The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 21, 1894, Image 1

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NO. 30
One ffJfJjJVJj; K'j; jpij'ViwJ"4"
m mniitlw; i I. 1
Tlinlfe mimtlis ......... "
SlnileoopteN ............. .....
. i
John H. Mitchell,!
Dinger Hermann,....
Sylvester Pennoyer,
flenrge W. McBrido,
Phil Metsclian,
K. fl. McElroy i
Xmiik-.a Maker,,
I. H. B. Ht-fthii. i
Win. h Lord,f
K, H. Bean, I
,.. Senators
,., Congressman
I,Seoretary of Suite
InuU Public Inntrni'tlon
,,M..-..Btate. Primer
, ....Supreme Judges
,. l i.V. Diincim
J mine,.
BI,.li.ff..:1''i..!..i,.,.l.....Ji.i...i"J. MeVemn
BWiool Superintendent,.
i Assessor, ...
.A. li. Kutlierford
P. 0. Morris
.W. F. Pealdnr
E...T. T. Fisher
S. A. Jayne
I John Pugh
) J. M. Waters
' Commissioners,
, 1Ayon ,IZc. B. MOW AGUE.
" V ATTOttsft . M, G
J, fl, KKKD.
. ...Vic. TTO. . .
' 'X .1S.ICK.
Tuesday evenings or'lh,,,0"tb'
Seorart oi."'!1"-
IINK TENT, No. 1. K. 0. T, "" sk
R. Hall on Thunday am
Tjeiutent lr Knwhtt ara cotdlal.7
Kilo. W. Bioa, R. ' .U--' WWW, No. M. 1. 0. AT.
-St.ry D.ulai-,a.Wln
tsaW. . , . J, I, Hnn
mmn. Burr.
' ' I IV n. V. Mauls
, Saturday evening at Odd Follow "H"
0,twep.m. ; , , "w iENHHI, . 0.
B M UABl.AWi BaotlJ.
" -. .nMt Mr, T 0. 0. F.
' MS 0.0. mall mt and IhW vM
1 A. ulna ' of aaeti month.
L. .1 .n nrhnfmtha full mUl Ul
Haunnay evoin .n.
aaab montn. t
r. ii. Miu''.,M'
K. E. Hauuaci, W. M,
,.ry ruoria)' """ 0 c . BK M, w.
a. jt, ...... ...
;lTZL inQ. A. R. Hall,
jon. Bom of V.n eIMpl ,lrd
vry BatUfJay h mM,t, In. third Frl
,rd.jh on I, J Vet.
day Imttad. All ti01"' , a.r,to oordlally
4ram and on mradaiof tna
lliiTlMd to m eel with the ('&' q, caa, Capt.
A.TMimre, rim8et. " .
" . . 0. T, M,
BlN'AotVBJIT m Wnnthal
-. iimoiiinai
th . id and. 4th. .Friday of e
0. 'a. S. Hall. Trauilent Udy
Htaui m Ih
r. t. ,
bea are oi fatally tnviura to aiwuu.
A. A. Hyu, Udy R. K.
BARAK 8.llI.TKAH. lAtly Com.
Sam'l M. Garland.
John M. Somsrs, ;
Wi II praco l ' """ ' 8tnle'
ATI 0 1 N p VS i AT . LAW ,
AT-mbwrvl in LAW,
i h ,'. . .
. , it . 'X ""!
; .. . """
i : i .' i
Dm. Courtney & Maokev,; ,
t&r m iv oil i -truiici.
y i li UAWvw -O
Calls answered day or jtlfjli.t;
OB M.VpatatntBCoiBtuey'llniik.
"As oW m
t!io hi! !" tsrii
,7'l!t,If3' WUIUIIJJ III
!r nevur excei
24.v - e.l "Trie
Litr Jifgu
. r l.oior -i i.he
y nuly Liver
f.u'f "K.iluey
II:e...:C'.:lf to
w'u'il ' v o"u'
l.t:t!i lor a
, c a r e. . A.
m i l iV l.ixa-
KiVa.-, .11 U u
jumtTy -ireg"
t'liile, act- I
in;? dirwitly,-.
on t.lie Liver .
and Kid-
"' iieva. Try it"
SiAd !'y all
IVtiirf.viatK in Liquid, or in Powder
u a.V fiili t-njdj j opn.f tt! i(i ti uji tia.
