The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 29, 1894, Image 4

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it.tlnr IVeeerloUoiis of T
ThlMre" By MMlpalnUin the Correal
the Dealer Cm Wert tho Wtaiwr Erory
' Tline But the Fools BttU Bet.
It is time warn motto that man Is
a fool who attempt to beat another at
hu own game. NeYertheleat there is a
perpetual and rich orop of gnllibles who
insist upon throwing their hard earned
mraiBT awaT in the vain and elnrire
hope that a fortune is within their easy
Both Bodla'
4 Pound,
mum, '
The method is to them of no oonae
guence. They einoerelybelieye that the
means deaenre the end, and with this
harmful and foolish idea in view they
state on their downward career, fully
beliering themselves competent to get
the beet of the sharper. But the sharper
is proud of his name, and he doea his
best to deserve ms one. no gouonj
euooeeds and then lies in wait for an
other viotm. The sharper is a onto one,
and it seems almost a pity tnat nis en
ergies are not pnt in more useful direc
tions. Eie inventive ability is far above
the average, and he oontrivee devices
whioh are marvels in their way; but as
Josh Billings tersely pnts "It i a
domed poor way. "
fresh in our minds are the develop
ments which resulted from a raid by the
police on one of the most prominent
gambing establishments.
Extraordinary devioes were found,
mri Hvervthinn was conducted on a scale
of magnifloenoe and ingenuity that was
marvelous to behold. Bleotrioity played
a prominent part In fact, everything
that could be done to further the aims
of the gamblers in a dishonest way was
carried out to a point bordering on per
fection. There was one device for stopping the
passage of a marble at a certain point,
which oonld be changed at the will and
discretion of the operator in charge.
Each oompartment was regularly num
bered and had underneath it a small
accreted electro magnet, the wires from
which were so connected with spring
contact points placed under , a foot
board, which in turn was situated and
hidden an the floor, that the ball oonld
be arrested in its progress at any point
Here, though, was apparently a diffi
culty in conneotion with its suooessful
operation. While it is true that the
ball could be stopped, the suddenness
of the stop would immediately attract
the suspicions of the players. It was
evident that the stoppage must be per
formed gradually, so as to appear nat
ural. A quick glance at the wheel show
ed the operator which oompartment was
the most profitable one for him. " The
ball slowed up, stopped, and he gather
ed in his ill gotten gains.
The gradual slowing up was by asuo
oessive number of weak impulses sent
through the adjoining electro magnets,
thus retarding the progress of the ball
which was completed by an inner
sphere of soft iron surrounded by a
highly polished celluloid coating. Great
skill on the part of the operator was of
course required to avoid detection. But
the men who worked this scheme felt
so sure that discovery was impossible
that their veiy boldness and audacity
furthered their work. Murder, howev
er, will out, and the secret was finally
laid bare to a curious crowd. :
Another device that attracted consid-
erable attention was planned to deceive
the most inquiring. A table was de
vised the top of which "contained a
number of squares laid off similar to
a ohessboard. Immediately above the
center of the board was suspended a
light metallic hoard by means of a slen
der silken thread. A compond mechan
ical motion at the top of a triangular
framework placed immediately over the
center of the board caused the silk
thread to take a rather emtio course.
On the boards were placed a number of
statuettes somewhat similar to chess
men, but all of approximately the same
height. The suspended ball was started
on its emtio course while the table was
slowly revolved. ;
Bets were then made as to which par
ticular piece would remain erect when
all others were knocked down. Piece by
. pieoe they dropped until but one re
mained, and this one of course was de
clared the prize winner. The game was
even more audacious than the one above
mentioned, but if anything it was more
The way in which it was made "a
sure thing" for its possessors was as fol
lows: Underneath each individual
square was a rather strong electro mag
net, all the north poles pointing upward
Each magnet was separately controlled
in an adjoining room, a signal being
communicated to the operator by any of
the well known systems common with
so called "second sight" performers.
