The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 09, 1895, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
It was 98 in the shade Monday.
Weather wiirni and roada dusty.
Quite a number attended the circua.
Mist Haiti Garothera haa returned
from Hulim. .'.,..
J. M. Settle and famaly leftTueaday
for tin niounlaina,
Miss Alice Ambler is dut from Al
bany for a few duyt.
Mia. D. C. Holt, of Hamburg, waa
in the oily Uila week.
It. Ii. (jllann la occupying his Dew
resliluiii al Tubman,
W. K. Chandler waa In Portland
ami Vancouver Monday. ,
Jt. v. Lamar will preach at Oak
Creek Jii.iiii church Sunday.
The meeting of the W R. C. have
In-i-ii piwipnm-ii till September 2U.
Mis t'ln S-- ilh and Mr. Fred Hick
uk drove tn Albany Tuesday evening.
Mi. WbViui tlyn.ei,,
UnH been (jiliu- sic., but is improving.
The concert given by Prof. "Wood,
the blind man, was a fair entertain
ment. A good lllllD driving horae to trad
for a good milk cow. Inquire at thla
'office. - .
Kd Kellciilierger left today for Port
land, with the view cf opening
buleher shop.
State Normal School, Drain, Oregon.
Write for catalogue. Free, Louie, Frealilent.
A you'ig man from Salem waa fined
ten dollars Tliurday for riding a bicy
cle on the sidewalk.
The pity st'ir run In a man thla week
for Mug drunk. He plaad guilty and
paid the usual Hue $10.
Kraut Settle and wife left yesterday
for I he mountains. Mr. Aril has
charge of Mr. (Settle's harness thop.
Itev. A. Melvln Williams Isso-journ-ng
ut Newport. We don't know
whether he there for hie health or not.
Itev, Noble, of Newburg, will preach
at the Baptist church next Sutiday at
U:flOa,iu, No preaching In the evening-
Tillman I'aul was taken suddenly
ill while in the city on Wednesday.
was taken to the residence of Dr.
.F. ley.
llenorla come that times lu Tallman
are llvty: especially vlien Wllaon'i
thrashing nrcw is around. They are
Mng good work.
TtfurrWl at He residence of the groom
in Slc.n, Ju'y 37, by-Elder Arthur Cain,
Mr. John (Joins and Miss Carrie Perry,
ml Snutliitti product..
.Mr. L. B. Troutmau and family nave
itnuriiid to their home at Tallman,
from Albany, where they nave been
atnvlns for sometime.
Hop growers anmud thla vicinity
sav t lie outlook for the crop to good,
and nickinir will eoiumenee earlier
thati usual this season.
Keep your eye on Mayer and Kim
hmuch'a show window. They have a
ehiiiii .dinner set there thla week of
lis piecie for tiily16 60.
Tomorrow evening a Mr. Boss will
i.ireah at the Biulh M. E. church.
The ;iiitor of tlie eity are cordially
invited (.! Iw present aud bear him. ;
). T. Mtiii.'he.V, of Independence,
wastheuuest ot' O. VV. Oru-aiu and
family hisl Sunday aud Monday. He
was up here looking fof Jk'P pickers.
Hisses Mattle Nkoti, Addle Siiap
imii, Maule Uursoti, Callle and Bessie
Warner returned Torm ihemoUBUlns
lai 8 lay. They had a spleuded
JL"M.v Sheriff Q. E. Propett aud
wlft-'weitf called to (his city by the
-death of Mr. B. (''"". M"1- fton'
father. ,
Mia. William' Robins, children and
neioe, Miss Matilda Holm, of Saera
meiito, who Is visiting her, left last
Friday for two week's camping at
Lower Soda,
The' Oregon Silver Imprint la the
nuiiie of a new weekly paper, pub
llslie'l from the bile Oregon Popullat
oflii-i- In Albany. J- A. In man-.wk-iitg
editor, :
: W. B, (illh iii, who has been visiting
: Tuiliiiun. has returned to
ilii? Imiiie in McMluiiville. Miss Mary
WM.mii aueouiiauied him hauie for a
vt; weeks' vWt.
. Willi' was Hi the -city this week
Aiiiiid . with the view or
i.u. ye uiiuersiuiiu lie
tin pressed Willi our city
jua iftW weeks-
'fj(jou will fcaye
fwldene of!
Stalling in, j
; wii t'.ivorii'le
and .ejipeels t
The BjptiHi Junior
mi Ice cream social at tilt
W., A. Sunders, east of the
church ihiM-vciiiug ut elghto'i
Jivrvhoily in invited to be present a
-encourage the children. ;. ." . 'I
A H. Sprague, of Sucramento, Call,
"fornla arrived In the city Monday on
. yiail to his'brotber-ln-law, William
lt,i,.lns and family. He leftTueaday
for Lower Hoda where Mrs. Boblus
Mi family ut cauitilu .
