The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 06, 1894, Image 1

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0 , A
NO. 6.
M I - , ,. . ......
jm jear.,.; '
(If ptkl to per ye.-.)
. IN
.. 90
. 06
ni nMiniiu....H.M..
rare months.,,,,..
Wiivuj oople.....
J. H. Dob, , ,. , .......jBenatort
John H. MitchelM
Dinger Hermann Oongreiiman
BvlWMHer Peimoyer, - Governor
(Jenrge W. McBridr Secretary of State
rhil Metwhaii, Treasurer
K. R. McRlr'oy, Snjrt. Public Inrtrnoiion
Frank f, linker, Bute Printer
It. 8. 81 nhii , , , .
Win. r. Lord, -Supreme 3ai&
K. 8. ltaan, i
Judge,. .......J. N. Duncan
' Clerk . N. P. Payne
Recorder,....,.:... E. E. Devil
Tfesherilf, C Jwkwn
chool Superintendent G- H. WilkM
Seaiurer Brlce Wallace
Jmm ''....-.r. W. F. Deekini
' Surveyor,...: .....E. T. T. Flitaer
Coroner - F- Ytmi
Wm. Rnronaugb
, Commiwonera, jJoBn pugh
J. 0. HEKD,
S. H. MYKlttj.
Olty CouiHiU meets on tlie Unit and third
Tuesday evening of each month.
Sort aocletlse. .
AtBANOK V006H. SO. 47, 1. 0. 0. T.-UeeU
every Saturday evening at Odd FeUowi Ball, at
clock p. . ,.W.MENZ,E,1!.0.
g. at. GARLAND. Sect'r.
PEABLEEhKOCA LODGE, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. P.
Haeniat 1. 0. 0. F Haw Dm ana luira nmwr
lay evening of each montb. ,
MK8. G. W. CBU80N, N. G.
" MI8B HATT1E 8IMf80N, Seot'y.
ti Lmw,Ko,44 A. F. A. fc.-Mwtl
eatunlay evening, oa or before the full moon In
cbnw.tb, i.K.Hliuuca,V7.M,
t. U. Hiuu, see.
Honor LolMl, No. B, A. 0, 0. W.-Meett every
Tnmlar evening at G. A. K. Hall.
C.A. Zak,H.W.
JL T. KtssPATalcs. Bee
u,i. r.Mr Mo. u. mv ofOaiuo
, .v.. lnU.A. H.HaU. Lebanon,
Or. eveitr Baturdar evening, eicent the third
" .,..''.lrMjh miMith. meettua the third Fri-
jar lnuead. All brother! of the Boas of -
erau and comMdwof G. A. B. are cordially
w . ' . ... j . . wiu. uir umii.
I. 0. Cas, Capt.
V - A. TixKir, rim 8-
John M. Somers,
WiU practioe In all the oourte of the itate.
A. r. ST0WE,
Attorney at Law,
Onlleetloni given prompt and jeareful nllon
, wiu practice Inallthecournoftheilate.
ornct ik coiiaTxaVi eaiat.
, Lebanon, Obeoom.
, Weatlierford I Cbamberlaln,
Attorney- at - Law
Be Bure and OaN on
-OF- .
Albany, Oregon,
HeatingStoYes, CookStos, &c,
BEST GOODS. J0 " ; ' '
, East and South
VIA ' ' '
Southern Pacific Co.
ExpreM trains leave Portland daily:
8:15 r. . : l,v...I'ortland...Ar.
-.a a. .
7Ke. M.
10:23 r. . Lv...Alhany.. ..Ar.
10:15 A. I Ar.8an FrancieroLv
The above traina atoti at all Itatloiia from
Shedd, Haliey, Harrinburg, Junction City,
Irvine, Eugene and all stations from Rose
burg to AsWand inclusive, i'
Roeeburg mall daily:
8:30 a. H. I Lv...Portlaiid ...Ar.
4:20 r. M.
12:30 P. M.
7:00 a..
12:i6r. h, Lv...All)any.j....Ar.