T!ii lUuff of tivur Miull'dncm
" ! lie . .. ii -.1 ,ii,i,rk'.liMini,ii ljlvwr Hcffll
llltill ..ll'l I.i; I .inlrltym,i.!HI hit u 'xllic
. tij'itf .ku,,J'lJM?1a'. K-i'iiiti'i' it a
III. :;l 'llM-I II, t '.II t'r.i !l r(!f,u, W, ,IACK-
v, ;i,iinii, V.'tiHliiiitii.iti,
i t'l Wif fAOKAlilS-SB
Ilri '.14 j Itw u In rd ul. wr!;ttis
East and South
Of THE--
Southern facific Co.
IijireaB tralm leave Portland dally!
6:111 r, M.
10:29 p. H.
10:16 A.M.
I,v...I'ortland Ar.
L...AHiny.. ..Ar.
Ar.Han FrnndscoLv
8:20 A. M.
4:29 A. K.
" Theauor traina BUip at all stations from
Portland to Albany lndiilve;alo Tangent,
Shedd, Halscy, HarrmourK, juncuon city,
Irving, Ktii
lie and all nuilkim from Bone-
burg to Aul
land lnclmrire, -
' jt'oKebnrg mail daily :
TSTa li' I l.v..;Ponlutid ...Ar.
i5.ii! i' 5. 1 1. v.... Albany Ar.
4:20 p.
12:30 P.M.
7:00 A.M.
( :60 p. M. ! 'ji!,"l!Lr?
Local piawniMf ifffllj
1:20 p. i
sum r.
I,v..,Albany Ar.
10:21 a.m.
A. M.
9.16 AMAjbajiW-.-iiLi
1:10 a. M.
Lv...Ailiany Ar.
9:J6 p. M.
Dining Canon Og&cn Routt,
Pullman BukFET Slelpeks
Second-Cltten Sleepii. Care At
tached to all Through Trains.
-Vo.t Hide Division,
Bsrwaaa Pobtlakb akb Coevallu.
Mall train daily (ejtceptjSunday):
7:80 A.
12:16 p.
I Lv. .. Portland ...Ar.
6:86 a.
1 :00 p. M.
At Albonv and Corvallls connect Willi
trains of Oregon Fan lie railroad.
Express train-dally (except Bnn'laylt
"4:40 p. m. i Lv...Fortlaud "...Ar. ! 8:25 . a.
7 :86 pji. I Ar.McMinnville Lv I 6:60 A. M.
ado and Europe can lie obtained at loweHt
es from I. A. Bennett, agent, umanon.
K KOKHLEK. Manager.
ROGERS, Asst. O. F. & Pass. Agt.
To Advertisers.
If you wish to obtain
the beat
returns frop your Va vflla.TieW
the .i,(oportMrtu.tWV tbnt
The Lebanon Express
W tt dsnired results, us it
will g'
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in 'Linn 'County.
Taken From Our Eachangea Through-
. , out the Northwest, .
. Theenrollmont in thcAshliuul school
1 420. . , ,, ., . .
Bay City Is. building Bclioolhouae
'that will cost fi,506. " '
.. .i,
La Graude lias aliandnned the etTort
to have a rac meet this fajl.
t -
Plans have been prepared to rebuild
the Catholic church at Gervale.
Bnlter City will make an effort to
secure the SlSlrlc't falrtoT ne'vt fall.
The Oregon city '(iourier has heej '
sold by I. L,e Malilen to A.W. Cheney.
The traveling Solvation Army mis
sionary band has erected 1U tents In
(Corvitlll8. i
Ered iirn,w.n, mn iCharles Smith, v
caped, from ,the ogtiuty jail at Dallas 1
Thursday night.
