The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 21, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 39.
ma your - OS
;if tM la advanva. II (u tr P.".)
it mnmnh.... ........ .,......- 1 j
Vhn.e month. ....'......
H,r"u i.itor
Jolin H. Mitchell,!
BInfrer Hermann,.. Oonaressniin
William P. Lord Governor
H. R. Kincaid, Secretary of 8fii
Phil Metsnhsn Tmaaurst
0. M. Irwin,.. Siipt ?ublic Instruction
H. W. Leedi Bute Printer
K. 8 Bun, i . .
F, A. Moore, V BuprenieJudgaa.
C, K. VYoolverton.l
J.N. Duncan
...............N. Keedhsin
.....D. t. Hardmsn
,.......J. A. McKeron
School Superintendent,.
.A. R. Rutherford
P. O. Morrh
W. F. Deakii
Assessor........ -
Surveyor,.. .............
Ooroner,... .............. .........
..E. T. T, Fialn
R. A. Jtyi
John Push
J. M. Wmen
Coram iationera,
...... ,
K. 8. DAUiLEEl&H,
8. H. MYERS.
0. W. RICK. ,
City Council nieete on the Brit and third
Tuesday evenings olesca monin.
Secret Societies.
LINK TINT, Ko. 7, a. 0. T, M .-Keeta In O. A.
S. Ball on Thunder evening of each week.
Tranmnt Sir Knifbu are cordially Invited tt
TlaR the lent meeting.
;. A. ljmrwnn, Cum,
verr rueadav evenlni at S. A. R. BalL
fl. W. CRl'SOH. M. W.
A. W. aunu Bee.
J,BAl(OL0I)OaK0.. I.O. O.F.-JIl
frtrf suurday eveutns at Odd Fellow. Ball, at
;0.v-tock.i. 0
w. .
rrXHSON, Sect J.
sru sal:.
M. G.
HTTIE A.ClirBlrS, Beot'r.
LEUANUN UUiINo,4 A. F.A A. M.-."
amnlaj-evening. iiaotl(OT the fall awm "
muuth, at mmi.Ic HaU. Cor. aialn ai,o
Utant . omuumtaui bitttteni eotnlaUr lavlu-0
to attend.
K g. Haaxicl, W. M,
S. O. WtU aee. itc.
mean 1st and Srd Fridays of each n,onth At
1:90 p. m. Dolus E. SALTHAaaa,
'Missis Missis, .
UEN'L RKKXM CARP, Re. U. DivlKkw ofOnv
g oa, tons of VeMraani-Ueet In 0. A. R. HaU.
j Saturday evening, eacapt the thirfl
at pt each month, neetlng the third Frl
alliru. bnjUlM1 tt, nan of Vet-
') P wtwoflbea.A.R.aR eordlallj
. Ti . ' Ite Camp.
Invited to meet .
I. Q. Cima, opt.
A. Tassst, Fitil vegl.
. U O. t. M -
BIAAH. waeri nitB, w. a, tfanittg of
eeHUD IUBVU, .Ml muv vu ""-J ., fy...
. . . . u U . "
eacnmomnansair.n.Mw. . .
lent Laoy Haonarjeea arc wjiwauj
Haras Swan, Lady R. K.
Poixis Shaw, Ladr Con.
Sam'l M. Oakland.
Weatierlord 1 1 jatt,
Dr. H. L. Parish,
OfBi In rtt. Charles Howl,
10:0) to 12iCC A. M.
J:00lo 4:00 P. M,
6:80 to T:M
:tt P, Mi
Ke.ldvi.oe oa Vrtdft AVMUt,
Almost cmrybody takes soma Isxttiva
ettdldne to dtanse the syitem and keep the
blood pure. '. Those who take SIMMONS
LIVER REGULATOR (liquid or powder)
get all the benefits of a mild and pleasant
Uvatlv anrt tAnlr that nurinea the hlmwt
and strengthens the whole system. And '; making another Issue of bond. The
Bore than this: SIMMONS LIVER REGU- Washington authorities are already In
IATOR regulates the Liver, kseps it active '
and healthy, and when the Liver Is In j correspondence with New York bank-
5 sod condition you find yourself free froB , niMn to the issue, Bnd It la prob
lalarln. Biliousness, Indigestion, Side- ' v
leadach and Constipation, and rid of hle that the hankers will accept their
XJSAS&Si. Moa- Here " he
Good digestion and fteedom from stomach ' When the gold reserve fall to $75,
troubles will only be had When the Uver 000,000 the banks shall deposit $25,000,-
REGULATOR. The King of Liver Modi- j "l take in return 4 per cent bonds on
class, and Better than Pills.
