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    Lebanon Express.
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or EvMuam ua Pbomotioh. )
WssMr CiraalH UtWr-No. 0.1
Decoration lay tm eelsbrstwd at the
California Midwinter Ezpoaition in a
manner which was calculated to main
glad the hearU of all old retarana and
their frienda, rather than to make them
tad. In San Francisco, a in every other
lnrge city in the United States, Memor
ial day ia historical. There is always a
firocemion in which the veterans play an
mportant part, and there are orations
and gran viaitingi everywhere. Bat
that portion of the celebration which
centered at the exposition followed on
after the downtown demonstration and
waa of qnite a different character.
Rev. Dr. T. de Witt Talmage of
Brooklyn Tabernacle fame, happening
to be in San Francisco for a day or two
on his trip around the world, was in
duced by the exposition management to
talk for an hoar at the exposition on this
occasion, and Festival Hall was packed
to the doors with an eager listening aud
ience. The well known pulpit orator
had no time for preparation of an elab
orate speech, bnt he spoke extemporane
ously as if from an inspiration. His ad'
dress was said by those who have often
heard him to have been one of the finest
efforts of his life. It had been preceded
by patriotic aim, rendered by the expo
sition band, bnt it was in itself at once
a requiem, an anthem, symphony and
an hallaln jah. There were hundreds of
old war veterans in the audience, and
widows and ophans of those who fell
upon their country's battlefields, and
eywe were wet with tears and faces were
wreathed in smiles alternately during
the delivery of this wonderful speech.
From the exposition standpoint Talmage
proved a big drawing card. There were
doubtless very many people on the
grounds who were drawn here by the
fast that there was to be something in
the line of a memorial exercise as well
as a spectacular demonstration.
The spectacular demonstration con
sisted of a grand afternoon and evening
parade made up of nearly a score of
floats representing different features of
history during the wars in which Amer
ica has been engaged. These floats were
really magnificent creations of artistic
skill, and the whole affair was managed
with great success. One of the floats
represented "Washington Crossing the
Delaware." The boat was in the midst
of an ice floe, and was manned by offi
cers and men in old continental uniforms
t:tl I'varything about it was in keeping
.ith tae subject. Another float repre
sented "Farragufs Flagship" at the bat
tle of Mobile. This was an exact repro
duction of the famous old war vessel,
and a man looking for all the world like
the pictures of the admiral stood in the
rigging and gave his commands to a real
sailor crew. Another float represented
the "Surrender of Vera Cruz." There
was a tent surrounded with shrubbery;
the Mexican and American flags, the
soldiery of both armies and all the ap
purtenances for historical precision.
In. addition to these floats represent
ing individual historical incidents, there
was an immense float called "A Tribute
to the Dead," entirely draped in mourn
ing, bat relieved from utter sombsmess
by 48 beautifully dressed children and a
Goddess of Liberty, each child bearing
a floral wreath on which was the name
of one of the states or territories of the
United States. Another float represent
ed "The Soldier's Return. " On it was
a cabin with trees and shrubbery in the
dooryard, the anxious wife and ohildren
peering from the portal and the soldier
coming back from the war, battle-scarred
bat crowned with victory.
Then were other allegorical as well as
historical floats in the parade. One of
these represented "The Triumphs of
War. This was in the form of a floral
arch containing twenty scrolls, upon
eaoh of which was the name of a leading
American general This float was pro
fusely decorated with flowers of every
tort, as indeed were all the other floats.
Flowers were utilised on every hand
and the entire parade was as much a
floral display as the grand festival a fort
night earlier. A great deal of interest
also centered in a float representing the
AmDnlanoe semoe, wbere a part of an
old ruin had been improvised into a Held
hospital and where doctors and nurses
were ready to operate upon the wounded.
Other floats were "Crowning of the Vic
tors, "Cadets and Marines, "and "The
Battle of Big Tree, " the latter represent
ing a scene during the recent Indian
wars with real Indians in ambush be
hind trees, brash, rocks, etc., with an
attacking party of white soldiery in the
This parade moved round and round
(he grand central court of the exposition,
starting at t M p. m. Three bands war
in the parade and an escort of military
toeaohfioat The scene was decidedly
impressive and one of the most interest
ing thus far witnessed at the exposition.
In the evening the parade was repeated
mith the added effects of illuminations.
