The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 29, 1895, Image 4

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iUlAY SI ARCH 29, ISfti.
I J From Our Exchanges Thmufih
) out the Northwest.
u.tCuovekpromi.edanotherW.SlUers. This is .good price, j
,r. - I out the wheat was of fane Hual''y j
. t v
:. .1,, ,.f c.i.w Ml nt Cam
e niche of Snow fell at Cot e,
'!.e l!a,tii!i creamery will begin
:ik April 1.
contract for a flouring mill
isidy has been signed at Eu-
Another large sawmill of 35,000
(t per day is being built at Ne
ein. 71ie little town of Houlton, in
rnihia county, is having quite
The I'r jsbytpry of the Villamett9
,'.! meejsf DallaB on Tuesday,
- Pundee has voted for saloons,
he council tied and the mayor
'itfd for license.
i John A. Stranger died at Wilbur,
.''iirch 17, aged 70 years. Heranie
" Oregon iu 1871.
.Scio votes April 4 on the ques-
ji! of incurring f65GC indebted
:s for a school building.
: iIcKinlcy Mitchell, of Gervais.
us orders from the East and
f Oft rorlnaJ nf
)' lutoes.
The First Baotist church of
jVeston, celebrated its 20th auni-
treaty last Sundy in an appro-
j :iiite manner.
""Tiic postoffice store of D. Fried
man, at Mount Angel, was robbed
Wednesday night of about $300 in
iiuiriey and postage stamps. Hnliin. while lirofineeiinff
. - l 1 o
i Gu:cs creeK, uncovered a two-,t-es!i!.l-ii:c!i
ledge tbat is very
' icii and con lain? some foOO-per-
:o ore.
f John O'Hara, living near Weston
... it ytar cropped 10 acres of beans,
white and colored. The result was
a yield of 0 pounds per acre, or
1 "i i:iiii'.l.
Au' Lighthouse, a German
funii laborer, bung himself in a
hum near Newbnrg Wednesday,
"was despondent over his finan-lt!-M!idition,
''' i G. (I.deaian, of Gervais,
1 : ! s-'Kned to his creditors, with
:inW Mitchell as trustee.
" .'.'.r2,335.G7.
-.i "year-old by. Willie Smith,
, -r.ndur arrest fur arson at Pendie-
i iii. In piny, or for mischief, he
wt tire to three shirk of hay,
which burned up.
E. J. McCIanohan is shipping
! -om Eugene to the state fith and
jiame warden of California, at
N ntu Ana, 20 Chinese phciBants.lthat uight. As the Eugene was, brifediug purjjosea.
Fourteen of the principal placer
isiiu along the G.-aud Iionde
river bave syndicated, and it ia
f-siTtetcd tbnt interested person
will arrive at La Graude in a few
days to examine them, niib a view
of closing a deal for the entile
Haynea k ,Siuuun, ef the Big
Kucset placer, , on Oscar creek,
Ur.n'-gut iu 1500 coarse gold into
One nugget
Auighcd f 130; nuother 165, and
several chunks resembling tbe
meat of the EngUeh walnut, made
up the balance of the $500.
Mr. Sinytu'e, of Arlington, sold
'ilKJO lainlm and yearling wethers
. to (jront 4 Batiau, of Chicago, at
$3 per head. On delivery of the
i iieeji they were attached at Arling
ton hy persona having claims
ngaiiift Smythe. What the
final outi'i'ine will be is not yet
J; is learned that contracts ii.r j broidered and fancy gU that for
hopj on the three year's plan havei'"'. needlework wouid surprise
hu::i n.Mkrat Aurora atil 6t Pnulj '""'O' of our lady reader; a.-idtlicir-In
-l.iriim lountv. The nlan is 1'Urcb'ses wouid likewiiC excite
. it : .. - k.. p
..w - - - - y r-"r"
the fOWHiri cur at 10 cetiU and;ulror" "vuwaiuu inking tauie
i hi- third at 12 cents, averaging 10 1 '""'- 6in8 machine oil, grsuite : was dead when Dr. Gardner loundH, .
1 . ' . ,,t , and wu lviiiff in the iorkt ox ft tree , pound for ihthflyt. w1trtt Md other articlei "thbody lull olarrow just m It
...... .a- .. ,H .. r. ...
