The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 15, 1895, Image 2

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    Lebano;i Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor.
Cleanliness is next to Godli
ness. -
Now is the proper time to have
the city cleaned tin.
Dkstroy tlie microbes of disease
lv thoroughly cleaning np the
Caw.oaps of (irftiisf nre heinr
shipnerl from T.b Ansrrles to
Florida.almtwt dailv.
TSe election of Senator Shoup in
Idaho leaves bnt one state in
doubt on this question now Dela
ware.' The Portland school census
shows the population of that citv
to be 117.804. Probablv padded
30,000 or more.
The Express would cnll the citv
d.ids attention tn the fnct thnt now
is a wind tim tn huve evervhnnV
clean up their back yards and
AoRici'LTi'RtPTS can not have
cmse to complain that the
wenther has not permitted them to
cultivate their land and put in
their crops this ft nson.
One thing certain, when times
and Imsiness again revive the
pwiple will be less ready to assume
deht, and more conservatism will
prevail. This will be for the gen
eral good.
The Eugene Regis'cr, which has
always been an excellent paper,
has changed management, Yoran
Bros, being succeeded by C. 3. Ho
ward and Ii. 6. Shd Howard Row
land. The Express wishes the
new proprietors success.
i We do not pretend to be posted
on matters of theology, but we
must remark that we believe it
would be a sin for even a consistent
church member to damn the Ore
gon legislature '. when he pays
taxes on his double assessment this
year. Review.
It is with pleasure that we note
the city council took the suggestion
of the Express and had an ordin
ance drawn up to prohibit boys
from jumping on the train and
ptherwise fooling around the depot
at train -time. It will probably
pass next Tuesday night. Then
lookout bovs. '
Farmers in the Willamette val
ley are paying more attention than
ever before to tbe small details
about the farm, which may have
been brought about by the low
prise of wheat. It may be that the
depression will result in actual
benefit in this line, and it is sin
cerely hooed tht it will.
. Mexican bankers sre now look
ing with suspicion upon the drafts
issued by the leading banks of
this country, and refuse to honor
those not made expressly payable
in gold. Mexico, a free silver
Country, is afraid of the financial
r responsibility of her gold standard
neighbor rather a queer state of
affairs. ' '.
Chas. A. Dana, the veteran New
York editor, has been indicted. for
criminal libel by a Washington,
D. C. grand jury. The numeroun
ictims of hie venomous pen should
club together and raise a prosecut
ing fund. Dana has always ar
rogated the right to mercilessly
sbuse those toward whom he held a
real or fancied grievance'.
A .Boston church has caused a
censution all over the United
Elates by building a parsonage
which is a wonderful innovation
tin church parsonages. It ha a
bowling alley, a well equipped
ir.vrmissium'aiid a billiard and pool
trocm. Tht auditorium has t
platform and footlights, ts near in
, , ,
appruauu iu a stage as uiuiu weu
V buiH In conneotion with a
Yob can tell a live business man
by his advertisement in the oaper.
People should patronize tlioas wh
show a willingness to patroniti
other industries in a town. A max
who does not advertise is like tin
boy who went tt town with a aacl
of fish to sell. When he return
hmrjff in the evening his ftithe
asked him how he had d"ii-
"Didn't sell a durned fish," suid hi
'nobody wilted me hut I had ii
the suck." Another boy, a rouel
brijibti'r boy, went to towu th
next day' He took a big hor:
along, nd first ht blov a deafen
iog blast and then he would ycli
'Fish, fish fur sale," and soon In
had sold them all and went hum.
with an empty sack and a pocket
full of money. A live merchant
always toots his horn and yells.
George S. Downing was super
intendent of the Oregon penitenti
ary just seven years. He will
probably remain in Salem and
practice law.
Cinuit cnurt convened Mnurlay,
department No. 1 before Judge Bur.
nett and department Nn. 2 with Judge
Hi-wlU mi the bench were both
Heretofore there has been much con
tusion by the presence of attorneys and
witnesses being required in each de
partment at the same time. This has
b -en obviated bv the following older
teamed in each department:
That ad writs of review, mandamus
and habeas corpus cases shall be trans
ferred to department No 2, and that
a!) indictments and orimlnal proceed
ing be transferred to department
No, I.
The grand jury returned not true
bill in the case of Frank Peck, charged
whta larceny of a team from John
The following cases were disposed of
in department No 1:
E F Wyittvs Harrisburg Mercantile
Co, to recover unewwion of personal
property; jury out.
Tnpiitz k Co vs Mary C'ougill, re
covery of money; continued.
Geo J Brauuar vs Mary Cuugill, re
covery of money; continued.