so tba Z SSMsp ta red oa wrapper.
jr. B. eUta Co, PhlU, Psw
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many-of our readers Linu
county like to take the weekly Oregon
IsHf - We bav made srrangetuenta
whereby we can furnish It at a reduct
ion from tbe regular price to those wbo
want . both the Exprkss and tbe
Oregonian. Tbe regular price of the
Oregnnian Is f 1.60 per year, and of the
Express $1.50 when in advance. We
will furnish both f r fi per year in
advance a saving of one dollar to the
Mitweriper. The Oregonian gives all
the general news of the country once a
week, and the Express gives all tbe
local news once a week, which will
make a most excellent liens service
for the moderate sum of $1 per year.
Those who are at present subcriuen
f tne Express must pay In all arrear
Kes and one year in advance to obtain
this special price.
East and South
Southern Pacific Go.
Kiro train" leave Portland daily :
BiSOr. .
12:10 P. M.
10:lf .
Iiv... Portland Ar.
Lv... Albany.. -Ar.
Ar.San Francisco Lv
8:111 A.
i ')k.
6:0(1 P. n
The above trl s Hop a! Eot Pirt
lain), Oreiiou City, Woodhurn, Kalem,
Turner, Murioti, jeflrmnn, Albany,
Allwny Junction, Tangent, Khedd,
Halaey, HarrUIur, Jnl.i-lioli City,
Irvlnir, Eugene, Creawell. Drttins and
all etailona from Hoxehurg south to
mid iiieltiding Axhluiid.
Roaehttrg mail daily:
TWaVai. I I ,v ..Portland"r.A r. I 4:40 nu.
1:26 p. at. Lv...Alliany Ar. 1:16 p. a.
8:60 p. a. I Ar.,.ItuaeburgLy, j 8:00 a.m.
Lous) )saen)rer
trains daily (except
8:20 a. a. ! Lv...Albany Ar,
10:40 A. H.
0:40 A. M.
:1U a. M.
4:S0 P. X.
' T, .
Ar...lebanoi) ...Lv.
6:4 P. H.
6:50 P. M
Dinli Cart en Ofitn Route.
Pullman Sleepers
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
-Vett Htde Division.
Malljraln daily (exceptSunday):
7:0 A. M. I LvIP"rtland.,Af. l 0:20 A.
U:16p. x. I Ar...Corvallla..Lv. 1:36 p. u.
At Alhanv and Corvalils connect with
trains of O. C. 4 K. railroad.
Exuraet train-dally (except Sunday):
4:40V. X. I t.v... Portland ...Ar. M A.
7:86 p. x. I Ar.McMltmvllle Lv I 6:60 a.m.
ana and Europe can he obtained at lnareet
rstea from F. U. nioltok. aeent, Ihanon.
R. KOKHLPK. Manaier.
K P, ROORRH. At. O. F. Pa. Alt.
All persons knowing themselves In
AWtA a ma will nlsaae call and aettle
at once, either bv cash or a note, as I
have told out and wish tt close tip my
For Action by Congress. Negotiation
An Now Said to Be Pending
With New Yorkers for Bonds
at Three per Cent.
. NEW YORK, Nov. 16.-Presidcnl
Cleveland has decided that lie will
Hot wait for action by congress before
a $ per cent basis.
Tbe decline of the gold reserve to a
danger point last spring forced the
government to pay 3 per cent for gold
procured (rem tbe Belmont-Morgan
syndicate. Credit baa been re-estab
lished by that operation and tbe ad
ministration desires to take advantage
of the better business confidence pre
vailing to secure tho gold at tbe low
rate of 3 per cent.
The Stanford Suit.
NEW YORK. Not. 15.-Mrs. Le-
land Stanford, of California. Kt at the
Fifth-Avenue hotel. 8he talked of the
university founded by her husband in
memory of their son, and of the gov
ernment's suit which has tied up the
funds formerly available" for carrying
on tbe university work. She said:
'The suit of the government against
the estate of my husband, involving as
it does the very life of the university
founded by him, has caused me the
deepest trouble and anxiety, nud no
one but myself knows what I have
undergone in mental worry for the
past two years.
You see, I have not been my own
mistress. I have been a creature at
tbe mercy of tbe courts and subject to
their beb st day and night. Drawn
out and (Tolongcd hss been tbe con
tent. I now have hope that in three
months the final decision will be ren
dered, aud the matter be settled for all
time. A favorable decision means a
limit deal to the people of California.
