The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 07, 1894, Image 1

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Three nioitlhH.....
Sluyls copies....."
John i'iUtcliellj
, Oovsrnar
Blnaer Hermann .
BylvesUsr Pennnyer,
George W. McBride
Phil Metnclisn
K. B, McKlroy, Bnpt.
Frank 0. Baker.............
..Soarstary of Btals
Public Iastniotien
......,..8tats Printer
R. 8. Bt-abn. I
Win. K mi,
&, 8. Bean, 1
JBuprsne Judges
i'OUKTV omcEtts.
J. . Panose
N. Nesdhaie
.......D. C Haniaaaa
J. A. McKert
B. Kstherfar4
P. 0. Morris
W. t. Iakins
K. T.T.Fisber
R. A. Jar
I john Push
i J. M. Waters
School Kuperliitendeirt,,
Coroner.... -
Coiumiaakmer, ...
MAYOH... ..... .. -Ic. B. MONTAGUE.
KKCUltllElt MTU'
MARSHAL......: P. W. MOiiOAK.
I J. 0. BBKD. -,:
.... T.C. COTTOS.
S. H. MYBU8.
Ui. w.itite.
CUy Council meets en B and """
Tuesday evenings of each month.
Beorat Soolatlse.
. ....... V... - n T u HMB la 0. A.
B. Ball on Tbawoay avenliis of eean waa.
TraMcnt sir Kniahts are oMOiaUf tarned la
MtlheTenliueeUin. -..
. J. A. LiaastaM, Cam,
Mu..y Hnnlar ststtlug at 4 A. B. Kau
IBo'iitoek, J.B.MA1U CI.
.Aiis8iaria, Sec'r. ,
itfllSKON 10W3K, NO. fl. 1,0. 0. .-
'every Saturday evoutut al Odd Fallows Ball, at j. w. MOilUM, . .
B. H. GABUKU, 8M'y.
mBtBtUfXlCA tODOS. o. a. I. o. a t.
Meeki at L 0. 0. 1 Ball nn anil third Wednes
day evening of each niooih.
oar erenow w CHU80 B. 0.
LEBASiOK LODCifBO. A. T. A. B.-Beala
KMnjdevenliis. on before tbe Ml u
each month. - j. B. Haioucx, W. B
f. M. MiaE&.o.
OErjMEMtCABP,Ho.lS BivUarm Of Ore-
.. u..n. VniAniaiwMeel In 0. A. B. Ball,
err jbatwoar ewillng. ainer the thW
BaioKlaroteaijIinionih, meetln the third Fri
day InMeaO. All btMhen of the Bou of Vet
rau and comrwlMof the 0. A. B. an eoralallr
invited to meat with the Can. fl
V. A. lUHitTyFlM Bi't.
B1KAM. BIVB, BO. 1, U O. T, B -
Basuonthe!, li and 6th Friday ewnlns af
tub month at M0 r. a. at (i. A. B. Ball. Traa
slot Lad)' Maeeatieos are eiUauj united la
attend. f
Bi'iaii Sunuum. Udr W-
Sam'l M. Garland.
JTeattertord 4' Wyatt,
W. M, BU0WN,
Nutloe ot JLHvwolutloii..
Notke is hereby given thai tin oopartnsr
ship heretofore existing between W. C.
Peterson and A. Umpbrey, uudor the firm
name of Peterson A Vniphrey, doing real
estate and insuruniw business at Lebanon,
.Oregon, Is hereby dissolved by mutual con
sent, Mr. Umphrey having disposed of bis
interest to R. H. Boss. All accounts due
aaitl linn of Peterson Umphrey are paya
ble to W, 0. Peterson tvho Iwcomss respon
sible for all indebtedness of said firm.
Dtu, this 10th day of October, lsDs.,
W. C. TntHWt,
"At old M
the hills" aad
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven "
it the verdict
of millions,
Liver Rem
tt-v lator is the
and Kidney
medicine to
Thick you
can pin your
faith for a
cure. A
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid-
; neya. Try it
Bold by all
Pruggiata in Liquid, or in Powder
to he taken dry or made into a tea.