6:50 H. . I Ar...Kosetnrg..LV.
lyical Tiaasencer trains daily (except
T:20 P. H. j Lv...Albany Ar. j 10:21 A. u
Mr. M.
0:30 A.M.
6:10 a. m
9:00 a. M
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar...Lctiaiion ...Lv.
3:25 p.m.
Dining Carton Ogden Route. ,
Pullman Bitfet Sleepebs
, , AND
Seoond-CUss Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Traiiis.
West Bide Division.
' Bmvrrs Poktund akd CoavALUa.
Mail train-daily (exoeiit Sunday):
7:50 . M. I Lv.Portland...Ar. I 6:35 A. .
12:15 F. . Ar...Ciirvallie..Lv. I 1:00p.m.
At Albanv and Cnrvallii connect with
trains of Oregon Pacafic railroad.
Exprem train daily (except Snnday):
4:40 p. m. i m ...roniana ...Ar. sva a. m.
7:35 p. M. I Ar.McMinnville Lv I 6:50 a. .
ada and Euro can be obtained at lowest
races from I. A. Bennett, agent, Lebanon.
R. KOJSHLEK, Manager.
E. P. ROGERS, Asst. G. F. tt Paal. Agt.
St. Charles Hotel,
Corner Main and ghcrman Btreeu,
BDD THCMPSOH, Proprietor.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Special attention paid to Com
mercial uieu.
Board and Lodeing, per day, fl to
$2; per week 14.60 to 6
BeatBhaved, Hair Cut or Shampoo at
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindty Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Propr.
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo
logna, and Ham,
ajTBacon and Lard Always on Hand,
tiala Btrwrt, LsataWi Or,
Miscellaneous Items
(Culled from our exchangee.)
The populists claim they will
poll 1800 votes in Linn county
this year.
A hog with a face closely
resembling that of a human being
is owned by a Colquitt, Ga.,
farmer. '
The Western Washington State
Convention of the W. C. T. U. will
be held this year in Chehalis in
Ex-City Treasurer Adolpg Krng.
of Seattle, convicted of embezzle
ment, has been sentenced to seven
years at heard labor.
Richard Nelson, Treasurer of the
Longshoreman's Union at Portland
has absconded with 41,100 of the
union's money.
The gold product of Western
Australia last year was double that
of the previous twelve months.
The prospects for the present year
are most promising.
Iowa's new liquor law provides
that saloons Bhall have but one
entrance, and that must open upon
the principal street on which the
saloon is located, a
The expenses of funerals,
especially as it concerns the poorer
classes is the subject of investiga
tion in New York by those inter
ested in social problems..
It is said that the French Anar
chists, Vaillant, Henry and Pauwel
all had insurances on their lives,
payable to the Anarchist Propa
ganda in London.
The blue uniforms of Austrian
Army are to be abolished and a
sober gray substituted. This is the
decision of a committee of experts
appointed to investigate and settle
tho question of the best color for
soldier 8 clothes.
A strange disease is affecting the
cattle in Osage county, Kansas.
The disease starts in the hoof of
the animal, creating irritation.
The entire leg soon becomes affec
ted. The animal grows frantic,
gnawing at the part continually,
and death results in a few days.
The New York Board of Health
is making a practical fight against
the spread of the tubercular disease.
Acting on the belief that consump
tion is a preventive disease, in
structions have been issued and
printed in English, German, Ital
ian and Hebrew, giving clear direc
tions for proper care and precau
tion. 1
The Pendleton Tribune says:
It ib estimated that by next batur
nay night nearly 150,000 will have
been paid for taxes at the sheritfs
office. Taxes will become delin-
?Uent after that date. The receipts
or this week are expected to reach
$35,000. Total amount to be col
lected for all purposes is $213,005.
The trustees of the Oregon Sol
diers' Home have awarded the fol
lowing contracts for furnishing the
new home at Roseburg: For fur
nishing blankets to the Albany
Woolen Mills Co.; for mattresses,
the Pacific Mattress Co., of Albany,
for chairs and bedsteads, the Lee
Brown Manufacturing Co., of Stay
ton. This speaks volumes for Al
bany's manufacturing industries.