Inside of the light suspended ball was a
compound permanent magnet with the
north pole pointing downward. Each
, marker, which I described as somewhat
similar to a chessman, was loaded with
a pieoe of soft iron passing through its
axis. The pieces for as many players as
were present were placed npon the
board. The operator then, according to
his discretion, selected the piece whioh
he desired to remain till the last The
signal was given, and the ball was start
ed. Of course the piece left to the last
was the one selected, and time after
time were his wages of cheating gath
ered in. Kor did the crowd of fools
Currents from a few colls of battery
being sent through the electro magnet
energized it north pole uppermost The
piece was held rather securely against
the board, and even if the light ball
did knock against it the force of the
blow was not sufficient to dislodge it
from its position. Electrical Beview,
An English jndge has decided that at
a marriage ceremony, if the church doors
are closed or one witness absent, the
marriage i void, 1
The Smell at HU Otxarette Bmultetl In a
FtulllMle of Bomp Iran.
"I have traveled from Maine to Cali
fornia and from Winnipeg to the City
ofMoxioo. I never paid a railroad fare.
I have been broke for eight years, and I
never went without eating more than
four days at a time.
A anight of the road was ue&ra giv
ing this wonderful record to a group of
companions on a street corner.
"Wm vou ever in a wreck?" asked
reporter. ' ' - - -
"Nope," said the man with a recor (
"I always was lucky that way. On' j
was Tiding a blind baggage whey l he
murine ran onto an open Bwitoh. T ,,.,
gine and oar i was on won uuu- J(J(J mA
I was t'rowed about 80 f eet Ir- to & 'mmA
field. IwassnooKnp, Duino- jknrt Tho
toughest run I ever ma 9 WM ont
Denver. The 'eon' was outo me
taid I oonld not go with l him I had to
leave the town, so Igr m& nei m
the pilot
"The flroman spt,tted ma .), ,.
a few miles out m& amused himself
t'rowing coal at me m& toning the hose
in my ouwjmut t At the first stop I drops
down, and wien she pulled out I was
on ine ouDpen between the two box
oars. Whea she polled tip noxt time, the
con' spovued me and got a 'brakie' to
keep t'rowing at me until he got tired.
"I thwnght I'd try the brake beam the
next time, and hid in the ditch until
she, 'whist led. As she started I swung
under the caboose. I got sottled on a
beam next the tall platform of the ca
boose, I always takes the last beam, so
as if I fall off there is no train to run
over me. I toght I was all right for
Colorado Springs and felt so good on the
beam that I lit a cigarette. The smoke
gave me away. First thing I know I got
a biff in the back with a coupling pin.
It like to knock me off. I looks around,
and there was that cussed brakie chunk
ing me with all the scrap iron he could
find. ..-
"It was tough, I tell you. I hung on
till we came to a grade, and I goes off
backwards as soon as she was running
slow. I had to walk the rest of the way
to Colorado Springs. " Houston Fast
Mr Uultfltll rtu'
the Bohemia m . ned Baturday from
Mr-Leu, the PW by
thebedvofM He"'lemBn who toumi
hetalyo' r-Dow"l,,8- fr"""'
. . Weaver, who accompanied
mile d'
An Old and Historic Watch.
"I repaired a watch when I was wort
ing in Pamelia, N. Y.," said a watch
maker now working in a Broadway I
store, "which, although it was more
than 250 years old, had been previously
repaired but three times once in 1825,
again in 1831 and then in 1843.
