The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 14, 1895, Image 3

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Lebanon Express,
Circuit court meets on the 24th Inst.
B. B, MontiiKUe spent Tuesday night
In All uny.
La Grande's pioneer reunion conies
ofl'June 20.
A number nf Lebanonltea were up
to Waterloo Bjtnduy. ..'','.,''
MrsiE. Eeclestoii 'left Tuesday for
her home In California.
Mm. Henderson la running the Pa
per Mill boarding house,
Obnrlle Amos and Doll Boslar drove
to the county seat Sunday.
There are hut few new cases of any
Importance on the circuit oourt docket.
Mr. J. Arn had a new roof put on
tbe building occupied by Frank Bot
tle. Mrs. R. H. Huberts of Springfield, Js
vlHltlng ber daughter, Mrs. F. A.
Mr. Thomas Kay, proprietor of the
Waterloo woolen mills, was In tbe city
last Tuesday.
Salmon and other fish are ca'jght in
(he river and the canals, by gigs and
; other devices. .,"''.
There seems to be an epidemic nf
lires. Several residences have been
liurned of lute.
The Lebanon Flro Department re
y driver1 a new bore cart from Portland
' this week. Itlaadulsy. ,
Attorney Oarland makes good use of
bis wheel In traveling to Alb.iny and
other points nu business.
Prof. Alllngharo, an applicant for
the prlnnipalsbip ol the publlo schools,
was In the city Wednesday.
Several employes of tbe Waterloo
Mills paused through the city this
week from Salem to Waterloo,
Mr. Frank O'Neill has returned
from California. His brother Ed will
leave for California In a few days.
So many residences burning of late,
should make people look after their
insurance; and sec that it does not run'
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Bmlth and Dr.
and Mrs. H. L. Parish, nf this city,
drove up to Waterloo last Sunday af
ternoon, Dr. Courtney returned to McCoy lat
Suturday. Mm. Courtney and ohll-
drrit will visit in Lebanon for a couple
of weeks longer.
Quite a number of the Mnocalwes of
this city a'tended the picnic at Jefler
aoit last Tuesday, given by the Mao
eabeea of that city.
Lost, on the academy ground or
Main street, June 8, a gold bead neck
lace. Finder will he rewarded by
leiivlnu same at Ibis office.
Georae G"iseiidnrler lost from Cas
cede Hnda springs, May 18, horseabout
1(1 bunds, clipped mane and tall, light
dark brown color, slightly dappled.
It Is stated on good authority that
an Albany attorney will withdraw
from the populist party on account of
Joeing ignored at the Sodavllle picnic.
Itev. . W. V. MoGee, of Albany,
will All the pulpit In the morning at
the Cumberland Presbyterian church
nextHunday. A cordial invitation to
John Dodge has posted as an estray
a pretty little nare, color brown, four
. year old, spot In forehead, white left
fore foot and right hind foot, no
Mr, George Leslie died at the old
I Exchange hotel In this city last Tues-
I day with dropsy. His remains were
burled at the Dodge oeinetary Wed'
V riesday.
N Phil Smith, Eb Keohlcr and Torn'
Parker, left Wednesday for (he mount
ains and the Fish Lake country, pre
pared to oaten nil the fish that are
iwllllng to be caught.
Messrs. CD. Stein, W. 0. Smith
, am? John Craft, are th gentlemen se
lected .'torn Lebanon to serve on the
Jury list, Of the circuit court, which
convenes June 24, at Albany.
The Pearl Bebooka lodge of the I. 0.
0 F tendered Mr. and Mrs. N. 8.
Dalglelsh a reception last Wednesday
evening at their hull in this city,
where light refreshments were served,
and a pleasant evening enjoyed by all.
Mesdames F. M. Miller, G. W. Cm
son and Miss Dnllle Salt marsh, leave
today for Oregon City, where they
will visit for awhile and then attend
th'i W. R. C. convention which meets
next Mniiday and Tuesday In that
Mr", Fred TJ. Hlckok, our genlul
station agent, and Miss Ole Smith, our
.PBsistaiit and accommodating post
misters, drove over to Corvnllls Inst
Sunday where they spent the day
with friends. They report a flue
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hyde left Tues
day for Portland, where the will visit
with relatives and frlei ds for few
"(inuipment and the W. R. C- conven
tion, which convenes at Oregon fit
Kf TjMH a
' Hiram Baker buys all kinds of
furs. . ,
Go tO.Hlram Baker for your wall
paper. ,,
Mayer, ft Elmbrough wants you
Old papers for sale hereat five cents
per doaen.