According to the statement of a
leading populistthere are in Ta
come and Seattle over 1500 mem
bers of the industrial army. Some
time ago a man representing him
self as an organizer of this order
was in that city and gained a large
number of recruits. One man who
claims he is a member says instruc
tions have been received from
headquarters that will start a con
tingent from the sound cities
towards Washington very shortly.
The route taken will be over the
Northern Pacific and Great North
ern railways,
Awarded Highest
' The onlj Pun. Cream of Tartar Powder. No Aqiraonia, No A;um.
U(d ta MUliotM of HoBiei 40 Yetui tlta Steutk.i
C. H. Enig, a carpet weaver of
Hamilton, Ohio, sold a dozen eggs
to the family df J. P. Bergin.
Upon breaking the shell of one, the
eye end of a broken needle to which
was attached a piece of thread
dropped out with the yolk.
The S. P. R. R. have agreed to
issue tickets to persons attending
the Prohibition Convention at
Salem, April 4th for one and one
third fare. Pay full faregoingand
get ticket for one-third fare return
ing. All prohibitionists are invited
to attend as delegates.
Bradstreet'b review of the state
of trade pronounces the outlook
very cheering, Consumption is
stimulated in nil staple lines. In
the New England, and middle
states, where general trade was
reported barely steady, there are
reports of increased sales, and some
drygoods houses are working nights
in Chicago, to keep up with
The Scio Press says: . The popu
list( ?) who made the loan a week
or twq ago of $100, taking a note
bearing interest, due a year hence,
of $150 for it, should justly forfeit
the whole amount to the school
fund. A man who will take ad
vantage of other people's necessities
has a soul so Bmall that if it were
placed in the hull of a mustard
seed, would have as much room,
in comparison, as would a tadpole
in Lake Superior.
A dispatch to the Salem Jour
nal from Corvallis reads: It is
rumored that Mrs. Kenyon, Dr.
Applewhite's paramour in the al
leged adultery case to come up when
court convenes, has made a long
affidavit, telling the whole story
frombeginningtoend. Herbonds
men say they will surrender the
prisoner and withdraw boil. Dr.
Applewhite is the treasurer of the
State Agricultural College and a
dromincnt man.
Comfiosed by PFTEa La Foroe.
OPopulist! OFopuiist!
They say you have gone wild,
8o, when you argue politics
Just give it to iw mild.
For there are thinirs agoing on here
I do not think are fair,
For the goldfougs have the money
And Cleveland's got the chair.
O Farmers! O Farmers I
Hard times now have come
And if you're not very careful
Then you will lose your home.
You be a little careful
Look out now what you're about,
For if you do not pay your taxes,
The sherifl will sell you out.
For there are things agoing on heie
I do not think are fair,
For the eoldbugs have the money
And Cleveland's got the chair.
You can see the women running
The street, with a house full of
Children, and nothing to eat,
Nothing to eat nothing to wear.
For the gold bugs have the money
And Cleveland's got the chair.
You see them running around
Gathering up old hags
For they are going to make money
And make it out of rags.
They had better get good strong ones
So tiiey will not tear, for they may
Have to put on gunny sacks to wear.
Hard limes now have come,
As you may suppose
Alen, women and children
Are ail out of clothes
Nothing to eat nothing to wear,
For toe Goldbugs have the money
And Cleveland's got the chair.
You will see the preachers running
Hunting up their church members,
And not one to be found.
They will go to the sisters
Of Are you hurt?
And what is the reason
That you do not come to church ?
0 this is the reason,
It is this, dear brother,
1 haven't any clothes.
Oh you must come sister,
Now don't say you cant,
For Cleveland has a patch
On the seat of his pants.
Bach is not selling his clothing at
cost, but still you can get a better suit
therefor less money than anywhere
Sewing Machines SSt:
fi years. For further Information call
on or write to E. U. Will's music store,
Albany, Or.
Honors World's Fair,
Bold llurglan.