A man at Corvallls refused to pay a
.90 bill. (Josta tfl.25. His refusal
eosthlm $8.15. " j
A black bear weigiug 200 ponnds
was killed near Elgin by a ball from a
82-oalHier revolver. .
Spokane will pay 5 mills tax this
year to pay the intereston bonilB alone.
The'reault of the boom.'. - v '
B. W. Johnson, James Flettand
George Paul have purchased the Cor
vallls Gazette from'FTahk Connover.
.( lliarlf -i WoIboU,- of the Eugene
Guard, is pwispedtlng In Klamath and
Lttkf oount'lee for j . ltip tlop forXnewfh;
paper,' ,, . .'.C.TJ. i ."T.'
.T.he.estiniate of awaterworiis s;ste'in '
fur. New berg, thatwould.sijpjjl' 172,00$
gallon of good spring water daily, li ,
eniyyiLOflo.;. "
Economy has struck the eounty
court, of Polk county, very hard. The
jail yard, has . been leased for a lifery
stable u(5 a month. . .
The barn of Hiram Hartley, near
SllVerlon'; w'ita biirded:!'5Itindai.'''It''
w'aij' Ignited from a brush liiirn threje-"
qiyirtersof mijeaw(ij:v. '"u ' i'
-William Walker, a boy H yeawof
age, Wiiuk-d' a' Br Wee 200 feet hlghj1
near Beavfertbri'i bV61te iirTtlie top'and'
taojt Itome'for a trophy1..''.'.'' '.,
J. HrMulford, of Ashland.'Whoidl"
jpiuBftfed' twd iweAs ago in San Fram
cispo, has been tiiuhij'ut the receiving
hospital In J-hat city itiBai)6. v
A new Howe truss bridge js toj lie
M)( across tl;e I'.liuoU river, in Jose
pbliie .cutiiitj', to oost 2,tKK). The'old
brldg bus fa..i!7iir8. -
Con IrrfefefKNWar' hii' at Cprvft! Us,
bas.aiceptW 'a" call Wtb First Coti-
' Wsttghf e'r-h'rttis of tbeCrftUl)p?
burn,ed'yiteidja itigh(.;t;:The lea
KM," wn.ii '
TMyWi .Rfhweiier's
burned. n
hqrwd1-MwfWib,,ViIaj'ear M
! '.TIlb iiusiufiflB at'lieiuatti: hs;been
fjjBOonliu'Uedj .iji.Wtb ",, oi Auageurw'
eMoitgh 'tyt, ' diul.-tpjKbtt f that
Will MoClufe, appoiuHlients by Bp-
IreBenUiMve Herinauu to tIx9:Weet
iPolut academy, failed to p,B-the-ex-
jreturn to Eugene. .: ;;;V
! Sam T. Crooks, a of thai
porMon of Liu u county know.Ai.!auan
iPoohe, wae gored by a .ball SuMWi
Hiaving three tiU. 1Iau ;d.. beittg
jiitberwlse injured r.i K .Hiio.'t
1 The H.lm 8c aoWBaXSetiiiait Wovi
which have bt'eli ':olfeeU'!'lfiV.i-'sotiie
miuitha, will resume op'ea'tloTS ft!K6t Tuesday une'er the fluifrfiBrfeist
f Ffaiik Yeruag, thprVseht owner.
A spark from ly ri'st.iu.t.tjicot'ii.
a tlu'tsliiiig niai-hiiit' .j!)
:igm work oil iw.i ;)U.i!:jj. yf'ira.ii y:i
;be farm of Mr. In uau, on l4i;g,H!' l'J
ii-reek, set flied Ij the gruiji ,,imd deB
i royal It. ''. ;,.K
: A lUttti niiined Hwng'giirit1,' Whfl1)'
ii.lg beef to tliiiMiop-pitterit'-'iiear
;'.pringtliW, wis stopfAM tiy trt O'lliaslt-
ed meu a few ulfcrHtfagw?' Iifer
went through his JdckeW; and hai to
lie satlslied with B-'j'atilt-kuU'e.i , iv''i
Mrs. W. (J.,.JtgB,u.,adUK)1te.r6
years of age, and a younger eliiid were
severely Injured-lit'- ruirawav isatw.
