The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 17, 1894, Image 4

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    HERE'S TO SOt)Mt '
"Wee the mw'.t ta Has. ' i
1 liki;1" iienrtl i- .-am
Aiid i I.vim Ur:.r tin? sitsln of tlw soda
r t'w mi!'. , '
Oil. tUfivfemUifucinitawncia 1
Ami iMim'rv loii clmpta
V,! oiVut:mes is bringin thougtita that
liiwrwith inf sou,
Tlitms iwof iwiWand vanilla,. '
str-.vberrv-auti sanaparilla.
TuocsiboI 1b that wumdiail oof with
visions of lU'ltdot,
Ami. tlm'JKU many tears have fleeted
tMiipo the iimnlles I mated, ' -
I'iiere'sasentlUMmtdssp seated, that good
sooVs out of sight b
Let others nrauj of wtlsky -. V
That ciakea a teiiow frisky. '
llui eicolio Is risky stuff tn montarwlth
atai:. .
1','t sli'.fr-tstruck guys make merry
Over moss of Tom anil Jerry,
Buig; the praise of Ellon Terry, Miss Lang-
IT?, jtvumw; nail;
1-01 sai-iem duties touch glasses '
To the health of buxom lasses. '
Btflsoda Quite surpasstsali the dHuksthat
make nwo tleht.
It a beverage that's eheerin, ,
l nnrcter,tlous nepeatin.
Tuliumatiltyendearin aye.ilV clearly out
of sight.
Hicti;! J. Donnelly lii Su Paul Globe.
Borne Thlntrs at the Eisteddfod Waleh Hade
fcasllsh Visitors Tory Weary.
" "After 600 years theiPrince of Wales
comes home. " So sang Lewie Morris in
un ode read beforo the royal visitors to
the eisteddfod at Carnarvon. The one
' was read in English,, and the Prince of
Wales audibly protested to 'thoae around
himithat the chronological statement in
terred to was. not quite accurate, as, he
tsaa been in vvalps borore, tnocgh cer
tainly not in a public manner. How
ever, the oiio was fairly good, awl as it
was in English and landed the Prince
and Princess of Wales in the fulsome
fashion thatruijftt Jiave been looked for
from an expectant poet lanTcate, a ver
sifier who aspire to succeed Tennyson,
, their royal highnesses thoroughly en
joyed it and graciously accepted a
bound copy of it,
Lewis Morris ranks as a Welsn bard,
but he was the only one of that mvstie
and, truth to tell, somewhat ridiculous
body who woro the clothing of nine
teenth century tkiliaiiion. The others
Hvero decked out in quaint garments and
Drnidical, trappings and were -evidently
the cause of violent delight to the
t Pr-jieesa of Wales as she and her hus
band sat among them on the platform
in the'eistedtlf od halL The Sun report
er who attendfsi the ffnrherimr in imw
sorry he did so, "as he has lost all ven
emrien for bards and a good deal of
respect for the eisteddfod institution it-
soil. Welshmen thoroughly enjoyed the
whole business, but to the English visit
ors, rovr.1 au4 plebeian, it was weffli
stfiMWork" lisgemngo a longsnocession
. of bards reciting poems in an unknown
tongue. The poanis, in their translated
form at any Tate, proved in Jiearly ev
ery case to be sad doggerel. Bard Eos
Ear, however, created much appreciated
diversion by singinp or chanting in fine
stylo a "peuillion," which he subse
quently turned into English. -London
Cor. New York Sun. '
Case of a ISroaklya Woman Who Indulges
Iter Hania-so Others' Iliiilieiiassiiiwiil
A curious mania has oome to light
recentlv in Erooklvn thrrmph tha cnn.
tiuuud sufiering of its indirect victims.
A woman living4 in one of , the pleasant
residence portions of' the city has been
annoyed now for nearly three, years by
the persistent appearance at her house
of delivery clerks from the well known
shops with C. 0. D. parcels for her
number, tft not her name. The pack-"
ages are always addressed to Mis." Hor
ton, with tiie street and number of the
woman who is not and never Was Mrs.