"The naming of this early ante for a
bearing Is due to the attorney-general
alone, and I am grateful tu him. Had
tbe esse been obliged to await Its turn
on the docket, I am sure tbst I do not
know what I would have done, as
there are fully 800 rases ahead of It.
If the ease be decided against the
estate, I shall have no alternative but
to close tbe doors of Stanford univers
ity ties I June, when tbe college year
ends. I Intend before returning to
California, to vllt Niagsrs to ex
amine into those wonderful operations
wbicb are In progress there to turn Its
tremendous power Into a benefit to the
cities surrounding It.
An Infant Incubator.
laud infant is belpg raised In an oven
from which an Incubator has been ex
temporized by Dr. F. E. McCullougb,
the physician wbo atteuded the
mother. On Wednesday a girl waa
born to a young couple living at pied
mont Heights, but tbe little stranger
did not get as fair a start In life as lt-
;! ones should, bavlng put In an ap-
pearanot prematurely, and In consequ
ence It is weakly. Dr. McCullougb
law that tbe only hope for It was arti-
fiiilal nursing and hastened into town
where at a stove he picked out au
oven used ordinarily for blwMits, pfea,
etc.. and from It constructed a warm
abiding plaoe for the baby. The walls
of the oven were lined with cotton ana
the baby was placed therein. A ther
mometer was ttched to the top of
the oven an that til utei(lapt Ifllght
readily note the temperature, and with
aslrady-burnlng lamp Is
expected the baby may be nursed to
strength, Tltn Inoubstor l watched
incessantly by a nurse as the tempera
ture must not be allowed to fall below
blood heat, for fear of chilling nor to
rise above that point for fear of over
heating. KARL'S CLOVER ROOT, the
great Blood purlUe' gives freshness
! "d clearness to the OoroplsotUm and
euo Constlpstlon, ii w , .. II.
A Bank Failure,
HALEM, Nov. 14. The Williams A
England Hanking Company closed hs
doors thit morning, with (lie follow
ing notice poted: "Having reitsou to
expect unusual demands from deposi
tors, aud In order to treat all creditors
fairly and equitably, this hank is
closed for the present. It is my opin
ion that all depositors will be paid In
full.' H, P. McNarv, Cashier."
The bank was the dposltnry of the
city treasurer, and aim of IheHlutc In
surance Company, the Young Men's
Investment Company, and it is said
thai . Wells, Fargo & Company had
some money in it. The belief is that
all claims will be liquidated.
The SSNPtfl arp nhnnt. 000 nnrl fit
deposits (120,000. The bank held the
principal stock of the State Insurance
Company, and It is thought this com
pany will go to the wall, Its business
has been in a tottering condition for
some time, ami the failure was not
wholly unexpected.
Suicide of Clay Humphrey.
PORTLAND, Nov, 16.-This even
ing Clay Humphrey, ol Eugene, com
mitted suicide at the St. Charles hotel
in this city by taking laudnum.
The deceased was for several years
engaged in the banking business in
Eugene, in company with A. O.
Hovey, Since the failure of their
bank a couple of years ago, be has
been speculating in hops and prunes,
and It is said had lost considerable
money in ibis way, also in gambling.
It Is believed he had become despon
dent over business reverses, and com
mitted sulcideln&fitofmelancholly.
He was aged about forty-two, and
leaves a wife and child in Eugene.
A Quick Arrest.
DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 14. Mrs.
Daisy Ortleib, wife of Alex Ortleib, a
prominent merchant, while out walk
ing with her six year old son, was at
tacked by two negroes in the residence
district. She was knocked down and
robbed of her purse, containing three
diamond rings worth (600, a pair of
earrings worth (150, $15 in money, a
$90 dcpetlt check and other valuables.
Citizens and tbe mounted police were
notified, and in half an hour had the
negroes in jail with the stolen goods
fcund on their persons.
Thanksgiving Proclarostion.
SALEM, Or., Aov. 13, 1805.
In acknowledment of the, manifold
mercies vouchsafed by Almighty Hod
to our state and people during tbe past
year aud in accordance with the proc
lamation of the president of the United
States, and In compliance with a time
honored custom, I, William P. Lord,
governor of the stale of Oregon, do
hereby designate and set apart Thi'rs
day, the 28th day of November, A. D.,
1895, as Thanksgiving Dsy. Let,us on
that day abstaiu from our usual occu
pations, and In our homes and places
of worship, offer praiw and thanks to
tbe Giver of All Uood for muny bless
ings conferred upon our people. Let
us also devote it to tbe enjoyment of
hospitality and tbe reunion of families;
to tbe doing of charitable deeds
and strengthening tbe bonds of
friendship; to awakening sentiment
of patriotism and respect for social
order; to cull Ivatiug a high sense of
duty, f nd to relieving the waiitsof the
needy and distressed.