Tka S!a( af Urar
I bave Bind ytntrSlmmoua Liver Rea
WUH and obu eoniclentlouiily my It l.i lua
KlQf of ail 1 iver aaedlelna, 1 oouwliitr It a
MNU?4ne oheel In Itwlf. Unu. W. iteMr
Sum, Taooma, Waahlugtou.
' frwran PAwaera
aa Um I Btasu Ifnla wraaaaa.
Takaa Prom Our Exchangee Through
out the Northwest. .
Tha Wtaloti uorrual achoul' au
rolnuuit la 102, a good increuae over
thatoflaet yoar.
Tulmla la about to anaiet In the
aaUbUabiueut tbare of a creamery, tha
plAUU wf wllifU VIM come rrotu liou
toa. RoUaFrog, tuapected of the aaaull
M Poattuaatar Ixaac, of Hallx, waa
bd at Pendleton, to 70 boodato tha
Brand jury.
'"Sirroundtug iuflueueea ef eivlllta-
Uoo" if tbe happy eynouym uaed by
Um Couullle Ciiy Herald in poaklug
Daaa Co. ahlpped 1,409,910 faat
of lumber to San Fraueieco from tlieir
Cooa Bay City mill durlug tbe mouth
Beutaii itouuty wilt probably be tbe
Brat In the state to get ber tM roll
oampleted and in tbe band of the
heoretary of tbe ata'e.
atra.W. . Macsulay, of Medford,
waa nearly gored to dtb by a cow
oae sight laat week. Uer rigbt leg,
Its Fame
1 V
I vjav isajfr
rtaUl) f; i,BiOialBla.n''talrl-a)b
n.'n" 'I P : i'- 'TI
Jr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
)X received the highest award at tbe fair from jury headed
. the Chief Chemist of tha U. 8. Department ef Agriculture,
' ,t. Price's was officially commended for highest toavnie
A &viiA''44 -? -'. -
Hoar the tblgb, waa torn opeu, and ahe
was otherwise bruised before rescued
by a passer-by.
There an ten divorce and tve
murder cases ou the oaart
docket of Douglas county,
J. V7. Wiley, of Pbeanix, took tkras
car-loads ol hogs and one ear-load ef
cattle to Ban Francisco last week.
Tbe managers . of the Pendleton
suiuilng mill praeented aaeb Karri.
man In tbelr employ wltb a Thanks
giving turkey.
Tbe residence of Hoa. J. J. Daly, of
Dallas, was damaged to the extant
of 11,009 by Are Wednesday; fall;
Tbe Ashland mine is still being
worked night and day. A eontraet
for the running of another 100 feet on
the big tunnel bse been let.
Tbe Corvallis public school eon
tiuuea to increase at the rata of about
three new students par day, and 450
pupils are In attendauos.
A great many hogs are being
slaughtered In Jackson county,
all hough still more art being shipped.
This will scatter a considerable sum
of money among our farmera
Denny Crowley, of Klamath county,
baa become almost totally blind, the
result of a trip across tbe suow aereral
years ago, with little bops for the
restoration pf his sight,
Tbs fees raoeived by tbe Douglas
county clerk will probably Closed
(400 for tbe month of JJevember.
This exceeds tbe salary upeuses af
tbe office.
11 its Mlunis Senders, of Albany,
was badly bunted about the head, face
and breast Thursday eveulng, while
auceaafully helping the kitchen Are
with kerosene.
T. L. fiiewart and S. M. Bushy, of
Fossil, Uilliam oouuty, alerted Tnure
day for Texas, each wltb a car load
of horsey forty head In all It will
cost over $10 a bead to get lbs horses
to Texas.
Isaac laya, a well-knowa and re
elected citlsan of La Qranda, died at
the residence In that ally Wednesday
morning from heart trouble. Deoeaa
ed waa the father of Mrs. J. I). Slater,
of La Grande, and waa aged abeit as
Tbe November term of circuit oourt
In Malheur oouuty, just adjourned by
Judge fee, was very short, lasting
only two aud one-half days. Tbs
grand jnry reported that tbey found
tbe oouuty in excellent financial oan
ditloo and although they had diligent.
Will Live.
The World's Columbian Expoe
ition marked the climax of hu
man achievement It will live ina
memory of the crowning glory of
modern times. No other devel
opment of the closing century
can compare with it in practical
benefit to mankind.
