The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 20, 1894, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor.
T-... .... ,
-nimuv lojiuusi nas oeen
ou its ear with the Democrat f,ir
.sometime. It hag now gotten on ted on hw husband purchasing
its other ear with the Express. ' tickets for themselves and three
This acrobatic feat ie perfectly nat-! children and take the back track
ural," when we remmember that ! the same evening. All the furni
such animals have very long and : 'urc and household effects of the
hairy cars. The Populist got very 'family bad arrived by freight, but
mad and called the Express some
naughtv names. This is the first
time Buch animals have been
known to speak, since Balaam's
ass opened his mouth. The Popu-
list is mad simply because the Ex- j his property in Wisconsin a. a sac- ToSihat aTetcn
press suggested that "Bro. Ramp" j "lice, but the lady couldn't stom- J awakening he grew brighter, the feed
might give quite an interesting ach our pine clad hills, blue skies ! look disappeared, and by the time din
u .i-.t land (Wv olonrls Jnp friflitl bhvb i was at an end Richard was himself
w hub me isoanon canal-
dates failed to get even a part of
the recognition their merit entitled
them to, from the Albany conven
tion. Bro. Iiamp seems to be
offended likewise, and thinks we
were reflecting on him personally .J
" e Know nothing of Bra Rauip
except what he has shown in the
canvass. His private character is
his own property. We know and
care nothing about that. It is
above reproach, so far as we know.
His political career, if that is the
name for it, is a legitimate subject
for criticism. The wide snmarl
dissatisfaction with the treatment
of certain Lebanon gentlemen, the
frequent visits of the delegates to ' tbat the P"?4 of ultimate suc
Albany after the convention, tbejcmi8 Dot fuchas justify far-
failure to nominate for secretary of.
state a Lebanon man of unques
tioned ability, who was morally
sure of election, the cowardly slurs
thrown at Lebanon simply because
J. L. Cowan once lived here, when
in fact his life has been spent near
ly wholly in Albany and when the
money of Lebanon men was taken
to lonn to Albany people all of
these thinp taken together make
it appear that the Albany division
of the populist party have very
little love for Lebanon and her
favorite populist sons, who are the
peers of any men in the county.
The Express is not alone in this
opinion. It is shared, ve are in
formed, by many of the best popu-
lists in this precinct. The ExrREss!cloBin.s- This has overcome
has criticized the populists, but it
has never made use of abusive
epithets. The Albanv Populi8t
can have a monopoly" of vulgar
words and reap all the glory possi -
ble from their use. It seems to be I
in its natural element when it is ,
in the filth of foul
Tiieue is a farm in the Southern j
part of Louisiana measuring one I
hundred miles north and south
twenty-five miles east and west, j
The one and a half million acres '
oi wmcn n is maae up were imr-
chased seven vearg ago from the
- - 6
state of Louisiana and from the
United States government by a
pyndcate of Northern capitalists,
by which it is now farmed. At!?.
that time it was a vast grazing
"round for the c-ittle r.f tl.o r, , i
being thirty thousand head of cat-!
tie nrl h,.r" i ti,; ;m
tie and horses upon it. Uns lm-
mense tract is now divided into
convenient pasture ' stations,
ranches, the fencing nlone
cost fifty thousand dollars. The!
land is best adapted for rice, sugar
corn and cotton. All the cultiva
ting, ditching etc., are done
steam power, a t ract of about half a
mile wide being taken and an en
gine placed on each side. The en-
pines are portable and work a cable
Iched to four plow, the area
plowed in this way, with the labor
of onlv three men heinir thirtv
"M mree men, being tbirty
acres. Harrowing, sowing, etc.; are
done in the fame way, and there is
Att L ,u.
Horses are, however, used by the
herdsmen, whb look after the six-
teen thousand head of cattle on the i
estiilc. The company has three '
, . .,' ,, , I
HtcKinbreiU npon the three bun-1
drcd milex of navigable waters :
n-liif-h t Ii.-tr f-uf'jld nn 1 a Tun '
potft rjs a shipyards bank and rice
niilU. Xew York Ledger.
The ways of women are past
fmd0! nut TIa f,,ll. ,;,, IW,,n
I,,..,.. . . .
pucinim.! ass courier is w me
I point: A newcomer from iscon-
!sin mirr-h-wod o farm T
creeK last wees ana was delighted,
' 1 bars-am, but w hen his
Uvift reached here a dav or two
U hI
"r ' foj '
a" twenty-four hours. She insis
i ili i
; ted on her husband purchaginc
jthe husband was compelled to re- j long mi Moxa jonrneTi t fae.
shin the whole business and eojged. We sat down to dinner. Between
back. She would not even look at
the larin for which he had har
It seems that he had sold
ujcuuii ; m rau auniuuv lor
the lndy's action is that she had
red hair.