Dr. Leroy Lewis, the ili.itlst.
Hiram Baker bun all kind of
tore. !,- .
For pure linseed oil, call on M. A.
Go to Hiram Baker far your wall
Have yoor hop work done by
0:d papers for sale here at five cents
Miss Dumond le telling millinery at
bard time prices.
Pure palnU and oils of all kind at
Smith'i Pharmacy. :
Remember ( handler la the practical
tinner and plumber.
Builth has Jut added fifty new books
lo his circulating library.
If you want lo sell property list it
with Peterson A Andrews.
If you want to buy property call ou
or write Peterson & Andrews.
If you desire to purchase property at
a bargain, call on M. A. Miller.
buy you tickets East over the N. P.
R H of W. C" Peterson, l.ocui agcut.
Ueorge Rice represents some of the
best liii.ur.iiice uonipunlci iu the world.
I'ui:h & MuiiMey want your pnaluee
id will pay you the highest price
paid. ' ' . j
Auyone wishing well seasoned rustic
aud flooring, should call on M. A.
Ueorge Bioe writes all kinds ot In
surance, and solicits a share of your
Pugh t, Muusey am always ahead
on fresh groceries at prices a low as
the lowest. , !
Wanted at the Lebanon art gallery,
bay, oats or w heat, In exchaugff for
When you want lo buy s ult of cloth-
Ingyou will save money by getting
It at Bach 4 Bnbl.
Dr. G. W.'cueadle, dentist. Office
over City Drug store. Office hours
from 8 a. m. t S.80 p. in.
Farmers, grease your machinery
with Eldorade Can tar machine oil.
ForaalebyN. W. Smith.
Pugh Munoy b-ive just received
their spring stock of hats which they
are selling cheaper than ever.
All knowing themselves Indebted to
oe will please can ana seme si
oiiuo. M. A. Miller.
After June , Uiss Dumond will sell
all millinery goods at cost. Stock per
fectly uew and the latest, Call and be
Pugh & Muticy have lust reeived
large invoice ol ladies' children' and
men's shoes. Bee them aud you will
buy theill.
Carpets, carpels, carpets. Matting
niattjbg, matting. Buy of the Albany
Furniture Co Bj4t(niore Block. Al
bany, Oregon.
Ladies If you are thinking of getting
a pair of shoes or a new dress next
week, you will want lo know where to
get the best for the least im.ney. Mr
iiaker always carries the best.
A Bunday school haa been organised
at the Tallman aclinolbouse, with Mr.
William Marks at auperintendant. It
meets every Sunday evening at four
o'clock. The people of that vicinity
hope lo aw large attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Boyd left M'MIt
duv evening to Newport where they
intend spending several weeks nn the
beaoh. His brother, James Boyd who
has been out with a teut, has chargb
of the gallery while they are gone,
The young people of Hie Epworth
League will give another of their de
lightful lawn toulal at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elklne this Fri
day evening. Ice cream and lemonade
a111 be served. Everybody Invited.
Miss -'La P' mli" of this place at
tended the circus at Albany, Tuesday
and reports having a BIO time hear
ing the, ab'm, mule sing and re
marked that the elephant, was a pecu
liar creature, having two tails and that
cushlpned teats at ten cents are cheap.
In the evening U the Cumberland
Presbyterian church, next Sunday!
be first of a "seaclde aeries" of Sun
dav evening programs will be rei-
dered. fit au'deet is "Setting Sail."
You nc people espeBMiiy iuvh.
Mrnin? service and Sunday acbop, as
The barn of Mrs. Kend-11, who live
between Albany and Corvallis, was
entirely burned Saturday night, with
a large quantity of hay, iw, wa.
gon, buggy and a cart. It was of in
cendiary origin, The telephone lines
ran over the barii mid uliout 2U0 feet
waa burned.
We aiiiioiiuw an ld "folk's service"
for the 0 P. church iu coiiiieotlim
with the Augimt c mmiunloti, Sunday
Auxust 18 K"V. C. A. Wooley, of
Eugene, and probably P. H. Small, of
ktylverloii, will l present. The songs
will ail be old fwliloued, and the ser
mon by a ploueer preacbsy,
Attorney J. W. Day spent last Sat
urday and Sunday in this city visiting
(j "a WW's parents, nr. ana airs, ad-
Mr- Day It repeutly from Sbel-
VVall;Hlugtoii, aud has located In
' s linai atA a svattl liilll kili
Albany. Mr- W " Bi 7
named G. D. Portland,
have fcF(-Ur
Dr. Lewis extracts temporary teeth
free. .