Who that exhibited it not
proud of it ? Who that failed to
exhibit does not regret the omis
sion? The former are the people
of to-day. The latter are relics
of the past.
No honor so high as that em.
bodied in an award at the fair.
Competition was world-wide, the
fruits of ripest experience and
noblest endeavors were submit
ted for examination. .
Honest tribunals, composed of
eminent scientists, examined and
passed upon the claims of exhib
itors, Their judgement based on
inquiry and justice, proves con
clutively the value of any article
they commend. .
Their approval was stamped on
ly Inquired, they had been unable to
learn of one crime committed, tn
the oouuty miring the previous six
Sophia Western Husaer Brown, who
died near Willamlna last week, was
born In Ohio In 1813, and settled in
1850 on the homestead where she died.
Her husband, James H. Brown,
passed away in 1875. Tbey were
married In 1832.
There Is no clue to the missing Jobu
Henderson, of Harlan, or Huiumlt,
Linoolu county. - Hs is about glvea
op for loat. Horns forty men have
ust relured from a fruitless search and
the hast of hit four dogs bsve come
home creel fallen. Borne think be has
voluntarily left the country, aud bis
wife is Inconsolable.
There was au uuusnslly large
express package in tbe express car on
tbe east bound train Monday morning
a horse, shipped from Portland to
Denver, by D. C. Bailey, the iliarge
being $160. He was Inclined to take
full possession of the car at first, but
finally became quits friendly with
Express MesseDger Volger, who acted
as hostler. Sun.
A tramp called at a residence at
Independence Wednesday, and asked
to buy five cents worth of milk. Ou
being furnished with the article, he
deliberately entered tbs house, laid hi
gunny-sack bundle down, spread his
bread aud cbeess out on tbe dinner
table, which was Just set for dinner,
drank his milk, snd wbeu through
arose and said, ''Thank yon."
' John Devit.e, tbe prominent Klein
mountain caitlemau, delivered to
buyers at tbe Huntioglon stockyards
on Saturday 276 bead of prime cattle.
This is ssid to be the best drove of
cattle driven there for shipment this
year. They were well graded, alth
Shorthorn and Galloway breeds, aud
showed their good breeding prom
inently. Several Jackson county men sold
900 acres of mineral-bearing laud this
week to tteaule parlies. Provpeetore
have already run a tunnel 1,200 teet
in tha old channel, which is rep
resented as being vuu yard wide aud
ruus tbs full length of tbe claim.
The gentlemen who prospected It sav
that tbs channel Is eighty feet deep
snd will pay wall either fur drifting
or hydraulic mining. The price paid
was S 15,000 cash.
It is never dull times with tlx
Industrious lorsdo. When the mills
are shut dowu aud men are out of
work the torede go s rigbt ou and
puis in his, time Just the same. The
insect has had steady employment at
the wharf of the Hotithern Oregon
Company, at Marshfield, snd Inel week
about forty feet square nf that structr
ure fel down, carrying ilh it shout
40,000 feet nf lumber. The mill was
compelled to close down ou account
of injury to the track uaed to run rut
Another coal find bas beeu made
In Jackson ccouuty. Quite receuty
on the farm of County Commissioner
Samuel Furry an eight-foot vein of
coal was discovered. Three IVet of
the rein la Bald to he excellent quality
of coal, while five feet Is hitumlnoun
shale. This Hud is uliunet illrwlly
south of the Crit Tolmau mine, near
Boxy Anu, and the finding of the
uew cropping proves conclusively
that there is an Imtnens bed of cwl
underlying a thin cnverlu; of Htrth,
aud only a, short distance cost of
Medford. '
Tbe Blletz Indians are drinking a
good deal of whiskey thee dn)S and
stories are numerous of their naughty
deeds. . Oua report Is that a lady and
Some school children were Insulted
by Indians from tbs retervutloii,
Another report is that two citizens
of Wiihtmiuu, driving cattle between
Willamlna aud tbs ageucy, were
stopped by Indians aud o:io of (be
s.uv. utiles drew a knife aud threatened
to kill oneof the whites, who promptly
clubbed the Indian with his Will'
Chester and knocked him 110 his horse
Into tbe mud.
