The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 17, 1894, Image 2

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    LcinuOii Express.-
Editor - arvd Proprietor.
Tim war between Cliin and
.Japan wiH.if continued 'long
enough, be of untold benefit tS the
world, And if the great powers bf
J?iimpe become involved in the
t ool twt even greater good will ac-
i-fim Tl, fWr unit thA mnN
destructive of l)um life, the more
helpful will it be.' , There are many
sanctimonious cranks, sentimental
fanatics, disciples of conservatism
that hate war "because they hate
strife. However,. the killing of a
. fcw hundred thousand Chinese arid
the mutual extermination of the
standing armies of Russia, France,
England and Germany is not suffi
ciently horrible to balance -the
relief that would follow. The
Chinese empire is overrun with on
ignorant, deceitful, besotted people
who fear tyran and therefore per
mit it. : Europe is overrun with
inhabitants nearly as degraded
" who therefore permit forms'" of
tyranny almost as oppressive. '. W e
do not mean that there are too
many people in the world, that
were there fewet there would be
more work and consequently more
happiness and less poverty. Ko
'idea is bo ridiculous as that the
world cannot support more than it
cow contains, for pot one-fourth of
it is yet settled. There not too
many people, but too many fools.
This war will be fought by armies
composed of fools who are better
dead than alive. China 'with a
population of nearly four hundred
millions w hich submits to the most
hateful government on earth,' is the
great breeder of foolB. Ab the Jap
anese have superior firearms and
leaders they will slay the Celestial
bordee like rate;'tl)e more they kill
fnr.lfl will lu tuft in thj
world. Then if the European
.powers will annihilate each other s
standine armies composed of hun
dreds of thousands of fools. The
armies ot Europe contain the quint
: essence of the tomfoolery that sub
mits to incompetent governors and
, continued.mlerule, for the greatest
asses are those that, worship the
heel that grinds their necks. These
soldiers call it patriotism to glorify
imbecile kings and insane war
lords, whose chief duties, are to
strut in gold laces aud levy taxes.
They are the class always ready to
fight fur the ruler against their
country, the bulwarks of time-hon:
orcd abuses," the' conservators of
the past and the enemies of liberty..
Now that wen pons have been bcough
to a high state of perfection, it is
probable that .a continued war
wbnld be distructive of the armies.
And inasmuch as the pot of dis
content ."and ambition has been
sizzling for years, it is likely that
a conflict would last for sometime.
Thus were several millions of these
European and more millions of the
Chi nesefools slaughtered,theqiian ti-
ty of tomfoolery would be considera
bly reduced which would beequalto
an increase in the average intelli-'
jjence. It would mean a more in
tellectual and therefore bolder
public opinion, which partly iree
from the clogs of conservatism
would be less fearful in its demand
for better government. The people
of any country at any time have
the power-to change their governors
and correct abuses, but a low order
of brains and -the consequent
animal timidity, hold it in sub
jection.a mightyslave to ignorance
and cowardice.. Let there be war
and let it spread till it becomes
world-wide, devouring the foob
who would fight it. When they
are dead, and if others grow not to
rapidly, rascality of which they are
the support will fullfrom arrogance
to supplication. Tomahawk.'
Thehe has never been a timVin
the history of this country when
the common people were so aroused
to public interest as they are at
present. This is evidence ' that
they are losing confidence in their
chosen leaders. Education
been made'so common, and
facilities for the dissemination
knowledge so great, that public
questions of grave and vnat import-"
tance are discussed as intelligently
on the streets, in the shops and on
the farms as well as in the halls of
Congress. This portends well 'for
the tountry, provided the voter ex
ercises his franchise in the ligHof
reason and righteousness. The
nation is fast learning the lesson
that if men would be free they
must put good men iu office, who
will impartially represent the
people, and faithfully "administer
the law. So long as the saloon
and the ward politician controls
the ballot-box, so long may we ex
pect tyranny 'and opposition. Thus
the wheels of Moloch will continue
to be drenched in the blood of the
nation. Methodest Advocate.
ThS McKinley wool triff is still
in eiistance'. . It was the law lost
year. Yet wool was never tip to
the price of the duty last season
and is from tour to five cents below
the duty on that commodity . at
present. Why should not the wool
of our own state bring the rate of
duty? "Simply because titer is no
foreign or export demand and the
local ' consumer dictates his .own
price, and the producer must ac
cept his terms. -Why is wheat
down to the present low rates? Has
the tariff anythiug to do with regu
lating the price of wheat? Why
are horses not worth anything in
the market? Is their value affect
ed by tariff legislation ? The man
whd places all these afflictions on
the tariff is simply aiool and fails
to understand the true reasons.