Secketakv Morton has received
a large number of inquiries from
pm is ui me country as to me
result of the department's rainfall
experiments and the feasibility of
controlling precipitation by mcsns
of explosions. The following cir
cular is being sent by the depart
ment to all inquirers: "Replying
10 J'our Ietter af t0 t"g
!periments,I have to inform you
that in no case did they pass the
merely experimental stage, and
mers or oluer cmzens ln ralnnlllK
mg experimentation. In this de
termination, judgment and opinion
I am supported by the scientists
andotberUeged experts in meteor
ology connected with the United
States weather bureau."
A very singular case is that of a
young man of Black River Falls,
Wis., named chandler. For years
his mouth has shown a tendency
to grow up. Four years ago it was
feared he would starve, and a fund
was raised by the neighbors and he
was sent to Chicago, where the
mouth was cut to the natural size
and pieces of flesh grafted into the
corners, thus hoping to prevent its
auu u,oulu 16 prowmg UP aalu
opemng at preSBnt not
laJg '"an an ordinary goosequill,
thr0Ugth whlch he take" aU hia
noUn6hmeDt - 14 16 thought he
mH8t enta.T 8tarve to deatb a8
iere seems to oe no way oi pre-
I venting the complete closing of the
I mouth. Otherwise the young man
iseenie liealtliv and is capable of :
! doine considerable work.-Er. '!
Already text book publishers
are canvassing the state with the
result in view of working the next
legislature for a change in the list
D" mharM in m
r.V,i;,. -oW.ia Tk k,.!,
puonc sonoois. me dooks now
used may be defective in some
resijccte mav not be uo the re-
i quireo Btiinuara hut this is no
j time for a change money is too
")r 8 c,lllnge-mollc.v
sc!"'ce- And when one of these
by WOrk,ng lcglslaturiS to chan8e j
text books, makes bis appearance
wmmxnhr he shJi be ;
oimuniy be snouid be in-
orjV!icaio pass on. iiie people ol :
uregon nave paid school book pub-
aing!,-, I , , 1 j
c"""g" 'reuu-' '
Theke is one industrv which j
' rinpo Tint minor frnm hnr,l timoc anrl
jtliat is golu mining. There are: run into the Cherokee strip when it was
j large quantities of gold be.rinB;8SSSSi!!C?
i'1uam " 1-an county, and (level-
l'nl of ,ninM undoubtedly
P th,n
: erer bef!,re- Thprf' 18 P!t'"ly W
' ille Cil!'itl11 that can induced to
, .
! W ,n8 Q,lartz-
r : cover the legs from knee to ankle, they
Tr ,.mi..i r.rr.n. v ..,JPPear ready for aU the fanning opera-
TiiEnoininationof Chas. E. Wol-
verton, Esq., of Albany, by tliei
republicans for supreme judge in a
just tribute to the ability and in-!
tegnty of one of our best lawyers. ;
v, ,T tI TI ... , , ... i
Mr. H. H. Hewitt, also of Albany, !
the nominee on the same ticket for
PirPlli 1 tuAtTC Ifi ft (ttirtrl l-,r,-at erA
a nne man. j nese gentlemen will l
poll a large vote in this conntv.
Subscribe for tbe Eat-kem now.
1 TV. Vlo. f Start K..
I K I mistake not. Sir James Crichton
j Browne, in the coarse of a noenta3-
i dress, remarked npon the enriotu elas-
ticity of our brain as regaraaaleen, H
weUor much and who nevertheless are
able to carry on intellectual work with
ff9 1 "PP"?
bab.f ofbr.minthem.tterofaleep
i ae.rn otner rtsiN;u,anawhueordinarilT
j we demand a fair quantum of absolute
i rest some ui us contrive as a naDit 10
, .,
) repose. This subject was lately recalled
! to mind when I happened to be dining
alone with a well known surgeon in busy
ily friend is a man who, like myself.
journeys over the length and breadth of
the land. Be had just returned from a
the courses he fell sound asleep.
gay for three minutes not more, cer
tainly. After each nap he woke up, ate
i his quantum and went off again into
amm 1 mhm Kim m ho -i..l! -
0f gjeep. His reply was characteristic
J "Don't yon know," said he. "that it
isnt a long sleep which is needed to re
fresh an active brain? Nerve tissue is re
paired easily with very little sleep if you
also take food.