The "Ladles Progressive Club" of
this city will take an outing at Soda
vllle tomorrow, AH the members are
expected to be present, as a good pro
gram will be rendered, Any lady that
can get to Sodnvillo with a well filled
basket will be entitled to membership
and be given a royal welcome. Will
start at 9 a.m.
At the Pastor's Association held on
Monday, It was decided to hold a mass
meeting of all the churches on next
Sunday evening, July 11, at the M. E.
church. Iu regular order this meeting
would have been held at the Baptist
church but on account of Rev. Lamar's
absence on that day, It was deemed
Impractical to hold It there.
Last Monday the lr:e engine at the
paper mi'l was started up for the first
time. Thlsenglne of 125 horse power,
was put In three years ago, to be used
in case the water failed to furnish suf
ficient power at any time.. But Mon
day was the first time It had to be
used, the river lielmr low. the water
power was not sufficient to rim the
mill, ,
Jos Klnm, of Waterloo, w as arrested
Saturday and taken before Justice
Powell in the afternoon on the charge
of killing China pheasants. He was
fined $25 and costs, $37.50 In all, which
was paid. It Is reported that he sold
them to Waterloo campers. It is a
dangerous business to Kill this kind of
game, as the time Ib not up and the
country Is full of game watchers.
Mr. E. Ooan died Wednesday night
at eleven o'clock. The deceased waa
born In Summerset county, Penn.,
Jan. 8, 1835, and has lived here for
many years, where his many fine
qualities had made for blm a host of
friends. He leaves four children and
his widow. His funeral will be held
at the residence this afternoon at two
o'clock. The burial will take place at
the Masond cemetery.
In the county clerk's office of Marian
county Saturday, a hop contract be
tween E. L. Swarts and Phil Neis &
Co. was filed and recorded. The
former airrees to deliver to the latter
200,000 pounds of his coming hop crop,
the price to be paid therefore being
fixed at ten cents. Mr. Swarts is to
receive an advance of five cents per
pound as picking money. The hops
must be delivered by October 10.
Buff Hiatt and Ed Kellenberger re
turned froin (J'lartsvllie Wednesday
evening, where they had been a few
days. Buff says it is the fluent moun
tain country he ever saw and a good
road all the way. They came back
with W. B. Lowler, superintendent of
the Quarteville mines. Mr. Lawler
says tbey intend spending $200,000 ou
the mines this summer opening tbem
up. All the improvements are good
and perujlnent and the prospects are
good tor a large growtu tins ran.
Albany has the most lawyers it has
ever had, and can make a showing in
this respect that will compare with
any city in Oregon for a like popuhv
tlon. The list of those engaged iu the
business Iu this city is as follows, alph
abetically arranged: Bilyeu, Blaok:
burn, Bryant, Curl, Cannon, Dal
ryraple, Day, Elkiuj, Fllnn, Gal-
bralth, Hewitt, Hacklemau, Kelley,
Montanye, Newport, Powell, Somers,
Stowe, Watson, Wealherford, Whit
ney, Wright, Wyatt aud Young.---Ex.
The Eugene Register says that
"Whiskers has decided to quit font
racing he's joined a thrashing crew
and will earn the necessary where
with which to purchase the wants of
the inner uian by the sweat of his
brow." Though Mr. Trine has won a
good many foot races the decision Is a
good one. The business Is a mighty
poor one to make a living at. To make
foot racng a success a man ha, to go
under assumed names and resort to all
kinds of subterfuges. Mr. Trine
though has probably always ruu on
square. Ex.
Mr. William Miller died suddenly
at the home of his son-in-law, W. 0.
Wlnkley last Monday evening. Mr,
Miller bad lust arrived In Lebanon
that morning on a visit to bis daugh
ter and lale In the afternoon was takeu
suddenly 1)1. Pr. Foley was called
and pronounced It heart trouble; gave
some medicine and left him feeling
much bt tier; but in a few hours he
had another spell and died bef re the
doctor reached his Icdslde. The re
mains weee shipped batik to his home
In Creswell, Line imunty, on Tuesday
for l.urlul. Ho wi-.s h brother of Hon.
I D. Miller of this county.
TheSalein concert party were Inad
vertently Ht )i much annoyance
Wednesday evening. Our ordinances
require a license for such entertain
ments, but the concert manager
thought the rent for the hall Included
license fee. In the midst of the pro
gram the euterlalnmont was stopped
by the marshal and t'l !'Wr I'M1
under cash bonds to nppeur before the
Recorder. When the lacte were mane
known, the munager was released
upon payment of the license. It Is an
ewy tuutter for the marshal! to notify
all such persona of Hie licence law and
thus save inuoll anuoyauca to respec-
half HOP)
Dr. Lcroy Lewis,' of Dayton, Ore
gon, huu decided to locate In our city
and practice hit profession, dentistry,
The doctor Is a graduate of the Ameri
can College of Dental 8urgery of
Chicago, and comes here well recom
mended. His office is upstairs Iu Mil.