When the demand for an article ex
ceeds the supply the price goes up
and when the Bupply exceeds the
demand it goes down,, and this is
the case on all commodities, even
including labor. Dispatch. ,
The Rogue River Courier ex-j
presses the sentiments of a good
many of the people of the state
when ' it says: The legislature
which meets at Salem next January
should abolish a lot of commissions,
repeal a lot of useless acts, boil
down, the appropriations and
scatter to its homes. If the mem
bers will do this they will earn the
lasting gratitude of the citizens of
Oregon and accomplish more good
than any legislature for years
Forty days need not be consumed
in tearing downa number of useless
and expensive appendages, though
a few days might be devoted to
passing a maximum freight and
passenger act. As they will not
do this, let them not beg off by
perpetuating a niBelese railroed'
commission "with enlarged powers."
The China-Japan war is reallv
for the possession of Corea, a
nation of 12,000,000 people, who
occupy the position of " net being
able to protect themselves' from
powerful neighbors. 'The country
is of a narrow, boot leg shape, form
ing a peninsula, the , lower end of
which terminates near the south
ern limits of Japan islands. China
is back of her, separated by a large
range of mountains several hundred
miles long, while Russia has a
boundary along the north. Japan
is a long narrow strip of islands
extending along the coast of Asia
opposite the contested country. It
will be seen that the Corean terri
tory is of great strategic importance
to all these nations and that the
war is not one of mere amusement.
THousANbsof men who had more
regards for Debs than for their em
ployes, and who . went out on a
strike withouta grievance, are now
begging to be returned to the pos
itions from which they withdrew.
Naturally enough they are not
wanted. In Minnesota they have
gone so far as to ask' the govenor
to assist them in being reinstated.
They have learned a great deal in
the past few weeks, but it has been
a costly lesson. , That prodigal sod
business looks very well in print,
but doesn't work in all" instances,
these prodigals are coming home
but their reception is far different
from thaj accorded the biblical
prodigal. Eugene Register.
Speaking of theOregon hop yield
this year a dealer 'said at Portland.:
the other day, "I think you cars
safely say that the yield of bops
for l&H'will bu the largest evei
known in the history of this state
'For this there are two reasons; one
is, that the season has been ver)
favorable, and the other is. the in
cretiscd acreage. Roughly, I should
estimate that the total yield foi
Oregon this year will not be lew
than 60,000 bales."
A curious .poultry show is bcini
organized in Parts, The principa
feature of it will lie a companion
ship competition for crowim
riwsiors. That is to say, the birr
that crows the loudest, the longest
and the greatest number of timef
ins. given period will take the prise
The champion cock of France is t
little bnntura hailing from thf
neighborhood , of Seraing. He is on
record as having crowed no less
than 337 times in one hour.
A nkw form of delirium tremens
has attacked a New York toper.
While under the influence of a
lively jag he was' shocked by an
electric wire. ".Now, when he has
taken too much whiskey, he fancies
he sees sputtering electric wires
and writhiugsnakes, which shower
him with sparks. , ,
The Qzarnf Russia sent a wreath
of flowers to be placed on the coffin
of President Carnot which cost, ac
cording to French papers, $1,600;
that from the King of Italy, $600;
and from the Queen of England,
$800. The flowers presented by
Baron Rothschild cost (1,100. .
The Postal Telegraph Company
which employs 600 persons in Chi
cago, has notified all employes
who were compelled to" serve
on1 millitary .duty during
the recent strike that they will be
allowed their full time and pay
therefor. . . - ' '
The preliminary plans for the
great Southern Exposition, to be
hold in Baltimore . in 1897, con
template fifteen buildings, to cost
about $1,000,000. A total expend!
ture of $5,000,000, aside from private
investments is promised.
An exchangesays that the news
paper writer who can write a timely
newspaper article just now without
offending somebody is a daisy from
Daisyville, Daisy county.
Two thousand head of West Texas
cattle have been driven into Mexico
by an American cattle thief and
his band.
China has already made large
orders for immediate shipment of
flour from this state.
(Changed Kverr Week.)
Wheat 35c. - , '
Hay 14 to tG perton. '"
Flour 10 6o.70 per sack. '
" Chop $1 00 per cwt.
Bran 75c perewt..
.Middlings tl 00 per cwt.
Potatoo We..
Apples Dried, 8c per It
, i'lums Dried, 4Jc,
Onions 2k.' , .
Beef Dressed, 5c.
Veal 4oc. .
Pork Dressed, 5. ' .
Hams 12J per lb.' '
Hhouldeni 10c.
. Hides 11c per lb.
Geese to ter doz. ' , r ,
Ducks W 00 per'doz.
Chicket)B-2 SaS 60.
Turkeys 8c per lb. , .
Eggs 10c terdoi.
Butter 10 12cper lb. '
Hides Green, lc; dry, 2c. J
A.dnilutHtjntrl3E Kotloe .