"Of my own experience the remark
hnlfla 0-nrwl Rnfl It rmnutl. Ln mwima
mo in some respects anomalous condl
toon of the brain and its ways. "London
Illustrated News,
Judge Ulnar's Oplaloaw
Judge Biner of Colorado is quoted as
saying: "I am now an ardent advocate
of woman suffrage and believe it will
prove an inestimable blessing to Colo
rado. It brings politics to the fireside
and is a constant incentive to education
on the great subject of government."
Tslmace Was Thankful.
The following is told by Boniface D
Witt of the Biggs House:
"Dr. Talmage was preaching at Belle
ville, K. J., some years ago, and cm
week he made np his mind to go into the
pulpit the next Sunday without notes at
memoranda of what he was going to say.
He memorized his sermon and believed
he had it completely at his tongue's end.
So Sunday night he went to the church
pretty well fortined with confidence.
"In those days in that section of Jer
sey churches and hotels and many pri
vate residences were equipped with pri
vate gas machines, and the church where
Talmage was to hold forth had one too.
When he got into the pulpit after con
ducting the preliminary services all
right, he gave out his text Thenbewai
horrified to find that he couldn't think of
a thing to say. He repeated the text a
second time, and yet his ideas failed to
come. He was in agony and began
slowly and impressively to announce his
text a third time. As he reached the
last word and the perspiration of dread
and shame was beginning to start, the
gas went out and plunged the place into
utter darkness. There was no other
means for lighting the edifice, and when
it was announced that the gas machine
had broken down hopelessly Dr. Tal
mage pronounced the benediction, and I
have heard him say that he never did so
before or since with greater fervor or
thankfulness of spirit." Washington
Certain Analoa-lM.
Molting has its analogy throughout
the animal kingdom. We indeed molt
invisibly, are continuously shedding our
scales, but there are some animals that
got toroughtlus process even more quick-;
l7 d.b"k-aa, for instance, the 1
shedding of the skin as a whole by the
newt, ett and snake.
Sir James Paget has noted that some
people have a few extra long hairs grow
ing out from toe general mass of the
eyebrows. The few long hairs are repre
sentatives of a permanent condition in
the chimpanzee and some baboons. They
f" oat "P" " general
hairv mass over the snnerdUarr ndm
hairv mass over the superciliary ridges.
Darwin notes as a ngnincant fact that
the palms of the hands and the soles of
the feet of man are quite naked of hairs,
likA infarinr .nrfni-M nf all tnnr .
emiti Tii Tines. Jof kw annals
Something about the ear: The lobule
of the ear is peculiar to man. Thereis,
About the brain of man and apes: The
whole comparison is one of degree, and
in the case of the tashman's brain with
that)f a weU deTeloped ape com-
parison becomes nearly equal. In troth,
"" " uu "pw-mc uurancuons oetween
the brain of the ape and that of man.
Gentleman's Magazine.
( U. OO nnn,M 1 ,L. 1 J
ersnip or auss Annecie uaisy, maae a
hauling the lumber themselves for
'. three teams, two cows, chickens and
; other stock, and, neatly dressed in short
iskuis that come just below the knee and
: are met by heavy woolen leggings that
Chicago Times.
Hear Both SldM.
Never condemn your neighbor nn
heard' howeTer """J' th" consationi
which may be preferred against Um.
Every story has two ways of being told,
aiid justice requires that you ahonld hear
toe defense as well as toe accusation, and
mar niam nn in a rn.
I V L T .3
I New York Ledger.
j. The French law treats tbe frog as if
it were 8 fish and declares all fithiu
i lor it by night to be poaching.
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"Is Your Name
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Bold oal right, svo rmt o ronJa. Adapted
to CUT. Vllle or Omotrr. Nwd in mrf
hrm. ho. tUr and rrfton. OmUitraiw
lauica and batn tailor (mrth.
Arata aak trwm I M ptf my.
Oun in raaidatnoe muw a mI to all tM
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f df iitifif gmwitt
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of dth iez,aD7t(e, ear part of Uu rnuntrr,
at tbe employment woleb we farolib. Tonaet-d
not be awsjr from bone over night. Xoaeuaivs
70arwlM)letlaietotbework,OFonl77oarpare mo.
awnte. AaHpiUllanotraiufredjouninnorlslc.
We mpplj jou with all that U mecled. Il vill
toft jron aotbtne to Iry the tnutnua. Any ol a
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tbe itart Fftllnie u) nnknown wltb onr workfr.
fiverj bonr you labor yon can etully makes ilollur.
Do one who le willing to work (alia to make mure
money ery oar tiun tan be made la three daye J
ai amy inuiawj -emywjtuwt oruu 1VI II cc viiUal
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i Scientific Aaserieai
Aaewy fa,
will call your attention to the
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