Horton, nor. has "anyone of that name
ever ir.-i Vr.t the aldress indicated. ,
Tiie J- are always CUD. and
are of vans.: lasrchandise. One after
noon last wee a large Basset of crock
ery, packed in excelsior, was unpacked
in her basement area, while the maid
. brought np to her, mistress tho C. O. D.
-bill. Hotice has been given to different
stores of the transaction, and shopkeep
ers have been requested not to forward
that combination of 'name, address and
, T, l i , i .. : .
j, rj. u. element, out at irregular inter
vals thoy contiirae to come, eluding the
Watchfulness of the delivery depart
ment. Late at night and early In the
morning these mysterious packages ap
pear, and,- though they are always
promptly returned, there seems no way
to stop them. The only plausiulesnppo-,;
ninou is that the mythical "Mrs. flor-r.
ton" Jias a mania for shopping that her
but which is thus relieved attheex- j
penw only of' timo.nmt tronble tb other
.poisons. Kew York Times. .
tAnotbvr Italian Bank Scanttal.'
Another bauk scantlal is thriiatened
in Italy which iniry pat even the Banoa
Rornaua-lmo trie shade. The rumors of
fraud," corruption and bribery, upon a
bniie scale,, in connection with the
Crcilit Jlnhiliere, which have long been
enrront, have now' taken a more con
crete form, a group of shareholders hav
ing formally presented a petition to the
tribunal at Tnrffc, bringing the gravest
cuarges agamfft hignor r rascasay niana-
(mr of that bank, aud demandiu u a ju
didal inquiry. ' Should such an investi
gation be authorized astounding rovela-
jB; J
nonswiiiroiiow, tor Mascasa is believed !
to have had in Bis pay some leading j
po!iticiau6in Rome, inclndiiigminiaterH
uu uuo uuu ueariy every 1
jonrnalist of repnte or influence iu
Home, Tnrin, FJorenoc, Kaples and
Vonice, spending millions of lire an
. nually in"suteidies aid for concessions.
Home Letter. - , ,
. Pliotographs of tbe noon. ,
The photographers of tho Parisobserv
atory have just finished for the Acad.
amy of Sciences the clearest view evw
secured of the moon. They have photo-1"
graphed her surface iii sections, which
fit, making great imago & feet in di- i
ameter. The work is so perfect that
towns, foreeta aud rivers weald bo per- i
cepnble if they esisted. i
The Preaeat Seems to Be sas Aire of Youth
1 t With Sburopeaa Boyalty.
- This may indeed be called the age of
youtn witn an b-yeur old tnonaroh on
the throne of Spain, a 18-yoor-old queen
of Holland, a 19-yesr-old khedive in
Egypt and an 18-yenr-old king at Bel
grade. With regard to the latter I leum
from a friend who has recently bean in
Sorvia the following account of how
King "Sacha" spends his day. Although
rarely in bed before midnight, he is up
r.irly in tha morning, and, arrayed in
the undress uniform of general, re
ceives hut court marshal, .his, aid-decamp
in waiting and his secretaries,
who present to him 'their daily .reports
and take liia instructions.
After glancing over the newspapers
he receives his. ministers at 10 o'clock
and then doll his uniform and dona
raufti for luncheon, which is served in
the small dining room of tho palace,
and the young king usually sits opposite
his father, who does all the talking.
Then cqnvcrsation is generally prolonged
In the smoking room after luncheon,
until or S o'clock, Milan smoking in
numerable cigarettes, a habit in which
he is imitated by his -promising son,- a
drive to his suburban palace of Topchida
following. It was here that his grand
father, King Milosch, was so cowardlyd
pomaroed by Karageorgevicz.
At 6 o'clock tho daily council of min
isters takes place, at whioh the king
presides, and,, at 8 o'clock dinner is
served, after whioh the king generally
eccompauies his father to the theater or
to same greet official ball. From this it
will be gathered that he has little op-
portnnity for reading, exercise or, in
Rrnction of any kind, and the existence
that he leads can only be described as
the reverse of wholesome for so. young a
Perhaps themost unwholesome feature
of it ail is his association with his fa
ther, who, when his son visited hiu at
Paris" a year ago, disgusted even the
most cynica) and hardest of the French
boulevardiers by making the lad ac
quainted with the principal members of
the denwnonde. hevr ork fiecordar.