Done at the cupitol, in Salem, Ore
gon, this 13th day of November, In the
year of our Lord, 189!).
W. P, Lord, Governor.
Ry the governor:
H.R. Kinoaip,
Secretary of State.
The Stats Insurance Co. Failure.
As a sequel to the bank failure In
Salem, the following announcement
was posted on the door of the State in
surance oSlce at the closing hour by
Edmond C. Oiltuer, manager.
"Owing to the closing of the Will
iams 4 England Bunking Company's
bsuk, lu which our funds are kept,
and to lack of iivi,i,iiile funds to meet
the claims now 1'couiillig due, and iu
order to ruled Hie intercuts of policy
holders, the State Iimuiui.ce Company
will suspend I ueim ss and auk for the
appointment of a rtcoivi r."
Tli6 liiaTiranue company lei an ap.
plication lu Hie circuit ooiii i fur the ap
pointment of a receiver, unit' E. C.
Cf tit tier, the secMuiy and manager
Wits apmiii.ed,
The liuhiUtlt "f 'In State Insurants
Company, ul ie from lliecapltalstock,
amount lo $176,000; a-scU, $374,000.
The bunk wus not one of general
co n n.uilul ri t-!t, stid will not aflect
general business of Hie city. Ex,
All knowing themselves ludsbtsd to
us. Will please esll aud sell It at
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U. S. Gov't Report
m&Qumix pure
Her First Appearance.
Mary Anderson do Navarro In her
stage career memoirs, which will be
published In The Ladles' Home Jour
nal (the cpeiung chapters in the De
cember Issue), gives the publio a most
interesting and entertaing view of the
trials and hardships she succesefuly
combated in following out her con
viction that tbe stage presented to her
the opportunity for a splendid career.
She exultantly refers to her debut iu
Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday
evening, November 27, 1872, upon
which occasion the "bill shy and awk
ward" girl of aixtoen interpreted
Shakespeare's love-lorn "Juliet." The
performance was arranged upon two
days' notice time far but a single re
hearsaland the aspiring Kentucky
girl was lubilant when the theatre and
a stock company were offered her,
upon condition that she play without
pay, Her happiness, however, was
not unclouded, for of tbe event tbe
writes with touching pathos: "That
Thursday," (tbe day that her first ap
pearance waa arranged) "was one of
the happiest days of all my life, filled
as it waa with the brightest hope and
anticipation. Only one black cloud
hung over tt: the thought of Nonie
and n y grandparents who were alt
very dear to me. Had I known then
that I would never see tbe face of
tbe former, that he would die, my
mother and I far away from him, and
that almost until his death be would
refuse to forgive or see me unless I
abandoned tbe itage-llfe' which he
thought so injurious nay sinfull I
would even then have renounced what
was within my grasp. This estrange
ment saddened many years of my life,
and has cast a shadow over all tbe
otherwise bright and happy memories
of him who was the father, friend and
playmate of our childhood days." ;
Mrs. de Navarro evidently did not
suffer from stage fright, tbe crushing
terror of degutantes, for she writes
that she stood impatiently waiting for
her "cue" to go on. At last it came.
"Then, in a Sash, I was on the stage,
conscious only of a wall of yellow light
before me, and a burst of prolonged
applause." Tbe performance was
filled with rather depressing Incidents;
one of the players forgot his lines and
bad to be prompted by tbe youthful
star; "Romeo" neglected to bring his
dagger, and "Juliet" had to per
form her dispatch with u
hairpin, while the lamp that hung iu
"Juliet's tomb, fell and badly burned
her hands and arms. "Despite of
these," she writes, "the night was n
success, and I knew that my stage
career hud begun in earnest.
Northwest's Timber Resources.
Washington and Oregon have more
standing timber than all the test of
the United States put together; they
have more than ten times as much as
Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota
(the white pine states) combined; more
than 400 times as much as the great
lumber state of Maine, and more than
600 times as much as New York.
