
bort months ago. Of course the
ineeting agreed hat the present
oss of gold reserve must be checked
And tfaey tvolved plan to do it.
l-iUOtiat. distill
By a decisive majority, 1042 to
321, the populists nominated Bryan
for president They put up Wat
son as his running mate and left
Sewall out in the cold. This was
done to appease the middle-of-the-road
- populists. The executive
committee was given full powers,
which means that they can with
draw Watson if they see fit. The
wisdom of nominating a populist
with Bryan is doubted. It is to be
hoped that Watson will withdraw,
as his presence in the field mixes
up matters considerrbly. There is
some talk of Bryan's refusing the
populist nomination. The heads
of the executive committee are
conferring to decide upon the wisest
course. It is to be hoped that the
silver strength will not be scattered.
The chances of success should not
be endangered by any false' pride
on the part of the populists: By
helping the democrats thef can.
insure the election of a free-silver
president. Afterwards they can
get back in the middle of the.road
and work for the other pknks in
their platform. Let the silver
forces now remain strongly united
for victory.
Thi Oregoniau and other gold
bug papers, in their wrath and
dismay, are stooping to do very
mean little things to turn the
minds of the people against Bryan
and Sewall. They have published
what they claim to be the list of
articles upon which Bryan pays
taxes, and they seem to take a
sneering delight in the poverty of
the. democratic nominee for presi
dent. They forget the disastrous
financial met 4 in which McKinley
got and the handsome sums con
tributed by his friends and those
who wanted to place a possible
president under obligations to them.
McKinley was probably blameless
but this unfortunate financial
muddle ought to silence any carp
ing criticism of Bryan's poverty.
This is a poor man's country snd
this a poor man's election. There
is no disgrace in poverty, and the
honest, toiling voter will resent so
base and shameless attempts of
republican goldbugs to sneer stthe
people's candidate W. J. Bryan.
The gold-bug newspapers predict
that the adoption of free silver
would tumble the country into pa nit
ruin anj calamity. Three years
ago the same papers predicted that
the repeal of the Sherman law
would bring prosperity. The coun
try took their advice and repealed
the Sherman law. Did prosperity
follow? Did the prices of farm
products leap upward, and did labor
find speedy and remunerative em
ployment? ,.
There is one think at least in
the political situation to be thank
ful for; all th talk this fall wont
be tariff, tariff, tariff.
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yield on yards that have received
tbe best of attention. There is
some consolation in the fact that
tbe hot weather has about exter
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will work s hardship on many poor
people who have depenJed upon
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