The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 30, 1895, Image 1

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    VOL. IX.
NO. 27.
lie year , , ' WOO
(II iMiid m advance, $1 Aoperyoar.)
Mt mutiUiH , 1 00
P'lri'i. iiinmim-.', .....,. ..... M
4nurh' noele...... ...... h - 06
John H. Mitoliell.i Buiators
Minimi' Hermann,,. , .Uonnresiiuun
William I'. Lord, Governor
H, It. Ki'icnid Secretary ol State
l'hil MtitHnliHH ', Treasurer
i. M, Irwin, rinpt. ?ubllc Instruction
H. W. Lewi State Printer
It. S llcan, I
I''. A. Monro, ' Supreme Judges.
II K.Woolvorton.i
JikIiw, , J. H. Dunes
Clufk N. Noedliem
Recorder II. F. Hurdmaii
Hlinrill',., J.A.McFonm
Hi-linnl SuTiMlcii(Uiiit,:.....A. 11. Rutherford
Treasurer, P. 0. Morrii
Assessor,, VV. F. Deakins
Surveyor E. T. T. Fisher
:orouor It. A. Jayne
i John Puk.Ii
UonnnbisloiioM j j jjj Wat
lrillKlt W. II. BROWN.
I'lIKAHl'Kl'.lt J.F.HYDE.
,,i.,ii ui-k I J. t'.itllAKU,
to. w.uiuc.
(Hty C'otitiiiil iimutaon Hie first and Hurd
Tuesday evenings nloaell montll.
Secret Sooletle.
1.INM TK.XT. No. 7, K, (I. T, M.-Meeta In 0. A.
II.! uu Tlmr-duy evening of each week.
Tnuiwont sir Kuiahtt are cordially luvliud to
vlilttlie IVm niccting.
i. A. Laubbhiok, (Jam,
Han. W. Un:e. R. K.
HONOR l.oniiK, No. as, A. O. U. W.-Hoott
vor' I'llUNiltty ovimllitt at 0. A . R. Hau.
A. W. jIaiikh Itoc.
LlSllANON 1.0UUH, NO. 47. t. 0. 0. r.-Meeti
ivurjr Saturday evuiiiugat Odd Fellow. Hall, at
, o'clock n.m. A F DAVID, N. G.
w, u. rrrmmoN, Boot'?.
PEART. KKKM.'A U)0((IS, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. 1 .
Hunts i 1. 0.0. r Hall Ural aud third Wednes
day ovuntiiRK or each IllOlltll.
LF.HANON 1-OHOF. No, 44 A. F. A A. St. Meet
Hatunlay eveiiln. on or before the IUU moon in
each month, in MiiHinlo Hall, Cor. Main and
Omni . Sojourning hri'thcm Connolly Invited
to attend. ...
E. E. Hammack, ft. M,
a. 0. Wat ui'i!. See.
"jllHN V. MUXlHt W. U. C. Ko. 16,
incuts 1st and Urd Fritlitya of eunh month At
SSWli. tn. Iiou.iii U. 8ai.tmaiuiii,
KIBN'L MIlKHirl lAM"'. No. 1U: Plvllou of (He
,n sum of Visli'ruaiin-Miiet In 0. A. B. Hall,
n M..,r.i,iv i,v,.nlne. eaeeut the third
ialurduy ill ,oaiih inmitli, meollng the third rl-
my inalead. All Urotliow 01 uienon. oi
srii and witurarteaiif tlie U. A. K. are cordially
Invllutl lo iih'I'I with I'"' "'P'
. ' E. a. Cabii, tlapt.
A. TiM v, Flirt fci-al.
mui ivu-wr IIIVK. NO. 1. L. 0. T, M.
Menu on tin' A 4th mill Mil Friday evening of
aaelinioiitliauaiiir.x.aiu. ATll. Hall. 'Jrau
lnt lady .Miu'imlieon an) cordially invited to
A. A. tlvim, Udy R. K.
,4 -.: .. JJMfANON, OREGON.