"The watch has an interesting his
tory. It is now the property of David
Minthorn, who has an anthentio record
of it It was made by Thomas Linf ord
of London in 1630, and in time came
into the possession of George HI, who
presented it to Sir William Johnson,
when he left England to take charge of
affairs in the colony of Hew York. Sir
William presented it to the famous In
dian chief Joseph Brant, whose sister
was Sir William's mistress,
"In giving the watch to Brant Sir
William remarked that 'it was surely
worth 40 rebel scalps.' When Brant
had his headquarters in the Schoharie
valley, the watch was taken from him
Into the mines, about half a
iwn rhe canyon from where
l,.l.. ...... f.,.,,,,1 !!,
. .s had been out of the snow some
t nc and were so badly decomposed
.hey could not be handled and were
buried where found. The men had
wandered down into a very deep can
yon, with very steep sides, and the
searching party had difficulty iu get
down there, and lire unable to tee how
the men got there. From all appear
ances the men had gone down there
together, and slid down a short dis
tance. Downing was too near ex
hausted to regain his feet, bui .Weaver
managed to work down the creek
about half a mile, aud his body was
found about three and a half miles
from the warehouse, where plenty of
bedding and provision could have been
obtained had he possessed sufficient
strength to get that far. They left no
note telling of their misfortune, and
the circumstance of their tatal trip
will never be known. Eugene Regis
The Wheat Aphis. !
Considerable excitement has been
created through the country over the
report that an insect of green color,
small in size, was found upon the beads
of wheat. It started first in' Douglas
county, the Boseburg papers giving
the first account- The papers here
have heretofore retained from men
tioning It, for the reason that It was
thought best not to give any needless
scare, and that the Insect might not in
fact do any real damage. But the prev
alence of the talk upon the subject
makes it a matter of public news. It
it said that insect is a grain aphis and
thatltedistrlbiitlon is general through
out valley. Suoh being the case It has
I undoubtedly lieen here for years, not
I having been noticed before, for its gen
eral distribution could not have been
accomplished in one season, and in
all probability will not perform any
great damage. It is generally accom
panied with a destructive parasite
anyhow. '
I will call your attention to the
- n
er li ii mm .f r l!aa,
In Dry Goods and Clothing, Hats
Caps Etc. Boots and Shoes.
As I will actually noil Lower than before for the followin
1st. I have bought out my partner cheap.
2nd. I have boon getting new good very cheap lately.
Fire at Harrisburg.
The Harrisburg Lumlier Company's
mill burned lust Saturday evening,
being totally consumed. The fire
originatedifrom a spark from the en
glue and was so far under way before
it was discovered that it was impossi
ble to check It. Several thousand feet
of lumder and pickets were burned.
The loss was about $5000, Insured fur
2000. The company will undoubtedly
rebuild in a short time and may put
in a water wheel as the motive power,
with other booty by Evart Van Epps of which will remove the danger from
Fultonville, who was a paymaster in fire. This is the second mill that has
the American army, van Jippswas on-. been burned on this site.
erward taken prisoner by Brant, wno
recovered the watch,
"The grandfather of the present own
er of the watch became a warm friend
of Brant's in Canada after the war, and
Brant made him a present of the ancient
timepiece. It has been in the family
ever since and has always kept good
time. " New York Sua
Umbrella and lanterns In China.
If a Chinese leaves his home after
night without taking with him a lan
tern, suoh as is assigned to the use of
the class to which he belongs, he is lia
ble to arrest by the police. As soon as it
is dark every city seems ablaze with Ian-
terns. They light up the homes of tho
rich and poor. They are attached to the
angles of the pagoda. They are seen at
every port and on every river. In fact,
they make their appearance everywhere,
and to call China the "land of lanterns"
is by no means a misnomer. Umbrellas,
too, are of mnch importance, in China,
because there the umbrella is a mark of
rank. Two large red silk umbrellas sig
nal the approach of the governor general
of a province. A red silk umbrella with
three ruffles on it is the kind assigned to
the four highest ranks of mandarin.
The nobility of lower rank are entitled
to an umbrella of red silk, but may have
only two ruffles. The two highest .auks
of gentlemen commoners ore entitled to
a red state Umbrella snrmonnted by a
knob of tin. The third and fourth ranks
have the knob of wood instead of tin,
bnt it is always painted red. An um
brella of blue cloth with two ruffles and
surmounted by a red painted wooden
knob distinguishes the fifth rank.