Mooue, Valentine & Co vs Mary
Cnueill, recovery of money continued.
T P Baldwin k Co vs Guldamitb k
Runfcle, recovery of money; attach
ment B O Griffiu vs Farmers k Merchauts
Insurance Co, recovery or money;
D H James, at assignee of Bank of
Oregon vs C B Watson, recovery of
money; settled.
Will k Link va W H and H J
Haple. recovery of money; continued.
Fied W Blumberg vs Mrs A Muel
ler, recovery of money, attachment;
Jnhn Knbsou vs L W Deyoe. recov
ery of money ; settled.
B L Babin vs Adolph Benders, re
covery of money; judgment by default.
B L Babin vs Kiggs 4 Brandon elal,
recovery of money; judgment against
J A Crawford vs Margarette Budine,
recovery of money; settled.
D M Osborne & Co. vsP L Bllyue,
recovery of money, attachment; judg
ment with oroer to to aell property.
M J King, as executor of Nancy
Biggars, vs W C Peterson et at, recov
ery of mmiey ; settled.
Wl.l k Link vs O W and 8 L Luper
recovery of money, attachment; judg
ment fur pl-iintiff.
U F Chevalier k Co v Metzgur k
Mesainger, recover of money, attach
ment: judgment against Metzgar only.'
ripaulding Mfg Co vs J A Montgom
ery et al, recovery of meuey, attach
ment; judgment and order to sell pro
perty. Btewart k Box vs M E Kinder, re
covery of money, attachn enl; settled.
J M Pierce va H J Hand, recovery
of money, Bttuclinieiit; Judgment for
Kachel Jeans vs Llllie Fount et al,
recovery of minify, uttachmcut, Judg
ment in vacution.
Bead, Peacock k Co va John Huston
et al, recovery of muuey, at achment;
Knnpp, Burrell k Co W J Highl
and Frat.kVanuta, recovery of money,
attachment; settled.
W J Van Hchny ver 4 Co vs John
Itnm jr. et al, recovery of money, at
tuclinieiit; Judgment for plaintiff.
Joseph R K Jrvlne vs Kiebael Mc-
Telgh, recovery of money, altiichmeiit;
Smith k Ueary vs Clyde McCoy, re
covery ' of money, atta-:bineiil; Judg
metit ft-r 97 and cin,
Stewart k Stx vs J A ZyMt, eonBr-
amthin; canSrmed.
Jnhn Hnglies vs J C Cswond and
F.nneW Ciiwrnaj, oonSriuHtlun; eon-
! 6r"" " .
C A Parker va
M J Phillip et al
recovery of money, attachment ; let-
dry of money, attaohmeiit: settled.
Btewtut k Sox yb Daniel Hurt et al,
ecovery of uimiey, uttauhriiiont; set
eled. Hihler, Blmre k Huldredge vs H W
Bilyeu ct al, recovery nf money, at
achuient; settled.
Sophia Crnlsant Vb A J Slu-ltmi, rt
overy of nuiiiey; settled.
The dU.-w.irt & x Ha.dwarc C.i, a
orpomtion, vs F M Giinrcl nod J ('
lurdln, recovery of iiitiucy, .attach
tent; Nettled.
WJ Monti-Mi vs C a id 11
i Crani-r, ncovery of luimt-j ; jiulg
neut by di -fault.
N V Slate vs John A ninl Aif'rtt
hMn-ii", recovery nt iimiify; scltied.
W T Ci elinni and O 1' -Ctmnow, vs
iillimn ( uclinm, c-il i ii ri i : . . 1 1 .i ; ; i-.iu-1
A T HlmxriVr vs Cliii! pneider, riv i
im-ry of inoiit-y; enntinuvil.
Andrew Hclslar vs Robert tiuith,
woyery of umucy; cnulinued.
Theodore Seliroi-der vs Christ Hob
roderet al; continued.
Theodore Schroeder vs Jiucpli
Dentach, recovery of money; e.uutiii
ued. .
The grand jury relumed uot a true
bill iu tlie ease uf tlie stole va Aimer
Carey, held on a charge of rutie.
In the case nf W F Maxne'l, ac
cused of stealing George UlnylMiinV
overcoat, the grand Jury reiurueit
true bill.
In the ease of Walter B.ias. cliargeil
Kith laaceuy nf some jewelry nt Leba
non, not a true bill was ruturni'd.
E V Wyatl vs IlarrisOurg Mureantile
Co, to recover possession of personal
property; verdict fur plnilitltl for 3500
bushels of oats valued at fl'M, ami for
defendant as to 1500 IiusIh-Ib of outs.