Although Annie Married Him, She Befnaed
to Ilea Wife. , f-
Siniply a sister to him. " .
That is what Eugene F. File cays his
wife has been to him since Iur marriage
aad that alone. File is a leather finisher
and foreman in the shops of MoDermott
Howard m the eastern district" of
Brooklyn. For the reason given he has
begun suit forthe annulment of his
marriage, which was . oelehrated eight
years ego.
Mrs. Moore keep a boarding house at
226 Havemeyer' street Her daughter
Annie, known in the neighborhood as
Miss Moore, is slemfoir. Among the
boarders is Ir. File, who now claims
thahe is known among Annie's friends
as Mr. Moore,' her brother. In short, al
though the Carriage ceremony was per
formed between them Dec, 1, 168(1, he
declares under oath that the ceremony
ended at the church' door, gad that since
then Annie has refused to play the part
of wifeto him,'
File says'that out of a salary of (15
a week he has paid his mother-in-law
JIS part of the time and $10 the other
part for the board of himself and "Sis
ter Annie. " . '
A year or two ago, maddened by tie
circumstances by which he was- enr
rouaded, he left town. His wife per
suaded him to return, bnt it was not to
marital happiness, for his wife contin
ued to be a sister to him, as before.
At last the husband-brother got one
of the" visiting cards of "Miss Annie
Moore, 225 Havemeyer street" and paid
a viaii to Mr. Westlotom and asked him
for -criTiee. Papers were prepared and
served upon the daughter. s ' -
The answering affidavit was to the
effect that Annie had been his wife and
lived with him as rach until he left her
and began proceedings. She asked the
court that he be forced to pay her $ 10 a
week and (300 counselte in order that
she might defend the acfitau. Justice
Bartiett has signed an orte'mrcctuic
the plaintiff to show cause wlfcijlie
should not put up the cash. New York
Anarchist Lftsm Lutes JalL
Paul Lega, the author of the attempt
on Signer Crispi's life, oconnies an iso-
cell in the Carceri Kuovi, in Rome,
an opening in tbe wall Hesleew welL i
- -- U.VHSI' I
and when awake talks to bimaelt Tiw j
or mornmg'on riaing he drank thirst-
ily'from his jug of water and then said !
aloud, looking about him aud beatine i
his breast: "Uow I feel better. I am in I
prison, it seems. AtJast I am in posse
sion of a small estate. " Thnn ha
to laugh aud whistle, dmmming Jj??
luigcn, iu uuie so me tune. ri7i.
tbe jailer entered the cell, takin-.j,; - I
bread and soup, Legasaid: ' hankyon: 1
I am better served here th m m '.
all the more because I be nothinito
,pay At last IJmvesued to getting
a palace-and servants of my own !"--
London KewB.
i tMn' CHtlelsea Bis RewspapW
Although Mr. Astor does not attempt1!
mo upuuons or his parjera. he I
,ou,ur a cntiourm on i
w contonts, aud his comment some-
mm takes another epigrammatic form. I
inatanoe, nok long ago the editor of
""v run mail paDllcatioit--I for.
mouuuu wnion one-had a copy
of the paper returned with, "Is this pa
per written for housemaids?" inscribed
all across it iu blue pencil The editor
retaliated shortly afterward by return
tog an artiolewritten by Mr, Astor with.
.Jr?v remarl tuat "as ''declined
with tliankal'' London FiMrri
-London Figaro.
Guarding Boyalty.
Fresh precautions have beJ ai ' I
England, as in other European conn-
tries, for guarding royalty Scotland
yard stetective now accompany -the
Prince of Wales and the Dnfe. J v.t
whenever they annear in nnhii ,i
rathoU Star? of Wealthy Womb's
Than, Oonfessioa aad Baasllatloa.
1 heard a 11 ttle story today that makes
it seem conscience, Christianity nd self
abasement are lomethiug more than
mere words, after all, and it is to -nice,
too, to hear such a story of a distress
ingly rich woman. The heroine and
(the is a genuine heroin none other
could do as . she' did is the wife of a
magnate whose wealth is Inestimable,
whose income ia incalculable; She lives
In one of the most gorgeous mansions
of the metropolis and is famed for her
piety and charity. But she was not al
ways rich indeed ah one was actual
ly poor. When she was a girl at board
ing school, she had probably less pack
et money than any of her classmates.