Sunday morning about fifteen
tramps were dumped oil' the overland
at this olty and then spicud Iheiuselvos
out over the city after whatever they
could capture. In the forenoon during
the abaeuceof the fumilic at church a
couple men entered the residence of
Robert Conn on 6th street and etole
about $8 in cash and two koUI rings
belonging to lira. MoChesney. The
residence of County Recorder E. E.
Davis, which is near Mr. Conn's, was
also entered. Dinner had been set
already for the fumlly on their return
from church. This the men took in
ternally besides 6o cents In money.
In the evening the residence of Mrs.
Dana BurmeBter, opposite the U. P,
churcb, was entered during the- eveu
ng services. Beds were overturned
the contents of drawersemptied on the
floor, and $13 dollars secured, but other
things were left. In each case the bur
glare were after money straight. .Chief
of Police Lee during the day searched
a large number of strangers and grad
ually drove the tramp clement from
the city after a chase lasting until 11
o'clock' at night. Our citizens gener
ally should be careful to keep their
windows us well as doors fastened.
The large number of trumpsnnw trav
eling through the country calls for
extra precautions. Democrat.
A Surprise Party, ;
A surprise party was tendered Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Guy at their home last
Saturday night under the manage
ment of Mrs. Parker. The guests
numbered a round dozen beside the
younger ones, all of whose names are
not known to the writer. Those pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bilyeu
and daughter, Daisy; Mr. and Mrs
Bud Thompson, Minnie and Ebert;
Rev. and Mi's. Turner, Mr. and Mrs.
Zaliu Parrish and children, Rev. C. R.
Lamar, Mrs. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Thompson and the Messrs. Han
sard. It was a genuine surprise to Mr.
aud Mrs. Guy. Mrs. Parker wentover
early in the evening tc keep Mrs. Guy
at home while the guests were collect
ing, and Mrs. Guy said Mn. Parker
was never known to keep a secret be
fore. A splendid social time wns had
until 10 0,'clock and then came the
grandest part of the evening, which
was enjoyed hy all, aud especially the
two Revs. It was said the cnue of
Rev. Turner's thin appearance was
that he ate so much it made him poor
to carry It. One op the Guests.
'A. B. Owen, of 4Roscburg, made a
curious discovery the other day In an
oak tree which proved to be a Bmall
leather pouch which had evidently
been placed there a long time ago and
was almost concealed by a new growth
about it. Within this pouch there arc
several stock certificates in the "Thir
ty-one Union Gold, Silver and Gold
Mining Co,," an incorporation owning
property in the Gurden Bar district in
Placer county, California. This stock
aggregated 140 shares of $100 each, tho
capital stock of the company being
$620,000 and were Issued to J. A.
Manter on Nov. 8, 1863 over thirty
years ago. Each certificate has at
tached to it a 25-eent revenue stamp.
The questioti Is, who placed the papers
in the tree, and when, and for what
purpose? ,
A delicate and successful surgical
operation was performed on the person
of Mr. C. J. Hurduian, residing a few
miles from Albany, Thursday of last
week by Drs. Mastou & i)avis. The
operation consisted in opening the
abdominal cavity and removing adhes
ions that had formed between the
omentum and intestines aud removing
a portion of the omentum and strnlgh
tening the liuesliuea that hud been
bound down by adhesions and become
knotted. The operation has proven to
be entirely successful as Mr. Hurdman
is taking nourishment and feeling
quite well on this the ninth day Bfter
the operation. Ho much for modern
surgery. Democrat.
Notloe of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the copartner
ship heretofore existing between C, K. Pugh
and 8. 0. Wallace, under tho llrm name of
Pugh & Wallace, is hereby dissolved by
mutual agreement, 8. O. Wallace retiring,
C. E. Pugh retaining the entire business.
Afl accounts due suid firm are pnyahle to
said C. . Pugh, he becoming responsible
also for the indebtedness of said firm. .
Done at the otlice of C. PughlA-banon,
Or., Feb. 24th, 1894.