S E Young va M B Fry, recovery ut
money, attachment; judgement by de
fault and order to sell attached pro
W E Glthens vs John T McNeil,
recovery of money; continued.
G W Bntllh vs the Farmers & Mer
chants Ins Co, recovery of money;
The Oriental Tea Co vs J A McFerini
as sheriff, r-covery of .personal pro
peny; verdicv for plaintiff; goods, Ur
000, fruit tm and damages $0.
B E Young vs N P Blale. recovery iif
money, attachment; settled.
Mitchell, Lewis 4 Stnver Co vs C L"
Cross, recovery nf uiuuey, nttaeliiiieiit;
defauU and jmlgeineiit, with order to
sell attached property.
Knapp, Burrell k Co vs Emil Aile-
man, recovery of mnuey, uttacliineut
default and judgement, with order to
aell attached raoperty.
Frank Bros Co, rexpntident, Vh Jnhn
Harder, appellaut, appeal from justice
court; bousulL
A Clubbing Offer.
A ereat many of our readers Llnu
county like to take the weekly Oregnn-
ian. We have mane arrangements
whereby we can turmsli It at a reauet
Ion from the regnlar price to thnee who
want bdtb tlie Exprixb ami tlie
Oregonian. The regular price nf the
Oregnnian 1 $1.5(1 per year, and nf the
Exi'K(H $i.50 when in advance. W
will furnish both f r t- lr year in
advance 8 saving of one dollar to the
subacriper. The Oregnniun gives all
the general newsnf Ike country once a
week, and the Expkess gives all the
locul news once a week, which will
make a most excellent neks service
for the moderate sum of 2. per year,
Those who are at present sutweribur
f tbe Express must puy iu all arrear
ages and one year iu udvunce to obtuiu
this special price.
Notice. ,
Blacksmith wanted, one who under
stands ceueral blacksmith work and
especially horseshoeing uUo enn do
wood work for rei-alrini? nt nin
and mncliinery, will furnish shop free
of charge for one yei,r. t;n furnish
qjlte a number of tools. For further
information write
A. F. Hamiitox.
Hollev, Oregon
tn the Circuit Court ol tlie State ol Oregon,
fur Unn county.' la department No. 2.
Mary J. Henderjou, plaintitf
VS. f
Jacob W.IIeiidenoii, defemlant)
. Kuninions
To Jacob W. Henderson, the above
named Defendant.
You are hereby required to appeur and ain-
-jrer tlie complaint of tlie above named
Plaintiff, in the above entitled court, now
on tile with the Clerk of said Court, ui oi-
uelore the lint day ot the Itegular Term of
the above entitled Court, to wit : Monday
the 11th day of March, 105, court being
held at Albany, Linn county, Oregon ', and
you are notified that if you fail to appear
and answer aid complaint, a hereby re
quired, the Plaintiff herein will apply to the
i;ourt for tbe relict prayed for in Pliintliri
complaint, tiled in the above entitled
Court; to wit:
Por a decree dlMolving the bonds of
matrimony now Mining between t'lai.-tii;
and Defendant and tor an absolute divtrcc
for Plaintiff from Defendant, and for the
care, custody and control of their minor
daughter Vestlt and fur the cost and di
burseir-euU of thit suit In be taxed.
Thia anmaiom it published by the order
of the Honorable H. 11. Hewitt, Judge of
the Third Judicial District of the SiMe of
Oregon, and of this Court, made at Cham
bers hi the City of Albany, 1-iun I'ouiity,
Oregon, so the2Jnd day of January iSS.
gAU'l U. UtllhAtti.
fmtiftf (OrPlabniS,
Glen's Shoes:
il 50.
2 00.
2 50.
3 00.
5 00.
W. L.
But his affont for the Best Slioe iu lite Wovkl. We rarry large lines of shoes from
Barton Bros., of KannaB City, Brown Shoes Oimipsuiy, (if Bt. Loui-, and many oilier shoe
manufacturers; and also carry a large line of Kuhhcr Woods of nil kinds. ' AVo Iihvc a fine
lijie of Press Goods arriving from the East which will ho bo11h cheap as anywhere on the
face of the earth. Remember We Cnrry .J001 (JOODS
For the Least Money.
HIRAM BAKER, Lebanon, Or:
icuiuisid Krerj Week.)
Wheat -3-U-.
Outa ffilc
Hay fo toSU per ton.
Flour $0 6niU5. per aaok.
Chop fl ",") ier cvt.
lirtiii 7l)o Mir ow-t.
Middliii(i-i)70percwt. ,
Potatoes Sic.
Apples Dried, 6c per It
' Plums Dried, 6c
Onloua "v.
Hue,' Dresaed, 8o.