day;' iwa'f'ifjW'f PAnyn',,l,Utiioii;pUti
fy'.'"Th'e 'buK'gji.';.w:l)n'!,,.Wt '.flvjr e
ordered au' at:tipti to l wimnjeuuetl
hfecWr $48,000 from ex-Treasurer Fol-
aord ajid his bondsmen; also-agftlnst
the. rcclv,er of (ha National bank nf
Pendleton, where the motiejj wa de
. t ! ,, ii . .. .
Tfhe. Grant's Pass Courier says hoboa
are traveling both ways by the score,
'ai'id fhelr'highlly gleam'lh the railroad
wnbdptlei' Tiiey have-good tlmessifig
tug andeatlngooufleoated watermelons
while waiting for. freight trains.
The force of employes on thegovern
uient Work at- the 'Cascade locks num
beTafcnut 400; and these are-'prlncipnlly
engagcd.n excavating .asd. stoneicut
t)ig, ,It Is jtpected ,)iat, mora, men
wilt be put to work very soon aqd the
canal will be ru'shed" rapidly t com
pletion! ' ' ' ' "' t' " -'
(i! C.'W'by' irid VV.' K'H'olbert were
dinting wood -In "Tolmari gulch, near
ABbland, ireceutly, xl both tried to
toutsb a log at tire eamctltue and place;
McCoy with his hand, and.Holliert
with an ax, McCoy hi-n.t Holbertjust
in'tnstafii and lost' his little finger! "
A vicious dog tied to a wagon lu a
jho'rjyariT near Creiweli, Monday, at
(lacked -some children" playing near aiid
nearly killed .tbeidatighter'of. Wyatt
i Wilson. He iacerated-lierface badly
land for 48 boura herJiie a-as despaired,:. (V
j-,,Tlse municipality., of. Grant's Past.'
pwns, a (log thatywasleft jnbe possea-.
sion of Marshal Eeepan by a p,rospeo.
(on The animal' Is' said to be a cross
befwestt'a xVew'fritHidland hnd a setter,'
he-latter strain toeing guessed from his'
mbit q'f "etUng".ln .the middle of the
vajk.aiid compelling. pedetrlrus to go.
around him.
;- ).. n '- - : . (. ':
! '.The Corvallis Times propeeds;tOi nar
fale that Pastmaster Bob Johnson ran
f' fwit raoe wlllh Fred Oberer, the fire
men of Corvallis, 'who won the Bre
inan's race at Oregon City, and that
Bob came, put ahead. ' That settles the
inafter Mai h'is belhg' smartest post
Waaler 'Oregon!
$m 8ttmmenrljl,evy)i,ile Hrge
ititajjiriinitB baggyi,
al.arqe 'ycious ( hog, ran,,,)indep ,tie.
horse and gashed , ,th anl mal sti severe-,
ly in the stomach with his tusk that
he will probably die. The wound wet
dot dlsoovereij uritil fhe'b'oree'h'ad Weil
UrWeh seve'ral fiitles, anii Had bled pro-
fuMy. , "'
: ,.ii I. y i! i,i ii-.t v v n t-.'b '-i i .' l
i ftntain.vVwl, ,,o. (he. steamer .
Lugeue, gaue this ooice a pleasanL
pall this forenoon. He Inform lis
that the steamer jq opig good , ussiu
rsa tetween Portlantj and depen
denceand fttt ff. soon. as the reiver,
rises sufficiently the whistle of the boat
(( be hearg at Kugeue
: J...K, . Phiipps, ajrestyi for cutting,
li.mher op Ctavernient. , land, south o(,
Boseburg, in Douglas county,., i was.