. Miss Dumond Is selling millinery at
bard tlriie prices.
If you want to sell property list It
with Peterson & Andrews,
If you want to buy property call on
or write Peterson & Andrews. ,
You can get 8 loaves of bread at
Mayer i, Klwbronghfor 25 ots. .
Buy you tickets East over the N. P,
R. R, of W. C Peterson, Local agent,
J, A. Roberts of Kprlngtleld, spent
lastHuuduy with friends In this city.
Pugh & Muuscy want your produce
and will pay you the highest price
paid. .
Pugh & Munsey are always ahead
on fresh groceries at prices as low as
the lowest.
When you want to buy asuit of cloth
ing you will save money by getting
Pugh & Muucy tnve just received
their spring stock of hats which they
are selling cheaper than ever.
All kuowlng themselves indebted to
me will please call and settle at
once. M. A. MllAEB.
Spring has come and no Is a good
time to have some photos taken. Drop
In at the Lebanon 'Art Gallery and
get prices.
Fugh&Muncy have just recived a
large invoice ol ladles' children' and
men's elms. See them uud you will
buy them.
After June 1, Miss Duiuoud will sell
all millinery goods at cost. Stock per
fectly new and the lateat, cull and be
Salem. proposes raising $1,000 for a
4th of July celebration; Corvallis will
celebrate; likewise Eugene; Browns
ville wl'l dotbe business at home.
There will be plenty of j llifleatlon
this year,
Messrs. Daltrjeish & Everett, our en
terprislng furniture and hurdwure
men, are putting an addition to their
large store, which they ahull use us a
store room for plumbing goods; und
probably open up u tin shop In connec
tion. I will have some Cotswold , sheep;
both sexs, ill Lebanon1, Friday) June
21, which I will offer for sale. I would
like for all sheep men to call und see
this flue breed of sheep. I will also
have a few fox hounds for sule. W.
G. Brown.
It must be very humiliating to pre
pare a speech, (or in other words to be
loaded for bear), pay your fare ou the
curs, hire a horse, muke him fust to a
grub without hlsdlnuer, and then, not
be called ou to unload. Bucb wus tbe
exierience of an Albany attorney with
tbe Sodavllle picnic.
The woolen mills at Waterloo nre
now running about twenty five bunds.
New blinds are being put to work as
fust us they can leuri,, and the number
will he Increased to about sixty in a
short time. An eluotrle light plant is
b-ingputlll th week, and then, Mr.
Kuy.tclls us that he shall run tile mill
both day and night.
Lust Saturday Mr. Know les counted
the beans Ibut were in the bntt.l and
bad lieen guessid on, at his store.' Mr.
Ueorge Smith drew Hie price allium;
bis guess being 70!). It was llie closest,
there being 71i! Hieuiis In the bottle.
.Miss liffle Denncy was tbe next.
here was 371 guesses given unci run
om 130 up to 1500.
Hats, hats, hats, when in need of a
i at don't full to look ut those in I lie
Racket store, straw huts 5c.,20c,uud
25c. Wool huts 80c, 45c. und 50c.
Cowboy hate 75u und $1 50. Fir huts
$1, $1.25 tine" first grude $1.75. New
chollles, fine figured luwn und dress
veiling at prices away below competi
tion . Great bargains in white dress
goods from 5c. up. Outing flannel, 20
pde. fnr$l: Boys' lace cups 20c, 25c.
and 85 cents.
Buker Newman und Charles Flush
got In s tight In 8. P Bach's store lust
Monday night. The city authorities
thought Flush was to blame, So a v. ar
rant was sworn out for bis arrest and
he wus brought up before the recorder,
plead guilty, wus fined $10; In default
of which he was committed to the city
jail. Later on, his tine was cm
limited, provided he would have the
city and never return, which he proui
esed to do.
8. P. iiach, wife und little daughter,
Will fjnger and Miss Bilyeu, R. B.
Montague, M. Weisner, Mr Hendrleb,
Hurley Crandall and Fred BoBhir
were the party that went toHaleiu lust
Sunday, from this pluoe, on 'line' . con
ductors' excursiou, . They all report a
good time, and say there were from
thirteen to fifteen thousand visitors In
Kulem They say Bob Montague hud
several little accidents. Mr. Bad)
and little daughter, Miss Bcsslo, re
mained aH ilhjfuf til Sillem'Visltli.g
relatives, and returned boms Monday
J. B. Murks la working In N. W,
Smith's pharmacy,
When in need of stoves, tinware,
etc.. call on W. E. Chandler. Plumb
ing and Job work a specialty.
