The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 13, 1894, Image 1

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NO. 20
(If paid In adac, II (u per yea.-.)
Six month 1
Thre months - w
glajleoupU .... - -
f,N,2,'t1!: i nl Senators
John H. Mitchell,)
Dinger Hormunli , tloiiKressnian
Bylveater I'cnnoyer Governor
Genrjte W. McBrido,...,..,;.Hec!rotary of Stale
Phil Metaoban Treasurer
E. B. McKlroy, Snpt. Public Instruction
Frank 0. Bakor, Btate Printer
H. 8. Stuhn. 1
Wm. h IflKU Supreme JutlRns
R. H. Bean, I
Jude,... J. N. Duncan
Clerk .?. N. P. Payne
Recorder, E. E. UaviB
Btierln", C. C. Jocknou
School Superintendent G. H. Wilkes
Treasurer Hrlcc Wallace
Assessor W. F. Deakins
Surveyor, E. T. T. f islier
Coroner, a rrann rarreu
iWm. ltumbauKii
iJoliu Puirb
J. tt. UKKi,
It. c. cotton.
IS. H. MYKliS.
' IG. W. UlCE.
!lty Council meets en Hie first and third
Tuesday evonhiRS ofoacb mouth.
Secret Societies.
IdCBANON LOIHIK, NO. 47, I.O. 0. F.-Meot
mrr Saturday evening at Odd Kultowi Hall, nt
Mtekv.,. J. W. 1IKNZ1E8, N. G.
H. II. GARLAND, Boot'y.
PSABL RF.HECCA LOUGH, NO. 47. 1. (I. 0. K.
Maeta at I. 0. 0. F Hall tint and third Wednes
day evenhiti of oach mouth.
Ulla. 0. W. RHUSON, N. G.
o Louoa, No, 44 A. T. A. M.-Mcou
Saturday evening, on or bolero the foil moou In
cb mouth. k, E. Haiuuck, W. M,
jr. M. Uium. Son.
Hosw lotos, No. 38, A. 0. II. W.-MoeU every
TlHMla; evening at 0. A. B. Mall.
,C. A. mm, M. W.
H. Y. Kiairjcraica, Rec,
Ot'l Maiooi Car, No. 10, MV ofOaoio
SoMOFVtT'a.-Meot InQ.A. K. Hall, Lebanon,
Or., every Saturday evening, curopt the third
Saturday of each month, niuetiiig the third Fri
day Instead. All brothers or the Sons of Vet
erans and oomradesof the U. A. R. are cordially
Invited to meet with the Camp.
J. 0. 0BR, Cant.
A. TSHNMt, First Begt.
Sam'l M. Garland.
John M. Sombrs,
Will practice in all the conrta ol the stale.
'"A. F. ST OWE,
Attorney at Law,
Collection! given prompt and careful attention.
Will practice hi all the eourta of the slate.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Weatherford S Wyatt,
Be Sure and Call on
. OF-,. ' k
Albany, Oregon,
HeatingStoYes, Cook Stoves, &c.
"As old m
the hills" jtnd
never p'ccU
ed. "Tried
and proven "
is the verdict '
of millions.
Liver Regu
lator is the
Ti law
riPffpV'onlj Livr
- ' V V V W I ftnf
and Kidney
medicine to
which you
can pin your
faith for a
M cure. A
' ' mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid
neys. Try it
Sold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder
to be takon dry ormadeintoa tea.
The King of Liver Medlolne.
"1 have used your Hlmmons Liver Regn
lauti ud euu conscientiously say It is me
king of ail liver medleiues, 1 consider 11 a
medicine chest In itself. Geo. W. Jack
Jon, Tacoma, Washington.
Baa tha Z Stamp la nd on
East and South .
Southern Pacific Co.
Express trains leave Portland daily I
d:l!i v. M. j I,v... Portland Ar.
!0:2:t p. m. LV... Albany.. ..Ar.
10:16 a. H. 1 Ar.Han Francisco Lv
R:20a. .
4:28 a. m.
7:00 r. U.
The above triiius sloi at all stations from
Portland to Albany itielustvejalso Tangent,
SIiihIiI, Mtilsey, ilvrrisbiirg, junction City,
Irvine, Eugene uid uli sUitions from Kose
burg to Asblund inclusive.
Koseburg mail daily:
h :: a." M. I I ,v '. . F6rtlmidA rT 4:20 r. .
IS :4fi p. m. I.v...Albnn.v Ar. 12:30r. u.
B:(KJ P. M. Ar.lioseburg.LvJ7:(IOA1.
Local passenger trains tlally (except
8tinda,v. :
"liSfl r. . Lv...AiEai iy..Kr.'W Si a. at.
2it p. a. Ar...Lebanon....I,v. 9:30 a.m.