Notice u hereby given that the under-
eigned has been duly appointed .by county
court, of Linn county, Oregon, the admin
utratruc of the eatate of Alonso Ames, de-,
ceaxed; and has duly nalitied as such ad
ministratrix. All persons having claiuta
against the estate are bereliy required to
present them, with proper vouchers, .within
six months from the date hereof, to the
undersigned, at the office of Som'l M. Gar
land, in Lenauon, Linneounky, Oregon.
Uatkd, this r7th day of August, 1894. . .
. HasraaAs Amus,
'fjAM't M. (iAuuait, . Administratrix. '
At''' tr Administratrix. ,
Call on M. A. Miller for grease. "
A. K. Davis for everything In' the
confectionery line. -.;.
A Jlno of boih cotton and woolen
dress goods have just arrived at Bead,
Peacock & Co's. Hornet hi ng new.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
WtU't Pair IftrfeMt sMaleaa tStfUm-
Has Saved His Life!
, Marvelous Cure!
Hahki:v, Oiihwm. April St, US.
1. W. It. Mi. t;., lMrilwi I. Or.
Dtar Sirs: A 'lout n year mo 1 a
(id ith with rlii-niimtism. I was hi iv
errihie "tale, I n-mM nut turn ovnr ii;
ted wittitmt mHVant-e A riipre suts
to physi.-ian in liurney I tricl Yttrium
itiiment. bill Ihi-jr' till f;.iltJ, V 'but.
njr condition was Vfry -Minus, as tin
itniu seemed to be 'pfYi'.-iiiir neur tht
heart, your agvnt eiw along ami Iml a
'utile ot ConcoOil ' II " tin;: 1 wus il!
i:h rheinuntiim, he mH:(1 upon ine.
ami brought it bottle of Coi . Oil.
tommiMipt! rubbing mt witti it, ami ii
lew than live minnies I tray relieved ; is
half an hour i was uhk t m iii mv feet
out ot hft,.ftiiil on hour 1 tvus tlmvn
tain. He loft the buttle vrirh nw i;i.! I
applied it severe! (mien From that ilm
to this I Iivb not Ivun truuhll tvirl.
rhmtmxtinm I teol that I f my lift
to the wonderful oil. All this c;.i. !
reritied by 1'rwl Hiunn, of H:trny. a',
the landlord oi the' hotel nud H..VHrul
oritur, t always carry a battle oi Uonji
Oil in uiv srip now.
'Vuam very truly, , ..
, : ' an. :tWN,
Amiyer Burnt", Harney Co., f.irrijoni
Price 50 cBiits ana 11 n
For sale by M. A".. Miller.'
uIs Your Name .
Written There?'
'.Writton where?.' Why, on the
subscription list of the Lgbanox
Express. Ii you are not a sub"
acriber to this paper, and wish to
obtain reading mattor for the win
ter evenings, now is the time- to
subscribe. Subscription rules, (pay
able in advance) $1.50 per year.
A dm lit lw tratrl Notlue.
Notice b berett' given that the unilcrtlffiied has
been dulr appointed by toe County Court ,o
'Linn eouutf ,' Oreftun, the administratrix of the
estate of Jacob Newman, deceaied. end has duly
(tuallfied as . sueb admiirlxtratrix. All parties
barms xlafms against said estate are hereby
warned to present the same, duly verified, within
six months from June 29, IffiM, to the undersigned
at tbe office of Sam'l St. Oarland at Leoanon
Oregon. ' Saxah C Kinder,
SAX'Llf. Gablahd. ' j. Administratrix.
'" Attorney for AdminUtratrix. .
Racket Store.
Having opened a racket store in Kirkpa
trick'i buildiiiK. we r(jfifuUv invite ul
to call and mi?ct our otock. We buy our
good in New York and irortbM to -Bell at
awiern pric-BH. Head the following
UmbrellM. trow, cotton, tatt. Tic; ollk, H.Ofi
ParwoU, irilk, 6iVc,ll.H7, M.
UillW Ik-, , H, JO to' ' '
MeD'ioetw(7,t lOmirtW. " '
CrMb, cotton, etc., all lliwn, 10c.
Comet, .Sic, ftc, 70c. , t
Thtwwi, phw, 2: neertlefl, 2r.
Rawhide tvhiiw, M':Java,'iU. whal.itrone, toe.
Whttt drewfOMni. 6v, 7, 10.11 .
Turkish towel. Mo per pair, a" pr Mir.
Men'iaiilrts.20.41, : wtnw. 41, 4ii.'
Mtii HUnikr shirts and drutten., 'Si, 31,91,
Ladle1 ?it. Wand W, -A
Clotiws bnwrt, 10ft, liatr ImliW, 80, 15c, . 9
Pocket tHMj-kK a, h. and 7.