Philadelphia Times.
Free Methodist Camp Meeting.
The Free Methodists will hold a
district campmeeting at Aberdeen,
formerly known as Bait Luke on the
JScio and Sweet'Home road. Com
mencing July 12, to coutinue ten days,
ell are cordially invited to attend.
J. H. Brown, P. E.
Lebanon to San Francisco
FltOM SAN FRANCISCO to other point
in California will be allowed purchasers oi
special Midwinter Fair tickets at the onto
ing round-trip rates:
ONE-THI1U) one-way fare.
ONE-FIFTH one-way fare.
For enact ates and lull information, in
quire of I. A. BENNKTT.aitentat Lebanon,
Oregon, or address the underaianed.
Oeu. Tratlic Man'n'r. den. Pats, Agt.
Bait Fbabcisco, Cai
" E. P. ROOEItS, Ass't Uen. F't & Pass
Agt.. Portland or.
3d. To make room in the store because there is ncf1
more space. ,
4th In order to make room to get more goods.
5th. I am buying direct and am able to do it.
6th. I have nobody to keep llies hard timeB but r.iyself.
Yours Truly,
Remember the place, in ..tho Odd Fellows building on
Main street.
Thti Trim American Foot.
Several London newspapers have been
entertaining their readers during the
Whitsnn holidays by a lively controver
sy over the respective size and beauty
of the feet of English aud American
women. Some editors, in the face of
overwhelming evidence, confess that
English feet are out of running in snch
a controversy and console themselves
by asserting that the feet of Englishmen
are far more shapely. than those of their
American brothers. There have been
many indignant protests against even
this admission. The shoe dealers, when
assured that they may speak incog., re
gretfully admit that they are unable
to fit the trim American foot with any
shoe ready made for the fat and flat
feet of English women.
l' : Art In a Ultirn Uiiireu. .
"Miss Flimsyfiuff is vory gloomy,"
said one member of the opera company
to another. .
"Why!" -
"yon see, she's really fond of her
husband and hates to be divorced from
him, but she fouls that her art dcmnids
it, "Washington Star.
If you want to get nice fresh bread
go tn Peebler's. '
J. 8. Courtney M. D. Physician,
Burgeon and Accoucheur, Lebanon,
If you want photos made and havn't
the money Boyd will take your pro
When you want to buy asult of cloth
ing you will save Bioucy by getting
it at Buch's.
When you want a new hat don't for
get Pughaud Muustey. They have the
latest styles.
J. R Ailrox, agent for the Albany
steam laundry, sends washing9 down
cm Tuesdays only.
K. W. Biultli keeps the Eldnrudo
Cantor machine oil, best in the world
for farm machinery.
Pugh and Munsey have just received
a new line of furnishing goods, price
them before buying elsewhere.
Hiram Baker received a large in
voice of Hprlng clothing this week of
the latest shades and styles.
A line of both cotton and woolen
dress goods have just arrived at Bead,
Peacock & Co's. Something new.
The only sure cure to preserve fruit
and berries is to use autl-feruiontine
for sale at N. W. Hniitli's drug store.
The Exphess would cull the alien
lion of the city dads to the fact that
gome work on the streets atid alleys,
especially cutting down the thistle
before the Fourth, would le in good
A.E. Ansorge is now ready to do
any repairing of organs, having had
long experience in first-olass factories.
Will guarantee satisfaction. Lebanon,
My line of jacket and capes for
spring? and summer wear is now com
plet. Capes are the thing this year,
Aud I carry a particularly fine line of
novollies, lit reasonable prices.
fi. E. Young, Albany, Ore.
I huve a few second-hand nooks that
I will close out at a bargain.
M. A. Milleb.
' W. M. BROWN,
I Solentlfto Amerleu
Sail V : oOPVWIOHTa, MO.
Tor toforiMtKm m4 trm Handbook wrtw
Oldest bureau toe securing patents In America.