8:10a.m. Lv...Albany Ar. 8:26p.m.
0:110 A. M. Ar...Letnuo Lv. 2:39p.m.
Dining Cars on Ogden Route.
Pullman BwrnT Sleepers
Second-Clitas Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trnins.
West Hide IJlvlHlon.
Mail train daily (except Sunday):
'7:30 a. m. j Lv... Portland ..!Ar.T 6:35 a?m.
12:lfi P. M. Ar...C'orvullis. .Lv. 1:00 p. M.
At Ailmnv and Corvallis coiuiect with
trains of Oregon .Pacilic ruilroad.
Kxpress train daily (except. Sunday)!
4:40 P. Lv." 1'orllund .7.Ar7; :36 A. M.
7:3op. M. I Ar.McMinnville Lv I 6:S0 A. M.
S.HMti,,.,, NliitnH. ( .an.
ada and lilnrojie can be obtained at lowest
nues from I. A. Bennett, agent, Lebanon.
It. KOKHLKK'; Manager.
1!. P. ROaEUH, Asst. U. F. Fuss. Agt.
To Advertisers..
If you wish to obtain th best
returns from your advertisements
Don't Forget
the important fact that
The Lebanon Express
will give the desired results, us it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in Uua County. "
Clipped From Our Exchanges
Throughout the West. (
Judge J. J. Murphy is to build a
15,01)0 residence at Salem.
Newport expects the StateToach
ers' Association August 8.
The St. Helens Mist is anxious
for a constitutional convention.
Work has begun on the Tillamook
academy, which is to cost $6,000.
The Drain Normal is to save 20
per cent of its teachers' salaries by
The Methodist midsummer camp
meeting at Monroe resulted in 69
The bank of Forest Grove has
reorganizedincreasing its capital
stock to $50,000.
Itoscburg has,. a sugar famine,
doubly unwelcome coming as it
does in the berry season.
A broom factory lias started up
at McMinnville by two brothers
named Smith from Nebraska.
Hard-up taxpayers in Coos
county want the county court to
forego costs on delinquent taxes
until fall.
Several carloads of cattle, sheep,
etc., are gathered at Jacksoville for
shipment, pending a raise of the
Columbia county's representative-elect,
T. J. Cleeton, is just
finishing out' his term as county
school superintendent.
The Pacific can factoru at Astorii
is now running overtime. Last
week they shipped to canneries on
the upper river over 1, 500,000 cans.
Plans have been drafted for 'Wil
lamette University's new gymna
sium. It is to be 60x80, with
lockers and baths' in the lower
story and the upper floors in the
clear. ,
The Salem bcIiooI district has
borrowed $12,000 from . Banker
Hush, enabling it to take up some
$12,000 in outstanding warrants,
mostly in the hands of teachers
and janitors.
The West Ashland Ditch Com
pany has made arrangements with
the Ashland council to deed their
property to the city in considera
tion of if 3400, to be paid in rents
taken from the water works within
the next eight years.
The sherifl's of all the counties
along the line of 'the Southern
Pacific huve been requested to
protect the property of the road in
their respective counties. The
large amount of taxes paid by the
road entitles it to the best protec
tion in a time like this.
Cottage Grove Leader: 0 W
White, on his larm a few miles
from town, while cutting hay with
a machine Saturday, came near'
being killed. One horse that was
wild, commenced running around
the other, a gentle one, until the
machine, turning over, frightened
it too. Both started to run and
Highest Honors-World' Pair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
front Ammonia, Alum ar any other adulterant
Fit 111
Mr. While was thrown under the
machine in such a manner that he
was caught under it and drugged
until his clothing was torn off and
there was scarcely a place the size
of a mini's hand that was not cut
or bruised. He at last succeeded
in getting loose and went to the
house. A physician was ealjed,
w ho sewed up some of the cuts and
in a few days he expects to be all
right again.
Last Saturday .las. Wolf, of
Brownsville, met with an accident
that came near costing him an eye.
He was cutting cord wood, when a
sjilinter flew and struck him in the
corner of the eye, just barely miss
ing the ball. Dr. Starr removed
the same and Mr. Wolf is now
getting along very nicely.
Last Wednesday night some one
broke into the grocery store of
Finley McRae in Brownsville and
relieved the till of about $8 in silver.
An entrance was effected through
it rear door, by cutting a hole
therein and raising the cross-bars
that have hitherto "answered 'as a
The Florida man who bid for the
North Yamhill and Tillamook mail
route, found that roads in Tillamook
are not built from asphalt, and in
order tc subcontract the same was
compelled to experience a loss of
$830. ..Phillip H. Messner, of
North Yamnill, is the subcontrac
tor. Harry Hopkins, who graduated
from the University of Oregon last
year, graduated from Oberlin col.
lege, at Oberlin, 0., in June. He
will cow go to Benita, Ind., and
take a position as principal of an
academy there to which he has
recently been elected. He is son
of 3 j B. Hopkins, of Eugene.