C. 10. Pccih,
8. O. Wallace.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the firm of Pugh & Wallace
will please call and settle same at once,
and oblige, C.IC. Puoh.
Nw goods at Read, tmmk 4k Co'l.
A man In a neighboring town says
that when he meets a hog now In tho
road he feels like taking off his hat til
It. Because, he says, the American
hog Is the salvation of this country.
When everything else fails, when
wheat is low, aud horses won't sell,
when the farmer is at his wit's end l
know where to got the money to pay
his taxes and Interest, the hog cornea
to his resque und helps htm out. Long
live' the American hog. The Dalles
A practice common at country post-
offices, Is for person who have locki il
boxes to try their keys in other person's
boxes to see if it will flt.or if the box .
is locked, very few know that they lay
themselves liable to prosecution and
flue. This act Is a violation of "Undo
Sam's" postal law, and Is puuishablo
as such. A case occurred recently
where valuable mail was taken from
a box in the postofflce by unknown
parties. A youtig man was arrester!
for the theft, and although the crium
could not be proven, it was shown that
he was in the habit of opening boxes
without permission and he was fined
$300 and given one year In the peniten
tiary. '
Administrator! Xoticc.
Notice is hereby given that 1 have dnl.v
filed my final account in the matter of thn
estate of Peter Welt, deceased, hi thecounty
court of Linn county, Oregon, "d that said
court lias set Monday the 7th day of liny
1894, at the hour of 1 o'clock p. m. of said
lay as the time for hearing all objections Ui .
said final account and the settlement oi tho
same; therefore all persons having any
interest in said estate or having any objec
tions Jo said final account are hereby noti
fied and required to-appear at said time and
have such objections heard and settled by
the court. -
Dated this 8th day of April, 1894.
A. J, Wext.
W. K. BiLYixv Administrator.
Attorney for Administrator.
United States Land Notice-
Oregon City, Oregon, 1
March 31, 1S04. I
Notice Is hereby given that the ap
proved plat of the Survey "of township -
10 South, range 7xeast, has been re
ceived from the surveyor general of
Oregon, and on May 15, 1894, at 9
o'clock A, M. of said day said plat will
be filed in this office and the land
therein embraced will be subject to
entry ou and after said date. ,
Robert A. Miller,
Peter Paco.ukt, Register.
Naw Feed' Store.
Notice reduction on flour and feed at
tho New Feed Store, one' door sor.tb of
Cruson & Meiuics'.
Good Champion Mill Klonr, Ml els. ijr sack, cash.
Best .. ... go
Uriin tto " per hundred.
Shorts - 70 " '
All delivered free to auy part of the
city. Your patronage earnestly so
licited. G. W. Aldrich.
Changed Every veck.
Outs 24o
Hay $9 per ton.
Flour $0 50.75 per sack.
Chop $1 00 per cwt.
Bran 75c per cwt.
Middliugs $1 00 per owt.
Potatoes 35c.
Apples Dried, 6c per lb'
Plums Dried, 5c.
Onlous 2c.
Bee.' Dressed, 6c.
Pork Dressed, 5. - .,,
Hums 12j per lb.
Shoulders 10c.
Sides 11c per lb.
Geese $7 per doz.
Ducks $4 00 per doz.
Chickens $2 753 00.
Turkeys 100 per lb.
Eggs 8c nor doz, '
.. Butter 20c per lb.
Hides Green, le; dry, 2o.
The first shipment of spring goods
has arrived at Read, Peacock & Oo's.
J. E. Adcox, agent for the Albany
steam1 laundry, Bends washings down
on Tuesdays only.
A line of liolh cotton and woolen
dress goods have just arrived at Read,
Peacock & Co's. Something new.
The regular subscription price of the
Express is $1.50 it year, and the regu
lar subscription price of the Weekly
Oregonlan is $1.50. Any one subscrib
ing for the Express and paying cue
year in advance, can get both the F.x
press and the Weekly Oregonlan one
year for $2.00. All old subscribers
paying their subscriptteni for one year
in advance will ba eutltled to tutsani
y- I