The nine largest lumber states of
the South have only one-third as
these two forest kings of the North
west. The woods of Washington and
Oregon weuld make a girdle 'rontid
the earth three miles wide. If all the I
other forests of the Union were to go
up in smoke these two slates could
meet the present demand until forests
were regrown'. At tbe present rate ot
consumption, and not allowing for
new growth, the forests of the United
States will be exhausted 120 years.
The woods of Michigan, Wlsoousin,
and Minnesota will be exhausted
within ten years. Then Washington
and Oregou will be tbe chief source ot
supply for the whole Unlun,
The prediction It made by U aulhur.
ity that fur both quality aud quantity,
the rent of the world will look to Ore
gon tor Its chief source of supply and
this supply Is osttalo to steadily be
come more valuable In a few yean.
Therefore, the lumber Industry may
be fairly said to be in Its Infancy as
San Dleirn. Cal. savst "Hbilnh's Ca
tarrh Remedy is the first medicine I
have ever fouud that would do me any
wd, Pries tut. Isold by N, W.
Oregon Ahead,
Mr. J. C. Mackcy, of Detroit, one of
the best posted timber rren on the
coast, who has been through the Olym
pic rauge between Puget Sound and
the ocean looking up the timber laml,
having just returned from the ti lp.was
In Albany Thursday on his way home.
He traversed the entire region, and
speiiking of the lately reported voles.
noes, says be saw them and that at
present they are inactive, but that
several years ago they must have been
in a state of eruption as the track of
the burning lava can be plainly traced
on one of them. He soys that Linn
and Marion counties, in Ibis state,
leads the entire coast in the extent and
value of forest lands. Ex.
' Business Locals.
Go to Baker for your hate and caps.
For pure linseed oil, call on M. A.
Dry goods are arriving almost daily
at Bakers
Gents' shoes. A full line at Read
Peacock 4 Co.
Tablets, peuoils, slates, books, etc.,
etc., at Smith's.
H, Baker carries the largest line of
boots and shoes in Lebanon.
You can save money by buing school
supplies at Smith's drug store.
If ynu want to buy property call on
or write Peterson As Andrews.
Ladles and childrens jackets of new
est designs at Read, Peacock 4 Co.
Gentlemen, call and see the new full
and winter clothing at Bach & Buhl's.
Anyone wishing well seasoned rustic
and flooring, should call on M. A,
Miller. ,
Ladles should Inspect Read, Pta
cock i Co.'s new stock of jackets and
cloaks' before purchasing.
More new carpets and 6ft. and 12ft.
wide Limoleum. Just received by the
Albany Furniture Company. Balti
more Block, Albany, Or.
The Ladles Baiar at Albany are
showing the finest line of fall and
winter wraps ever carried before the
public. Call and get their prices.
F. M. French, leweler Albany, has
cut the price of watches and clocks
way down this full. A good 8 day
clock, with alarm, for $4. Call and
see them..
Notloe-AII , parties are hereby
warned, that I will riot be responsible
for, nor will I pay any debt contracted
by Fannie Williams, my wife. A. E,
Insure your property with Peterson
A Adnrews. They are audits for the
Old Reliable, Home Mutual, New
Zealand, Springfield of Massachusetts,
Continental, and other good, reliable
Yemnke a special rale of twenly
flve cents for this paper for four
mouths to new subscriber. We do this
In order to put it in homes not now
taking It. We make the same oiler to
regular subscribers who wish to send
It to friends for four months. This
offer will be good for this month only,
Kline, Dubrullle A Co., sold last fall
and winter, 850 pairs of boots on a
warrant aud they are proud to say
not one pair came back. They carry
the same boots this year and have on
hand a very large stock. Also all
kinds of shoes. Their children school
shoes are the very best. Their ladies
fine shoes are the finest and up to
date on styles. They are the only
exolusive boot and shoe store in Al
bany, dive them a call. :
The trusts are beglnlng tn full. The
whisky trust has been ordered sold by
courts. Pbe oorilage trust is broken
up and now we ure making wur upon
the thread trust. From now on we
will sell first grade six cord thread for
4u a spool, seven fur 26c. Three cord,
two for 6c. At the Racket store. We
also have overalls for 46, 60 aud 6"o.
Engineer's overalls 46, 06 and 90.
Men's Jean pants 80c. Ladles' ahoea
from $1.10 to $2.76, Meu's hatt
SO fo 80c. Fur hats $1 to $1.76. Cow
boy hats T6c and $1.60.
purify your Blood, clear yuur com
plectlon, regulate Jour Bowels and
make your bead clear at a bell. 26o.
lM.,to4ll,tu, S44 kjr V, W, tBltl!i