Veul 45e.
Pork Drenaed, 4.
Lard 10.
Hums 10 por lb.
Slniuldeni Sc.
Khlea 10c per lb
Oeeae f4 o r dm.
Ducka-42 t3 per doz.
Cliiokcna 2 08 80.
Turkeya 8o per lb. '
Eggs 8c ier dot.
B ittor IS 20c pr lb. '
n Uk-8 Ureen, lc; dry, 2c.
It la wnuderfjll how many good
can be luiugltt for a little money.
Hard timee make low prices, and there
is nothing xpeaka a plain at apot eah.
We keep g-aida for tlie people whose
wants ure many and whose cash la
very light. We buy for cash and -sell
for cash at leas then half tbe usual pro
lit, and we euii undersell all competi
tors. Give ua a trial. You will be con
vinced. We sell genuiue kid shoes for
51.50, and very Que f 7o. Fine cash
mere 85 c. oil culiea'a and turkey red
and all the finest grades 16yds tor a $1.
Curling inula all sizes Sc. Barlow
knives 10. flue ones 25 and 50c. at tbe
Rackets tSlore.
IiMMolutlou Notice.
Notice is hereby given tiiat the partner
aliip lieretnfore existing between P. M.
Hniith and G. M. Westfall. knosin as Smith
,t eatfull. and tlie uamiership heretofoK
exislinK between P. M, Bmitb and G. M.
Wentfull and A Uiiiphrey, known as Smith,
Wcstlull & l'inlirey, both Hrliierhips be
ing engnged iu tlie I.ivcry & Feed business
in Leliauon, I.inn county, Oregon, were on
(lie 12th day of February 1886 dissolved, P.
M. Smith with drawing from said firms.
G. M. Westfoll and A. Umphrey will con
tinue the same business at the same places,
an Welfoll & 1 lliirey. All parties indebted
to the old firms arc earnestlly requested to
settle. at once. P. M. Smith,
G. M. Wtsmu.
A. I'MraasT.
First publication, Feb. 22, IMS.
Albany Steam Laundry
A.lbany, Oregon
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Kates for
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
. ; Refunded.
' J. E. ADCOX, Agnt,
Or. Price' Cream Bftkinff Paw4tr
I i - -Sri
3 U ' fc IrW
IP r My
S&sxjJi:.''i ',..: ess.
II III I II Hit rtO MM Wt HMlt tHmkt IHI
I have a LARGE STOCK of BIUCK, for sale at my
Yard, in the suhurlis of Lfl :i! on, For Sale at Reasonablt
Rales. AU kind of niHson's woik done with iicatiicss and
despatch. , . o. W. HARDEN.
BARBER SHOPiLebanon " '
BestBhaveH, HnirCutoi ejliump-io u! j
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
AdmtntMtrutoj'V N'ulIi
Notice ia liereby Iven that the iiiiddi'
sipned has been (Inly iijjKiinti;il hy tin
County Court or Unn cuitnty, Urtruti, tin
tulminlfltralor ot the entatc uf A. V.
Onroutte, deceased; mid lias duly tjtmliik-d
to such odniinistruior. All itersoits lim
ing claims again 9 1 the fulate utt; hereby
required to prerient tlnnii, with rot.-r
vouchers, within mix months from the
date hereof, to the undernignetl, ut the
office of W. M. Hrown, in Lobunun, Linn
county, Oregon,
Dated thU 22nd. duv of JtuiUiiry, im.
' Win Hitter,
W. M. Brown, AdmihUtrator.
Attorney for Adininintratur.
MlTMstAfMMboeiniMn. LlbnU
eoamUtlon to local
too- P 'i'fe. Lr lawn and varaoa.
i Iruli incltis l it U m
nt. Oood clmnce for
rtTftBCSfuent. Outllt nniiftill par-
tipuUre tmt. liHOWH UUm. CO.. nur-
.... SnmolliliimtHtr. til-)
Ladies Fine Shoes:
$1 50.
2 50.
3 00.
4 OO.
5 00.
R E L I K F.
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenbergcr, Prcpr.
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Eo.
logna, and Ham, -
t-J-Bacon and Lard Always on Hand
Main Hltet-t, Lebanon, Or.
The Yaquina Route.
Chas. Clark, Receiver,
Direct Line Quick Dispatch
Low Freight Katos.
Connecting with steamer Ho
rner between Yaquina and San
Fur froight and pnBseriger rates
apply to any agent.
Chas. J. Hendrys, Son & Co, ',,
Nos. 2 to.H, Market St,,
Sim Francisco, CU
Chas, Oi.aiix, lieetiver.
CotvnUis, Crugun,
f i