A hupgrowers1 meeting itfafled !
for next Saturday, at Woodbiirn.
An association is conteni plated !
and a warehouse at Woouburn.
II. C. Rosenborg, who, Apsides;
! near Fultn station, sold SotKl bus-!
hcls of excellent wheat at Petidle-f
!ton Friday, at 35 cents a bushel, to'
na nientea vne nignesi marKt'i
The residence of Station Agent
Kyle, in Elgin, w..s destroyed by
fire Tuesday afternoon. Tbe build
ing was s new one, just completed,
and was insured for tlOuO. With
the exception of a trunk, there was
but very little of the household
effects saved from the fire.
Athena people are badly fright
ened over what the physicians
term as black diphtheria. Two
death. have resulted from the
disease, and others are feared. A
rigid quarantine has been establ
ished, and it. is thought further
.spread of the discise will be pre
The Archie Downie cliims near
the town of Sumpter, and operated
by Mr. Downie for mar.y yearB,
have been IcaBcd by the owner to
Chinamen who are to pay a royalty
uf $300 per week during the work
ing season. These claims will be
started within the next two or
three weeks.
Marshal and Furnish, of Pendle
ton, within a week expect to ship
a trainload of sheep to Chicago.
The shipment will comprise lambs.
They have 4500 not yet sold to tbe
Pacific Meat Company, of Tacoma,
4300 of the older sheep. Their
Chicago-bound lot will fill 20 to 25
cars, and make two trains.
A human skull is reported to
have beeu found by the elder son
of John Williams on the Applegate
bar. The skull appears to have
been washed down in high water
and is of the Ciuiasiau type. It
iB reasonable to believe that it may
be skull of a young man who was
drowned in Williams creek during
tbe flood of 1891.
Aii-'thcr rich strike is reported
from the Telocaset mining district
a jew miles south of fnion. For
some time the owners of the
Hinckiey-Spotted Horse mine have
been running a tunnel to strike
the ledge at a great depth below:
the croppings of the ledge, and
have succeeded in striking the -ledge
as hoped for, and it is very rich
in gold.
The body of a man, supposed to
be that uf Prinr Seott, seen at the
mouth of the Sautiam, was carried
out of sight by the water before it
could be secured, ar.d it has n it
yet been fovnd. It was in the
evening, just before dark, when
observed, too late to do anything
stuck on a bar the men could i.ot
do anything. The description
leaves little doubt that it wag the
body of Mr. fc'tt.
The South Tualatin creamery,
foi the month of February, made
and mtrketed 6155 p.;m;?U of
butter nd supplied oidy two
thirJs of the orders placed with the
Portland agent. To make one
pound of butter 21.29 pouuds of
milk were required. From one
pound of butter fat 1.24 pounds
were made. Tbe net value of the
butter fat for the month nus 25.54
cents per pouud. The mlik netted
the d.iirymau $1 per hundred
A Land of Umatilla pquans vis
ited 1'endletou to Indian
ponies to the omaii beys, and
gloves and moccasin.? to the mer
chants. While an Eul Oreouiau
was making his rounds be drop
ped into a certain store, v. hen-a
few were showing a variety f em-
r.rmiern iiiKiiUf. n s-i. I .e itirnier
-u ..... . ,
f.LOMll ti!B(.sta
The Mountain Doftmse orOalltor-
nla'e Treasure Bpota.
Wbat IM Bm In ma CXxsa Trip Alone
tb PletnrcMiue WatwrLlM t Oar
Coutluont-Ttio OutpaM
of the Tropias,
in narpers n.u(.-a:'.iie. u inrpeiy a
wde of ahrunt brown ridm.
Rprinrbig almost from the surt to hide
- - -
tUo real California from inquisitive
eyes uu muni. .iiuicuiwbici iw
lanch on the garden to nave cupital
lcit for painting the fence, and it
islands the primal pattern which hu
umnitv has unconsciously followed in
11 mien lands Eden hidden behind an
adobe walL Here and there through a
crack in the tveathored fence a preen
tendril of a vallev creeps. Yonder is a
bit of shore with its dark citrus patch:
a barren candlestick of a headland.
with the white iihait of its lighthouse;
a roadstead flecked with fishers' Bails;
clouds of sea-birds that snow upon a
SEialt-ruOled reach ui sea.