:gf!l-. .
j Weatherfovl 4 Wyatt,
Dr. H. L. Parish,
nrs r ciaxaxd s urqeox,
Offli'H III .St. (Jhnrloa Mnlcl,
til' r ii rinvino
10:00 10 H:00 . M.
KlOOHi :IP. M.
OHIO t" Jt P. Mi ...
RwldellW UU Bllfllie AvhiM,
HoadBT, did yon ever take Himmons
Livbb ItHom.ATOiL the "Kino of
LiVBBMKDieiNraT" Everybody needs
take a liver remedy. Itiaasluegiahor
diseased livor that tnpaln digestion
and oauses oonstipation, when the waste
that should be carried off remains in
th" body and poisons the 7hole system.
That dull, heavy feeling is due to a
torpid liver. Biliousness, Headache,
Malaria and Indigestion are all liver
diseases. Keen the liver active bv on
oocasional dose of Simmons Liver Reg-
umwr ana you'll gei na ox wose trou
bles, and give tone to the whole sys
tem, For a laxative Simmons Liver
Regulator is better than Pills, it
does not gripe, nor weaken, but greatly
refreshes and strengthens.
Every package lias the Bed Z
stamp on the wrapper. J. H.
Zeiltn & Co., Philadelphia.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many of our readors Linn
ciiunty like to tube the weekly Oregtm
laii. We have made arrungetnt'Dts
whereby we mn furnish it at a reduct
ion from the regular priee lo those who
want both the Expbkbh and the
Oitgoniun, The regular price of the
Ori'Knlu Is $1.6(1 per year, and of the
Exi'RKHstl.50 when In advance. We
will furnUli both fir 12. per year iu
advance a saving nf one dollar to Hie
suliaoriper. The Oregoniau gives all
the general news of the country once a
week, and the Express gives all the
local news once a week, which will
Diuke a most excel lent neks service
fur the moderate aum of 12. per year.
Those wbn are at preeeut subacriuers
of the Expiuxb must pay iu all arrear
ages uud one year in advauce lo obtain
this special price.
East and South
Southern Pacific Co,
KxtirofcH truiiie leave Portland dully:
11:80 r. M.
Ill: 10 r. M.
10:16 a.m.
l.v... Portland Ar. I S:10 A. a
l.v...AIIuii). ..Ar. 4:50 A. M
Ar.Sutl Francisco Lv 11:00 V. M
'The nlntre Irui' S atop ill East Pnrt
IniHl, Oreiron t'ily, Winailiurn, Kalem,
Turner, Mniion, Ji'tteranii, Alliuiiv,
Alliuiiy Juuctiiin, TaiiKcnt, HhtuJ,
Unlacy, Hurrialiurg, Juncliuii Oily,
Irving, Euiteuc, C'rmwell. Draina unit
all millions from Rowlitirg south to
and including Ashlund.
Roacliurg mail daily :
TiTHO A."nT" TartlaiMl...Ar.
12:ao r. u. : Lv...Alliany Ar.
6:60 P. M. ! Ar...Koeburir..liV.
4 :40 r. m.
1:16 r. a.
8:00 a.m.
Local ta8aen(fer trains daily (exceit
"8:20 a. m. J Lv...Altiany Ar.
j.v,..jwiiui!Y at.
A . T l.A.w... I ..
10:40 A. X.
H:tu A. X,
4:H0 P. U.
6:20 P. X.
9:40 A. x.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar.. .Lebanon ...Lv.
11:46 l. X.
6:60 P. u.
Dining Carson Ogden Route.
Pullman Buffst Sleepers
8ooond-Cla68 Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
West Hide lvllon.
MalHrahi daily (except Sunday):
TaiZit. rLv,..PortlsiitT..".Ar'. j 6:20 a.' x,
15:16 p. x. Ar...('orvolli..l,v. j 1:.16p. x.