Coos county furnishes some odd
coincidences in its election returns.
Coquille City cast identically the
snme number of votes, 71, for
Hermann in 1804 and 1892; Myrtle
Point the same number each year,
1 i 2. Empire gave him one more
102 this year, 101 last. He gained
a little at . Baiidon and lost at
Marsh field.
The teachers' institute for the
first judicial district, including the
the counties of Jackson, Josephine,
Klamath and Lake, which had been
appointed .to meet at Ashland, on
the 9th, 10th and 11th insts., will
probably be postponed on. account
of the uncertainty in the matter of
continuous railway service.
In the Klamath Falls lire the
county treasurer lost his safe, md
about $5,000 was contained in it,
consisting of currency and coin.
The currency was destroyed and
the gold and silver is melted
together. The money was to have
been turned over to the newly
elected treasurer that day.
Assessor-elect Ted Parker, of
Lincoln county, confirms the report
that the Haac Banta gold machine,
an ordinary sluice box in which
chemicals are used to assist in sep
arating the gold from the black
sand, is being used with considera
ble success in beach mining. ' Five
of the sluices are in operation at
Collins' place, just south of Seal
Rocks, and others are being made
ready to go to work.
The regular subscription price of the
Express Is $1.50 a year, und the regu
lar subscription price of the Weekly
Oregonian is $1.50. Any one subscrib
ing for the K.xi'UKKs and paying uie
year In advance, oan get both the Ex
pkkss and the Weekly Oregonian one
year for $2.00. All old suhacrihers
paying their aubseriptians for me year
In advance will be entitled to the same
Her. '
Baker is rnoetvlng clothing, hooti
ami shoes, daily, in spite of the hard
f ines. Hie low prices make the goods
. A. K Davis fnt1 everything in t lie
euntwitiuuwy line.
, v j
The Knights of Labor
Called Out.
San Francisco Company Q Coujt Mar
tiaied and Dishonorably Die- '
The Militia Court Martial
Bacbamknto, July 10. Thd court
martial of San Francisco Company (i
which left Ihe line when thejtroops
were about to be sent against the
strikers on the 4th, has been concluded,
Lieutenant Mclver, the regulatg army
officer who came up here to Inspect
the troops, and Captain Tildeo, pf the
iiationaF guard, made statement on
behalf of the prisoners. They pplnted
out the miiigating circumstances of
extreme heat, fatigue, hunger and
general demoralization. The verdict
of the court martial will be delivered
today, and it is understood that the
men are to be deprived pf all benefits,
given a month in the guard-house, and
at the expiratiou of the term art to be
dishonorably discharged from the ser
vice. This sentence carries with it a
perpetual order barring them, from
occupying any public position of honor
or profit in California. There laj some
hope that the sentence may be suspen
ded to give the offenders a cbajnee to
redeem themselves.
A Freight Train Wrecked.
La Salle, 111., July 10. A freight
train was wrecked between this city
and ITtica, on the Rock Island road,
today. Nineteen ears left the track.
The spikes holding the rails in place
had been drawn.- Tht track ran along
the bank of a canal and) by a
little short of a miracle the entire
train did not go Into the water, i The
engineer and fireman saved themselves
by jumping , .,. , k r .,-,. .
At Sacramento.
Sacrambkto, July 10. At S o'clock
this morning eleven heavily armed
.(I i iters arrived here on an euglne,
which the captured at Gait. The en
gine was run to front and B streets,
where It was killed by local strikers.
It is now feared that bloodshed cannot
bo averted.' The announcement that
the regulars will arrive either tonight
or tomorrow morning, has caused
widespread alarm. The strikers are
armed with Winchester rifles and are
determined to stubbornly resist any
attempt to dislodge them.
.Striker! Returning to Work.
Tolhdo, July 10. The Michigan
Central strikers at midnight declined
to go to work, The Pennsylvania is
moving all trains without trouble.
The strike on the Hocking Valley is
oyer tit this point. Ami Arbor officials
have issued orders discontinuing all
scheduled freight trams. The Lake
Ahore yardb is the only point of
At Welt Oakland.
West Oakland, July 10. The sit
uation in Oakland this morning is un
changed. Absolute quiet prevails, and
Superintendent Wilder says no move
will be made by the compauy until the
troops arrive. The sentiment Is gen
eral among the stiikert that they will
not oppose the forces of the govern
ment, should they come.