A. E. Davis went up to Waterloo
yesterday with a load of confectionery,
etc., where be Intends to open up a
store (luting the summer.
An Important surgical operation
was performed upon Mrs. N. M. Follls,
in which two filiriild tumors were re
moved. The patient Is doing well.
The operation was performed by Dr.
Parish, assisted by Drs. Patterson and
Davis, of Albany, on Tuesday last, at
tho puttcnt's home In this city. Dr.
PutU'rsnn Is a graduate of the same col
lege with Dr. Parish, at San Fran
cisco. Goods renewed every two weeks,
therefore always fresh and new. The
finest lot of luces In town at prices
away below competition. Ourchallis
cannot lie matched in price, half wool
loo., cotton twenty-five yards for il.
Uisid heavy overalls 60c. Men's under
shirts and drawcra 6()c a oult. Tbe best
oil grain plow shoe In the market $1.30
Ladies flue Oxford ties $1.15. We are
now huvlng men's shirts made here at
Lebanon in firstclass shap '. Much
better than the factory made article.
At the Racket store.
The furrii residence of Mr. E. E.
Parrish, near Knox Butte was ent'rely
consumed by Are Tuesday afternoon,
together with all the urulture, but
u few pieces. The fire started by
sparks from the chimney catching in
some moss ou the roof. Mrs. Parrish
was putting up gonstliernes and bad a
lint fire for that purpose. At the time
she was picking berries In the yard,
and did not notice the fire until it had
gulned a good headway. The house
wub Insured in the Underwriters for
$050 und the furniture and piano in
the New Zealand for $900.
Mr. J, C, Ballmarsh's residence ou
f Hamilton creek a few miles from Wa
terloo, wus burned, Thursday of last
week. It is not known just how it
caught, but It is thought that a spark
had fallen from the top of the flue on
to the roof, us it was first seen blazing
ou top of tbe bouse, und burned from
the top down, without fulling in. The
house. wus buill about thro years ago
and cost Mr. .Saltmur h about $1000. It
wus a tolul loss; there being no insur
ance ou It. But little of the furniture
was saved. The loss comes bard on
Mr. Hull marsh just at this time,
Archie MouBer, a son of L. A. Mou
ser, met with a serious accident on
Tuesday. He hud been to Albany;
and ou his return, be attempted to
mount the wagon ou tbe brake, about
three miles out from Albany, when he
fell and wus run over hy the wheels.
His foot wus crushed and broken in a
painful manner. The little fellow was
brought home, where Drs. Foley and
Booth throughly cleansed tbe wound
of tbe sand and dirt that bad been
ground into it, set the bones and
st iohed up the outs, The work was
done successfully and Is a very credit
able piece of surgeon's skill. The boy
Is resting well.
Mr. E. Mussleman's residence, be
tween Lebanon and Sodaville was
burned down lust Huuduy about five
o'clock in the ul'ternooii. Mr, Mussle
uiau says he does not know how it
caught; whether ou the. roof or up
stairs, but supposes that it caught
from I lie kitchen stove flue; as they
bad just started a fire to gel supper.
When discovered, the whole top part
of the house wus in flames, and as
there wus u brisk wind from the north
it wus only u short space of time until
the building was consumed. But little
wus saved, as all their clothing and
belling were upstu is, They lost four
feu her beds, thirteen large feather
pillows and all the Led covering ex
cept for one bid. aTbey saved one
chunge each if clothing, out of a large
wurdrobe. They also lost all their
jewelry; among which wus a t:50 dia
mond ring. Mr. Musslemun places
his Iosb ut about, $2000. He carried
$800 insurances; $000 ou the house and
$00 on t lie contents. It was insured
In the Stub? Insurance company,
Fourth of July wdll be oelebrartlou
In Waterloo by u meet parade, band
music, speeches, fireworks, and a grand
ball. Times who desire a borse race,
bilujt along your work horses. Ba e
ball wiil be indulged in and a good
quite drink can be hud by all. Come,
und bring yovr aunt and mother-in-law
Tlilrly-eight bunds employed irt Jhe'
mill und more coming .The electric
light ptunt lias arrived and competent
electricians are pJncbV; it in position.
Business Lijtfyfi'oviug and a grumbler
euihnotvtiejjroiui!: yes we hud nearly
forgvfltlf'rlie lute arrivals who can find
iiyjlbuseln town good enough for thtm
t,i eiiiup In, and they are to poor U
bullet a chicKen coop or iiuy a aeseusia
rooster - A.-
Fred Gross hue Rented tue Ansorge
property and rcmuv the post office
thereto. The oTilrnije will be appreclu
tud by all us the. building Is roomy,
airy und centrally situated, A stock,
ii.fiiry goods will be udded lu a few
duyi und tbe "Cunudlan" can buy
blwsulf ud ujlrl oris, lit red MMwu.