At Albanv and Corvallls connect with
train of U. C. A' K. railroad.
Exireb train daily (except Monday) :
'4:40 p. H. I Lv...Poflland ...Ar. !
7:36 p. x. I Ar.McMinuvllle l.v I
8:26 a.
6:60 a.
tda and Europe can be obtained at lov eat
rates from F. U. Hlckok, ogont, Lebanon.
R, KUEHLEK. Manajrer.'
K. P. RIM1RRB, Aaat. 0. F. Paaa. At.
All persons knowing themselves In
dented to me will please cull and aeitle
al nntie, either by cash or a note, as I
(ihvp sold nwl and wish I 4s up my
Mrs. Tetherow Held Her Child Under
the Water Till Dead, and
' Latter Attempted
A sad story comes from Luckiatuute,
distant about six miles from here. The
wile of James Tetherow, a well-to-do
farmer, who has been under the care
of a doctor for several mouths, arosa
this morning before the rest of the
family. Taking her 6-year-old son
from bis bed, she wrapped him iu a
quilt and carried him down to the
Luck lam ute river, distant about a
quarter of a mile, and drowned him,
Returning to the bouse, she told her
husband she was sick, and asked him
tu go for the doctor. He told her she
was no worse than usual, and that she
must wait The vile theu left the
house aud went toward the river agaiu.
This time she was followed, aud, iu
an attempt to drowu herself, was res
cued. On the returu to the house she
kept speaking about the baby. When
the house was reached the baby was
flntt missed. Then she told how she
had taken it down lo the "nice bath
lug pool, and, although he clung to
my ueck aud begged me uot to put
him In, I held him uuder the water."
Mrs. Tetherow is now iu a stupor, aud
and dues not know what she has dune.
It is thought she Is iusaue.
Four Men Llnched.
YREKA, Cal., Aug. 2o.-At one
o'clock this morning about 150 masked
Bieu surrouuded the jail aud made suf
ficient noise to draw the jailer to the
door, where he wus confronted liy sev
eral revolvers. He turned over his
keys. The mob bad already perfected
all arrangements. A railroad iron rail
was put up betwei u to trees. They
took first from the jail, Johnsou,
charged with murdering Ills wife at
Callabaus ranch and strung him up,
the victim crying for mercy. The
only answer he received was that be
had shows none. The uexl was
Moreno, a Mexican charged with
murdering George Bears and Cashier
Melerhaua, at Bailey Hill. To the
question "what have you to say," he
replied "Noting to say;" Null, who
killed Auiiner, at Etna, aud whose
plea has been insanity wus the third.
He wished to make a speech and
asked that he be allowed. "Hlringiug
up Is good eucugh for you," u us the
reply, aud stringing followed. The
fourth and last was rjtemler, a youuy
man charm d along with Monreno with
the Bailey Hill murders. In his ease
at the first atteuipt the rope broke.
He then said "go ahead but tell my
mother that I am inuooeut." The
second attempt look bis life. Moreno
and Bteiuler were to have had a con
tinuance ol their pndimiuary trial to
day. The thing wan well planned, ail
bell ropes were either cut or put out of
reach to prevent an alarm being given
All stragglers found were wulked
along for the some purpose.
Chinese Version.
CHICAGO, Aug. 25. -Sam Moy, a
Chinese inerehuol, received a Chinese
paper published at Fod-Chow, which
gives four columns of space to the at
tack! upon the English and American
missionaries in June. The paper is In
tereatlng, because it contains the
Chinese version of the ullulr, A free
translation of the principal points of
the C'blucse review of Hie riots shows
the ou (lie mission houses arose,
firstly, from motives of mere robbery,
(mused by the building of houses with
busetuents, aud, secondly, by the reve
lation of the corrupt practices of some
of the hungers on of the mission statiou.