It is likely tbs Bykes ussuult story
from Bhotpouch creek will lai brought
to the attention of the next Uenton
county grand Jury, Bykes, I he Pole,
who is uccused ot milking fuc with
two of bis neighbors' wives, Is lu bad
repute in tbe settlement and plenty
of evidence will be forthcimikg. It
seem that the leusou the linlc hus
bands have so long delayed reporting
bis lust summer's utroeitles is tjiat
tbe women folks kept the mutter to
themselves until last week. The
atory rune Unit he spent a whole urek
with one or (lis victims, who not only
keut Uie assault a suvna, l)W avW
Spelling school Friday sve. .
Singing school Saturday eve.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening.
Mrs, Todd aud Mr. Cox have moved
on the Llndley place.
If you want n good old time chat
call on Mrs. Molly Uee, the florist.
Rev. Norton went to Sweet Home
Saturday to entertain the people en
religlouo topics.
Mr. Rollings and his son, Harvy,
are doing a laage amount of work on
tbelr place. Tbey are rustlers.
... -Rev.
Brown, the Happy Home
school teacher has the good will of his
pupils as well as the patrons nf the
Beautiful winter weather and the
farmers have Improved it seedimt all
done, still, the ploughs are still
running. ...
Grandpa nncl .Grandma Cummlngs
are able to be around again, the old
couple have bad a rather hard time
for the past three weeks.
Mr. Grant Ltndley has traded bis
farm for a bouse and lot In Lebanon
with a Mr. Cox of the same place. Mr.
Llndley has moved upon Hamilton
creek on his mother-in-law's place.
The Individual who took a lot- chain
from Mr. Gas Is requested to return
the same. . Bsdbook.
. Don't Like Them, ...
Tbe two big engines now on tbe
S.P. are run between Roseburg and
Grants Pass by Engineers Wake and
Porter. The former's was laid up for
severtl days with a broken malt' rod,
but Is back on the road again. It
seems tn be the intention of the com
pany to put.elx nf these engines on
between Roseburg and Portland to
take place of eight smaller ones now
in use, tbe two running south to take
the place of three now running there.
They will then take off two of the'
helpers here and one at Grants Pass,
throwing three crews out of employ
ment. The engineers do not seem lo
take kineUy to the big machines,
believing them lo lie rather risky
things t run on, especially south
through the canyon. They soy that
it is Impossible to see any distance
ahead on track, and that they will
probably run into obstructions more
frequently than heretofore. Review
Asleep In a Bath Tub,'' '
The Porllaud Welcome tells the
following: A man giving the name
of Henry Waterhouse, hailing from
Albany, went Into a First street bar
ber shop Friday afternoon and asked
for a bath. It was noticed that he
was slightly lntoxlouted, but no par
ticular attention was paid to him, and
he was shown Into a hath room, He
was heard to splosh around awhile
and then everything became quiet.
So quiet that the janitor became
curious and looked' over the door1
The man hiy.ln the water apparently
dead. The door was broken open and
It' was ascertained that Waterhouse
was almost drowned, A physician
who was summoned, however, suc
ceeded In resuscitating him und he
came out all right. Too much boozi-
caused him lo fall asleep and he had
a narrow escape. - ;.'
His Shoul ler .torn Off.
Ashland, Or., Dec. 2, This town
is in grief tonight over a horrible iui
cident that nccured today, Charles
lleobe, a lud hut 10 years of age, and
generally beloved by the entire com
munity, Ilea at death's door, slid pro
bably before this Is printed he will
have passed the portals. Beebc's en
tire shoulder and arm were torn from
bis body today by u loud of shot from
his gun, Ho was out quail hunting,
und In milking a step he fell, and dis
chaigiug his yuu, the entire loud
mangling and tearing away the shoul
der and ami. 1
Two Governors.
Montgomery, Dec 1. Tbe capital
is thronged with men bearing arms,
wltb bristling bayouets, ordered here
to assist in the Inaugenllnn of Governor-elect
W. O. Outes. Many other
men are also hers, unarmed, with the
vowed intention of placing Captain
Kolb In the governor's chair. Kolh
was sworn in by a Justice of tbe peace
hut failed to get posesaiou of tbe oflloe,
She "Who's that nice looking muu
across the street?"