Exercises at the First . Presbyterian
The day rovd to be one of those
lovely periods of glorious sunshine for
which the mouth of June is noted In
The program devised and arraliiged
by Dr. Wordcn of Philadelphia, was
one of true christian patriotism, and
fidelity to the church of Christ.
. In accordance with this spirit, the
floral committee of the Y. P. S. of C. E.
assisted by some of the other members
of the society, decorated the auditor
ium of the church, most beautifully
with large and small flags, bunting
and viiiiog festoons. The ooqucts of
lovely and del h ate flowers that every
where graced the Bcene and breathed
their sweet fragrance on the fresh
morning air, with the bright faced and
happy children ou every hand, made
us remember the church of God filled
with those who love to gather there, Is
the very gate of lieaveu.
The inf..nt class gave a very pretty
exercise, each one making a neat little
address, then raised upon a wand a
golden letter; when th.-, sentence was
completed, It said: "Feed My Lambs."
The Intermediate classes gave an ex
ercise with flap, consisting of the
stars and stripes with the "Banner of
the Cross" above them. These were
very beautiful exercises aud were also
well rendered.
The committeo on program arrange
ments did their work well in having
the children well represented In the
work. The duet by Leila Westfall
and Pauline Adams, was a beautiful
peice, and was well rendered; afso the
recitation by Lilliuu Beuttie wus very
appropriate and nicely delivered.
Superintendent Dalgleish certainly
deserves great credit for the general-
bip he has manifested in the manage
ment ot the whole service and we sin
cerely hope that he will continue the
good work of using the young people
and children in the service of the
church. Auditor.
Probate Record.
Ill estate of E. L. Knox, lnveutmy
filed showing real property, $18,167.25;
personal property, $4425.95. Total,
In estate of John Marks, citation for
sale of real property issued for June
In estate of Thomas Morgan, simi-
annual account approved.
In estate of Louis F. Hammer, Flor
ence Hummer was was appointed ad
ministratis. Bond, $1300.
In estate of Laura Taylor, final ao-
couuteetfor Julyl.
In gardiaiieliip of Laura Temple et
al, John Temple appointed guardian.
Bond $000. Petitiou for mortgage of
real property granted.
Petition for mortgage of property Of
Charles and Elsie Bardwell, minors,
In estate of H. M. Walter, receipts
of heirs filed aud administrator E. R.
Husten discharged and bondsmen re
leased. .
J. S. Van Wiuke vvaB appointed
guardian of Thomas J. Harrison, in
sane. Bond, $100.
All wool, jiiBl the thing for graduat
ing dresses. Silk luce tor trimming.
Two lots of all silk ribbon received
this week. Black aud navy In (he ex
tra wide. Good assortment of colors.
Three grades.
Sample colors and black. $1 per pair.
t Bunting
One piece e-ame Friday mornins and
two more w ill be here about Monday.
Plenty nf white on hand.
S. E. YOUNG'S, Albany, Or.
Cedar Posts.
Firstclass cedui posts for Bale cheap
Call on or address Waller Brown, Al
bany office, at Freiiche'a jewelry store
or see b, A. Nickerson at La ba noil.
Highest Honors-World'i Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Uott Perfect Made.
The Recent Rise
Will Npt Affect Prices at Our
Stores. Our Spring Orders were
all in before the raise.
We Can Save You
. . . From ...
15 to 25 per cent
. . On Your Purchases . .
We make it extravagant
for you to buy elsewhere.
Our Spring Stock is now
entirely on, including the
greatest values that a season
it of careful buying could pro
'eure. .
Special care has been taken,
in selecting choice patterns
and the most becoming styles.
The new Albany Woolen
Mills goods are equal to any
in the market for wear, the
patterns are neat and the gar
ments are elegantly made up,
Suit of these goods run from
$10 to $15 and will satisfy
any one wishing good value.
Princely slyles in black dresa
Summer suits from $8.25
up, in beautiful shades.
Do not forgot that we also
carry a large stock of the new
est Hats, Furnishing .Goods
and Shoes.
If you are not able or pre
' par to come send your order
and we will forward goods on
approval. Mail orders prompt
ly filled.
Albany, - - - Oregon.
In :
-liuiik Vl
. i.