;; A Big Job
DALLAS, Tex., Aug. 23. -There Is
bcjlunlnK lu be quiet a stir aud show
of business at the site of the amphl'
theater in which the great glove oou
teat 111 take place since the contract
(or the lumber was let. Ten of the
In.'gest saw mills iu cu-lern Texas
have been running night and day to
fill the largest single bill ever placed
with them. Something over 1,000,000
IM of lumber will be used In the build
lug. '
Hiram Baker uuya all kinds of
Jim Hill's Movements,
special from Chicago says: "Should
the present plan be carried into effect
the reorganization of the Northern
Pacific will present a situation juni;:r
ailed in the history of Ameilcau rail
roads. J. J. Hill, president of llie Great
Northern railroad, the active and bit
ter lival of the Nortnern Pacific, Is to
have absolute control of the property.
There will be no consolidation. Each
roid is to be operated separately, but
the most harmonious relations between
the properties are to be established.
The combined value of the Interests
to be placed uuder Mr. Hill's charge
Is lu the neighborhood of $300,000,000
aud the miles of railroad aggregate
Mr, Hill was In Chicago today and
gave out the infurmation. He also
furnished the authentio figures show
ing the amount of money lost by the
Northern Pacific in the last two years
while the receivers have been iu
charge. It reaches the enormous total
of $10,193,570. . . . -'
President Hill will take charge of
the Northern Pacific property on th '
condition that he Is placed in absolute
control of the majority of the stock,
uud that the interest account be scaled
dowu by at least $4,000,000. On these
conditions he promises lo operate the
Northern Pacific in the same conserva
tive and business like manner as he
has managed the Great Northern, aud
make it Just as profitable property.
Arrest of the Princeton Party.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Aug. 24.1
Governor Richards today requested
the a Jthoriiies of Natrona county to
arrest the members of the Princeton
geological expedition, If evidence
could tie secured that I hey had been
k'lling big gume. Professor Hatcher,
R. Forsyth Little and S. B. Davis, of
the expedition, reached the railroad at
Casper on their return trip yesterday
Irom Yellowstone Park. The parly
came across the Wind River moun
tuins, aud for several days had to wade
through deep suow aud drag their
horses and cump outfit across snow
filled gullies. They reported having
killed many deer aud antelope, and
these reports reached the governor, he
at once ordered their arrest. "
Durrant's Trial Resumed,
trial of Theodore Durrant was resumed
this morning, and Superior Judge
Murphy said his health was so Im
proved that he hoped lie would be able
to sit through the entire trial without
further delays. The search for three
more acceptable jurors was again be
gun. Out of all the veniremen exam
ined none were secured, Only 150
veil ler men are left, aud a special veni
re will probably be made tomorrow,
unless three jurors are secured before
then, which Is very unlikely. The
prosectiou remains confident that the
boasted alibi kept in reserve by the
defense is based principally on Dur
rani's own statement.
A Hold Up.
LONO BEACH, Wash., Aug. 24.-
A bold robbery occurred on Hie bench
Thursday night. Wulhiigtou Wad-
dell, a salesman iu the employ of Van
Bcliuy ver & Co., the liquor dealers of
Portland, was the victim.
Waddell had been miking collec
tions tor bis firm, and was supposed to
have lieen currying several hundred
dollars iu coin lu bis pocket. He bad
left the most of it in the hotel safe. He
was met by two robbers, who relieved
him of $24 iu cash hut left his diamond
and watch.
Without investigating further, the
robbers escaped with the booty, firing
a shot at Waddell as they disappeared
iu (lie darkness.
A Dastardly Outrage.
BUTTE, Mont,, Aug. 1.-An at
temp wub tnuilt Inst night by unknown
hiImjumiiIs lo blow Up t lie the 10:30
o'clock cad. b.iuud Northern Pacirle
train by placing a stick of dynamite in
a frog at a junction half a mile east of
tue city. Nearly the whole train
passed over the dynamite before It ex
ul"d'd. 'l'lie last couch tilled with
passengers w is badly shattered, but
uo one was injured.