Pennlln with nibtwrn, le. , '
Othw thttiffs in proportion. ,
Give ubuchII, - '
, - G. F. KrtowLM,
Rnd on i na'it nr rtmt . nn raititt. Aitnnf svl
.i'.lAsrHi nuihf fr tn A tm VO pr rf Br-
i-!lmit iiiiil hm Mtiioronwirth.
(janrt:trf, ur'i til-tt. OorfiplHt. rtmly for
RwintihJfi: i!trt(l. (Jii Wiimt ni-by miff b,
ih.-.t-.. i in a inlrn
t'liis. M.'.rMn.fd. A wnr nui''. Writ
-W. P, C3.( tM. 10, GoUimbbi. 0,
i a . ..
Diabetes Curedi
- ,
Wonderful Work
A New Being Created !
VtarSirs: If you could nee t)t' w.i'.i1'
of (his letter and note the won. I
.hit'ttro that lias been efftHdoil in hi.. -.i.
by Inhing Dr. Grunt's Kidnov and l.iv
'tire, yottwonldcartaitdy bcasloitifii" -i
i :'B a mtiHt wrotohed pnuVrer tor tt.r
veurp, try: a?! kiids of se-ii('i;ii.
."ttlug m re'iiof. The !1jw of Drift.- .
,'ery exotfrtsivo, I wits very non.! itm.:
itid alho eovei'd with carhiin-lt',
fell Bi war with myself and the ... i i t
i;trtt-; hut. thanks to jour voi..l-r;',.
inedicuio, I f'-;t it" thunghl wr a i- 'v
heiiig, and fconsiiU-r a wonlt;tu' i'''
has bettn afi'et-ltal, in my mjo.
With mybttrt wishes fur yotji. it.ii;i'
ti..... S4,(I ruttiiin
Vuiira resp"Ctfalty,
A. JI.-lW.!.s ill
.. . '':.-:. :
For sale l.y M. A. Miller.
The Ya(iui'na Route.
Chna. Clark, Reoelvar,
Direot Line Quick Dispatch
; Iw Freight Rates.
Connet-ting with steamer Ho
mer between Yuquina and San
For freight and pasarngt-r ratOK
apply to any agent. , ' '
(.'has. J. IIkndhvk, Son & Co.
Nos. 2 to SMurket 8t.,
Ban Ftiinciaco, Cal.
Chas. Olaiik, Uocuver. '
Corvallis, Oregon.
Best Sliavex, Hair Cut or Bliuuipoo at
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths-
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Fire and Marine,
, Head Office,
269r271 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon. . -
The Northwest
Honw- anil Itnni, (rtiitviiiK Grain,
KisiMliiil'l runtHnrc, (irhin in Waroiiouse,
Hay, KtdanilHlis.k. lli;i Kilns, . . .
fiitnn inilfimutits, t
, The Northwest
Solicits Youk Eathunaue.
Ssal Xitau and lusuraniw (U, Lsbauon, Ot,
Scrofula Cured.
Twenty - seven Years.
Snm-rcd all the time and Sore
Constantly Breaking out-t'w-d
Eleven Bottles ot Dr. Gram's
Snrmiparilla and Grape Boot
mid l'ttoctod a t'ure. .
Diar Sir: Ever since my elerenth
war I have been sorely afflicted with
Scrofulous sores breaking out on various
parts of my body. The glands of my
neck were the moat affected. I have tint-,
toted with many physicians, hut their
medicine did not seem to do me any good.
About 7ear ago I commenced takirg
Dr. Grant's Harsaparilla and Grape Krwt
and I felt that the first bottle was doing
me good, so 1 kept on until I had tak-n
eleven bottles, and am now coutpU-u-ly
cured, and have never felt so well in
last twenty-seven years, It certainty j
a cheap doctor bill, as the total cost (
the medicine was only I now cor
lially recommend Dr. Grant's Saraaj,
villa as the King of B'uod Purifiera,
Ml) Lake, Wis.
, For sale W-M. A. -Wilier,
Albany Steam Laundry
"'.. ' j-
Aillumy, Orogou ,
- . t
.t, r- vt
All Orders Receive FYompt;
' Attention.
Special Rates for '
Family Washings.
SiitiKfttctittn Guarnntecd or Moticy
Itcfumled. ' ,
. J. E. ADCOX, Agent,
llwtton , Os-ssron.
Meat Market.
Ed KeMerger, . Propr.
Fresh &. Salted Beef Pork,'
Mutton. Sa
... logna, and Ham, , .
tTBacon and Lard' Always on Hand
Mitln Hlroet, Lrbanon, Or.
' 'I
-"S S. ' -
V Vi J1
.MS r W 1
'zti r
w Hl a,
"' I (' . .
61 Lm '
3 23, ,
Aa' 4