Forty-two platforms had been erected
around the central sonrt and red fire
and other fireworks wen discharged
from these during the entire time of the
parade. The wonderful Boaet Electric
(Heel Tower was brilliantly illuminated
at the same time also, and the entire
electrical Illumination ef the exposition
was all in foros. The result was ths
grandest Illumination ever seen on ttx
Pacific Coast The central court was as
light as day, with all the added beaatiet
ef color, and those who witnessed thai
demonstration agreed that it surpassed
any previous effort of the kind that had
been attempted is connection with the
exposition. '
Preaching at the Baptist church
every Sunday at 11 A. x. and 7-30 P. M.
Sundry school at 10 A.M.,, Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 7:30 P. H.
C. E. Lamar, Pastor.
Clipped From Our Exohanges
Throughout the West.
The commencement exercise of i
McMinnville college are being
held this week.
Lincoln county has let a con
tract for a bridge .across Eiikmur-.
slough. It is to be 1 100 feet Iod g.
The Leader says that 0 N,
Denny iind SI. 0. Lowusdule will
each build a lnrge cannery near
At Cottage Grove last week,
Lewie & Burkholder pur chased of
Judge Harding 380 pou.nds of wool
tor 10 cents per puunrA.
The Salem Independent prints a
long arraignment of the reform
school management, alleging
cruelty to the inmates and otl'cn-
sive treatment of employes.
Bear hunting is quite a profita
ble iudustry in Josephine county.
The hides are shipped to Chicago,'
where they bring $15 to $40 each.
The Ochoco mines, of Crook
county are running day and night,
and the prospects are that consid
erable dust will be taken out this
summer. .
The Eugene cannery property
has been sold by the sheriff, S. B.
Eakin, as trustee of the creditors,
bidding it in, the reul. estate at
?7000. This leaves an indebted
ness of about $5000 on the prop
erty. It is probable some disposi
tion of the property will be made
so the cannery can be operated this
The trustees of Pacific college,
Newberg, are having a paper circu
lated fof the purpose of securing
the pledge of 100 or more persons
to pay $10 apiece toward the run
ning expenses of the school, one
half payable in December and the
other the following June. The
names of over 60 subscribers were
published in the last issue of the
The decision rendered by Judge
Bellinger in Portland on Friday,
in the case of Charles Altschul vs
the Oregon Pacific and Willamette
Valley & Coast railroad, T. Erlgeri
tou Hogg and others was in favor
of the plaintiff and settled the title
to about 1,000,000 acres of land.
The court held that in the trans
actions of Col. Hogg in tho matter
there tvae nothing consistent or
straightforward, and that several
of his acts were not consistent with
fair dealing.
On Saturday June 2nd the burn
of J. B. Barber near Roberts
Bridge, was totally consumed by
fire. Nearly all his farm machin
ery including harvester, mower,
hay rack, feed cutter, plow, two
sets of harness, grain cleaner,
wheelbarrow etc., a small amount
of hay with about lf;0 bushels of
oats were among the content?.
The origin of the fire is not known.
The loss is partly covered by in
surance there being ?G00 on the
barn and $100 contents, in the. Sun
Insurance Company of Loudon.
Entire loss fully $1000. He wiil.
immediately rebuild. ;
At half-past one Saturday morn
ing, at Colfax, Wash., Gfty unasked
men went to the county jail nntl
lynched Ed Hill, serving a sen
tence for killing Sanford Summers
and George P. Parker, who is on
trial for killing A. B. Cooper. The
two men were tiken out of the jail,
through the hallway and up stairs
to a small porch. The rope was
fastened to the balcony, above the
porch, and when everything wns
ready Parker was thrown over
into the darkness and immediately
afterwards Hill was launched.
Parker, as he was thrown over
raised his left arm which he placed
over the rope. Parker struggled
for a moment, but both men died
quickly. ...'.,..
The Columbia flood has caused
immense loss on Sauvie's island,
which is in the Willamette river,
a few miles below Portland. The
Telegram says: Day 8. Hutching,
who returned yesterday from Sau
vie's island, reports that it is
almost entirely undor water.
Hundreds of buildings have beon
lifted fror.n their foundations and
are aflowt on the island. Many,
ohaine-d to their positions, ste
lying, on their sides and will break
to p'leces when they settle, Mor
S&' ..'8 large barn is among tho
D"iny buildings allont. Crops aro
rained, fences washed awav, house-
: hold effects seriously damaged and
destroyed. People have lied to
! the highlands. Many nre living
I in the second stories of ' their
houses. Mr. Hutchins thinks the
loss caused by Hood on Sauvie's
island will not be less than $250,
000. : . .