With dawn of the third day we are at
the beginning of the wayside tying
up, at San Diego, to the last wharf with
which our steamer will venture upon
isU'-h familijiriues in five weeks, with
time to visit that Arabian lights hotel
who site 1 knew first as sandspit dear
at ten dollars the mile; then as sanda
pit plus auctioneer and buyers of lots
to a million dollars; and now as sand-pit
turned garden, whose chief fruit is
iii nf the finest hotels tn America.
San Diego is the last of the United
States, but not the least. It is already
ao, for the New Englander rules here
as not at home, Spain has gone to the :
wiill: and the Yankee, with new wings
sud room for them, pervadt all. One
muy half guess the patron saint of
ir;-ain set down now in the lap of his
niunesake daughter, to nib hU eyes at
the changed face of her, and at her
sons, who know not a saddle from a
santo, and whose only saints ring their
own mass. It is the last anaelironism.
The Spanish spirit is as far Uwlay from
the tsventy-Iive-foot-front idea as in the
goiden age of Cortes. To its benighted
understanding still, money is good for
what it will buy, and the object of life
is to live.
Face and form are new, but the old
names are eherishe 1 with the distor
t;on which is the pc-mlinr Saxon priv
i'l'ge and jy- Four-filths of all the nam: in Calif .jrnia are Spanish,
au fy.r-iiHths of them a Spaniard
wonld no; recognize in the month of
th; mirr.aer.
A few hours' rtav. and then the citv. !
leiied on its tilted Bheut of sand, the j
Uie pmiosBls and its great hotel, the
blae isleii. of Coroaa;a. fail behind, and I
.....1,,11. ii,ofi,-fi'-.. iin;..rviL
iornia gray-brown arid peaks, fea-j
tyred like tlios northward, but more '
cirewoni anrt more mhonprable. Pre-
Vi ro u, n i I
T 1 u"m", , "7 T -: v. kuuut !.. vin; any lm.1 nfter ellVct.
sad t a quite at sea. Two daya;
tlms; aud on the sixth the mountainous i LIVEUISE Inn i, eijUal fur lilt
desert i-.-a.ks out afjain to greet us. and :n.lirf ,lf iXDIliiTIGX, tawed by
wiifcthe to ray of red, the striking d(.fw.lhe a(.ti(, r lllt. Llvef W
front of Cane St. Lncah, southernmost . ... .
tip of the great peninsula, and outpost cted h.idne;..
sentmel of the Vermilion sea- j I.IVERIXE eiire air stoiuacii,
V'ith ranrise of the seventh morning Ijjnu.4 and nick headaelKH, hitler
we waken unprotcful to the blankets, . . ,,',, ,,,. .u,,,,. nmrlnir
tropics-a change of worlds overnight !! 'rencB.-in the tmaeh. jaumllee,
Wears anchorine off Jlazatlan. Iwjaud all nllier affeelioiis of the huinun
turquoise semilnne of a bay. symmet-yteni cauwd by defeetive LIVER.
rieallv set between three tall abrnpt .,,,,..,. . , , ,
ishtnds to the north, and three to the LIVERISE is a ) and fer
wmth, cntB the very edge of the town, tain cure for chronic
whose adobe turns marble with dis- f'ftV iTI 1' TH iV
taucc and the sun. On its northern outer S 1 1 1 - liUN
island once stronghold of countless ...,. ,...,,.j i... .i..,,..,i
three hundred feet aloft
This outpost of the tropics six '.
leaguss south of the tropic of Cancer,
and already in sight of the Southern;
tVoss-is the wmmereiaUy first port of!
.1 h I
second of the whole republic. It
key to the Gulf of California or CSulf i
of Cortes, lor its discoverer; or Mar After taking I.IVEIMNE fi-r a ti ne
Bennejo, for the tinging of its waters u f eotv cn.n.uuicnas a url;;ht,
by ferruginous nver-ud to an ex-u , i, l( ,he ,lri
tensive intenor of vast potentiality. Iti"1"' " , ,
was port not only lor binaloa, but fori Pf"'" tl,e bite iB being elnuin-.
Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and even ated through the kidneys as it should ;
to Zacatecas, until the opening of ports be. j
at SanBlasand ManzanUlocut Kdown . nn-rnvf i.
at home, and San Francisco put a knee! A continued use of LI LIU N h to
rn iu dirert China trade. - . creases instead of destroying the j
appetite. By its wonderful tunic !
Xrjiaf to efft!0t tt ditfen. from other piepara- j
A sea captain who lived in -Washing- h lue iime nut lmvll)g t0 u!
ton daring his stays on land had a ., . ... . ,, .,., , ,..,'
....lUk .11 luereased by long taking It maj be.
cspeeiallypriiedanold gobbler which
had been long in his possession. From
one cruise, says Harpers young reo-
young monkey, which made as much
IM.utli. TnrUul "arhita .!.
plutnt" One day, hearing a terribli
commotion in the hennery, the captain
entered and found Jocko with the gob-
bier under his arm, whUe he was dcUb-
erately pulling out the poor bird's last
tail-feather. The captain rescued the
turkey and punished the monkey se -
verely, who knew very well why he
was -chastised. The next day, again
hearing a commotion among the leath-
ered tribe, tbe captain went to tbe
scene of action, and there set Jocko
tween his knees, while he was trying
4a n, ,l,a Itri.tham 4i& inn. '
tioos were good, but the turkey seemed
unable to appreciate them.
Tbs.LMZflSt Amcrlcn I
The largest snake that was ever'
miii A-r,
. . - . . . .
tnai menuonea oy ir. uuruuer m nis
book, "Travels in Mexico.
cUliUatiaa1 P"1 It 11 dragged Into
81 . . ' 11 .ingbytheaidoflouT honM, ul
The Manager of our Com
pany is a practeal physician j
and chemist, and nothing.!
will pass through his hands j
without heing first tested and
IprOVen fllllv Uf) to the
. 11
We ask you to procure a
bottle of
frum your dr'i:l. If he dow nut
have it in xhm-Ic, uhI; lilni Im aeml to
the AnthoK ! Chemical Co., Leb
anon, Onunn, nr li any wlmlrKilo drug
house, here if is tj 1 hud hi any
quaiititnw ilwtirvd.
LIVERINE i leanaist to t' ke.
Any child will in!; it with a rt'lmu.
Even 1 babe ill nut refuse it.
Hie pronjrtin of IJVK1UXE ur
udidly luKnlivv in tmiuii diwi'o mid
actively puryalivc wlieu tnkm in full
diaHV. It ai ts mi Hie liver nt ao otln r
oinipnund does uiiklly,' tlior.iughly,
with tit crtittinjr nausea, 'nuiitiug iir
The laiit r t,u..liiy has made
it ageutral favorite Willi women Iwl'ure
and after confinement. j
, . 1
MfcBIAElsa!iian exeelk-ut 1
A K nuini! ti' of tin' jn!piu '
, " ' . t. - . i v , .,,,1
" '
pain or aching in tlir-, tuuiiing
down the thiylm a:id 1i k, a heavy
sediment iu tlie tinne, pain or uireness
ln thp (jij,,!,),., !mill (,,,,(; urhie
'are penuanently cured by the proper
in, ',....,..; ,,
b? 0UnS " M wiib !
' safety.
uyERINE i a purely VEOET-
I ALE Preparation, and baa
SUhmltUd to the U-St of SOllie ofour,
J best physicians, who speak in its
j praise.
The dose for nil adult is tioiu a
' teaspoouful to a Uulenpuouful three
j times a day, bel'oie' meals. D"o for
'4chi'(l one yeur cild 20 to 30 drops,
increttW,d or dr creased as reijuired.
Sonic of the most prominent people
j of this city and Albany bave been
! lt,bi,ig LIVEKIKE for two troutbs
,1 '
Ascbob SCuemicalCo.
j :
Cedar Posts.
rirstelass ccaar pfisis lor sale cneap.
UbII on or aooress vtauer crown, at
. c t...
wj vu., rfv
. r we H A, M.'Kwm tti itmuou. .