brought to Portland today by Deputy
United States marshal Humphrey, and
pleading guilty before Judge Bellinger
was'flu'e'd' flfW'it seems that Ph'fpps
dif) riot iilniieil1 ptil (lis'"!! bu
ygb'vleM'-llwii cu oil'
gov'ernieiit lauds' liy ii na'an'under
coptract ltb him. Portland Tele-
thp jury In the case of Oregon VI
Prof. MoFadden, of the Toledo public
Sclioohj;"' affef being ou aboat.60 (purs,
yetume'd' a . returned a verjjip pf (Hifif.
lie'clefeudau was filled1 $li).and cos pi,
aniouriting,,!" 150. The case created
i:;i; :..,rll'i 'i t''i- ri .l',
greui CACiieiueui. in auicuu. rioi. uai,--
Fiidden " had severely punished , Coll
his -school, aha was arrested for assault
and 'batiei''y:',i;kr. W.'.'Wiiglii; f
:Ai(iauy,'was employed to prtisectite ilje1
defeudan't, ab'd lt Is'sjiiil ' made "oiie, of1.
tWte't'efforui oVhis li'fe wh'npleaxi-i
alig'to. the (ii i for the jolvIct(pn of t(e
' 'George Soieiser oame't'otoSn'Tliu'rS:
diiy,"s'u ys jhe So'i'a .Pi' juVjg hap!
.Il,i. r 1 in hflj rMuau.Hiafnn and
ww wU,'.ig5itit.4...wU)l, iiiwvow,sb'6f
wji . severaU of our oitins vr.'Oli'i.
siderably alarmed,' flhriiig tjt'-'hej
might do somiijtidy.luumi,' WWenUy
his mijid' ie,ii alwipKlH Kyvchiniat
a selWa KUii.flgoUiit lhdooiit-tle'
pe4otfini!!lU.ihei .was .doing, some
writiAig,-jiMid ij.H., Morri. took ohar(je.
ef tdiaigutv-j Ijtr Siuelses went home.
uirtiit.ifeiv(i,tlittt .he, will iiy-to be,
lastitaliiiolK, 'He, aLUj.-prevtous period.
iili(rfe)ha4l'lo be treated for inM'
ily, aud he probably will probably
will have to .be takeu Uf the asylum for
treatment again , . '
'"'WdoS 'Sawihg. "' ' ,,; ' m 1t
1 will be In Lebanon within a few
days vvitb my 'steam wood saw, and
would solicit ,y opr., putrflnage, , I, will
saw for so oeouj per coro,.
E. E.
H,iiu4!ii-..i a
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
' Sumtnah Is ltere again.' ' "''"
Town quiet all are on the hop.
One has been called .from ua this)
week. G. W. 'San ford bae gone' to the
fair at Salem' to meet his Intended,
They are to be married lu'tlie paVlllon
at the fair, grennda.!. .Waterloo .niay
not, be 'in, It',', wl.he.h.oriie shfffit
but among.' the curio collection We)
shine.' the calf" of toe cow tie Was
feeding died the night left "ul of a
broken heart. He has an afTeotfonate
uaturei , t.. ,, 0.,, .j. ,
-Sunday was a day of some.'especlally
the elite of. Lebanon who.caoie out!us;
did those apoken. pf In hlfttqry.tq w,lt-
ness the battle of Bull Run. All day!
they came hi droves.'u'ud In other coii-j
veyances.'tn wituess ttti raw between!
Lewis and Meyerst But elan! fAr toe
fpnd hopes of vata man. iln a,few
seconds time Lebanon was turned fim
joy k) woe, from bloated bond-holders i
to paupers," so 'to' ' 'ttaMuV ' Ttii' '
with A squint in his oft eye'Wae tiio
muobfortbe paper mill, and the way
the. buggies, rattled over the brldge.pq
their way homeward, and pot even
waiting to'get a last driiik (ofsoida
was a' sad' sighiE. "We wotild wager'a
ftwsen' dlwri 'tag that Borne "ode'was'
sorry, -that- htHspoke-W Thh ta a lrmg
article on one little 2x4 raooihut-we-are
truly pleased and desire banoi).
to know It. this was a bad day for
"cnuck" rabliig'. ?' :
; , . .v. ,,,(,. " ,1., .-,,1,1,.