One time a collection was jtnken np
among the girls for a moat worthy and
needy object. Our young heroine longed
to help, and she was so ashamed not to
be able, A schoolgirl's pride ia a dis
torted, disproportionate sentiment any
how. So, in a moment of temptation
and weakness, she stole $5 Irom her
chnm, who was the richest girl in school.
The latter, with the happy careless-'
neas of a petted child, who has more
than she wants, never even missed the
money at all. The end of the term cams,
and the girls all went home. The rich
irl never returned. She became lost
to the ken of her former schoolmates
all save one, who remembered her with
agonizing and conscience quickened dis
tinctness. , .
Finally, in the course of many years,
our poor heroine had; become the wife
of one of America's richest men, and
one day she heard that the girl she had
never relinquished the search for was
poor, ill and widow, with littiechil.
dren. She hunted her up, invited her
to come to dinner, and without telling
her invited also 90 of the friends whose
friendship and' esteem she most valued,
among them bar pastor.
After dinner, to every one's amaze
ment, she had every servant summoned
to the drawing room. There, before
her most cherished friends and her paid
subordinates, she confessed her petty
pilfering of 80 years before and' ended
her confession simply, "But I will pay
back the money tonight" There wasn't
a dry eye in that stately drawing room
when she finished, but only very few
who listened to herself abasement knew
that the widowed friend took home $1,
000 for the pilfered 5, and. besides a
promise of education and subsequent
care for her three little children.
Don't yon think my heroine had In
her the spirit of the early martyrs or,
indeed, I believe .it higher type of
God bless herl Hollle Knickerbock
er in Hew York Recorder.
tha gkatetoa of AaotherTall Mas
- ty Discovered Hear Maasoaa.
, Fresh discoveries of human remains,
probably prehistoric, were found this
week on the. Italian frontier near Men
tone. Two years ago the skeleton of a
man more than 8 feet high was unearth
ed at the same spot under the direction
of an English archssologist Workmen
ia a can recently uncovered several
labs of stone which seemed to form a
part of a dolman. ' The earth contained
many bones of animals, broken evi
dently, for the extraction of the mar
row, and there were indications of fir
close by. Several small, pierced shells
which once formed a .chaplet and
row of stag's teeth were near at hand.
The skeleton of a man feet II inches
in height was lying on its back. The
legs were crossed below the knee. Tb
right arm was extended and bent back
ward toward the head. The hand was
clinched. The left hand was placed
under the head. The same position has
been frequently observed in early neo
lithic burials. A fine crystal of carbon
ate of lime beside the skeleton was prob
ably a talisman. Further excavations
in the cavern revealed Innumerable
bones of animals, notably a fine verte
bra) of s mammoth. Still another find
is a flint implement, which appear '
be of paleolithic age: Paris Lettr
: jr.
To Be Tried for pulling Bible p
A case of unusual inter .""taiiona.
the United States is pios -1 in "blob
thony Beerpaas jg de -c'or and An
tried soon in the Ov .dant will be
Beerpaas was vlul u"ei States court.
Zbj ST. y enamored of Ce-
omythe lovv J a fit o nger aad jeitl
u.. jt wmta rMUm k
t . letter. The girl prompt
ari M letter to the proper an
Kjy- '. and Beetpaas was arrested for
jink obscene matter thv. ,.
-Milt.. He acknowledged sending tbe
, letter, but claims he cannot be made to
offer for it, as every sentence In it is
a quotation from tha Rit.u ,hih k.
miyprovea. Toe defendant
a the Bible ia mailable matter, be had
1 P6' "81" to use the mail for
transmitting a few quotations from it
" IrUnble "") Correspondent.
' ' '
( looidental Marriage.
"I no rose ana Mummery
about tbe wedding of a Portland wom
an last month. She had a job washing
floors at tbe city hall, and one morning
appeared with her pails and mops as
6ooa dty . and one morning
" i"1 w,ul net pons and mops ai
; ",u"a " me rorenoon she snr-
9 J""tor by announcing that
w" going ont for a few minutes to
. uiortim, ana in jnt 40 minutes she
was back, the ceremony all over, the
upuai am amy attanded to, and re
sumed ber scrubbing. 8be probably ap
preciated the fact that some times it I
easier to get husbands than employ
ment. Lewiaton Journal. '
,, !