-i - i , -nriii-r-i -T-iVT-ii7i:
and Croup t!urf 1h hi rout OciuuuU,
'"'"' lw",1l;,v!."J.
Ht. CblWrsn Wv It, ua br K. W,.,
' KASIIOK & YIimi!EE. Troprk'tor.
"We carry first clti-.-) meat, such as litn-f, Mutton, Veal,
Etc. and will endevor to treat all cutoiuors fair.
Your Patronage is" " Solicited.
1 Santiam Academy 1805
j ., ....
Second Term Commences January 2, 1895.
Normal, College, ' Preparatory,
Business, Primary and
Music Courses.
Circular Containing Full Information regarding
Tuition, Courses of Study, Text-Books, Etc., Cheer
fully Mailed on Application.
. S. A. RANDLE, Principal
LEBANON, - - - - - OREGON.
A. H.
ft Tyrei-fj - - - -4
! J Ai til i!AAiUliU
To Advertisers.
If vou wish to obtiiiu the best
i returns from your advertisements
Don't Forget
tbe important fact that
The Lebanon Express
wiU give the dosired results, us it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in Linn County.
ll.):ntitli u-iiltieil. Oi:e u hu lllliler -
; . ,..(l.r lii.jinii'i w,,rl; mid
wmi'ii.liy hoi-i,eiili(a iiig
a ' . . -
u.o can do
Z of vaj-'e.m
vvmwi nut
l,r r'-'nHi:
s , . IIMM.llilw,r4. Wlii t.i,isuu Hh.. free
r t BfLtf ft,r tlltf tv; r. Vun f'uUu
f to-.
furiur.ili n wills
Ai If. HAMlItod.
4 T?V'i
' East and south
ur -i !!;:--
Southern Pacific Go,
l-'xj ri- lm'".
;:--e l'tinlrtiid daily:
r. . 1 .it A r. . :'.'0 a. X
i 1031 p. M. i l.v...,U'wi.e.. ,.Ar. i 4:25 .
1 10:10 a, m A rtei- i''ra:iriwo lv -Mr. u
i "n... ,.i ; ,.; y,ni,.;.;7rm
; FMrihiiMl -i Ali-.i: ' ii.rui.-ive; ulflo TuiiL'eiit,
; Hiit.'lii, liuinev, iiin iilmrij. Juuefioii i'ily,
I Irvinji, l-iieeia- ati1 i.!l HiitUohK iruta ltoe
j hufK lo Ai.liuKl iui-S'.iive.
i. Ilweimrn it:.i-.i (i:(ily: .
"::) 4.' M. ; l.v. ..Portland .T.Ar. j 4:3)
12:45 p. . J Li ...All,iiMy Ar. 121 r. a.
I 6:541 p. M. ' Ar,..l'oeitnrir..l(v. 7:110 a. M.
I.ot:al !Ksnior trains daily (exceiit
ft:!0 . . i Ar...!.!-t':Uion....lA. i a.
4: . . i l.v. ...ill any Ar. J (1:46 r. tt.
5:1 P. . : A r...I ;.nu)ii ...l.v. i 5:50 P. M.
Dining Curs on Ogdtn. Iiuute.
PfLLHAX Bi'Ff.JT (?i.Ei:rt:i:s
Socond-Class Blecrmig ' Cars At-,
tached to all Through Trains.
Went Hide UIvIhIoji.
Mail trai
7:.Ki V. w,
12: lli p. m.
Mi-.ij' lexce,it l3unlfly:
(....rorilat-d ...Ar. ! &:!lfi A.
.'emiiii. .Lv.'i J :W p.
l. 4., ' lft..i.e if Cwnlli. .... ,,,.....( Hh
! trains oi i.prej:ijit,,F)iadie railroad.
E:;re train- .iaily (except Sunday):
4: !0 c. H
Tii'f" P. y.
' 'iuiiil .,.Ar. ; tf:'-'3 A, .
;!"i-vi;ic l.v ! 6:50 . M.
. he. oi-tiiined 8t luvpict
.niett, ant, TlliBiitiri.
rii'ep frt'iit lf.A. li
f!i' HUiiKKt-
Vim. All,
J s found
r nanil tttlftirwv i