Three Indians Held Up.
LEWISTON, Idaho, Aug. 24.-
Tbree Indians wire held up this mom.
lug by three men aud robbed
of $2,600, peid them by the govern'
ruent for land. Over $200,000 have
been paid to Inulans lu the last two
days. The Indians are flocking Into
Lewlatoit and spending money freely.
They flbd no dittkuliy In obtaining
w hi key Otis ibetitiug attray
teaty wwwri
Highest of all in livening Powei-Utest U. S. Govt Report
Fifteen-Mile Record Lowered.
ERIE, Pa., Aug. 25.-D. A.Phillips,
a local wheelman, today lowered the
world's road record for fifteen miles,
held by Decardy of Chicago. Phillips,
paced by a tandem, rode the distance,
seven and a half miles and return, in
thirty-seven minutes, beatimr De.
cardy's lime thirty-eight seconds.
We are having weather at present:
Fog, smoke, dust and rain.
The thirsty still driuk soda and a
few, since "Caleb" has been here, take
something stronger.
We have been absent some time but
note with pleasure that the town seems
to have been steadily improving dur
ing our absence. Somewhat to our sur
prise. "
The woolen mill now employs 68
hands, all yacaut houses have been
filled and more are under construction.
Borne 6,000 yards of flannel were woven
last mouth aud a larger out-put is ex
pected this month.
Mrs. J. F. Gross who has been dang-
erously ill Is convalescelng.
Mrs. Davis has departed on a jaunt
to the Wilhoit springs.
The Forum aid society has been or
ganized here and we expect to winter
in better shape than we did last.
A French doctor-went through the
mill recently and when the finisher
told him the specks in the cloth were
giving Mm trouble be commenced this
little ad: "Use Llverine It cures
pimples, removes worms, specks, bots,
black-heads and " The remalHs
were sat upon by the P. P. coroner and
the jury returned a verdiot of justifi
able homicide, The remains are in
pickle and we await pnetage.
Dr. Prill has established a branch
ofiiceatthls placa and can be found
Wednesday of each week by those who
will not kill or cure.
We have beared a borrowing tale of
a Balem dude but the third time is the
charm and if It occurs again we will
have to mention the matter In a
causual manner.
Buuday will be auothes big day, all
are invited except Caleb. The noise
might jar on his old granny nerves.
Boduvllle came over In full force
Tuesday, from the way In which thoy
devoured greeu gage plums Dr. Prill
will uot keep his appointment here
Iu the mud rush for the all lied dol
lar our citizens should not forget te
erect an awning over the spring. No
use waiting for the fir trees that have
been grafted upon the rocks to grow.
let us get a move on an cover that
'hole iu the recks" with lumber.
So much has taken place of late that
it Is useless to try to bring up arrears
but will try for a few weeks to protect
the town in the absence of tbemarsbal
aud recorder.
How does the Lebanon boys like
Allen? It tter than Meyers is the
opinion of Jauokhs.
The New Women.
Prof. Shorey, of Portland, ocoupied
the pulpilof the Congregational churoh
last Sunday night. His subject was
the "New Woman," aud while
eulogizing wouiau as the equal of man
intellectually aud socially, he depreca
ted the practice of women wearing
bloomers while riding bicycles or ou
any other occasion, He claimed the
woman should have an e.iuul chance
with men in all professions aud all the
avenues of employment, but It was
uot necessary for them to unsex them
selves to fill these places. Whenever a
woman does anything to unsex herself,
she destroys the high regard aud es
teem held for her by the malu sex. He
said the practice of wearing bloomers
was a custom Imported from loi
egn countries, and a relict nf barbar
ism. Several of the Indies, whoatlen
ded I he eervlea, and who are advo
cates of the ii'lvaucemmt of ihe "New
Women," ns-rt that wearing bloom
ers does nut detract front woman's
modesty or chain)., aud that It is ab
solutely dangerous fur a woman to
wear the ordinary slyle of dress when
riding a bicycle, Besides, In Orleutlal
atilmkrles. wbr the virtu of WotnaM
ti nrt ,wsiii sfdi til i
Ibis country, aud where womeu are
held in the highest esteem, bloomers
are the prevailing custom. Oregon
City Enterprise.