I have two little grandchildren who
are teething this hot suiiiukt weat!u-r
and are troubled with bowel com
plaint. I gave theui Chululiurliiln'H
Colic, Cholera and Diurrlnwa Hemnly
and itucls like a cliurin. I earnestly
recommend It for children with bowel
troubled. I was myself taken with a
severe attack of bloody flux, with
cramps and pains In my stomach, one
thinl o." a bottle of this remedy cured
me. Wlthiii twenty-four hours I was
out of bed and doing my house work.
Mrs. W. L.Duiiigun, Bou-aqua, Hk'k
man county, Tenn, .For sale hy N.
W. Smith, druggist.
la the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Multnomah,
ti. O. Alexander Plaintiff
F. Wise Defendant.
Sotice Is hereby given that by virtue
of hi) execution an order of sale
duly issued out of and under the seal of
the above named court in the above
entitled Action to me directed and :
delivered commanding me to make
sale of the Real Property described iu i
said execution to satisfy the sum of,
$819, with interest thereon at the I
rute of eight per cent per annum from
the 27th day of October A. D. 1802.
and the costs and disbursement of tiie
aetion and the costs of and upon said
execution sain item .property having
herefore been duly attached In said
action and I will on Saturday the
23d day of June, 1894 at the trout door
of the court house in tho city of Al
bany, Linn county, Oregon at the
hour of J o'clock p. m. of said day sell
at puhlii; auction for cash In hand to
the highest bidder all the right title
and interest of the defendent F; Wise
iu and to said Real Property described
axfolHwe, to wit: Lola one (1), two
(2), three (8) and four (4) in block
number two (2) in Abby's Addition to
the city of Albany, Linn county, Or
eou, also beKinntBf; at the center of
lilo:k 15 in ilacklenian's eecotid addi
tion to Albany, in Linn county, Ore
pill, and running thence south, paral
lel with the west boundary of mill
block 110 feet, thence easterly on Hie
south boundary lineif snio -block 110
teet thence parallel with the eust bound
ary of id block 110 feet thence west
erly 6B feet to the plnee of neginniinr.
the proceeds arriving from mill
sale to he applied to the satisfaction of
said execution.
Datki) this 29d day of May, 1S4,
C. C. Jackson,
Sheriff of Liuu County Oregon.
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of
Oregon for the County of Linn.
David Swank - plalnlill',
Elizabeth F. Landis, and b. A. Laudia
Notice Is hereby given that by vir
tue of an execution mill criler ufsale
duly issued out of the nunve nuiin-il
court iu the above emitleij null to ine
directed and delivered, commanding
me to tell tho reul property therein
described, I will on Saturday the Zh
day of June, 1SB4, ul the front lour of
the court bonne in the cily of Albany,
Linn county, Oregoi., t. the hour of
1 o'clock i'. M., of said 'lay, wll at
puWi :iiiieii'in lor e.i.,h In li.i'iul In the
bight st bidder, On.- ivi.l property des
cribed In. said rxeiMijnn ami order of
sale w follow. tn-v. b: Lota (2) !uoin
hlni'k fl) one in the 'he town ol Lynn
in Wnn enmity, fc.uie of Oregon, an
Hipeuii oh the r ciu-l iiljt nfsubl town
in the R,-ciiril.:r's oiii.o in Albmiy, in
Kind enmity ullil eltlte. "the pri eerie
arkii.g from rule to be 'applied ilml to
the pnyiuerit nf tiie cnn' anil e,i.nse'.
Of Sllid Kille llllll tin- (,'iw-t Mid flisbu !('-
merits of suit utxed at 21) III, seeoinl in
tin.' eiyniciu of the attorney's fees
ainoun ing fi tiie sum nf &o
and mo payment of the
filuiiitilT'fl eluim lUijoiniiim' to
8Hfl with Interest -thereon at tiie rale
of ten p.r ee.nt per Milium from the
4th day of March, lffint this 2ad day of May. 1804.
Hherifl' of Linn Coiinl v, Ore;nn.
The Yaquiiia 'Route.
E. W. Hadloy, Receiver,
Direct Lino Quick Diupatch
bow Freight Jtates.