Knlghti of Labor 8trlke,
Chicaoo, July 10. General Master
Workman Bovereigu says he is now
engaged in writing the order for a gen
eral strike of the Knights of Labor
everywhere tomorrow. He expects
the order will affect nearly 1,000,000
men, present aud former members, of
the organization. Unless something
unforeseen occurs, the order will go
Into effect tomorrow.
Murderous Work of Striken.
Sacramento, July 11. A delayed
Southern Pacific train was started for
San Francisco this afternoon with a
number of regulars on board. The
train hud proceeded but a few miles
out of Sacramento when it was fired
upon by men in ambush. The engin
eer was shot and seriously wounded.
The fireman escaped uninjured.
Before the regulars could return the
Are the train ran Into uu obstruct iou
aud was ditched. Three soldiers were
killed and several wounded.
All Running on Time.
Los Anqeles, July 10. Forthe first'
time since the tie-up a Sunset overland
truiu left the Southern Paelftc depot
for New Orleans this morning, just
half an hour late. ' The truth was re:
iilnrly made up with express, mail,
bagKuge aud Pullman Ooachev. The
train crew are not American Hallway
Union men.
Englneera Alklng Ralnitatament.
Toledo, July 10,-Receiver Calloway
of the Clover Leaf, reports that the
engineers on the western division of
that road are applying for reinstate
ment and are being taken on as new
men at any rate the road chooses to
pay. . . , ...
Wtbaih Blockade Railed.
Ahhlky, lnd July 10. The black
ade on the Wabash road has been
raised. All union, men are at work
Hiram Aglc was arrested last night
and taken to Indianapolis. ' Agle is
local president of the American Rail
way Union. , ,
. ' Train Held By a Mob.
Pittsbuko, July 10.-The Chicago
limited, on the Fort Wayne road, ar
rived three hours late today, having
been held up by a .mob near Fort '
Wayne. Windows were broken and
there were bullet holes in the cars.
Buffalo Hjpeful.
Buffalo, July 10. The probability
of a strike in Buffalo grows less hour
ly, and railroad officials express the
belief, there will be no strike here.
Malls are nearly on schedule time
At tha Stockyard!.
CniCAao, July 10,-The blockade ot
the stockyards was raised today. A
train of 55 ears of meat went through
the yards without obstruction, being
the first to leave since July 4.
All Quiet at Detroit.
Detroit, July 10. All striking em
ployes of the Union Station AnsociaV
tiou, whose tracks are used by several
roads, have returned to work, and
everything is going smoothly.
The Rio Grande Road...
Denver, July 10. The Rio Grande
road is now open through to the West,
the strikers at Hallda having returned
to work today.
At 8acramento.
Sacramento, July 11. When the
regulars arrived, the strikers had
already abandoned thesituatiou. Sac
ramento is now under martial law.
Five Hours in a Well,
Louis Winters, a young man em
ployed on a farm at Rockwood, aplfce
about 10 miles east of Portland, had a
narrow escape from drowning in. an
old well Sunday. Winters was draw
ing water when the planking gave way,
aud he fell Into the water, which was
about eight feet deep, carrying some of
the plunks with hinr. By strenuous
exertions, Winters managed to keep
his head, above water uutil he could
get a safe hold on the timbers. Then
he attempted to climb out, but when
half way to the top, again fell to the
bottom. Several such efforts had no
better result. He called lustily for
help, but no one heard him. He made
the beat of the situation, and arrang
ing some plunks about the well, re
mained In the frigid water for nearly
five hours, when Mr. W. B. Steele, of
Oresliam, happened along. He no
ticed that the well had partly caved
In, and on Investigating, saw Winters
in tile u ntor, with his head resting on
a plank. The voung man was nearly
frozen to death, aud was unable to give
more than a faint response to Mr.
Steele's calls. Mr. Steele procured a
a rope and sent for assistance. A man
was let down in the well in a basket,
and tied a rope around Winters' body,
and he was hoisted up. When taken
to hia home, Winters was nearly life
less, but prompt measures revived
him. He is still very weak, but will
Sugar Getting Scarce.
There is considerable uneasiness at
present, says the Eugene Guard, among
those who have use .for sugar, for fear
they will not be able to obtalu all they
need. The grocers of the oily exhaus
ted their stock of granulated sugar
Tuesday aud not a pound can be ob
tained in the city. The steamer Eu
gene was on her way up from Portland
and was bringing some as tar as Cor
vallis, and more had been ordered from
Sail Francisco, and. freight wagons
were Blurted for Corvallis Tuesday to
get It and bring It up as quickly as
possible. Our grocers were receiving
telegrams by the dozen from merchants
south of here calling for sugar, they
being -willing to pay any price they
might usk. There is lib sugar south of
here, and no opportunity to get It until
I rains are restored. Some towns have
Jif out several days- This sugar
famine is coining at a bad time, for
fruit now needs attention and .unless
preserved at once will be lost for all