Money in Prunes.
" Several Marion county men have
sold their prunes to Portland dealers
for four and five cents according to
siae,. those running from forty to tiny
pound briugiug the latter price. There
is big nruuey iu prunes at those prk-ts.
Dr. Sharpies, of Lane county has sold
bis; prunes to the same Portland firm
at probably a like price. He says the
prunes will net him one cent a pound
green. :
'. -" Ike Banta's Success.
!. Bauta, a tormer gunsmith of A -bany,
arrived iu Albany this moruii g
from Gold Bfuff, northorn California,
on his way -to Seal Rock where bis
wife; has been residing for several
months. Mr. Bauta reports his gold
separator as having met with gnat
success, and as a result Mr. Bauta ie (p
clover financially. He states that he
sold Idaho for $10,000, California for
the same amount and a half interest in
Ills separator f.r$20,000. ,.
He has sold forty-eight separators for
use od. claims along the beach in south
em Oregon and northern California,
A great deal has been said In the pa
pers.' about this beach mining. Mr.
Banta, says a man with one of his
machines ou a fair elaini makes never
lea then $10 a day and as high as five
ounces; of gold. The gold is of high
grade and worth $18 au ounce. A good
claim ie valuable as It is Inexbaustable,
the sea continually washing in new
sand'. He reports buying the Zumalt
for $5000 and selling It for $7,000. Af
ter going to Seal Rock Mr. Banta will
go to Nlcaraugua, where be reports an
offer of $50,000 for the right for that
country. Mr. Banta talks about
thousands the way most of us do about
cents. He Is fairly in the swim and
bis friends here generally will be glad
to know that the gold is panning out
so heavely.
Oot the Worst of It.
The Solo Press gives the particulars
ot how a couple men failed to paint
the country red: "Last week a first
class row orourred in oue of the har
vest crews, that are engaged between
this city and Lebanon. George Priue
and John Smith, two of the employes
in the crew came to Solo, and became
loaded with bug juice, taking a bottle
of the same back with them. For
some reason Priue "had it In" for oue
of the bosses, George Young, and upon
their return he became tu abusive that
a fight oooured between them, Young
getting the best of It and made Prine
agree to behave himself. Iu the fra
cas Prlne attempted to use a kuife, but
did not injur Young further than to
out his clothes and scratch the skin
near one of his shoulders. As Young
was alteudlug to his work about the
machine, Prine, who had secured a
club, attacked him agaiu, Young
again proved the better man and booh
had his antagonist on the grouud and,
forcibly took the olub away from him.
About tills time Smith, who had ob
tained au axe came at Young with the
evideut Intention of making mince
meat of him. Henry Bay, however,
caught him before any damage was
done. . Priue and Smith were after
wards arrested by Deputy Sheriff
Brenner aud taken before Justice Mil
ler, of Shelburu, who gave them time
to secure counsel. Iu the meantime
they were held as prisoners by the
deputy at or about his livery barn.
On the following day, Friday, Prlne
gave his guards the slip, un 1 his
whereabouts la now unknown. Smith
was taken before Justice Miller on Sat
urday afternoon, aud on a sort of com
promise basis, pleaded guilty to simple
assault aud was fined $40 aud costs,
amouuliug to nearly $00, for his share '
of this harvest playfulness.
Ludies If you are thinking nf getting
apair of shoes or a new dress next
week, you will want to know where to
get the best for th least money, Mr -iiaker
always carries the beat.
purify your Blood, tkaw your ocm
pleolloo, r'' - - ."fiur BowsU and
liaks fcU, tec
.5 frm