Hetweon Willamette Valley Points
and Sun Francisco.
titeamer "iioajr" leaves Portland,' WednCi
day anil Sutuniay at 6 A, M.
II. C. Day, Qen, An't,
. Salmon St. Wharf, Portland,
V. B. Vaiwuh, Oen. Ag't,
Ban Francisco, Cal.
'I', C. Uowr.. ti, F. & P. A,,
.., . .Uorfsllis, Oregon,
"is You Name
Written There?"
Written where? Why, on the
Riibseriptinn list of the Lhhanon
Exi'iiMsa. If you are tint a sub
scriber to this paper, and wish to
obtain reading matter for the win
ter evenings, now is the time to
subscribe. Subscription rates, (pay
able in advance) $1,50 per year.
To Advertisers.
If you wish to obtain the best
returns from your advertisemontB
Don't Forget
the important fact that
The Lebanon Express
will givo the desired results,, as it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in Linn County.
vmtmisrmnuin anarre) iimapooit writ to
OJ lea: bureau ror Kctinnv patentB ia America.
Kvurr nuuint takn out by iih tm lin-ntcbt befort
it pubtiu bj u jyuoe ITa trwot eiiiugu Id tH
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electric mmm
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homn, thi, f ure t od office. Onisviwt oonn
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nstiffhlvirii. Viun inftramentA. bo tain, works
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W. P. Hirrtton It Co., Ci k 10, CoUwbua, 0.
Jilfl.QO PER
; '2
ji Scientific American
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at the employment wtilcft yrts (urolil). You need
ootbtiRWNyiroiQlioiadOveriiigbt. You can givo
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the ilrtrt Failure Ii unknown with ourwoi-kH'.
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atftuyordiuary employment. Send for &ee bocU
(xniaiuH fullest Informatioa,
Box 880,
I will call your Attention to the
. fwJ
In Dry Goods and Clothing, Hats
Caps Etc. Boots and Shoes.
As I will actually sell Lowor Untn liofore for the following
1st. I have bought out my partner clioap.
2nd. I have boen gutting new guod vory uhoap lately.
3d. To make room in tliu stovo IwcauRe there is no
more Bimce. . -
4th In order to niako room in get more goods.
."4h. I am buying divert itnd am able to do it.
6th. I .have nobody to kenp tiuis luvd times but myself.
Yours Truly,
Eomomber the place, in ;he Odd Fellows building on
Main street.
iiush, uiiiult moos ii spin m tno matt Mas ir-41
iiieiess j;;poirnnce f Does it tall out when combed or
brushed? is It full of dandruff ? Does your scalp Itch?
Is It dry or in a heated condition V It these an some of
y oursy mptoms bo warned In time oryou will become bold.
SkookumRootHair Grower?
err ot how V, mil Em.
atwtapyo.butftdellBlitfuIlycoGlliijcaiid w(rlilD Tonic Fly ttlm'uutini; 1
jkat, wjuhhi0 Aair, auru uanuni .-n grmt isafr m Thud 1
KtileliTI,ncAiaiv,ndfrifromrrltlloitsnioMi)r hr I
pnpta, on rrwlptof. pnc.
ws j:
jflfi for uie lwit Mount, mff!
vinced. The .tamping of W. L. Dougli.' nefnd Bru? '".i.'"'? .".nd be f?"?
guarantee, their value, laves thomand. of iW 'rTZiF1? J" 0,,cm,
Dealer, vrhopu.h the .ale of W. L. BottfU8hn."hl,T! 1,em
increaK the wle. on their full line of goo.l. , .T B " c",tomer' hll help, to
nil we bllm yoo on un itin.r bf bnvlne an T" fV to '' IMS profit.
Saop Academy
Summer Term Begins April 30, i894,
. .
For information, ask for
S. A. RANDLE, Principal, "
LEBANON, . . . . OR2co
What h the condition ol yours? It your hair C$fi
iimiZZiniVj3r'!: C
Orower.slJiciixr IntUeit turSJJw! Smuto!.
iini nvniinvt nun lurui a, y.
84 and 83.60 Dress Shoo.
63.60 Police Shoe, 3 Soles.
82.60, 82forWorklngmen.
w ana t,i.7o tor Boys.
sT1smnr u
flVr von W. "y i
auiMi m st w .JT''rmy.imm
.. " . I.. Iki.
u HAm atAmrteri
bouom, put hira
etroulav at the Post-office