Cbangas In the Prenak '-fnagn .
The French academy has announced
that 1,200 changes have been made in
the French language. Among others
.to nuiform formation of tbe plural
T,' ,nateriaiu will become mates
Iill hwh. Tbe ph will
f , "L7-to " ta Potloupbie, mak-
"WKfllosone. These elteiations. -it Is
o into Into tbrce inmiedi.
ataiv, J carnal csf EnauuM,m
Da Bad the UciroluUoi, Kiui, liiuliidloj Ar-
, rest aail a HteulleU (lend.
'.' Two policemen coudnctiiig a drunken
monkey to jail was one qf the unusual
sights seen Sunday. The uionkoy is a
member of Dod Backer's circus, but has
been occupying winter quarters as a
side attraction at Elston's saloon on
East Water street, and was left chained
during the temporary absence of the
proprietor. He nianngod, however, to
free himself and walked over bohind
Ihe bar. He glunced in tho big looting
glass tack of the row of colored bot
tles, and .seeing another follow 6f his
own size picked np a decanter and let
it go with bis Tight, and Mr. Elston's
200 glass was a wreck. His opponent
having been got rid of, the monkey
proceeded to test the various liquid re
freshments on hand. 'He turned on the
beer and took a long, deep druf t. Then
he sampled the whisky, gin, wine and
various kinds of bitters. It wusnt long
until he was roaring drunk. Then he
tackled the cigar rase und demolished
that, throwing the oigare about the
room in handfnls.
The monkey's screams and the noise
of shattered glass attracted, a crowd
about the front of ihe saloon, bnt the
door was locked, and there was no wny
to get in. Finally two policemen crime
and boosted a bold young Fellow through
the transom. After a lively tussle he
managed to get a rope around the drunk
en monkey, and be was hoisted through
the window and escorted by the two po
licemen, one on each side, to jail, and
lodged in a cell. Tb nest morning the
prisoner was very sick and held bis bend
between bis paws. Although it wub bis
second ortouse, the recorder suspended
sentence, and he was led back to the
saloon and chained up. The1 next timo
be gets drunk the owaer will aond him
to the Keeley cure at Biughamton. El
mira Despatch. .
A Temperance Agitator In Austria, Has to
Tight the ldquor Man and Clovernor.
American temperance agitators would
not enjoy themselves in Austria, A na
tive of a Bmall village after a long cat
aleptic trance a year ago declared that
he had been to heaven and had been
commissioned by the Almighty to re
turn and teach the peasants, too wicked
ness or drinking spirits. Soon tho en
tire village took an oath of total absti
nence. The district governor commit
ted the man to the .madhouse, where
the doctors kept him for six months and
then declared him sane. He resumed
his agitation, and in a short time sevon
villages had taken vows of abstinence.
The result was that a number at liq-
oor dealers to whom the government
bad granted licenses refused to keep
their contracts. The district judge
gave orders tbat the dangerous agitator
be arrested If caught preaching absti
nence, Tbe man has not left his house
for weeks. Deputations come to him
from far and wide to hear his words
and to repeat them when they return
home. The authorities are consoling
the-dealers by declaring that the peas
ants must soon drink again. Vienna
Letter.' , -
Heirs Apparent and Matrimony.
There are few ladies whom an heir
apparent can marry. At present the
heirs to the thrones of Austria, Boesia
and Italy, not to speak of the heir to
tbe throne of Belgium, the king of Sor
via, and the crown prince of Montene
gro, are all of a marriageable age,
have not yet made their choice. r .'ra'
out a chang of creed on the Vith
princeasthechoiceof IbeEtK artofa
Srince, outside the Rom' Jlnl"1 crown
mlted to Princess M ' -Poft family, is
one of the dauirhte- Jie of Greece and
Montenegro. Si'' -,rBof the Prince of
vian King Air Jiilarly -the young Ser
sinn and Jtonder has only the Kus
choosQ fr jdontcnegrin princesses to
princer tun. Only 28 Roman Catholic
E0er -fee, born not later than 1877, are
t)- open to engagements." Five of
-lese belong to the royal and ducal
houses of Bavaria, three to Belgium,
three to the Spanish Bonrbons, two to
the Bourbons of tbe two Sicilies, four
to the house of Parma, one to tho bouse
of Orleans and one to tbe line of Cba
tres, making altogether 11 belonging tc
the Bourbons, San Francisco Argo
naut ' . ' .