Every patent taken out by us is brought before
vbepuoliobya nouoe glTec tree of coarse to. Um
lanrett elrenlatton of any wentiso paper to tho
iorlo. Splendidly lllmiratea. No iijMUnat
nan should be wltnoul It. Weekly, M.OOa
jean 1.BUIX mnnlbs. Address MONN CO
What Is the condition of yours? Is your half dryj?
harsh, brittle? Doea It spilt at the mist Has It a
lifeless appearance? Does It fall out when combed or
brushed? Is It full of dandruff ? Does your scalp Itch ?
1 it dry or In a heated condition V If these are soma of
your symptoms be wiw.iei! In time ory ou will become bald,
SkookumRootHair Grower
is wtufcnn h6. It pmduttl -n in tint an iceidint, but th mate of Kfnt M a
rttwrch. KiiawleilKt? of tl nltwawtact tiuhalrui!aul) )t to tba (!)'.
ryof tKiwtotreiutiioni. "KVt.iokum "contotiw Deltbjr i,.i..vra,anoroll4. It
HnotftDre.butRtlfllliriithiUy'i ooliufi or4 rc fresh inff Tunic liy itinmlMliiK
the folliclt), it ttopt uliing Jar. euru dandruff and gnnu imr on he, id
r"Kwp thfl H1p oln, bMlthy, (irt Ipfron.ln! by
tbe um of Bkoulmm, skm kJ.. It&otuuytpunuuio inuvti, wAt Imd n
and dtttmu t) hair.
(It TourdnigRiitetBTirvtkiirolrTOUMiifl drmttftii,and wo wffl forward
PKpflltt. on ret-niptol price UrQwmUWjm'UrtUoii tyrWJM. Uov.A(M.
tPr jr t iur
'B";" ST Hoqib tflftli Avonno, New York, M. Y. 4
The Best Shoes
in i nnnoi ha
'1 in L. UUUULiKj
sx tor the ljaui Meaev. eTS
VI r ! ' lf
HI MjSyflPJ W 88, 64 and
t nitgcitTtir'1 '
a i liiw - "rril TT n.1 ,it :,Tti
83.50 DKJM hoa.
Polio Shre. 3 8ola.
'..7B for Boys.
83, 82.50 82, $1.70
t)ACTIONrf an. dra'er
ofnt. you W. aClriiui;ia,
iiooi a a reduoed mn.
or J.nena.looru with.
una cue Duma atamiwrl
vu auv uuifcom, put h lm
a. .1 .. u . ,
W. L. POUCLAS Shoes e stvllnh, ea8y fitting, and give bettet
satUfacUon at the prnaa adyertlsed than any other make. Try one pair and be con,
vinced. The stamping of W. L. DouRlaa' nnme and price on the bottom, which
Euarantee, their value, saves thousands of dollars onnually to those who wear them
icalera who push the sale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gnln customers, which helps f"
Increase the sales on their full line of goods. They can afford to sol! at a low iW
and wo believe yon earl save money hv Imylnr; (ill your footwear of the dealer loT '"
tuod uolow. Cauiloguo trt uuou oppllcutlo... w.i. DOVQIAH, BtiiuuSi 'm
of either kx, taj age, In any partbf the country,
it the employment which w fiiriiUh. Touiwed
iy)tbeawayfromhoDwtvrrnigbt. YoueangiTe
yourwholet(metothowork,oroniyyouripre mo
neoti. At capital U oot required you run so rlalc.
We mpply fW with all that ii needed, It will
coat yon nothing to try the buiineu. Any one
oan do the work. Beginnera make money from
ttie ttart. Failure b unknown with ourworken.
livery hour you labor you oan eacily makoft dollar.
Ho one who la willing to work fall to make mora
money every day than ean be made in three days
m finy ordinary employment. Send for free book
containing the fulloat Information.
Box 880,
Santiam Academy
Summer Term Begins April 30, 1894.
For information, ask for circular at the Post-office
S. A. RANDLE, Principal,