gpeaki.npof raoiiig reminds us of the
first and last bunt we have taken part'
In ftir some'yearsi 'ld an evII'Uour We'
wore tempted to go gunning WrChtna
birds and went. We were told that
the birds had beoome great pests and
the ranchers hereabout were ready, to
welcome the festive gunner with open
arms who would slay this enemy'to
crops. Selecting a broad field as the
scene of carnage we turned- Extermin
ator (my frle4 dog) Jpose.nDP.tUe..
unsuspecting oovey.., up went the
bird, 'bang went' the gun and "away
Went my friend Mr the publlphlghway.
A survey of the horHon dlsprayedrto
to our gate one the genus homo known '
as the Hossback astride a barbed-wire
viewing the proceedings with a wicked
and not overfrieDlly look. Weamlled
as we ' displayed out ' catch and asked '
the mosshaoker why bur Mend was
legging ,lt ao hastily aeroaa the field..'
His. )ower jw seenwd, to, drop away
from his face l what some, whlkj in
Jhejr pu,ps, mt carl a grin and said
he guessed be was running from the
strong arm of the raw. Then he ex
plained bow JetJ and J. K. had fixed
a. law ao that the poflr rmoottW
nrotept' l)ls pt'ayd aal-aj froai
from be)ng trampled Into the'earta
and eaten by bird dogs without having
his place adorned with notices for fear
some man who could not. read passing
through might thiol; . they were YJor
sale" notices and not ,toP lDa epough
In the state to vote. Tbeie(nour
temerity asked If flogs did not km ofl
coyote that destroy sheip. But be
only pointea, toward the road and laid
"git" and w got,! We learn since that
besides killing the poor bird our load
of No, 8 shot went a quarter of a mile
tore away mule's Jaw. syl, dehorned
a cow, our regret li that i did, not bit
the post hjlls flt ttyj friend (T)wbo
beguiled us Inlo the game. If any
subscriber bf the? Ei rBESS' his a poor.
rheumatic coyote to trade, for a good
gun, let us know, through, the Agony
column and we wHt rennond at once.
Qu,r flblept tu getting the coyote Is to
nirii It loose on Ingram Butte fbr
breeding purppses. - Bx CaxaioB.
,iT ImprawthaHJvsr, irf, ,, ,
.Mr. Cleveland, ,4tookw8U, JljUB.
engiliepr, ppt. Wand, of the steamer
Eugene, came up ' from Pprtland
ttdi)e(lay hlg'ht. Yesterday (hey
started. down ' the ' rivet' id- a' boatto1
tuTuiute'au examination of the, fiver
J BsUmats as near, as, thay. can the.
probable post of wlngdami at needed
tjiaoes 'to oonflne the'rlvei (a w. ahan-
net., fhe goyermnnt has' appropriated'
$13,000 for preliminary survey of the
river, and 'Intends to improve in
upper river so as to make It .naylgablai
thayear . around up is far .aa Los-
yallli. It la thought (bat aU that li,
needed to make It so is me oojwiw
tlon of wlBtdaml at several "place
where the river Is out' In sevtrat
cbanneli. These . men will make a
careful examination pow whUe fte
water is at Its lower stage. . It is to be
hoped that somethlug will tie 'done
soon, as With little work It is believed
the nver can be npe Pdylgahlo to E
gene th greater, part f the yearv-
Reglster.- . v, ,
.)., , I t ,' 'I
jr. fVlca'i Craaai Baidaaj PviW
Wortd'i Nil rUis A warn
Hs Makes
Another Bold
Break jail..