A BaswInleaeaiHi of Napoleoat
A aerie of nnpnblished letters of the
first fiapoleon appeared in Paris week
before last. In one characteristic epis
tle the antocrat tells tbe minister of por
lice taarreat Mr. Euhn, the American
consul at Genoa, as a wearer of the cross
of Malta given by an agent of the Brit
ish government. The emperor odds;
"This individual, having received a
foreign decoration, is po longer an Amer
ican. 1 am evarry, moreover, tbat yon
communitatei with the United titates
embassy. My police must not recognize
embassies. I'am master cbcz moi, and
when I suspect a man 1 caose him to be
arrested, i would even cause the em
bassador of Anstrla to be arrested if h.c
plotted against the itate. "
, The Overworked Lords. ,
At yesterday's meeting of the house
of loi'ds there' were seven peers present,
of wh ora one, Lord Kensington, occu
pied tb e woolsack. In the upper house
three pi er make a quorum. The only
Dusiness was the nrst reading or the lo
cal, govt s-nment bill, a formality that
occupied barely half a minute. Lord
Blpon th tn briefly announced that tbe
bouse wo. Bid meet again on Friday, and
that bewt )uld then be prepared to name
adayfort ie second reading. -Bt. James
Gazette. ' . .
Bake tha Jmitslimnt rit tbe Crime,
A Bwabian li ing at Kottwoil, in Ger
many, has jnst committed an offense
against tb law. The crime with which
tbe man has been charged iaconveyed in
the title lippearrng-. in the German law
books at "Hanir,'ewerbebetriebsuus-
dehnang sabgabegefaibrdotig" (Article 1
of the L w of May 28, 1UB0). London
Newg, .
jlt ggst!
In order to make room for my .
' - . ' ' ' ' '
". .
Which is now on tho way -hero1" from tho East, I have
At- Cost.
Jov is the time to g.-t .HAUGAJNS such as have
" '
never hefore heon offered in Lemuion. It i to your advan-
tage to come and see us.
Don't forget the place.' In the. Odd Fellows'
M. J.
! aT-h A W ' VN. '
fc.lSJ? condition of yonra? Is your hair dryW
luirsh, brir , ,f ixk. it split at the ends? has It a
i'x'' jpei ranee? Docs it fall out when combed or 5
Ifiif ? '' " lullof ndruif? Does your icalp Itch ? 5
" " ,-y or in a hcui e j condition If these are some of J
ur symptiimsbe wart in timeoryou will become bald. Jj
rnnkiim Ti'mt Hair CxVmer f
ra fif,
5 IHi&K-l
3 I
V ' W .WaVVMHWd -
J I W..irclu, Kuowllrf ol ill '!1p Itii: Jmir emu k...,i ietl lo Uwillwyv- tT
f v iifiinw to treat tin-m. M,k')tt(Hm"cuuiiiiN nuittior nilucfulitjorDUii, It J
I f lbotalye.batft(IiillKiitfut r jot'liiitf nud mtrMhinp Tonic 1? itlDiulatln f
' U. ftiUujitt, it HoytjoUmi! iiurt Bum .witHff OHd groto hturwtiiut4
elf elwi
tn tiki tV
L." ' F f, tS E VI WW i:lWl '
rf'T 'gri F I lryourdruRKHt
i ,i-r L BT Hoatll Flil i Avaaae. Mar lara, R. , -m
07 ttovtk
' . '1893-4
Summer . Term Begins April 30 1894.
' For information, ask for circular at the J'oBt-oflici? )r
address, : . , k
' S " A. RANDLE, Principal,
LEBANON, ; - - .- - OREGON.
flu- ri-guuii aillawrlpUon pflcc of the
exPBtw n 6" a yeur, and the regu
lar subscrlpllon- prlo of the Weekly
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