He-Why, that's Mr., . H.'s
wearing one of those flue tailor-made
suits, made by the Salem Woolen Mill
store." -
Moral Ik llkswUs bid U wall.
The Prealdent'a Message the Only
Washington, Dec. 8. At 12 to-day
the Fifty-third congress convened.
When Its term runs out at noon on
the 4th of March next, It will bavu
been In session fifteen months. Beside
listening to the message of Preside t
Cleveland nothing was doue to-day.
The senate calendar contains Mi
bills and resolutions that have be u
reported by tbe committees, many of
them measures of great Importaun,
which will be urged for action as soon
as the senate can emerge from tl a
inertia that characterises the begin,
nlng of a session. The most impm -unt
of these, from a political point f
View, are the tariff bills. Jones on1
Harris, of tbe finance committee, have
said they Intended to cull these up,
especially the sugar bill, at the ea.iieH
possible moment, but it Is not like!.?
tbut they will urge them during tha
first week.
Cleveland indorses the recom
mendation by Comptroller Ecklen
that congress permit national banks
to issue currency to the amount nf
one-half of tlieir capital, without
depositing United States bonds us
The president's message contains
15,000 words. Its keynote Is financial
reform, and it discusses foreigs affair
und the Nicaragua canal at length.
Contract Awarded for the Portlani
Astoria Railroad.
Portland, Dec. 1. A dispalivi
received from Astoria that the con
tract to construct a railroad ho:,-,
Gohle's point to Astoria bad been
awarded to Messrs. Bonner & Ham
mond, of Misscula, Mont. Inqu y
was made of a member of the railroad
party who is at present In the city, an.t
tbe following additional particulam
were obtained:
A proposition to build tbe road h'"l
been submitted by Messrs. Bonner A
Hammond, of Missoula, with M',
rjtunten, ot Astoria. The gentleman
had received a dispatch this afternoon
from Astoria Informing him that this
proposition had been unanimously
acceptcp. The proposition was to
build the road from Goble's ou t ie
Columbia to- Astoria and from th ,i
point to a connection with the Seasldo
road at Young's bay. Tbe proposition
requlred "c contractors to complete
tbe road by May, 1896.
China Humbled.
Washibqtow, Dec. 1. An offlch'1 !'i
a position to know the facts says Japan
bos replied, favoring China's prn'Ier
presented through United States
Minister Penby. It still remains,
however, for China to plainly show -she
can and will execute what she bai
proposed. Until this Is done third
will be no cessation of hostilities.
While the exact terms of the offer am
not known', it is said to be about $1 5,
000,0110 cash indemnity and China's
relinquishment of sovereignty o c
Coi'eu, There Is nld to be no a t
render of China's territory.
A Novel Way, I
Ban Fka'noisco, Dec, 2, The socle!)
women of Suu Francisco have adoptej.
a novel plan to raise money for ,ih
support of a ward for liiournblea at
the children's hospital. Tbey are
going to edit the Christmas num's-r
of .The Examiner, W. R, Hea si,
proprietor of the paper, has agreed t
turnover the whole newspaper plant
lo them und they are geiug tnwrl o
every line of the paper, manage Hi-'
buisiness department, edit the te f.
graph news, collect local news, sol uh
the advertisements and, iu fact, li-i
Aii S. P. Brakeman Aseaulued by
RobebI'HO, Deo.3, Benjamin Lolif,
a hrakcmun ou the Southern Paoillu
overland train No. 10, going south
yesterday, while at a point near tunnel
7 discovered three tramps on .tlui
tiuln. In attempting to put them oil
he was struck in the lues with a rock
by one of them and badly Injur."',
The trumps weie all bi ought to Iht-i
place and bound over to appear before,
the grand jury. '.
Ban Fbamckco, Dec. 2. Among the
arrivals in this city last evening was
J. M. Rappt, the transcontinental
lieilest Hun, who left New York May
ldi h ou a wager of (5,000 that be would
reach Han Francisco on or before
December 1st without spending a
cent other Hum what he earned ou lie
Journey. Tbe traveler Is a medium
sized niau of about forty years, with
hulr. almost thlhi And a lAsai
. i '