F. M. Millers store building. The Day
ton Horald sayss "Dr. Leroy Lewis
will take his departure next week for
Lebanon, Linn county, where he will
locate lu the practice of dentistry. We
congratulate the residence of that
thriving little city and vicinity in hav
ing one who la so thoroughly master
of hit profession as is Dr. Lewis, loca
ted In their city."
The postul lawB of the United States
provide that postmasters are strickly
forbidden to place or permit to ' be
placed upon the walls, or otherwise for
public exhibition, within the postofflce
or lobby thereto, or oil any of the
postnflices premises, business cards,
circulars, placards, handbills, or ad
vertisements of private bultness; and,
also, pictures, cartoons, placards,
handl-ills or oilier documents or ad
vertsements of a political character.
All such notices are promptly removed
when found iu the lobby to the
ifflees. The public should take notice
of this fact. The proper place to ad
vertise Is In the local newspapers.
Last Saturday evening a supper con
sisting of all the edibles imaginable,
was given by Mr. Lindsy. the genial
and popular landlord of the City Hotel,
In honor of Dr. 8, Dudley who de
parted last Monday morning for 811
vertou, thence to Weston, and event
ually to California, the land of sun
shine and flowers. Dr. Dudley resided
at Lebanon for twelve years, during
which time he acquired a large prac
tice lu his profession and made
numerous friends, who to say the least,
will miss bis manly form, smiling
countenance, and sage council. As
was truthfully said by one among the
many speakers of Saturday evening,
the doctor left this city without an
enemy. Ail join with us in wishing
suece8 to crown all bis efforts in the
future. Those present were: M. A.
Miller, C. H. Ralston, Charles A.
Smith, George W. Rice, M. Westfall,
W. H. Booth, Jack Ralstou, Patsy
Martin, Johnny McGnwan, Jack
Monnigan, Frank Miller, W. J. Guy,
S. P. Bach, Frank Skipworth, Joel
Meyer aud William Elkins.
Seeking Recreation.
Mr. and Mrs. H. fl. Gile. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A- Dickey, Miss Mlna Huelat,
miss iniia winie, an8 uskie Mat
thews, Messre. Luke L. Lynn, J. M.
Woodruff and Walter Jenks, compos
ing the Salem ladies' quartte and the
Arinn male quartette, left yesterday
for Clear lake, where they will enjoy
two or three weeks In fishing and
hunting and mountain climbing.
Tbey went via Mehama, tbence to
Lebanon and Waterloo, where they
will give eoncerst This it a musical
organization of high clans and the sev
eral audiences will be highly pleased.
Salem Statesman.
The above ladies and gentlemen gave
their entertainment, as advertised, last
Weduesday evening to an apprecia
tive but small audience, at the opera
house In this city. It was as good a
musical entertainment as has been in
Lebanon for some time. If they
should decide to favor us with an
other on their return, they will be
greeted with a full house, and receive
all due courtesy,
fetter List.
Following is the list of letters re
maining uncalled for in the Lebanon
postofflce for tbe mouth ending July
MrsSallieBlaylock.Chas T Broum,
ColBSBIgbee, John MCook,
J L Gilbert, 2 S L Ooan
L A Hinilinan, Gen Howe,
L B Knox, Mm William Lee,
D W Milker, Mrs E McKesson,
P.ev. Mark Noble, Lewis Russell.
M H ltioe, Miss Sadie Simms,
D S Umstead, Mary Vosberg,
Mamie Vosberg, Alice Wallace,
Ora Will ams.
C. A. Smith, Postmaster,
Finannial Snhnnl
Dr. Leroy Lewis,
I desire to announce to the people of
Lebanon aud vicinity that I have
come among you to practice the latest
and best methods of Dentistry.
Highest HonorsWorld's Fajr,
(iold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
Your Dollar How Much It
Elsewhere. Will Buy.
Your Dollar How Much It
Here. Will Buy.
Our Spring Stock is now
entirely' on,- including the
. greatest values that a season
of careful buying could pro
cure. . . Special cure has been taken
in selecting choice patterns
and the most becoming styles.
Tho new Albany Woolen
Mills goods are equal to any
in the market for wear, the
patterns are neat and the gar
ments are elegantly made up.
Suit of these goods run from
$10 to $15 and will satisfy
any one wishing good value.
Princely styles in black dress
' . Summer, suits from $8.25
up, in beautiful shades.
Do not forgot that we also
carry a large stock of the new
est B ata, Furnishing Good
and Shoes.
If you are not ablo or pre
par to come send your order
and wo will forward goods on
approval. Mail orders prompt
ly iilled,