Attempt to
Sheriff MeFeran has In his keeping
sue or two as slippery fellows as ever
bore the solitude of ah Oregon prison
cell., Charles Enrlght, or, Texas Jack,
,1s particularly a cunning piece pf .hp
manlty. It Is only recently that be
nearly succeeded in sawing his way
oot. Binoe then he has beeh watched
oonsUntly, and yet he came wlthln'a
,ew, hours: of liberty againi. Tuesday
evening the sheriff heard a suspicious
noise, and hastening in foupd Wright
arid the two Henr'v Jaoksons In the
icdrrldor.' Enrlght.' Wtlo! was absent.
soon put loan appearance: Tbey Were
placed In their cells when it was found
that twq bars, In the waer closet had
lieen sawed off, and Texas Jack had
been reciiiinolterini overhead, 'after
the fashion of Lewis, lasVwlnter. '' Th'e
bars, though, had been cut In a differ
ent place. As the . south skle is now
occupied and locked,, It was undoubted
ly the Intention to dig a hole thronrrh
'(he'brlcks In the rear'bf the buitdlrig
wnicn could have been done In a few
moments, - when lhe; whole crowd
.w.puld have made their escape. iTha
sheriff and bis deputy began .hunting
for. the tools, which proved an interest
hig operation; A well made saw mau
bfacturdd' out of a Plock spring "Was
found fastened to the Inside of Texas
Jack's suspender, .and, another.' one
undpr a; .board in the, floor., A. long
search was made for . the., file, with
which the saws had been made, but
without success, until filially Wright
agreed to put the sheriff on the right
track for, some- tobacco, , which wa
agreed to, and the old jail broom was,
mentioned as the hiding place. After,
quite a search the file was tound driven'
Into the lower end of the' broom, so as
to be entirely concealed- It had to be1
broken off In order to get It out The
rods of the frame surrounding the cor-,
Hidor are so soft and rotten that saw-
tug a bar off is a small job. Enrlgbt
beams bound to get out if there is such
thing; but he will he -watted con
jataitly. Democrat. .. .-,,,
Murdej ani Suicide.
On Sunday afternoon at the south
aide of Yamhill street about 100 feet
from Thirteenth street In Portland..
jjohu W, Bieosele shot and Instantly
Kiiien Mrs. siabel L'alvln and then
l'M hlniself 'by a bullet through the"
brain. He was highly respected young
civil engineer tn the employ of theoity
of Portland. Mrs. Calvin was a
daughter of Mr. S. Forehand iiresUkint
and principal owner nf the Forehands,
arm company, ot Worcester, Mass..
who Is reputed to be Worth several '-,
million dollars. She came to portiaua
about 15 months ago for the purpose of .
securing a divorce (row her husband,,
and had been making her home with
her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Jewett at
472 Pamhlll street. 8tengele had "be
come aoquaiuted with Mrs. Calvin
and had ah engagement to marry, her
when her divorce was procured. Of
late a oooldess sprung up, and hence,
his violent action resulting ao tragical'
the Halsay News says that Sam
Brock, who lives a few miles ' west of
here, Is probably now In Tenneste,
anyway he left for there last Saturday
night. During last week While in a
fit of rage, he attempted to do his wife
bodily harm, and probably had he pot
been prevented. Fearing the conse
quences ot such conduct, he agreed to'
e his family, provided lawful
revenge wan not meted out to hlm.i
This was agreed to, and he kit
Tenntsee Is bis native state, he and
his family coming from there to
Oregon. Brook generally seemed to be
BiBt-rate man, but at times his -flrey
temper. would control him enough to
give an jusane desire to hurt some one,
It is said that at several time he has
threatened to kill his ohlldren, . '
'- Masting of Trultsfc:-.;,f '-;:
The meeting of the Oregon Soldiers'
biuuc ooniuilseion was: held Tuesday,
find all. members of the board were
present, The resignation,, of Mrs.
Witkiiis Strouii, as matron, was
accepter and Mrs' FniiuieLatlirnp was
appointed to fill the vacancy. It.
Was decided to lit up the attlo -as a
dormitory. There are now 61 lu
mates and as a consequence the Home
Is overcrowded. The board resolved
that only Itlzens of the United Slates
and Oregon lobe given employment
at the Home, hence the Chinese cook
must go.' Commandant Baldwin was
granted a leave of aoseuoe, and
Adjutant Walsh will fill the position
during his absence, The next meeting
of the board will b held on October
lata.' "'